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Announcement Thread
C4 Electrical Problems - Preventative Maintenance
  OK we all know that modern cars are subject to occasional electrical gremlins, the C4 range being no[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Mon Nov 16 2009, 09:53AM
5 12381 BigJohnD
Thu Mar 19 2015, 04:42AM
Sticky Thread
How to fit factory parking sensors system in Citroen C4
  I have installed in my Citroen C4 used set of front and rear parking sensors.Front sensors are activ[more ...] By minotaurus1  On Thu Nov 01 2012, 03:30PM
7 17005 minotaurus1
Tue Feb 14 2017, 04:37PM
Sticky Thread
C4 1.6 HDi engine cover
  Hi, I'm looking for a plastic engine cover for a citroen c4 coupe vtr+ 1.6hdi By matt_wood87  On Thu Oct 15 2009, 08:50AM
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18 14939 Aow1991
Fri Sep 02 2016, 03:56PM
Sticky Thread
C4 HDi What a dipstick!
  The driver's manual says the dipstick has "FULL" and "FILL" markers, but where are they?I assume the[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Wed Aug 08 2007, 07:05AM
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64 28106 jay_GB
Fri Apr 22 2016, 03:53AM
Sticky Thread
C4 Remote locking key fob
  My key fob fell apart at the weekend and when I went to the local dealer I was told the replacement [more ...] By neilp  On Tue Apr 07 2009, 11:06AM
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42 28759 Pegasusflash
Sun Feb 21 2016, 10:47AM
Sticky Thread
C4 Plastic cover lower windscreen seal
  I posted this to an old thread, but just to sure it's noticed I thought I'd create a new one.I found[more ...] By neilp  On Sat Jul 18 2009, 11:40AM
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82 43231 Adnan
Wed Sep 30 2015, 03:27PM
Sticky Thread
STOP. Oil pressure too low C4 1.6 Petrol
  Hello, I have a C4 coupe 1.6 petrol. This message came on today: "STOP Oil pressure too low".I have [more ...] By darryl1973  On Fri Mar 26 2010, 01:48PM
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29 31590 polestarboy
Mon Sep 14 2015, 04:57AM
Sticky Thread
ESP/ABS fault , Switch replacement guide.
  Has anyone replaced the brake light switch, or did you get the dealer to repair?Cheers, Jamie By Ham  On Wed Jun 23 2010, 01:52PM
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38 18770 Solfred
Sun Mar 29 2015, 11:35AM
Sticky Thread
Tutorial : How to Fit After Market Parking Sensors (Basic eBay Kits)
  Installing Parking Sensors on a Citroen C4 (Hatchback)I saw a nice guide for installing parking sens[more ...] By Mk3_Singh  On Wed Feb 13 2013, 03:55PM
12 6810 crapday
Sat Jun 28 2014, 04:47PM
Closed Sticky Thread
C4 1.6 HDi clutch replacement
  I been gone a while, I'm back. Couldn't find any useful info in the threads, so I decided to post th[more ...] By Zedd  On Fri Aug 10 2012, 07:10AM
Goto page: [ 1 2 3 ]
44 26290 Web Admin Only
Mon Feb 24 2014, 05:40AM
Sticky Thread
DPFS - Filter regeneration indicator
  Because I couldn't find any information about it here, I've decided to share this information with y[more ...] By marek  On Tue May 24 2011, 10:45AM
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
29 13522 kriston
Sat Feb 01 2014, 06:36AM
Sticky Thread
DPF removal/remapping (Depollution fault/EGR valve cleaning/change)
  Anybody had their DPF filter removed/remapped?Would like to know peoples thoughts or experiences.Tha[more ...] By bigstan  On Tue Nov 29 2011, 08:03AM
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53 27151 irsa
Sun Jan 06 2013, 04:10AM
Sticky Thread
Electronic immobiliser faulty (Resolved - faulty key)
