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The start of my C4 modding...

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Sun Jun 05 2011, 03:25pm
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Joined: Apr 06 2007
Location: Redditch, Worcestershire
search Heko wind deflectors on Ebay

Fit great


Sun Jun 05 2011, 03:39pm
There's none on fleabay Jon but ive sourced some on Amazon..
Sun Jun 05 2011, 03:57pm
Member No: #84
Joined: Jan 24 2007
Location: Ilkeston, Derbyshire
How much sonny? I need some too
Tue Jun 07 2011, 03:26pm
Member No: #13754
Joined: May 18 2010
Location: Ayrshire, Scotland
Mine were only like 30-40 I believe from Dealer 1, didn't you like mine?
Tue Jun 07 2011, 03:50pm
I didnt notice yours to busy laughing at Chadds lack of power
Tue Jun 07 2011, 03:51pm

Member No: #2
Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
This is where I got my own from. Arrived fairly quickly as well.

I do prefer the Heko ones to the OEM ones though they just seem to be less in your face and not stick out as much.

- Click Here -
Tue Jun 07 2011, 04:19pm
Member No: #13754
Joined: May 18 2010
Location: Ayrshire, Scotland
Sonny wrote ...

I didnt notice yours to busy laughing at Chadds lack of power

Haha oh aye, was there to witness it too.

a 306 diesel made more power!

(ignore the fact it had a souped-up turbo and supercharger with the boost cranked up and an FMIC..)
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 Biohead (15 Jun 2011 : 02:51)
Tue Jun 14 2011, 10:56am
Member No: #13754
Joined: May 18 2010
Location: Ayrshire, Scotland
A wee update. After getting the polish/wax buzz from being at FCS and actually shown from my dad that it's easier than I imagined, I set to work today to do the whole thing (and yes, that does mean I've cleaned where the girls sat... I know ) and boy it took me about 2-3 hours.

Also on the table were Chad's old Resolfens, which to me surprisingly compliment the car more than it would.. also made it look a bit lower!

What you guys think?

Tue Jun 14 2011, 03:24pm
Looks good mate
Tue Jun 14 2011, 03:38pm
Member No: #135
Joined: Feb 25 2007
Location: South Midlands
C4Darren wrote ...

What you guys think?

Very nice.

Haven't polished mine for about 3 years, so may have to fix that.
Tue Jun 14 2011, 04:00pm
Member No: #2847
Joined: Mar 16 2008
Location: leicester
beautifully done
Tue Jun 14 2011, 08:02pm
Looks sweet. Any dents from the girls bums on your bonnet? Lol.
Wed Jun 15 2011, 12:29am
Member No: #5650
Joined: Oct 03 2008
Location: Portsmouth, UK
Looks good with the fogs like I had. Overall looking nice. Colour coding next maybe?
Wed Jun 15 2011, 01:44am

Member No: #82
Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
C4Darren wrote ...
What you guys think?

Looks good! I like Resolfens, provided you have a couple of hours to clean them!
Wed Jun 15 2011, 10:49am
Member No: #13754
Joined: May 18 2010
Location: Ayrshire, Scotland
Thanks for the feedback guys.

Haha, nah they didn't Mev.. my dads first reaction to being shown the pic was the same.. "Hope thuv no damaged yer bunnet!" (yes we Scots talk like that).

It does look good Darren, I'm actually surprised at how well they do. From the sides I'm not too keen on them but a front-on pic is lovely. And I was thinking colour coding but I kinda feel the strip breaks the bodywork up a bit, I'll get someone to photoshop a pic.

And yea John, I've got a cheapo toothbrush in my cleaning bucket

Also I've fitted the VTS brushed aluminum surround and info screen also from Chad, as mine was bleeding out at the bottom & sides. It makes a nice professional difference to the car.. just need other shiny metal bits! Anyone know where to get more? (e.g. for around the gearstick/ashtray and perhaps for the side vents/doors?)

[%*^#@!] picture but you get the idea.

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