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C4 HDi What a dipstick!

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Sun Jul 25 2010, 01:47am

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The latest part number for the 110 HDi engine from Citroen, for the 'Engine Oil Gaug' is 1174 G2 however I don't know if that is plastic or metal I'm afraid.

I assume that is the upgraded one following the breakages reported and applies to those cars with or without FAP
Sun Jul 25 2010, 04:59am
Ok, I believe it could have been improved. I already saw one in a new C4 Picasso and it was different, even it was also in plastic.

The real problem is not being in plastic, the problem is that the end part seems to be just plugged/stuck, like 2 separate things.

I will try to check this reference number.

Thanks Dave
Thu Aug 05 2010, 04:08am
An update to this issue:
I tried to insert new dipstick but it's not able to reach the end, it stops at 2 or 3 cm from the end. So I would say that the broken part got stuck in the tube.

Does anyone know how much time will it take to remove the dipstick tube ?
Sat Aug 21 2010, 05:02am
It was confirmed that the broken part of the dipstick got stuck. In Citroen service they just pushed so it falls into the oil tank. Now the new dipstick 1174G2 (the orange one) fits ok.
But they were not able to explain the difference in the max level of each dipstick.
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 jay_GB (22 Apr 2016 : 04:00)
Fri Apr 22 2016, 03:53am
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This happened to me. The garage did an oil change but couldn't work out why, even though they had filled to engine to the recommended level, the oil was not showing on the Dip. Luckily he worked out that the dip stick had broken just like the OP picture, and didn't overfill. It's the 1.6 HDi that I have.

I got a replacement from ebay - Click Here - . I was a bit worried when pushing it in the first time in case it got stuck on the broken part of the original, but thankfully this didn't happen.

I am a bit worried about where the old part is, but if Citroen say it's OK then I won't worry.
Wed Feb 16 2022, 10:32am
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As part of the survey then, My 1.6 HDi VTR+ [115] has a metal stalk with orange plastic cap (handle) and measuring section in the sump.

The measuring section has a teardrop shaped bulbous bit above and it is reversed below the scale. it has 15 reference lines between these 'bulbs', each about 2mm apart
Thu Feb 17 2022, 05:04am
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This doesn't help with information on the C4 but is a cautionary tale.

My father had a company car and got one of the very first Austin 1800s (aka land crab) to be delivered. Back then, first service was between 500 and 1000 miles. He duly had it serviced. The next day before he left for work he got a call from the local garage - don't go anywhere, we need it back, we will pick it up on a trailer, you will have it back in about an hour. We will take you into the office.

It turned out that a number of cars had seized engines soon after their first service. BL had sent some out of the factory with dipsticks off another engine - dipsticks far too long so when the garage filled to the line they were still several pints short.

So a simple dipstick is a pretty important component after all
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