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C4 Picasso Problems and issues

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Announcement Thread
C4 Grand Picasso Pneumatic Suspension Airbags and an update from Citroen UK
  Citroën was featured on a BBC1 consumer affairs programme on Wednesday 2 July.The story related to t[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Wed Jul 02 2014, 02:21pm
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61 28097 crosville1
Tue Jul 17 2018, 07:10am
Announcement Thread
C4 Picasso Pneumatic Suspension - Spring Conversion Kits
   Eurocarcare for top quality parts for your car.What can Eurocarcare offer that all the rest cannot?[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Thu Nov 07 2013, 01:38pm
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46 16865 barwood
Sun Mar 25 2018, 09:20am
Announcement Thread
C4 Picasso starting problems - Help Guides
  We are starting to see more requests for help on starting problems on some C4 Picasso's, mainly due [more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Thu May 26 2011, 08:10am
None 12944 -
Sticky Thread
C4 GP faulty Parking Brake Switch
  The brake switch on the dash became loose and at the same time we started getting parking brake fail[more ...] By gazfish  On Tue Nov 18 2014, 03:56pm
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16 12291 Suffolk
Mon Oct 15 2018, 05:26am
Sticky Thread
Had annoying rattle from front suspension since I got C4GP now resolved
  Have had car in for annoying noise from front suspension at slow speeds, normally when turning corne[more ...] By majordamage069  On Fri Nov 08 2013, 11:21am
7 7225 lizzibee
Wed Jul 25 2018, 04:46am
Sticky Thread
C4 Grand Picasso - tailgate lock questions
  I've got a stuck tailgate on my C4GP Exclusive and have had a good look around the forum and suspect[more ...] By priorslee  On Thu Sep 27 2012, 08:42am
13 20385 priorslee
Sat Jul 21 2018, 04:23pm
Sticky Thread
C4GP Self levelling suspension not coming up and I am limited to 5 mph
  From time to time I will get into the car and the driver side rear will stay low on the wheels rathe[more ...] By jls483  On Thu Dec 30 2010, 04:37am
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276 158186 Purple_Wagon
Sat Mar 17 2018, 06:19am
Sticky Thread
C4 Picasso Electronic parking brake - MOT failure
  Hi all,Hoping this is of interest to people. Not so much of a problem if you're having MOTs done at [more ...] By bobbylack  On Tue Dec 21 2010, 02:46pm
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24 45418 Claude
Thu Jan 18 2018, 05:24pm
Sticky Thread
The cheap and easy way to fix your C4GP boot latch
  Hi I've just bought a C4 GP and found like most the boot latch was broken.So here's a way to fix it [more ...] By Benmeade  On Sat May 18 2013, 04:21pm
13 10395 mike79
Sat Jul 15 2017, 12:43pm
Sticky Thread
C4 Grand Picasso passenger dashboard cupboard
  Hi. I had a problem with my dashboard cupboard, it looks like that the catch has broken and it will[more ...] By klove  On Tue Dec 08 2009, 01:17pm
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26 28529 otso
Tue Oct 25 2016, 02:35pm
Sticky Thread
C4GP Brilliant explanation for a sticking fuel filler flap
  Well my C4GP 1.6Hdi VTR+ has now passed the 2000 mile mark. Still loving it except that now I have a[more ...] By kryten77  On Sat Nov 24 2007, 11:19pm
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76 45206 mikbe
Fri Jan 01 2016, 01:45pm
Sticky Thread
Error C1621 and F8EB - Resolved as Dead Battery
  C4 Picasso 2.0 diesel 2008 50,000mlsYesterday jumped in the car, ignition on, but the suspension pum[more ...] By calderscot  On Thu Apr 03 2014, 02:20pm
2 6206 Dave_Retired.
Fri Apr 04 2014, 04:11am
Sticky Thread
The dreaded, deaded turbo?
  Looks like the blower on our '08 C4P has thrown in the towel - driving home from Leicester on thursd[more ...] By Dixter  On Sat Oct 29 2011, 06:55am
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40 32875 BernieRubble
Fri Jun 28 2013, 03:25pm
Sticky Thread
C4 Grand Picasso high level brake light
  I'd like to start by saying hello! My name is James and I've just signed up today having bought a '0[more ...] By jamesgerry  On Tue Jun 11 2013, 03:51am
2 5856 Dave_Retired.
