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C4 Towing, roof bars, bicycle carriers and roof boxes

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Unlucky day! Trying to fit C4 roof bars
  Having decided that today would be a good day to fit my roof bars for the first time, I went to my g[more ...] By MiniPaulo  On Fri Jun 04 2010, 10:52am
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41 40404 Cheeros
Fri Jul 17 2020, 05:37am
Sticky Thread
Caravans with a C4GP 1.6 HDi Exclusive EGS?
  Hi Anyone tow a caravan with a GP 1.6HDi Exclusive with EGS 08? Been to the caravan place today only[more ...] By Leevis  On Mon Aug 26 2013, 12:56pm
11 10057 FrankBullitt
Sun Jan 07 2018, 08:07am
Sticky Thread
C4 Picasso boot-mounted bike rack
  I've searched the threads and I'm fairly confident you can't fit a boot-mounted bike rack to a C4 Pi[more ...] By FrankBullitt  On Mon Jan 23 2012, 07:09am
10 32529 Ivan_C4P
Tue Feb 07 2012, 12:46pm
Sticky Thread
Word of warning - OEM C4GP Roof Bars
  When I got my GP I ordered a set of OEM roof bars as they usually fit better than the aftermarket on[more ...] By dr_gummi  On Wed Jan 20 2010, 05:56am
None 10190 -
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Issue fitting roof bars to 2017 C4 Grand Picasso...  Hi - hope someone can offer some advice, or just tell me if I'm doing something completely wrong. Re[more ...] By CosmonautX  On Tue Jun 08 2021, 12:31pm
None 414 -
C4GP Longitudinal roof rails retrofit  Hi,Where can I find instruction on how to retrofit longitudinal roof rails?Are the longitudinal roof[more ...] By Firbeck  On Mon May 24 2021, 03:10pm
None 469 -
Roof Bars on a Glass Roof  Hi, got a 2016 Grand Picasso with the glass roof. Is it safe to fit roof bars over this?There are sc[more ...] By maverick54  On Wed Mar 31 2021, 10:32pm
1 939 routemaster1
Thu Apr 01 2021, 03:25am
Genuine Citroen C4 Picasso 2015 Towbar Wiring Kit - info needed  Genuine Citroen C4 Picasso 2015 Towbar Wiring Kit. Can someone confirm (maybe forum sponser for part[more ...] By SM8701  On Wed Aug 26 2020, 08:31am
None 1613 -
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Towbar vs parking sensors  Hello,Citroen says they fit the swan neck towbar but it will interfere with rear parking sensors and[more ...] By arkiboys  On Wed Apr 29 2015, 10:26am
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19 20580 SM8701
Wed Aug 26 2020, 08:18am
2015 C4P TowBar Wiring options  Hi All, Have searched the forum but couldn't find an answer to my question. I don't have an issue fi[more ...] By SM8701  On Mon Aug 10 2020, 05:31am
5 1760 BigJohnD
Thu Aug 13 2020, 10:10am
Wiring Universal Towbar Bypass relay unit to my 2016 C4 Picasso automatic  I have wired almost all the connections to the bypass box but cannot find where to find a permanent [more ...] By rogerg  On Fri Jun 12 2020, 10:22am
None 1783 -
Grand Picasso wiring colours  I am fitting a tow bar to my GP. Mechanically fine but now onto the wiring.It is not a dedicated wi[more ...] By anotherGPowner  On Wed Jul 08 2015, 01:58am
7 6966 rogerg
Fri Jun 12 2020, 10:17am
Towing advice  HAve a Pic 1.6 hdi airdream 14 plate NOT GRANDHave towed before years ago but not with this car [more ...] By paul_skinbach  On Tue Feb 18 2020, 04:45am
8 2469 FrankBullitt
Thu Feb 20 2020, 07:48am
Reversing lights  Firstly I'd like to say that using this site is difficult, it seems to me to be extremely badly orga[more ...] By eddierodden  On Fri Dec 13 2019, 09:33am
