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C4 By Loeb Owners Register
  [shadowbox={e_IMAGE}c4/loeb/1.jpg|C4 By Loeb||right][/shadowbox] This forum is for those wishing to [more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Sat Apr 07 2007, 10:15am
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34 39894 balkanac
Thu May 25 2023, 01:06pm
Sticky Thread
C4 Citroen Sport Original Concept
  Citroen unveiled the C4 Citroen Sport Concept car in March 2004 at the Geneva Motor Show ahead of th[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Fri Jun 07 2013, 05:36am
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16 30185 Dave_Retired.
Sat Jan 18 2014, 01:54pm
Sticky Thread
Facelift version of the C4 'By Loeb'
  For you Loeb lovers this is the Citroen Press release for the new Loeb.Now I thought that the initia[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Sat Apr 04 2009, 09:38am
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25 40325 Darren
Mon Nov 16 2009, 12:53pm
Sticky Thread
By Loeb timescale
  Does anyone know for definate how long this edition is lasting for?I'm looking to order before Xmas,[more ...] By Citroeneddie  On Fri Sep 07 2007, 01:15am
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33 43629 Jayboy
Thu Jan 01 2009, 06:10am
 Forum Threads
Are adverts for selling my C4 loeb allowed?  I have a 2008 C4 Loeb in red that i believe is too good for the scrap yard, but i need it moved on s[more ...] By Waddy77  On Tue Apr 04 2023, 11:28am
3 257 Waddy77
Tue Apr 04 2023, 03:56pm
uploading pictures  hi iv made a lip spoiler for my citroen c4 loeb edition and want to get peoples thoughts of it By Cossie76  On Wed Apr 18 2018, 04:55pm
5 7137 rubismith
Sat Feb 18 2023, 04:41pm
Glove box door and boot floor needed!  Hi, does anyone have a glovebox door and/ or boot floor for a 2010 facelift Loeb? For some reason bo[more ...] By JamesPa  On Tue Jun 21 2022, 02:49pm
None 1013 -
Loeb door number  Hello,Is it possible to find out which nr Loeb i got from the VIN number please??I have called the m[more ...] By sx-pack  On Wed Feb 02 2022, 06:23pm
None 1762 -
Automatic lowering reverse Mirror ?  Hi,if my car has the function for automatic lowering reverse mirror - this feature should be also wo[more ...] By SuperMario  On Sat Jul 25 2020, 04:28pm
None 4401 -
Urgent aircon problem  Hello, I have a aircon distribution problem on my C4 2008 dualzone , my problem is that the car is [more ...] By Kamkolamko  On Sat May 16 2020, 05:25pm
None 4422 -
Urgent: Coolant liquid  Hey guysBeside all the other issues I have with my C4 Loeb, can someone tell me which coolant liquid[more ...] By foreversun82  On Sat Feb 22 2020, 09:58am
None 4639 -
Loeb C4 Rally Project  Hi all, Just looking for some general advice pleas. I have owned my Loeb C4 since 2014 but with my g[more ...] By MartWassell  On Sun Jan 12 2020, 02:48am
None 4837 -
Injector question  Need new injector after been stuck in head cylinder do i have to reprogram a second hand same inject[more ...] By Tintin2  On Sat Jun 08 2019, 06:38am
1 5488 Slevan7
Sun Aug 25 2019, 05:19pm
Front bumper grille clips  Hello,Can anyone tell me the exact type of clips for the front bumper trim?Here is the picture of wh[more ...] By outbreak  On Sat Nov 17 2018, 05:09pm
1 6067 Slevan7
Sat Apr 27 2019, 05:00pm
Looking at a C4 Loeb...  Hi all, a newbie here - to the C4 but have had a BX 1.9GT, CX 2.5GTi Turbo MkI, and a ZX 1.9TD - all[more ...] By CaptainSlow  On Wed Feb 06 2019, 06:20am
4 6035 CaptainSlow
Fri Feb 08 2019, 09:17am
