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Warning Warning acid pollen cloud heading for UK, Hay fever and paint at risk.   - Click Here -  By mooresey  On Wed Apr 27 2011, 01:02pm
11 7161 JonM
Wed May 04 2011, 03:50pm
Chunk out of my wheel !  Afternoon C4 lovers!I noticed a chuck has been taken out of my wheel. I'm gutted.What are peoples op[more ...] By southwestsurfer  On Thu Apr 28 2011, 07:58am
6 5218 Cra1g
Fri Apr 29 2011, 03:35am
Pressure Washers, Snow Foam and Lance.  After seeing this on sale at Tesco: - Click Here - I decided to get my dad to buy it He's always [more ...] By Biohead  On Mon Apr 11 2011, 10:43am
6 8457 Ham
Sun Apr 24 2011, 05:32am
Leather cracking  Hi new here been looking around but I can't find an answer. I have a C4 Loeb and the leather on the [more ...] By joesoft828  On Fri Feb 25 2011, 10:54am
4 4025 Cra1g
Sat Apr 09 2011, 10:54am
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C4 rear screen squirter doesn't!  Just wondering if this is Normal wear n Tear or is it a Fault? My Back Wiper work well, But the Wate[more ...] By danikai  On Wed May 06 2009, 10:11am
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15 10294 danikai
Fri Apr 08 2011, 05:48am
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Paintwork advice  Had the C4 for a few weeks now and loving it.Was park at an office today and when I got back to the [more ...] By Martynbez  On Thu Mar 31 2011, 11:20am
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18 9168 Martynbez
Tue Apr 05 2011, 08:12am
C4 Hatchback rubber mat fixings  When i bought the car it had no mats, so the kids bought me a set of Citroen C4 rubber mats for the [more ...] By raybush  On Mon Apr 04 2011, 02:41am
2 3595 Bin-The-L-Plates
Mon Apr 04 2011, 06:34am
Car Polisher  I'm thinking of buying a polishing/buffer machine, wondering if others use one and if so what's good[more ...] By dtb999  On Tue Mar 29 2011, 11:16am
7 4228 dtb999
Wed Mar 30 2011, 02:17pm
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Show and Shine 2010/11  Well its that time of year when the weather is perking up and we can get out and give our trusty ste[more ...] By Rich_Eason  On Sat Apr 24 2010, 07:52am
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38 15106 JonM
Sat Mar 26 2011, 10:00am
Warranties Direct  Hi I'm just looking into the option of taking out an extended warranty with a company i keep seein[more ...] By Joss32  On Fri Mar 18 2011, 05:10pm
4 3751 pedal
Sun Mar 20 2011, 04:13am
Relative Cost of Fuel and Lube For a Diesel etc  There have been a few posts with queries regarding oil change intervals on the HDi diesels, normal s[more ...] By gmerry  On Fri Feb 18 2011, 05:04am
6 3674 PPP7
Mon Mar 07 2011, 01:42pm
Resolfen Wheel Colour  Does anyone know the actual name of the colour for the Resolfen wheels? i.e. for a small pot of tou[more ...] By StuntmanM  On Sat Apr 26 2008, 01:05am
6 4588 Dave_Retired.
Thu Mar 03 2011, 01:31am
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WARNING  Just a word of warning to all members, over the Christmas break I took my car to one of those hand c[more ...] By BirdwellLnK  On Mon Jan 10 2011, 05:30am
10 4671 GAZ_MAN
Thu Feb 24 2011, 01:18am
Window Scratches  After the freezing temps last year and countless times scrapping the windows I've noticed a few scra[more ...] By Sonny  On Sat Jan 15 2011, 04:17pm
8 3589 Sonny
Sun Jan 30 2011, 02:28pm
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xenon bulbs ???  hi all after getting my new car last weekend , im wondering if its worth changing the bulbs to the x[more ...] By JIMBOB2000  On Fri Feb 01 2008, 02:41pm
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19 8975 wozza
Mon Jan 17 2011, 05:58pm
Damaged Wheel  I had two tyres fitted on the front by ATS in November, and due to the terrible weather since result[more ...] By Sonny  On Thu Jan 06 2011, 03:37pm
3 2591 Sonny
Fri Jan 07 2011, 12:21pm
Alternative to snow sock and chains.... try spray!  I work for a water company and the dilema of socks and chains has been discussed at length until a c[more ...] By MiniPaulo  On Wed Dec 01 2010, 01:41pm
4 3562 Lars of Sweden
Wed Dec 01 2010, 11:48pm
Tree branch mark  HiDriving down a country lane a little to close to the hedgerow, a branch has marked the left side o[more ...] By shaptoni  On Fri Nov 05 2010, 10:53am
6 2799 Sonny
Mon Nov 08 2010, 12:47pm
Paint hardness  Can anyone tell me how hard is the paint on Citroen cars,ie C4GP.Was browsing on the net, looking at[more ...] By ronos  On Wed Oct 20 2010, 11:01am
4 2298 ronos
Wed Oct 20 2010, 03:03pm
Good Valet Cleaners Down South?  I've been a bit naughty as seeing I've been off work for a while with a bad leg, my C4 has started t[more ...] By Darren  On Tue Oct 05 2010, 09:13pm
6 2565 Darren
Tue Oct 12 2010, 10:00pm
Independent Garages - Northwood, Pinner, Harrow, Watford  Morning all, I've been reading the forums for a while and have taken away many good suggestions (tai[more ...] By The_Hiphopapotamous  On Tue Sep 14 2010, 02:49am
2 1911 neilos
Tue Sep 14 2010, 03:12pm
C4 and Car seat covers  Does anyone have car seat or have had car seat covers fitted to there c4 ,the reason is i noticed my[more ...] By lagman  On Mon Mar 23 2009, 02:32pm
9 3931 Luke
Tue Sep 07 2010, 10:17am
Buying a used car - what you get from a dealer  I recently bought my C4 and I'm loving it, however, I must say the dealer has fallen short of expect[more ...] By tim1967  On Fri Oct 09 2009, 04:27am
8 3359 Dave_Retired.
