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Buying used C4 coupe

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Mon Sep 27 2010, 03:25pm
Hi all,

I am a current C5 owner but have been looking to downsize to a C4 coupe. Had looked about and found a 07 plate c4 coupe in black, VTS model for £6998

Does this sound like a good price and how are people finding there 07 models. All advice welcome.

Also how does a standard spec VTS match up with other models?

Mileage is 26000

Mon Sep 27 2010, 03:37pm

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Petrol or diesel?

Petrol should have all the toys and at that price I'd guess it is petrol.

Diesels are a bit more to buy, and models later than 06 start to lose the toys such as xenon lights. No diesels came with a spoiler as standard though.

But the VTS is the top model in the range. Generally looking at directional xenons, electric mirrors, climate control, aluminium and chrome interior, partial leather.
Mon Sep 27 2010, 03:40pm
its a diesel mate

Just checked the sheet and i got it wrong its just the vtr but everything else i said is correct
Mon Sep 27 2010, 03:42pm

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VTS is the top of the range model so gets lots of extras as standard. Depending on if it is petrol or diesel depends on certain specs. However you should get half leather, dual zone climate, alarm, laminated windows, parking sensors, electric folding mirrors.

Petrols and some diesels have bi directional xenon head lights.

Auto lights and wipers. Get the standard cruise and speed limiters as well.

Basically there were very few extras on the VTS. Only options were sunroof, satnav, JBL sound system upgrade, front parking sensors, lane departure warning and full leather. Everything that you normally want is standard.
Mon Sep 27 2010, 03:48pm
as i said earlier i got it wrong its only a vtr, but diesel. would you say its still a good deal??

sorry to bother
Mon Sep 27 2010, 04:17pm

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It depends entirely on your circumstances really. Personally, Id opt for a slightly older, higher milage Diesel VTS. This way you get on top of the VTR: Auto Wipers, Auto headlights, Directional Xenons, Alarm, Half Leather, Parking sensors, Climate Control and possibly even the Xenons (They look very cool!). Also I think the VTRs only got the 1.6HDi, so you'd be getting a bigger engine with more grunt too as the VTR+ and VTS gets the 2.0. It comes at a cost of being insurance group 10 though, rather than 5. (I bought an 06 HDi VTS back in April, with 53k miles for £6995, so the same price as the VTR you're looking at).

That car itself you mention though, I do think its a bit on the high side. Just looking on Autotrader, main garages are selling similar ones for £6500, so a private deal would probably be asking closer to £6000.

No matter what you opt for, don't be put off high mileage diesels as long as its got some service history. If they've been looked after, the HDi's will just go on and on and on.
Mon Sep 27 2010, 04:17pm

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I was still typing when they replied. iPhone isn't the quickest thing to type large replies on.

Is it a VTR or a VTR+? As they are quite different. As £7000 for a VTR is silly money. I paid less than £8k for my VTS 2 years ago. Only had 15000 on the clock and still had over 12 months of the warranty left.
Mon Sep 27 2010, 04:22pm
Just the VTR mate, garage said price was because it was coupe as hard to get now, guy I've used for a long time but also looking about Scotland it's the best I've seen.
Mon Sep 27 2010, 04:56pm

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That is honestly expensive for just a VTR. I honestly think if spending £7000 on a car it's worth spending the £40 to travel somewhere else for a better car that might be cheaper. Just seems daft getting an over priced one as it is near.

£7000 is VTS money. The VTR is one of the lower spec models about all it has is manual air con.

Just wouldn't spend that personally.
Mon Sep 27 2010, 05:05pm

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I agree with wozza, the VTR+ spec is the minimum you should be looking for at that kind of money.
Mon Sep 27 2010, 05:47pm
agreed with the above - i bought a 57 plate, 1.4 vtr for just under 5k, so 2k more for diesel? nah....ironically, the garage i bought mine from were selling an hdi the week after for 6k on an 06 plate, typical!
Mon Sep 27 2010, 06:35pm
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my vtr+ cost me 5500, 32k miles 56 plate if it is any help
Tue Sep 28 2010, 12:44am
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I got my 05 plate 1.4 coupe vtr for £4295 from a Citroën dealer in may this year. They wher reluctant to sell it at that price. They said it was priced wrong. Got it shipped down from Yorkshire. They seemed to be alot cheaper up there. With 37.000 on the clock
Tue Sep 28 2010, 04:37am

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To put all this in perspective, in my local dealers there is a 10 plate C4 1.6 By Loeb in Red, with delivery mileage on it.

Asking price £10,495 on the road.

Sat next to it, is a DS3 with similar spec, same engine etc. for £13,995 on the road.

OK the Loeb is around £3,000 more than you were looking at for the VTS, but it comes brand new with a full 3 year warranty. A set of Michelins for the VTS could cost £560, new front discs and pads (they will be getting near time for changing) another £250 or so.

You do the math on it
Tue Sep 28 2010, 07:02am

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C6 Dave wrote ...
A set of Michelins for the VTS could cost £560, new front discs and pads (they will be getting near time for changing) another £250 or so.

Those are very generous figures, even with discounts!

I'm struggling to find Exaltos for less than £160 a corner, and as for the brakes, a Citroën dealer would be charging over £300 for the parts alone - and VAT is going up to 20% in three months.

0000424984 FRONT DISCS £102.80 + VAT = £120.79 × 2 = £241.58
0000425471 4 BRAKE PADS/FRONT = £54.59 + VAT = £64.14
Total = £305.72 !!

That makes the 10 plate by Loeb look very tempting.
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