Gearbox oil capacity?  Anyone know the oil capacity in my 1.6 loeb it's a 5 speed manual? I brought it with a broken gearbo[more ...] By Slevan7  On Fri Feb 08 2019, 09:04am
None 5431 -
Citroen C4 Loeb gearbox code?  Good evening, I've been after a C4 coupe for about 6 months now and missed out on a couple. However [more ...] By Slevan7  On Sat Jan 26 2019, 02:07pm
5 6213 routemaster1
Mon Jan 28 2019, 03:36am
C4 Loeb number  Hi all,I have had a look on the forum and couldn't see anything so apologies if it's already been co[more ...] By Tumshinator  On Wed Jan 09 2019, 12:24pm
4 6451 Slevan7
Sun Jan 27 2019, 04:02pm
Changing brake discs  Afternoon,I was wondering if anyone upgraded their brakes from stock ? I was looking at trying to ge[more ...] By Tumshinator  On Fri Jan 18 2019, 09:27am
None 5541 -
C4 Loeb Door Sills  Hello,I am trying to find door sills that look like this model: - Click Here - There is one seller o[more ...] By outbreak  On Mon Nov 05 2018, 05:27pm
None 5803 -
Front bumper splitter  Hi guys I’m looking at adding a front bumper splitter to my 2008 C4 Loeb, what’s the best one to put[more ...] By KENTLOEB  On Fri Aug 17 2018, 12:03pm
1 6245 FakeConcern
Fri Aug 17 2018, 02:05pm
steering wobble over 80mph  Hi Just a quick question My Loeb has a bit of steering wobble when going over 80mph does anybody kno[more ...] By KENTLOEB  On Sat Aug 11 2018, 06:57pm
7 6757 BigJohnD
Mon Aug 13 2018, 04:31am
C4 Loeb Making noise when driving  Hi guys new to this kind of stuff but here it go’s, I’ve not long bought a c4 loeb no.34 it’s had a [more ...] By Kev2015  On Fri Jun 29 2018, 04:13pm
1 6435 Kev2015
Sat Jun 30 2018, 03:37pm
uploading pics  hi iv made a lip spoiler for my c4 loeb edition and what to get peoples thoughts on it cant believe [more ...] By Cossie76  On Wed Apr 18 2018, 04:53pm
1 6341 rusky
Thu Apr 19 2018, 02:42pm
C4 Loeb Spoiler lip  Hi all has anyone ever fitted anything to a c4 spoiler to make it look different iv just got somethi[more ...] By Cossie76  On Fri Apr 06 2018, 12:58pm
2 7057 Cossie76
Sun Apr 15 2018, 07:36am
Faulty pollution warning  Hi guys I've got a faulty pollution warning and check engine light come up on my loeb 2008 1.6 went [more ...] By Morgi27  On Mon Mar 19 2018, 01:40pm
2 6766 Arwing
Tue Mar 27 2018, 09:17am
Spark plugs  Ah well the Loeb wouldn't start this morning, well actually it did then cut out after 3 secs, will c[more ...] By Brennthemutt  On Mon Feb 26 2018, 02:55am
2 7089 Brennthemutt
Wed Feb 28 2018, 08:00am
2010 Loeb steering pump fail! Part no. Issue help  Hi everyone! I'm new here, but I've been visiting/reading here for months.Trying to get my Loeb read[more ...] By HTRAINo  On Fri Feb 09 2018, 11:41am
2 6910 HTRAINo
Sat Feb 10 2018, 10:38am
Wiper arm springs becoming weak  Hello! Recently I got a new set of wiper blades for my 2006 coupe. But I noticed that even with the [more ...] By kieran.l  On Sat Sep 30 2017, 10:18am
1 7171 kieran.l
Sat Sep 30 2017, 10:21am
2007 Citroen C4 Loeb coupe 1.6 Hdi intermittant starting issue :( Help!  Hi all.Well it's eventually happened, the C4 has developed a problem, I can't find.The car's done 100k and been serviced on time, but now we seem to have a gremlin..The car starts all week and does 350 miles per week, then one day you go to it and she will just turn over without starting...Now we have changed the ign key reader, swapped to the spare key and also changed the stalk unit on the column....As we have been told they can cause problems, but alas after a week and a half, the one day start no start happens again.We have kind of stumbled across a