Tue Jun 11 2013, 05:51am
Closed Sticky Thread
How to depressurize air suspension using Lexia
  Hi, I am going to change rear suspension on my 2007 grand picasso it has air springs at the back. Th[more ...] By booby86  On Mon Mar 11 2013, 02:32pm
2 7983 Dave_Retired.
Tue Mar 19 2013, 02:33am
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Leak of EGS Actuator Fluid  Hi All,I have had a nightmare day, I have a C4 1.6 HDi EGS VTR+ GP. I have noticed today a patch of [more ...] By chrisw6152  On Sun Aug 19 2012, 02:49pm
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48 41834 rusky
Tue Oct 23 2018, 12:56pm
Heater - Bad Smell, Poor De-mister and white flecks blown out!  Hi. I have an 09 C4 Grand and recently it has been very poor to demist the windows, leaving and almo[more ...] By gazzagb22  On Tue Oct 23 2018, 09:47am
1 21 rusky
Tue Oct 23 2018, 11:52am
Rear driver side seat belt audio warning when seat belt plugged in  Hi all,I have a 2009 Citroen C4GP and the rear drivers side seat belt audio warning has started goin[more ...] By MattyBrian  On Tue Oct 23 2018, 04:33am
None 31 -
Fuse for interior boot light / torch charger  Can anyone help me with the location of the interior boot light / torch charger please? By Map503  On Thu Aug 30 2018, 09:21am
1 166 optiplus
Mon Oct 22 2018, 03:34pm
Rear Spring replacements  HI, i had 2 cracked rear springs on my 58 Grand Picasso.. I replaced with KYB 5768 springs, the heig[more ...] By swc7  On Sat Oct 20 2018, 05:33pm
1 55 BigJohnD
Sun Oct 21 2018, 12:38pm
ABS wiring  Does anyone have an ABS wiring diagram?I've got an ABS and speed constance fault local garage said t[more ...] By Onefut  On Fri Oct 19 2018, 06:05am
1 72 graham12n
Sat Oct 20 2018, 06:41am
ECU comms and wiring.  2009 C4GP. I have a problem where I can't connect to the ECU via the OBD socket in the glove box. I'[more ...] By pauljordanie  On Thu Oct 18 2018, 08:18am
2 66 pauljordanie
Fri Oct 19 2018, 08:56am
Possible BSI fault...help plz  I bought this 09 C4GP a month or so ago and have been working through the issues but the other day I[more ...] By Onefut  On Wed Oct 17 2018, 02:14pm
1 63 rusky
Wed Oct 17 2018, 04:08pm
C4 Picasso door locking problem !!help!!  Sadly my car has developed a fault.Every time i close the passenger door the whole car locks itself [more ...] By mossy2432  On Thu Oct 11 2018, 10:17am
2 126 mossy2432
Wed Oct 17 2018, 01:06pm
Problem with the Dual Climate Controls  Hello. I'm new owner of Citroen C4 Picasso 2008 1.6HDI, the car was great till now, but my battery w[more ...] By Stanislav  On Thu Oct 11 2018, 03:37am
2 89 Stanislav
Tue Oct 16 2018, 11:31am
EGS Again  Evening all, after being away from the citroen club for a while(volvo), we have gone back to the Pic[more ...] By jay81  On Fri Sep 28 2018, 01:54pm
3 145 Ap0qalypto
Tue Oct 16 2018, 07:38am
Sluggish start, high revs in low gear C4 Grand Picasso Diesel 1.6 HDI  Hi, need some help with this as it's boxing our heads in.We have a C4 Grand Picasso Diesel 1.6 HDI ([more ...] By atomickarma  On Wed Sep 26 2018, 06:05am
6 157 Ap0qalypto
Tue Oct 16 2018, 07:35am
C4GP Gearbox, noise, won't start & Video  Hi all, parents have a Grand Picasso and earlier in the summer my mum had problems after reversing f[more ...] By chefslot  On Sun Oct 07 2018, 08:00am
3 130 Ap0qalypto
Tue Oct 16 2018, 07:34am
Electronic hand brake and reverse lights always on  I'm a newbie so hello to everyone and thanks to everyone for all there help.I have been reading this[more ...] By Hairyman  On Thu Oct 11 2018, 07:02am
1 80 Ap0qalypto
Tue Oct 16 2018, 07:33am
C4 Grand Picasso 2008 handbrake switch  Hi everyone, any advice please on replacing a handbrake switch on my C4 Grand Picasso please. Wife h[more ...] By welshy  On Sat Jul 23 2016, 01:26pm
