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C4 Picasso Problems and issues

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Announcement Thread
C4 Picasso Pneumatic Suspension - Spring Conversion Kits
   Eurocarcare for top quality parts for your car.What can Eurocarcare offer that all the rest cannot?[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Thu Nov 07 2013, 01:38pm
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57 71578 TriumphGuy
Tue Mar 10 2020, 08:02am
Announcement Thread
C4 Grand Picasso Pneumatic Suspension Airbags and an update from Citroen UK
  Citroën was featured on a BBC1 consumer affairs programme on Wednesday 2 July.The story related to t[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Wed Jul 02 2014, 02:21pm
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63 92897 stoic
Sat Nov 10 2018, 09:50am
Announcement Thread
C4 Picasso starting problems - Help Guides
  We are starting to see more requests for help on starting problems on some C4 Picasso's, mainly due [more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Thu May 26 2011, 08:10am
None 25649 -
Sticky Thread
C4 Grand Picasso - tailgate lock questions
  I've got a stuck tailgate on my C4GP Exclusive and have had a good look around the forum and suspect[more ...] By priorslee  On Thu Sep 27 2012, 08:42am
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18 41644 matty223
Mon Sep 26 2022, 06:12am
Sticky Thread
C4 Grand Picasso passenger dashboard cupboard
  Hi. I had a problem with my dashboard cupboard, it looks like that the catch has broken and it will[more ...] By klove  On Tue Dec 08 2009, 01:17pm
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30 70924 Superhoop
Wed Dec 02 2020, 10:08am
Sticky Thread
C4 GP faulty Parking Brake Switch
  The brake switch on the dash became loose and at the same time we started getting parking brake fail[more ...] By gazfish  On Tue Nov 18 2014, 03:56pm
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18 55688 TheBeast
Tue Sep 01 2020, 05:35am
Sticky Thread
Had annoying rattle from front suspension since I got C4GP now resolved
  Have had car in for annoying noise from front suspension at slow speeds, normally when turning corne[more ...] By majordamage069  On Fri Nov 08 2013, 11:21am
11 23750 installer
Sun May 24 2020, 04:46am
Sticky Thread
C4GP Self levelling suspension not coming up and I am limited to 5 mph
  From time to time I will get into the car and the driver side rear will stay low on the wheels rathe[more ...] By jls483  On Thu Dec 30 2010, 04:37am
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284 286165 Kiwicake
Sat Apr 11 2020, 03:19am
Sticky Thread
C4 Picasso Electronic parking brake - MOT failure
  Hi all,Hoping this is of interest to people. Not so much of a problem if you're having MOTs done at [more ...] By bobbylack  On Tue Dec 21 2010, 02:46pm
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24 79886 Claude
Thu Jan 18 2018, 05:24pm
Sticky Thread
The cheap and easy way to fix your C4GP boot latch
  Hi I've just bought a C4 GP and found like most the boot latch was broken.So here's a way to fix it [more ...] By Benmeade  On Sat May 18 2013, 04:21pm
13 25125 mike79
Sat Jul 15 2017, 12:43pm
Sticky Thread
C4GP Brilliant explanation for a sticking fuel filler flap
  Well my C4GP 1.6Hdi VTR+ has now passed the 2000 mile mark. Still loving it except that now I have a[more ...] By kryten77  On Sat Nov 24 2007, 11:19pm
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76 112646 mikbe
Fri Jan 01 2016, 01:45pm
Sticky Thread
Error C1621 and F8EB - Resolved as Dead Battery
  C4 Picasso 2.0 diesel 2008 50,000mlsYesterday jumped in the car, ignition on, but the suspension pum[more ...] By calderscot  On Thu Apr 03 2014, 02:20pm
2 21853 Dave_Retired.
Fri Apr 04 2014, 04:11am
Sticky Thread
The dreaded, deaded turbo?
  Looks like the blower on our '08 C4P has thrown in the towel - driving home from Leicester on thursd[more ...] By Dixter  On Sat Oct 29 2011, 06:55am
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40 76936 BernieRubble
Fri Jun 28 2013, 03:25pm
Sticky Thread
C4 Grand Picasso high level brake light
  I'd like to start by saying hello! My name is James and I've just signed up today having bought a '0[more ...] By jamesgerry  On Tue Jun 11 2013, 03:51am
2 18384 Dave_Retired.
