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C4 Coupe Hatch and General Questions

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Announcement Thread
10 years of the Citroen C4
  Were coming up to the 10th anniversary of the launch of the C4 Coupe and Hatch in the UK (is it real[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Wed Oct 22 2014, 03:24am
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20 25999 Grumpy GrandPa
Fri Dec 18 2015, 01:19pm
Sticky Thread
C4 Accessory list and fitting Guides
  Thanks to Prokopas e mailing me a number of Citroen Accessory fitting sheets he has found on the we[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Mon Jun 09 2008, 03:16am
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22 36304 AArmin
Tue Jun 20 2017, 05:32pm
Sticky Thread
56 plate C4 Coupe with no remote central locking key only spare key - fitted a secondary system
  Hi,Just bought a C4 coupe 56 plate and it didnt come with a remote central locking key.Only was supp[more ...] By c4dodd  On Sun Jan 12 2014, 08:18am
11 17578 crapday
Sun Jun 29 2014, 01:13pm
Sticky Thread
C4 Fuel tank contents indication with LPG conversion
  Hi all, I have a c4 1.6 sx, and have had it professionally fitted for LPG.Main problem is, even when[more ...] By banjoski  On Thu Apr 30 2009, 05:14am
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24 47294 Dave_Retired.
Mon Mar 31 2014, 02:55am
Sticky Thread
MOT Status or History Check Request
  MOT Status Check RequestUse this form to request an MOT Test status check on a vehicle. The status c[more ...] By Bill  On Tue Sep 18 2007, 03:48pm
5 13617 Carmad
Mon Dec 06 2010, 09:24am
Sticky Thread
Interesting document about the PSA BSI (Built-in system Interface)
  I got this from www.autodiagnos.com: The BSI Interface (PDF format, 150KB)It's not specific to the[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Tue May 19 2009, 07:06pm
2 15342 Jimux
Fri May 22 2009, 02:30am
Closed Sticky Thread
Thatcham alarm Categories
  Found this useful pdf - Click Here - ..... You can see whether your C4 (or any other car) has [more ...] By neilos  On Sun Aug 31 2008, 03:07pm
None 10841 -
 Forum Threads
Clutch replacement coming up  Hi everyoneIt has been a very long time since my last post.... So far all has been going well with m[more ...] By CornesoutAfrica  On Mon Aug 21 2023, 01:37pm
2 206 Engenia
Wed Dec 06 2023, 10:14pm
Steering Link Rod length  I need to replace the left hand steering link rod (a.k.a. "steering rack end" or "inner tie rod") in[more ...] By Engenia  On Wed Dec 06 2023, 10:11pm
None 24 -
2005 Hatch doesn't recognize when doors are open  Greetings fellow C4 owners, This is my first post here and it's about the doors on my 2005 1.6 H[more ...] By lolteodor1  On Tue Nov 07 2023, 12:21pm
None 70 -
Typhoon induction kit for 2.0l petrol vtr+  Hi guys Sorry to ask but I have spent all night reading the replies on this probably the most asked [more ...] By MarkTee  On Sat Oct 14 2023, 02:48pm
4 191 MarkTee
Tue Oct 31 2023, 01:34pm
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Mk1 winter grille availability  Hiya can you still get the winter grille attachment from anywhere guys ? Would also like some of the[more ...] By MarkTee  On Sun Oct 01 2023, 01:50pm
14 348 DeuxChevaux
Fri Oct 27 2023, 03:17pm
Part number ? Retaining bolt for air filter housing to camshaft cover  Hello , I am new here so be gentle with me.In changing the air filter today the retaining bolt on th[more ...] By CARO  On Sat Aug 19 2023, 09:51am
