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Thump when accelerating  When I accelerate about half throttle or more there is a thud noise. Gradual acceleration no noise a[more ...] By smagee090886  On Tue Oct 22 2013, 04:21am
7 9775 smagee090886
Wed Oct 23 2013, 07:27pm
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Boost gauge and dump valve  Hey everybody iv just recently set myself up on this forums site. I own a 2010 1.6 thp 150 c4 loeb i[more ...] By TLF  On Sun Mar 03 2013, 10:18am
14 12270 hill_bill10
Fri Sep 20 2013, 07:43pm
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My 08 C4 by Loeb issues.  So, the other day I was driving home from visiting family and I got within half a mile of my house a[more ...] By reecew94  On Wed Aug 28 2013, 12:27pm
10 8376 reecew94
Sun Sep 01 2013, 07:53pm
Replacement Gearbox  My son has wrecked the gearbox of his 2007 Loeb 1.6. I believe that other Citroen models and also so[more ...] By lordofthebings  On Tue Aug 06 2013, 03:33pm
1 5394 Citroening
Tue Aug 06 2013, 03:41pm
Sport Red / Aden Red.  Was just wondering if some of you could clear up a point for me regarding Sport Red that'd found on [more ...] By Citroening  On Sun Jul 28 2013, 08:33am
9 8534 Citroening
Mon Jul 29 2013, 01:37pm
My C4 by Loeb - No. 243  Some cleaning over the weekend...toothbrush on the wheels and detailer wax By C4-loeb  On Mon Feb 11 2013, 04:58pm
4 6039 sixmile
Wed Jul 17 2013, 05:29am
What make of tyres are you using?  Had my C4 Loeb just over a year now, passed the MoT with no problems. Was told that I'd be needing a[more ...] By thunder367  On Fri Jul 12 2013, 04:08pm
1 4475 BigJohnD
Fri Jul 12 2013, 04:27pm
Accelerator pedal question?  Hey guys Ive had my Loeb for about 3 weeks now and only noticed the other day that if you really pre[more ...] By Ric-A  On Mon May 20 2013, 12:40pm
6 5805 Citroening
Mon May 20 2013, 03:28pm
Erratic revving when at biting point in traffic  Hi all,Strange one this. When I'm pulling away and get the revs up to around 1500rpm the revs can dr[more ...] By Spyke  On Fri Nov 30 2012, 02:37am
6 5672 Spyke
Mon May 20 2013, 02:05pm
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My C4 Loeb (hi)  Hey all. Been browsing the site for a couple of weeks looking at various Loeb topics, some nice moto[more ...] By Balaerophon  On Mon May 06 2013, 02:33pm
10 6743 Balaerophon
Wed May 08 2013, 11:38am
My Loeb  Hi all, Looking like I'll have to move my Loeb on due to expanding family - haven't had a chance to [more ...] By Muddy  On Sun Mar 24 2013, 11:44am
2 4855 CamM
Tue Mar 26 2013, 05:26am
FRIEND!!!!  Look what i spotted on my way to the liverpool match last night  By hill_bill10  On Fri Oct 05 2012, 08:06am
4 5262 hill_bill10
Tue Mar 19 2013, 04:23pm
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My Loeb  Hi. I'm new to the site, and thought I would put up some pictures of my C4 By Loeb. I've had the car[more ...] By loeb-100  On Thu May 24 2012, 05:08pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
18 15194 loeb-100
Tue Feb 19 2013, 04:34pm
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My Loeb...  Evening all - as promised here are some photos of my Loeb that I got last weekend. After a good whil[more ...] By Citroening  On Mon Mar 12 2012, 03:14pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 3 4 5 ]
69 36305 FakeConcern
Fri Jan 04 2013, 06:57am
Spotted on eBay - Facelift Loeb Doorcards.  Just spotted this on eBay - - Click Here - Not sure if they are doorcards for a facelift Loeb altho[more ...] By Citroening  On Sun Nov 04 2012, 04:31pm
None 3693 -
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Oil type  hi guys, bit of a dumb question but what oil does my loeb need? cant find it in my manual. i got a m[more ...] By hill_bill10  On Mon Oct 29 2012, 09:58am
12 7822 hill_bill10
Wed Oct 31 2012, 06:30pm