thing that if you bash the steering wheel hard on the side it will fire up and go? Sometimes once or three bonks will work....We just don't know where else to look, as we now think it must be a connection or something..?Has anybody else come across this problem that may shed some light on it for us.. we love the car and don't want to send it to an early grave, but as you can imagine the fear of it not starting when the other half is mile's away is just no good Once its running it will keep going until you stop again and then its ok for a few more times... Any help or pointers would be appreciated.Just to add, no fault lights or codes thrown up either.... Andy By masswiz  On Sun Aug 20 2017, 04:00pm
None 6884 -
C4 Loeb alloy wheel paint code  Hi all woulkd any one know the paint code for the alloys on the c4 loeb as im in need of a new wheel[more ...] By Cossie76  On Mon Jul 10 2017, 06:41am
None 6951 -
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Loeb no. 221 update (pics)  Hey I just this morning received my Sebastian Loeb signatures which I've now put on the car and just[more ...] By Ric-A  On Thu Feb 13 2014, 05:06am
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23 29453 Cossie76
Sun Jul 02 2017, 05:56pm
need few parts for my coupe  Hi is anyone on here breaking a coupe or know any breakers yards round wales that's got one in pleas[more ...] By Cossie76  On Sun Jul 02 2017, 05:40pm
None 6722 -
Citroen 1.6HDi Loeb edition clutch  Hi all, Just replaced my clutch in my Loeb edition and the clutch bite is almost on the floor. It h[more ...] By Cossie76  On Fri Jun 09 2017, 05:56am
None 6964 -
C4 Loeb 1.6HDi Clutch Problem  Hi all, I've just brought a C4 Loeb and it needs a clutch but I've been told there's 2 different one[more ...] By Cossie76  On Mon May 29 2017, 04:30pm
8 8942 BigJohnD
Wed May 31 2017, 02:34pm
I am shortly selling my '08 Citroen C4 Loeb Edition ((((((((-Number 0001-)))))))  I was wondering if anyone on here might be interested in buying my black C4 by Loeb. It is, I suppos[more ...] By Avro79  On Fri Apr 21 2017, 12:02pm
None 7155 -
Jacking C4 Loeb up  How to jack my C4 Loeb up, would appreciate help. By Jonnymia2012  On Wed Mar 29 2017, 02:33pm
1 7466 BigJohnD
Thu Apr 06 2017, 04:18am
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Anyone know what the exact numbers of C4 by Loebs there were brought to the UK??  I can't find any info on the Loeb numbers and wondered if anyone had any clue?A couple of sites have[more ...] By Ric-A  On Mon Feb 10 2014, 10:07am
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23 28128 Jonnymia2012
Thu Mar 23 2017, 03:42pm
Loeb Stereo  Hi AllNew owner here. Picked it up yesterday, went to put in a CD on route home and it doesnt want [more ...] By bholding1974  On Sat Dec 31 2016, 07:45am
None 7337 -
Sump Plug  Hi Everyone,Just wondering if anyone knows what thread is on the EP6 engine sump plug as I need to r[more ...] By Jono.Williams  On Wed Nov 30 2016, 10:11pm
None 7259 -
C4 Loeb valuation  Hi there,My grandfather is looking to move on his C4, the dealer offer was an extreme low ball IMO a[more ...] By Stephenmc  On Tue Nov 22 2016, 01:27pm
6 8631 Stephenmc
Wed Nov 23 2016, 01:22pm
C4 by Loeb number??  Hi Guys, New to the website having just bought a 2010 C4 by Loeb and looking for some advice. The ca[more ...] By MartWassell  On Tue Dec 09 2014, 08:34am
4 10423 Shauncr250
Sat Oct 08 2016, 01:15pm
Cleaning the black plastic part of the white centre caps on 17" Resolfen's  Hi Guys,Is there any product or technique which will make this process easier? By MichealOConnor  On Thu Sep 29 2016, 05:33pm