Wed Sep 01 2010, 11:42am
Paintwork is shocking and in need of a body shop near Hartlepool.  Just washed and polished my car today and the paintwork is not good, full of little scratches and li[more ...] By wheatchief  On Tue Aug 31 2010, 06:35pm
5 2419 wheatchief
Wed Sep 01 2010, 10:50am
Air con cleaner  Hi Out there tried car pride air conditioning cleaner/purifier?The missus was telling me she seen [more ...] By Rob1977  On Mon Aug 23 2010, 02:41pm
4 3637 Dave_Retired.
Tue Aug 31 2010, 07:58am
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Drying Your Car  What do you guys use for drying the car off after you have washed it? I have always used a Chamois L[more ...] By stuartj  On Fri Aug 06 2010, 01:30pm
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31 9009 Sonny
Sat Aug 21 2010, 02:34am
Nicely beaded  I've been busy.Wash, remove tar, wash again, clay bar, polish, sealant, wax.You only get one picture[more ...] By Irritant  On Thu Aug 19 2010, 02:54pm
1 1700 Sonny
Sat Aug 21 2010, 02:32am
Scratch  Hi againI got a scratch on the back quarter driver side pretty deep and about 16 inch long.Not throu[more ...] By Rob1977  On Tue Aug 03 2010, 04:28am
7 2870 Sonny
Tue Aug 17 2010, 12:46pm
Washing the car  Hi.I have looked through some of the posts on the best way/products to use for washing your car, but[more ...] By deuce22  On Sat Aug 14 2010, 04:02pm
6 2837 Jimux
Mon Aug 16 2010, 03:52am
New owner  Hi.I have recently bought a 2007 Silver GP and will be having it delivered on Wednesday.I have 2 dog[more ...] By deuce22  On Sun Aug 08 2010, 01:14pm
5 2292 wozza
Mon Aug 09 2010, 02:13pm
Plastic door trim  Hi allI want advice on the plastic trim on the door at the bottom of the window on the outside.Mine [more ...] By Rob1977  On Tue Aug 03 2010, 01:38am
4 2418 Rob1977
Tue Aug 03 2010, 04:17am
Paint chip...Grrrr...  [%*^#@!] chip in the paint, from a stone I guess, what is the best match for the pearlescent black? [more ...] By SpiritedPhoenix  On Thu Jul 29 2010, 11:15am
5 2638 SpiritedPhoenix
Fri Jul 30 2010, 08:46am
Recovery  Maybe in the wrong section, but technically it's car care, so....As I'm picking my car up tomorrow, [more ...] By SpiritedPhoenix  On Thu Jul 22 2010, 03:06pm
7 3585 SpiritedPhoenix
Fri Jul 30 2010, 08:25am
My tyres always look flat AND replacing the gunk  I have a Grand Picasso Exclusive (56 plate) and have pumped the tyres to the recommended level and t[more ...] By jls483  On Thu Jul 29 2010, 10:42am
2 2256 Dave_Retired.
Thu Jul 29 2010, 02:25pm
Alloy wheel gators?  Good AfternoonI was wondering whether has anyone has actually tried these? There are a lot of opinio[more ...] By southwestsurfer  On Tue Jul 20 2010, 08:11am
4 2347 Dave_Retired.
