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C4 Picasso Problems and issues

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Announcement Thread
C4 Picasso Pneumatic Suspension - Spring Conversion Kits
   Eurocarcare for top quality parts for your car.What can Eurocarcare offer that all the rest cannot?[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Thu Nov 07 2013, 01:38pm
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57 38879 TriumphGuy
Tue Mar 10 2020, 08:02am
Announcement Thread
C4 Grand Picasso Pneumatic Suspension Airbags and an update from Citroen UK
  Citroën was featured on a BBC1 consumer affairs programme on Wednesday 2 July.The story related to t[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Wed Jul 02 2014, 02:21pm
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63 55350 stoic
Sat Nov 10 2018, 09:50am
Announcement Thread
C4 Picasso starting problems - Help Guides
  We are starting to see more requests for help on starting problems on some C4 Picasso's, mainly due [more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Thu May 26 2011, 08:10am
None 17347 -
Sticky Thread
C4 Grand Picasso passenger dashboard cupboard
  Hi. I had a problem with my dashboard cupboard, it looks like that the catch has broken and it will[more ...] By klove  On Tue Dec 08 2009, 01:17pm
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30 44787 Superhoop
Wed Dec 02 2020, 10:08am
Sticky Thread
C4 GP faulty Parking Brake Switch
  The brake switch on the dash became loose and at the same time we started getting parking brake fail[more ...] By gazfish  On Tue Nov 18 2014, 03:56pm
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18 32102 TheBeast
Tue Sep 01 2020, 05:35am
Sticky Thread
Had annoying rattle from front suspension since I got C4GP now resolved
  Have had car in for annoying noise from front suspension at slow speeds, normally when turning corne[more ...] By majordamage069  On Fri Nov 08 2013, 11:21am
11 13772 installer
Sun May 24 2020, 04:46am
Sticky Thread
C4GP Self levelling suspension not coming up and I am limited to 5 mph
  From time to time I will get into the car and the driver side rear will stay low on the wheels rathe[more ...] By jls483  On Thu Dec 30 2010, 04:37am
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284 210323 Kiwicake
Sat Apr 11 2020, 03:19am
Sticky Thread
C4 Grand Picasso - tailgate lock questions
  I've got a stuck tailgate on my C4GP Exclusive and have had a good look around the forum and suspect[more ...] By priorslee  On Thu Sep 27 2012, 08:42am
14 28337 bonsimmo
Thu Feb 07 2019, 11:22am
Sticky Thread
C4 Picasso Electronic parking brake - MOT failure
  Hi all,Hoping this is of interest to people. Not so much of a problem if you're having MOTs done at [more ...] By bobbylack  On Tue Dec 21 2010, 02:46pm
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24 59998 Claude
Thu Jan 18 2018, 05:24pm
Sticky Thread
The cheap and easy way to fix your C4GP boot latch
  Hi I've just bought a C4 GP and found like most the boot latch was broken.So here's a way to fix it [more ...] By Benmeade  On Sat May 18 2013, 04:21pm
13 16109 mike79
Sat Jul 15 2017, 12:43pm
Sticky Thread
C4GP Brilliant explanation for a sticking fuel filler flap
  Well my C4GP 1.6Hdi VTR+ has now passed the 2000 mile mark. Still loving it except that now I have a[more ...] By kryten77  On Sat Nov 24 2007, 11:19pm
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76 71853 mikbe
Fri Jan 01 2016, 01:45pm
Sticky Thread
Error C1621 and F8EB - Resolved as Dead Battery
  C4 Picasso 2.0 diesel 2008 50,000mlsYesterday jumped in the car, ignition on, but the suspension pum[more ...] By calderscot  On Thu Apr 03 2014, 02:20pm
2 12221 Dave_Retired.
Fri Apr 04 2014, 04:11am
Sticky Thread
The dreaded, deaded turbo?
  Looks like the blower on our '08 C4P has thrown in the towel - driving home from Leicester on thursd[more ...] By Dixter  On Sat Oct 29 2011, 06:55am
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40 50950 BernieRubble
Fri Jun 28 2013, 03:25pm
Sticky Thread
C4 Grand Picasso high level brake light
  I'd like to start by saying hello! My name is James and I've just signed up today having bought a '0[more ...] By jamesgerry  On Tue Jun 11 2013, 03:51am
2 10136 Dave_Retired.
