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ICE / Sat Nav/Bluetooth etc.

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Announcement Thread
If you love radio, go digital with Citroën
  From Citroen UK Web Site: - Click Here - THE NEW CITROËN EZI-DAB AND AUTODAB UNITS HAVE BEEN DESIGN[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Mon Apr 22 2013, 10:34am
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32 46723 Suffolk
Wed Aug 28 2019, 05:31am
Announcement Thread
iPod Car Kit Direct for Car Kits and Car Kit adaptors
  iPod Car Kit Direct are the UK's Leading Experts for iPhone Car Kits - iPod Car Kit adapter's and o[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Thu Jan 20 2011, 09:55am
None 12984 -
Sticky Thread
Reprogramming multifunction Type C display
  I have a '08 Citroen C4 coupe, 1.6 HDi, LHD with RD4 MP3 radio headunit. My original Type A one line[more ...] By bambalys  On Mon Jul 20 2015, 04:01am
7 14032 nikkouy
Wed Jun 12 2019, 05:30pm
Sticky Thread
Standard CD player not reading CD and will not eject.
  My wife noted today in the 2007 C4 VTR coupe that the CD player stopped working as she was driving h[more ...] By BallinaOB  On Tue May 12 2015, 07:26am
4 10415 Arcadia
Fri May 12 2017, 11:58am
Sticky Thread
Help identifying head unit...
  Hello,I have a 2007 Grand Picasso Exclusive with the head unit in the attached image, however I am h[more ...] By nitsuanomis  On Sun Jul 05 2015, 06:43am
6 11422 pauljnr
Fri Dec 09 2016, 03:11am
Sticky Thread
C4 Adding iPod/USB MP3 support. Latest product from Citroën USB Box 9702.EZ
  [shadowbox={e_IMAGE}c4/parts/9702.EZ_ipod_large.jpg|Citroen USB BOX||left][/shadowbox] New iPod inte[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Thu Jan 03 2008, 07:52am
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618 408985 fryc88
Fri Oct 21 2016, 06:02am
Sticky Thread
New skin themes for RT6 eMyWay
  Hi everybody,I have managed to make some new skin themes for the RT6 using the original graphic file[more ...] By f411  On Thu Sep 05 2013, 02:43pm
3 22685 giluriel
Wed Jun 10 2015, 11:33am
Closed Sticky Thread
RT3, RT4, Navidrive 3D or eMyWay how do I know which one I have
  Hi, I have a C4GP 2007 (56 plate). How can I tell definitively if I have an RT3 or RT4?Also, where c[more ...] By iamkarlos  On Wed Feb 12 2014, 01:58pm
2 11711 Dave_Retired.
Thu Feb 13 2014, 01:59am
Sticky Thread
Retrofitting the RT4 NaviDrive (Basic Guide)
  Hi all,I'm writing a guide about how to replace the RD4 headunit, with the Navidrive RT4 version.Thi[more ...] By Biohead  On Mon Nov 02 2009, 03:28pm
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157 150239 mariusmacavei
Tue Sep 10 2013, 07:18am
Closed Sticky Thread
Type 'C' Screen Fix Tutorial
  Hi All,Let me start off by saying that this post has been created for the soul purposes that it may [more ...] By B13.CEE  On Sun Jul 14 2013, 12:14pm
2 13825 Rich_Eason
Mon Jul 15 2013, 02:30am
Sticky Thread
iPod and iPhone compatibility with the Citroën USB Box
  Thanks to rencar we now have Citroën/Apples guide to what models work with the USB Box - Click Here[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Sat Sep 12 2009, 12:10pm
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78 87616 loeb3
Sun Feb 24 2013, 04:26pm
Closed Sticky Thread
Everything I have found about the RT4/5 and USB (and phones and Bluetooth)
  Proceed with care - if your unsure, DON'T do this This was posted at C6owners.James C6 wrote ...Back[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Wed Jun 13 2012, 04:33am
None 16944 -
Sticky Thread
iPod interface CTACTIPOD006 Citroën OEM iPod Interface
  Hi all. I see lots of threads here about installing an iPod interface and I was wondering if anyone [more ...] By scanners  On Mon Aug 23 2010, 11:39am
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38 47834 Dave_Retired.
