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Sat Jul 16 2011, 11:15am
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Joined: May 08 2010
Location: Deepest Wiltshire
Mrs Pentlandc4 and I have just been out for the afternoon, and dropped by Citroën Edinburgh to take a look at the DS4 (not to drive, sadly).

First impressions were that, in the metal, the ride height isn't actually that obvious. I didn't mention the height to Mrs Pentlandc4 to see if she said anything: didn't get any comment. Its proportions give it the impression of being compact, whereas close-up you can see that it's quite a large car.

The rear doors do have a definite 'point' at the trailing edge of the back windows; you have to move out of the way of the door, but you'd soon get used to it.

The dashboard is a bit of a disappointment, if only in its similarity to the C4 dashboard. The materials don't come across as particularly special given the price difference between the two cars. On the other hand, the C3 was given a more distinct dashboard, and the similarity to the DS3 dashboard doesn't seem to attract as many comments.

I have read criticisms of the darkness of the interior, but sitting in the front it's actually pretty light: the windscreen is typically Citroën-massive. I didn't sit in the back seats, though I could see that they'd maybe feel a bit gloomier.

Anyway, Mrs Pentlandc4 had a seat in all of the cars and decided that if she had to choose, it'd be the DS4, then DS3 and C5. The runner up was the C-Zero, if we didn't cover high mileages.
Sat Jul 16 2011, 11:31am
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Joined: Oct 03 2008
Location: Portsmouth, UK
I understand what you mean about the price difference. An equivalent spec (give or take some gadgets) in the DS4 to my DS3 is around £7k more and I don't find the DS4 particularly luxury enough to warrant £26000!

DS5 should be a bit more of a head turner though in the luxury dept. Not to forget the Citroen Metropolis (possible DS6/8)!
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