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Electric Window problem - driver's side

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Sat Feb 12 2011, 02:05pm
Hi All,
have just joined the site after a bit of browsing in connection with the above. There have been a number of similar posts, but I have not seen a definitive resolution to this:

1) Driver's side window goes down when you pull the toggle switch up - it does not go up unless using the remote closure.

2) Unable to reset the anti-pinch as this is done with the toggle switch, not remote.

3) have had the car over 2 years (really like it!), plate is a KS07 bought second hand from Citroen dealer - when we picked the car up it had this issue and they "replaced the controller board"

Is this a "switch thing", does the switch / controller board come as a complete module, how much is one of these, and how easy is it to replace?

Sorry, lots of questions but it's annoying and I'm not that convinced that the dealer will sort it without "dealer prices" megabucks!

If I have missed the post with all these answers - please point me to that also.

Many thanks in advance from the newbie!


Sun Feb 13 2011, 01:58am

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Could be a faulty switch, they have been known to fail.

There are several different switches depending on the car trim spec but they are around £63.00 and you need a VIN to order the correct one
Sun Feb 13 2011, 02:28am
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I had a similar problem to yours and in the end the only way to resolve it was to change the switch unit.
This wasn't a hard job and is easily do-able. All you need a torx head screw driver and small flat headed screw driver.
The switch unit clips into the "door pull / grab handle. There is a torx screw in the bottom of the grab handle. Simply undo that and ease the complete unit out.

I managed to source my unit as a salvage part from ebay.

You don't say if your car is a 3-door or 5-door, but either way there are some listed now: - Click Here -

As a point of note, since I replaced my switches a few people have had some sucess by using some electrical contact cleaner.

Here is my original post regarding the problem I had and the advice I was given, including details of the cleaner: - Click Here -

Best of luck in getting it sorted.

Sun Feb 13 2011, 07:59am
Hi again,

many thanks to both C6 Dave & glossevans for your info and links.

Being in the computer repair business I decided to "man up" and have a closer look at this myself. (Don't know much about engines - but electronics are more familiar territory)

It seems too coincidental that a number of vehicles are failing with exactly the same fault - have Citroen sourced ( and continuing to source) these faulty switches?

Firstly, the front passenger window is doing the same when controlled by the driver's side switch, but operates fine from its own switch.

I removed the switch module from the driver's door. My model only has front electric windows, but the module controls the Electric door mirrors, the front windows and the child safety lock.

On the back of the module there are two connectors, the top connector is for the mirrors and windows, the lower for the child lock.

I unplugged the the safety lock / (central locking?) connector, and there was a "click" (along with an even louder "Eureka" moment!) and the windows operated correctly again.

I did the anti-pinch reset "thing" and all still working well - both driver's and passenger's with the auto up and down after a short press of either toggle.

I plugged the child lock connector back in to the module and everything still OK.

Used the child lock a few times (first time since purchase) and all still OK.

Reseated the module in the door, and after further tests decided that it is working.

Left the vehicle over an hour and tried again after all relays and control units etc have settled - all still OK!

Now this leads me to 2 possibilities:

1) It is a fault switch, but the current/voltage in the child lock circuit is leaking into the rest of the module causing the failure of the window switches

2) The central locking / child lock circuit has a fault exhibitted under some strange set of circumstances.

I decided against dismantling the whole module to investigate the root cause further, and without a circuit diagram and a day to spare, I believe I have only cured the symptoms.

What I would suggest though, is before anybody out there has the local dealer charge the cost of the switch and labour, try what I did.

When removing the module in mine (1.6i SX) there are no screws holding it in, but I recommend the use of a plastic tool (even a plastic picnic knife will do it) so as not to mark the interior as there are a number of clips holding it in.

If no joy and the dealer becomes involved - ensure you see the old switch when charged - as this could be an easy £65.00 plus VAT earned if they understand the circuit and are able to cure the problem in a similar fashion.

I will update this link again should the problem return, as I would like to try the switching on and off the child safety lock a few times to see if that affects the operation.

All the best to all,


P.S. Sorry to drone on here, but Eureka moments are to be shared!
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Sun Feb 13 2011, 08:23am

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No, we don't mind if you drone on and have found an answer to a problem!
Wed Apr 20 2011, 02:28am
Got a problem with passenger side window on 05 C4 VTR 2.0.
switch for passenger window on drivers side and passengers side stopped working, drivers side window working fine, could this be a fuse issue or could this be more? There was a mishap this morning and it started after that, basically I had wound down window fully and when winding back up, it got stuck and wouldn't close properly, stopped and saw that it got caught on the rubber frame holding it, freed it though and since then the switch only works from time to time,

any advise would be appreciated.
Wed Sep 05 2012, 04:47am
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Hi Spoony05

Did you get your problem resolved? I'm having the same issue!

Thu Oct 04 2012, 07:46am
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Is there a guide to getting the switch panel out on the driver side? I've taken the torx screw out and tried to lever the switch panel up but even using quite a bit of force i can't get it to pop out and i don't want to break it, anyone know what i need to do?
Thu Oct 04 2012, 09:07am

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Lever it from the rear end, not the front as there is a lug there that slips under the door panel to locate it.
Mon Oct 03 2016, 04:44am
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I remember seeing a "re-set" process a couple of years ago...and am trying to find it again. It was just turning the ignition key to activate electrics and then pushing/pulling the window switch up for a minute then down for a minute then back and forth a couple of times...all took about 4 minutes to reset all the windows! And, it was stuff that someone as uneducated in electronics and mechanics could do!
Now the problem has come back again - I can't find those instructions! Anyone know about this and where to find the instructions?

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