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A users view of the C4 1.6HDi VTR+

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Tue Aug 08 2006, 09:38am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
I bought this car new in January 2005 and to date have covered 37,000 miles at an average of 49 mpg

I use the car for work and time is important so can honestly say that 49 mpg reflects a hard worked motor - not a manufacturers 'estimate'

The car has been serviced twice by a local dealer and has had 2 new tyres - yes the pair on the front are still the Michelin originals and are nearing the end of their life but I'm not complaining from experience of other cars in which I never got more than 18,000 miles out of a set of tyres - oh and the wiper blades are still original and so are all the light bulbs

Overall then I feel running costs have been low
Z3M Roadster   
Sat Aug 12 2006, 11:05am
Mine is an 1.6HDi SX which I have had since new in Feb 05 and have covered 42,000miles. I am on my second set of front tyres, the originals being replaced at 35k. Unfortunately no one can now balance the fronts including Citroen, so I am waiting a response from Citroen UK. As the car is a company owned vehicle I have little leverage to complain. Has your car been without problems?

Mine has been averaging 49/53mpg and when I can I use Ultimate Diesel as I don't pay for any fuel.
Sat Aug 12 2006, 01:29pm

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Yes I've been getting similar mileage figures with the climate control on and using normal 'City Diesel' from Asda, Tesco etc.

35K is great going for a set of tyres most anything else I have driven averaged around 18,000

I will add a long term road test article soon when I get some time which will detail the (few) problems I have had

Oh and it's my own car - not a company vehicle
Sat Aug 12 2006, 07:19pm
I've also got a 1.6 110 HDi VTR+, took delivery about a week ago and I am desperately trying to fall in love with it like most of the people in these forums.

So far I have been pleased with the car: it looks great in Iron Grey, I have found no faults rattles or squeakes, and it drives well enough with good pick up from about 30mph despite not being one of the 'performance' models.

I can't honestly say that I prefer it to my previous car (I know this will sound like sacrilage to confirmed Citroen fans) which was a Renault Megane 1.6 Dynamique. The ride on the Megane was softer and the car seemed all round smoother somehow. I know the C4 has not yet run in, but it feels a much harsher ride over the [%*^#@!] roads we have where I live. The Megane also was more roomy in the boot, and I got to really like the key card and push button start (daft, I know, but I notice they have included it on the new Honda Civic). Over the 3 years that I had the Megane, I had no serious faults at all, it never gave me a days trouble. I am a little concerned by the reports of faults and recalls on the C4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I have been lucky and managed to get a good 'un.

So why didn't I get another Megane rather than the C4? Well, to my mind the C4 looks different to everything else on the road at the moment (as did the Megane when I bought that. They are now almost as common as Focus's) and there are still relatively few of them around. I will probably keep it for 2 or 3 years by which time the C4 will hopefully still be a current model, while the Megane will have been changed and I would have faced the problem of part ex-ing an old model. Throw in the lucrative Citroen pricing incentives and was swayed. As I say, my early experiences have been pretty positive - I just hope that certain buzz you get when you really enjoy your vehicle starts to happen for me soon!
Mon Aug 14 2006, 02:37pm

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
OK started the Long Term Road test here - Click Here -

That's what the site is here for. To give a users point of view for others to see and read.
Thu Aug 31 2006, 08:46am
Hello all, I bought the 92bhp VTR HDI, it was a quick purchase as i was quickly converted from 120bhp 2 wheels. I'm happy with the car but interested to know if there is a big diference performance wise between my VTR and the VTR+. Can't afford to fork out on the VTS.

After real info, not just the glossy brochure spec.

Remember, think bike. Cause it hurts - ouch. oopsi!

I'm getting avg 54 mpg at avg 37 mph - damn M25
Thu Aug 31 2006, 08:59am

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Joined: Aug 07 2006
Location: Northumberland
Welcome Jingle

I prepared a quick compare guide and on the face of it not a lot of difference but the extra torque might make the mid range acceleration on the 110bhp version a bit better

On the downside the bigger engine uses more fuel and is in a higher insurance category. But like you I couldn't afford the top of the range VTS

On the plus side it has 4 wheels and I agree the extra 2 make a big difference having fallen off a Lambretta (OK I know) back in my youth
Thu Aug 31 2006, 05:37pm
Thank you for the welcome.

I have looked at the spec in the books but there really doesn't seem to be much in it. The fuel figures are practically the same, but the i don't get the 60+ mpg out of my car. I drive it, example have you seen the neat little red display on the rev counter. Has anyone looked into new engine maps or chips to boost the 92 up as it's the same engine as the 110.

Has anyone had problems with the gear box? I find it sticks sometimes when i go to put it into first from second coming up to junctions but then that might just be my rustiness with non sequential gear box.

Got to admit i do love the computer gizmo that lets you see just how bad you mpg is when you put the foot down, 18 mpg
Z3M Roadster   
Mon Sep 04 2006, 03:33pm
I drive my 92bhp quite hard as it is a company car and still average circa 53mpg. Only had the rev counter in the red once, just to see whether it actually changed colour, otherwise there is no benefit revving much over 4k.

