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Body Styling Spoilers and wheels

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Carbon Fibre Parts for the Citroën C4
  OK moving on from this thread - Click Here - I have now spoken to Chris Harwood (Bic) at Streamlin[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Tue Oct 14 2008, 09:26am
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47 57814 Gooders
Fri Mar 30 2012, 12:47pm
Sticky Thread
C4 winter grill, Snow shield fitting and all questions for it thread
  Hint Hint sticky meMy little bit back to the people!To save millions of questions and pm’s to me of [more ...] By Gooders  On Sun Dec 11 2011, 11:19am
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19 32425 DeuxChevaux
Sun Mar 04 2012, 03:42pm
Sticky Thread
WRC replica tailgate spoiler for Citroën C4 [3 door Coupe only]
  Hi Peeps, after a few people have asked where I got my WRC replica tailgate spoiler from, ee thread[more ...] By JonM  On Mon Jun 15 2009, 03:47am
12 20790 JonM
Thu Nov 24 2011, 02:58pm
Sticky Thread
C4 Hatch/Berline rear spoiler
  I have watched all the reports from coupe guys going on about fitting the VTS 'Sport' spoiler (or so[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Sun Mar 22 2009, 07:33am
14 21556 Dave_Retired.
Fri Sep 04 2009, 05:40pm
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WRC spoiler on at last...  Here are a few pics of my wrc spoiler that I have put on my Citroen c4 loeb...At last!!! By littlegaz  On Sat Sep 03 2011, 04:26am
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24 42161 MarkTee
Sat Nov 18 2023, 01:33pm
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Spoiler fitment on C4 Loeb  HiI have my new WRC spoiler on its way to fit onto my Citroen C4 Loeb. I haven't actually looked as [more ...] By littlegaz  On Tue Jun 21 2011, 11:35am
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17 23969 Sydney_Sina
Mon Jul 08 2019, 12:25pm
AlloyGator™ wheel protectors?  Has anyone any info on these things and if they are any good?Citroën are advertising them at the mom[more ...] By Jonzjob  On Thu Jun 13 2019, 08:58am
3 5912 Jimux
Sat Jun 15 2019, 08:05am
Refurbing Resolfens Unusual Colour !  Thought, I'd just post some pics of the wheels I'm working on at the moment. I know not everyone's t[more ...] By AllEuan  On Fri Jun 07 2019, 01:28pm
None 5564 -
Citroen Cairns 19"  Anyone selling or know of a site selling x4 19" Cairns please? By looxuser  On Wed Oct 17 2018, 10:24am
None 6298 -
Mods for C4GP  I'm looking to jazz up my C4GP a little, nothing lairy, just nice subtle things, engine wise I'm sur[more ...] By matthewrpenny  On Thu Apr 27 2017, 06:27am
2 8426 lizzibee
Wed Jul 25 2018, 04:48am
C4 Picasso with nice 17" wheels - looking for pics  Hi guys,I bought 2007 C4 Picasso and want to buy some nice looking 17" wheels. I know wheels' specif[more ...] By kfz  On Wed Mar 08 2017, 06:04am
6 9578 kfz
Fri Mar 31 2017, 06:01pm
Wheel Worry - puncture problems?  During many decades of motoring I have had a few punctures and so have always had a spare wheel/tyre[more ...] By Grumpy GrandPa  On Sun Mar 12 2017, 10:34am
3 7815 routemaster1
Tue Mar 14 2017, 05:08pm
Facelift to prefacelift 2009, how hard?  I struck a good deal on a 2009 HDI 1.6 with 60k on the clock (kms), car is in very good shape etc, b[more ...] By Bishop  On Tue Aug 23 2016, 12:44am
6 9135 Bishop
Sun Dec 25 2016, 12:06pm
Wheel size  I'm looking at putting some 18inch alloys on the C4 Picasso in the new year What is the best offset [more ...] By Sean2e0saf  On Sun Dec 11 2016, 07:25pm
3 8161 BigJohnD
Tue Dec 13 2016, 04:27am
Best aftermarket replica C4 Coupe Spoiler  Hi Guys,Having dealt with a bubbling spoiler for years I've decided to change it out with a replica [more ...] By MichealOConnor  On Sun Oct 02 2016, 04:17pm
