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C4 Coupe Hatch and General Questions

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Announcement Thread
10 years of the Citroen C4
  Were coming up to the 10th anniversary of the launch of the C4 Coupe and Hatch in the UK (is it real[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Wed Oct 22 2014, 03:24AM
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20 3351 Grumpy GrandPa
Fri Dec 18 2015, 01:19PM
Sticky Thread
C4 Accessory list and fitting Guides
  Thanks to Prokopas e mailing me a number of Citroen Accessory fitting sheets he has found on the we[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Mon Jun 09 2008, 03:16AM
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21 12559 kinematograf
Thu Jun 02 2016, 03:32AM
Sticky Thread
56 plate C4 Coupe with no remote central locking key only spare key - fitted a secondary system
  Hi,Just bought a C4 coupe 56 plate and it didnt come with a remote central locking key.Only was supp[more ...] By c4dodd  On Sun Jan 12 2014, 08:18AM
11 4188 crapday
Sun Jun 29 2014, 01:13PM
Sticky Thread
C4 Fuel tank contents indication with LPG conversion
  Hi all, I have a c4 1.6 sx, and have had it professionally fitted for LPG.Main problem is, even when[more ...] By banjoski  On Thu Apr 30 2009, 05:14AM
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24 14566 Web Admin Only
Mon Mar 31 2014, 02:55AM
Sticky Thread
MOT Status or History Check Request
  MOT Status Check RequestUse this form to request an MOT Test status check on a vehicle. The status c[more ...] By Bill  On Tue Sep 18 2007, 03:48PM
5 4554 Carmad
Mon Dec 06 2010, 09:24AM
Sticky Thread
Interesting document about the PSA BSI (Built-in system Interface)
  I got this from www.autodiagnos.com: The BSI Interface (PDF format, 150KB)It's not specific to the[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Tue May 19 2009, 07:06PM
2 4928 Jimux
Fri May 22 2009, 02:30AM
Closed Sticky Thread
Thatcham alarm Categories
  Found this useful pdf - Click Here - ..... You can see whether your C4 (or any other car) has [more ...] By neilos  On Sun Aug 31 2008, 03:07PM
None 3096 -
 Forum Threads
Cold climate screen  I have a 2009 model with the facelift. I'm trying to find a fitting cold climate screen, but the ori[more ...] By Petanque  On Fri Dec 09 2016, 07:13AM
None 44 -
Battery Life & A Work of Art!  Just wanted to share a couple of items:BatteryFinally had to change the battery on my C4 which I hav[more ...] By spacebiscuit  On Wed Dec 07 2016, 05:26AM
3 86 BigJohnD
Thu Dec 08 2016, 06:03AM
Rear passenger door won't open  My wife bought a 62 plate C4 VTR+ about 4 months ago. Since the start of the cold weather the rear p[more ...] By davids456  On Thu Nov 24 2016, 05:59PM
2 115 Jimux
Tue Nov 29 2016, 03:42AM
Timing Belt Problems : To Repair or To Scrap it?  Hello,My name is Love from Slough and am a newbie Recently my Citroen C4 SX 2005 1.6 petrol stalled[more ...] By Love  On Tue Nov 22 2016, 05:24AM
4 149 Love
Wed Nov 23 2016, 04:15AM
High mileage servicing advice  My 2010 C4 1.6Hdi Coupe auto has just hit 100,000 miles having only required normal "service items"I[more ...] By C4Steve01102013  On Thu Nov 03 2016, 03:09PM
9 270 routemaster1
Fri Nov 18 2016, 01:24PM
C4 Tailgate leak  Some of you will know me from C6 Owners (I'm the head admin). 12 months ago I bought a new DS4, and [more ...] By Trainman  On Mon Nov 14 2016, 11:45AM
4 108 Trainman
Tue Nov 15 2016, 04:22AM
