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Just fitted my new spoiler....

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Mon Nov 22 2010, 12:04pm
I picked up a VTS HDI without a spoiler a couple of months ago, well today I 'hopefully' grabbed myself a bargain, a 'loeb' rear spoiler (will need spraying black) all for the princely sum of £33 delivered from ebay
Mon Nov 22 2010, 12:53pm
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Location: Portsmouth, UK
Hey and congratulations. Do you have a link to the eBay listing so we can see what it looks like?

Should look somewhat like this if it's a Loeb spoiler Pic is of Jon M's VTS by Loeb.

Mon Nov 22 2010, 01:31pm
A spoiler from a Loeb is just the same as a VTS spoiler just painted red...
Jon's is a WRC replica totally different..
Mon Nov 22 2010, 01:32pm

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Loeb spoiler is the same as the regular 180 spoiler just body coloured rather than black. JonM has the WRC replica spoiler.

If I was you with the loeb spoiler do the prep and paint g yourself if you can. Otherwise it is going to cost as much as getting a brand new one when it is resprayed. I got quoted £200 to respray mine. A new one is £230! Which comes with the uprated boot struts. Oh yeah if you don't have those they are another £50 from the dealer. Reason we say don't buy cheap ones on site. What seems like a bargain turns into something costing more than a brand new one.
Mon Nov 22 2010, 01:40pm
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Darren, I hope you were just pulling our legs there!
Mon Nov 22 2010, 02:38pm
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Location: Portsmouth, UK

No when I see Loeb spoiler, in my opinion it relates to the Spoiler on the WRC Car driven by Sebastien Loeb. The spoiler on a C4 by Loeb is just a painted 180 spoiler IMO. You see where I'm coming from there
Mon Nov 22 2010, 03:30pm
In a perfect world A Loeb should have extras to make it Look and Perform like a C4 WRC
Tue Nov 23 2010, 02:00am
It's not the rally one, no.
As said it's the normal VTS one but in red, and yes I'll be spraying it myself (father-in-law has all his own equip) so it should save me a few quid, pics when finished.

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