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Looking to be a new owner but..

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Mon Jul 05 2010, 08:28am
Hi All,

Nice to read through other peoples reviews on here.

We currently run two cars in my household, a '01 2.2 Vecra SRi and a '00 800cc Daewoo Matiz

As we have three kids I tend to use the Vectra for long trips and the matiz for popping out to the shops, makes a big difference in fuel consumption!

Anyway I'm looking to exchange both cars and am looking at something along the lines of an automatic '07 C4 GP 1.6 HDi.

I wanted to ask whether people would consider the 'Exclusive' version is really worth the extra cost? I've been looking through autotrader for a few weeks now and seem to find the exclusive versions are £1-2000 extra. I really do like the idea of parking sensors as I think especially for my wife, moving from a small matiz to a long car like the GP - the parking sensors would make her life SO much easier and reduce the chances of bumps by a huge magnitude, but I'm not certain whether it's worth the extra couple of thousand or just to go for a non-exclusive model and buy a generic parking sensor solution.


Mon Jul 05 2010, 11:05am

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Personally I would say yes. The better seats, self adjusting suspension etc make the ride rather nice. Just soaks up bumps.

However, if your budget can stretch I would honestly say look at the 2.0 HDI. MPG wise not a great deal in it. Mine is currently getting 46mpg. That wasn't driving it carefully either. That was giving it death + some 70ish mph motorway cruising.

Around town with me driving I can get 40mpg without any problems. Nice having the extra grunt of the 2.0 as well.
Mon Jul 05 2010, 11:43am
yeah the 2.0 vs 1.6 question has been on the back of my mind actually but to be honest I'm not that fussed, lower mileage and general feel of a particular vehicle would override my choice of a 2.0.

I didn't realise you had the other stuff with the Exclusive that you mention there, thanks for that - certainly that makes me swerve more towards that model.

Mon Jul 05 2010, 12:26pm

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The Exclusive seats are a lot nicer.

There are other little bits and pieces you won't notice unless you compare them side by side as well. But they make a difference.

Tinted rear windows, integrated sun blinds on all windows. Split opening tailgate. There are various other things as well. Like the ambient lighting which isn't very good but it is there non the less.
Mon Jul 05 2010, 12:29pm
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bolo wrote ...

Anyway I'm looking to exchange both cars and am looking at something along the lines of an automatic '07 C4 GP 1.6 HDi.

The 1.6HDi is not a traditional automatic; it is an automated manual. If you want traditional auto you will need to look at 2.0HDi. There are many threads dealing with EGS.
Tue Jul 06 2010, 04:35am
Thanks for your input.



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