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C4 HDi Anti Pollution (or Depollution) Error - Problem Solved

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Wed Sep 05 2012, 03:25pm
I have a C4 1.6HDI 2005, with approx 90k, the "anti pollution faulty" message beeps up when I start the engine and the engine management light comes on and stays on. Car performs well really good mpg, bt from what I have read ther could be numerous causes from holes in the exhaust, faulty egr valve, poor fuel, fuse boxes and failing battery to name but a few. Does anyone know where the message is triggered from?

Wed Sep 05 2012, 04:27pm

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Without getting it on lexia to read the fault code it's a guessing game that can cover anything to do with the engine pretty much.
Sat Sep 22 2012, 05:43am
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Hi Guys,
Another ' Depollution' fault for your delectation! C4 Coupe 2007, 1.6 HDI VTR+ EGS. At approx 2500 rpm under load, the engine will cut out, resetting after the ignition has been switched off then on again. This is an intermittant problem. Other symptoms are: main cooling fan will not go off unless the bonnet is lifted and re-shut (intermittant), speed sensor/gearbox/cruise fault (rare and resets). We have replaced the turbo to intercooler air pipe (possible leakage), the main temporature sensor. Both gave a short period of relief, then the problems reappeared.

Next planned action is to replace the fuel pressure sensor on Monday and I'll post an update after that.

fault codes:
P0093 - Fuel high pressure regulator -pump regulation electrovalve opens less than setting
P0087 - Fuel high pressure regulation - pressure less than setting
P0483 - Cooling integrated into ECU(FRIC) open circuit or temp too high
P1113 - Fuel high pressure regulaton - rail pressure less than minimum pressure
P1351 - Preheating relay circuit - relay stuck in open position
P1490 - Regeneration not completed - regeneration request too frequent

Any suggestions gratefully received!
Tue Sep 25 2012, 06:01am
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Hi All,

Update on earlier post re: C4 Coupe 1.6 HDi 110 EGS

The fuel pressure sensor was replaced yesterday and the little s**t got 50 yds under mild acceleration before the engine cut and the depollution fault reappeared. DPF fluid is not showing a fault so there is a degree of head scratching going on.

I've taken it in to Citroen for a diagnosis (£60 inc VAT - very reasonable!)

Update once I have the Citroen report.
Tue Sep 25 2012, 08:49am
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I had my depollution fault fixed by new electro valve on turbo this cleared my fault codes (about 7 in all) my car is 2.0hdi vts so not sure how relevent this is but could be used for future reference
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 hector64 (28 Sep 2012 : 11:59)
Fri Sep 28 2012, 12:09pm
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Another update! The Citroen diagnostics showed very low diesel pressure (500/1300 bar)and they suggested a clogged fuel filter was a likely cause. I have had the car for 18 months and had it regularly serviced by an independent. They have been draining and refitting the filter on each service, as that was what they understood the spec was. I have had the filter changed by Citroen and, so far, all the problems have disappeared and the car pulls like a train.

So, if this proves to be the cure, make sure your fuel filter is regularly changed and save £100's in diagnostics and general head-scratching!
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 Dragondrop (29 Sep 2012 : 16:14)
Mon Dec 03 2012, 06:08pm
Hi I have a Citroen C4 HDi VTR+ (110) I had the car remapped but an engine management light came on due to this, the diagnosis said it was a pollution system, I asked the same person who remapped the car if there was a solution to this as it was causing the car to go into limp mode.

He said it was the DPF diesel particulate filter, and this could be cut out of the exhaust and the ECU could be remapped again to delete the sensor so that this also didn’t cause a light to come on.

I drove the car to the mechanic who was doing the work (the same person who performed the remap) and left it with him. he kept me informed and told me that he had took the DPF out and put the car back together and was waiting for the map to be sent to him so he could put this on the cars ECU. He used another guy who he bought the maps off and then put them on the cars himself. he then rung me on the day he said the car would be ready and said there is a problem the car will not start.

He said he thought there was a problem with the map that was put on the ECU. He got the vehicle towed up to the guys garage who he buys the maps off, it was there where the man said that the fault had nothing to do with the work that had been done (the DPF and the map on the ECU) the man at the garage who now had the car said he was running diagnostics on the car the ECU was stripped down and eventually the fault came back as the battery and one of its cells.

The car was again rebuilt and put back together and apparently was started and drove up and down the road where the garage is.