4 1185 fni
Sun Oct 14 2018, 11:48am
Handbrake lever fail  Hi I have a C4 Picasso VTR+ HDi 59 plate....This morning the handbrake lever on the dash decided to [more ...] By RobJ59  On Thu Jul 25 2013, 12:41pm
3 1839 fni
Sun Oct 14 2018, 11:44am
C4 Grand Picasso 2014 speakers.  When the bass note kicks in it sounds like it is blown. Is there a separate sub speaker or are they [more ...] By tosh1984  On Thu Oct 11 2018, 05:30am
2 101 tosh1984
Fri Oct 12 2018, 01:45am
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All doors lock themselves when I close the driver's door  Hi everybody!Thanks for your time and help in advance!I have problem with driver door lock, all door[more ...] By westvland  On Wed Mar 06 2013, 07:03pm
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16 15293 mossy2432
Thu Oct 11 2018, 02:10am
Leaky turbo feeder pipe  Hi,I've developed an oil leak, from the top connector of the oil feed to the turbo, it looks to be s[more ...] By jloyd  On Tue Sep 25 2018, 01:47pm
4 161 Onefut
Wed Oct 10 2018, 04:17pm
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Interior lights not working?  Hey guys, I am new to the work of Citroens and French cars in general and am having a few issues I a[more ...] By apb1980  On Fri Jan 02 2015, 08:10am
13 2615 Safetyman
Sun Oct 07 2018, 09:54am
Internal heater blower motor  The blower motor stopped working so I replaced the motor and resistor pack and now the blower is stu[more ...] By Daz170981  On Fri Oct 05 2018, 01:27pm
None 82 -
C4GP Airstream 2012 rear shocks  Hi, was wondering if anyone knows if replacing rear shocks is a big job?? Car not been driving right[more ...] By Colls10  On Tue Jul 31 2018, 11:30am
2 247 Avelar
Thu Oct 04 2018, 12:31pm
No New Posts on Popular Thread
C4 Grand Picasso rear engine mount knocking.  Hi everyone, I have a C4 gp 1.6 hdi vtr+ manual 58 plate 27000 miles. When the car is started from c[more ...] By c4gp2008  On Wed Aug 04 2010, 04:00pm
12 6569 looxuser
Wed Oct 03 2018, 10:16am
C4GP Electronic Handbrake Secondary Cable  Hi allI have a 2008 C4GP VTR+ 1.8 and this morning, when parking on a slope, the electronic handbrak[more ...] By theseriojca  On Sun Sep 30 2018, 04:01pm
None 88 -
Dashboard goes into a 'Alert' mode  Hi ForumI have a 2011 C4 Grand Picasso VTR+ HDI.Twice in the last 2 weeks my C4 GP's dashboard has g[more ...] By hastings-c4grand  On Fri Sep 28 2018, 04:26am
4 125 FakeConcern
Fri Sep 28 2018, 02:08pm
C4 Grand Picasso with smaller turbo?  Hi,I bought a used C4 GP with 110 BHP and noticed that it has a 90 HP Mitsubishi turbo.Can the small[more ...] By user12134  On Fri Sep 28 2018, 01:57pm
None 84 -
Required replacement car jack capacity  Hi ForumI have a 2011 C4 Grand Picasso VTR+ HDI.I need a replacement car jack.Do you know the weight[more ...] By hastings-c4grand  On Fri Sep 28 2018, 05:01am
None 90 -
eBrake barely working with no stopping power  Hi,Out of nowwhere, my eBrake ceased to work. When I start the car, it's turned on by default, led o[more ...] By Bilazaurus  On Wed Sep 26 2018, 06:23am
3 127 Bilazaurus
Thu Sep 27 2018, 09:21am
C4 GP - Splicing factory parking sensors with aftermarket ones  Hiya,I have an aftermarket head unit, which means I won't hear beeps from parking sensor system. Ada[more ...] By Bilazaurus  On Wed Sep 26 2018, 06:18am
1 112 BigJohnD
Wed Sep 26 2018, 05:46pm
Multiple Error Codes - Suspected BSI Fault.  I've been getting random suspension faults for the past 6 months or more, but when they clear the su[more ...] By frosty1977  On Wed Sep 19 2018, 02:50pm
8 191 rusky
Wed Sep 26 2018, 03:29pm