5 189 CARO
Mon Aug 21 2023, 03:00am
Removal rear bumper C4 coupe  Hi, we want to install Rear parking sensors has any one done it ? Bumper has two blanks in the plast[more ...] By CARO  On Sat Aug 19 2023, 12:30pm
1 145 CARO
Mon Aug 21 2023, 02:58am
A/C in Auto mode  Hello all,When I using A/C in auto mode, blower speed is usually very low and its not enough to cool[more ...] By Bpietras92  On Fri Jul 07 2023, 01:42pm
5 299 Bpietras92
Sun Jul 09 2023, 02:34pm
Diagnostics  Hi there, I have a 2016 1.6 Diesel C4 hatchback. I had a warning to top up addblue which I did an[more ...] By Roystone  On Wed Jun 21 2023, 11:30am
None 150 -
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ABS/ESP SYSTEM FAULTY  So I have my Citroën C4 2008 and for some reason I keep getting ABS/ESP SYSTEM FAULTY. I changed all[more ...] By Novell212  On Sun Dec 12 2021, 07:47pm
11 2773 2204ianf@gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 2023, 06:29am
How do I check continuity of ABS sensor wire?  VTR+ petrol failed its MOT on left rear ABS sensor, changed it along with brake light switch, ESP sw[more ...] By marcjagman  On Fri Jan 22 2016, 10:20am
2 2132 2204ianf@gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 2023, 06:14am
Very VERY divvy question  Is the EGR valve on the same side for all 1.6HDI engines? I have a 2013 C4 Hatch and it looks like t[more ...] By Trojan_Skin  On Tue Jun 13 2023, 01:13pm
None 135 -
water in under bonnet fusebox  Hi, I am brand new to this forum, so wonder if anybody has experienced water shorting out the under [more ...] By jagman  On Tue Mar 14 2023, 10:01am
6 442 Ap0qalypto
Mon May 29 2023, 08:42am
P0011, P0012, P1160 error codes  Hi Guys- would appreciate your help. Have P0011, P0012 and P1160 error codes on C4 2L petrol (EW10).[more ...] By Mouka  On Mon May 01 2023, 11:21pm
5 340 Mouka
Mon May 08 2023, 05:15pm
Leather seats  Hi everybody,Can anyone tell me from which PSA models (307, 407, C5...) I cat take seats (plan is to[more ...] By nzabev  On Sat Mar 19 2011, 12:02pm
4 2273 Locteau@gmail.com
Thu Mar 02 2023, 10:58am
C4 2015 Hatchback Radio  Sorry for this complete newbie question.How do i actually turn off the radio, if i push the button i[more ...] By ScottH  On Thu Feb 09 2023, 06:44am
None 193 -
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Electrical system warning on display screen  Hi when I turn the key (before the engine starts) on the display for a couple of seconds I have a me[more ...] By ScottH  On Fri Jan 27 2023, 04:28am
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16 780 Ap0qalypto
Tue Feb 07 2023, 02:57am
c4 2015 brakes sesnor/indicators  Sorry as this will have been asked hundreds of times before.Hi ive got an MoT coming up next month a[more ...] By ScottH  On Mon Feb 06 2023, 04:28am
4 261 ScottH
Tue Feb 07 2023, 01:58am
Loeb or vts ? Which is more desirable  Loeb or vts , which is car that you guys would prefer? Cheers By MarkTee  On Tue Oct 04 2022, 12:02pm
5 673 BigJohnD
Sun Oct 16 2022, 05:47am
Unlock the car and the heater starts up  HiSorry to start with a question but my daughter has a C4 hatchback and the minute she unlocks it th[more ...] By Ianran  On Mon Sep 12 2022, 11:50am
None 530 -
Pollen filter  I have a new pollen filter with air flow arrows printed onto it which way should they face up or dow[more ...] By VTR-Coupe-paul  On Sat Sep 21 2013, 02:53am
4 2883 MarkTee
Thu Sep 01 2022, 10:38am
Air con activation question  Hello C4 owners. Do you know if having the heater on even a little bit will prevent the Aircon activ[more ...] By freshadam  On Wed Aug 24 2022, 05:33am
