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Sat Dec 11 2010, 12:39pm
Hi guys,
Ive currently got a 2004 A8 3.0 TDi. Fantastic car in every way. BUT... the missus is packing her bags next month and I'm gonna have to sell it and get a smaller/cheaper car to run.

Only looking at up to 6k. Focus is boring, the 2 cars Ive narrowed down to are the astra 1.9 tdi (sportback) 150 (x pack), and another C4 VTS HDi. Thing is, I had a VTS a few years back. Loved it in every way, until things went wrong (which they did big time). Clutch, head gasket and active lights went at the same time. Thats when I got shot of it. So now Ive been bitten hard, I'm not sure if I want to go back. I said at the time "never again (Citroen)", but for the money I'm thinking its got to be the best out there...

So, was my VTS a one off? Are they very problematic? mmm... what to do?

Sat Dec 11 2010, 01:32pm

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Welcome to the forum. Sure I remember your name from the old forum?

Not heard of the VTS HDI's going through clutches or head gaskets so that was a one off I would reckon. Only ones known for the clutch issues were 1.6 Petrols.

With regards to the headlights. Depends what went wrong with them. The washer pipes are known to have some issues with perishing etc. Cheap to fix though.

If they stop auto leveling etc then chances are either the front or rear sensors which is exposed to the elements might have resulted in the connections needing a clean up. Otherwise the sensor needs replace. Again not an expensive fix. Dealers charge around £80 including parts and labour to do it. So doing it yourself would save a bit of money.

I have the 2.0 HDI engine in the GP now and not put a foot wrong in over 2 years. The 180 my rear headlight sensor needed replacing after I lowered the car as I think I hit it on something. Also the washer pipe perished on the headlight washers so it sprayed the lights and anyone on the pavement, didn't affect anything just made people near it get a bit wet. Other than that can't say I have had any issues with the VTS at all.

Nothing major that required it to be off the road anyway. The headlights still worked fine without the sensor they just didn't turn with the wheel any more. Had it replaced quick enough anyway as you miss the lack of steering headlights when you don't have them.

I think for the price of them now they are a hard car to beat in terms of what they offer. Also once they are remapped quite a bit more fun.
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  (11 Dec 2010 : 16:57)
Sat Dec 11 2010, 04:34pm
Thanks Wozza. I wasnt on any other C4 forum. Ive been lookin at some of the VTS's on here, the lowered ones, and they still look damn pretty. For sure, a re-map and a set of springs will be on the cards for sure. A mate of mine just bought a Leon 170bhp derv, and that shifts to I expect the VTS would be about the same after a map.

I think I'll be flogging the A8 in Feb, getting a cheaper C4 VTS, getting rid of my R6 and buying a Z1000 too. Busy times... but hey it has to be done.

Thanks again for the heads up...

Sat Dec 11 2010, 04:51pm

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As Wozza said, the only common fault is the headlights - and it's not deathly expensive to fix either. I absolutely love mine! Its got enough power as standard and its nice on the diesel! Might take the student loan out next year just to do "things" to it

Can't say I've heard of the head gasket going on a VTS, so must have been a one off. As with all turbo diesels though, poor oil changes can lead to a diesel runaway, so its nice to have one with a proper service history.
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  (11 Dec 2010 : 16:58)
Sat Dec 11 2010, 05:14pm
One more question if I can..... My old VTS had a JBL system. Do all VTS HDi's come with the JBL? I'd certainly prefer one with it in, as I thought the sounds quality was actually OK. And it plays MP3 discs too, my A8 wont even play them (shocking).
Sat Dec 11 2010, 05:18pm

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Location: Manchester
JBL was an option. Not hard to add a system in after market though. The JBL isn't that great. Couple hundred quid aftermarket will get you just as good results.
Sat Dec 11 2010, 05:28pm
Thanks again mate. Just likes the Bass of the JBL, not over the top. A head unit swap leaving in the standard speakers minus jbl sub, I doubt it would be as punchy. Not majorly fussed though i'd be happy with a straight reliable car with a wrc spoiler (has to have one ).
Sun Dec 12 2010, 01:07pm
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Location: Portsmouth, UK
Thumbs up from me as a fellow HDi VTS owner
Sun Dec 12 2010, 04:12pm
hi mate i also have a vts 180 and i love it its quick and its a dream to drive . where abouts are you from as im in norfolk so not that far away
Sun Dec 12 2010, 04:15pm
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Hi & welcome

Mon Dec 13 2010, 01:36am

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Welcome to the forum.

My view is - the car has been around for long enough for us (the forum) and the dealers to know each models good and bad points. If you were to get another and have problems with the headlights and it wasnt a sensor issue I would say you were unlucky. The actually failing of the headlamp units is uncommon and its more a sensor issue.

There are VTS model specific issues you need to be aware of but other than that go for it

I loved my 180....
Mon Dec 13 2010, 03:20pm
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Location: South Midlands
My HDi VTS has been running with broken rear sensor for a year now, but I have to get it fixed now as the headlights now only light up the ground, where as until now it was only the directional part that wasn't working.
Mon Dec 13 2010, 04:24pm
well I have only had my c4 VTS for about 4/5 onths and i absolutely love it have had nothing gone wrong although when i bought the car one of the parking sensors were faulty and the headlight washer pump was dead but I knew this when i bought it and got it at a deal and my car is now bookes in for saturday and its only costing £200 for both which personally i dont think is to bad compared to some other car manafactures prices.

Wed Dec 15 2010, 12:14pm
Thank you all for the very warm welcome and advice. Mind made up. Feb/March will see me putting the Audi up for sale and I'll start looking for a circa 5k VTS HDi in Grey (with spoiler).

Looking forward to posting pics up...
Thu Dec 16 2010, 02:52am

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Greedo wrote ...

I'll start looking for a circa 5k VTS HDi in Grey (with spoiler).

To be honest finding an Iron Grey HDi witted with a spoiler might be a challenge. The colour alone is not the most common colour and finding one with a spoiler light limit your choices. The HDi's did not come fitted with a spoiler as standard and were an optional extra.

Spoilers can be purchased with discount through this site via Premier Members...
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