None 7408 -
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C4 coupe spoiler  HiDidn't know where to post this so thought as good a place as any is here. Recently purchased a C4 [more ...] By jpbroad1970  On Sat Jul 30 2016, 01:52pm
11 9890 jpbroad1970
Mon Aug 08 2016, 10:28am
Resolfen 17" Wheels - Type of wheel bolt ?  I am currently fitting these wheels to a 2014 Berlingo, i have noticed there are two types of bolt, [more ...] By doodlebug  On Sat Jul 02 2016, 05:16pm
None 7624 -
Best paint for a DIY wheel refurb  Managed to pick up a set of decent Resolfen wheels. A couple of them need a tidy up, what's the best[more ...] By bencordy  On Thu Apr 21 2016, 04:32pm
None 7914 -
What styling mods look good  Afternoon all, looking at getting some mods done to the car and would like to know what I should get[more ...] By andy2514  On Sun Feb 28 2016, 07:19am
6 9540 wozza
Thu Mar 03 2016, 03:12pm
Spoiler police!  After only a month hopefully they'll leave me aloneBEFORE:-AFTER:-Easy to fit, I'd say roughly 30-45[more ...] By alblacka83  On Sun Mar 17 2013, 02:51pm
8 12493 FakeConcern
Tue Dec 29 2015, 01:44pm
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My C4 Coupe VTR+  Hi, I'm new to this website so do bear with me. I have a C4 coupe VTR+ (56 plate) and I'm wanting to[more ...] By RichardM  On Sun Apr 29 2012, 01:33pm
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79 83507 Dave_Retired.
Wed Dec 09 2015, 12:56pm
OEM (or OEM look) 17" Alloys  Picture request please...What alloys were released in 17in on the MK1? Or any suggestions of OEM loo[more ...] By tony_82  On Mon Jun 15 2015, 10:46am
2 9076 BigJohnD
Mon Jun 15 2015, 03:05pm
C4 Coupe VTR Lowered and new wheels  So finally, took the car to the workshop for lowering springs to be installed and new tires with new[more ...] By Classified  On Fri Jun 12 2015, 03:10pm
5 9705 Classified
Sat Jun 13 2015, 03:20pm
19" alloys?  Has anyone fitted 19"s to their C4?I've found a set of alloys I really love the look of but I'm not [more ...] By Greavesy  On Wed Mar 25 2015, 06:22am
1 8518 Greavesy
Wed Mar 25 2015, 06:25am
Tarting up the wheel centre caps.....  So the paint on the centre caps on my C4 VTS has well and truly seen better days, so I thought I'd b[more ...] By Scouse  On Sat Mar 21 2015, 02:46pm
2 8739 Grumpy GrandPa
Sun Mar 22 2015, 12:17pm
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Body Coloured Side Bumpers (VTR+)  Does anybody know anywhere that does these in the standard colours that the C4 (2005/6) came in? I'm[more ...] By tobeh-  On Sat Apr 26 2014, 12:14pm
11 13039 pyyno
Sun Jun 15 2014, 03:31pm
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My 2005 C4 VTR Coupe  Hi Guys,I'm half expecting to get majorly flamed for this as I know it's not going to be to everyone[more ...] By Baz  On Thu Apr 24 2014, 07:04am
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15 26057 Dominik1978
Fri Apr 25 2014, 10:26am
Facelift Front Grill  Whats people opinion on a Mesh front grill?Found this on Ebay - 300951119183 By hill_bill10  On Wed Feb 19 2014, 03:27pm
8 11084 Citroening
Thu Feb 20 2014, 04:05pm
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Genuine Citroën C4 Part: 9400A4 Body extension kit.  As stated above. Comes with the full fitting instructions and parts such as bolts and the metal mesh[more ...] By danny_l  On Sat Feb 13 2010, 10:49am
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87 90658 hill_bill10
Thu Feb 20 2014, 08:34am
VTS SPOILER ON EBAY!  spotted this, thought id be nice and share  By hill_bill10  On Thu Jan 30 2014, 01:48pm
2 9779 hill_bill10
Thu Jan 30 2014, 03:29pm
