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C4 FAP/Additive ECU

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Sun Jun 13 2010, 06:31am
Hi does anyone know where the FAP / diesel additive ECU is located.

I've had the additive topped up and the filter cleaned but I'm still getting the depollution fault coming up and the engine light on.

The counter has been reset to zero by the garage and I've also tried disconnecting the battery and resetting the ECU, which works for about 5 mins of running.

I've read somewhere that if I remove the FAP ECU and clean the contacts and replace it, that sometimes works (trying the cheap solutions first!)

does anyone know where it's located on the car as I can't find any reference to it for the C4 (2.0HDi).

Sun Jun 13 2010, 10:05am

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It's tucked up behind the glovebox, heater box side.
Sun Jun 13 2010, 10:12am
Thanks, by behind the glovebox, do I need to remove it?
Sun Jun 13 2010, 03:10pm

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Alot easier if you remove it.
Sat Jun 06 2015, 04:03am
After following this thread and taking out the fusebox/BSI unit from under the glove box the only module I have there is the alarm module but have a blue coloured multi plug that's not plugged into anything .

Any advice info on where the additive ECU may be would be of great help.

Please see pic

Sat Jun 06 2015, 10:02am

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That location is where Phil, who works for Citroen said it was on a pre 2011 Coupe or Hatch.
Tue Jul 21 2015, 11:36am
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In searching for the additive ecu behind the glovebox, i came across these 2 connectors on the right hand side of the glove box.

Could one of these be the related to the additive pump on a C4 GP 1.6 HDI EGS?



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