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C4 Coupe Hatch and General Questions

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Announcement Thread
10 years of the Citroen C4
  Were coming up to the 10th anniversary of the launch of the C4 Coupe and Hatch in the UK (is it real[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Wed Oct 22 2014, 03:24am
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20 13773 Grumpy GrandPa
Fri Dec 18 2015, 01:19pm
Sticky Thread
C4 Accessory list and fitting Guides
  Thanks to Prokopas e mailing me a number of Citroen Accessory fitting sheets he has found on the we[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Mon Jun 09 2008, 03:16am
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22 23586 AArmin
Tue Jun 20 2017, 05:32pm
Sticky Thread
56 plate C4 Coupe with no remote central locking key only spare key - fitted a secondary system
  Hi,Just bought a C4 coupe 56 plate and it didnt come with a remote central locking key.Only was supp[more ...] By c4dodd  On Sun Jan 12 2014, 08:18am
11 11119 crapday
Sun Jun 29 2014, 01:13pm
Sticky Thread
C4 Fuel tank contents indication with LPG conversion
  Hi all, I have a c4 1.6 sx, and have had it professionally fitted for LPG.Main problem is, even when[more ...] By banjoski  On Thu Apr 30 2009, 05:14am
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24 31539 Dave_Retired.
Mon Mar 31 2014, 02:55am
Sticky Thread
MOT Status or History Check Request
  MOT Status Check RequestUse this form to request an MOT Test status check on a vehicle. The status c[more ...] By Bill  On Tue Sep 18 2007, 03:48pm
5 9006 Carmad
Mon Dec 06 2010, 09:24am
Sticky Thread
Interesting document about the PSA BSI (Built-in system Interface)
  I got this from www.autodiagnos.com: The BSI Interface (PDF format, 150KB)It's not specific to the[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Tue May 19 2009, 07:06pm
2 9056 Jimux
Fri May 22 2009, 02:30am
Closed Sticky Thread
Thatcham alarm Categories
  Found this useful pdf - Click Here - ..... You can see whether your C4 (or any other car) has [more ...] By neilos  On Sun Aug 31 2008, 03:07pm
None 6507 -
 Forum Threads
Door sensors  Hi all, I have searched the forum and have only come up with this thread - Click Here - Has anyone g[more ...] By Rincewind  On Sat Aug 01 2020, 06:04pm
None 89 -
Will my 2008 C4 Coupe 1.6 VTR+ have ESP?  I need to order new front brakes and I’m not near the vehicle to check. Does the 2008 C4 1.6 VTR+ Co[more ...] By airct  On Thu Jul 30 2020, 08:19am
None 91 -
C4 coupe 1.6 HDI VTR 2007 fuel tank  Hi,How do I find out the part number for my plastic fuel tank and does anyone know where I can find [more ...] By Bry54  On Fri Jul 05 2019, 04:02pm
2 1222 BigJohnD
Tue Jul 14 2020, 04:49pm
Rear spoiler question  Guys quick question, I've got a Loeb spoiler off a crashed car, my question is are most spoilers on [more ...] By shea1980  On Sun Apr 05 2020, 04:20am
1 518 Dynome
Tue Jul 14 2020, 04:03pm
C4 1.6HDI ABS Bleeding  Hi I am fairly new to Citroen cars and am having problems bleeding my abs system. I have many years [more ...] By Kernowcar  On Sun Jul 05 2020, 03:44pm
4 267 Kernowcar
Tue Jul 07 2020, 04:32pm
Dashcam power cable  Hi guys ive searched but im at work on my phone and ive not seen the info i need. Ive got a 2016 c4[more ...] By Hattster  On Thu Jun 04 2020, 03:53pm
2 384 vexorg
