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ICE / Sat Nav/Bluetooth etc.

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Announcement Thread
  From Citroen UK Web Site: - Click Here - THE NEW CITROËN EZI-DAB AND AUTODAB UNITS HAVE BEEN DESIGN[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Mon Apr 22 2013, 10:34AM
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31 12199 BigJohnD
Sun Feb 02 2014, 09:51AM
Announcement Thread
iPod Car Kit Direct for Car Kits and Car Kit adaptors
  iPod Car Kit Direct are the UK's Leading Experts for iPhone Car Kits - iPod Car Kit adapter's and o[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Thu Jan 20 2011, 09:55AM
None 5387 -
Sticky Thread
C4 Adding iPod/USB MP3 support. Latest product from Citroën USB Box 9702.EZ
   New iPod interface for the Citroen RD4 Head Unit The USB BOX 9702.EZ adds USB support allowing file[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Thu Jan 03 2008, 07:52AM
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618 210945 fryc88
Fri Oct 21 2016, 06:02AM
Sticky Thread
Reprogramming multifunction Type C display
  I have a '08 Citroen C4 coupe, 1.6 HDi, LHD with RD4 MP3 radio headunit. My original Type A one line[more ...] By bambalys  On Mon Jul 20 2015, 04:01AM
6 2045 Tiyrell
Wed Jun 15 2016, 08:10AM
Sticky Thread
Help identifying head unit...
  Hello,I have a 2007 Grand Picasso Exclusive with the head unit in the attached image, however I am h[more ...] By nitsuanomis  On Sun Jul 05 2015, 06:43AM
1 1695 Web Admin Only
Sun Jul 05 2015, 11:08AM
Sticky Thread
New skin themes for RT6 eMyWay
  Hi everybody,I have managed to make some new skin themes for the RT6 using the original graphic file[more ...] By f411  On Thu Sep 05 2013, 02:43PM
3 7278 giluriel
Wed Jun 10 2015, 11:33AM
Sticky Thread
Standard CD player not reading CD and will not eject.
  My wife noted today in the 2007 C4 VTR coupe that the CD player stopped working as she was driving h[more ...] By BallinaOB  On Tue May 12 2015, 07:26AM
3 1361 BallinaOB
Wed May 13 2015, 03:38AM
Closed Sticky Thread
RT3, RT4, Navidrive 3D or eMyWay how do I know which one I have
  Hi, I have a C4GP 2007 (56 plate). How can I tell definitively if I have an RT3 or RT4?Also, where c[more ...] By iamkarlos  On Wed Feb 12 2014, 01:58PM
2 3051 Web Admin Only
Thu Feb 13 2014, 01:59AM
Sticky Thread
Retrofitting the RT4 NaviDrive (Basic Guide)
  Hi all,I'm writing a guide about how to replace the RD4 headunit, with the Navidrive RT4 version.Thi[more ...] By Biohead  On Mon Nov 02 2009, 03:28PM
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157 65173 mariusmacavei
Tue Sep 10 2013, 07:18AM
Closed Sticky Thread
Type 'C' Screen Fix Tutorial
  Hi All,Let me start off by saying that this post has been created for the soul purposes that it may [more ...] By B13.CEE  On Sun Jul 14 2013, 12:14PM
2 3164 Rich_Eason
Mon Jul 15 2013, 02:30AM
Sticky Thread
iPod and iPhone compatibility with the Citroën USB Box
  Thanks to rencar we now have Citroën/Apples guide to what models work with the USB Box - Click Here[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Sat Sep 12 2009, 12:10PM
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78 29245 loeb3
Sun Feb 24 2013, 04:26PM
Closed Sticky Thread
Everything I have found about the RT4/5 and USB (and phones and Bluetooth)
  Proceed with care - if your unsure, DON'T do this This was posted at C6owners.James C6 wrote ...Back[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Wed Jun 13 2012, 04:33AM
None 7263 -
Sticky Thread
iPod interface CTACTIPOD006 Citroën OEM iPod Interface
  Hi all. I see lots of threads here about installing an iPod interface and I was wondering if anyone [more ...] By scanners  On Mon Aug 23 2010, 11:39AM
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38 15686 Web Admin Only
Wed Mar 30 2011, 03:08AM
Closed Sticky Thread
So you want to add an after market head unit, but don't know where to start?