Tue Jun 11 2013, 05:51am
Closed Sticky Thread
How to depressurize air suspension using Lexia
  Hi, I am going to change rear suspension on my 2007 grand picasso it has air springs at the back. Th[more ...] By booby86  On Mon Mar 11 2013, 02:32pm
2 13128 Dave_Retired.
Tue Mar 19 2013, 02:33am
 Forum Threads
No power to starter motor  Hello again all, I don't really pop on as I don't have much to offer but I do when I need help, so b[more ...] By Flanders  On Mon Jul 26 2021, 10:50am
2 115 Flanders
Tue Aug 03 2021, 01:50am
Airco / A/C problem, a mere 12v getting to compressor, no response to dash button  Hi all, First post (well second if counting newbie sais hi), thanks for having me:)The A/C suddenly [more ...] By Groningen  On Thu Jul 29 2021, 10:50am
4 97 Groningen
Mon Aug 02 2021, 04:32am
CD player always seems to be trying to eject  Hi all, I've searched for an answer and I was sure there was a sticky about this so sorry if it's a [more ...] By Dan_Sykes  On Fri Jul 30 2021, 11:53am
2 66 vexorg
Mon Aug 02 2021, 03:06am
EGS actuator pump replacement  Hi everyone, I need some sage advice please. My EGS actuator devloped the dreaded Gearbox Faulty mes[more ...] By Fizzy  On Mon May 24 2021, 09:59am
6 644 Fizzy
Sun Jul 25 2021, 03:41am
Driver's Side Rear Window Stuck Down  I followed the other threads in the forums but none of the suggested solutions worked for me.I could[more ...] By cerisman  On Thu Jul 22 2021, 05:39am
None 104 -
long time owner needing help with Diabox 9.91  Hi Guys, new to the forum but am a long time owner of a highly serviced 1.6 exclusive.I persisted fo[more ...] By talkthetalk  On Sat Jul 10 2021, 01:56pm
7 290 GPGeorge
Tue Jul 20 2021, 06:04am
Fault codes - EGR and DPF  Hi AllI've got a 2010 1.6HDi Grand Picasso VTR+ Auto. All has been fine, until I started the engine [more ...] By AlwaysPondering  On Thu Jun 17 2021, 08:19am
4 379 GPGeorge
Sat Jul 10 2021, 01:01pm
C4gp aircon problems  Hi guys,I have a 2012 C4GP 1.6 e-hdi.the air con hasn't been working for about a month, so was going[more ...] By pjcross  On Tue Jul 06 2021, 01:27pm
None 212 -
codef000 on bsm  Hi i am having intermitent problems with my 08 c4 picasso hand brake warning then esp/abs warning th[more ...] By kev  On Wed Jun 30 2021, 08:10am
1 242 GPGeorge
Wed Jun 30 2021, 01:56pm
CV shaft leak after accidentally popping it out  Hi allWondered if anyone could give me some advice.On the weekend I replaced my Wishbones, and in th[more ...] By Coll659  On Mon Jun 28 2021, 10:08am
2 264 Coll659
Mon Jun 28 2021, 11:28am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Knocking noise when driving  Hi all.First of all hello to everyone, I'm a new C4 owner so nice to see a good community here.I hav[more ...] By Coll659  On Tue May 25 2021, 01:02pm
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17 1179 Coll659
Mon Jun 28 2021, 10:02am
Centre console  Has anyone changed out their centre console and fitted a more useful one. And how do you remove them[more ...] By Datadogie  On Sat Jun 19 2021, 03:15am
2 335 Datadogie
Fri Jun 25 2021, 01:02am
Gearbox errors  Hi guys,I recently bought my first Citroen a 2011 Grand C4 Picasso DW10CTED4 RHH.Out of curiosity , [more ...] By c4gp.rhh  On Sun Jun 13 2021, 02:33pm
2 362 c4gp.rhh
Thu Jun 17 2021, 05:08pm
1733 fault when had a check  Hi, I have a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2.0 Desiel 2007. I had my breakdown service out and he plugged[more ...] By Mike5584  On Wed Jun 16 2021, 11:44am
None 288 -
MAF sensor or red herring?  Hi all.My Picasso has had an issue for a while where it seems very low on power when pulling off fro[more ...] By Coll659  On Mon Jun 14 2021, 02:05pm
None 305 -