Sat Jun 06 2020, 04:12am
Front and rear seats  Hey guys and girls can anybody help me out with a query? I have 2007 1.6 sx 5 door and just wonderin[more ...] By Duggins  On Wed Jun 03 2020, 10:12am
None 298 -
Replace front wing?  Hi all,I'm a newbie to the C4 world, and have bought an unloved VTR+ coupe that needs some TLC. I've[more ...] By revilo2301  On Sun May 24 2020, 09:17am
None 350 -
Phone Holder Recommendation for C4 Hatch MK1 (2007)  It's time I got a phone holder for my C4 hatch MK1, but I don't see an obviously elegant and conveni[more ...] By jaizan  On Fri May 01 2020, 05:01am
3 472 Coliliqui
Sat May 09 2020, 12:27pm
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Rear Hub Nut Replacement  Hi All,Just replacing my rear discs and pads on my 08 C4 1.6 HDi Hatch. New discs came with new hub [more ...] By rickydg  On Wed Jul 02 2014, 11:47am
10 2962 vexorg
Sat May 02 2020, 07:09am
Collant system bleed?  Hi guys i just replaced the timing belt on 1.6hdi 2008,does anyone know how to bleed the system, as [more ...] By shea1980  On Thu Apr 16 2020, 09:14am
1 499 rusky
Thu Apr 16 2020, 10:30am
Gear stick problem  Hello guys, I am having a problem with my Citroën C4 1.6HDi. When I put it in 5th gear and then brin[more ...] By shea1980  On Fri Apr 03 2020, 11:03am
None 495 -
LED Bulbs  Hello all, guys quick question, do LED bulbs work OK on the C4? Also do they need to be CANBus ones?[more ...] By shea1980  On Sat Mar 21 2020, 09:30am
1 605 Coliliqui
Mon Mar 23 2020, 03:15pm
c4 coupe 2008 puddle light?  Guys quick question, On my 2008 i have place for puddle lamps but there is just a hole, Is it possib[more ...] By shea1980  On Sun Mar 08 2020, 12:36pm
1 608 routemaster1
Sun Mar 08 2020, 01:30pm
Citroen C4 2008 replace bulbs heater controls  Guys quick question, Does anyone know how to change the bulbs in the heater controls, also what bulb[more ...] By shea1980  On Wed Mar 04 2020, 04:54am
1 618 Dynome
Thu Mar 05 2020, 09:13am
2005 1,6HDi water leak  Hello. I got a water leak. I can't find out where it comes from. It drips on front of engine right [more ...] By Blondie.dk  On Sat Feb 29 2020, 05:45am
3 654 vexorg
Mon Mar 02 2020, 08:32am
4H TECH Short Shifter Any Good?  Hello Everyone, newbie here, I've been a lurker for quite some time.I've had my C4 since 2017 and no[more ...] By jomski85  On Mon Feb 24 2020, 07:48pm
None 596 -
C4 VTS Coupe 06 Glass Roof - Laminated or tempered?  Too hot in Sydney summer with C4 Coupe 2.0 VTS - glass roof. Is tinting or vinyl cover an for a gla[more ...] By PETEROSE  On Sat Feb 22 2020, 07:28pm
1 633 jomski85
Mon Feb 24 2020, 07:36pm
Changing electronic display settings without original stereo  Hi, C4 Owners,I have a 5-door 2010 Citroen C4 VTR Hatch and recently after some work to the car (car[more ...] By Daniel-123  On Sun Feb 16 2020, 06:04pm
9 800 Daniel-123
Sat Feb 22 2020, 04:08pm
Citroen c4 1.6 diesel 2008,Dial question and p0299 and p1251 codes  Guys quick question, i changed the battery in my car and since is did so when i turn on the ignition[more ...] By shea1980  On Wed Feb 19 2020, 08:20am
None 644 -
Fuel remaining when low fuel warning turns on (C4 Coupe)  Hi all, My name is Deepesh from Moscow, Russia. I own a C4 Coupe 2006 model and I want to know how m[more ...] By aaryansoni777  On Tue Feb 11 2020, 03:54am
4 718 BigJohnD
Wed Feb 12 2020, 04:30am
