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Announcement Thread
C4 Electrical Problems - Preventative Maintenance
  OK we all know that modern cars are subject to occasional electrical gremlins, the C4 range being no[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Mon Nov 16 2009, 09:53am
5 15438 BigJohnD
Thu Mar 19 2015, 04:42am
Sticky Thread
C4 Plastic cover lower windscreen seal
  I posted this to an old thread, but just to sure it's noticed I thought I'd create a new one.I found[more ...] By neilp  On Sat Jul 18 2009, 11:40am
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87 63692 addsmith
Tue Apr 10 2018, 04:24am
Sticky Thread
DPFS - Filter regeneration indicator
  Because I couldn't find any information about it here, I've decided to share this information with y[more ...] By marek  On Tue May 24 2011, 10:45am
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31 22226 turtledude
Thu Jan 25 2018, 10:51am
Sticky Thread
STOP. Oil pressure too low C4 1.6 Petrol
  Hello, I have a C4 coupe 1.6 petrol. This message came on today: "STOP Oil pressure too low".I have [more ...] By darryl1973  On Fri Mar 26 2010, 01:48pm
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32 42335 wa822
Fri Jul 14 2017, 05:04pm
Sticky Thread
Electronic immobiliser faulty (Resolved - faulty key)
  Got up this morning and went to start my engine to go to work.The car wouldn't start. An error came [more ...] By smcnena  On Wed Jun 04 2008, 08:02am
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16 18758 Cristip1970
Tue May 02 2017, 10:13am
Sticky Thread
How to fit factory parking sensors system in Citroen C4
   - Click Here -  By minotaurus1  On Thu Nov 01 2012, 03:30pm
7 24521 minotaurus1
Tue Feb 14 2017, 04:37pm
Sticky Thread
C4 1.6 HDi engine cover
  Hi, I'm looking for a plastic engine cover for a Citroen C4 coupe VTR+ 1.6HDi. By matt_wood87  On Thu Oct 15 2009, 08:50am
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18 21661 Aow1991
Fri Sep 02 2016, 03:56pm
Sticky Thread
C4 HDi What a dipstick!
  The driver's manual says the dipstick has "FULL" and "FILL" markers, but where are they?I assume the[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Wed Aug 08 2007, 07:05am
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64 41426 jay_GB
Fri Apr 22 2016, 03:53am
Sticky Thread
C4 Remote locking key fob
  My key fob fell apart at the weekend and when I went to the local dealer I was told the replacement [more ...] By neilp  On Tue Apr 07 2009, 11:06am
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42 38808 Pegasusflash
Sun Feb 21 2016, 10:47am
Sticky Thread
ESP/ABS fault , Switch replacement guide.
  Has anyone replaced the brake light switch, or did you get the dealer to repair?Cheers, Jamie By Ham  On Wed Jun 23 2010, 01:52pm
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38 29211 Solfred
Sun Mar 29 2015, 11:35am
Sticky Thread
Tutorial : How to Fit After Market Parking Sensors (Basic eBay Kits)
  Installing Parking Sensors on a Citroen C4 (Hatchback)I saw a nice guide for installing parking sens[more ...] By Mk3_Singh  On Wed Feb 13 2013, 03:55pm
12 11191 crapday
Sat Jun 28 2014, 04:47pm
Closed Sticky Thread
C4 1.6 HDi clutch replacement
  I been gone a while, I'm back. Couldn't find any useful info in the threads, so I decided to post th[more ...] By Zedd  On Fri Aug 10 2012, 07:10am
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44 40700 Dave_Retired.
Mon Feb 24 2014, 05:40am
Sticky Thread
DPF removal/remapping (Depollution fault/EGR valve cleaning/change)
  Anybody had their DPF filter removed/remapped?Would like to know peoples thoughts or experiences.Tha[more ...] By bigstan  On Tue Nov 29 2011, 08:03am
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53 40006 irsa
Sun Jan 06 2013, 04:10am
Closed Sticky Thread
Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems to be included in MoT from 2012
  The latest commission directive, 2010/48/EU, states that from January 2012, any vehicle originally f[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Tue Apr 12 2011, 01:36am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
17 15470 Dave_Retired.