Tue Jun 11 2013, 05:51am
Closed Sticky Thread
How to depressurize air suspension using Lexia
  Hi, I am going to change rear suspension on my 2007 grand picasso it has air springs at the back. Th[more ...] By booby86  On Mon Mar 11 2013, 02:32pm
2 21982 Dave_Retired.
Tue Mar 19 2013, 02:33am
 Forum Threads
USB stopped working  Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help.USB has stopped displaying on my radio.I just get the Radio[more ...] By vrstamps  On Wed Sep 27 2023, 04:38pm
None 19 -
2007 C4 Grand Picasso 1.6HDi Crank but doesn´t start, no fault codes  Hello everybody,My car cranks but doesn't start.I connected it to diagbox and no fault codes. The co[more ...] By Rcsp  On Wed Sep 27 2023, 01:29pm
None 18 -
2008 Grand Picasso - Faulty Gearbox - Electrical fault?  Hi everyone, I have a 2008 Grand Picasso 2.0 petrol. Automatic with the paddle shifts - Gear Select[more ...] By Adamm19830  On Sun Sep 24 2023, 10:20am
2 79 Farmerguy
Sun Sep 24 2023, 03:44pm
Trip computer problems  Hi guys, it's Grand Picasso, petrol, manual, 2008. I had the trip computer set permanently on fuel p[more ...] By Xantian  On Mon Sep 18 2023, 07:47pm
1 117 neilp
Tue Sep 19 2023, 03:37am
Exhaust pressure sensor location ?  I need to change the exhaust pressure sensor on my 2011 GP 2.0 HDi.I can't find any details on the n[more ...] By sandfish  On Sat Sep 16 2023, 10:32am
1 151 vexorg
Sun Sep 17 2023, 06:15am
2012 C4GP issue - P0266 with Limp mode?  Hey people. Had a weird one tonight. Filled up (half tank) with diesel and a few minutes later I get[more ...] By MartinMR21987  On Fri Sep 15 2023, 06:05pm
None 111 -
OBD reader  Any recommendations for a good, not too expensive, OBD reader for a 2012 C4 GP?Thanks,Nick By sandfish  On Wed Sep 13 2023, 01:52pm
None 148 -
No power to air control panel  Hi everyone, hoping someone may be able to help me out? I own a 2008 citreon c4 grand picasso vtr +,[more ...] By J4m36  On Fri Jun 10 2022, 12:59pm
2 4183 stubbsy
Wed Sep 13 2023, 01:27pm
Spring loaded location arm Middle row seats  Hi,does anyone know how to remove a broken locator arm and install new one under middle row retracta[more ...] By woodymace  On Wed Aug 30 2023, 03:14am
None 242 -
Scrolling message too fast to read  A couple of times now I've had a beep accompanied to the STOP warning light and a scrolling message [more ...] By Justinthyme  On Mon Aug 14 2023, 04:59am
6 479 Justinthyme
Tue Aug 15 2023, 05:16am
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Car pulling to the right side  Hello everyone, I have one issue basically since I have purchased this car. Car is pulling to the ri[more ...] By Ap0qalypto  On Tue Feb 14 2023, 06:52am
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65 7622 Ap0qalypto
Sat Aug 12 2023, 02:42pm
C4 egs gearbox programming failing.  Hi,Couple days ago gearbox faulty message come up.Got car home.Lost A while driving. Stopped and cou[more ...] By Andrips  On Sat Aug 05 2023, 03:41am
None 422 -
2012 C4GP Exclusive rear groaning noise  Our car has developed a groaning noise at the rear when the ignition is activated. It usually stops [more ...] By sandfish  On Tue Aug 01 2023, 03:24pm
None 435 -
Steering wheel shaking at 60mph plus  Hi, on Thursday i had new brake discs and pads fitted, on Friday went shopping and on the main road [more ...] By GALLOWAY2019  On Sun Jul 23 2023, 09:06am
3 571 BigJohnD
Tue Aug 01 2023, 05:42am
SERVICE after replace of FAP tank - C4 GP 2011 HDi 112KM  Dear All,I will be pleased if anyone could help me. The FAP pump damaged so I got replaced Additive [more ...] By Pawelek  On Mon Jul 24 2023, 04:22pm
None 486 -