  So you want to add an aftermarket head unit, but don't know where to start?As this crops up so ofte[more ...] By wozza  On Wed May 12 2010, 02:45PM
2 9086 Web Admin Only
Sun Feb 27 2011, 01:50AM
Closed Sticky Thread
C4, MP3s, iPod and the potential poss of steering wheel functions
  I'm a new owner, so still finding my way round. However, it's apparent I need to do something to be [more ...] By Mostronero  On Fri Aug 07 2009, 04:26AM
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20 13085 MCU
Sun Jul 11 2010, 01:13PM
 Forum Threads
MyCitroen App for Android now available in English, replaces the opld app .. was it Citroen Link ?  Hi AllJust a heads up that Playstore now has the latest version of MyCitroen App for Android allowin[more ...] By cygnet  On Wed Oct 26 2016, 03:35PM
5 75 MarkM-UK
Fri Oct 28 2016, 05:13AM
Infotainment Upgrade...  Hi all, I have a 1.6 HDi (115bhp) VTR+ 5d 2013 model with a standard radio interface. Anyone know o[more ...] By neilvicks  On Thu Oct 27 2016, 11:49AM
1 52 BigJohnD
Thu Oct 27 2016, 01:38PM
Advice on upgrading from a basic Radio/CD with no MP3 function  Hi guys, I have a 2006 c4 Picasso, Exclusiv, and the radio/CD does not have MP3 written above the CD[more ...] By Rock  On Tue Oct 25 2016, 05:40PM
4 73 jpbroad1970
Thu Oct 27 2016, 02:30AM
Steering wheel radio control buttons  I have recently bought a C4 VTS which I purchased as non-runner. After getting it running I have mov[more ...] By dandext88  On Wed Oct 19 2016, 07:47AM
4 111 dandext88
Thu Oct 20 2016, 04:56PM
2012 Grand Picasso Sat Nav  I have a 2016 and a 2012 C4 Grand Picasso (lucky me!)I need to update the sat nav on the 2012 model [more ...] By captain.cupcake  On Mon Oct 17 2016, 11:15AM
1 70 Squeezy
Tue Oct 18 2016, 03:10AM
eMyway display on cold weather  I have a problem with my emyway screen, on cold weather, white letter on the main LCD display became[more ...] By laurg73  On Fri Oct 07 2016, 02:43PM
None 79 -
iPhone 6 on C4 Coupe  Hi everyone, newbie here.Just bought a used C4 Coupe, 1.6HDi. Absolutely superb car. One question...[more ...] By moorep  On Tue Oct 04 2016, 02:20PM
3 133 Biohead
Wed Oct 05 2016, 02:30PM
RD45 bluetooth help needed  HiI have fitted rd45 head unit all working fine. It has the bluetooth built in which I can find with[more ...] By jpbroad1970  On Wed Jun 29 2016, 02:57PM
9 424 jpbroad1970
Wed Sep 28 2016, 01:05PM
RD4 substitution with RD45 in Citroen C4 any experience?  Hi guys,Any experience of substitution of RD4>>RD45 to have USB and Bluetooth implementation?Is it b[more ...] By oliveriv@alice.it  On Thu Feb 04 2016, 09:30AM
4 686 jpbroad1970
Wed Sep 28 2016, 09:46AM
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C4 RNEG help  Hi, Can anyone help meI am in the process of fitting rneg into my C4 all works a treat but the scree[more ...] By jpbroad1970  On Fri Aug 26 2016, 09:49AM
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15 434 Biohead
Sat Sep 24 2016, 03:11AM
Running power cables for a subwoofer in 1.6 hdi?  Hi guys I'm completely racking my brains around how to run a power cable from the battery to the ins[more ...] By Sylvester88  On Thu Sep 22 2016, 02:42PM
4 128 wozza
Fri Sep 23 2016, 04:22PM
No New Posts on Popular Thread
RD4, Phone & Gateway Pro BT  Hi,I have an 55 plate Peugeot 307 with an RD4 head unit. Yes, I know this is a C4 forum ;o). But I [more ...] By didster  On Sat Jan 12 2013, 01:39PM
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36 7510 paulpage
Mon Sep 12 2016, 10:18AM
Input for reversing camera on 2016 C4 Flair  Having had a factory fitted reversing camera on my 2014 C4 Cactus you can't get one on the 2015 C4 F[more ...] By themadpanner  On Wed Sep 07 2016, 05:56PM
