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New audio install, on going project. Update on page 3, LOTS OF PICS.

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Wed Jan 19 2011, 12:30pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Well though I would do this as a project thread. Only really started today on the build. I know a few will possibly look at this and just want to see pictures rather than read, at the moment not much to show. But as it progresses there will be more. Going to take a while to complete. Probably going to take me two weeks plus easily to get it done. Working on it pretty much every day. However there are two of us doing the work which is a good thing. Technically doing two installs. His and my own. So while waiting for bits of mine to dry / bond we work on his.

Still not actually got all the equipment that will be installed yet, but it will all come as the project progresses.

So couple pictures of what was done today, which took longer than you might think will explain with the pictures.

Obviously the whole boot is sound deadened. Used a good few sheets of Dynamat Xtreme. All the boot floor, wheel arches, hatch, C pillars etc. All been given a decent layer of deadening. Cabling is from the original install but is all going to be replaced. The 4 gauge is coming out and 0 gauge is going in. New sub amp is much more powerful hence the upgrades. Along with some other wiring upgrades, and likely a new battery designed with audio installs in mind. Just got to wait on parts arriving. New battery terminals, wiring kit etc.

So first things first, build time. Some scrap wood I had lying around I pulled to bits off my old build to fabricate a support for the new lower floor section. Just basically test fitting bits and trying to get heights right. Lots of trimming and trying different bits of wood to get the heights right, this won't ever be seen so not a big deal that it looks rough.

After it was all measured and I was happy with heights etc was all bolted together into a single piece. Then gave it a coat of resin and hardener, reason being that as it is going to be in the wheel well it could get a bit wet. Water + non protected wood = rot. So used the resin and hardener to seal it all up and also just help make sure its solid.

Then it came time to secure it, now I could just attach the top sheet to this and leave it to rest in the wheel well. However not really a fan of that. Afterall if I had an accident there is a good few kilograms worth of equipment that can soon turn into quite deadly missiles. Prefer it to be safely installed and properly secured. So at this point the axle stands came out the car was jacked up. Blue springs from the coilovers making a little appearance.

The cover under the car was removed and 4 new small holes were drilled through the wheel well and into the wood. Three to bolt into the wooden frame. Used the same points for putting my bolts in as Citroen did for the undercover plastic protection right next to each other so obviously a good place to secure points too. Also the cover protects it all so not open to the elements etc. Was all bolted together and then ran hot glue over the bolts etc to make sure that it was water tight. Don't want the bolts going rusty etc.

Also added a new drainage point. As I had noticed I was getting a lot of water in the wheel well. Possibly the Dynamat and it getting condensation on it. Also sealed any original drainage with said Dynamat so a small drainage point was added at the lowest point.

All secured and everything refitted. The wood is now physically attached to the wheel well from under the car. Resin is dried, not much different from before when I was measuring looks wise. But talking a couple hours work with everything being done. Waiting for it to dry, jacking the car etc up.

The rough top plate was then cut out, again not going to ever be seen as part of the install. It's just there for me to attach other bits to. Just need a nice secure point for everything to attach to. Also with everything being bolted to everything else properly. Should hopefully get rid of anything that might potentially cause rattles.

So as it doesn't need to be perfect the points around the edges don't have to line up perfectly. Makes it much easier, as cutting something to the shape of the wheel well. Where I need it would not have been fun. I didn't fancy making templates for something that is never going to be seen.

We also managed to repair my fog light while the car was in the air. I still had not got round to fixing it, as the car wasn't used when we had the snow. Nor did I fancy doing it then, plus just never had the time. However fixed it today when the car was jacked up.

In the end just secured it with a bit of hot glue from the glue gun. Was only one of the clips that was snapped, so a bit of hot glue and it's perfect now. Why spend £25 or so, when a few pence worth of glue does the same job? The bit of the clip that had broken off was still there, so sorted nice and easily.