Injector rail  Can anyone tell me what bit to use for removal of injector rail on 2007 C4 1.4 hatch petrol please p[more ...] By Bryant  On Thu Jan 23 2020, 08:29am
None 718 -
Wet floor on driver side RHD C4 Hatchback 2006  That's the issue I'm in Ireland and it's a UK diesel car with 120,000km or ~75000 miles on it. I go[more ...] By business_kid  On Mon Jan 20 2020, 02:03pm
4 782 business_kid
Thu Jan 23 2020, 04:08am
1st gear crunch and water in footwell  Hi my 2007 1.6 VTR crunches when selecting 1st gear when the car is moving at 10 mph or less. It is [more ...] By Wizz123  On Sun May 12 2019, 04:41am
1 1347 business_kid
Mon Jan 20 2020, 01:50pm
Bonnet Stay/Support Rod Shape?  I wonder if someone could post a picture of the bonnet support rod for a 2006 C4 Hatch?Last night I [more ...] By Engenia  On Sat Jan 18 2020, 05:28pm
1 744 Magistrate
Sun Jan 19 2020, 02:16am
Axel stand postions  HiI have searched and searched but there does not seem to be any post to answer the many questions o[more ...] By Ratdogfink  On Sun Dec 29 2019, 10:53am
1 829 vexorg
Sun Dec 29 2019, 04:41pm
Anybody with Lexia near to Burnley?  Hi does anybody have Lexia near to me in Burnley. Lancashire? By Brucey  On Sun Nov 03 2019, 06:38am
None 959 -
Cheapest way to get new key?  I've unfortunately lost both my keys and am looking for the cheapest way to get a new key.From what [more ...] By Ram80  On Sun Oct 20 2019, 06:06am
6 1148 Ram80
Mon Oct 21 2019, 12:54am
Camshaft sensor placement 1.6 petrol 2005.  Hi Need advice and some guidance regarding the camshaft sensor location.Can not find it.Only the cra[more ...] By TheSwed  On Sun Jul 28 2019, 08:42am
1 1208 NotoriousPyro
Thu Oct 10 2019, 05:08am
Citroën C4 Indicator Problem  My nearside front indicator stopped working. The bulb was okay as was the housing/connector. I swapp[more ...] By Swindon69  On Wed Oct 09 2019, 09:19pm
1 998 routemaster1
Thu Oct 10 2019, 02:04am
Boot Won't open.  I know it quite a common problem on earlier cars and its happened to me now. I had both the boot loc[more ...] By riven1962  On Tue Apr 10 2018, 02:21am
6 3120 Doo
Fri Sep 06 2019, 06:00pm
Rear seatbelt warning  2010 plate C4 2.0 hdi hatch.Just had to transport a friends father on a 4 hour journey. He is a big [more ...] By Suffolk  On Fri Jan 04 2019, 06:56am
2 1789 Doo
Fri Sep 06 2019, 05:56pm
Revs Dropping 2010 C4 Diesel Auto  Hi All,I have a 2010 Citroen C4 Exclusive 1.6 Diesel Auto (semi auto)When the car is cold or for 5 t[more ...] By CitroenMaz  On Thu Nov 01 2018, 09:47am
4 2181 Doo
Fri Sep 06 2019, 05:52pm
Towbar for a 2007 3 door?  Is there a towbar available for a 3 door C4? Mine is a 2004 Loeb edition (coupe). I can find one on [more ...] By Slevan7  On Mon Mar 18 2019, 03:14pm
2 1573 Slevan7
Sun Aug 25 2019, 05:18pm
2005 c4 hatch heater stuck on hot  Hi all. I got a problem with my c4 where the heaters are staying on hot all the time. It does have t[more ...] By scorpio1990  On Mon Jul 29 2019, 03:12pm
None 1135 -
Fastners for insulation and wiper plastic  Hello forum.First sorry for my bad english. I have a 2005 C4, 1.6hdi 5door lhd. I cant find new hold[more ...] By Blondie.dk  On Sun Jul 28 2019, 03:08pm
None 1111 -
Is it possible to change DUAL ZONE AIRCON to SINGLE ZONE ? 2007 C4HDi  Is there any way to change the aircon settings from Dual Zone to Single zone on my 2007 C4 HDI ?I'm [more ...] By jaizan  On Fri Jul 26 2019, 09:18am
4 1242 jaizan
Fri Jul 26 2019, 04:36pm