None 90 -
NEXUS 7 display and management Standard Screen to Ashtray Swap  Cant seem to upload images or anything!? By ATKCreative  On Tue Sep 06 2016, 11:49AM
1 125 ATKCreative
Tue Sep 06 2016, 11:51AM
C4 Picasso head unit aux port.  Hi all, so...after been told by the local Citroen main dealer that they would relieve me of £40 +vat[more ...] By Monkeyste  On Sun Aug 28 2016, 01:16PM
1 138 rusky
Sun Aug 28 2016, 03:04PM
C4GP 2010 RD4 Dension Pro BT - no power  I already have a USB Box fitted to my C4GP, but thought I would add Bluetooth with the Dension Pro B[more ...] By tdrath  On Mon Aug 22 2016, 08:27AM
1 140 BigJohnD
Mon Aug 22 2016, 11:45AM
C4 Picasso 15 Reg Damage to Wing Mirror  The offside wing mirror on my C4 Picasso 15 Reg was recently 'clipped' resulting in a small hole in [more ...] By dieselheadache  On Tue Aug 16 2016, 09:50AM
None 150 -
No New Posts on Popular Thread
RT3 head unit who can fix?  I've got an RT3 navidrive stereo in my Picasso and it's having some issues. I took it to a place cal[more ...] By Keeny1975  On Fri Aug 12 2016, 08:50AM
14 340 Keeny1975
Mon Aug 15 2016, 03:50AM
Fitting a 7" after market SatNav/Display  HII'm sure there has been a thread for this but I can't find it. I have got myself a 7" Facia for a [more ...] By ATKCreative  On Sun Jul 31 2016, 02:17PM
1 232 FakeConcern
Sun Jul 31 2016, 02:38PM
USB now fitted  Well got my cheap little Chinese loom today to fit USB to my rd45 happy days all working a treat. Ju[more ...] By jpbroad1970  On Fri Jul 15 2016, 02:39PM
None 235 -
Help enabling aux  Well it didn't take long for me to come asking for help. Bought an AUX cable, installed it. Fired up[more ...] By pauls0701  On Wed Jul 13 2016, 03:25PM
3 257 pauls0701
Thu Jul 14 2016, 10:44AM
Hands free with Dension issues  HelloI have fitted a Dension Gateway Pro BT into my Grand C4 Picasso. The hands free works perfectly[more ...] By Thegun  On Sat Jul 09 2016, 07:46AM
None 187 -
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Yet another Stereo question!  Hi AllI've been reading the site (honest) and the FAQ (honest) and I'm struggling to come to grips w[more ...] By legopirate  On Tue Mar 08 2016, 12:06PM
14 947 byngo
Thu Jun 30 2016, 02:34PM
CD player trying to eject a CD that isn't there.  I've got a C4GP VTI+ on an '07 plate with the RD4 radio. It's continuously trying to eject a CD tha[more ...] By Brucie76  On Thu Jun 30 2016, 06:15AM
1 218 KenC
Thu Jun 30 2016, 10:04AM
head unit/ bluetooth  hiim looking at replacining the standard head unit with another standard one that has embedded Bluet[more ...] By jpbroad1970  On Wed Jun 22 2016, 02:53AM
2 346 jpbroad1970
Wed Jun 22 2016, 10:10AM
Stereo cd player freezes then beeps. 2008 satnav picasso  So its all a little strange. I start the car and the cd plays for about 20 seconds or so then it sto[more ...] By Keeny1975  On Mon Jun 06 2016, 01:57AM
None 227 -
Help - changing headunit  Hi all,I'm not sure which HU I have in my 2012 C4 HDI comp PK ST.as far as I search and found my HU [more ...] By mosheva  On Sat Jun 04 2016, 03:55AM
None 273 -
Can anyone give me some review about an AUX in cable for C4 55reg RD4  I have already tried CONNECT2 cable with my RD4 stereo for my c4 car. the sound out put was dreadful[more ...] By love2drive  On Wed Jun 01 2016, 05:38PM
5 340 love2drive
Thu Jun 02 2016, 05:40PM
Can I activate the Aux Input on my radio? (2005 C4)  Hi,I recently bought a Aux in cable for my car stereo and fitted myself. However when I click on sou[more ...] By joeyjoejnr  On Wed Jun 18 2014, 06:25AM