C4 front panel modification  Hi all,I tried a modification for the front panel just like new C3s, it is 7 mm chrome styling strip[more ...] By serhat  On Tue May 04 2010, 11:11am
4 11416 renanmba
Mon Jan 27 2014, 01:40pm
C4 alloy wheels  Hi ! While there is a cold, cold winter (in Latvia ) I'm looking for some good deal on R16 or R17 A[more ...] By sienaazis  On Tue Jan 21 2014, 06:31am
5 11496 sienaazis
Fri Jan 24 2014, 05:16am
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Another new part on my Citroën C4 Loeb  Well it might fly one day!!!!  By littlegaz  On Thu Oct 06 2011, 11:39am
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87 82382 FakeConcern
Fri Jan 10 2014, 01:28pm
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Not many modified New Shape Citroen C4s - has anyone upgraded their car? Any pics?  I'm just in the process of finishing off my C4 VTR+ 2012.It will have:18" DS4 AlloysBlack MirrorsChr[more ...] By ferrarionur@msn.com  On Thu Dec 12 2013, 07:02am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
20 30121 BigJohnD
Thu Dec 19 2013, 04:47pm
2013 DS3 Sport Alloys for 2007 C4?  Hi guys I would appreciate any insight into what I will need to put 2013 17" DS3 wheels on my 1.6 VT[more ...] By markc4c4  On Thu Apr 18 2013, 09:13am
3 9904 ferrarionur@msn.com
Fri Dec 13 2013, 06:59pm
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After-market Wheel bolts  I'm after a new set of wheel bolts as the old ones are looking tired, ive looked on ebay but cant re[more ...] By Ham  On Mon Feb 28 2011, 11:21am
12 12821 wozza
Sat Nov 02 2013, 01:45pm
Tyre sensors fitting onto new wheels  HelloI have a 05 C4 VTS. It has tyre pressure sensors. All are working fine. I have bought new wheel[more ...] By planet_saxx  On Thu Aug 29 2013, 02:17pm
2 9750 CamM
Fri Aug 30 2013, 05:09am
New C4 with optional 17" Pegasus alloy wheels pic wanted  I've just ordered a new C4 selection (limited edition) and was in 2 minds about changing the alloys [more ...] By lolo  On Thu Aug 08 2013, 03:06am
7 11289 lolo
Thu Aug 08 2013, 02:21pm
Rear diffuser  Hi there.This diffuser looks the biz but does anyone know where to get the diffuser? or which one su[more ...] By paulie  On Sun Jul 28 2013, 07:59am
8 13570 B13.CEE
Thu Aug 08 2013, 12:56pm
"Quick Replies" spraying lacquer  So my girlfriend has a corsa d and she wanted her v grille painted so I sanded it down sprayed with [more ...] By Tobycooke  On Mon Jul 29 2013, 10:27am
2 9369 Tobycooke
Mon Jul 29 2013, 10:54am
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The start of my C4 modding...  Hey guys, I've lurked for a bit and gained some information, and decided that I wanted some of the a[more ...] By C4Darren  On Sat Oct 30 2010, 01:57pm
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102 93227 B13.CEE
Wed Jul 17 2013, 01:21pm
Front bumper mesh  Hi. I've seen somewhere on the forum that some of you have done the front grill in meshing as in the[more ...] By littlegaz  On Sun Mar 25 2012, 11:33am
6 12046 littlegaz
Sun Jul 14 2013, 04:02pm
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Coupe B-pillar outside plastic trim?  Hi.I wasn't able to find this info from the resources section so here goes.Anyone have any insights [more ...] By pyyno  On Mon Oct 01 2012, 02:55pm
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16 29202 pyyno
Wed Jul 03 2013, 03:54am
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Brembo brake caliper covers  So I want to paint my calipers but after looking at them I've found out that they are in such a mess[more ...] By Tobycooke  On Sat Mar 23 2013, 06:24am
11 12496 CamM
Thu May 02 2013, 05:32am
OEM alloys 57 Picasso  Guys, anyone know where I can get four of these please? By looxuser  On Wed Apr 17 2013, 06:45pm
2 9759 Dave_Retired.