I can't select gears  Hi i have an 09 C4 1.6 manual.Car has been fine all day, tonight i was going out and i couldn't put [more ...] By cmallaby  On Wed Nov 09 2016, 03:44PM
None 73 -
What are my rights?  Okay so I bought a Citroen C4 1.4SX petrol hatchback 2 months ago from a local dealer. It come with [more ...] By Borklazer  On Fri Nov 04 2016, 05:56PM
None 109 -
Ball joint  HiMy car failed on mot for the following Suspension arm has excessive play in ball a ball joint off [more ...] By united369  On Mon Oct 24 2016, 12:48PM
2 158 united369
Tue Oct 25 2016, 09:29AM
Front passenger door removal  Hi there, hopefully some of you nice guys might be able to give me some pointers on whats required t[more ...] By Atko  On Wed Oct 12 2016, 06:06AM
None 127 -
6 speed electric vs 5 speed manual box?  So in an effort to fix cosmetics on my 2009 C4, it looks like I have ended up buying a whole extra C[more ...] By Bishop  On Mon Oct 10 2016, 11:01AM
None 98 -
Dash lights flashing  I was in Devon last week and did a lot of touring around different places using narrow B roads. A nu[more ...] By neilp  On Sat Sep 03 2016, 05:45AM
1 222 neilp
Mon Oct 10 2016, 03:15AM
Mechanical and electrical Problems with my C4 VTS Coupe 2.0 HDI  I recently purchased a C4 VTS coupe 2.0 HDI as my first car with 131000 on the clock and I have been[more ...] By nick3751  On Sun Jun 19 2016, 03:57PM
4 464 bobbyla
Mon Oct 03 2016, 01:46AM
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Need to replace cigarette lighter socket  Afternoon allI noticed last night that my cigarette lighter socket is starting to fall apart. The pl[more ...] By Commodore  On Tue Nov 06 2012, 08:28AM
11 3194 Tink-GB
Fri Sep 30 2016, 09:03PM
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Air Refresher Cartridges  Hi all,I have a Citroen C4 VTS 2006 model, and I can't find the air refresher cartridges anywhere t[more ...] By PierrePienaar  On Tue Apr 26 2016, 06:54AM
11 996 Tink-GB
Fri Sep 30 2016, 08:54PM
C4 2008 - looking for fascia to fit double Din radio w. touch screen  Hi folks,Happy Friday.Just wondering if someone would know where I could get a fascia dashboard adap[more ...] By Gallagher79  On Fri Sep 23 2016, 11:40AM
2 203 wozza
Fri Sep 23 2016, 04:20PM
2005 Citroen C4 hatch keeps breaking down when hot  Hi all, I am new to this forum. I have a Citroen C4 1.6 VTR+ petrol. The problem I am having is wh[more ...] By Daftladstafford  On Sun Sep 18 2016, 09:55AM
4 252 riven1962
Sun Sep 18 2016, 03:49PM
Noob here just purchased a Citroen C4 05 plate  Hi, noob here, just introducing myself, first off what a great car!! However I have some issues with[more ...] By Borklazer  On Thu Aug 25 2016, 08:18PM
3 308 Grumpy GrandPa
Sat Aug 27 2016, 10:15AM
Serious Engine Fault, plus Turbo Problem  My beloved C4 developed a serious engine fault which meant that a new engine was needed. At the same[more ...] By gazman  On Mon Aug 22 2016, 06:35AM
1 258 Mistermena
Tue Aug 23 2016, 09:47PM
Gearbox oil leak  Hi all, 2008 1.6HDi VTR+ EGS, I have a hydraulic oil leak coming from the gearbox! It is coming fro[more ...] By Reedybopper  On Sun Aug 21 2016, 12:48PM
3 214 Honest
Mon Aug 22 2016, 12:19PM
1.6 Hdi Gearbox Oil Filler Plug  Help, pleaseWorking on my C4 2008 1.6Hdi Loeb this morning, replacing worn front shock bearings.Work[more ...] By knighthawk71  On Sat Aug 13 2016, 10:47AM
4 238 routemaster1
Mon Aug 22 2016, 02:01AM