7 1549 love2drive
Sun May 29 2016, 06:41PM
Fitting a microphone to the panel in the roof  HiI have a kenwood radio that I had in my last C4 (2005) and just bought another car (2009) and want[more ...] By simonmcc  On Tue May 17 2016, 06:01AM
6 486 Biohead
Fri May 20 2016, 12:18AM
Gateway pro bt. It's working but not as we know it.  first off I'd like to say howdy. So here goes...... Howdy 😊So I've got my new gateway bt pro with th[more ...] By Keeny1975  On Wed May 11 2016, 03:31PM
2 345 Keeny1975
Wed May 11 2016, 04:35PM
USB Citroen main dealer supplied & fitted  I have the usb box Citroen supplied and fitted to the car. However, the connector for iPod cable is[more ...] By uas  On Mon May 02 2016, 04:47AM
3 460 Biohead
Mon May 02 2016, 06:35AM
Post Code Entry  A couple of weeks ago I picked up a brand new 2016 Grand Picasso Exclusive+ which has sat nav built [more ...] By captain.cupcake  On Thu Apr 28 2016, 08:40AM
3 933 johndave
Sat Apr 30 2016, 12:51PM
Bluetooth setup  The CD unit in my C4GP incorporates a sim card slot. If I put in a sim card I have all the functions[more ...] By malced  On Wed Apr 20 2016, 03:54AM
9 649 Biohead
Fri Apr 29 2016, 02:24PM
Installing Headrest DVD Players - C4 GP  Hi all, apologies if there is another thread covering this, I couldn't find anything in my search r[more ...] By Denzil  On Sat Mar 19 2011, 04:44AM
9 3875 Betthisisnttaken
Thu Apr 28 2016, 09:38AM
RT3 SatNav  Hi, got a 2006 C4 with an RT3 unit but to be honest it sucks. Is there a way to get 3D mode? By andy2514  On Wed Mar 16 2016, 12:46PM
6 685 Biohead
Sun Apr 17 2016, 11:09AM
Only one speaker working?  Just bought a 2.0 VTS and love it. When I test drove it I had the radio off frequency to listen for[more ...] By Megzilla  On Fri Mar 18 2016, 05:28PM
2 556 BigJohnD
Wed Apr 06 2016, 04:57AM
2007 C4 1.6 petrol - fitting a Bury hands free kit -- ALL leads are powered 12v!!!!  Youngests car - I've tried to fit his Bury CC9060 from his previous car to his new car = normally P[more ...] By scimitargtc  On Sat Apr 02 2016, 09:12AM
None 394 -
ADVICE NEEDED.....PLEASE!!  My RD4 radio on my 2008 C4 Picasso is rubbish. I want a replacement with bluetooth and an external m[more ...] By Chris1200  On Wed Mar 30 2016, 03:52PM
2 500 Chris1200
Thu Mar 31 2016, 03:39AM
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iPod how to access auxiliary from menu on RT3  Ok when i bought the car it has the ipod connection box in the glove box (RCA Conections)and the aux[more ...] By craig573  On Wed May 02 2012, 11:40AM
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24 4558 damgood2k
Wed Mar 30 2016, 02:11PM
Change of Head Unit - 2012 Grand Picasso Exclusive 2.0 HDi BVA RNEG MyWay - Becker  Hi,Living here in France I took the plunge and bought a French registered Grand Picasso that is a pr[more ...] By Dancess  On Mon Mar 21 2016, 04:41PM
None 445 -
2011 C4GP Exclusive Sat Nav update  Hey folks, been looking through the forum but cant find a thread that actually gets specific. Dont k[more ...] By Mickjagger  On Sun Mar 20 2016, 12:23PM
1 609 Web Admin Only
Mon Mar 21 2016, 03:51AM
Suggestion for SatNav Head Unit C4GP  Just bought a 2011 C4GP Exclusive and am looking to replace the head unit with something a little be[more ...] By ryukent  On Fri Feb 26 2016, 05:04PM
None 583 -
Factory bluetooth help  Hi folks,I have a new-to-me C4 Picasso, 60 plate, with factory stereo featuring USB and bluetooth (J[more ...] By WildW  On Wed Feb 24 2016, 03:06PM
None 571 -
2008 C4 Picasso Lounge  Hi folks, I got this car at the weekend. Lovely spec and in excellent condition. Anyway....for a car[more ...] By Chris1200  On Tue Feb 23 2016, 03:41AM