Wed Mar 30 2011, 03:08am
Closed Sticky Thread
So you want to add an after market head unit, but don't know where to start?
  So you want to add an aftermarket head unit, but don't know where to start?As this crops up so ofte[more ...] By wozza  On Wed May 12 2010, 02:45pm
2 20788 Dave_Retired.
Sun Feb 27 2011, 01:50am
Closed Sticky Thread
C4, MP3s, iPod and the potential poss of steering wheel functions
  I'm a new owner, so still finding my way round. However, it's apparent I need to do something to be [more ...] By Mostronero  On Fri Aug 07 2009, 04:26am
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20 37807 MCU
Sun Jul 11 2010, 01:13pm
 Forum Threads
Rneg screen problems  Hello Citro Friends, sorry for my bad english.Have 2006 C4 VTS 180hp petrol.Original came with rd4 a[more ...] By edzwux_vts  On Sun Aug 20 2023, 05:31am
None 78 -
Citroen C4 Aftermarket Headunit & Adapters  Currently trying to fit an aftermarket head unit to the vehicle. Parts& Car for reference:Car:Ci[more ...] By Off_Da_Wall_  On Wed Jul 05 2023, 01:04pm
None 135 -
2017 DAB and BT  Hi. Just got a 2017 C4 Picasso Flair model yesterday. I used the Citroen app with VIN number to down[more ...] By Waj1234  On Thu Feb 16 2023, 06:18am
5 471 Waj1234
Thu Feb 16 2023, 11:58am
Magnetic earth spade connector for external DAB  I’m trying to fit an external DAB unit to my 2010 C4 Picasso, my problem is that I can’t find or gai[more ...] By Dellboy67  On Mon Sep 20 2021, 01:46am
3 2790 Mollers
Tue Jan 24 2023, 02:46pm
RD45 BT detection issue  Hi there,Recently I got a 2nd hand C4 from 2010 with an original RD45 I guess (BT logo, mp3 logo, ha[more ...] By citrophyte  On Sat Jan 14 2023, 08:28am
1 248 BigJohnD
Tue Jan 17 2023, 09:24am
Navigation not working  Hi guys, I have a big problem regarding my Citroen C4(B7). I have SMEG6.1.d.r19 software, and when [more ...] By Markovic0301  On Sun Dec 27 2020, 11:11am
2 4201 Ap0qalypto
Wed Jan 04 2023, 11:13am
Sat Nav Update  Hello, I have a 2013 C4 Picasso II Exclusive + and l was wondering if the Sat Nav is upgradable and [more ...] By DaveRH63  On Thu Dec 30 2021, 01:36pm
2 2178 Null07
Sat Dec 03 2022, 12:38pm
hi need to pick your brains , no sound coming from radio as of today???  Hi there i have 54 plate c4 picasso mk2 diesel.not had any issues with radio before until today all[more ...] By themadmanc77  On Sun Nov 20 2022, 11:13am
None 197 -
Sat Nav problems C4 Grand Picasso  Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I'm finding this site a bit confusing [more ...] By Shan123  On Wed Jul 27 2022, 12:36pm
None 835 -
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RD4 replaced by RD45 - cannot pair bluetooth devices C4 Grand Picasso 2007  Hi All,I've just swapped RD4 with RD45 on my C4 GP. Using Diagbox I made sure I have streaming and B[more ...] By borsodi  On Fri Mar 24 2017, 05:33pm
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15 14307 c4gp_2007_pl
Tue Jul 05 2022, 01:22am
C4 picasso amplifier wiring issue  Hello!One Year ago, I buy very cheap Philips NXT audio system for my C4 G/Picasso (speakers, subwoof[more ...] By Rajev  On Sat Jul 02 2022, 08:25am
None 930 -
Searching for replacement - upgrade RT6 (aftermarket - android auto maybe)  Hi, guys, my RT6 (citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2012) is randomly rebooting. I changed the SD card, refla[more ...] By crsky  On Mon May 16 2022, 07:08am
None 1287 -
2007 C4 - wiring the amp power cable inside  Hello! I have a 2007 C4 hatch which I'm looking to upgrade the audio setup in.I've been trying to fi[more ...] By TheWildTree  On Sun May 15 2022, 09:46am