Finally got a C4 again, this time a Loeb :)  Hi all,Been around 18 months since i last posted on this site as i was forced to sell my C4 due to i[more ...] By Jaimewhitton  On Wed Oct 10 2012, 09:03am
8 5447 Jaimewhitton
Thu Oct 11 2012, 07:48pm
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C4 Rev Counter ( behind steering wheel )  hi guys, I was wondering, Ive seen some c4's have this rev counter behind the wheel and mine doesn't[more ...] By hill_bill10  On Wed Sep 19 2012, 10:48am
13 7967 wozza
Tue Sep 25 2012, 12:49pm
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Help, Advice, Guidance..  Hi all, Just joined tonight, I've been looking a black Loeb, literally just back from viewing it - w[more ...] By Muddy  On Tue Sep 18 2012, 03:10pm
14 7019 sixmile
Mon Sep 24 2012, 04:43am
removing antenna  hi everyone, does anyone know how to remove the antenna at the back of the roof mine is a 07, i am h[more ...] By lisa123  On Wed Sep 12 2012, 01:24am
9 8925 littlegaz
Fri Sep 14 2012, 12:44pm
Drivers Seat stitching  HiHas anyone had a problem with the stitching on the offside bolstering coming apart?It is unrepaira[more ...] By telfire  On Tue Sep 04 2012, 05:57am
1 3675 sixmile
Wed Sep 12 2012, 05:07am
Loeb Alloys - Cleaning etc  I thought I would try and see what other Loeb owners use to care for and clean their white alloys. [more ...] By sixmile  On Thu May 03 2012, 04:54am
7 5854 sixmile
Tue Jul 24 2012, 06:57am
C4 Loeb 1.6HDi 2008 - help needed please!!  Hi, I've had my Citroen C4 Loeb for approx 6 months. I've had a problem with the fuel consumption, I[more ...] By Lawtcollet  On Sun Jun 03 2012, 06:57am
5 5064 PentlandC4
Sun Jun 03 2012, 05:02pm
2 wheels questions  Can you buy a Loeb white rim for your spare to replace the steel one in the boot? And how much are t[more ...] By thunder367  On Mon Apr 09 2012, 10:48am
2 4278 Dave_Retired.
Mon Apr 09 2012, 12:10pm
Have you modified or left your Loeb standard?  My 08 plate Loeb is to be delivered on 3rd May 2 days before I return from my hols. Was wondering ho[more ...] By thunder367  On Sun Apr 08 2012, 05:57am
1 5345 littlegaz
Mon Apr 09 2012, 04:25am
What to look for when buying a Loeb  Off to look at a few Loeb models this weekend will like to know what to look out for when looking as[more ...] By thunder367  On Fri Mar 16 2012, 08:22pm
3 4907 Bump
Wed Mar 28 2012, 04:08am
Anyone on here own No 68?  Parked next to it in Southampton Odeon car park the other day  By Dan12  On Mon Mar 12 2012, 05:05pm
None 3312 -
C4 owner By Loeb Registration  Survey submitted: 13 January 2012Your Site Name : mordafwilBy Loeb Serial Number : 079 Colour : Bl[more ...] By Anonymous  On Fri Jan 13 2012, 04:19pm
1 3985 JonM
Sat Jan 14 2012, 03:21am
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C4 By Loeb Stickers on the doors  My wife jsut bought C4 by Leob Black.The stickers on the doors do not look fantastic for a brand new[more ...] By kentman  On Fri Aug 17 2007, 03:41am
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28 21019 lsky
Mon Dec 19 2011, 08:02am
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Today was MOT time once again for my C4 VTS By Loeb  Today was MOT time once again for my C4 VTS By Loeb Took it into Citroen Redditch as they have an of[more ...] By JonM  On Wed Nov 30 2011, 02:27pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
19 11373 Ham
Sun Dec 04 2011, 01:32pm
C4 WRC stickers  I have made stickers out the car drawings too which look pretty neat! By autotecart  On Fri Sep 23 2011, 10:28am
3 5594 Sonny
Fri Nov 04 2011, 11:44am
Huge problems with C4 by Loeb  Hi all,I am new to this site and I hope that there is someone who can help with problems that I have[more ...] By petko10  On Sun Oct 09 2011, 04:07pm
2 4246 petko10
Mon Oct 10 2011, 07:13am
Hello, and some advice for my Loeb please.  Firstly hello,Although this is my first post, I have been reading this site since purchasing my '06 [more ...] By scrufy23  On Mon Oct 03 2011, 12:52pm
1 3950 Dave_Retired.
