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Citroën C4 VTS Road Test

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Tue Aug 07 2007, 03:11am

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Location: Bristol
Collected from Bryan Brothers, Bristol in May 2006 the VTS was just over a year old with a little more than 16,000 on the clock. Whilst considered to be high mileage for its age, the amount of miles I intend to cover will balance out over the coming years. In 18months of ownership I’ve added another 12,000

The C4 was a replacement for my tired Ford Focus Ghia which was my work workhorse for 5 years covering many miles up and down the M5 to various Construction Sites around the Midlands and West Country. Due to a change in jobs and impending expensive repairs on the Focus (Air Con, Steering Rack) following previous major failures ranging from early retirement of a Cam belt and Clutch, it was time to look for something else. Having never considered a Citroen before we went had a snoop about the dealer to see what was on offer. One of the main considerations was legroom and load space. Being 6’2” legroom in most cars is a premium, and being that we are in the process of restoring a house, again maximum load space was required. We also go away camping a lot and again as much “square” load space would be ideal.

Initial options looked at were Civic, Focus and Mazda 3, but all just didn’t float my boat. They all lacked something that grabbed me. The Focus was just out of the question. Having driven a load of various models for work they were bland and dull workhorses. The Civic dashboard whilst stylish looked in my eyes a mess with the odd shaped vents and could see myself becoming annoyed by fingerprints on the piano black dashboard. Buying a car simply for stylish blue back lit dials wasn’t an option as much as I did like them.

So we went and had a look around the Citroen dealer to see what was on offer, when we spotted the VTS.

As the old adage goes it was love at first sight. Sat in the forecourt if looking a bit sorry for itself instantly we knew it would be ours. The deposit was down, the deals were done and we were driving it home the following week.

Average returns around town aren’t particularly favourable, averaging anywhere between 19mpg to 23mpg….however I have mainly put this down to Bristol’s poor traffic situation. The VTS also HATES sitting in traffic, with continual stop start traffic taking its toll on the clutch action. After a quick run down a dual carriageway usually clears the problem. Out on the road you can expect anywhere between 37 to 31mpg depending on type of road and driving styles.

So what problems have we encountered?

Directional Headlamp Faulty – unfortunately this only raised itself when travelling home from Birmingham the week after taking delivery, whilst driving through a thunderstorm. – Dealer sorted under warranty – 1.5hours

Headlamp washer – washer sprayed the road and not the lamp unit. Dealer sorted under warranty – 1.5hours

Cruise Control – Two visits to a dealer to get to the bottom, first was an update of the software and the second was to replace the faulty CC steering wheel switch. 4hours total

Clutch Master Cylinder – Lumpy clutch pedal travel became gradually worse over the course of three months. – 1day

Climate Control Leaking into foot well. – 1day

New tyre from Puncture – 3inch dry lining screw, repaired, only to be punctured again three weeks after.

Although for a year old car there are a number of faults, all bar the clutch cylinder, they are all known issues and Bryan Brothers rectified them all satisfactorily. In comparison to my old Focus the range of faults at this age were more serious than those experienced on the C4.

Plus side

I’ve never owned a car that has attracted so much attention. A number of times I have seen people with their hands cupped up to the glass looking in or having a look round. A couple once stopped and watched me reverse into a car parking space which led me to say to my girl friend “what are they looking at?” to which once I got out they came over and asked to have a look. The best comment I have received about the car is that “it looks fast…it looks like a kids car that when you pull it back it will go zooming off into the distance”…Many people ask “what is it?” and are quite shocked when you reply Citroen.

Recommend it to anyone… yes.
Thu Aug 09 2007, 11:20am
Nice test report Rich

It's "owner" info like this, that helped me decide on buying a C4.. far better reporting than the (ahem)..
"pro reviewers "

Kudos to C4 Owners.co.uk
Thu Aug 09 2007, 11:45am
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Joined: Jan 24 2007
Location: Ilkeston, Derbyshire
Hear Hear Rich!!

There is something about pulling up in the C4 and having people looking at, when people point at it it makes me smile!!
Thu Aug 09 2007, 01:23pm
I always hoped they were looking at me!!
Nah..i am kidding...i dont think i will ever get tired of people looking at my car!!! hehehe..Bit sad really
Thu Aug 09 2007, 02:06pm
no-one ever said "wow look at that Mondeo!"

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