Depollution fault petrol NFU engine  Hi. New to the group. Today I redlined my VTR+ 1.6 16v petrol and it came up with depollution fault [more ...] By rbryan69007  On Thu Aug 18 2016, 01:46PM
1 238 Chibs
Thu Aug 18 2016, 02:32PM
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C4 boot lock fault  Hi I have a C4 VTR+ 2005My boot lock stopped working. I have check the handle with an amp meter and[more ...] By raysheppard1954  On Sat Jul 31 2010, 01:56AM
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17 9682 jrmc1977
Sat Aug 13 2016, 05:32PM
New C4 Flair Blue 1.6HDi SS  Just took delivery of my new C4 and am new to the stop start system. Can anyone tell me how to use i[more ...] By alka12  On Tue Aug 09 2016, 02:19AM
5 289 routemaster1
Wed Aug 10 2016, 06:59AM
Fuel sender law ?  Hi,Does anyone has a clue what does the different "Fuel sender law" settings in the BSI ECU configur[more ...] By kuku  On Mon Aug 01 2016, 08:22AM
None 205 -
C4 Coupe Bleeding Brakes?  Hi, I wonder if anyone can help?I have a 54 plate C4 coupe VTS 2.0 ltr HDI.The problem started with [more ...] By fattyfish  On Sat Jul 23 2016, 09:48AM
5 385 Chibs
Sun Jul 24 2016, 09:10AM
C4 Cool Coupe?!  Struggling to find the answer but I was under the impression that the C4 cool was limited edition.Ca[more ...] By Chibs  On Fri Jul 22 2016, 01:05PM
2 269 FrankBullitt
Fri Jul 22 2016, 02:51PM
Glove Box Random iPhone Cable?!  I've got in the glove box an Apple iPhone cable which disappears through the side and behind stereo [more ...] By Chibs  On Sat Jul 16 2016, 02:14PM
1 272 rusky
Sat Jul 16 2016, 02:15PM
Air doseur clean  Hi All, Was wondering if anybody has had a go at cleaning the air doseur on a C4 1.6HDi?I have recen[more ...] By Ravs  On Tue Jul 05 2016, 07:24AM
5 414 DeuxChevaux
Tue Jul 05 2016, 04:17PM
Button on underside of accelerator pedal?  Hi all. Today i noticed that my c4 (2005 1.6hdi manual) has a button on the underside of the acceler[more ...] By Tango91  On Sat Jul 02 2016, 08:58AM
4 533 Tango91
Mon Jul 04 2016, 05:57PM
Slave Cylinder failure C4 Hdi  Good day. My C4 warning brake lights went on and took car in to check it out. The garage said brak[more ...] By normangerber  On Mon Jul 04 2016, 04:39AM
None 218 -
Accident damaged C4 VTR+ coupe parts required  Sadly my C4 suffered front end damage in an accident last week and although repairable I think it hi[more ...] By deltic  On Mon Jun 27 2016, 03:16PM
None 263 -
Brakes  HiIv come to change my front discs and pads. I have ordered the ones with esp with are thicker than [more ...] By united369  On Sat Jun 25 2016, 01:01PM
None 256 -
Brakes  HiIv come to change my front discs and pads. I have ordered the ones with esp witch are thicker than[more ...] By united369  On Sat Jun 25 2016, 11:00AM
None 194 -
Fuse box replacement  Hi,My daughter has an 05 plate petrol VTS but today it just cut out and wouldn't restart. The AA did[more ...] By Pagie68  On Tue Jun 14 2016, 12:11PM
1 363 rusky
Tue Jun 14 2016, 12:58PM
Fuel filter replacement question?  Hi All,Decided to give a fuel and air filter change at home and was successful some what.Started on [more ...] By Ravs  On Sat Jun 11 2016, 09:56AM
2 375 Honest
Sat Jun 11 2016, 01:57PM
Idle problem after exactly 30 seconds from ignition on  Goodmorning everyone,I'm an old joined the forum, not active but very attentive reader. : DI have a [more ...] By DavidTwister  On Tue May 10 2016, 05:11AM
6 652 Honest
Sat Jun 04 2016, 12:21AM
C4 hatch brake fluid reservoir filter  Hi all Can someone please tell me how to take the brake reservoir filter out? I tried but failed, se[more ...] By pars_c4  On Fri Feb 10 2012, 04:12PM