5 661 Chris1200
Tue Feb 23 2016, 11:12AM
Aerial amplifier  Hi chaps, is there a aerial amplifier? If so where is it located? As after getting the Factory RT3 f[more ...] By SussexVTS  On Sun Feb 14 2016, 07:48AM
4 667 SussexVTS
Mon Feb 22 2016, 01:54PM
1 DIN DVD  Hello everyone.Has anyone fitted one of this type in their C4GPIs it possible!! - Click Here - It is[more ...] By ReggieO  On Tue Feb 16 2016, 01:53PM
2 636 maniacs_id_vaunted
Sat Feb 20 2016, 02:19PM
DS4 Satnav what system?  I've been trying to find out who makes the satnav system in my DS4, It's an old shape one built earl[more ...] By Trainman  On Thu Feb 11 2016, 08:04AM
None 473 -
RT3 from Citroen C6 2006 to Citroen C4 2007 (RD4)?  Hi man, Do you think that can I put a RT3 system (head unit + display) into a C4 2007 (with actual R[more ...] By oliveriv@alice.it  On Mon Feb 01 2016, 10:28AM
2 583 Trainman
Thu Feb 11 2016, 08:01AM
C4 coupe 62 plate stereo question  Hi everyone, I've recently bought a 62 plate C4 coupe and I have a question about the standard stere[more ...] By D.bracken126  On Sun Jan 17 2016, 10:18AM
1 575 BigJohnD
Sun Jan 17 2016, 03:33PM
iPod connector stopped working?  I've got a C4 Grand Picasso 07 plate and had it for 4 years. It's got original Citroen headset with [more ...] By TezW  On Tue Jan 12 2016, 04:10AM
None 525 -
Steering Wheel Controls Not Working  Hey all.Fitted an Alpine UTE-72BT head unit to my C4 SX '07. All is working fine(radio, BT etc and s[more ...] By JC1989  On Thu Dec 31 2015, 03:15PM
6 984 BigJohnD
Mon Jan 11 2016, 05:47PM
C4 05 Hatch - In car satnav  Hi everyone,I am after getting an inbuilt satnav in my car and have seen pictures online of them bei[more ...] By thedfg33  On Wed Jan 06 2016, 07:28AM
3 755 wozza
Thu Jan 07 2016, 04:37PM
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JBL switch?  My first question. The VTS I have just collected has an aftermarket amp in the boot along with a spe[more ...] By CaptainSlower  On Sun Nov 25 2012, 08:47AM
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21 5798 vagnerflorindo
Tue Jan 05 2016, 06:18PM
C4GP steering wheel controls mixed up  Can anyone help? I have a 2011 C4GP VTR and up until now, all has been fine. All of a sudden though [more ...] By rmjjjt  On Thu Dec 31 2015, 02:38PM
2 646 rmjjjt
Fri Jan 01 2016, 02:46AM
USB install under Dash  Hi There,I have a 2007 7 seater wagon.I have recently installed a dash camera but I want to hide the[more ...] By blocks49  On Tue Dec 29 2015, 03:56AM
2 669 AndrewM
Tue Dec 29 2015, 09:14AM
[moved] Radio/CD Upgrade Query  Before anyone asks, I have searched Google and the forums for an answer and haven't been able to fin[more ...] By JC1989  On Mon Dec 21 2015, 12:53PM
1 680 JC1989
Mon Dec 21 2015, 03:49PM
Aftermarket Bluetooth for Grand Picasso 2009 VTR+  Hello I have recently purchased a 2009 grand Picasso vtr+ and have been looking at different Bluetoo[more ...] By Nickceward  On Wed Dec 16 2015, 07:15PM
2 788 DavidC4
Fri Dec 18 2015, 01:59AM
RNEG MyWay unit Aux input sockets  Hi,I've just bought a C4 Grand 2009 Exclusive.It's got an RNEG headunit but I can't find the aux inp[more ...] By no-no  On Sun Dec 13 2015, 04:21PM
3 992 BigJohnD
Sun Dec 13 2015, 05:08PM
Fitting a Parrot Mki9200, which lead do I need please ?  Ok as my first post , I've bought a 59 Plate Citroen Grand C4 Picasso Exclusive 2.0HdiI do a lot a d[more ...] By knighthawk71  On Sun Nov 29 2015, 03:19AM
1 769 Web Admin Only
Sun Nov 29 2015, 03:57AM
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