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Announcement Thread
Angel Tuning Re Map - Special offer one day only event
  Tints N Teaks are having a group tuning day on Saturday 26th September 2009 at Tints N Tweaks.The ad[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Fri Sep 18 2009, 09:36am
6 12079 Dave_Retired.
Mon Sep 13 2010, 08:36am
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EW10A engine tuning  Hello, I will be doing some tuning on EW10A engine.Right now i got:-13.5 Wiseco high compression pis[more ...] By wsx  On Thu Sep 09 2021, 05:24pm
2 2987 MarkTee
Mon Sep 05 2022, 12:41pm
C4 EW10J4 Turbo kit, what ecu setup I should go  Im planning to install turbo kit on my car. Should I go standalone or piggyback? Would like to have [more ...] By wsx  On Mon Jun 21 2021, 01:50pm
None 3032 -
C4 1.6 VTi remap?  Hello...any experience out there of getting a basic remap of a C4 1.6 VTi? Mine's manual, 120bhp. Re[more ...] By jwin  On Mon May 24 2021, 06:08am
2 3282 jwin
Mon May 24 2021, 07:21am
C4 Cactus Radiator Replacement  Hi everyone, my car was in an accident and we don't have any of the parts available in my country. I[more ...] By hbjonothan  On Mon Oct 05 2020, 01:31pm
1 4280 routemaster1
Mon Oct 05 2020, 01:48pm
EGS gearbox re-calibration  Hi. Does anyone know of anywhere in East Berkshire I can have my EGS gearbox recalibrated?Thanks By stevoviking  On Tue Jul 21 2020, 07:38am
1 4444 adamthebaden
Sat Sep 26 2020, 06:48am
Re-Map 2.0 BlueHDi EAT6 2015 C4 Picasso  Hi all,I'm actually considering remapping my car and wanted to know if anyone knows what brand the E[more ...] By White_Thunder  On Thu Nov 07 2019, 12:23pm
None 5158 -
Subtle Power Mods  Hello, Hopefully some of you knowledgeable folk can help me out.I'm in a circle of friends that own [more ...] By Coupe_Bear  On Sun Aug 12 2018, 07:00am
3 6835 White_Thunder
Mon Oct 14 2019, 12:34pm
Viezu Re-map  I have been looking at getting a re-map for my 1.6HDi 110 for a few weeks now.Checking through the F[more ...] By ChevySoul  On Wed Nov 28 2018, 12:36pm
1 6281 White_Thunder
Thu Oct 10 2019, 03:09am
K&N Filter C4 Picasso  Hi All,Just want to share that I have a 2.0 BlueHDi Diesel 150hp engine on my Picasso 2015.I install[more ...] By White_Thunder  On Wed Oct 09 2019, 03:32am
1 5354 White_Thunder
Wed Oct 09 2019, 04:24am
K&N air filter  anyone what filter i need and where best to pick one up? citroen c4 vts By andy2514  On Sat Jan 06 2018, 04:45am
1 7542 FakeConcern
Sat Jan 06 2018, 05:15am
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My modified C4 from Slovenia  Hey everyone, I'm a proud owner of a C4 coupe 1.6 petrol and i'm from Slovenia. I came across this [more ...] By Jasa  On Fri Oct 17 2008, 04:32am
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59 52273 Citro-N
Thu Nov 23 2017, 11:49pm
Boost gauge  Has anyone thought about fitting a boost gauge to their C4 gp 2.0hdi and what other mods are about t[more ...] By Cavalieman2017  On Mon Aug 21 2017, 04:14pm
None 7001 -
Upgrading transmission - C4 2.0i 16V VTS  Hi Everyone,I'm thinking about upgrading some of the transmission on my 2.0i 16V VTS coupe (2006). H[more ...] By Luki  On Mon Aug 14 2017, 06:17am
None 6949 -
Fitting a custom air filter/induction system to a 1.6 HDI...  If you have a C4 Grand Picasso fitted with a 1.6 HDI at some time or other you will have no doubt sh[more ...] By alfsgc4p  On Mon May 01 2017, 08:59am
None 7771 -
