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Engine anti-pollution system faulty

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Tue Aug 31 2010, 02:12am
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Joined: Mar 02 2008
Location: Essex
After two years of trouble free motoring my GP has played up on me this morning.

Just ending my journey of around 15 miles a beep accompanied by the engine management light on. The log is showing 'engine anti-pollution system faulty'. I think the car is currently in limp mode as it seemed like it wouldn't accelerate. I have tried switching off and on again, but the engine management light is still on and the error still logged. The handbook says to Urgently consult your Citroen dealer.

I thought initially it was the DPF blocked and it needed a good run (italian tuneup), but looking in the handbook this seems to indicate that the message would be different and the SERVICE light would be on if it was that.

As I can't really drive home in limp mode, I guess I'll have to call the AA out? Should I give it longer switched off and try getting to a garage?

As I'm at work at the moment its difficult to conduct a full search, but I'm a bit stuck. I think there have been posts about this before.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Tue Aug 31 2010, 04:18am
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Location: Essex
AA chap arrived and plugged in his computer and found the fault code was:

P0001 Fuel Volume regulator control cicruit open

He said because it didn't have a + sign next to it, it had only occurred once. He cleared the error and gave me the option of following me back to my Citroen dealer. The Citroen dealership and the AA chap had not come across this error code before (I rang them to book the car in).

Decided to take it for a run with the AA and it seems fine. Switching off and back on again, driving it seems fine. Have booked the car in for Thursday with Citroen and hope it gets me home tonight without coming up again.

I hate these sort of problems as I'm worried it'll go into limp mode at any time! Will the Citroen dealership have enough to go on with that code and description to investigate further? The AA chap reckons on checking his computer that it may have something to do with a solenoid?

Lars of Sweden   
Tue Aug 31 2010, 01:28pm
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Location: Jonkoping
The log is still there so the Citroen dealer can find out the problem. Could be a glitch in the system though. I would drive it, carefully, a couple of days to find out if it is a real problem.
Wed Sep 01 2010, 08:30am
Actually, it won't do any good to drive it carefully. The dealership will find the root of the problem and fix it. I had the same problem twice, with two different problem sources. Fixed it both times. The dealer also told me to be careful with the quality of the fuel
Wed Sep 01 2010, 11:04am
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Location: Essex

Thanks a lot for your replies.

The car is booked in tomorrow and I'm really hoping as 'Lars' has said, that the fault is still stored in the computer somewhere even though the AA cleared it for me and the car has seemed OK since. At least when it went wrong it was consistently doing it, rather than disappearing after I switched off.

Lambros - do you know what the sources were in the end (other than fuel). I've been using supermarket fuel for the last 6-12 months and I hope they don't blame it on that.

Incidentally, the Citroen dealer told me the AA Citroen Assistance codes were useless to them as they were not the same as Citroens system! This seems daft really although I'll still give them a copy of the AA breakdown report which shows the P0001 error and description.

Wed Sep 01 2010, 11:44am

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Location: Northumberland
AA use standard OBII generic code readers, they don't have PSA Lexia/Proxia systems and the codes are more specific.
Thu Sep 02 2010, 01:54pm
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Location: Essex
Right my car is now fixed - After leaving my car at the dealers at 7.30am it was ready by 10am and a new electronic part fitted.

Apparently much to my relief, this is an Inforapid solution and one that they have already had two cars in for in the last week.

They know I'm a stickler for wanting to know exactly what the problem was, so they had all the relevant paperwork handy. As is usual they wouldn't let me keep the Inforapid, but I did see it. I believe it was titled 'Hesitation, Jerking, Stalling, Lack of Power'. It applies to vehicles that have travelled over 12k.

Within this Inforapid document, it runs through some checks they have to conduct, one of which is to see if a particular error code is stored in the cars computer. On mine, this P error code matched and was still stored (even though the AA had temporarily cleared it to get me back on the road). It summarises that the 'Engine Wiring Housing' must be replaced.

The part which luckily they had on backorder (for the other two cars) and had a spare one for mine was described on the Inforapid as 'Engine Wiring Housing', but I asked to see it. I would describe it more a complete Engine Bay fusebox as it contained numerous fuses and some large electronic connectors. I had a quick look over on Service.citroen.com and I think it may be the Electronic Box 'MUX' from the diagram, but I couldn't be certain.

Luckily this was warranty as £270 for the part alone before labour is quite expensive!

Hope this may be of others if they have a similar breakdown of their vehicle.
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 jeddyson (06 Feb 2018 : 14:00)
Thu Sep 02 2010, 04:43pm

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Location: Northumberland
Thanks for the info. It does point toward the engine bay fuse box which has been known to be a problem over the years.

Exactly why, no one has ever been able to confirm though.
Fri Sep 03 2010, 02:57am

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Location: Stafford
Engine bay fuse box is a common problem at the minute, mainly affecting the new C5, but also C4 Picassos. I'm surprised that they hadn't heard of the fault code P0001 and linked it straight away to a faulty fusebox.

The fault is a poor or faulty contact inside the fusebox on fuse F1 which breaks down overtime. This cuts power supply to certain components of the engine briefly causing all sorts of warnings, with or without loss of power, cutting out etc.
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 Dave_Retired. (25 Oct 2010 : 01:39) , BigJohnD (01 Jun 2011 : 07:08) , jeddyson (06 Feb 2018 : 13:41)
Fri Sep 03 2010, 10:37am
Member No: #2617
Joined: Mar 02 2008
Location: Essex

Thanks for the clarification.

Good to understand it a bit further!

Mon Feb 07 2011, 01:48am
I have had my fusebox replaced during my 3rd year of ownership. Car wouldn't start and there was no way going about it.

When I spoke to the local distributor they confirmed that they had replaced quite a few but didn't know of the cause.

The mechanic that I go to service my car from an independent garage mentioned that it's due a design fault that over time just wears out. (like what Phil mentioned above). They have tried opening the unit and fixing it but no luck.

Now does that mean over time, all of us risk facing the car being stranded because the fusebox just "dies" over time? Anyway to mitigate or prevent this? I am thinking of sealing the box somehow or place dehumidifier to draw moisture away.

Thoughts anyone?

Thanks in advance
Tue Feb 08 2011, 02:43pm
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Location: London
you got me worried now...
Tue May 24 2011, 07:33am
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Joined: Mar 13 2011
Location: Runcorn
I will be buying a new BSI/FUSE BOX as I have had varied electrical faults occurring randomly for several weeks now, these include:

ESP/ABS System Faulty
ECU Faulty
Depollution Fault
Hydraulic Steering failing
Engine not starting (turns over but does not ignite)

I am a bit apprehensive thought that it may be wiring, but that's another ball game altogether. Once it's swapped over I will reply with the results so maybe can narrow problems down for other people.

Costs £185 +VAT from Citroen apparently.
Chemical Matt   
Wed May 25 2011, 02:34pm
My 2008 71K C4GP has just been into the garage with the exact same problem.

For a while the engine had been cutting out which was then followed by almost every error message under the sun including "engine failure", "egs failure", "handbrake failure" etc. Also had recurrent problems with anti pollution system failure.

Luckily mine is a company car and it was towed away by the AA to a citroen main dealer. Again the Citroen dealer replaced the engine bay fuse box and to date everything seems ok.
Fri Jun 24 2011, 07:46am
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Location: Runcorn
I have just swopped my engine bay fuse box but my [%*^#@!] car still wont start, so there is over £200 down the drain.

Does the engine bay fuse box need re programming when you swop a new one?
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