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C4 2.0 180 VTS Coupe - Retrospective

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Wed Aug 11 2010, 03:14pm

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So, I have been the very humble and proud owner of a Wicked Red C4 VTS Coupe for the last 4years 4months and so many days. I thought that perhaps it was pertinent to post a retrospective of those years of ownership...a bit of a look back over the years

During that period the car covered a total of 28,000miles. Averaged out across the years that equates to 6222miles per year.

Purchased from what was Bryan Brothers Citroen, Bristol, the C4 was never really considered by us as a replacement for what was becoming my tired Ford Focus Ghia. We just so happened to be driving pass the dealer and suggested to the good lady that perhaps we should go in and just have a look. Unfortunately we were at the time full of the usual French car pre-conceptions and didn’t really know what we wanted. We had also had embarked on a project to totally renovate our newly bought house, we wanted something that would be large enough to transport all the “stuff” to enable us to do the project... We also wanted something that was fun, had poke and crucially wasn’t a Ford.

Whilst walking over the forecourt, kicking the tyres, sat in the middle of the C2 and C3’s was a black C4 VTS Coupe. Having only recalled seeing one as a fleeting glance its somewhat quirky look took me by surprise. Once sat inside we took an instant liking. One key factor was driving position especially for me whom is blessed with being not only tall but very long legs. Up until now, everything just seemed too small. The “New” Focus and its new floor plan seemed like my knees were up around my ears...a definite no go’er. The C4 enabled me to stretch out my legs to the bulkhead and still plenty of room. So after what was a brief introduction to the C4 we went on our merry way home, thinking about the C4 as a contender.

Later on that week I started to browse the various internet reviews and was keen to keep an eye on the much missed (by me!) and frankly honest 4Car website, who had just received delivery of a C4 VTS 180 Coupe in Wicked Red. Using this as a bench mark I was keen to see if my “French Perceptions” would turn true. Monitoring the reviews it became clear that the VTS was a potential goer with the review panel picking up the odd trim faults – the mechanical and more importantly electrical gremlins were non to be seen.

Parked up in the car park of B&Q following a Saturday wash!

Returning to the Citroen website I searched for the availability of a Wicked Red VTS, and headed off to the Dealer to see what the possibility would be of obtaining it for a look. Thankfully after much persuasion they obliged and two weeks later I received a call to view. We duly headed back to the dealer to see it sat on the forecourt in the Spring sunshine the Wicked red looked just that wicked.

A test drive later and some serious haggling (the Focus was on its last legs at only 55000miles) the deal was clinched and we were to be the proud owner of a nearly new C4 VTS Coupe.

The 180 a week after taking ownership

So what has it cost to own the car? Details below

Servicing MOT

03/10 MOT & Service (Gold)£241.53
11/09 Investigate Misfire and drop in power £78.20
07/2009 Custom Exhaust and Sport CAT - £550
03/09 Service (Major) Air Con Service and Re-gas, MOT and Puncture Repair(!) £335.66
03/08 Service (Minor) and MOT £214.15
05/07 Service (Major) £315.46


11/09 2 x Continental 205/50/17 £224.00
05/08 1 x 205/50/17 Michelin Exalto £123.00 (Puncture)
03/08 2 x 205/50/17 Michelin Exalto £234.76
11/07 1 x Puncture Repair £15.95
01/07 1 Michelin Exalto 205/50/17 Fitted £108.08 (Puncture)
Halfords Wiper blade set - c£35
BOSCH Wiper blade set £45

(Puncture every 7000miles!)

Warranty Items

HID Sensor Replaced
Speed Control Failure Brake/ Clutch switch replaced and update of Software
Clutch Master Cylinder
OS Headlamp Washer due to squirting on the floor
Climate Control Box blowing hot air
Climate Control Drain Plug Disconnected/ Blocked
ABS Recall
2 x Software updates/recalls

Unlike car reviews where we concentrate on the strengths and weaknesses I'm not going to do it...for all its faults there are benefits and they haven't spoilt the period of ownership.

To highlight the few niggly and plusses...

After all the Punctures I had, I found that the size of tyre isn't one kept on the shelf at most factors
The seat bolsters wore quickly - too quickly in fact
Thirst in traffic and heavy clutch in Bristols heavy traffic soon became tiring
5th gear is a bit short for lonnnnnng motorway trips
Dealer network
Wiper blades - expensive and the lazy LHD conversion leaves the tell tale 1" unswept area just where you need it.
The only engine I've experience where one day it goes like the clappers all out power, the next it behaves more like a GT.

Unique Looks Luv!
Colour Luv!
Kit - You'd struggle today to find an equivalent
Digital Speedo - I'm going to miss that big time
Steering wheel - everything at your thumbs
HID Cornering lamps - Fantastic on dark country lanes
Cruise fuel consumption - as long you arnt gunning it, its respectable for the performance

Custom Exhaust and Sport CAT all nice and shiny and new

Following a Service my dealer decided to wash the car with a yard broom even though I specifically asked not to wash the car...

Parked up at night - I remember taking this pic and the irony of some kid in a chavved up Saxo shouting "Your car is $hit"...


And there we go...its been a fantastic relationship and one I am very sad is ending...however I will remain on C4Owners
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 CaptainSlower (28 Nov 2012 : 09:29)
Wed Aug 11 2010, 05:03pm

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Location: Northumberland
Thanks for the great detailed review Rich.

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