  Got up this morning and went to start my engine to go to work.The car wouldn't start. An error came [more ...] By smcnena  On Wed Jun 04 2008, 08:02AM
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
15 11736 smiley
Wed Jan 11 2012, 11:49AM
Closed Sticky Thread
Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems to be included in MoT from 2012
  The latest commission directive, 2010/48/EU, states that from January 2012, any vehicle originally f[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Tue Apr 12 2011, 01:36AM
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17 10288 Web Admin Only
Mon Aug 22 2011, 01:35AM
Sticky Thread
Basic Oil advice from oilman at Opie Oils
  Basic Oil advice from Opie OilsWhen it comes to choosing oil for your car, this post may seem like g[more ...] By oilman  On Wed May 12 2010, 09:27AM
3 6889 AMO
Tue Feb 22 2011, 01:00AM
 Forum Threads
C4 Diesel Turbo down on power and oil leaking  HelloOur vehicle is a C4 5 door hatchback, 1.6 HDI We have had issues with the pipe on the side of t[more ...] By pablocullen  On Tue Dec 20 2016, 10:30AM
5 243 pablocullen
Mon Feb 20 2017, 03:47PM
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Electrochromatic Rear Mirror  HiI have changed regular mirror in my Citroen C4 to electrochromatic. That is kind of mirror that tu[more ...] By minotaurus1  On Sat Apr 23 2011, 10:46AM
10 3573 minotaurus1
Tue Feb 14 2017, 04:41PM
Rain sensor / Dusk sensor how to install as a retro fit.  I have installed rain / dusk sensor in My Citroen C4. Sensor function is to turn on wipers in case o[more ...] By minotaurus1  On Sat Jun 30 2012, 10:58AM
8 5909 minotaurus1
Tue Feb 14 2017, 04:18PM
Oil change Picasso C4 HDi 1.6  It strikes me that even if you change your oil on this engine, as per Citroen method,there is almost[more ...] By lorryload  On Tue Feb 07 2017, 06:00AM
2 102 riven1962
Fri Feb 10 2017, 09:34AM
Why me  Good morning all,After owning my c4 grand Picasso 1.6hdi for just over a year it's getting to the po[more ...] By Michaelww33  On Sun Feb 05 2017, 02:55AM
1 83 rusky
Sun Feb 05 2017, 04:35AM
Secret confession. . .  Secret confession time: I have, ahem, "borrowed" the filter cup thing that sits in the top of the wa[more ...] By Grumpy GrandPa  On Sat Feb 04 2017, 09:20AM
None 78 -
No New Posts on Popular Thread
How to change C4 heater matrix o-rings?  Hello,I am having a 2006 model C4 2.0 Petrol. After having a cold period (-20 to 30 degrees in celsi[more ...] By FIOwner  On Thu Jan 14 2010, 08:37AM
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15 6968 Honest
Wed Feb 01 2017, 12:56PM
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Total Quartz Ineo  Hi guys. Just a quick question regarding engine oil. Total quartz Ineo ecs 5W-30 fuel saving, is thi[more ...] By gipdude  On Sun Mar 28 2010, 03:24PM
Goto page: [ 1 2 3 ]
36 22085 gospodinMO
Fri Jan 20 2017, 02:14AM
Does C4 1st gen need clutch or gearbox fluid change?  Greetings fellow Citroen drivers,I have a 1st gen Citroen C4 SX, 1.4 petrol hatchback and I was wond[more ...] By schweppes  On Mon Feb 15 2016, 12:24PM
2 756 NikolaH
Mon Jan 02 2017, 03:16AM
Fuel filter  Is it true that C4 petrol doesn't have fuel filter? And what about dross in the petrol? By AleksDim  On Wed Sep 22 2010, 03:09AM
5 1526 Albertdup
Sun Jan 01 2017, 05:56AM
Citroen C4 1.6 hdi 2012 "Engine Fault Repair Needed" and service light on  hi, i've just joined as i've had this problem occur on my car.it's a 2012 1.6hdi with 65000 miles on[more ...] By jimmytanko  On Sat Dec 31 2016, 05:43AM
None 130 -