2 2474 DeuxChevaux
Sun Dec 15 2019, 06:41am
Towing eye  Hello everyone, I got stuck in the mud and didn't have a towing hook and I now know how to get one. [more ...] By eddierodden  On Wed Nov 06 2019, 05:07am
None 2391 -
Roof Bars / Boxes on C4 Grand Picasso or Towbar?  Hi everyone, about to pick up my 16 (pre-facelift I think?) C4 Grand Picasso (Exclusive+ trim) on Fr[more ...] By schrodingersdog  On Mon Oct 21 2019, 05:20am
2 2990 FrankBullitt
Mon Oct 21 2019, 09:18am
Dedicated Towbar Wiring Kit front brown Cable HELP  HiI fitted a new towbar to Citroen C4 Picasso VTR 1.6 Diesel. I have the rear all wired up nicely b[more ...] By alanfallow  On Thu Aug 29 2019, 06:45am
None 2637 -
NEW C4GP Towing mirrors  With the C4GP having such large wing mirrors and also folding away when alarm is set, I was wonderin[more ...] By pickledmagpie  On Fri Sep 18 2015, 11:00am
4 6192 Squirrel768
Sun Jul 28 2019, 04:02pm
Max size of roof box for C4P  Does anyone know what the maximum dimensions of a roof box for C4 Picasso (B78) would be?Also lookin[more ...] By garrilla  On Sun Jul 21 2019, 02:34pm
None 2747 -
Bicycle  HiI want to get a rear mounted bike carrier for my 2015 C4GP. Any ideas?Excellent website by the way[more ...] By Mhgp  On Wed Jul 06 2016, 06:25am
4 6153 Ham
Fri Jul 19 2019, 04:10pm
Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2015 roofbars  Hi, I have a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2015 with a panoramic roof, and no fixing rails. Has anyone f[more ...] By mascotty1  On Fri Jan 27 2017, 11:17am
9 8373 damirat
Sat Jul 28 2018, 02:11pm
C4gp 08 towing kit  Hi is anybody able to tell me if kit number 9428.67 will fit my c4gp As seller says yes but site sea[more ...] By BigIll  On Fri Jun 29 2018, 06:34pm
None 3690 -
Factory fitted towbar electrics  Does anyone know if the 13pin factory fitted tow bar electric socket on a new C4 Picasso is fully fu[more ...] By drpepper69  On Thu Feb 08 2018, 05:04am
1 4587 stoic
Fri Jun 22 2018, 02:08pm
Removing a Tru-Fit tow bar from C4 Hatch, any advice?  So I have just bought a low mileage fairly immaculate C4 hatch (57 plate), but it has a Tru-Fit tow [more ...] By AllEuan  On Fri Jun 22 2018, 06:07am
None 3529 -
Tow bar advice for C4 Picasso 2014  Hi All,I'm looking to get a tow bar fitted to my 2014 C4P just for a bike rack. My car has parking [more ...] By DrPips  On Mon Jan 01 2018, 05:58am
2 4833 wunny
Mon Jan 01 2018, 08:47am
C4 Picasso Feel EAT6 120HP - 5 seater - Caravan Towing Questions  I've had the PJ66 Reg C4 for 6 months now, I like it but am only averaging about 54mpg - similar to [more ...] By dieselgolfer  On Tue Aug 29 2017, 11:07am
1 4874 FrankBullitt
Wed Aug 30 2017, 04:09am
C4GP longitudinal rails creaking  Anyone come across this before? I've just driven 400 miles with the roof bars loaded and noticed th[more ...] By rusky  On Sat Aug 26 2017, 03:39pm
None 4400 -
Roofbars for 2016 Grand Picasso  Hello - I have a 2016 Grand Picasso with the factory option roofrails fitted. I now want roof bars [more ...] By myfirstcitroen  On Tue Aug 30 2016, 06:07am
6 6572 FrankBullitt
Sun Jul 23 2017, 11:55am
Best tow bar for C4 Picasso 1.6 Blue HDi 2015 automatic  Hello, I am after some advice please for the best tow-bar for my car.The car has parking sensors on [more ...] By Mss1641  On Thu Jun 01 2017, 02:48pm
1 5170 FrankBullitt