Thu Jun 02 2016, 09:16PM
Air con leak  I have a C4 VTS which I have had the a/c vacuum tested twice. It holds one bar of negative pressure [more ...] By Redfive05  On Tue May 03 2016, 04:31AM
3 522 amac31
Wed Jun 01 2016, 09:24AM
Question about front brake pads replacement  Hi,My car is a 1.6 VTR Petrol. I have all the stuff required for a front brake disc and pad replacem[more ...] By TheVarix  On Tue May 17 2016, 03:41PM
3 431 rusky
Wed Jun 01 2016, 06:57AM
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Question about solar reflective windscreen: is it tinted?  Can anybody please confirm the following?The VTR+ has a reflective 'solar' glass windscreen that is [more ...] By TableLeg  On Mon Sep 27 2010, 11:56AM
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22 6184 COLVERT
Tue May 31 2016, 04:44PM
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2005 C4 misfire / limp mode  Hi all,I have a 2005 C4 1.6 VTR+ which is coming up with a depollution fault and going into limp mod[more ...] By Barry1602  On Sat Sep 12 2015, 11:00AM
10 2179 COLVERT
Tue May 31 2016, 04:33PM
Loss of cruise, auto and paddle control in 1.6HDi 110 EGS  Hi All, My 2 week old (to me) 2008 C4 has demonstrated a fault as described above, I have found this[more ...] By judge  On Fri Apr 29 2016, 03:04PM
3 520 BigJohnD
Tue May 17 2016, 05:23AM
"There's no such thing as a stupid question..."  Hi,Some potentially very silly questions for you, served medium rare with a garnish of dubious photo[more ...] By Tango91  On Sat May 07 2016, 02:32PM
3 501 BigJohnD
Sat May 14 2016, 07:18AM
2006 C4 TDR DIESEL COUPE 60,000 miles - Heater / Air Con Issues  Hi, first reasonably warm day out today so I used my air conditioner. Seemed ok but didn't blow very[more ...] By Keef  On Sat Apr 30 2016, 02:27PM
None 392 -
Battery Cover Replacement Parts  HiLooking to fit out my 1.6HDi (LA9HYC) with a replacement battery box as mine is completely absent.[more ...] By Tink-GB  On Mon Apr 18 2016, 10:04AM
None 386 -
Dash / Console / Radio Upgrade  Hi all,I have the 2005 VTR with the stock radio console as pictured but am interested in upgrading i[more ...] By RobWoodward4  On Sun Apr 17 2016, 06:54PM
1 547 Biohead
Mon Apr 18 2016, 12:21AM
C4 purge valve  Hi folks, new here, been looking for ages and having a good read many clever folk on here I see My[more ...] By sparten  On Sat Apr 16 2016, 02:27PM
1 447 sparten
Sun Apr 17 2016, 11:02AM
2008 1.6HDi air intake pipe question  Hi, I've noticed my '08 1.6HDi coupe airbox intake pipe takes the air from the box behind the offsid[more ...] By Dave1981  On Sat Apr 09 2016, 01:22PM
6 654 Dave1981
Sun Apr 17 2016, 10:46AM
MPG Check?  Can I ask a boring question? I say boring because it's probably been asked time and time again.So I'[more ...] By knighthawk71  On Tue Mar 22 2016, 04:11PM
8 820 BigJohnD
Sat Apr 16 2016, 01:51PM
Button and Function Assistance.  Just a few useless I expect, but niggly questions I am sure you good fine fellows will know..I have [more ...] By Tink-GB  On Sat Apr 16 2016, 08:13AM
4 496 BigJohnD
Sat Apr 16 2016, 01:40PM
Opinion please!!  Hi. My 2005 C4 2.0HDi Exclusive, 111,000 miles, now needs a replacement clutch and DMF and consequen[more ...] By okeydokey  On Mon Mar 21 2016, 04:59PM
2 609 GPGeorge
Sat Apr 16 2016, 11:25AM
Peugeot exhaust on C4  Will a 207 GTi back box bolt onto a C4 VTS? By emarkey  On Wed Feb 10 2016, 02:22AM