None 1156 -
RT5 bluetooth RCA AUX adapter  Hello everyone, my car is fitted with RT5 device with Bluetooth. Unfortunately, it is not meant to s[more ...] By Ap0qalypto  On Sun Jan 16 2022, 03:15am
None 1927 -
Mobile audio connectivity with RD4 in 2011 C4 Picasso  We recently purchased a 2011 Citroen C4 Picasso VTR+ HDI S-A with a continental RD4 stereo fitted , [more ...] By Jeff831  On Sun Jan 26 2020, 03:43pm
2 4934 BigJohnD
Wed Dec 29 2021, 04:46am
Replace head unit and stereo to add bluetooth for C4 VTR, 1.6 HDI 2012  Hi, I am not very experienced with cars and this might be a stupid question. Anyway, I own a 2012 C4[more ...] By marbre  On Tue Aug 11 2020, 08:13am
6 4759 mastercare
Tue Dec 28 2021, 06:40pm
Stereo not working  Hi all.I have a C4 Picasso 2007 with a standard stereo radio / cd player.I recently found that the c[more ...] By KeithT  On Wed Dec 22 2021, 09:24am
None 1936 -
C4 Grand Picasso Radio Cover  Hi All,I have just become a proud owner of a 2007 C4 GP 1.6hdi EGS. I have bought an after market en[more ...] By Shep78  On Sun Oct 10 2010, 03:43pm
6 9554 Ap0qalypto
Wed Dec 22 2021, 01:29am
Dashcam  I just fitted this cheapo Bangood camera. So far seems good quality. I will need to have a drive and[more ...] By Datadogie  On Sun Aug 15 2021, 04:31am
9 3205 vexorg
Wed Aug 18 2021, 04:17am
Connect Bluetooth phone for music  Connected a cheap Bluetooth to the AUX in the glovebox. Now I can play music from my phone. Not bad [more ...] By Datadogie  On Mon Jul 05 2021, 01:31pm
None 2875 -
RD45 display question  Hi all im looking to change my rd4 radio to a rd45 and im not sure if my display is compatible with [more ...] By lasiakutevs  On Mon Jun 14 2021, 02:38pm
1 3118 BigJohnD
Mon Jun 14 2021, 03:32pm
Pioneer TS-G170C speakers  I have the Philips NXT system and one of the tweeters has failed. I replaced the other a couple of y[more ...] By Dan_Sykes  On Mon May 24 2021, 12:13pm
None 3048 -
Speakers...  Hi there, newbie on here but I signed up as I just wanted to check somethings:My sister has a 07 VTR[more ...] By TizzyD  On Wed May 12 2021, 04:49am
None 3084 -
Radio not what it used to be???  I have 2013 C4 Picasso that had a great radio with no issues, it was serviced some time ago by a Eva[more ...] By BigJAK  On Fri Feb 19 2021, 05:07pm
3 3822 vexorg
Sun Feb 21 2021, 03:15am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
USB or Dension on RD4 C4GP Cabling Options  Hi, apologies if this has been asked before........I just bought an 07 C4GP with what I think is an [more ...] By pogbellies  On Sat Jun 30 2012, 09:30am
12 12694 jirkamo
Sat Oct 03 2020, 05:04pm
East Midlans Aux port activation. Why so hard?  Located near Hinckley.2008 C4 Grand Picasso.RD4 head unit.I've been trying to get the aux port activ[more ...] By Cee4GrandP  On Wed Sep 23 2020, 07:21am
1 4283 BigJohnD
Wed Sep 23 2020, 11:06am
Bluetooth Module /settings I'm missing  2008 Grand Picasso VTR+ 1.6 HDII've just purchased this car and so far I love it.I've been trying to[more ...] By Cee4GrandP  On Sun Sep 13 2020, 02:57am
3 4447 Ap0qalypto
Mon Sep 14 2020, 03:01pm
Can't connect My Citreon app  Hi,Can anyone help troubleshoot why My Citroën app won't see my vehicle. I've opened the app, added [more ...] By jjbrown84  On Sun Jul 14 2019, 11:31am
1 5733 itd
Sun Aug 09 2020, 01:30pm
No New Posts on Popular Thread