Electronic handbrake broke!!  Hi, newbie here,Does anyone have a link or video on changing the electronic handbrake switch on a 20[more ...] By losttrini  On Fri Jul 12 2019, 09:04am
None 1193 -
2007 5 door - Drivers Seat Height Adjustment Handle Missing!  Hi Guys,Got a 2007 5 door hatch back as a panic buy a couple of weeks ago when my wife's car got wri[more ...] By alivingstone  On Mon Jul 08 2019, 11:03am
2 1276 alivingstone
Mon Jul 08 2019, 05:43pm
Citroen c4 loeb gearbox failed twice in 4 months  I brought my C4 with a blown gearbox around Christmas time, no big deal really as I would just repla[more ...] By Slevan7  On Sun Jun 09 2019, 10:11am
1 1333 BigJohnD
Tue Jun 11 2019, 10:21am
2005 hdi preheat light  Sorry if this has been posted before just need to know if the preheat light comes on at all, ive had[more ...] By scurt2  On Sat Apr 06 2019, 12:55pm
3 1517 Jimux
Mon Apr 08 2019, 03:21am
How do I get exact dimensions of a part?  I am trying to buy a CV axle online and I find that there are different length such as 939mm, 916mm,[more ...] By Ram80  On Wed Apr 03 2019, 02:28pm
2 1432 Ram80
Wed Apr 03 2019, 04:22pm
Coupe 1.4 2005 rear brake disc and caliper  I have pulled my hair out searching for the answers for these...Can anyone please give me the axle s[more ...] By Lisa87  On Sun Mar 17 2019, 04:32pm
1 1455 BigJohnD
Mon Mar 18 2019, 03:44pm
DV6TED4 Engine block heate.  Hi i want to ask if there is a block heater cord for 1.6 HDI 110 hp Dv6ted4 engine ? By Kangiev  On Tue Feb 26 2019, 02:07am
None 1512 -
Seats compatibility for c4 2007 hatchback, no airbag  Hi everyone,Im tring to replace my front seats with something compatible or easy to replace. Anyone [more ...] By mytzam  On Wed Dec 12 2018, 02:24am
None 1754 -
Crankshaft sensor wire voltage? C4 1.6 Petrol  Hello FriendsI have a question regarding the Crankshaft sensor. What is the normal voltage reading o[more ...] By Phillip73  On Fri Dec 07 2018, 06:26am
None 1678 -
Headlight Adjuster  Hi Guys,My car failed its MoT due to the headlight adjust not being attached to the headlight.Does a[more ...] By stevea2400  On Tue Nov 20 2018, 08:44am
1 1808 routemaster1
Tue Nov 20 2018, 09:37am
C4 Hatch. 2005 Clock  Wife just mentioned that her clock keeps gaining time, not just a few minutes but hours. Any Ideas h[more ...] By SteveWalsh  On Tue Nov 06 2018, 12:07am
4 1978 SteveWalsh
Mon Nov 19 2018, 01:55am
1.6 HDi Tuning advise  Having spent the last couple of weeks trawling through the Forum posts. I have decided to try a few [more ...] By ChevySoul  On Wed Nov 14 2018, 11:44am
4 1955 ChevySoul
Wed Nov 14 2018, 04:04pm
Upgrade reflector headlights to xenon headlights  Hi everyone,I have a 2007 C4 Coupe with the standard reflector headlights.I would like to upgrade to[more ...] By Inna  On Mon Nov 12 2018, 04:31pm
3 1992 BigJohnD
Wed Nov 14 2018, 11:57am
Need Help With After Market Stereo  So I bought a new Pioneet head unit today, and it sort of fits.You can see the top (and barcode seri[more ...] By v082bde  On Wed Sep 26 2018, 12:20pm
2 2047 BigJohnD
Wed Sep 26 2018, 05:28pm
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New owner of a 1.6 VTS Coupe  Hello.I recently got a 2005 1.6 VTS with under 30k miles.Wich is great and I like all the equipment [more ...] By KilianG  On Wed Sep 05 2018, 12:03pm
10 2499 KilianG
Tue Sep 11 2018, 10:44am
