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Anyone got a C4 VTR+ and does long journeys?

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Sun Sep 26 2010, 04:59pm
Hey, I am in the market for a decent motorway car and I love the look of the C4 VTR+ Coupes.

How is it on long journeys? Is it comfortable? I have a C2 1.4 Furio and your could run over a fly and it would feel like you hit a brick!

I don't do a lot of miles over the year (about 10k) but my lass has just moved 100+ miles away with work and I need something that is lovely and comfortable for my back & bot on a 2hour motorway drive.

The C4 VTR+ coupe ticks all the boxes for me but I need someone with experience in motorway driving in one to let me know what it's like..and if you have driven a C2 then a comparison would be even better.

I look forward to any help you guys can give me.

Thanks in advance.

Sun Sep 26 2010, 05:20pm

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Much more comfortable than the C2. Seats are better, more sound deadening, better build quality, nicer ride.

Basically you can tell it is a better quality car as such. However not as fun, in terms of cruising though the C4 is a better mile muncher.

I did some long 7 / 8 hour drives in it and always felt fine when I got out.
Sun Sep 26 2010, 06:10pm
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Joined: Apr 18 2010
Location: Swindon
I do a 40 mile trip to and from work, no problems at all, very comfortable. I am glad I went for the VTR+ as the seats are more comfortable and driver has lumbar support too. Even after a 150 mile trip to Plym (2.5 hrs) I get out feeling refreshed.
I cant recommend it enough as a commuter car, get the diesel (110 pref) and you'll be laughing on the economy too.
Mon Sep 27 2010, 01:15am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
VTR+ has the higher spec sport seats and on long journeys it's a great motorway cruiser. I often did 5-6 hour round trips in mine when I was working with no issues.

Even when I added lowering springs (Eibach Pro) the ride was still very good, if not improved.

But as others have said, if you can find a 10 HDi it will save you money on those long motorway runs

Long Term Road Test (97,000 miles): - Click Here -
Mon Sep 27 2010, 02:55am

Thanks for the replies, it seems as though the C4 is the one for me.

All I need to do now is sell my c2, ha.

Thanks again for the info.

Mon Sep 27 2010, 03:37am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
I've been up to John O'Groats and south to both Spain and Monaco in my C4 VTR+ 1.6HDi.

It's ideal for long distant cruising - extremely comfortable, very economical and easy to drive with cruise control, climate control, auto-lights and auto-wipers.

It's no constest when comparing it to Ford's bland Focus.
Mon Sep 27 2010, 06:05am
Regularly do 6 hour drives in the C4 VTR+. Fire on the cruise control, sit back and listen to the radio. It's a very relaxing car to cruise in.
Mon Sep 27 2010, 07:15am
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Joined: Apr 12 2008
Location: Wakefield
its brilliant for cruising, the petrol 1.6 is a bit fuel hungry (you would be alot better with the diesel version)

i did a 16 hour journey to the south of france with only stops for fuel, arrived and no back ache or cramps
Mon Sep 27 2010, 07:28am

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Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
bandyquill wrote ...

its brilliant for cruising, the petrol 1.6 is a bit fuel hungry (you would be alot better with the diesel version)

Yes, go for a 110HDi diesel. This was my trip to Spain.

Mon Sep 27 2010, 08:20am

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Joined: Aug 12 2006
Location: Manchester
Bump and a couple of the other guys on here have gone from C2 VTS's to C4's they are probably worth asking.
Mon Sep 27 2010, 10:47am
Ah I can only imagine what it's like to sit back and chill on a long journey... on a C2 (as some of you are aware) it's loud and it's bumpy.

I will defo try and get a Diesel, that MPG is crazy, twice what I am getting now. Although a Diesel with low-ish Mileage may be out of my price range.

I can't believe I didn't think of a C4 before now, I have been test driving Vectra's, Focus' & Golf's...not a fan of any of them.

Mon Sep 27 2010, 05:51pm
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Joined: Nov 15 2009
Location: Crewe, Cheshire
Hi James, had three C2's before our C4, last one was a VTS HDi changed to a similarly engined Loeb coupe and have the in laws 200 miles away in Basingstoke and find the C4 fantastic on the motorway, the cruise control coupled with the fantastic 1.6 HDI engine is a winner for me. Much quieter too!
Tue Sep 28 2010, 02:46am

Member No: #6049
Joined: Nov 05 2008
Location: Bracknell
Went to Newquay and back (from Yorkshire) last year in a VTR+. It was a pleasure to drive in the car, and after the journey I didn't even have a numb bum!

As C6Dave says, definitely don't accept less that a VTR+ though, as they (and VTS) get the better seats.
Tue Sep 28 2010, 09:28am
I have a C4 VTS and even that's comfy and nice to drive as well very nice car very pleased with it. Mine's a petrol one if you have deep pockets that is
Tue Sep 28 2010, 09:44am
I had a c2 vts - then work meant a 65mile each way trip everyday so went for the c4, super super comfy - brilliant on diesel and once remapped 70mpg is easy....
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