I want to fit an after market stereo to my C4  Just wondered if anyone could help I want to fit a JVC stereo model no KDG632 to my 57 plate Citroen[more ...] By storm  On Sun Mar 17 2013, 06:05am
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26 50576 gittos
Fri Jul 17 2020, 11:21pm
RD4 change  Hi,Recently purchased a 2010 Picasso C4 with the VTR+ trim.The stereo has from what I have read is a[more ...] By demogorgan  On Thu Jun 25 2020, 09:43am
None 4393 -
Myway external video input  Hi I have a 2010 c4 with the myway sat nav head unit. It has the red, white and yellow inputs in the[more ...] By Arran  On Sat Jun 06 2020, 06:40pm
None 4344 -
audio/sat nav problems  sorry if this is in the wrong place.I have the s100 smart series head unit in my c4 vtr 2005 now whe[more ...] By johnster83  On Sat Apr 18 2020, 11:12am
None 4673 -
Any Car Stereo with DSP Recommended  I have added an amp in my Citroen. Now it plays music well except the car head unit is kind of old. [more ...] By Derionna  On Fri Feb 21 2020, 11:02pm
2 4993 ADAMNUR94
Sat Mar 28 2020, 03:43pm
Indicator and auto issues with sounds  I have been searching for help but can find anything for my issue. When I put on my indicator, it m[more ...] By AFNottm  On Fri Mar 13 2020, 05:01pm
None 4588 -
Steering wheel stereo controls  Hi,I have a 2007 C4GP with standard radio/cd and noticed today there is a button on the steering whe[more ...] By GALLOWAY2019  On Wed Feb 26 2020, 04:26pm
None 4670 -
Cannot connect a second mobile phone  I have one mobile phone connected and it works fine. However when I try to connect my wife's mobile[more ...] By Malenibo  On Sat Feb 15 2020, 03:12am
1 4921 routemaster1
Sat Feb 15 2020, 03:19am
XTRONS car stereo for C4  after having done a basic research on the web I have seen similar systemsto XTRONS PST19C4C with hig[more ...] By krerobjor19  On Sun Nov 24 2019, 04:39pm
2 5586 Mercadies
Tue Nov 26 2019, 03:56am
Can you change odometer back to mph via lexia or such for new head unit ?  Hi, I've just installed a Android 8.0 media system made for the C4 in my 2007 C4 hatchback and every[more ...] By AllEuan  On Fri Nov 09 2018, 03:27am
2 6373 strypes
Tue Nov 19 2019, 11:14am
Play micro sd cards in factory stereo C4GP cheap  Hi,I have given up thinking about changing the factory headunit but still wanted to use a USB or Mic[more ...] By GALLOWAY2019  On Tue Nov 19 2019, 07:28am
4 5323 iscom
Tue Nov 19 2019, 09:09am
Any front speaker recommendation for C4GP?  Does anyone know what suits front doors best? I have a Alpine head unit, no dedicated amplifier. I h[more ...] By Bilazaurus  On Wed Oct 30 2019, 08:40am
None 4976 -
C4 GP - Tweeter removal and front speaker crossover location  Hi,I've spent some time looking for answers to my questions but couldn't find them. I would apprecia[more ...] By Bilazaurus  On Mon Oct 07 2019, 11:15am
1 6100 Bilazaurus
Wed Oct 30 2019, 08:14am
Damn aerial.  2010 C4 pic. rubbish reception upon investigation the fakra at the end of the coax was damaged. I [more ...] By Suffolk  On Thu Oct 10 2019, 12:41pm
1 5303 Bilazaurus
Sun Oct 13 2019, 01:05pm
Enable Aux  Hi All!First post....bought my dads 1.6 HDI C4 on a 57 plate. Amazing run about for commuting.I want[more ...] By Bozzy  On Tue Apr 30 2019, 05:35am
4 6003 Suffolk
Fri Oct 11 2019, 05:01am
Double DIN  Just picked up a 2007 C4 Grand Picasso. Beautiful car, drives amazingly. But I want to change the he[more ...] By 1stPicasso  On Fri Aug 23 2019, 08:46am
9 7927 Nash
Mon Sep 16 2019, 03:31pm