5 8560 wozza
Tue Oct 04 2016, 05:27am
Paint bubbling on Rear Spoiler.  Hi Guys,I have owned my C4 Loeb from new and for years have been tending to a defective rear spoiler[more ...] By MichealOConnor  On Thu Sep 29 2016, 05:30pm
None 7149 -
Mk2 Citroen Bonnet for MK2 C4 Loeb  I need to replace my bonnet on my Citroen C4 Loeb Mk2. The bonnet has some bad rust on the lip and [more ...] By Brimski  On Thu Jul 14 2016, 10:05am
4 8371 wozza
Fri Jul 15 2016, 05:34am
front bumper grille  hi guysi have walloped a pheasant and damaged my front lower grille. i have searched what seems fore[more ...] By gazb58  On Thu Jun 02 2016, 02:58am
3 8334 Ham
Sun Jun 12 2016, 03:03pm
C4 2008 Loeb Edition 17" White Alloy Wheel  Looking for a wheel to replace a damaged wheel on my car.If anyone knows of one can you message me.L[more ...] By knighthawk71  On Thu Jun 02 2016, 01:01pm
None 7512 -
C4 Loeb edition decal repair (2008)  Hi all.Does anyone know how I would be able to get a decal repaired? a dog jumped up the side of the[more ...] By Avro79  On Sat May 07 2016, 07:05am
3 8488 Brimski
Wed May 11 2016, 01:01pm
Oil top up  HiDoes anyone on here own the VT120 Loeb? If so can anyone please help or advise as I am topping up [more ...] By Brimski  On Fri Apr 08 2016, 09:51am
1 8078 hill_bill10
Wed Apr 13 2016, 11:55am
Kangaroo cold start  I own a C4 Loeb 120VTi and have a problem with cold start. When I start the car it has a slight bac[more ...] By Brimski  On Mon Feb 08 2016, 12:09pm
5 8955 hill_bill10
Wed Apr 13 2016, 11:49am
Timing rebuild on 2010 loeb VTI 120  Firstly I would like to ask if anyone on here who owns a C4 loeb VTI 120 has had the pleasure of the[more ...] By Brimski  On Thu Mar 17 2016, 06:18am
None 7859 -
2008 C4 Loeb edition alloy wheel centre cap replacement.  Hi all. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a centre cap for the alloys on a C4 Loeb edi[more ...] By Avro79  On Fri Mar 11 2016, 04:30am
3 8879 BigJohnD
Fri Mar 11 2016, 10:13am
Check oil level  I own a C4 Loeb VTi 120. It's done 60,000 miles and I have just started having an error come up when[more ...] By Brimski  On Wed Jan 20 2016, 04:37am
6 10435 hill_bill10
Wed Jan 27 2016, 10:47am
Crashed C4 Loeb 2007  Hi GuysI put my C4 into a hedge and wrecked the front bumper.Do you guys know if a bumper off the fa[more ...] By pskinner892  On Thu Dec 17 2015, 08:38am
1 8442 Dave_Retired.
Thu Dec 17 2015, 09:18am
Black C4 By Loeb sitting in my garage :(  Hi Everyone! I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I bought a C4 by Loeb last year[more ...] By Holly227  On Wed Sep 16 2015, 07:55am
3 9309 Holly227
Thu Sep 17 2015, 05:22am
Putting a faster engine in  I've decided if possible to maybe fit a 2.0 engine in my Loeb 1.6. Is this possible. I find the 1.6 [more ...] By andy2514  On Sat Feb 21 2015, 06:10pm
5 9734 liquidgold
Sun Feb 22 2015, 04:44pm
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Boot issues  On my 2007 Loeb I'm having issues where the boot opens while driving, car won't lock, rear wiper not[more ...] By andy2514  On Tue Jan 06 2015, 12:00pm
12 11112 andy2514
Sat Feb 21 2015, 06:05pm
Citroen C4 loeb 2010 decals  Does anyone know of where I can purchase (or have made) the side decals on a Citroen C4 2010 Loeb? M[more ...] By Brimski  On Sat Jan 17 2015, 07:53am
1 9001 Dave_Retired.
Sat Jan 17 2015, 10:25am
User manual  I'm looking for a user manual for the controls inside the car. Anyone know where to find one By andy2514  On Sat Jan 10 2015, 05:34pm
1 8404 Dave_Retired.