1 751 vexorg
Wed Aug 24 2022, 01:15pm
Electric Windows Again  Finally my replacement switch panel for the drivers side arrived. None of the functions work (but pa[more ...] By maf  On Tue Aug 09 2022, 04:25pm
2 883 Farmerguy
Sun Aug 14 2022, 01:38am
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C4 Charcoal Canister  Ok since owning my C4 coupe VTR+ it has had intermittent power loss around the 3000rpm mark it almos[more ...] By dolanm56  On Fri Aug 03 2012, 12:07pm
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23 13980 eran
Wed Jul 20 2022, 08:53am
Windscreen wiper is mostly not operating...  Recently, driving in some rain, I activated my wipers. I normally press down to go to the variable,[more ...] By Trev2  On Mon Jun 27 2022, 09:29am
3 1131 Ap0qalypto
Thu Jun 30 2022, 04:14am
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ABS Warning Light  My ABS light kept coming on intermittently, first finding the O/S front outer CV boot was failing/le[more ...] By Dynome  On Fri Jun 03 2022, 02:37pm
10 1684 Dynome
Fri Jun 24 2022, 02:28pm
Camshaft sensor voltage values??  Hello everyone,I want to test if my camshaft sensor is working properly, but I'm getting some odd nu[more ...] By gilares  On Fri Jun 03 2022, 04:12am
None 1041 -
Rough idle, but only when warm C4 1.4 16v  Hello people,I have C4 1.4 16v gasoline version (with TNG). It runs rough but only when it is warm ([more ...] By gilares  On Mon May 30 2022, 02:35pm
1 1233 Ap0qalypto
Mon May 30 2022, 04:02pm
C4 ew10A rear brake calipers  Hey. In the case of the C4 2.0 16v petrol (EW10A) model year 2006 VIN VF7LCRFJC74445373 RP: 10719. T[more ...] By powerage  On Mon May 30 2022, 01:18pm
None 1065 -
Depollution system fault with EML light on  Hi all, was driving home from work and there was a beep and the message came up Depollution system f[more ...] By taffyboy66  On Sun Mar 20 2022, 04:56am
2 1745 tomandjo2
Fri Mar 25 2022, 02:38pm
lucas or bosch rear brakes  HelloIs it possible to know the rear disc size from the VIN number on a C4?I need a rear caliper but[more ...] By glenn  On Thu Feb 17 2022, 10:49am
None 1669 -
Will my 2008 C4 Coupe 1.6 VTR+ have ESP?  I need to order new front brakes and I’m not near the vehicle to check. Does the 2008 C4 1.6 VTR+ Co[more ...] By airct  On Thu Jul 30 2020, 08:19am
2 4354 BigJohnD
Thu Dec 09 2021, 06:16pm
Door lock on passenger side? Would be posible to swap it to the drivers side?  I just bought a 2009 C4 5 doors. Like I said the door lock is in the passenger side. Can I take the [more ...] By verissimo_n  On Tue Sep 07 2021, 06:26am
1 2735 BigJohnD
Wed Sep 08 2021, 05:56am
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Trip computer, really far out - MPG  I've had my 2005 C4 1.6 HDI for a couple of weeks now, done about 1300 miles, and trip computer is s[more ...] By simonmcc  On Thu Jul 12 2012, 05:14am
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23 12857 RichieW
Sun Sep 05 2021, 02:06pm
DIY the spare wheel cover/lid  Hello!I am not sure if anyone still uses the old C4, so just shooting in the dark and hoping maybe s[more ...] By alex_reds  On Mon Aug 23 2021, 08:25am
2 2861 vexorg
Sat Aug 28 2021, 06:24am
Glovebox Removal  How do I remove the glovebox door from the car?I have read how to fix the handle, but it doesn't tel[more ...] By PPP7  On Mon Jan 18 2010, 01:31pm
9 9923 AlanB
Wed Aug 04 2021, 01:00pm