Thu Jun 01 2017, 04:11pm
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Tow bar electrics  Have been told I will need a CANbus? for the tow bar electrics, what is it and is there any place to[more ...] By pickledmagpie  On Tue Sep 22 2015, 05:32am
11 8072 cobwebs
Mon May 08 2017, 11:41am
Towing with C4 Picasso 1.6 Blue HDi Automatic  I am thinking of towing a caravan, just after a bit of advice, firstly is this car powerful enough t[more ...] By Mss1641  On Wed Apr 05 2017, 10:56am
6 5762 Mss1641
Thu Apr 06 2017, 09:55am
Tow Bar on my Car - How to tell if fitted properly  Hi I have bought a 2010 C4 Picasso 1.6HD VTR + EGS Lovely car a few niggles but livable till I sort [more ...] By TurboDieselOne  On Sat Feb 25 2017, 07:06am
4 5274 TriumphGuy
Wed Mar 01 2017, 06:59am
Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2014 roofbars  Hi, going on holidays soon, looking for some roofbars for a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2014. Has anyo[more ...] By mascotty1  On Sun Jan 22 2017, 10:02am
2 5704 mascotty1
Sun Jan 22 2017, 11:27am
DS4 towbar (non-OEM)  Having bought our 2.0HDi Blue to tow a caravan, it became clear speaking to many dealers that few us[more ...] By FrankBullitt  On Sun Oct 02 2016, 08:16am
None 5184 -
Westfalia Tow Bar Kit  Hi All, I purchased my DS4 last year and the tow bar fitting is installed underneath the car includi[more ...] By adzyp  On Mon Aug 01 2016, 05:31am
3 5784 Ivan_C4P
Mon Sep 05 2016, 03:38am
2008 C4GP Roof Rail Limit  Evening all,I have a 2008 C4 Grand Picasso with the factory fitted roof rails. I believe the roof ra[more ...] By nomadbackwards  On Sat Aug 20 2016, 05:02pm
2 5550 nomadbackwards
Sat Aug 20 2016, 05:55pm
DS4 1.6HDi 115 caravan towing  So we've been here before, as I've always fancied a caravan but Mrs FB hasn't been convinced - howev[more ...] By FrankBullitt  On Sun Aug 14 2016, 02:57pm
2 5397 FrankBullitt
Sat Aug 20 2016, 08:37am
Roof Bar keys but no locks? BAFFLED!!!!!  Ok got a set of genuine Citroen DS4 roof bars and fitted them to the car, in the pack is 2 keys.The [more ...] By craig573  On Sat Jul 30 2016, 10:04am
4 5495 craig573
Sun Jul 31 2016, 04:01am
Split charge relay for C4 Picasso  I have fitted my towbar and wiring and had it programmed by Citroen.I have sleep apnea and need more[more ...] By alanval  On Mon Jul 11 2016, 11:17am
3 5555 routemaster1
Tue Jul 12 2016, 02:43am
DS4 Roof Bars  Hi, im looking to fit some roof bars onto my 2011 DS4 and struggling to see how they fit. They will [more ...] By adzyp  On Tue May 24 2016, 05:30pm
3 5685 FrankBullitt
Wed May 25 2016, 06:30am
C4 towbar electrical question  Hi allso, I have had a good look through the forums, and tried a number of searches, which have been[more ...] By Donteus  On Tue May 24 2016, 06:31am
None 5103 -
C4 2012 Coupe Bike Rack.  New to forum so any help appreciated..... are there any 2 bike carriers that are suitable for my car[more ...] By copperthorpe49  On Fri Mar 18 2016, 03:34pm
2 5574 FrankBullitt
Sat Mar 19 2016, 01:03am
C4P 2013+ Bike Carrier recommendations?  Has anyone fitted a bike carrier to the latest model C4P?I'm hoping to find a suitable rack to carry[more ...] By wiimixer  On Thu Mar 17 2016, 04:53pm
2 6001 routemaster1
Fri Mar 18 2016, 03:36am
2009 tow bar wiring  HiCan anyone advise me if the wiring on a C4 hatch VTR is easy to do. Do I need a bypass box or can [more ...] By united369  On Tue Mar 15 2016, 04:34pm