55 reg C4 coupe 2.0HDi headlights  Hi, looking for advice please. My headlights drop right down when I switch them on, they are automat[more ...] By dix  On Wed Dec 28 2016, 03:48PM
3 142 dix
Thu Dec 29 2016, 10:54AM
C4 front brake pads and calliper torque settings  HiI am going to change my front brake pads and may be discs.I have read FAQ #50. In this faq it say[more ...] By Ratdogfink  On Wed Dec 21 2016, 07:16PM
1 138 BigJohnD
Thu Dec 22 2016, 11:06AM
C4 Glow Plugs  Hi!I have just bought a 2005 C4 1.6 HDI 5 door hatch, after my Berlingo van became too much cost to [more ...] By paddy69  On Sun Oct 23 2016, 03:09PM
2 269 BigJohnD
Tue Dec 13 2016, 04:31AM
Oil and Oil filter changing guideline C4 1.6Hdi 2006  Hi guys, I have bought oil, oil filter, air and cabin filters. Just need a step by step guideline of[more ...] By love2drive  On Fri Dec 09 2016, 04:29PM
None 134 -
Continuity Panels of Rear Seat  Continuity panel of 2nd seat was bent. Beacuse I stepped on it. Location of seat is right side of 2n[more ...] By Techy01  On Wed Nov 30 2016, 12:05AM
6 246 rusky
Fri Dec 09 2016, 10:48AM
Clutch Pedal  2005 VTR+ 1.6 HDi coupeLike most cars you buy you join the forum because there's something not quite[more ...] By theboneman  On Wed Dec 07 2016, 11:12AM
None 109 -
Stalling C4 Picasso 1.6HDi  Hi All,My car stalls and stutters like the fuel isn't going in at times, last two nights coming home[more ...] By ttcoops  On Wed Nov 16 2016, 05:22AM
6 245 ttcoops
Sat Nov 19 2016, 04:54AM
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Lexia 3  Hi all,I am now the proud owner of a Lexia multiplexer with Lexia 3 software!I have always done all [more ...] By the time lord  On Tue Jul 28 2009, 03:22PM
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26 12949 rusky
Wed Nov 02 2016, 01:39PM
C4 Grand Picasso EGS 2007 2.0HDi Clutch Change  Hi,I am looking to change the clutch myself. Can anyone give me some tips?Can the gearbox drop under[more ...] By anytackle  On Sat Oct 15 2016, 05:05PM
1 241 rusky
Sun Oct 16 2016, 03:53AM
Cylinder block drain plug for coolant/antifreeze  Hi,I have a 2008 1.6 HDi 92bhp C4 Hatchback owned from new with 60K miles on the clock.I would like [more ...] By iang  On Mon Oct 12 2015, 04:25PM
1 1009 iang
Sat Oct 15 2016, 09:47PM
VTS 180 manifold  Hi all, sorry if this is discussed anywhere else but i cannot find anything from the search function[more ...] By rayyzfr1  On Fri Aug 12 2016, 11:22AM
4 415 Luki
Wed Oct 12 2016, 07:25AM
Knocking Nearside Noise  Hi Guys,Wondering if anybody can help me with this one, had a slight knocking noise from suspension [more ...] By 86ryanb  On Thu Dec 12 2013, 03:32PM
5 1301 COLVERT
Wed Oct 12 2016, 05:37AM
B1012 fault code  Hello, I had long time stored (temporary) code P1351 (pre heat open circuit) ignored. It cause no ef[more ...] By steve233  On Thu Aug 18 2016, 06:02PM
8 562 steve233
Sun Oct 09 2016, 04:28PM
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C4 replacement front bumper  Does anyone have any information on how to remove the front bumper from a C4. I have to replace mine[more ...] By gully16  On Tue Oct 26 2010, 07:12AM
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15 12055 xbot
Sun Oct 09 2016, 03:01PM
ABS problems  Hey all. So I've been in a bit of a stress since coming back from holiday. My rear brake discs and p[more ...] By Siggy88  On Tue Oct 04 2016, 03:58AM
5 329 jpbroad1970
Tue Oct 04 2016, 05:44AM
Engine Rattle under specific conditions  Hi I just Signed up and was wondering if anyone could help.Xsara Picasso 2.0 SX HDI (Non Turbo) 2001[more ...] By Quazie  On Mon Sep 26 2016, 05:30AM
1 267 rusky
Mon Sep 26 2016, 12:22PM