looking for a new after market entertainment system  I have a 2009 C4 Hatch, I am wanting to buy an aftermarket entertainment system for the main console[more ...] By Herman96  On Tue Jul 27 2021, 09:23am
1 2895 BigJohnD
Tue Jul 27 2021, 03:43pm
C4 coupe instrument cluster change  Hi all, I have a question can you install the face lift instrument cluster in a non face lift model By lasiakutevs  On Thu Jul 08 2021, 02:37pm
None 2821 -
Compatibility of the hood, front bumper and front lights in between coupe and hatchback 2006  Hello,New at the forum, looking for an advice, will be very grateful to get one.Unfortunately, our C[more ...] By AleSm  On Sun Jun 20 2021, 03:01am
1 3067 lasiakutevs
Wed Jun 23 2021, 03:45am
Idle problem after exactly 30 seconds from ignition on  Goodmorning everyone,I'm an old joined the forum, not active but very attentive reader. : DI have a [more ...] By DavidTwister  On Tue May 10 2016, 05:11am
9 8008 Johnpanas
Fri Jun 18 2021, 01:20am
Coupe VTS hatch struts  Greetings.I have owned my VTS for coming on 9 months now, and its been a lovely experience.Less love[more ...] By NextGen  On Tue May 25 2021, 08:36pm
None 3003 -
C4 Coupe 1.4 16v Petrol Cambelt Change  Hi all,I’m after a bit of advice or direction please. I need to change the cambelt on my 1.4 coupe E[more ...] By CosmicSlop  On Fri Apr 09 2021, 04:24pm
1 3415 vexorg
Sat Apr 10 2021, 03:01am
Diagbox/Lexia. What Do I Need To Buy?  Hi I'm fairly new to the C4 and I need to replace my eolys fluid pouch. Where can I buy the software[more ...] By Seany_Jay  On Sat Mar 13 2021, 06:04am
None 3378 -
C4 1.6 VTI timing chain issue  Hi all,I've just got my hands on a 2012 C4 1.6vti which I'm liking so far! However I've heard a few [more ...] By ajp8868  On Fri Feb 26 2021, 11:58am
None 3440 -
Water in Diesel Filter Error - But on a 1.6 Petrol  Hi all, Weird thing happened earlier, was driving and got an error, Water in diesel filter, but I dr[more ...] By Kanaalaap  On Fri Feb 12 2021, 10:07am
2 3752 Kanaalaap
Sat Feb 13 2021, 07:25am
Wheel change to 15" ?  Hello friends, I am new to the forum and I need your help. I drive a Citroen c4 coupe 2010 with 17 "[more ...] By marto1122  On Sun Dec 20 2020, 01:40pm
2 4001 BigJohnD
Mon Dec 21 2020, 04:48am
Fitting a new head unit to my C4, will it cause problems?  I want to fit a new stereo head unit into my 2008 C4 VTR+. I want to have one with either an aux so[more ...] By airct  On Thu Nov 19 2020, 09:03am
9 4876 airct
Fri Nov 20 2020, 12:26pm
seats seats seats have i made a mistake  i have a 2005 citroen c4 coupe the interior is trashed so bought a full leather interior off ebay to[more ...] By yksilver  On Fri Nov 06 2020, 03:01pm
4 4307 yksilver
Sat Nov 07 2020, 11:50am
Intercooler  Hello guys.I have an diesel c4 from 2009, it's started leaking cooling water from behind the engine,[more ...] By joacom  On Thu Nov 05 2020, 05:32pm
None 3743 -
Replace front wing?  Hi all,I'm a newbie to the C4 world, and have bought an unloved VTR+ coupe that needs some TLC. I've[more ...] By revilo2301  On Sun May 24 2020, 09:17am
1 4620 Pfeiffer
Tue Oct 27 2020, 01:00pm
2010 C4 - Is there a way to show miles left in the tank?  Hi all, I recently swapped over from an 07 clio to my mums 2010 C4 (Auto) as she has a newer car now[more ...] By rp88  On Wed Sep 09 2020, 06:27pm
3 4608 vexorg
Fri Sep 11 2020, 03:26am
C4 Coupe VTS or VTR  Hi, i`am new and i dont speak english very well and sorry for that. I want to buy C4 Coupe 2005 year[more ...] By Bleckota  On Mon Sep 07 2020, 02:34pm
5 4550 BigJohnD
Thu Sep 10 2020, 02:36pm