So basically this is all we got done before it got too dark to work, tomorrow starting on the door builds. Going to get a bit more done in the boot hopefully. Get the next layer up done, make sure its perfect. As that is a layer that will be seen, going to need to be a bit more careful with that one. Early start on it tomorrow, should be able to get more done as I won't need to pop out for materials, tools etc.

ADMIN EDIT: If the images are not appearing then you can download a .pdf copy of this project here: - Click Here -
Wed Jan 19 2011, 12:55pm

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Thanks Tom, stickied the thread so we can follow it better and when complete will .pdf it.
Wed Jan 19 2011, 01:03pm

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Location: Hoylake
Looking good, Tom!
Thu Jan 20 2011, 12:39pm

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Location: Manchester
Ok so update for todays bits.

Didn't start as early as I hoped, basically alarm went off at 9am. With me still coughing my guts up didn't feel like getting up. So stayed in bed for an hour or so longer. Then my friend had to run an errand, then I did as well. So was getting on for 12:30 by the time we actually got started on it today.

So anyway, more pictures and more descriptions.

Started on the door builds today, so door panels off. Again door panel is fully sound deadened, might not have total coverage but there is Dynamat behind as well. Multiple layers on the different sections of the door. Also installed some material which is supposed to help reduce back wave distortion. We shall see.

So door stripped off, standard speaker mounts removed. All materials installed. Will probably add more sound deadening nearer the end of the build.

So measuring and cutting time. Getting rid of the bendy plastic mounts, replacing them with solid wood mounts. The speakers that are going in here are rather expensive so I wanted to try and get the firmest mounting point for them possible.

Me laying down a layer of resin on top of the wood.

Unfortunately due to the temperature around -1 today. The resin just would not dry outside. Typically it needs to be 15c or so for it to cure quickly. So this caused some problems. Had to knock up a little stand and take them into the dining room to dry in the warm. Thankfully I have a mother that is quite understanding about my projects and other than having to leave the back door open to keep the place vented wasn't that bothered.

Anyway once they had dried it was time to get them installed.

And for those curious the standard items looked like this when installed. With the rubbish old Alphasonik speakers.

I do really need to lay some more sound deadening down. When I did it at first I ran out basically. Now have another 9 sheets. So planning to get that all installed as well. However that can be done when all the building is out of the way as it's a simple job to do.

Anyway by the time that was all done it was getting dark again. So just fired everything back in the car to start again tomorrow. So this is how the car was left tonight.

Thu Jan 20 2011, 01:12pm
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Location: Swindon
you need a "no tools left in the van overnight" sticker!
DarrenD vts   
Thu Jan 20 2011, 07:24pm
Hi just wondering how much you paid for your sound deadening, also is it self adhesive and how good is it?
Fri Jan 21 2011, 05:14am

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Dynamat Xtreme is what I am using. Dynamat are probably the most well know brand who do deadening. However it isn't cheap.

There are 2 bulk packs going into the car. Which is around £370. If you don't buy it in bulk it's £25 a sheet. You get 9 sheets for around £135 or so.

Large sheets though. The floor of my boot including the wheel well was 3 sheets maybe a bit less if I remember correctly.
Fri Jan 21 2011, 01:28pm

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Location: Manchester
Well today's update is a bit boring. No pictures, was basically spent running new speaker cables from the front doors into the boot.

As my new crossovers have adjustments on them I wanted them to be accessible for when I am tuning. Which means I needed them installed in the boot for ease of access.

Which means I have to run speaker cables from both tweeters and both woofers into the boot. This means getting the speaker cable through the rubber boots in the door shuts.

If you have never done it before...it's not easy . Especially when after getting it through 2 of the sections and through all the piping and then wondering why it won't come out into the door.

Only to then have to pull all the boot out and find that Citroen had sealed it up completely. So a small incision was made to get the cable through. Speaker was then connected up and the door card put back on.

