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Citroën DS4 and DS4-R

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Tue Sep 14 2010, 10:44am

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To prevent further duplicated threads on both the future releases of the DS4 and DS4-R models please use this thread to continue any discussions regarding the specific model types.

The previously posted threads regarding the Citroen DS4 and DS4 R's have been locked and this is to ensure that any further discussion doesn't become disjointed and thus helping to maintain consistency.

Links back to the original locked thread titles are provided below and where referencing previous discussions may I suggest you use the "Block Quote" function found in the reply to thread section.

DS4 Pics - - Click Here -
DS4 - - Click Here - (Release Date Question)
Some New Pics of the DS4 - - Click Here -
DS4 Racing - - Click Here -
DS4-R - - Click Here -
Citroen DS4 2011 - - Click Here -
Tue Sep 14 2010, 10:53am

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Citroen DS4-R

THIS Citroen will have hot hatch fans green with envy! We only clapped eyes on the stylish DS4 for the first time in Issue 1,130, but a flagship Racing version is around the corner.

And thanks to a host of styling upgrades and extra power under the bonnet, it has the likes of the VW Golf R and Renaultsport Mégane 250 in sight.

Following in the wheeltracks of the DS3 Racing, which hit showrooms on 1 September, the DS4 Racing gets a dramatic makeover – as you can tell from this illustration. The two-tone exterior matches the colour of the roof with the grille, wing mirrors and wheels.

That theme will continue inside, with figure-hugging racing seats and a flat-bottomed steering wheel.

Optional chequered decals on the roof and side flanks, plus a tarmac-scraping bodykit, finish off the visual changes. But it is what’s under the bonnet that will grab headlines. The French company has confirmed that the standard DS4 will be made available with the 200bhp 1.6 THP engine – also used in Peugeot’s flagship RCZ coupé – to challenge the 207bhp Golf GTI.

To take performance to the next level, however, Citroen is rumoured to be readying a petrol-electric version of its diesel-based HYbrid4 drivetrain, co-developed with Peugeot. While the 200bhp 1.6-litre engine drives the front wheels, a 95bhp electric motor would power the rears. In addition, a wider track, lowered suspension and beefed-up brakes should give the Racing model an edge over the standard car in corners.

Not only does the all-wheel-drive HYbrid4 system provide scintillating performance and incredible grip, it should give CO2 emissions of less than 120g/km and 60mpg fuel economy.

The standard DS4 makes its debut at next month’s Paris Motor Show, and goes on sale early next year, with the Racing version not expected until 2013.

Sun Mar 13 2011, 01:58am

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Citroen have started releasing a series of videos for the DS4.

A Bit like Star Wars, here is episode 1.................. on the challenge of the 'hidden' rear doors

Sun Mar 13 2011, 06:53am
Very good, the rest should be interesting. Will be nice to see it in the flesh!
Sun Mar 13 2011, 07:42am
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I've been tracking the Planete-Citroen pages for the new DS4 and they have photos of the car in the flesh in France at: planete-citroen

The photos on this pge are very high quality and show the car off to its maximum. Other pages on the thread show the DS4 out and about parked up.

I certainly like it, but wonder that the price will be £25k+ when it reaches the UK.
Sun Mar 13 2011, 08:22am

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Location: Bristol
I notice that they major on the door handle design in the video but cant help wondering that they've just done what everyone else has done with their designs?

The other thing that crossed my mind was the differences between the C4 and DS4 in terms of body design...which one came first? Watching the video the way I saw it is that the DS4 is a complete stand alone design where as (ride height, tactile materials and rear bumper aside) visually they are the same car?
Sun Mar 13 2011, 12:12pm
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The French Citroen site allows you to configure the DS4; C-Zero too:

- Click Here -
Sun Mar 13 2011, 01:09pm

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Location: Manchester
DS4, THP200, Wicked Red, Red and Black leather interior. All the options ticked.

Is what I would want. As all the options is heated seats, xenons and navigation and 19" wheels.

That results in a price of nearly €34,000!

That's a bit expensive.
Mon Mar 21 2011, 02:52am

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Location: Northumberland
Episode 2 - French Chic
Sat Mar 26 2011, 02:44am

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Location: Northumberland
Episode 3 - A question of style

Fri Apr 01 2011, 02:43pm

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Location: Northumberland
Episode 4 - First Impressions

In this episode, Citroën's team members share their feelings after their first time behind the wheel of DS4. Joy, surprise and pleasure. Citroën DS4 experience does not disappoint

Fri Apr 01 2011, 02:59pm
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Location: Portsmouth, UK
Makes me want this car more and more every time I see it.
Fri Apr 08 2011, 03:55am

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Location: Northumberland
Episode 5 : Passion

From passion Citroën DS4 was born. In this fifth and penultimate episode, Citroën team members describe their involvement on the DS4 project. This car has been created by passionates for passionates.

Fri Apr 15 2011, 08:11am

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Location: Sydney
I was fortunate enough to be in Paris back in October last year. Whilst there, I took the opportunity to visit the Citroen Dealership on the Champs-Élysées (which is a mighty impressive setup!!). They had a DS4 on display so I grabbed some photos. The colour is not really my style but I have to admit it's begun to grow on me

Fri Apr 15 2011, 08:26am
Holy [%*^#@!], thats awesome!

Shiny Shiny!
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