Depends on how fast you are travelling and trying to get from 2nd to 1st, if you are that fussed blip the throttle like you would on a bike. Not a lot of point trying to heal and toe a 92bhp diesel car.

As for 18mpg, rather academic as it will never maintain that. The average is the only number worth taking note of.
Tue Sep 05 2006, 05:30pm
You are quite right Roadster, I'm getting around the 53mpg aswell. I spent the first couple of weeks playing with the limiter, quite a useful little tool as i'm on the m1 everyday at non busy traffic periods. I find it starts to drink fuel after 60mph, so i have become my old man and sit in the inside lane getting there just as quick on the m25 in rush hours.

All in, i am very happy with my little car. Especially now its getting colder, how did i manage without heating. laug!
Thu Jun 21 2007, 04:13pm
Bit of a bump this.

I have the 92bhp 1.6HDi VTR coupe and I love it. It's plenty quick enough for me and very economical. I get 55 to the gallon around town (and that's with learners driving) and approaching 70 on a long run if I cruise at 55/60. It's as economical as the LPG car it replaced, and an awful lot less hassle.
Fri Jun 22 2007, 02:53am
Member No: #84
Joined: Jan 24 2007
Location: Ilkeston, Derbyshire
so yours is a learner car then Serpico?? you must get through some clutches???
Fri Jun 22 2007, 09:35am

Member No: #82
Joined: Jan 22 2007
Location: Hoylake
jingle wrote ...

After real info, not just the glossy brochure spec.
I'm getting avg 54 mpg at avg 37 mph - damn M25

I have the 110 VTR+, which I bought as much for the interior spec as the extra horses.

The tax disc reminder has arrived, making the car 18 months old from Jan 06. I bought it in Jan 07 with 15,000 miles on it and have added another 10,000 miles in under 6 months.

Average mpg is 52-53 mpg at an average speed of 31mph.
The front tyres need to be replaced very soon, and the service indicator shows less than 1,000 miles.

During my ownership, all I have done is fill the washer bottle (a level indicator for the washer bottle would be nice) and replace the wiper blades. Oil consumption is about 250ml - nothing really. It has been just as it should be. Soemtimes I feel left out of this forum because nothing unexpected happens.

The climate control is great, and in seconds, great blasts of cold air can fill the car. SWMBO frequnetly falls asleep in the passenger seat because it's comfortable; far more comfortable than her hard riding F**d F*c*s.

The radio quality is average, but is easy to use - my daughter loves the "list" button so she can quickly find noisy pop music. It doesn't play MP3s, display the titles on CD-ROM nor is it iPod ready.

The overall design is great - the C4 has won global acclaim for its design. World Car Design of the Year 2006 - Click Here - . The Citroën Car Club are somewhat dismissive of the C4, but it is a bold design, incorporating innovative technologies, in the tradition of the ID and DS.

There have been questions over the build quality, but having owned Fords, Vauxhalls and Fiats over the years, Citroën are certainly no worse than the other large scale manufacturers. Quality is however, related to the service offered by local dealers as much as the assembly line operatives.

My disappointment is the conversion to RHD, which seems to been limited to moving the steering wheel and pedals from the left to the right. Many of the secondary features are still set up for LHD - the handbrake, the door lock, the wipers and arguably the buttons on the steering wheel.

The trip computer is essentially metric, calibrated in litres and kph. It really should have be reprogrammed to deal better with gallons and miles. So the numbers on the display make better sense when switched to kph and litres.

The clutch is fine, though a lot a petrol engine owners have reported problems.

As I said, we also have a F*c*s. When we go it together, it's the F*c*s that gets left on the drive - because the C4 is better to be in.

Yes, I love it!!
Fri Jun 22 2007, 11:54am
Member No: #439
Joined: Jun 20 2007
Location: SS8 7TD
Hi all I am a new member and own a 1.6HDI VTR+ (110 brake) in Silver, bought it as an ex demo (5K) with parking sensors, security pack and CD changer as extras got it at a ggod price at the time 2.5 years ago, been good with some faults now done 31K, new tyres on the front at about 28K, rear look new even now! Can get in excess of 60mpg but average is mid 50s. The parking sensors are brill and the security pack includes laminated glass all round, I find it a very quiet motor, better than my mates new Honda civic 2L diesel.

I fancied a change for the newer EGS auto box and test drove a couple, liked it once I got used to the box, but the PX offer was just not worth the effort, to great a loss Im afraid, so I bought a toy a 2001 MGF in British Racing Green and Oxford Leather, use this in the sun and the C4 for normal day to day stuff.

Really like the car but am a bit worried about the three year point and lack of warranty, things that have gone wrong

New heater box required after nine months, failure of one of the climate control gears
Failure of the brake switch causing abs and just about every other warning notice to appear
replaced wiper blades, rather expensive bought one in France a couple of weeks ago about a third less.

Other than that no probs, servicing reasonable but enquired in France and it is half the price of the local dealer, something wrong somewhere, could be our wonderful Government and over taxation I wonder or something else, considering that Diesel is 30% cheaper in France I guess the former!!!!! Shame but there you go.

Regards DLJ

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