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C4 Rain sensor - can it be calibrated?

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Thu Sep 30 2010, 07:11am
Hi all, I know there are tons of threads on the subject but CALIBRATION is mentioned only once (without an answer).

as the subject asks: If you change the sensor or the windscreen, is there a software option to recalibrate the sensor to the new windshield?

best regards,
Thu Sep 30 2010, 07:21am

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Location: Northumberland
I know from the technical documents it can be reset back to factory default, but I don't know if it's also possible to adjust sensitivity, but it requires Lexia/Proxia to do it.
Thu Sep 30 2010, 09:37am

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AFAIK, the auto-wipe can not be re-calibrated other than reset, as Dave indicated.

If you're have problems with the auto wipe, thoroughly clean the screen with meths and a clean, soft, non-fluffy cloth. Do not use any kind of polish and and if you wash your car, and shampoo gets on the screen, clean the screen again with meths.

Also make sure the passenger blade is clean, undamaged and sweeping correctly over the sensor area. If not buy a replacement new Citroën or Valeo blade.

The Citroën part numbers are:
6426.XG for the 600mm blade. RRP £30.87
6426.XF for the 700mm blade. RRP £33.55
RRP £64.42 for the pair. ( Premier Members should get 15% off that, say £54 max.)

VM409 Silencio X.TRM FLAT Wiper Blades for Citroën C4 TWIN PACK 700mm & 600mm

Use generous amounts of quality solvent in your screenwash - not just water.
Fri Oct 01 2010, 01:48am
BigJohnD wrote ...

AFAIK, the auto-wipe can not be re-calibrated other than reset, as Dave indicated.

So if it CAN BE RESET, that indicates it teaches itself somehow, I guess?

You see, the sensor worked perfectly until my windscreen broke and I had it replaced. Since then, the wipers work sporadicaly. They actually work fine with heavy rain, but are confused with light rain. I replaced the wipers, thoroughly cleaned them and the windscreen, no improvement.
And I get nervous if something is not working as it should :P
Fri Oct 01 2010, 02:13am

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merdzo wrote ...

So if it CAN BE RESET, that indicates it teaches itself somehow, I guess?

In some respect yes...certainly when I first had my car it was a case of leaving the AUTO wipers doing their own thing until they'd settled down. e.g. in light drizzle they would be AUTO Sweeping at Posistion II speed. Once settled down I never had a problem with them.
Fri Oct 01 2010, 10:48am
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They work with the auto light sensors as well so they all take readings of what's clean/not clean/light and dark, that's why sometimes at night the wipers might go mental whilst they 'reset'.
Fri Oct 01 2010, 02:09pm

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The light sensors are quite sophisticated, and I've never quite figured out how they work.

There's certainly two, one on the upper screen and one in front of the speedo.

As I understand it, the ambient light level is taken from the one in front of the speedo, and this switches the auto-headlights on and off, which in turn triggers the brightness levels of the LCD displays.

As regards the auto-wipers, they trigger the lights after a given number of sweeps within a given time.

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