That night I went to pick the car up and once again it would not start, I got in the car and put the ignition on a light came on saying economy mode active but the speedo did not light up, the economy mode light went off straight away and I tried to start the car and there was just one single click and the car would not start, we tried to jump start the car no luck and also tried bumping the car with no luck.

I was then told by the first mechanic that it was the started motor but I was previously informed that it was 100% the battery and a new one would fix the problems.

The first mechanic then put a diagnostic laptop on the car and my eye caught a few of the faults one was BSI which I have no idea what this is another was something to do with the injectors and a few more which I didn’t see. The mechanic then said that he was putting the battery on charge overnight and was looking at it the next day and he was now saying it was the injectors but he did not mention if it was both the injectors and starter motor or just the injectors, I also thought new batteries come fully charged so why was the battery been charged up.

I keep getting told it's different things every day and that all of these things have no relation to the work they have performed on the car and say its fault of the car so that I will be fully responsible for all the costs but I need some more advice whether I have any argument against them or that this is actually of fault of there, it’s just weird how I gave them a car that only had a slight power problem and even drive it to them and now the car will not start and it has not got anything to do with them.

I have not paid them yet and don’t intend to until the car is running and in perfect running condition as they informed me they could do. Can they make me pay for every part and repair there needs to do?

I just need more advice as they have had my car nearly three weeks now and I am still not getting answers as to what it is I don’t think they know themselves.
Tue Dec 04 2012, 02:15am

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Oh dear what a sorry tale.

Was there no 'guarantee' given with the original re map?

Any reputable company would normally put the old map back in place free of charge. In fact if there was a problem with the car as you claim, they would not have applied the new map in the 1st place until the underlying problem was fixed.

By the way ' depollution' error is a generic term covering numerous items on the C4, not just the DPF. That kind of error following a re map is usually down to a failing EGR valve going off previous posts from others.

Economy mode will kick in if the battery isn't charged, it's there to protect the system.

What you do now, I don't know, other than having the car towed to somewhere else who are competent.
Tue Dec 04 2012, 05:35am
No there was no warranty with the initial remap. The only problem before they had the car was the engine management light due to the de-pollution system that was faulty due to the remap so the work they agreed to do was to fix this but now there lots more problems which are no fault to them apparently even though the car was in perfect running condition. Anyway thanks for the advice.
Tue Dec 04 2012, 05:54am
The reason i thought it was the DPF is because the mechanic ensured me that the de-pollution system failure is the DPF and this he could fix but now the car is unable to start at all so im stuck for ideas at the min.
Tue Dec 04 2012, 07:29am

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mike22 wrote ...

The reason i thought it was the DPF is because the mechanic ensured me that the de-pollution system failure is the DPF.

The Depollution warning on a C4 or any of the PSA car range is generic and will display for most errors related to combustion and emissions.
Tue Dec 04 2012, 07:36am

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@mike22 what error codes are showing in the fault cars log (needs to be read by an OBII code reader, preferably Lexia/Proxia which PSA dealers use)
Tue Dec 04 2012, 08:37am
I know he used the Lexia software when he run the diagnostics ive sent him a message to let me know what the fault codes are on the car, so when i know ill put them on here.
Tue Dec 04 2012, 02:45pm
The fault codes off the car are the following

P0532 Which is apparently something to do with the air con which as apparently been on the car since 20k miles which was before i had the car and the car was still running fine

P1351 Which ive been told that relates to a pre heating relay and circuit supply

P1639 Injection system supply

P0341 Cam shaft and signal either no signal or incorrect signal but i recently had the cam belt done so could this be the problem?

P0562 Battery volt signal but a new battery has apparently been put on.

All the info i have received about these faults are all from the mechanic that has been doin the work on the car.
Im just wondering which of these faults could be causing the car not to have any power or start at all, thanks Mike
Wed Dec 05 2012, 01:06am

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A site search on those error codes brings up some information

P0532: air conditioning pressure sensor fault - - Click Here -

P1351: - Click Here -

P1639 - can't find anything

P0341: camshaft position sensor, camshaft pulley, electric harness, connectors. This would make starting the car difficult

P0562: Does the car have the EGS gearbox? If so it's possibly the gearbox ECU, wiring connector dirty (quite common) pressure sensor, battery, alternator in that order of preference and could stop the car starting
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  (08 Dec 2012 : 07:46)
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