Boot open warning / won't lock  Hi everyone,For the last few months my 2006 C4 has had this weird problem whereby the car will ping/[more ...] By Warlôw91  On Thu Aug 30 2018, 04:15am
2 2020 FakeConcern
Mon Sep 10 2018, 01:56pm
Another year, another MOT.  My C4 has yet again passed its MOT with hardly anything to mention. The only thing he did say was th[more ...] By riven1962  On Fri Jul 20 2018, 01:05pm
1 2087 Coliliqui
Mon Sep 10 2018, 01:40pm
C4 Lexia nightmare  HiI in my wisdom thought it would be a good idea to fit an Aux into the RD4 unit in my 2005 C4 while[more ...] By mr.bagpuss  On Mon Sep 03 2018, 05:09pm
None 1932 -
C4 new key programming using Lexia3 cable from eBay  Hi C4 owners,I hope I'm not creating a duplicated thread but I couldn't find any answer to this ques[more ...] By silmarx  On Fri Aug 31 2018, 06:25am
4 2110 silmarx
Sat Sep 01 2018, 10:02am
Heat shield C4 2010 HDi 1.6  HiThe regular HDI 1.6 rear engine heat shield change has come round again. I was told there was an [more ...] By Ratdogfink  On Mon Aug 13 2018, 01:50pm
None 1996 -
C4 VTR+ Coupe Engine bay undertray and wheel arch liners "58" plate  Hi I have recently had a new clutch in my C4 and unfortunately the under tray was too badly damaged [more ...] By Paul92  On Wed Aug 01 2018, 09:31am
1 2040 Magistrate
Wed Aug 01 2018, 10:04am
Roof rails/rack  Hi guys, I have a 2007 C4 coupe.Hoping to get roof rack/rails to carry a surfboard for my car.Can a [more ...] By Andyd12  On Sat Jun 16 2018, 03:11pm
None 2127 -
Oil pump priming  HiAny tips on how to prime the oil pump before start up?Car is Citroen C4 VTS Coupe 3 door 2.0i 2006[more ...] By Afrikan  On Wed May 23 2018, 10:04pm
1 2236 rusky
Thu May 24 2018, 02:25am
Cruisecontrol en parking sensors not working  When i want to use CC i get the error Bleep and SERVICE on screen. I already replaced the brake sens[more ...] By JCA  On Mon May 14 2018, 11:27am
2 2328 rusky
Mon May 14 2018, 02:38pm
Clean upholestry  Had the car seats shampood not long ago and it was all sparking clean until the kids were in the car[more ...] By scotcruz  On Sat May 05 2018, 05:48am
3 2342 Magistrate
Sat May 05 2018, 03:52pm
Nozzle on the exhaust pipe  Hi, I would like to learn part number chrome exhaust from VTSWill the silencer assembly from VTS to [more ...] By citromanyak  On Sat May 05 2018, 06:22am
None 2169 -
C4 drink holder  Hi,I have an 2006 C4. Is there any smart solutions for a cup/bottle/drink holder for the C4 beside t[more ...] By jj.  On Wed May 02 2018, 02:53pm
None 2318 -
Cambelt Guide Price  My C$ is a 2006 reg and I have done 65,000 miles approx. I am (over) due a cam belt change - any est[more ...] By spacebiscuit  On Wed Apr 18 2018, 11:43am
1 2447 Magistrate
Wed Apr 18 2018, 12:15pm
C4 1.6 diesel 2008 plate - Air Con  Hi all, sorry if this is a frequently asked question but couldn't find an answer - just purchased th[more ...] By Chickie  On Wed Apr 18 2018, 07:48am
1 2334 dmpzsn
Wed Apr 18 2018, 12:10pm
Where to put axle stands  HiI have had a good look around but can't find any posts on where to put axle stands at the front an[more ...] By Ratdogfink  On Fri Mar 30 2018, 09:49am
1 2616 wozza
Sun Apr 08 2018, 12:27pm
Radio RD4 connector  Hi,I just bought an auxiliary lead for an rd4 radio.Using the fitting guide, the lead plugs into the[more ...] By HansZarkov  On Wed Mar 14 2018, 02:09pm
1 2571 BigJohnD
Thu Mar 15 2018, 11:34am
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