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Quadlock and reverse  On the quadlock connector is there any reversing wires on it at all, I ask as I am looking for a pos[more ...] By Nash  On Sun Sep 08 2019, 05:21am
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15 15493 Nash
Mon Sep 16 2019, 03:23pm
Aux1/Aux2 can't be activated.  Hey friends,I went to a local workshop in order to activate Aux1 on my RD4 headunit. But it didn't w[more ...] By halit54  On Tue Mar 17 2015, 02:52pm
9 7760 Kangiev
Wed Sep 11 2019, 06:20am
Exclusive 2007 fitting new radio  I have an EXCLUSIVE WITH THE Phillips sound system, the existing original head unit plays sound out[more ...] By Nash  On Thu Jun 20 2019, 11:59am
3 5817 Nash
Sat Aug 24 2019, 06:28pm
Sat Nav in Citroen C4 hatchback  Hey every one I've bought a Citroen C4 hatchback 2016, very nice car automatic 6 gears, climate cont[more ...] By Arca  On Sat Jul 20 2019, 11:08am
2 5812 Arca
Mon Jul 22 2019, 02:58am
How to connect mobile music to Citron C4 1.6HDi 16v ( 110bhp ) ( DPFS ) EGS Exclusive  Car model >C4 1.6HDi 16v ( 110bhp ) ( DPFS ) EGS ExclusiveHow to i connect mobile music to citron au[more ...] By ola  On Sat Jul 20 2019, 08:25pm
None 753 -
Philips amp location / replacement in C4GP  Hi!I have C4GP Exclusive 2007 with Philips sound system. Some time ago it went silent and after some[more ...] By JLMA  On Wed Jan 10 2018, 03:06pm
8 9667 Nash
Mon Jul 01 2019, 12:41pm
Sat nav voice on C4 Picasso Flair 2017  Hi all,Is it me, or are the voice files not very good for the sat nav? I previously had a 2012 Renau[more ...] By EssexBoi  On Tue Jun 04 2019, 03:05pm
None 5272 -
Replacing C4 2010 RNEG and Navigation to Android touchscreen  HiI'm after some advice have a C4 exclusive 2010 with RNEG stereo and Navigation is it possible to u[more ...] By Goblin457  On Sun May 26 2019, 06:28am
None 5399 -
C4 RT6 black screen that is always on-onlyvhave car less than a week  Hi,Just joined as just bought a 2011 C4 this week. In less than a week screen dead so any help appr[more ...] By Techy  On Fri Apr 05 2019, 04:46pm
4 6589 Timon2210
Wed May 15 2019, 08:38am
N/S front passenger door  Hi can anybody help I am after a N/S Front passenger door for my 2008 Citroen C4 in Icelandic grey.A[more ...] By garlandgrene1  On Sun May 12 2019, 04:18pm
1 5584 BigJohnD
Mon May 13 2019, 05:39am
Picasso stereo install problem  Hi,A friend asked me to help install an after market stereo in his 2007 C4 picasso (the one with the[more ...] By Murry884  On Tue Feb 19 2019, 05:12pm
2 6406 BigJohnD
Wed Feb 20 2019, 05:09am
C4P Power Supply for Pure Highway DAB  Hi all - Picked up the C4P in the week, and just in the process of getting my tech in it.Have decide[more ...] By Moggith  On Sat Jan 22 2011, 12:13pm
5 8000 BigJohnD
Thu Feb 07 2019, 05:08pm
Replacement Radio  The car is C4 Grand Picasso VTR+ YA61FLR VIN VF7UA9HHR8BJ720123Radio would go into silent mode for a[more ...] By AAman  On Wed Jan 30 2019, 01:24pm
None 5687 -
C4 Grand Picasso Radio upgrade options  Hi guys,I recently bought a C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive (2010) but it came with a standard radio. I'[more ...] By matthlock  On Sun Jan 27 2019, 11:14am
None 5829 -
Some help please!  Hi all have had a search though but can’t find the exact/set of issues I haveI have a 2008 C4GP excl[more ...] By james3797  On Fri Jan 18 2019, 09:53am
None 5577 -
9706 AG  I picked up an grand c4 picasso exclusive yesterday with the 9706 AG in the glovebox, this dispalys [more ...] By Nash  On Sat Jan 05 2019, 05:58pm
None 5686 -
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