Mon Oct 03 2011, 12:54pm
Citroën C4 WRC posters  Been working on a selection of Citroën C4 posters over the last couple of months, thought I would sh[more ...] By autotecart  On Fri Sep 09 2011, 03:05am
5 6455 autotecart
Thu Sep 22 2011, 10:29am
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My Loeb Number  Hey guys,Just a quick question, where should my Loeb number be? Drivers or passangers door?Many than[more ...] By Cra1g  On Sat Mar 19 2011, 04:19am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
15 11259 Bump
Sun Sep 04 2011, 09:59am
Ride Height  Hi allDoes anyone have a precise measurement for what the ride height should be on the C4 by loeb? [more ...] By sixmile  On Tue Aug 30 2011, 08:25am
5 4577 Ham
Tue Aug 30 2011, 10:34am
Seb Loeb WRC car  Does anyone know the diameter of the front and rear brakes on the WRC C4 car, and were they made of [more ...] By autotecart  On Tue Aug 23 2011, 10:30am
4 5302 wozza
Wed Aug 24 2011, 10:53am
Maybe buying  Hi all, wonder if anyone may be able to pass on some guidance - I am looking to possibly buy a C4 by[more ...] By Leigha  On Fri Jul 15 2011, 12:23pm
2 3867 Leigha
Fri Jul 15 2011, 02:03pm
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Hi All, and a sad pic  Hi All,Well I am new here, and will be replacing my Peugeot 306 D Turbo Sport within the next few we[more ...] By Come.On.You.Irons  On Sat Jul 02 2011, 08:47pm
12 7128 JonM
Fri Jul 08 2011, 02:26pm
White Alloy Paint  Hey all!I've a number of significant scuffs on one alloy which do take the look off the wheel. I am[more ...] By sixmile  On Wed Jun 15 2011, 06:11am
1 3969 Dave_Retired.
Wed Jun 15 2011, 07:13am
My C4 Loeb  Just bought a C4 Loeb. Had a 2005 1.6 HDi VTR but due to me doing less miles from work to home I th[more ...] By Rooster  On Sat May 28 2011, 01:06pm
8 7187 Rooster
Tue May 31 2011, 08:26am
Loeb decals from facelift?  Evening chaps.Just a thought, is it possible to buy the decals from a facelift Loeb? I'm trying to t[more ...] By southwestsurfer  On Fri May 06 2011, 04:03pm
3 3991 JonM
Sat May 07 2011, 06:02pm
Anyone thinking of buying a C4 Loeb?  There's one for sale at Borocars in Peterborough - Click Here -  By chrispy1  On Tue Apr 05 2011, 01:01am
2 3915 Cra1g
Tue Apr 05 2011, 05:14am
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New C4 by LOEB Owner  Hey guys,After having one purchase of a C4 Loeb fall through after paying a deposit and setting up f[more ...] By Cra1g  On Fri Mar 18 2011, 06:56am
14 7241 Cra1g
Sat Mar 19 2011, 04:51pm
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Thinking of a LOEB  Hi guys, first post, I'm new to the whole loeb experience!Basically I was unaware of this model of C[more ...] By sixmile  On Wed Feb 23 2011, 02:34pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
18 11459 Saul
Wed Mar 02 2011, 03:02pm
new loeb owner  hello guys i am going to be a owner of a c4 loeb on a 57 plate. think modle number is 289 i cnt reme[more ...] By GAZ_MAN  On Tue Feb 22 2011, 07:36am
1 3214 Dave_Retired.
