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C4 with EGS - Fixed the juddering when taking off

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Tue Sep 18 2012, 01:30pm

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Check the connection between the Dongle and the OBD connector - there should be a big plug and socket between the two. Apply some pressure on the connector and try again. That's what I had problems with on the first Lexia, had to buy a replacement one to solve it.
Wed Jun 19 2013, 11:23am
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Hi everybody,
just to bring this thread "out of archive". I've got serious problems with my EGS gearbox on 2008 C4GP. It judders really bad in 1st position as well as in reverse. So I've been pretty active last weeks, reading this and other similar threads really deeply and finally decided to buy Lexia from e-bay. So here is my problem:

I tried several times to program EGS gearbox as Lars described in the beggining of this thread. Let me say that I tried both softwares (old v3.47 Lexia as well as new v6.01 and updated Diagbox). Both cases are similar except that in the new one you should repeat the last step 4 times in a row while in an older software it is enough to repeat the last programming step two times in a row. These final steps represent the case where you go with a car onto the road and rapidly start and stop the vehicle.
So my problem is that I am not able to SAVE THE PROCESS after it is (at least seems to) FINISHED. So if here is any expert that can help me more precisely, what to do after the start/stop procedure is finished. I am following the instructions but in these final steps instructions are kind of deficient (insufficient).

So if I wrap up things: I am able to program the EGS gearbox - juddering dissaper, but after I go to the road and repeat the procedure regarding to instructions, from unknown reason the programming is not acceptable - juddering comes again.

Local garage says that the clucth is to be replaced. I really don't want to spend $$$ for a repair if there is no need to do it? Or I am wrong? I'm just wondering, why is the programming from the step 2 (clutch bitting point) OK, so if I'm right, the clutch should be OK? The car has got 130.000 km.

Thank you for any contributions you may help.
Wed Jun 19 2013, 01:20pm

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Read: - Click Here -

But you can try the ' Hard Reset' method..... details here: - Click Here -
Wed Jun 19 2013, 02:23pm
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C6 Dave - I know that instructions and followed exactly as described but no luck. I will try " hard reset" and see if something comes up. Regarding to that instructions: what exactly does "Power Latch" means in the line "If OK, switch off the ignition... ...(Power Latch)". I really need some clear step by step instructions in this part 3, when the vehicle goes to road and perform start/stop procedures, especially what to do exactly at the end.

Thanks again and cheers!
Sat Nov 22 2014, 12:39pm
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How can I re-calibrate my C4 2013 with EGS? Which version of Lexia can work? Or should I go to service dealer?
Sun Nov 23 2014, 02:20am

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Re calibration process is covered in a FAQ - Click Here -
Tue Sep 29 2015, 12:39am
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I done the Italian ( hard reset) re calibration. 0 to 60 as fast as you can letting the gearbox change up through the gears. It certainly worked a treat for me. No more juddering.
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