Thu Apr 18 2013, 01:01am
Offset and width ....  Hi guys I'm buying some new alloys but the alloys I want have an offset of 35 mm and have a width of[more ...] By curtis699909  On Fri Mar 22 2013, 03:08am
7 10774 curtis699909
Wed Mar 27 2013, 09:15am
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Black Alloys?  So I have the 17" Resolfen alloys and I want to change the colour, I originally thought white but th[more ...] By Tobycooke  On Thu Mar 21 2013, 12:28pm
10 12041 Rich_Eason
Mon Mar 25 2013, 12:38pm
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C4 Wheels and correct offset, PCD etc.  I have been looking a bit around to find information about correct offset but I have not found anyth[more ...] By Tor  On Wed Feb 18 2009, 04:18am
10 12511 curtis699909
Sun Mar 24 2013, 07:12am
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Changing the wheels?  I'm considering changing my wheels and I want to know would 225/40/18 offset 38 fit my C4?thanks By Pk  On Sun Apr 29 2012, 03:31pm
12 14985 curtis699909
Fri Mar 22 2013, 07:20am
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Black C4 now on Black 19's  Hi all. Just got my new wheels fitted. Im over the moon with the result, its exactly what I was want[more ...] By mike_b  On Mon Sep 12 2011, 12:12pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
15 32433 wozza
Thu Mar 21 2013, 05:56pm
Alloys question  Just wondering if 16 inch alloys will fit over VTS HDi discs, and if 9J wide would scrape?I have had[more ...] By rew  On Wed Mar 20 2013, 01:10pm
None 8539 -
My C4 VTR+ (1.6 HDI coupe)  Hi Everyone. I bought this a couple of years ago, and since then, all I've done is driven it. It's a[more ...] By Chris_C  On Thu Mar 14 2013, 03:03pm
2 10935 Citroening
Fri Mar 15 2013, 04:40pm
Michelin Pilot Super Sports  I'm in the market for new tyres to replace my current set of Michelin Pilot Sport 3's. I've been rea[more ...] By CamM  On Wed Mar 06 2013, 09:13am
5 10411 CamM
Fri Mar 08 2013, 05:28am
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Painting Calipers etc  I've had my coupe since the beginning of last Dec. Really enjoying it however I'm itching to add my [more ...] By Billbo1088  On Tue Jan 29 2013, 02:33pm
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20 29670 Billbo1088
Mon Feb 11 2013, 11:02am
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Will C4 Facelift Front Bumper Fit a pre facelift car?  I have an 06 C4 Coupe VYR HDI,,The front bumper looks like previous owner has used a brillo pad on i[more ...] By Chappers0017  On Thu Jan 12 2012, 06:16pm
12 14758 Citroening
Sun Dec 02 2012, 04:16pm
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Anyone seen some red or blue Resolfens?  I have sold my 19" alloys now and looking to buy some Resolfens.I will be changing the colour though[more ...] By mike_b  On Sun Jul 08 2012, 04:27am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
23 34469 Si599
Thu Nov 22 2012, 02:04pm
Mirror Covers  any one know where i can pick up a set of these as the link posted in previous thread no longer work[more ...] By smagee090886  On Mon Oct 01 2012, 11:14am
1 9563 Dave_Retired.
Mon Oct 01 2012, 01:18pm
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C4 Alloy Wheel Centre caps  I've had my 2.0 VTR+ for just over 3 years - from new - but the centre caps are looking a bit faded [more ...] By swissball  On Tue Feb 24 2009, 04:47am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
29 35350 pyyno
Mon Sep 24 2012, 09:22am
new alloys  alright all, after some consideration have just got some used 18s for my vts, they were previously o[more ...] By mikejc4  On Sun Sep 16 2012, 09:45am
5 10948 wozza
Mon Sep 17 2012, 04:54pm
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C4 Coupe / Hatch Chrome Fog Light Surrounds  Just found these on eBay for the pre facelift C4'sFit all the Coupe / Hatch / Saloon modelsI have ju[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Tue Apr 07 2009, 10:13am
Goto page: [ 1 2 3 4 ]
51 60770 NiteSite
Sun Aug 26 2012, 09:43pm
Alloy Wheels for C4  Hi GuysCurrently have 17" Resolfens on my car but they are in pretty poor shape at moment. Was just [more ...] By zolasbackheel  On Tue Aug 21 2012, 05:24am
9 11534 Si599
Fri Aug 24 2012, 02:10pm
Black tail lights  I would like to know if the same problem has occured to anyone who has bought black tail lights for [more ...] By Brimski  On Sat Jul 28 2012, 07:40pm
3 10866 spizlot3
Sun Jul 29 2012, 04:12am
Black C4 Hatch [unfinished]  Hi everybody, hopefuly this is the right place to show off our own cars, so here is mine. 2006 C4 1,[more ...] By Efexas  On Sun Jul 15 2012, 09:36am
1 10360 Dave_Retired.
