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C4 Quickshift Feedback...

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Wed Mar 02 2011, 03:31pm
Seven Months don't look good
Thu Mar 03 2011, 01:26am

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Shaneygreen wrote ...

Any movement on this one then??

Nope, nowhere near enough interest for them to make it viable.
Fri Mar 04 2011, 12:17pm
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Aww i was hoping to get one :/

Maybe in the future
Tue Feb 07 2012, 04:04pm
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Any chance we can re-kindle this?

Even if we have enough to cover what is wanted by the members and they cost a little more.
Tue Feb 07 2012, 04:27pm
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Again I'm interested subject to cost

Fri Apr 05 2013, 11:50pm

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So.... 2 years down the track.... has anyone tried getting a short shifter to work yet?
Mon May 26 2014, 10:06am
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Hi folks,

I understand this topic is old and rusty, but I think I might have something interesting to share... I disassembled the C4's battery support plate so I could take a closer look at how the cable operated BE4 gear selection works...

On the image below, only the marked parts matter to us, as they are responsible for "engaging" gears.

Essentially, I believe all we have to do in order to get shorter shifts is to add an extension between the existing pivot and the plastic rod (marked as orange).

Here's a [%*^#@!] hand drawing I did on iPad to illustrate an "upper view" of the ideia, first as it is and then with the short shift in place. On the top of the picture is the gear engaging cable, then we have the pivot mounted on the BE4 bell housing (with its "center axis" on pink) and on the bottom there's the gear engagement "hook" (or whatever it's called in English — it's that black thing on the right side of photos). On violet you have possible gear positions based on how the cable is moved by the gear stick inside the car.

What do you guys think? The actual shape of the extension part (I mean, the short/quick shift itself) could be very similar to the ones made by Griffith for 206 GTI. I don't know what would be the ideal lenght to the short shift, but I plan on getting "prototypes" built soon, maybe 3 different lenghts and then test which one feels better...



Wed May 28 2014, 02:49pm
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Well I emailed a detailed explanation to Griffith Eng. but so far they don't seem to have interest on making this specific quickshift or even selling me the regular one so that I could test on my own risk.

According to them:

wrote ...
Dear Sir

In general, cable systems do not take kindly to extending the bell crank

as cables work within the sleeve and the sleeve is captive as opposed to rods which are only end captive

as we stated we have not looked at this model and I'm confident a solution could be designed

however at present we have no plans to look further at this model


Anyways, I still believe that my idea would work as quick shift...
Thu May 29 2014, 12:40am

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Unfortunately, I don't think there's much chance of getting a short-shifter happening given it's not happened in the past 10 years.

Thanks for putting some thought into it though and for attempting to make something happen. If you persist with the idea, make sure to keep us posted on your progress.
Tue Jul 14 2015, 09:09pm
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Just to remove some dust, if anyone still cares, MTech, a company based on Netherlands, released today a short shifter suitable for the C4 2.0 petrol. Essentially, it's designed for every car equipped with BE4 cable-operated gearboxes and EW10 engines, so it fits the Peugeot 206 RC / GTI as well. They claim it reduces gear throw at 35%, and it looks very well built.

Here's the link: - Click Here -

They also have short shifters for the following gearboxes: MCM (THP), MA5 (EP6 and EC5 engines), and BE4 for 1.6L engines (it's another kit, yellow, not like the 2.0 red one).

Wed Jul 15 2015, 01:24am
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Looking at the installation instructions for the 1.6 HDI model, would I be right in thinking that they've done it on the new shape C4? And if so, is there any difference between the Mk1 set up and the newer set up?

Link here, instructions can be found at the bottom.
- Click Here -

Wed Jul 15 2015, 07:07am

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If I still had my C4 I would be ordering one of these now.

The shifter I have on my Monaro was one of best modifications I have ever done on a car. If this is half as good it is well worth picking up.
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