No New Posts on Popular Thread
N/S Dip Beam headlight bulb replacement  Having read the sticky on this I thought it would be just about possible for me to do it.... Boy, [more ...] By Barryboy  On Thu Feb 11 2010, 01:13PM
14 7655 pastyman
Sat Sep 24 2016, 10:21AM
Fault codes after EGR cleaning  DV6TED4 1.6HDi 2004Hello, recently I have cleaned my EGR (elektric) on refitting I can't mount the c[more ...] By steve233  On Wed Sep 14 2016, 08:15PM
1 284 AndrewM
Wed Sep 14 2016, 11:03PM
C4 1.6 Exhaust  Hi,Another heads up for the 1.6 petrol exhaust, the below part codes will work on eurocarparts and c[more ...] By Carl85  On Tue Aug 30 2016, 04:48PM
None 298 -
Replacement Battery  Hi,Heads up everyone looking for a replacement battery.027 - Exide Premium 64 AH / 640 CCA £46.87 - [more ...] By Carl85  On Tue Aug 30 2016, 04:44PM
None 219 -
stupid newbie!  So being a newbie i see all this "plate 55" and "b7" and so on how do i know exactly what i have?All[more ...] By deef1427  On Tue Aug 30 2016, 01:24AM
1 294 Grumpy GrandPa
Tue Aug 30 2016, 02:52AM
C4 urgent help needed please!  Hey there, so I bought the wife a 2006 C4 1.6 auto, drives like a dream BUT there are 2 problems I j[more ...] By deef1427  On Mon Aug 29 2016, 09:01AM
4 353 deef1427
Tue Aug 30 2016, 02:06AM
2004 C4 Boot problems  Hi I have a 2004 C4 and to be honest I love it, even through the new coil pack and new fuel pump.. s[more ...] By stevemb45  On Mon Aug 29 2016, 11:47AM
3 284 deef1427
Tue Aug 30 2016, 01:16AM
Loss of power and engine error  Hi,I bought an used C4 1.6 HDi 112.Soon after buying it, it lost power in the highway, and the servi[more ...] By etg  On Tue Dec 22 2015, 07:29AM
4 974 etg
Mon Aug 29 2016, 08:13AM
Inconsistent/Fluctuating Revs  Here goes.Engine ticks over fine. However if I rev engine and stay at 3100 revs are fluctuating to t[more ...] By Chibs  On Wed Aug 17 2016, 01:16PM
5 358 rusky
Thu Aug 18 2016, 09:20AM
Spare connector behind front bumper.. Any ideas  Whilst fixing the headlight washers on C4 2.0 Hdi exclusive '05 (which the dealer said needed to be [more ...] By Abstruse  On Sun Jul 31 2016, 06:04AM
4 447 Abstruse
Sun Aug 14 2016, 08:27AM
C4 1.4 Petrol Fuel Filter Problem  Hi all.Got a 1.6 Vtr+ Petrol and under hard acceleration I am getting what I can only describe as fl[more ...] By MaciejGoldyn  On Wed Aug 10 2016, 10:58AM
None 269 -
Climate Control problem - Citroën C4 VTR+ 2.0 - Right Hand Drive UK version of the vehicle  Hi I've looked everywhere for an answer to this. I've seen numerous forums and youtube videos coveri[more ...] By guyvericca  On Sun Aug 07 2016, 02:55AM
1 292 wozza
Mon Aug 08 2016, 04:19AM
C4 VTS 180 Gearbox rebuild - ratios  Hi all!I am newcomer, just bought my C4 VTS 180.The thing is: 5th gear broke so i need to rebuild ge[more ...] By fotocorba  On Fri Aug 05 2016, 11:27PM
None 281 -
Fuel Filter  Recently replaced fuel filter. Whilst taking old one out noticed that there is a circle on back with[more ...] By Chibs  On Sun Jul 31 2016, 12:16PM
2 299 Chibs
Sun Jul 31 2016, 01:34PM
White smoke and bad idiling on start - 1.6 HDI  When I start my 2006 1.6 HDI from cold, such as first thing in the morning, there is white some and [more ...] By jay_GB  On Thu Jun 23 2016, 03:00AM
5 453 Chibs
Sun Jul 31 2016, 12:11PM
Brand Wars  So after a service I've fitted Mahle parts. Oil filter, air filter and fuel filter after being told [more ...] By Chibs  On Fri Jul 29 2016, 01:07PM
1 344 wozza
Fri Jul 29 2016, 06:26PM
Heater blower  HiI'm looking for help with my blower iv changed the resistor and still doesn't work so took out the[more ...] By united369  On Thu Jul 21 2016, 04:14PM