C4 1.6hdi Hatchback (2006) Dual Mass Flywheel to Solid Flywheel conversion and performance  Hi Everybody,I recently changed my DMF to Solid Flywheel Conversion (Valeo) in my C4 1.6HDi hatchbac[more ...] By love2drive  On Thu Feb 09 2017, 05:07pm
2 8117 BigJohnD
Fri Feb 10 2017, 06:22am
Want to upgrade intake and exhaust but not getting anywhere.  Hi folks, I have a C4 coupe VTR! 1.4 petrol 88hp and was thinking of upgrading it. I was advised th[more ...] By Modm  On Fri May 13 2016, 06:11pm
4 9880 longshortchris
Tue Aug 09 2016, 05:46am
Magic tuning boxes???  Would I be right in assuming that these £80 boxes of magic tricks won't do exactly what they claim??[more ...] By Grumpy GrandPa  On Sun Jan 31 2010, 02:31pm
7 10671 ATKCreative
Fri May 06 2016, 06:24pm
Angel tuning remap - still worth it?  Hi all, considering the highly acclaimed Angel Tuning remap on my 1.6hdi 110 (non dpf). Figure I'll [more ...] By bencordy  On Wed Mar 02 2016, 06:13pm
5 9505 bencordy
Thu Mar 03 2016, 08:45am
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Induction kit help  What is the best induction kit to buy for a VTS? And why are they so expensive? By andy2514  On Fri Feb 19 2016, 11:18am
13 10899 andy2514
Sat Feb 20 2016, 12:07pm
Mapping out the EGR  I have just spent over £2000 replacing the turbo, cleaning the DPF and Cats etc on my 11 year old Ci[more ...] By cybersimon  On Wed Feb 03 2016, 09:14am
1 8195 vimto2000
Wed Feb 03 2016, 12:21pm
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M-Tech 6 speed Short Shifter  I today purchased the M-Tech Short shifter I shall keep you all posted on how it fits and feels wh[more ...] By hill_bill10  On Thu Jan 07 2016, 03:20pm
11 10565 Nicholas221078
Tue Jan 19 2016, 02:29pm
Typhoon induction kit  Hi - where the best place to get the Typhoon kit?2006 2.0 VTS.Cheers,David. By woodside  On Thu May 07 2015, 09:27am
8 10202 bobbyla
Mon Dec 28 2015, 09:14am
DW10BTED4 FAP removal  When disabling FAP from ECU sw in 2.0HDi, do you absolutely have to remove all related wires (additi[more ...] By Pt_picasso  On Mon Nov 16 2015, 10:17am
None 7750 -
[moved] C4 2005 Upgrades  Hello Dears,THis is the first time i Post in this great page!I will need your help as most of you ar[more ...] By AbdAllahkm  On Thu Aug 13 2015, 06:25am
2 9040 wozza
Thu Aug 13 2015, 11:01pm
Citroen C4 1.6 HDi 109hp + chiptuning (remap BSI or change turbo + intercoler )  Hi all,It's my first topic in C4owners.orgI'm from Poland and I've C4 2005yr. 1.6 HDi 109 hp.One mon[more ...] By JacobPL  On Sat Jul 25 2015, 09:53am
3 10939 wozza
Mon Jul 27 2015, 08:08pm
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Adding some parts  Evening, looking for some pointers on what to buy to get that little extra bhp out of my Loeb 1.6 pe[more ...] By andy2514  On Tue May 05 2015, 02:29pm
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68 56282 andy2514
Sun Jun 07 2015, 07:46am
K&N Panel Filter  Hi all, just finished fitting my K & N panel filter. Was a pig of a job (was determined to do it[more ...] By bencordy  On Thu Apr 16 2015, 11:41am
2 9175 Dave_Retired.
Sun May 03 2015, 11:28am
C4 Coupe - fuel injector and other mods  Hello. I have a few questions about TU5JP4 engine modifications, so if it is possible to increase hi[more ...] By Docencik  On Fri Mar 20 2015, 09:32am
1 8956 BigJohnD
Fri Mar 20 2015, 10:18am
Gearbox swap on EW engine  Hello fellow UK C4 owners,I managed to purchase an imported BE3/6 gearbox (306 GTI-6 was never offic[more ...] By f411  On Thu May 22 2014, 04:18pm
3 11739 Dave_Retired.