C4 grand Picasso semi automatic 2009  HiI have a problem with my car, I got a car with no clutch, i have replaced it with fly wheel and i [more ...] By Ciastek  On Wed Feb 08 2023, 04:06am
5 1699 Ap0qalypto
Fri Jul 21 2023, 11:52pm
Noise when starting  Hi, Sorry to be asking for advice in my first few posts. I hoping you clever people can tell me what[more ...] By Redtardis  On Fri Jul 14 2023, 12:25pm
4 728 Redtardis
Sun Jul 16 2023, 07:25am
Electrical fault and many more codes  I have a 2016 1.6 dieselRecently it had been flashing up electrical fault when starting (not always)[more ...] By PostmanPatch  On Tue Jul 11 2023, 04:32am
7 707 Ap0qalypto
Thu Jul 13 2023, 01:40pm
cd player  Have just bought a 2014 c4 airdream and would like to know what type of cd player I can fit. Do Citr[more ...] By Aeroholic2  On Tue Jul 11 2023, 04:05am
None 553 -
C4 Picasso - low compression engine replacement £5k!!  Hi.I have a 2017 Citroen C4 Picasso. After a brief, intermittent engine fault; didn't "feel right" a[more ...] By LisaT  On Sun Jul 02 2023, 05:04am
5 724 LisaT
Mon Jul 03 2023, 04:00am
C4GP - another air suspension issue  Hi.I've spent many hours on this forum and elsewhere trying to resolve my issue.Background - Car is [more ...] By ir50  On Sat Jun 24 2023, 06:29pm
None 675 -
After battery replacement C4 Picasso 2010  Hello, i have a quick question. Is it true that if you install a lower or higher Ah capacity battery[more ...] By GeorgeMSG  On Thu Jun 15 2023, 03:56am
1 784 Ap0qalypto
Thu Jun 15 2023, 11:53am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
C4 Picasso 155 THP 2010 ESG6 uses lots of oil  Some time ago I noticed a few drops of oil on the road after parking overnight and decided to go at [more ...] By GeorgeMSG  On Wed May 10 2023, 08:57am
10 1137 GeorgeMSG
Thu Jun 15 2023, 03:30am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Juddering randomly, especially on longer trips 10+miles  HiJust looking to see if anyone has had the same issue or knew what the fix may beWe have a Grand Pi[more ...] By Ryld  On Sat Apr 08 2023, 09:09am
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16 2858 khsofiane
Sat Jun 10 2023, 11:40am
Multiple faults  Hi,We recently bought a 15 plate grand as my wife wanted a 7 seater for a new childminding business.[more ...] By simcfc73  On Sun May 14 2023, 04:32pm
4 996 simcfc73
Wed Jun 07 2023, 07:55am
Self levelling rear suspension  My rear axle dumps itself after a couple of hours.It pumps up OK (weirdly after opening the passenge[more ...] By bimmer49  On Mon Apr 03 2023, 01:08pm
5 1337 bimmer49
Tue Jun 06 2023, 11:31am
Longitudinal acceleration sensor C139d fault code  Hi all! I'm a newbie and in need of some help!I own a 2007 2.0hdi Grand Picasso with the automatic m[more ...] By jimmylondon1979  On Mon May 29 2023, 04:36pm
None 821 -
C4 Grand Picasso : Cannot select gear to N , A1 flashing all the times, cannot start the car  Car : Citroen C4 Grand PicassoYear : 2006Gearbox : Auto (semi Auto)Ending : 2.0 PetrolI bought this [more ...] By aamrkhan  On Sun May 14 2023, 01:01pm
5 1023 bimmer49
Sun May 28 2023, 03:18pm
Fuse missing from battery compartment  I have the error "battery charge or electrical supply faulty" on dashboard after aprox 2 minutes aft[more ...] By GeorgeMSG  On Wed May 17 2023, 08:23am
3 1062 GeorgeMSG
Fri May 26 2023, 12:42pm
electric handbrake motor  hi all... i have a c4gp 2007 1.8 petrol.... it failed mot on nsr handbrake insufficient.. so i turn [more ...] By Paulbru  On Sat Jun 15 2019, 06:57am
3 1786 vexorg
Tue May 23 2023, 07:42am