Sun Jul 15 2012, 01:08pm
Quick question re: VTS rear diffuser thingy  Cars going into paintshop next week and looking to get the exhaust done same time. Getting the doubl[more ...] By eurospark  On Fri Jun 08 2012, 11:56am
8 12048 Sonny
Fri Jun 08 2012, 02:56pm
Tyre Size  What size of tyres is everyone using on their 17" VTS+ alloys? I have 50mm atm and they look far to [more ...] By mattsmyth  On Fri Apr 20 2012, 04:55am
7 11333 BigJohnD
Thu Apr 26 2012, 08:39am
Sticking down Spoiler  Right then as some of you know i have just fitted a VTS spoiler to my car, but the sticky pad on one[more ...] By G4ZZ  On Thu Apr 19 2012, 04:27pm
2 11018 MiniPaulo
Fri Apr 20 2012, 01:30pm
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DS4 Canberra 17 inch alloys on a C4  Was wondering if anyone has put the Canberra 17 inch DS4 alloys on to a C4, was hoping someone has [more ...] By craig573  On Mon Jan 30 2012, 07:40am
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18 30735 f411
Thu Apr 19 2012, 06:26pm
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Just purchased new wheels.  18x7 oz f1s. Come in et 42 but managed to pick up 21mm hubcentric spacers made by OZ for these wheel[more ...] By eurospark  On Tue Mar 27 2012, 04:02pm
12 12370 FakeConcern
Sat Apr 14 2012, 02:20pm
C5 vs C4GP wheels - compatible?  Hi guys, can you please confirm if the 4-stud alloys from a C5 are compatible with a C4 GP? I know t[more ...] By DoctorPaul  On Sat Mar 31 2012, 04:54pm
7 11488 DoctorPaul
Tue Apr 10 2012, 03:36pm
C4 Coupe New Spoiler and wiper Grommet  Right then I've ordered myself a rear spoiler, I was wondering what size torx driver I need.Also whi[more ...] By G4ZZ  On Sun Apr 01 2012, 04:10pm
5 11078 G4ZZ
Sat Apr 07 2012, 05:07pm
Will The 17" Peugeot 307 'Challenger' Wheels Fit On My C4  Hello, I have brought a set of 17" Peugeot Challenger alloy wheels, And I was just wondering if thes[more ...] By Philip_1989  On Sun Apr 01 2012, 07:25pm
2 11317 Philip_1989
Mon Apr 02 2012, 05:41am
Fitting 5 stud alloys to C4 coupe  I've been offered a set of 18" multispoke alloys that came off a Citroen Xsara apparently they're 5 [more ...] By dolanm56  On Sun Mar 25 2012, 10:13am
9 11929 mike_b
Sun Apr 01 2012, 05:18am
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What alloys are these ?  Does anybody know what alloys these are ?  By dolanm56  On Thu Mar 15 2012, 09:16am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
15 28886 C4Darren
Tue Mar 27 2012, 11:13am
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VTS Spoiler arrived - NEW Pics  My VTS spoiler arrived this morning, bought from ebay for £160 + £12 postage and packaging which i t[more ...] By dolanm56  On Mon Mar 19 2012, 07:57am
Goto page: [ 1 2 3 ]
31 41295 dolanm56
Wed Mar 21 2012, 10:56am
Citroën racing door Strip  Hi everyoneDoes anyone know where I can get myself a Citroen racing door sticker. As far as I know i[more ...] By mattsmyth  On Wed Feb 29 2012, 08:12am
5 10934 JonM
Sun Mar 18 2012, 03:53pm
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