Fri Feb 13 2015, 02:41am
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Wozza's new exhaust  After saying I was getting it done for a while finally today got round to getting my exhaust done. J[more ...] By wozza  On Thu Aug 09 2012, 12:17pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 3 ]
39 41255 RollerMAN
Tue Apr 01 2014, 01:28pm
C4 VTS 2.0 turbo project  Hi everyone. I've been driving my VTS for nearly a year and thinking on going a big engine project s[more ...] By goose  On Sat Feb 08 2014, 06:47am
6 11516 The Gunslinger
Mon Mar 17 2014, 07:14am
1.6 petrol inlet manifold  Hifairly new to this site but need some advice I am in the process of installing LPG kit on my 1.6 p[more ...] By robbie1944  On Fri Mar 14 2014, 11:08am
2 9102 Dominik1978
Fri Mar 14 2014, 02:00pm
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Engine swap help  Wondering if it's possible for straight forward swap from 05- 1.4 to newer 1.6 120bhp BMW/PSA engine[more ...] By smagee090886  On Tue Aug 27 2013, 09:17am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
22 28463 wozza
Thu Aug 29 2013, 12:50pm
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Off to longlife on Friday  Getting a stainless system from the cat. Will post some pics/vids if anyone is interested By LewisR  On Mon Jul 15 2013, 04:12pm
11 11039 LewisR
Sun Jul 21 2013, 06:13am
VTR Coupe engine??  I've seen a few threads on engine mods for my 1.6 petrol but what else could I do to get a bit more [more ...] By curtis699909  On Sun Feb 03 2013, 06:26pm
6 11146 wozza
Fri May 17 2013, 08:30pm
Closed Thread
Potential bhp gains?  Can I fit a bigger front mount intercooler on my 2.0HDi VTS? Any potential gains/flaws?What power ca[more ...] By rew  On Sun Mar 31 2013, 03:28am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
15 28501 Dave_Retired.
Wed Apr 03 2013, 10:28am
DIY air intake  so i know that there are some threads on this anyway but they are dated and this is the reason that [more ...] By Tobycooke  On Mon Apr 01 2013, 01:14pm
1 9910 Tobycooke
Tue Apr 02 2013, 01:18pm
Just ordered parts for my custom induction kit.  Just placed my order for some silicone hoses and filters from APMotorstore.com Got 2 Silicon Elbows4[more ...] By Shaneygreen  On Mon Dec 10 2012, 11:12am
2 9794 G4ZZ
Tue Mar 19 2013, 10:09am
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Remapping  Hi everyone, I'm new to this and only joined last week!!!I've a coupe 1.6 HDi (110) and am having i[more ...] By tigger  On Wed Aug 22 2007, 03:18pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
22 33068 sadielady
Mon Mar 04 2013, 03:34pm
[moved] C4 VTS remap which software?  Hi guys I've decided to add some 'juice' to my VTS by doing remap. now since there's lot of software[more ...] By goose  On Sat Feb 16 2013, 01:22pm
6 11911 CamM
Mon Feb 18 2013, 04:18am
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Induction kit for 1.6 VTR petrol  Can anyone recommend and induction kit and somewere to buy it from?I have a 1.6 VTR petrol 2006Thank[more ...] By craig26983  On Wed Dec 23 2009, 03:19pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 3 4 5 ]
68 68391 Shaneygreen
Mon Dec 10 2012, 06:49am
HDi ECU remappers in Australia?  Hi all, I've got a 2007 C4 Pic with the 2.0 HDi and 6 speed auto (not EGS) can anyone recommend a go[more ...] By bigbruggsy  On Tue Oct 30 2012, 09:27pm
8 11407 bigbruggsy
Sat Nov 10 2012, 02:29pm
TUNIT / auto gear change quality  NEWBIE & yes I've searched! Swapping my TUNIT from current car to 2012 C4 1.6eHDI auto - apparen[more ...] By scimitargtc  On Thu Oct 11 2012, 03:45pm
1 9813 Dave_Retired.