Sun Jan 11 2015, 02:27am
Installing satnav  Anyone know if it's possible to install a satnav into a 57 plate loeb or maybe a tablet? By andy2514  On Fri Jan 09 2015, 12:57pm
1 8468 Dave_Retired.
Fri Jan 09 2015, 01:57pm
Don't know the number of my Loeb  Hi, can anyone tell me how to find out what the number of my Loeb is? It's not on the sticker on the[more ...] By c4gazza  On Fri Oct 03 2014, 09:49am
3 9372 Dave_Retired.
Wed Dec 10 2014, 03:06am
Central custom exhaust  Can anyone point me in the direction to a picture of a Citroen c4 with a central exhaust?I have just[more ...] By Brimski  On Tue Dec 09 2014, 11:32am
2 8680 BigJohnD
Tue Dec 09 2014, 04:13pm
Air freshener plug / holder  I have just bought a 2010 Loeb but have realised that the air freshener plug / holder is not there. [more ...] By Brimski  On Tue Nov 25 2014, 06:12pm
1 8486 Dave_Retired.
Wed Nov 26 2014, 03:25am
Loeb register  Survey submitted: 22 June 14Your Site Name : BobdBy Loeb Serial Number : 926Colour : Black Engine : [more ...] By Bobd  On Sun Jun 22 2014, 02:34am
None 8124 -
New Buy :)  Just joined the C4 by Loeb crew  By cmillsscouser  On Mon Dec 09 2013, 10:27am
7 10844 cmillsscouser
Sun Jun 15 2014, 07:07pm
my loeb  This is my number 26. By andy2514  On Fri Apr 18 2014, 12:57pm
5 10082 goldie03uk
Sat May 31 2014, 03:44pm
Which sports exhaust is best?  Had my Loeb now 2 yrs and had no problems with it at all, only 28,000 on clock as I do not drive muc[more ...] By thunder367  On Sun May 25 2014, 06:34am
2 9187 Stuey
Tue May 27 2014, 05:48am
17" alloy wheels Pastenague C4 by Loeb 2010  Hi, I actually have a 17" alloy wheels Pastenague set on my black C4 by Loeb 2010. Recently I scra[more ...] By rony  On Wed May 21 2014, 08:55am
6 11062 Dave 110hdi
Mon May 26 2014, 12:19pm
Loeb parking sensors  Hi I've just picked up my C4 Loeb, how do I enable the rear parking sensors? By andy2514  On Wed Apr 16 2014, 05:38pm
4 9593 andy2514
Thu Apr 17 2014, 02:41am
C4 Loeb 1.6  I am trying to get roof bars for my Leob, I have been told that I can only use Citroen bars for my c[more ...] By lyle57  On Mon Mar 03 2014, 12:29pm
2 9111 Dave_Retired.
Mon Mar 03 2014, 01:02pm
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My Citroën C4 Loeb WRC  READY TO WIN THE RACEmore pics of my car By littlegaz  On Sat Jun 18 2011, 04:36pm
12 14561 hill_bill10
Sun Feb 16 2014, 12:33pm
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35mm drop on Loeb  Got some 35 mm lowering springs onto the Loeb, not a dramatic drop but it does make the car sit bett[more ...] By Saul  On Thu Jul 29 2010, 06:59pm
14 14235 wozza
Fri Feb 14 2014, 04:51am
New C4 by Loeb purchase  Hi Guys,Just wanted to say hi as Ive just put a deposit down on a 2010 C4 Loeb in red.Im new to the [more ...] By bazbro  On Mon Jul 29 2013, 02:47pm
4 9999 CamM
Thu Feb 13 2014, 07:06am
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My Black Facelift Loeb.  Apologies for not putting this thread up earlier - it's been a while! As you may/may not have seen h[more ...] By Citroening  On Sat Dec 01 2012, 01:31pm
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167 97696 Citroening
Sun Feb 09 2014, 10:59am
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2010 Red Loeb THP 150  Ok so I couldn't sleep so decided to make a thread for my Loeb.Since I first saw the Loeb design I h[more ...] By hill_bill10  On Sun Sep 22 2013, 08:18pm
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65 61332 hill_bill10
Mon Feb 03 2014, 02:43pm
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