1 408 KenC
Fri Jul 22 2016, 05:18AM
Rear wheel leaning ... DIY or garage?  Hi guys, I've trawled the site for two nights without any luck...so here goes.The missus has a 57 pl[more ...] By oldiguana  On Wed Oct 30 2013, 04:07PM
2 1252 Meanfarmer
Tue Jul 12 2016, 05:58AM
Brakes  HiCan anyone suggest how to get the torx 55 bolts out for the calliper, mine are so tight cannot mov[more ...] By united369  On Thu Jun 23 2016, 12:36PM
3 560 AndrewM
Wed Jul 06 2016, 04:04PM
2006 C4 Coupe VTR Diesel Front Suspension Spring Broken  HiWell I bought this car from a dealer 6 years ago. Shortly after purchase the nearside front suspen[more ...] By Keef  On Wed Jul 06 2016, 12:33PM
1 304 routemaster1
Wed Jul 06 2016, 01:03PM
Help with brake choices  HiIv come to change my front discs and pads. I have ordered the ones with esp with are thicker than [more ...] By united369  On Sat Jun 25 2016, 01:05PM
None 320 -
Oil seals / gasket set  Citroen C4 1.6 VTR+ HDI 110Can anyone advise on part numbers/schematic drawings for the gasket set t[more ...] By Swebby  On Tue Jun 21 2016, 02:28PM
None 333 -
C4 hatch fuse box layout  My fuse layout is different from what the manual says. I have 2 big fuses underneath and about 14 fu[more ...] By crapday  On Tue Jun 21 2016, 12:28PM
None 321 -
Can anyone locate me Turbo Vacuum Boost Solenoid Valve for C4 VTR+ 55reg  I took a look at the engine and turbo but couldn't find "Turbo Vacuum Boost Solenoid Valve"I will be[more ...] By love2drive  On Mon Jun 20 2016, 03:35AM
None 331 -
Brake discs  Hi, can anyone tell me what size brake discs my car takes. It's a 1.6 hdi loeb. Thanks By Elizabeth  On Wed Jun 15 2016, 04:14AM
None 323 -
Picasso 2.0 HP exhaust manifold removal / head removal tips  I'm in the process of removing the head from a 2.0 petrol Picasso with the RJF (AW10A) engine howeve[more ...] By Jonnybazuka  On Wed May 25 2016, 01:10PM
None 441 -
Advice please  hi all I have a quick question I have a 2.0 gp with the 6 speed EGS box fitted it is failing in a bi[more ...] By drdeath  On Tue May 24 2016, 02:49AM
None 439 -
Alternator removal  Hi, I'm a new member here, I have a 2005 C4 Petrol 2.0, I'm attempting to replace the alternator and[more ...] By Waxlyrical  On Sat May 14 2016, 02:19AM
1 557 Honest
Sat May 14 2016, 06:32AM
Loose indicator connection.  Hi everyone,I've had a look around this forum and searched Google but no luck.I have a 2006 C4 VTS 2[more ...] By PierrePienaar  On Tue Nov 17 2015, 12:25AM
4 915 PierrePienaar
Sun May 01 2016, 03:26AM
Front Bumper Brackets Renewal  Ok,So I noticed coming home one day that the front bumper seemed to have dropped a little, to the po[more ...] By Tink-GB  On Wed Apr 27 2016, 05:35PM
1 564 Honest
Fri Apr 29 2016, 12:33PM
How to: remove the back bumper on a C4P and then fit rear parking sensors  HelloI bought this rear parking sensor kit from eBay for £15.99 delivered. The kits come in differen[more ...] By Jeremy_VTR  On Sat Sep 04 2010, 03:17PM
7 8208 custard
Sun Apr 24 2016, 11:32AM
Where did THAT come from ?  Hey Guys,C4 Grand Picasso 1.6 VTi+ EGS 2008.You know the positive loom that sits on top of the batte[more ...] By JVT  On Fri Apr 22 2016, 05:54AM
None 544 -
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Dual zone climate/aircon fixed for £10.  There is a common fault that Citroen are aware of (not that the dealer will tell you this), effectin[more ...] By petecass80  On Tue Jul 01 2008, 06:48AM
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21 11972 Ryplok
Fri Apr 01 2016, 01:46PM
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