Tue Feb 22 2011, 08:15am
C4 owner By Loeb Registration  Survey submitted: 10 February 2011Your Site Name : Pedro_Exit By Loeb Serial Number : 0142 Colour [more ...] By Pedro_Exit  On Thu Feb 10 2011, 02:13pm
2 3504 Pedro_Exit
Thu Feb 10 2011, 02:35pm
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New 'By Loeb' Owner.  Haiiii.Test drove an HDi Loeb in black today and fell in love with it.Going to see what deal I can d[more ...] By eurospark  On Thu Jan 06 2011, 04:51pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
15 12429 Dave_Retired.
Fri Jan 28 2011, 02:30am
Irritating Front Underside Noise  Hi All,I have what appears to be a fairly rare problem that I havnt yet seen described by anyone els[more ...] By dowheim  On Wed Dec 29 2010, 03:55pm
3 4227 dowheim
Thu Dec 30 2010, 11:34am
C4 owner By Loeb Registration  Survey submitted: 30 November 2010Your Site Name : Middleman By Loeb Serial Number : 0153 Colour :[more ...] By Middleman  On Mon Nov 29 2010, 06:22pm
4 3640 Dave_Retired.
Tue Nov 30 2010, 07:40am
C4 Loeb  Hey guys. Me and my other half have wanted a C4 for a good while. We have seen one in the local gara[more ...] By GAZ_N_KIM  On Thu Oct 21 2010, 03:49am
8 5024 Middleman
Mon Oct 25 2010, 12:45pm
Window tints  Am thinking of getting the rear windows tinted. For those who have them done, how much tint have yo[more ...] By beats777  On Fri Sep 10 2010, 02:03pm
6 4505 Dave_Retired.
Fri Oct 08 2010, 01:19am
Tip on paint touch up  So I have been trying to get touch up paint from varies dealerships to be finally told that Citroen [more ...] By Saul  On Wed Sep 29 2010, 01:16pm
2 3847 Sonny
Thu Sep 30 2010, 02:24pm
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Chrome door surrounds  I was wondering if anyone else has fitted these? Are they easy to attach? By beats777  On Wed Sep 08 2010, 07:25am
11 5594 beats777
Wed Sep 29 2010, 12:51pm
My Loeb  C:\Users\Gareth\Pictures\Pictures\c4\c4009.jpg By beats777  On Wed Sep 08 2010, 05:13pm
6 4124 JonM
Tue Sep 28 2010, 05:09pm
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Pictures of my C4 By Loeb  Heres a few pictures of my Loeb after a wash today. Let me kow what ye think By Evan_R  On Sat Feb 27 2010, 06:59am
Goto page: [ 1 2 3 4 ]
45 19451 Evan_R
Wed Sep 15 2010, 08:06am
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Chrome Mirror Caps  Hello everyone,Driving along the other day, a black C4 Loeb passed me going in the opposite directio[more ...] By Clivey  On Thu Mar 13 2008, 06:32pm
12 7591 Rich_Eason
Tue Sep 07 2010, 11:14am
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C4 Loeb Boot Spoiler Blistering  Hi,Does anyone have a definitive answer if the paint blistering/flaking on C4 spoilers is covered un[more ...] By Stringer  On Sat May 29 2010, 04:13pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
18 9023 Stringer
Sun Aug 01 2010, 12:14pm
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Whose C4 Loeb was it?  On a trip back from Chatsworth this year I past and was then past by a stunning C4 Loeb made out lik[more ...] By autotecart  On Tue Jul 27 2010, 07:00am
10 9505 Biohead
Wed Jul 28 2010, 12:01pm
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Here she is people  Hi guys! Picked up my By Loeb this afternoon and I'm already in love!A few pics for you! Th[more ...] By southwestsurfer  On Wed Jul 21 2010, 02:21pm
11 5435 Phil
Mon Jul 26 2010, 05:29pm
Help with C4 Loeb spark plugs  Hi all. I've just become an owner of a Loeb and I'm very happy at the mo. However there are one or t[more ...] By lurky  On Fri Jul 23 2010, 11:08am