Fri Oct 12 2012, 01:53am
Another remap question ;)  Hi Guys,Got my 1.6 HDi couple of weeks ago and it seems a lot faster than my petrol 1.6 that I had a[more ...] By Jaimewhitton  On Wed Oct 10 2012, 11:15am
7 10734 BigJohnD
Thu Oct 11 2012, 07:40am
Celox +15BHP Power Module/Chip, Too good to be true?  Stumbled upon this at the Amazon. Didn't find previous threads of it. Has anyone had the courage to [more ...] By pyyno  On Mon Sep 10 2012, 10:34am
2 10777 pyyno
Mon Sep 10 2012, 10:44am
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C4 VTR 1.6 110bhp remap (Edit: Petrol engined)  Anyone had it done? Would i need to uprate the car in anyway? Clutch etc?Thanks.Shane. By Shaneygreen  On Fri Aug 27 2010, 01:41pm
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98 86728 C4Darren
Wed Aug 22 2012, 11:08am
De-cat, filter or induction?  Right then C4-folks, planning my next mods and I need your advice:I'm going to change my oil next we[more ...] By Gooner_Mike  On Sun Aug 14 2011, 09:59am
5 11621 spizlot3
Thu Aug 02 2012, 05:01am
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Exhaust manifold  What ones fit?My car is a C4 1.6 16v.I'm aware of the C2 VTS one fitting but are there other?106 Sax[more ...] By Nathan_D  On Tue Jun 12 2012, 06:16am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
22 29811 Sonny
Sat Jul 21 2012, 03:30am
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Remapping a 1.6 Again!!!!!  The age old question has After a discussion with Tom on Facebook, he suggested contacting somewhere [more ...] By Sonny  On Sat Jan 15 2011, 12:48am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
27 34393 C4Darren
Fri Jul 20 2012, 07:49pm
Oil breather options?  I'm looking at fitting my BMC CDA air filter, using silicon hoses to locate it in front of the batte[more ...] By Nathan_D  On Sat Jun 09 2012, 04:01pm
8 14087 Shaneygreen
Thu Jul 19 2012, 06:28am
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1.6 petrol engine mods - help!!  I want some more power for the engine but struggling to find bits for it, does anyone have some idea[more ...] By bambaaaa  On Wed May 11 2011, 04:41am
13 13922 XUD7TE
Tue Jul 10 2012, 11:15am
Closed Thread
C4 vtr coupe induction kit ?  I have a 2007 C4 VTR+ coupe , 1.6i 16v and really fancy a induction kit but i have no idea which one[more ...] By Washpy81  On Tue Jun 26 2012, 01:47pm
1 9691 Dave_Retired.
Wed Jun 27 2012, 12:19am
1.4 16v Induction Kit Fitted  Hi all, just wanted to post some pics of my new induction kit.Got everything shown for £35 inc posta[more ...] By mike_b  On Wed Jun 13 2012, 10:57am
7 12414 Stuey
Thu Jun 14 2012, 07:48am
C4 HDi VTS 136bhp Re-map  I am debating whether to have my beloved C4 re-mapped. My local tuning company have quoted me 186bhp[more ...] By surfer6969  On Fri May 04 2012, 05:54pm
4 11685 surfer6969
Sat May 05 2012, 09:29am
engine mods  howdy all.im the proud owner of a 1.6HDi 92bhp c4 carvan. the only problem is im finding it a little[more ...] By Ciaran_C4  On Fri Apr 27 2012, 02:41pm
1 9754 wozza
Fri Apr 27 2012, 02:47pm
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Manifold and 100 cell cat plus other questions!  Afternoon guys n gals,I'm trying to find a manifold for my vts, I've had a look about and there's no[more ...] By Gooders  On Thu Nov 10 2011, 09:10am
13 12755 The Gunslinger
Wed Apr 18 2012, 04:40am
VTR EW10A exhaust upgrade, gear ratios  Hi everyone, this is my first post here.I'm from Brazil and bought recently a C4 2.0 16V, it's a EW10A equipped car, and it's been a nice car, way more smooth than my older Focus (Mk1).But I have the sensation that the exhaust is rather restricted, and I want to change my exhaust, the whole thing, from manifold to the backbox including decat.Reading here someone said that the manifold from the VTS are better, but I never saw one of those, looking around on ebay for 206 GTi parts, the manifolds that we're available I was looking to buy a VTS OEM one, cause I've had problems with no name parts in the past. where I can find one of the OEMs?I was planning to remove the cats, will the engine management go crazy? There's something that I can do to avoid it?And about the gear ratios, there's any gearbox that have longer ratios? A C5 gearbox or others? I found the 60 mph @ 3000rpm rather annoying... it's a 5 speed gearbox....Thanks! By padula  On Tue Mar 06 2012, 11:28pm
4 12647 Gooders
Fri Mar 30 2012, 12:52pm
