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C4 Diesel Pre-Heater Lamp & Temperature

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Wed Dec 15 2010, 08:24am
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Joined: Dec 06 2010
Location: Southbourne, West Sussex
Hi All I have recently purchased a second hand C4 5dr Hatchback, 57 plate, diesel. I have so far been happy with everything about the car, however I have noticed a couple of niggles which are:

1. Diesel Pre-Heater Light in dash/speedo display doesn't light - Is this easy to replace?

2. Temperature controls are over sensitive in cold weather. Turning up the temperature makes the numbers go lower?

I know it's not the end of the world but it's nice not to have these things pop up. If anyone can recommend a solution to these issues I would be most grateful.

Kind Regards

Wed Dec 15 2010, 08:31am

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Location: Bracknell
Are you absolutely sure the preheater light has gone? Because on modern diesel engines, you almost never see it anyway. You don't say what spec car you have and what engine you have, but the 1.6HDi almost never needs the preheaters with the 2.0HDi usage of them still fairly rare. (Sorry, just noticed you have the 1.6HDi in you sig) - The 1.6HDi needs some really cold weather to get the glow plugs started.
Click the arrow: - Click Here - for more info.

I'm guessing you have a VTR+ or Exclusive and you mean the Climate control knobs? Mine does it too but once the temperature is set you shouldn't need to change it - thats the idea of climate control. In this weather I have mine set at around 22.5, going down to 21 in the spring/summer
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 lacuna-it (15 Dec 2010 : 09:02)
Wed Dec 15 2010, 08:39am
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Location: Ayrshire, Scotland
I'd agree with Biohead. In the last cold spell (down to -10c) I didn't see the glow plug light once on mine and it started 1st time every morning. Was the same on my old Xantia 2.0Hdi, never saw the glow plug light on, and it always started 1st time in cold weather. Just don't think modern diesel engines need them unless it's really cold, not like the old days having to turn the ignition on and wait ages for glow plug light to go out!!

As for temp controls, mine does the same, don't know if its just the way they are!

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 lacuna-it (15 Dec 2010 : 09:02)
Wed Dec 15 2010, 08:41am

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Needs to be well into the negatives temperature wise for the glow plugs to be used. I have not seen the light for a couple weeks now on the 2.0HDI. Was only on a second or so even when it was freezing and we had the snow as well.

As Scott above me said they really don't come on much on these newer diesel engines.

With regards to the climate, one of mine goes like that when it is extremely cold. Although to be honest mine just stays set and left in auto at all times.
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 lacuna-it (15 Dec 2010 : 09:02)
Wed Dec 15 2010, 08:41am
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Joined: Dec 06 2010
Location: Southbourne, West Sussex
I assume that it has gone as it never lights up when you turn the car's electrical system on before starting the engine. I know all manufacturers are different but I didn't want to damage anything by starting the engine too early.

The only details Ican find on my type of engine is 1.6 HDi 92 Cool (Diesel)

My style of C4 is the following:
Wed Dec 15 2010, 09:56am

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Location: Northumberland
It doesn't light up on a pre check either. It only comes on if required and that's at negative 0c temperatures in fact down to -10c for any significant pre heating. It not only pre heats though, but post heats to help the engine idle smoother and run more efficiently and is all down to engine coolant temperature.

This should help explain:

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 BigJohnD (16 Dec 2010 : 06:54)
Dave Ash   
Wed Dec 15 2010, 03:12pm
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Location: west yorkshire
The climate control function on my 2.0hdi (drivers side) was also very sensitive, unless turned very slowly it nearly always dropped into a lower temp.slowly adjust to what you want and it will retain the setting, advised garage at last service (about 1 month ago) of the issue and they cured the problem, don't know what they did though as they never charged for it.The climate control function was repaired under the warranty for the heating always on on one side issue and it never worked correctly after that!!! maybe you have to have a new rheostat fitted, techies may be able to advise.
Thu Dec 16 2010, 06:39am
I think it's been cleared up but thought I'd add my two pence. The other week it was -8 when I set off for work I noticed the pre-heater light for the first time and it literally stayed on for about 2 seconds. Never see it during day to day/norman driving.

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