Unfortunately with no amps in the car yet I can't test them yet. Hopefully get that done in the next few days. Then I can order some carpet to get the boot floor done. And then just stick with an old fashioned wedge box until it gets a bit warmer I think. Just too difficult fibreglassing in the cold. It just will not solidify. Usually with the amount of harder I put it is done in around 10 minutes. It was taking hours in the freezing cold temperatures. Putting it in the house isn't great either due to the fumes it puts out. With the fibre glassing part being so large. Just not practical to do it until it's a warmer day. Or until the rest of the car is done and I can leave it over night between layers.

Been cold enough here that ice has formed on the inside of my windscreen etc.

Also currently got my eye on eBay at some upgrades to the headunit. DAB radio upgrade and freeview tuner integrated. At the moment going for a whopping 99p + £10 delivery. However still 7 days to go so it's going to go up. Might be lucky though and save a couple hundred quid. Specifically designed for my headunit so not something that comes up often. Be nice to have DAB radio though.
Fri Jan 21 2011, 02:21pm

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Location: Hoylake
Don't forget a DAB aerial. FM aerials and splitters don't give a strong enough DAB signal and can also mess up your FM signal.

I use a JVC/HAL 4 glass mounted dab-antenna which is easy to fit (no need to cut holes in the body work) and works well. It's mounted at the top of the rear screen.
Fri Jan 21 2011, 02:43pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
It's all Alpine John so they have their own aerials as their items need 2 or 4 aerials each.

My FM signal is terrible anyway, at the moment the aerial isn't even hooked up to my headunit as the signal was rubbish. So I hooked it up to the satnav for TMC.

Citroen only connected my roof aerial and not my side aerial as well. With me also having the short roof aerial it means my reception is rather poor.

So no point in it really.

All the channels I listen to are on DAB anyway so not a big deal keeping FM.
Fri Jan 21 2011, 02:57pm

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
Wozza wrote ...

All the channels I listen to are on DAB anyway so not a big deal keeping FM.

I don't know how your Alpine works, but when the DAB signal is weak or absent, the radio will probably try to default back to same station on FM if it exists. For example, DAB Radio One will fall back to FM Radio One, but as there's no Radio Five Live on FM, the radio will go silent.

There should be four multiplexes in your area - Manchester, North West, BBC National and Independent National, giving well over 40 stations. The weakest will be local Manchester as it's from a singe transmitter; the rest are from multiple sources which add together to give a strong just about uninterruptable signal.
Fri Jan 21 2011, 03:14pm

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Location: Manchester
Not entirely sure as I will have to select it via the source button to go to DAB/ TV.

Never had one setup with the Tuner before, never used one or installed one. So this is new for me. I probably wouldn't have thought about it but seeing it on ebay for so little meant I am willing to have a go and see what it's like.
Fri Jan 21 2011, 05:15pm
You've been a busy boy Tom, I can't wait to see what the finished install looks like
Fri Jan 21 2011, 05:52pm

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Location: Manchester
Honestly in pictures it looks like next to no work was done. But there is literally about 40 man hours in it so far. Just stupid things you think will take 5 minutes end up taking 2 hours.

I mean mounting those new speaker mounts was fun. We got it all lined up and then got the screws in only to find one wasn't drilled quite perfectly enough. So then we have to fix that. Then we get it all mounted and find that 2 of the screws didn't go in with the mount pushed up to the metal properly so it isn't sitting flush with the door. So then it has to come off again to be put back on.

Of course the second one we did was exactly the same as well. Since we used the same template for both of them. Then found out the passenger door is ever so slightly different. Mounts for the speakers are virtually the same just wiring etc was a bit more awkward.

The wiring took ages. As you have to dismantle the dashboard and remove the carpet to get to the rubber boots etc. As I have not done the dash board before it means finding out how it all comes apart. While being careful not to break any clips etc.

So far I can report no broken clips at all. However going to replace all the door ones anyway so I know they attached perfectly.
Tue Feb 01 2011, 09:05am
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Location: alfreton
great thread, cant wait to see it when its finished. Just wish i could hear it when its finished... Now just need to find a forum that has the same sort of thread for the wifes Peugeot 307cc
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