Help! HandBrake / Parking Brake Fault U1313 (Will not Start) with Lexia fault report  Citroen C4 Picasso 2011 1.6HD1 AutoU1313 Fault: absence of communication with the ESP ECUI will happ[more ...] By igazz  On Sun Jun 06 2021, 06:42am
7 530 GPGeorge
Sun Jun 13 2021, 09:14am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Driver's seat padding collapsed  Hi,I have got what seems to be a common problem with the C4GP's the collapsing drivers seat padding,[more ...] By GALLOWAY2019  On Tue Feb 11 2020, 03:52pm
13 1412 tawhidahmed
Fri Jun 11 2021, 12:13am
EGS clutch nightmare. HELP!  hello all, new member here and unfortunatly i am having to start with a question.i have a 1.6HDI c4g[more ...] By DJ_Steve  On Wed Jun 09 2021, 02:24am
None 333 -
2009 Citroen GC4P Dual Zone Climatronic cools only for the first minute, then shuts off :((  First of all, please forgive me if this is posted in the incorrect location. I searched and could on[more ...] By urslanda  On Mon Jun 07 2021, 05:09am
1 401 FrankBullitt
Mon Jun 07 2021, 02:49pm
C4gGP cutting out after couple of miles  Got a problem with my C4 grand picasso, 2009 1.6HDi.Problem is it goes ok for about 3 miles then tic[more ...] By 357mag  On Sun Jun 06 2021, 05:12am
1 380 357mag
Sun Jun 06 2021, 05:28am
C4 Picasso battery removal  Hi Anyone who can help meMy car is 2012 C4 Picasso 1.6 HDII need to replace the battery and already [more ...] By LemonTete  On Wed Jun 02 2021, 01:07pm
6 532 DeuxChevaux
Fri Jun 04 2021, 10:21am
Citroen C4 GP gearbox and DPF issue  Hello everyone, I have 2 issues with my 2007 Citroen C4 GP 2.0hdi 138bhp EGS, first one is gearbox m[more ...] By gmoskwa  On Tue Jun 01 2021, 04:57am
1 431 vexorg
Tue Jun 01 2021, 07:19am
Battery lasts about 3 weeks when car is not being used  Hi my friend has a Grand Picasso and it is generally very good. However when left unused the battery[more ...] By NickTarn  On Thu May 27 2021, 05:32am
5 563 neilp
Sat May 29 2021, 02:33am
Electric Keyfob Won’t Unlock Car When Car Is Locked For AWhile  Good morning,C4 Grand Picasso 7 seater 2010 model.The keyfob won’t unlock the doors if the car has b[more ...] By GrandadAl  On Mon May 24 2021, 02:24am
1 471 gittos
Mon May 24 2021, 10:50am
Dashboard Info resets when engine starts  Good morning,I have bought a 2010 7 seater C4 Grand Picasso and it’s wonderful.My problem is wheneve[more ...] By GrandadAl  On Mon May 24 2021, 02:19am
1 448 neilp
Mon May 24 2021, 04:35am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Air suspension problem  I know that this has been covered elsewhere but my problem seems to be a bit different.The rear susp[more ...] By TriumphGuy  On Mon Mar 26 2018, 07:37am
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56 14213 BigJohnD
Sat May 22 2021, 07:22am
Error p1462 exhaust gas recycling electric valve position copy signal.  Car: C4 -08, 2,0 HDIJust replaced EGR valve for a new one (JP GROUP 3119900300)Car runs fine, no smo[more ...] By AndrAAx  On Tue Apr 13 2021, 08:48am
2 705 JAMC
Thu May 13 2021, 08:34am
C4GP 07 1.6 VTR auto. Handbrake faulty (EGR replaced )  Hi everyone I am hoping somebody can help me with this now because I can’t take much more of this ca[more ...] By DanielG2021  On Tue May 04 2021, 02:43pm
4 593 DanielG2021
Mon May 10 2021, 09:56am
ABS issue - brakes grinding/ pumping and speedo indicator erratic + a load of other stuff!  All - I have had a good search in previous posts and can't seem to find anything covering the issues[more ...] By Bnwe  On Fri Jul 05 2019, 05:16am
2 1095 routemaster1
Mon May 10 2021, 03:36am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