Rear airbag replacement.  For this job NO tools may be required and can be as quick as 15 mins per side!Raise car to full susp[more ...] By bimmer49  On Fri May 12 2023, 11:58am
3 992 routemaster1
Sun May 14 2023, 03:43am
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Revving between gears  Been having a lot of issues with my c4gp 2011 1.6 wtr egs semi lately, issues began with an intermit[more ...] By Paulw791  On Mon May 25 2020, 07:18am
11 4344 GeorgeMSG
Wed May 10 2023, 08:16am
C4GP no start issue like bad battery -- Fix someone might use.  Hi -- i just want to tell about an experience, maybe it could help someone -The wife had a no start [more ...] By Farmerguy  On Sun May 07 2023, 01:41pm
None 948 -
Errors at high speed  Hi all,Bought a 2008 Grand picasso 2 weeks ago, semi auto, drives lovely normally. Took it down an A[more ...] By LuverlyCuppaTea  On Sat May 06 2023, 10:51am
None 957 -
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Cruise Control steering wheel controls not working  Just recently, the Cruise Control steering wheel controls on my 2007 C4 Picasso don't work and nothi[more ...] By imacken  On Tue Apr 04 2023, 03:50am
13 1685 vexorg
Fri Apr 14 2023, 04:09am
Daytime Running Lights  On My 2012 Grand Picasso both the DRL's work fine when the headlights are off, however when i turn t[more ...] By bbfn2001  On Tue Mar 28 2023, 01:31am
7 1444 tomandjo2
Thu Apr 13 2023, 01:58pm
USB port does not pick up flash drive or CarPlay  The USB port on my 2016 Flair C4 charges my phone but does not pick up CarPlay. Similarly if I put a[more ...] By DTK82  On Wed Apr 12 2023, 03:05am
2 1156 routemaster1
Wed Apr 12 2023, 07:03am
2012 Grand Picasso GPS and Clock faults  Hi, Grand Picasso 2012, 230K km., LHD car always used in France. I bought it 2019. Since then it h[more ...] By Sloop  On Mon Apr 03 2023, 03:40am
1 1222 Ap0qalypto
Mon Apr 03 2023, 04:14am
Warning light  Hi my 2014 C4 Picasso has just popped up a message telling me my particle filter additive level is t[more ...] By Steveleese  On Tue Mar 28 2023, 04:17pm
2 1274 vexorg
Wed Mar 29 2023, 04:57am
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2012 Grand C4 Picasso 2.0 HDI - Possible head gasket issue. Could it be something else?  Hi tl;dr - Possible head gasket failure but 2 out of 3 garages aren't convinced. What else could it[more ...] By SignorBotticelli  On Fri Mar 17 2023, 03:39am
Goto page: [ 1 2 3 ]
31 4301 tomandjo2
Mon Mar 27 2023, 01:26pm
2012 C4 Grand Picasso Abs, esp, parking brake fault showing  Hi everyone, Can anyone help please:My 2012 (62 reg) C4 grand Picasso is showing ABS, ESP, and parki[more ...] By Abi08  On Sat Mar 18 2023, 10:47am
2 1370 Farmerguy
Fri Mar 24 2023, 11:45am
Oil Cooler failure on 2007 C4GP  Hi,I have a 2007 C4GP 1.6HDi with a failed oil cooler and despite some considerable searching, I can[more ...] By Yeoman78  On Wed Mar 22 2023, 10:20pm
None 1220 -
Looking For 2007 C4 Picasso 1.8 Petrol Manual - Starter Circuit Wiring Diagram  Hi all,I have a 2007 C4 Picasso 1.8 Petrol Manual that has intermittent non-crank after being driven[more ...] By Dash  On Mon Mar 20 2023, 05:31pm
None 1243 -
Touchscreen - blank  Hi guysI just picked up a 2016 5 door piscasso, Flair model.When I turn on the car the touchscreen d[more ...] By DTK82  On Mon Mar 20 2023, 07:05am
1 1313 Ap0qalypto
Mon Mar 20 2023, 01:35pm
1.6 e-Hdi C4 Picasso. 2013 Mk1 Automatic  I am hoping someone will help me with an issue I have with my car:On long journeys, for example yest[more ...] By Picasso_Fan  On Sat Mar 18 2023, 03:57am
8 1415 Picasso_Fan
Sun Mar 19 2023, 02:30pm