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Do all C4 1.6hdi's have a DPF?  I have an 09/59 facelifted C4 VTS+ that I'm trying to work out whether it has a DPF or not. It doesn[more ...] By dirty  On Tue Sep 01 2020, 02:22am
12 6218 BigJohnD
Tue Sep 01 2020, 01:03pm
Door sensors  Hi all, I have searched the forum and have only come up with this thread - Click Here - Has anyone g[more ...] By Rincewind  On Sat Aug 01 2020, 06:04pm
None 4122 -
C4 coupe 1.6 HDI VTR 2007 fuel tank  Hi,How do I find out the part number for my plastic fuel tank and does anyone know where I can find [more ...] By Bry54  On Fri Jul 05 2019, 04:02pm
2 5500 BigJohnD
Tue Jul 14 2020, 04:49pm
Rear spoiler question  Guys quick question, I've got a Loeb spoiler off a crashed car, my question is are most spoilers on [more ...] By shea1980  On Sun Apr 05 2020, 04:20am
1 4709 Dynome
Tue Jul 14 2020, 04:03pm
C4 1.6HDI ABS Bleeding  Hi I am fairly new to Citroen cars and am having problems bleeding my abs system. I have many years [more ...] By Kernowcar  On Sun Jul 05 2020, 03:44pm
4 4613 Kernowcar
Tue Jul 07 2020, 04:32pm
Dashcam power cable  Hi guys ive searched but im at work on my phone and ive not seen the info i need. Ive got a 2016 c4[more ...] By Hattster  On Thu Jun 04 2020, 03:53pm
2 4691 vexorg
Sat Jun 06 2020, 04:12am
Front and rear seats  Hey guys and girls can anybody help me out with a query? I have 2007 1.6 sx 5 door and just wonderin[more ...] By Duggins  On Wed Jun 03 2020, 10:12am
None 4290 -
Phone Holder Recommendation for C4 Hatch MK1 (2007)  It's time I got a phone holder for my C4 hatch MK1, but I don't see an obviously elegant and conveni[more ...] By jaizan  On Fri May 01 2020, 05:01am
3 4809 Coliliqui
Sat May 09 2020, 12:27pm
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Rear Hub Nut Replacement  Hi All,Just replacing my rear discs and pads on my 08 C4 1.6 HDi Hatch. New discs came with new hub [more ...] By rickydg  On Wed Jul 02 2014, 11:47am
10 8934 vexorg
Sat May 02 2020, 07:09am
Collant system bleed?  Hi guys i just replaced the timing belt on 1.6hdi 2008,does anyone know how to bleed the system, as [more ...] By shea1980  On Thu Apr 16 2020, 09:14am
1 4726 rusky
Thu Apr 16 2020, 10:30am
Gear stick problem  Hello guys, I am having a problem with my Citroën C4 1.6HDi. When I put it in 5th gear and then brin[more ...] By shea1980  On Fri Apr 03 2020, 11:03am
None 4477 -
LED Bulbs  Hello all, guys quick question, do LED bulbs work OK on the C4? Also do they need to be CANBus ones?[more ...] By shea1980  On Sat Mar 21 2020, 09:30am
1 4868 Coliliqui
Mon Mar 23 2020, 03:15pm
c4 coupe 2008 puddle light?  Guys quick question, On my 2008 i have place for puddle lamps but there is just a hole, Is it possib[more ...] By shea1980  On Sun Mar 08 2020, 12:36pm
1 4813 routemaster1
Sun Mar 08 2020, 01:30pm
Citroen C4 2008 replace bulbs heater controls  Guys quick question, Does anyone know how to change the bulbs in the heater controls, also what bulb[more ...] By shea1980  On Wed Mar 04 2020, 04:54am
1 4886 Dynome
Thu Mar 05 2020, 09:13am
2005 1,6HDi water leak  Hello. I got a water leak. I can't find out where it comes from. It drips on front of engine right [more ...] By Blondie.dk  On Sat Feb 29 2020, 05:45am
3 4944 vexorg
Mon Mar 02 2020, 08:32am
4H TECH Short Shifter Any Good?  Hello Everyone, newbie here, I've been a lurker for quite some time.I've had my C4 since 2017 and no[more ...] By jomski85  On Mon Feb 24 2020, 07:48pm
None 4647 -
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