"Gearbox Faulty" message appears in 6th gear at 114kmh (70mph)  Hello everybody!I have recently bought C4GP 2.0HDI 2007 Exclusive and I got a problem.When I am in 6[more ...] By Daniel_Cro  On Wed Feb 22 2017, 03:35am
Goto page: [ 1 2 3 4 ]
58 31201 BigJohnD
Fri May 07 2021, 03:09pm
Skippy suspension, front end tinkling ...  Hi all, I've gone thru these suspension related posts with interest, the reason being: I have an ann[more ...] By Oletimer  On Wed Apr 28 2021, 05:24pm
None 523 -
No New Posts on Popular Thread
EGS gearbox and clutch  Earlier this week a diagnostics test was ran on my (new to me) unwell C4GP which had gearbox problem[more ...] By lizzibee  On Sun May 22 2016, 11:24am
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16 11137 yskoo
Fri Apr 23 2021, 05:11pm
Mirror part number  Hi guys, can anyone direct me to the correct place to find if item number 96819905XT passenger side [more ...] By exclusive  On Thu Apr 22 2021, 12:58pm
2 609 exclusive
Thu Apr 22 2021, 02:23pm
passenger side mirror replacement, 2009 C4 GRAND PICASSO EXCLUSIVE 1.6 deisel  I have posted this in the garage but have had no replies, I need to replace my passenger-side mi[more ...] By exclusive  On Mon Jan 11 2021, 06:21am
4 1146 routemaster1
Thu Apr 22 2021, 10:37am
C4GP Not Starting after sitting a while  Hi All,I have a issue with my 2008 C4GP 2.0HDI Exclusive Auto. Left the car sitting without battery [more ...] By JDaw  On Fri Apr 16 2021, 02:26am
1 658 JDaw
Fri Apr 16 2021, 06:57am
Electric Windows Switch/Mechanism malfunctioning.  I have a 2007 C4GP (UK Model) and latetly (6 months) the driver's electric Windows switch is "someti[more ...] By stavros.tornaritis  On Fri Feb 01 2019, 06:32am
5 1323 routemaster1
Mon Apr 12 2021, 12:16pm
C4 GP EX 2010 1.6 HDI - Fuel filter  Engine: DV6C.Hello. I changed the fuel filter today. The thing I'm having problems with is getting t[more ...] By robertl  On Sun Apr 11 2021, 03:03pm
1 661 vexorg
Mon Apr 12 2021, 03:36am
C4 GP EX 2010 1.6HDi - Transmission / Gearbox oil fill up  Hello again!When changing front springs I managed to move the drive shaft out of the gearbox ---> oi[more ...] By robertl  On Mon Apr 05 2021, 02:11pm
8 333 vexorg
Mon Apr 12 2021, 03:32am
C4 GP EX 2010 1.6 HDI - ABS, ESP. Parking Brake, Gearbox  Hi!Since I belive my problem is electrical I will give some short backstory:Late 2019 to spring 2020[more ...] By robertl  On Tue Dec 15 2020, 04:30pm
8 1458 robertl
Mon Apr 05 2021, 01:45pm
ABS ESP/ASR handbrake gearbox faulty  Good morningI own a C4 Grand Picasso 2010 and it started entering limp mode with a bunch of errors s[more ...] By deejayq  On Tue Mar 30 2021, 10:59pm
None 697 -
Help! Car won't turn-over and I'm stumped  Hey Guys, I had twins a couple of years ago and picked up a used 2007 C4 Picasso 2 litre as my first[more ...] By flakjack  On Wed Mar 24 2021, 11:42am
4 847 vexorg
Fri Mar 26 2021, 10:11am
2013 Grand Picasso 1.6hdi EGR valve removal  I know this has been covered before but there seems to be a variety of EGR valves fitted to the 1.6h[more ...] By Hawmaw  On Mon Mar 22 2021, 04:24am
3 809 vexorg
Mon Mar 22 2021, 09:28am
really.....  after no comments on my thread from February and trawling for advice i have gone to the C4 that has [more ...] By gt4thug  On Mon Mar 15 2021, 07:00am
7 974 gt4thug
Thu Mar 18 2021, 05:12am
Petrol 1.8 C4GP erratic idle speed and lack of power, recently renewed throttle body  Hi hope someone can help. I recently replaced the throttle body on my 1.8 petrol. Had broken down [more ...] By Munro  On Tue Feb 23 2021, 03:18pm
4 965 vexorg
Sun Mar 14 2021, 09:32am
C4 GP 07 1.6 HDi Handbrake faulty ESP/ASR Warning ?  Hi everyone,new to the forums and I've been searching for help with this issue and its brought me he[more ...] By DanielG2021  On Mon Mar 08 2021, 06:32am