Clutch disengage shudder and clunky gear change  Hi,Did some research but couldn't find any answer. When disengaging clutch when on 1st or 2nd gear ([more ...] By Bilazaurus  On Wed Sep 26 2018, 06:29am
None 88 -
C4 2.0 EGS Oil pressure error  Hello everybody, I am hopping that someone could guide me in a right direction, not just to replace [more ...] By Ap0qalypto  On Wed Sep 26 2018, 04:11am
2 95 Ap0qalypto
Wed Sep 26 2018, 04:45am
Sunroof, mirror and window electrical problems  I’ve got a 2012 Citroen Grand Picasso.A while ago noticed that the sun roof wouldn’t open when the b[more ...] By Stitch123  On Thu Sep 13 2018, 02:38am
5 187 Stitch123
Wed Sep 26 2018, 02:55am
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C4 Picasso 2.0 EGS 57 Plate - Gears jumping out of auto to manual  We have recently purchased a 57 plate C4 Picasso 2.0 Exclusive EGS from a local independent dealer. [more ...] By djne  On Tue Apr 03 2012, 09:01am
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27 10244 rcruz
Tue Sep 25 2018, 09:43am
2008 C4GP 2 Litre Petrol EGS  lots of threads on the diesel model struggling to find info re petrolSo My 2 litre petrol on cold st[more ...] By GrandPicassoBrighton  On Tue Sep 25 2018, 02:48am
1 101 rusky
Tue Sep 25 2018, 03:26am
Access to Citroen parts microfiche  Hi guys, does the site contain the parts mikcofiches anywhere please? need a part number for engine [more ...] By looxuser  On Mon Sep 17 2018, 06:29am
3 178 looxuser
Mon Sep 24 2018, 11:35am
Multiple warnings rear LH lights  Hi,I'm getting multiple warnings for rear LH lights - indicators, reverse lights and brake lights. I[more ...] By Avelar  On Mon Sep 24 2018, 06:39am
1 106 routemaster1
Mon Sep 24 2018, 11:04am
EGS Clutch not engaged  I have a 2007 2l HDI C4 Grand Picasso with the electronic gear box. Occasionally when I'm in cruise [more ...] By Editeur  On Fri Sep 21 2018, 07:55am
None 133 -
2014 C4 Picasso battery charge fault  Hi all I have a problem I hope someone might be able to shed some light onI had stopped my grand Pic[more ...] By Tigggraaa  On Mon Sep 17 2018, 01:02pm
2 163 routemaster1
Mon Sep 17 2018, 01:49pm
2008 C4GP 2.0 petrol EGS P1755  Hi, Our Picasso (120k) has decided it doesn't want to select gears anymore. I obtained a lexia/[more ...] By daibill  On Sun Sep 16 2018, 10:46am
3 176 rusky
Mon Sep 17 2018, 10:11am
EGR valve replacement - so much choice?  Hi there,Seems like the EGR-valve on my C4 picasso is up for replacement (different errors that poin[more ...] By finchy  On Sat Sep 01 2018, 12:08pm
4 248 rusky
Sat Sep 15 2018, 05:37am
Attempting to calibrate EGS clutch, but Gearbox ECU not listed  Hello everyone,I'm trying to re-calibrate the juddering clutch on my Citroen C4 Picasso (2009) using[more ...] By BenM  On Tue Jul 10 2018, 05:11pm
4 440 rusky
Thu Sep 13 2018, 10:41am
2010 Grand C4 Piccasso pulsing/lunging/ jerking  Hello all,Hope you can help.We've got a 2010 Grand C4 Picasso Exclusive with 6 speed EGS gears.over [more ...] By Kris_the_Joiner  On Tue Sep 04 2018, 02:04pm
9 308 Kris_the_Joiner
Tue Sep 11 2018, 10:48am
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C4GP EGS. Noise when changing gears.  I have just bought a 57 reg Grand C4 Picasso Exclusive EGS with 34,000 miles showing, from an indepe[more ...] By Bradders  On Mon Oct 04 2010, 03:01pm
11 2848 rusky
Tue Sep 11 2018, 02:35am
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Turbo seized advice  Hi all.I've just been told that the turbo has seized on my Grand Picasso c4. year 2008 and 74k milea[more ...] By mogzie  On Wed Jun 27 2018, 10:47am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
16 1040 maniacs_id_vaunted
Sun Sep 09 2018, 12:40pm