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Suspension Fault message  Last weekend got a suspension fault message (suspension was slightly low), car did not go into limp [more ...] By tomandjo2  On Thu Jan 26 2023, 02:48pm
12 1888 tomandjo2
Sun Mar 12 2023, 12:28pm
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FAULT CODE P1739 after Actuator hose replacement  C4 Picasso 1.6HDi 2013 (mk1) Semi Auto.Hi Noticed a small oil leak near front passenger tyre, which [more ...] By BurnleyMik  On Thu Mar 02 2023, 11:18am
12 1658 Ap0qalypto
Fri Mar 10 2023, 03:41pm
Parking sensors in front bumper  Hi,I have got a used front bumper thats getting sprayed to replace my existing scruffy bumper on my [more ...] By GALLOWAY2019  On Sun Feb 26 2023, 04:52pm
2 1528 GALLOWAY2019
Mon Mar 06 2023, 12:00pm
C4 Grand Picasso Aux Belt Service Light  Hi all,Sorry if this is something that's been covered, but I can't find anything through a search. I[more ...] By Segunakino  On Sat Mar 04 2023, 11:51am
None 1330 -
Gearbox oil Capacity C4 Picasso 1.6 e-HDi 110 Airdream EGS6  Gearbox oil Capacity C4 Picasso 1.6 e-HDi 110 Airdream EGS6 (2013 MK1)Can anyone help me with this, [more ...] By BurnleyMik  On Fri Mar 03 2023, 10:00am
None 1371 -
Tailgate and tailgate glass handle replacement.  In it's previous ownership, the tailgate glass handle had been swapped to the tailgate release handl[more ...] By bimmer49  On Tue Feb 28 2023, 01:26pm
None 1363 -
Rattling noise after driving through puddle. Any thoughts?  Shortly after driving through a puddle, my C4 Grand Picasso (2008) started making a rattling noise i[more ...] By garrampin  On Sat Feb 25 2023, 04:32pm
3 1451 vexorg
Sun Feb 26 2023, 02:33pm
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DPF additive reset  I replaced the eolys bag months ago (NEW bag not a refill kit), but have never been able to reset it[more ...] By tomandjo2  On Sat Feb 25 2023, 06:05am
10 1825 tomandjo2
Sun Feb 26 2023, 01:36pm
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Electronic Parking Brake Adjustment?  Morning Everyone, would appreciate a bit of help, got a 2010 C4 Picasso, had it 18 months now, gener[more ...] By Chris-Pembs  On Sun Feb 05 2023, 03:26am
10 1944 Farmerguy
Fri Feb 24 2023, 01:18pm
C4 GP 2007 EGS fault after handbrake repair  Hi, firstly a huge thanks for all the posts that have helped me keep my car going over the years. Bu[more ...] By Shotgun_ed  On Sat Jan 29 2022, 07:37am
5 5936 Farmerguy
Fri Feb 24 2023, 01:13pm
Grand Picasso Pneumatic Suspension Goes Down  Hey all, I know that this issue has been talked to death on this forum, but the threads I'm finding [more ...] By acelister  On Tue Feb 21 2023, 06:02am
1 1454 vexorg
Tue Feb 21 2023, 06:11am
IGNITION FAILURE - Misfire Detected  My 2l Petrol C4 GP ESP and ASR lights and Handbrake error messages came on and lost power Recovered [more ...] By Nickyc53  On Mon Feb 20 2023, 01:37pm
1 1547 Ap0qalypto
Mon Feb 20 2023, 01:56pm
C4 Grand Picasso 64plate HDi UREA and Engine light on  Had this car for over a year, the other week the engine light came on and i took it to a Citroen spe[more ...] By shaunyboy  On Tue Jan 24 2023, 10:28am
7 1774 skorpion
Mon Feb 20 2023, 03:52am
C4 GP wipers 🤦‍♂️  Hey all,The wife’s wipers stopped working. Hard to tell a good story because she doesn’t really tell[more ...] By Jonboy7300  On Mon Jan 30 2023, 05:46pm
3 1763 Jonboy7300
Fri Feb 17 2023, 01:36pm
C4 Grand Picasso 2011 Semi auto gears not engaging  Hello fellow members,I hope somebody can help me with my wife’s C4 Grand Picasso. Car was running fi[more ...] By Sar0123  On Thu Feb 09 2023, 03:55am
5 1703 bimmer49
Wed Feb 15 2023, 02:01pm
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