1 5631 BigJohnD
Tue Mar 15 2016, 06:41pm
C4 2015 panoramic roof - roof bars recommendation  Hi, as above really. Citroen do a set and inclined to go for them as assume the fitment would be bet[more ...] By Hhslat  On Sat Feb 27 2016, 07:25am
None 5806 -
2014 GP C4 Roof bars  Hi looking for suitable roof bars for new 2014 GP C4. It has the fixed integrated roof rails. Seen t[more ...] By jimbobb  On Sat Sep 20 2014, 02:39am
7 8362 BigJohnD
Wed Feb 17 2016, 10:59am
C4GP Roof Bars  Hi AllI have a 2014 C4GP and have been looking for a pair of roof bars so I can use my roof box in t[more ...] By nkawecki  On Wed Jan 13 2016, 08:20am
4 6587 BigJohnD
Fri Feb 12 2016, 04:08pm
New C4 Picasso 2014 roof bars  Hi there,I have been trying to locate fitting instructions for the latest B78 5 seat roof bar fittin[more ...] By nipperlocko  On Wed Feb 10 2016, 08:32am
1 6169 bluehdi
Wed Feb 10 2016, 11:14am
C4 Hatch and C4 Coupe roof bar slots...  HI everyone. I am trying to get some roof bars for my 08 Reg Citron C4 5 door hatch.I only have a f[more ...] By scoobyed  On Sun Jan 31 2016, 11:03am
1 5580 FakeConcern
Sun Jan 31 2016, 01:11pm
2015 C4GP: tow bar electronics woes  Got a 2015 GP and had the dealer install a towbar and factory towbar electrics. Being in Australia t[more ...] By DennisdV  On Mon Sep 28 2015, 11:53pm
3 6314 wunny
Wed Jan 06 2016, 02:51pm
Wiring confusion for 2009 C4 GP  Hi, I'm planning on purchasing a Towbar removed from a 2011 C4 GP with the original Citroen plug in [more ...] By Qwerty  On Mon Oct 12 2015, 05:06pm
3 5874 Dave_Retired.
Tue Oct 13 2015, 01:07pm
Towing weight  Hi I have been in my local caravan dealership this afternoon and asked about towing weights for the [more ...] By pickledmagpie  On Thu Sep 10 2015, 01:02pm
2 5874 pickledmagpie
Thu Sep 10 2015, 01:21pm
Tow bar  Hi again, are there any instructions on fitting a tow bar anywhere on the site? If so can someone po[more ...] By pickledmagpie  On Tue Sep 08 2015, 04:17pm
1 5614 Dave_Retired.
Wed Sep 09 2015, 02:11am
C4 2.0 HDi VTR+ Towing Limit  HiI'm new to this I'm looking to get a caravan but I don't want to burn my clutch out or damage th[more ...] By united369  On Thu Sep 03 2015, 07:09am
2 5782 BigJohnD
Thu Sep 03 2015, 08:31am
[moved] Grand C4 Towbar Advice  Hi allI need to fit a towbar to by new Grand C4.As there seems to be a large range of 3rd party towb[more ...] By M0n0wall  On Sun Aug 23 2015, 10:31am
3 6251 Dave_Retired.
Sun Aug 23 2015, 12:59pm
C4 GP Late 2014 No Roof Rails - what roof bars?  Hi,I have a late 2014 model C4 GP 7 seater with no roof rails. Ideally I want to re-use my Thule Aer[more ...] By LesM  On Wed Jun 10 2015, 06:39am
4 7852 FrankBullitt
Tue Aug 11 2015, 12:34pm
Genuine C4 roof bars  Hello everyone. I've just purchased some second hand original Citroen C4 roof bars for my 2007 5 doo[more ...] By dan1474  On Fri Jul 31 2015, 03:01pm
4 6611 BigJohnD
Sat Aug 01 2015, 05:43am
Hitch Reciever for C4 Hatch  Hi guys, I've just got a 2013 C4 1.6 eHdi and am loving it. I'm an avid cyclist and am looking for a[more ...] By saxz88  On Sun Jul 19 2015, 04:47am
None 5245 -
Closed Thread
New model c4 grand picasso roof bars  Hi all just joined site (have already said a quick hello in newbie section)I am desperate for some h[more ...] By Nicho74  On Wed Jul 08 2015, 02:50pm
1 5879 FrankBullitt
Wed Jul 08 2015, 03:37pm