C4 Grand Picasso 1.6 HDI 2007 Gearbox Fault  Hello, I have a problem with my C4 Grand Picasso and I'm hoping that someone can help me out...Basic[more ...] By Thunder  On Sat Sep 01 2018, 05:54am
None 179 -
FM Reception C4 Grand Picasso  Hi all, the FM reception on my 57 plate Grand Picasso has suddenly got worse, I am now only able to [more ...] By tonelokeuk  On Sun Aug 26 2018, 05:22pm
2 203 tonelokeuk
Thu Aug 30 2018, 04:57pm
Gearbox problem - Grand Picasso 08 2.0D  Gearbox problem - Grand Picasso 08 2.0DHi guys, I am hoping for some advice.Driving the wife and kid[more ...] By Danny99  On Sun Jul 08 2018, 10:07am
7 416 Onefut
Thu Aug 30 2018, 02:01pm
upper Lambda sensor  hia friend need some help.looking for the part number for upper Lambda sensor for 2010 1.6 156hp 5FX[more ...] By yovavb  On Wed Aug 29 2018, 05:26am
None 152 -
C4 GP 2007 Passenger side only hot air  Hi,Murphy's law dictates, that we have an issue with the climate control, just before vacation ...C4[more ...] By BeerLover  On Mon Jul 30 2018, 08:24am
1 311 Skalishius
Mon Aug 27 2018, 05:59am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Annoying Beep  I have a 57 plate Grand Picasso Exclusive, when I turn the engine off and remove the keys from the i[more ...] By tonelokeuk  On Sat Mar 29 2014, 02:25am
10 2887 tonelokeuk
Sun Aug 26 2018, 05:13pm
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"Gearbox Faulty" message appears in 6th gear at 114kmh (70mph)  Hello everybody!I have recently bought C4GP 2.0HDI 2007 Exclusive and I got a problem.When I am in 6[more ...] By Daniel_Cro  On Wed Feb 22 2017, 03:35am
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52 9269 All_in
Sat Aug 25 2018, 04:17pm
Power take off at battery  Can any help me please? I'm fitting a towbar & bypass relay to my 2012 c4 picasso. The instructi[more ...] By frenchnobility  On Sun Apr 14 2013, 08:55am
6 1887 jalkebratt
Thu Aug 23 2018, 04:16am
Disconnected height sensor for air suspension  Hi.I am sorry if this has been mentioned before but I couldn't find exactly same issue as I have. Af[more ...] By karazi  On Tue Aug 21 2018, 01:33am
2 215 karazi
Wed Aug 22 2018, 04:50am
Dash freezing and other electrical gremlins  Hi all,We picked up a new to us 2012 C4GP vtr+ last week, great car but now the wife is finding litt[more ...] By gpc4_somerset  On Thu Aug 02 2018, 03:08am
2 287 looxuser
Tue Aug 21 2018, 04:49pm
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C4GP crumbling driver's seat  Can anyone help. The RHS edge of the driver's seat in my C4 Grand Picasso has broken up under the ca[more ...] By ursula  On Mon Feb 28 2011, 06:44am
Goto page: [ 1 2 3 ... 13 14 15 ]
223 70488 looxuser
Tue Aug 21 2018, 04:47pm
Handbrake Failure and ESP lights  Hoping someone can help gonna go mad soon if not 😩 had to replace rear indicator bulb on my 08 Picas[more ...] By awoodacre  On Fri Aug 17 2018, 03:37am
2 270 looxuser
Tue Aug 21 2018, 04:37pm
Solved: ABS ECU connector wiring diagram / pin layout?  Update to title to reflect current position - save some time and skip my original post Hi allI have[more ...] By Nemesis84  On Sat Aug 18 2018, 04:40am
6 309 Nemesis84
Sun Aug 19 2018, 02:17pm
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C4 Grand Picasso Depollution Fault  Good AfternoonI have recently purchased a C4 GP which had the depollution fault. Having purchased Le[more ...] By Delvey  On Mon Jun 25 2018, 09:49am
Goto page: [ 1 2 3 ]
37 1759 Delvey
Sat Aug 18 2018, 08:15am
Oil Splatter  Just got my new to me a 2008 1.6HDi GP got it for a song as the po had as much as he could take, whe[more ...] By Diag_Man  On Fri Aug 17 2018, 11:02am
None 194 -
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