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Wed Mar 07 2012, 01:38am
Was trying to say "clampy thing", but my finger touched the "quick reply " button!!!
If anyone would like further clarification or photo's, just let me know!

Thu Mar 08 2012, 11:00am
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Location: United Kingdom
Great. yeah mine is just an SX. My lights are still going and haven't had any problems
Wed May 30 2012, 09:41am
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Location: Romania
Hello everybody!

I currently have a '09 Coupe (facelift), and I was wondering if the turn lights can be modded so they will be used as DRLs. VAG cars usually have a setting so the turning lights remain ON at a specified intensity.

I would preffer this because LEDs don't fit (in my opinion) on this car.

Thank you!
Sat May 16 2015, 06:25pm
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Location: Rouen , Normandy
you will find a DRL + FOG in the COPLUS manufacturer (Taiwan)

The color is very white and very intense (unlike the rendering of the image ) .
It is necessary to readjust the position of DRL up and center / lower FOG .
During the 1st ignition setting, the CAN bus can prevent ignition DRL but then everything works.

Sun May 17 2015, 04:39am
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Location: north wales
I do like this light. want drl for a long time and never seen a neat way for an aftermarket fit without losing foglights.
The question now is where to buy them. Did a quick google and it is not obvious where. Has somebody else come accross them?
Update ebay sells something similar
Mon May 18 2015, 09:10am
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Location: Rouen , Normandy
Hello, I use the first version with halogen bulbs for anti fog, backgrounds bulbs have been replaced by PHILIPS Weather Vision mounted there over a year. The light beam for fog is narrower has originally.

The French shops no longer stock

Tue Aug 04 2015, 11:49pm
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Location: Finland

I, too, got myself a pair of 2-in-1 LED fog lights. These are manufactured by Vinstar and I bought mine from France Xenon.

I've installed them and plugged in the fog light cables, but the DRL part is still waiting for me to find a source of ignition. It is easy finding the proper fuses, but as hooking up to a fuse is not the best course of action I'm still looking for a way to identify cables on the massive multipin connectors.

Anyway, here are some photos of the set.

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 wilcovh (05 Aug 2015 : 04:34)
Wed Aug 05 2015, 11:59am
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Location: Finland
I spent some time thinking about the issue I had and after a brief googling I found out that there are 'taps' for blade fuses.

I went out and bought two fuse taps, one for the regular size and one mini, just in case.

I then replaced the F9 fuse with the tap, placing the original 10A fuse on the bottom slot on the tap and placed a 5A fuse on the top. I then plugged the Vinstar DRL module ACC-input to the wire on the that and now everything is working. All I need to do now is get the automatic headlights programmed off when I go for my 140 thousand km service next week or so.

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 BigJohnD (05 Aug 2015 : 12:04) , Dave_Retired. (05 Aug 2015 : 13:33)
Fri May 12 2017, 11:24am
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Location: Rome
Hi to all, this is my first time here. I activated DRL via Diagbox in the BSI and now my side lights are always on. I can switch them by the C display (see picture).

The light is too low for a DRL so I'd like to change halogen bulbs with high density LEDs but I don't know how to choose them. Any suggestion?

P.S. my car had not directional headlamps when it was assembled. Now it does! My biggest job on my car!

Sat May 13 2017, 03:16am
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Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
Aren't directional headlamps integral to xenons?

Can you please tell me where in Diagbox you enabled all the options as I don't get the option to disable DRL in the driver assistance.
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