C4GP tow bar electrics  Hi I'm just in the process of fitting a tow bar to my 58 C4GP exclusive , the mechanics of the bar a[more ...] By Rickpov  On Mon Jul 06 2015, 05:10am
2 6132 Rickpov
Mon Jul 06 2015, 09:21am
Roofbox  What's the biggest roofbox anyone has on their Picasso I have a 59 plate with roofrails and what's t[more ...] By Barkinglama  On Thu Mar 19 2015, 07:33am
6 6916 Barkinglama
Thu Jul 02 2015, 05:20am
Closed Thread
C4 GP 2014 model roof rack  Can anyone advise me what The roof rack fits my 2014 GP with normal roof. As it is a similar shape t[more ...] By HBroon  On Thu Jun 25 2015, 01:08pm
1 5872 FrankBullitt
Thu Jun 25 2015, 01:40pm
Towing caravan tyre pressure  Hi folks.I tow a caravan with my 1.6 C4GP and find it does a very good job.I have looked at my front[more ...] By alanval  On Mon Jun 01 2015, 07:54am
None 5321 -
Towing formula  Tahnks for the answer to battery Dave, another question which im having trouble getting me ead aroun[more ...] By milpol1  On Sun May 24 2015, 11:54am
6 6354 Hoipoloi
Mon May 25 2015, 12:05pm
C4GP Roof Rail torque setting HELP!  Hi,I recently purchased a C4GP SX on an 07 Plate. There were no fixpoints for roofracks so I have de[more ...] By Spadeyo  On Sat Apr 11 2015, 08:46am
9 7783 nshchori
Tue May 12 2015, 07:50am
Thule Wingbar Edge Fill Set  Just thought I'd pop a few pics of my new roof bars up. Couldn't find any pics of them fitted to a C[more ...] By bencordy  On Fri Mar 13 2015, 12:54pm
None 6349 -
09GP 1.6HDi Towing limit  I have the above and am thinking of removing the 3rd row of seats to increase the towing capability.[more ...] By alanval  On Thu Feb 05 2015, 01:06pm
4 7039 FrankBullitt
Fri Feb 06 2015, 02:11pm
New Roofbars  I decided to buy some roofbars so that I can carry long/big stuff on the car.Now normally that would[more ...] By falcorob  On Tue Jan 20 2015, 11:01am
3 6756 falcorob
Tue Jan 20 2015, 03:16pm
[moved] 12v Feed for Towbar  I have fitted a witter Towbar to my c4p last week. I am using a 7way bypass relay for the lights and[more ...] By LeonP  On Wed Dec 24 2014, 02:18pm
2 6053 DeuxChevaux
Thu Dec 25 2014, 03:19am
Citroen c4 picasso roof bars  Hi, I have lost 2 of the screws to secure the roof bars to the roof. Does anyone know where I can so[more ...] By skiddymallard  On Fri Nov 14 2014, 09:09am
2 6463 BigJohnD
Fri Nov 14 2014, 02:52pm
Roof bars for 7 seater C4 GP with rails  Hi. I've just got hold of some genuine roof bars for my 7 seater GP. It's a 57 plate.Can anyone tell[more ...] By allystuart  On Thu Nov 06 2014, 05:22pm
None 5744 -
Towbar  Hi all, looking for some advice. I have tried to read the threads here but having trouble working it[more ...] By shorts  On Fri Oct 03 2014, 04:28pm
None 5586 -
New C4 2011 Hatchback - Towbar Bike Carrier  Hello everybody.I've bought a NEW C4 1.6 HDi Elegance manufactured in August 2011 without tow bar fi[more ...] By mr.casa  On Sat Jan 12 2013, 01:27pm
9 11339 Ham
Mon Aug 04 2014, 03:25pm
C4GP '13 Platinum, looking for a suitable bike rack for 2 bikes  Hi all, now the weather is looking like we might have a bit of a summer, the kids are wanting to tak[more ...] By purplemel75  On Mon Jul 21 2014, 11:10am
None 5510 -
Cycle Rack  Hi, Just looking for some advise on cycle racks for C4 Grand Picasso. I am looking for a rear mounte[more ...] By toobob  On Mon Jun 23 2014, 04:15am
1 6110 Dave_Retired.
Mon Jun 23 2014, 05:56am
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