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C4GP Self levelling suspension not coming up and I am limited to 5 mph

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Tue May 02 2017, 10:37am
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Joined: Sep 12 2015
Location: Finland
Ok, i tried a lot of different combinations. Since I hate mystery knowledge, here is what I found out:
Wanted to remove service light & suspension fault after changing to coil springs. I also have automatic height adjustment on lights, so not an option to remove the suspension ecu in any case.

Only setting that needed to be changed:
Repair->bsi->configuration->bsi driving assistance->pneumatic suspension->disabled.

Finalized by a bsi reset, as described here:
- Click Here -

Left abs/ esp ecu as it was in the beginning. Also didn't disable suspension ecu as a whole. Just that one mentioned change needed.
Sat Nov 18 2017, 12:23pm
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Joined: Nov 18 2017
Location: Farnham
Myy wife has an ‘07 plate c4 GP Exclusive, the airbags went on it (3 months after the warranty ended) so we had them replaced at £600 cost. This was 2 months ago. And now the compressor sounds like it’s gurgling and it’s not inflating the airbags properly (suspension faulty warning light and it feels bouncy). My wife has been quoted £1200 to have the compressor replaced. I’m hesitant to change to coil springs after spending £600 on new airbags. Does £1200 seem excessive when the part is <£600? Or shall I just pull my pants down?
Sun Nov 19 2017, 12:11pm
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Joined: Oct 31 2017
Location: Leicester
Very excessive. It is a known fault with Citroen GP Exclusives. Citroen should replace it at their own cost.

I had the same fault - air bags and compressor gone. I just had to pay £400 labour.
trev h   
Mon Nov 20 2017, 04:49am
Member No: #10864
Joined: Sep 11 2009
Location: kent/se london
£1200 for a compressor then you find out it was actually the suspension ECU, more money against £300 to convert to springs which you will not notice the difference between & sell the airbags on ebay, no contest.
Mon Dec 11 2017, 09:36am
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Joined: Jun 24 2012
Location: Stockholm
I've recently replaced both rear suspension airbags on our C4GP-07 for the second time, however now we have problems with the compressor.

The car will deflate to "uncomfortable" in one to two days, and sometimes will not inflate properly, the compressor sounds like it's going "too easy/empty" but other times it will inflate the airbags just fine, albeit I think slower than normal.

I took apart the compressor apart and found some moisture and rust inside it. I cleaned it and the moisture has not come back. It has probably entered the system trough the broken airbag. However it seems to me the piston ring is not sealing tightly. This piston ring is apparently impossible to get as a spare part!

Since the compressor is now working a lot, I am worried it will wear out. Also, I am now getting a "Suspension faulty" error on the display and then the compressor will not work at all, until I use the Lexia to clear the error "C1621 Compressor Relay - Current consistency" - no other errors. Clearing the C1621 error has now become standard procedure for me a few times each week

I am hesitant to buy the coil conversion kit as I just invested in brand new air suspensions, but it seems I cannot fix the compressor and a new compressor is very costly. Maybe a fellow C4 fellow doing the coil conversion is willing to sell off their compressor?
Fri Dec 22 2017, 12:15pm
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Joined: Sep 16 2013
Location: Portsmouth

I have just repaired my "suspension fault" error on the display, i don't have Lexia to check codes it had

the fault i had was on the motor it was open circuit, if i undo the 2 big torx bolts holding the motor then it would read 0 ohms, tighten em up again open circuit

basically i removed the cam and piston from the motor, remove the motor from the housing and opened the motor up, resoldered the joints inside and cleaned the armature, the brushes had loads of life left, approx 15mm

reassembled motor, fitted to housing and knocked the cam back on, tightened the torx bolts and test with multi meter, 0 ohms, connected it to a battery for testing, it worked but slows up to a stop, this is actually ok, remove from battery and i got a hiss, retested on battery works and slows up again, removed battery got another hiss

so i fitted it back on car took it around the block above 5mph got out and locked car and then pump kicked in

its early days but so far so good


Sat Mar 17 2018, 06:19am
Member No: #42996
Joined: Dec 16 2015
Location: uk
David wrote ...

Ordered the springs and the cushions direct from Citroen they advise you to fit mounting plates to the chassis as well. They are not required the ones on the car are exactly same. Jack the car up remove the air bags they simply twist anti clockwise.

Next unbolt the shocks at the axle (there is plastic covers around axle which need unclipped to allow access to bolts) axle will drop far enough to allow springs with top and bottom cushions fitted to pop in with ease.

You can remove the pump and the tray completely not needed.

Also remove the ecu from under the seat before the computer is reset this allows the service light to go out immediately.

It is awkward to get past the thick carpet but will come with a good yank Cost a couple o hundred quid for parts then eighty to reset.

And it takes about an hour-hour and a half tops. If you need pictures I can email them to you.

If you still have the pics I would mind a look. Thanks
Tue Apr 23 2019, 05:42am
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Joined: Apr 15 2008
Location: Brighton & Hove, England

My local Citroen specialist relaced the air suspension with coil springs this week. However the fault / error message which says the suspension is faulty keeps returning to the dashboard.

He said when he went into Lexia to deselect the pneumatic suspension option several times, it clears for a while, then returns when the car is re-started, and he can't stop it coming back.

Any ideas why / what he could do to stop that error message keep re-appearing on the dashboard?

I have a 2008 C4GP Exclusive

Many thanks
Tue Apr 23 2019, 04:02pm
Member No: #27768
Joined: Oct 13 2012
Location: Hove
They haven't disabled & reset the BSI as per PT_picasso's post which looks to be in diagbox.

Let me know if you want me to try since you're local.
Tue Apr 30 2019, 08:56am
Member No: #3298
Joined: Apr 15 2008
Location: Brighton & Hove, England
Hi rusky

I will double check with them but they say they have reset the BSI.
Thanks for your kind offer, I'll get back to you if needed
Fri May 03 2019, 06:52am
Member No: #47272
Joined: Jan 13 2017
Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire
The auto height correction also needs to be disabled with Diagbox and it's 15A fuse needs to be removed. I've done this after converting to coil springs and I've had no error messages since.
Fri May 03 2019, 07:11am
Member No: #42008
Joined: Sep 12 2015
Location: Finland
Might differ between cars then - I didn't remove any fuse. Just did that one Diagbox thing I mentioned earlier.
Wed May 08 2019, 07:36am
Member No: #53066
Joined: Feb 07 2019
Location: bn424lj
Hi my grand c4 Picasso had exactly this problem. I changed the airbags last week and I am not a mechanic at all. Bought airbags for £75 and took 10 minutes to fit and so far no problems at all. If you want to know anything just ask e mail icon
Sat Apr 11 2020, 02:22am
Member No: #41817
Joined: Aug 24 2015
Location: Oulu
Hello! I replaced the bags two years ago and about a month ago the rear started slowly falling again but only if temperature dropped below zero. I replaced the bags again (60,50 €/pair) but still the rear drops. Compressor works fine filling the bags after unlocking but could this still be a compressor related venting issue? The car is 13 years old.
Sat Apr 11 2020, 03:19am
Member No: #17370
Joined: Jan 16 2011
Location: Budapest
mikbe wrote ...

Hello! I replaced the bags two years ago and about a month ago the rear started slowly falling again but only if temperature dropped below zero. I replaced the bags again (60,50 €/pair) but still the rear drops. Compressor works fine filling the bags after unlocking but could this still be a compressor related venting issue? The car is 13 years old.

Maybe the pipework between the bag and the compressor? A loose hose clamp or an old, porous pipe?
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