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VTS 2.0 HDi Re Map - With Results.  Well getting the recently acquired C4 2.0 HDi VTS remapped tomorrow at PDT Tuning in Sunderland will[more ...] By craig573  On Sun Nov 20 2011, 04:35am
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19 33041 Bhavik
Wed Mar 28 2012, 07:33am
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Induction kit VTR+  I want to get an induction kit for my C4 VTR+ .. Which is the better kit to go for ? K&N or Pipercro[more ...] By Brimski  On Sat Dec 03 2011, 05:29pm
12 5244 Sonny
Sun Mar 18 2012, 03:45pm
Exhaust manifold  Hi, I was wondering if this manifold would fit my 1.6 VTR coupe ? - Click Here -  By bambaaaa  On Wed Feb 01 2012, 06:49am
4 10896 Sonny
Tue Feb 14 2012, 03:24pm
Small amount of oil  I took my induction kit off to have my alarm fitted and I found a tiny bit of oil in the induction p[more ...] By littlegaz  On Sun Feb 12 2012, 12:24pm
3 10336 littlegaz
Sun Feb 12 2012, 12:45pm
K&N vs BMC  Hi all,In an earlier post ( - Click Here - ) I mentioned I was considering a K&N high flow pan[more ...] By CamM  On Wed Jan 04 2012, 03:53am
5 10992 CamM
Wed Jan 04 2012, 10:44pm
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Angel Tuning, help  Ok rang Angel Tuning yesterday and was quoted 275 for my C4 2.0 HDi and told I could get an extra 35[more ...] By heap1000  On Tue Nov 29 2011, 11:28am
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18 29329 pedal
Tue Dec 20 2011, 07:01am
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C4 VTS Replacement Air Filter  I got my new C4 VTS (180bhp) and am considering a replacement air filter (itg) for it. I'm not reall[more ...] By tietkej  On Thu Feb 12 2009, 03:22pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 3 ]
30 42884 IvanVTS
Mon Nov 28 2011, 08:48pm
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C4 Performance exhaust  I am looking for a backbox aftermarket exhaust for my 55 plate C4 VTR+0. I don't really want to go t[more ...] By Brimski  On Fri Nov 25 2011, 10:23am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
15 31923 Sonny
Mon Nov 28 2011, 03:51pm
Induction Kit help needed for a Citroën C4  Hi thereI am wanting to purchase an induction kit for my Citroen C4 Loeb 1.6 but I haven't any ideas[more ...] By littlegaz  On Tue Oct 04 2011, 12:11pm
8 14874 Gooders
Fri Nov 04 2011, 06:10am
remaps still available for VTS?  I emailed Angel Tuning regarding a remap for my VTS and I got the following reply:Dear LeeThank you [more ...] By NiteSite  On Thu Nov 03 2011, 11:42am
5 10605 wozza
Thu Nov 03 2011, 06:13pm
DCP Tuning  Has anybody got any experience with DCP tunings mobile service, I'm looking at having the C4 1.6HDI [more ...] By Sp3noExclusive  On Mon Oct 17 2011, 08:04am
3 10458 Sp3noExclusive
Mon Oct 17 2011, 10:48am
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C4 Turbo Conversion Kits - DP Engineering in the Netherlands  Enquired recently regarding a C4 Turbo Conversion Company: DP Engineering in the Netherlandsemail: [more ...] By JonM  On Fri Mar 05 2010, 01:08pm
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26 45953 Babbels
Fri Oct 07 2011, 05:19am
Turbo swap?  Does the turbo on an original 1.6 HDi 110 produce more power than the one on an original 1.6 HDi 92 [more ...] By bingbonguk  On Sat Aug 27 2011, 09:40am
3 10638 BigJohnD
Sat Aug 27 2011, 02:46pm
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C4 1.4 electric sounding, why, how to solve  Ever since I had my C4 1.4 notice it sounds electric, and all others do too, just wondering whether [more ...] By wizers  On Fri Oct 22 2010, 01:13pm
12 12826 shogan
Wed Aug 10 2011, 12:56pm
Undo a remap? 1.6HDi VTR coupe  I had my C4 1.6Hdi Coupe remapped 2 years ago and well....I got extra MPG and a huge boost in perfor[more ...] By mole_uk  On Sat Aug 06 2011, 11:26am
9 17296 mole_uk
Mon Aug 08 2011, 12:33pm
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Angel Tuning Gold Package 20/04/2011  Hi guys,Right after almost a year of thinking about it I finally got the gold package from angel tun[more ...] By damian24  On Wed Apr 20 2011, 12:23pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 3 ]
34 43020 Dave_Retired.
Thu Aug 04 2011, 12:52pm
C4 1.6HDi EGS Engine re-mapping  Several companies offer a remapping service on this engine, which apparently gives approx 25% increa[more ...] By lambo74  On Tue Jul 05 2011, 02:58pm
6 12464 pedal
Thu Jul 07 2011, 02:19am
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