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10,000 miles and counting

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Sun Jun 27 2010, 02:58am
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Joined: Oct 28 2007
Location: Wiltshire
Well we have had our C4 Grand Picasso 2.0HDi Exclusive for 8 months now and it has ticked over the 10,000 mile mark. Therefore thought i would do a little review on my experiences so far.

On collecting the car like any new parent all excited a couple of little things some bits of the plastic protection not removed , but nothing serious just always makes me wonder if they miss bits like that what else have they missed.

After a couple of weeks vehicle was back just for a courtesy check and fluid top ups as had noticed both the brake and coolant levels where on the minimum all been ok since then.

One problem i did have was lumbar seat adjustment on drivers seat broke once but replaced no problem by my dealer.

Apart from that it has been trouble free motoring, the EGS box 99% of the time is perfect just throws the odd change in just to confiuse . It is just remembering it is not an auto so dont expect it too behave like one all the time.

Oil level is just above half way so getting dealer to top up before i go to France as vehicle is only half way to its first proper service. Fuel consumption and i am heavy footed not excessively fast but i will get to the limits quickly and i have managed an average over this first 10,000 miles of 46 mpg.

On the whole I am more than happy with the car especially as i got it when all it had lost was the light in refrigerated glove box so i got all the other extras which are no longer available.

Next month will be its big trial lugging the tin box for a 1000 miles around France ., so fingers crossed and bon voyage, Have just finished giving it its first polish with the Autoglymn HD wax and i am very happy with that polish.

Wed Aug 18 2010, 05:55pm
Member No: #1443
Joined: Oct 28 2007
Location: Wiltshire
Just a follow on to this. Have now returned from doing a couple of thousand mile holiday in France. Car didnt miss a beat and towed 1300 kg twin axle caravan as if it was not there. Most of the time left it in cruise on the motorways and just plodded along happily retuned an average of 30 mpg over the holidays so was very happy.

Thu Aug 19 2010, 03:36am
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Joined: Mar 11 2010
Location: Kent
Hi , thats good news on your C4GP Exclusive,, i am picking mine up hopefully on 2nd September, C4GP Exclusive 2.0 HDI so i hope to have the same as i do a fair milage, not heavy footed, but looking forward the the EGS gearbox sysyem.. and all the extra's i have added , sat nav, zenon lights , parking pack... so looking forward . Not long to wait... Bart.
Fri Aug 20 2010, 08:27am
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Joined: Apr 29 2008
Location: Marykirk, Scotland
Just turned 56K miles in 25 months in a 1.6 HDI EGS GC4P Exclusive with no problems, though the dealer (Duthies of Montrose) found a fraying parking-brake cable at the last service and replaced it under warranty. Apart from that absolutely nothing has gone wrong.

It is absolutely the best car I have ever owned for reliability, comfort, and economy, currently about 50 or 51 mpg calculated (not on the computer which is always 2 or 3 mpg optimistic), which I think is spectacular for a car with a body this size.

Also have to say that Duthies haven't put a foot wrong either, and my daughter has just ordered a "model run-out" C4 Airdream+ from them.

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Tue Jan 11 2011, 08:30am
Member No: #1443
Joined: Oct 28 2007
Location: Wiltshire
OK time for an update coming up to 20,000 miles and first service on our 2.0 Hdi EGS C4GP.

During this time fuel consumption steadily improving, all four tyres replaced at 17,000 miles with uniroyals, at the moment two winter tyres on front axle gripped well and felt secure during recent snow.

Towing caravan the vehicle has been a delight plenty of power and feeling stable with a twin axle adria van on the rear, Had proper wiring done by Citroen to enable trailer stability and use an Alko 3004 tow hitch, Normally use manual gears for pulling away and then when on motorway switch to auto and let it sit in top gear as perfectly happy at 60 mph, returning mpg in the 30s whilst towing.

Have winter guard fitted for current cold spell has improved heating and fuel economy compared with it not being on.

Items to be looked at when in service tomorrow, slight rattle under car from engine bay at idle sounds like an exhaust heat shield? and door trim rubbing strip slight gap as if not fully stuck on. Apart from that vehicle has behaved very well.

Shall update if any complications during service otherwise see you all in 20,000 miles

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