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C4 Exclusive 2 litre Diesel Fumes in Cabin

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Sun Dec 12 2010, 06:21am
Its 12.12.2010 the cabin blowers are emitting the smell of fuel, this happens with Aircon on or off, and is most noticable at slow speed like parking and tickover, having the heater hot of cold makes no difference. How do I cope? Basically, driving to work I have the windows open and defrost on. I'm freezing from the open windows but at least can breath without choking. If closing the windows you have to turn off the Demist and the fan. If the fan is left running I smell Fumes.

It started doing this after a Citroen Dealer Service. (Summer 2010 29,000 miles), I simply took it back a couple of weeks later stating my case, making sure I was not simply smelling the car in front of me.. They checked it over and did not notice a smell, they checked that the Pollon and Airfilters had been fitted correctly and sent me on my way.

I'd love to try and fix this myself and I have no real confidence that the dealership can, any suggestion please.

Sun Dec 12 2010, 07:20am

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Location: Northumberland
Others with a similar problem found that it was an injector seal that had failed. Repairing that is not really a DIY job

You could also check that the fuel filter has been fitted correctly as that was another source of diesel fumes although not by as many, however if it started after the service then that's where I would look first.
Sun Dec 12 2010, 07:51am
Thanks I'll give that a check
Sun Dec 12 2010, 08:10am
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Meanwhile use the recirculation function and see if that cuts down on the fumes entering the passenger compartment.
Tue Dec 14 2010, 07:37am

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I also forgot about the Carbon Canister under the offside wheel arch, this thread - Click Here - is ref a petrol car, but the symptoms are the same, the canister can get damaged, or the valve fails.
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  (14 Dec 2010 : 13:43)
Tue Dec 14 2010, 01:47pm
I'll take a 'sniff around' if you excuse the pun on the weekend. Thanks
Lars of Sweden   
Sat Dec 18 2010, 07:40am
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If you have the Webasto heater, it will smell like you described it. It will turn of when the engine water is over 40 deg C (if I remember correctly).
Sat Dec 18 2010, 08:36am

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Thanks Lars, but UK cars don't get the additional heater so it's unlikely to be that, pity they weren't an option given the current weather.

For info, it cost a C6 owner £2,500 to retro fit the Webasto to his car here in the UK, which you get in Scandinavia as standard.

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