Tue Jul 20 2010, 09:10am
Recovering black colour of external plastics  I want to recover the black colour of external plastics of my C4.In specific, the spoiler and the an[more ...] By sraul  On Thu Jun 24 2010, 03:17pm
6 2723 Sonny
Fri Jun 25 2010, 12:15am
3M Rosa Polish  Hi there, just wondered if anyone has used this stuff before: - Click Here - And if they found it t[more ...] By rowls  On Tue Jun 22 2010, 03:42am
3 2581 Ham
Tue Jun 22 2010, 01:22pm
Have to use a car wash, suggestions to minimise long term damage?  Dear All,In Germany it is technically illegal to wash your car on the drive due to some funny green [more ...] By dr_gummi  On Fri Feb 26 2010, 06:14am
4 2184 as4u
Thu Jun 17 2010, 05:06pm
Lacquered or not lacquered alloys?  I am about to clean my wheels off the brake bust for the first and I have brought some Auto Glym Cle[more ...] By danielbanks  On Sat May 01 2010, 12:52pm
2 1996 danielbanks
Sat May 01 2010, 01:10pm
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[moved] Cleaning of alloys?  Just gave my C4 a wash the other day and noticied that the two front wheels are looking a bit yellow[more ...] By ryanlee  On Tue Mar 23 2010, 08:54am
10 3303 marknkaz
Tue Mar 30 2010, 08:34am
Door panels bumpy  I cleaned my car today and polished it too. The trouble is, the door panels feel like they havent be[more ...] By Steve123  On Sat Mar 27 2010, 11:41am
4 2045 Dave_Retired.
Sat Mar 27 2010, 06:53pm
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Dust on the Dash ?  Many of you must have this problem, whats the best solution to minimising the accumulation of all th[more ...] By Bodger  On Tue Mar 02 2010, 09:55am
11 3256 Bodger
Fri Mar 05 2010, 01:57am
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Driver's footrest tips?  The footrest is just the very bottom carpet. This gets very dirtey and worn. Other car makers put a [more ...] By Tor  On Sat Feb 14 2009, 06:21am
13 7521 gtpicasso
Wed Mar 03 2010, 08:12am
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I need a new centre cap for my wheel - can someone get a price?  ChapsGiven I'm here in Aus, but my parents are due to fly over soon, I wonder if someone can get a p[more ...] By slipshot  On Fri Feb 19 2010, 04:38pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
15 5313 slipshot
Thu Feb 25 2010, 06:16pm
Part number needed - third row seat armrest and cup holder left hand side  ChapsCan someone show me where the third row armrest and cup holder (it's all one unit/piece of pla[more ...] By slipshot  On Sat Feb 20 2010, 02:52am
3 1833 Dave_Retired.
Tue Feb 23 2010, 02:08am
C4 Seat Covers  I've just got a 2008 VTR+, and at the moment the seats are nice and clean! I work on aircraft engine[more ...] By rowls  On Tue Feb 16 2010, 01:25pm
Fri Feb 19 2010, 09:56am
Scratches in Windscreen  Hi again all! Just been cleaning my car after the winter and I've noticed a fine scratch in the wind[more ...] By david1983  On Wed Feb 17 2010, 04:24pm
3 1836 Rich_Eason
Thu Feb 18 2010, 08:30am
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Planning a full spring clean!  After a winter of the elements, and treacherous driving I've decided that I want to give my C4 a bit[more ...] By Darren  On Wed Jan 20 2010, 05:46pm
10 3304 Rich_Eason
Thu Feb 18 2010, 03:50am
bush scratches  My route home from work takes me along country lanes. In some places on these lanes, if you approach[more ...] By Steve123  On Sun Feb 14 2010, 06:17am
3 2287 BigJohnD
Sun Feb 14 2010, 03:11pm
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C4 Cool Badge  We bought a C4 Cool in February 2007 from Dixons and love it. It wasn't until we got it home that we[more ...] By beachboy  On Sat Mar 17 2007, 02:42am
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21 6786 Bodger
Sun Feb 14 2010, 07:47am
Scratches on the door, quite deep  I have been told that the scratches can be cut out with g3 or g10 ?Also the bonnet feels like sandpa[more ...] By j13bmd  On Mon Feb 08 2010, 04:19pm
6 2770 j13bmd
Tue Feb 09 2010, 07:17am
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Windscreen protection (Rain-X)  Hello allWas just preparing my motor for a day trip to Brugge cleaning windows etc... When CRACK win[more ...] By Wusty  On Sat Jul 19 2008, 10:43am
14 4641 rimbob
Tue Jan 19 2010, 09:33am
Cost of 20,000 service for C4GP 2.0HDi...  I have just had my two-year (20,000) service on my Picasso Exclusive 2.0HDi...I am very happy with i[more ...] By Prasutagus  On Wed Dec 30 2009, 07:06am
5 2247 DAVE727
Sat Jan 02 2010, 03:41am
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