3 7106 lurky
Fri Jul 23 2010, 02:46pm
You wait ages for one and two come up!!  Hi guys.....this time last year I was on the look out for a Loeb..... Couldn't find one within price[more ...] By southwestsurfer  On Fri Jul 09 2010, 11:08am
7 4170 southwestsurfer
Tue Jul 13 2010, 06:41am
Loeb Oakleys  A few weeks ago I managed to finally break my sunglasses... It was a sad day as I had those glasse[more ...] By cl_apollo  On Mon Jul 05 2010, 02:29am
2 2754 vts180
Sun Jul 11 2010, 10:58am
White By Loeb wheels - need a colour code !!  My missus has just bought a red '07 Loeb that seems to have previously been owned by Britain's worst[more ...] By Verona  On Wed Jun 16 2010, 05:44am
9 4762 bandyquill
Mon Jun 21 2010, 01:11pm
C4 Clutch Judder or is it ?  Had a free flow exhaust fitted to my Loeb some time ago with good results. Prior to this took car to[more ...] By Dai  On Fri May 28 2010, 05:40pm
1 3551 Dave_Retired.
Sat May 29 2010, 01:35am
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2010 Black Loeb - ALL stickers now removed. Have a look!  (see end of thread for the latest photos)I've had my Loeb a week, and I have removed some of the sti[more ...] By kat_type_r  On Sat Apr 03 2010, 04:35pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
29 12430 chadd151
Thu May 13 2010, 04:02pm
Re-wire sidelights for daytime running?  OK, so obviously you can have the sidelights on without the main beam, i.e. for daytime running, but[more ...] By All4Martin1989  On Fri Apr 23 2010, 03:25pm
5 4539 kat_type_r
Sun May 09 2010, 06:17pm
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CD autochanger in 2010 Loeb?  Does anyone know if the CD genuine Citroen autochanger will fit in the new 2010 Loeb? and any instru[more ...] By All4Martin1989  On Tue Apr 13 2010, 04:57pm
12 4292 kat_type_r
Wed Apr 14 2010, 05:52pm
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Buying Loeb 2010..... Good price???  Hiya, I'm about to put a deposit down on a 1.6 120bhp Loeb, for 10,699GBP, reckon it's a good price?[more ...] By All4Martin1989  On Fri Apr 09 2010, 03:48pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
22 6895 All4Martin1989
Tue Apr 13 2010, 04:55pm
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Black or Red? AAAARRRGH!  Ok, so I paid my money and ordered:C4 Loeb, Metallic black which comes with Matt black wheels.Drivin[more ...] By papa_smurf  On Tue Mar 23 2010, 09:56am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
16 6324 papa_smurf
Wed Mar 24 2010, 05:54pm
C4Owners recruitment drive in Navan Ireland  Well myself and the girlfriend were away for the weekend in Navan for a birthday party. When we arri[more ...] By Paul O Donnell  On Mon Mar 22 2010, 10:38am
5 2613 Paul O Donnell
Tue Mar 23 2010, 12:55pm
My C4 By Loeb  Here’s some pics of my C4 by Loeb I’ve had from new. Best car I’ve had yet and I’ve had a few, trade[more ...] By speedwell  On Sat Feb 27 2010, 06:17pm
1 3056 Saul
Sun Feb 28 2010, 10:41am
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C4 Loeb - Time for tyres....  I had a look at my front tyres today and there just about on the wear indicator, so I've had a call [more ...] By bandyquill  On Mon Jul 20 2009, 06:32am
13 6941 BigJohnD
Sat Feb 13 2010, 04:42am
C4 Loeb Country Specific Number  Hi there,I was just wondering if each country has its own serial numbers for the by Loeb C4s. Am as[more ...] By giorgos3  On Mon Nov 23 2009, 12:36pm
9 4851 wozza
Tue Nov 24 2009, 06:24pm
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