3 916 DanielG2021
Tue Mar 09 2021, 04:31am
C4 Grand Picasso 2012 1.6 EGS Semi-Automatic - Cannot engage gears  Hi, I've searched the site and whilst others have had the same problem the circumstances that led to[more ...] By Zapaction99  On Sun Dec 20 2020, 09:03am
8 1496 Zapaction99
Fri Mar 05 2021, 02:44pm
Newbie with, yes, more ABS and ESP.... with a twist - HELP!  So, thanks everyone for any help offered. New C4 Grand Picasso owner but long long time quirky car o[more ...] By nikcoleman  On Wed Feb 24 2021, 02:35pm
1 862 neilp
Wed Feb 24 2021, 02:49pm
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1.6 Petrol. EML lit,pollution errors,brake errors and no brake servo  Im probably going to dump the car to the mechanics as Im sick with a chest infection/lurgy.However t[more ...] By custard  On Sun Feb 04 2018, 11:18am
11 2580 Munro
Tue Feb 23 2021, 03:11pm
2007 2.0HDi total loss of power then comes back  After finally getting the wifes 2007 2.0HDI picasso running after the ring radius of front and rear [more ...] By gt4thug  On Thu Feb 18 2021, 03:12pm
None 861 -
C4GP '08 Exclusive 1.6d - Display Fault - HELP!!  Hi All,Brand new to the group, and obviously my first thread is a problem! Quite clued up on engine [more ...] By tomtom9119  On Thu Feb 11 2021, 09:47am
2 966 tomtom9119
Thu Feb 11 2021, 11:37am
Battery light and handbrake faults  Hi all, we have a 2010 C4 Grand Picasso, 1.6hdi automatic. 2 issues we are having are, 1)Since we bo[more ...] By ambro74  On Tue Feb 02 2021, 07:08pm
2 1026 ambro74
Tue Feb 09 2021, 03:55am
Radiator fan problem  2009 C4 Grand Picasso.Radiator fan is not coming on. Engine gets hot going up hill and warning is di[more ...] By gim461  On Thu Feb 04 2021, 12:36am
None 912 -
Failed rear lights help  My rear passenger indicator and brake light have recently failed. Upon inspection it looks as if the[more ...] By Benoit85  On Wed Feb 03 2021, 04:45am
None 927 -
No New Posts on Popular Thread
C4GP ESP/ASR, handbrake and braking system fault.  2 1/2 years down the line with no problems whatsoever my beloved C4GP is feeling poorly.On a hill th[more ...] By Gerry  On Sat Dec 19 2009, 07:08pm
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33 67505 Shamish
Wed Jan 27 2021, 05:05am
Parking brake, gearbox and ABS issue  So the other week the Citroen decided it had been reliable for long enough an it was time for it to [more ...] By Onefut  On Fri Jan 15 2021, 07:53am
4 1210 JohnnyRevs
Thu Jan 21 2021, 08:45am
C4 front blower not working back works fine  I have 58 plate c4 grand picasso exclusiveThe front blower/front windscreen won't work but back work[more ...] By Jenconnell4kids  On Mon Nov 23 2020, 04:59am
1 1240 TriumphGuy
Tue Jan 19 2021, 03:26pm
Front Heater Blower Motor Replacement  2007/57 plate Citroen C4 Grand Picasso.Front Heater blower Stopped working. (As per a number of oth[more ...] By Connell  On Tue Jan 19 2021, 11:56am
None 954 -
Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2006 heating problem  Hi, I have a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2007 model year 2.0L B. Incoming air is not warm or hot, just [more ...] By RaimoL  On Tue Jan 19 2021, 01:22am
None 957 -
Front sidelights not working  Hi everyone a few days ago for no apparent reason my front sidelights are not coming on, all other [more ...] By 3wheeltapper  On Wed Jan 23 2019, 10:40am
9 1863 routemaster1
Sat Jan 16 2021, 03:59am
replacing wing mirror  Hi guys I have shattered part of my drivers side wing mirror , the part that fits to the car is[more ...] By exclusive  On Fri Jan 10 2020, 09:13am
7 1693 vexorg
Mon Jan 11 2021, 12:24pm
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