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P0087 Error when Parked facing up hill

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Sun Oct 24 2010, 09:18am
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Joined: Jun 20 2008
Location: Neath, S.Wales
Weird I know, but my C4 HDi 1.6 92bhp on a 05 plate exhibits this problem.

When I park facing up hill on my drive, and leave the car overnight, in the morning, I go to start it, and it is very lumpy, and will cut out after a few seconds unless I keep the revs high. the display comes up with Depollution Fault, and my reader gives the P0087 code, which is low pressure on the fuel rail.

However, if I park overnight facing downhill, there is no issue starting or and error codes.

I am at a bit of a loss on this one. My thought were maybe there is an air bubble in the fuel supply that drifts up when parked facing uphill.

If this were the case, how could I get it out.

I did think it may be a leak but the discounted that as it would happen if facing downhill as well

MPG is unaffected, and when the car is up to temp, it is fine which ever way I park.

Any one have any ideas
Sun Oct 24 2010, 10:54am

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Joined: Jan 29 2007
Location: Bristol
Low oil sensor?

I don't know if its located in the same position on all the engines, but parked facing (steep) uphill my VTS used to bring up the SERVICE message and "Check Oil Level".

What does the OIL indicator in each instance?...

It might be related or coincidence.

Sun Oct 24 2010, 11:50am
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Joined: Jun 20 2008
Location: Neath, S.Wales
My oil is nearly full, and indicates as such. Thankfully I hardly use any oil between services.

I am due a service (60k) and wondering if I ask them to change the fuel filter
Tue Nov 02 2010, 03:35pm
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Joined: Jun 20 2008
Location: Neath, S.Wales
Right, for those that may be interested, I have finally, after many months, solved the issue.

I was messing about with the fuel filter, draining it (and I forgot to prime it again afterwards, but thats another story)

Long story short, the screw on top of the fuel filter was not done up very tight, so when the engine starts it was gasping for fuel as it must have been pulling a little air in as well.

Since doing it up tightly, I can now park the car facing up hill, the roughness on start up has gone, depollution error has gone (low pressure on fuel rail), and the hesitation I was getting when pulling off from a standing start from say a roundabout (like being in second)

Moral, make sure you tighten up stuff you unscrew
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