1 639 Tink-GB
Sat Apr 16 2016, 11:00AM
C4 hatch lights  HiI'm trying to change a light on my head light. Its the light above the main beam can anyone advise[more ...] By united369  On Tue Apr 05 2016, 11:41AM
1 468 Tink-GB
Sat Apr 16 2016, 08:21AM
Rear Parking Sensor  Hi. C4 Exclusive 2005 reversing sensors are faulty. Either work sometimes, don`t beep at all or on c[more ...] By okeydokey  On Thu Mar 31 2016, 06:53AM
5 664 Honest
Sun Apr 03 2016, 02:40AM
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Air Intake Pipe  Hi, my dad has just purchased a 2010 MK 1.5 Citroen C4 1.6 HDi 110 EGS and it's a fantastic car. How[more ...] By samstagmoonyham  On Tue Mar 08 2016, 07:08AM
10 1175 AndrewM
Sat Mar 26 2016, 12:57PM
2006 C4 TDR Diesel Coupe - leak from something attached to the fuel tank?  Hi, I have started to get a leak under my car. It's coming from something that appears to be a small[more ...] By Keef  On Mon Feb 29 2016, 11:02AM
5 773 Keef
Mon Feb 29 2016, 03:23PM
Don't want to be boring......but  Absolutely nothing to report, no breakdowns, nothing has fallen of or stopped working, car is runnin[more ...] By marcjagman  On Fri Feb 26 2016, 02:16PM
4 787 FakeConcern
Sat Feb 27 2016, 03:45AM
£1200 for a new clutch??  Hi, I'm after some advice. I have an '06 VTR+ 1.6 diesel C4 coupe and a couple of months ago the clu[more ...] By oily49  On Thu Feb 25 2016, 12:57AM
7 1281 Biohead
Fri Feb 26 2016, 10:19AM
Help regarding windscreen body trim.  HI, this is my 1st post since joining so I'm sorry if this has been asked already I'm just finding m[more ...] By Dave1981  On Sun Feb 21 2016, 08:48AM
2 773 Web Admin Only
Fri Feb 26 2016, 06:34AM
Replacing front shocks  Hi Everyoneits been forever since my last post, think partially due to being busy and secondly, my c[more ...] By CornesoutAfrica  On Sun Jan 03 2016, 11:19AM
6 968 Honest
Wed Feb 17 2016, 09:59AM
2009 C4 Coupe facelift - light front end damage - parts question.  Hi all,Someone has reversed into my C4 Coupe 2009 facelift VTR+.It needs a new front bumper skin, he[more ...] By gregsy  On Fri Feb 12 2016, 12:16PM
6 826 BigJohnD
Sun Feb 14 2016, 11:40AM
Clutch/gearbox problem C4 VTS HDi  Hi, was wondering if you good people could give me your opinion on a problem i have with my clutch/g[more ...] By jonny1979  On Mon Feb 08 2016, 10:23AM
1 626 gmerry
Thu Feb 11 2016, 03:19AM
2006 1.6 diesel service schedule and 75,000 miles maintenance  Hi all,My 2006 1.6 diesel hatchback has been showing the spanner icon since 75,000 miles. I looked i[more ...] By since06  On Sat Feb 06 2016, 02:21PM
8 822 since06
Thu Feb 11 2016, 01:49AM
Lambda/oxygen sensor P0132  Hello everyone, sorry but I'm new to this. I have a Citroen 1.4 SX and I've got the dreaded anti pol[more ...] By chris25270  On Sun Feb 07 2016, 05:39PM
None 604 -
C4 coupe alarm siren location  Hi, had a look around on here and the net and can't seem to locate this, my guess is behind the bum[more ...] By Trek  On Wed Feb 03 2016, 11:06AM
4 696 Trek
Sat Feb 06 2016, 08:01AM
Radio aerial fault  The standard stereo in our VTS (2005) beeps when it's turned on, got it on diagnostics and it comes [more ...] By marcjagman  On Fri Feb 05 2016, 11:32AM
2 637 marcjagman
Fri Feb 05 2016, 02:56PM
Maxi fuse location.  Where are the maxi fuses on a 2005 VTS petrol? Just wanting to check as I have ABS/ESP light on. By marcjagman  On Thu Feb 04 2016, 10:36AM
2 678 marcjagman
Fri Feb 05 2016, 11:01AM
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