Mon Aug 22 2011, 01:35am
Sticky Thread
Basic Oil advice from oilman at Opie Oils
  Basic Oil advice from Opie OilsWhen it comes to choosing oil for your car, this post may seem like g[more ...] By oilman  On Wed May 12 2010, 09:27am
3 9341 AMO
Tue Feb 22 2011, 01:00am
 Forum Threads
Replacing fuel filter on 2015 c4 1.6 BlueHDi (120 Hp) S&S  I have the e-manual for this car but there's no reference to how to replace the fuel filter - can an[more ...] By donaloc  On Sat Dec 08 2018, 02:52pm
None 58 -
C4 VTS 2.0 engine oil  Hi, good afternoon, is 5w-40 the correct oil for the VTS?Halfords also say this oil is ok Mobil 1 Fu[more ...] By andy2514  On Mon Jan 15 2018, 06:30am
5 1249 FakeConcern
Mon Nov 26 2018, 02:12pm
Snapped glow plug  Hi, I checked my glow plugs after getting an error message on the obd reader, all the plugs are open[more ...] By HansZarkov  On Sat Sep 15 2018, 04:51pm
2 377 Coliliqui
Fri Nov 16 2018, 02:45pm
Lock/ECU Replacement?  Hi all,we find ourselves in a position where we have a dead '06 1.6 petrol C4 VTR+ sat in the yard ([more ...] By mr_luke  On Mon Nov 12 2018, 05:04am
1 138 Coliliqui
Fri Nov 16 2018, 02:31pm
ABS magnet test?  Is there a way to test the magnets in the wheel bearings?I'm trying to troubleshoot gearbox abs/esr [more ...] By Onefut  On Sun Sep 09 2018, 09:13am
3 529 Onefut
Mon Nov 05 2018, 01:33pm
Cold air in footwell  In my 2015 GC4P I constantly get cold air blowing into the driver’s side footwell, no matter how the[more ...] By blv  On Mon Nov 05 2018, 09:08am
None 153 -
Knocking noise on deceleration and acceleration and bumps,  I have a C4 Grand Picasso on a 09 plate. We have had wishbones, anti-roll bars, bushes, brakes ever[more ...] By Caz2457  On Sun Sep 30 2018, 03:23pm
3 350 BigJohnD
Mon Oct 01 2018, 02:32pm
Tyre pressure warning light  Hood afternoon this morning i had a service light come on saying tyre pressure low on driver front w[more ...] By Paulie1963  On Sun Sep 23 2018, 11:47am
1 333 FakeConcern
Tue Sep 25 2018, 03:47am
C4 1.6 16v Cylinder Head  Hello, I was looking at maybe trying to sneak a few extra ponies out of my 1.6 coupe 'Cool' and was [more ...] By Coupe_Bear  On Sat Sep 08 2018, 02:39pm
None 318 -
Damaged door mirror  Hi. I'm new to the forum and I have a question about a damaged door mirror on my C4. Yes, I know my [more ...] By Rumpel  On Sun Aug 12 2018, 11:17am
3 419 Rumpel
Thu Aug 16 2018, 04:16pm
C4 1.6 grand picasso won't rev above 2000rpm  Hi I am hoping someone can help me. My c4gp had to go in for a new turbo once they had done it they [more ...] By Suefar79  On Wed Aug 08 2018, 01:47pm
2 385 Suefar79
Thu Aug 09 2018, 04:19am
Exclusive Reversing Camera  I have just collected a 64 plate Exclusive which I was told didn't have a reversing camera.I have no[more ...] By mpretty  On Sat Feb 17 2018, 09:34am
1 937 byngo
Mon Jul 16 2018, 03:57pm
Gear selector  I have just had my C4 Grande serviced, inc new brake discs and pads. Since then my gear selector has[more ...] By Sambellion  On Fri Jul 06 2018, 02:26am
1 467 rusky
Fri Jul 06 2018, 10:13am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Lexia 3  Hi all,I am now the proud owner of a Lexia multiplexer with Lexia 3 software!I have always done all [more ...] By the time lord  On Tue Jul 28 2009, 03:22pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
27 18786 crispinchurch
Mon Jul 02 2018, 01:32pm
C4 Mud flap Fitting advice (was - Help needed)  Hi all this is my first post, I have just got a C4 exclusive 1.6hdi with egs and have purchased a fu[more ...] By BirdwellLnK  On Mon Aug 16 2010, 09:30am
6 5178 Bouillaguet
Fri Jun 29 2018, 10:30am
Fault code 7155 (0155) Coolant Temperature data fault in the Built-in Systems Interface  Fault code 7155 (or 0155) – Coolant temperature data fault in the Built-in Systems Interface.Fault [more ...] By evanwr  On Fri Oct 25 2013, 02:37am
4 2769 onyx666
Tue Jun 26 2018, 11:38am
Front suspension diagram?  Where would I find a diagram of the front suspension of an 05 C4?Thanks. By riven1962  On Mon Jun 18 2018, 02:08pm
2 535 riven1962
Tue Jun 19 2018, 11:37am
AL4 Gearbox Valve Replacement - Repair Notes and Guide  A ton of stuff has been written on this and I read it all before doing my own vehicle.I hope that th[more ...] By Ozman49  On Fri Jun 15 2018, 12:42am
None 576 -
2005 1.6 TU4JP5 ignition problem?  Hi,my car does not start, just turn and turn the engine...Previously it gave P0350 error code (ignit[more ...] By gsa1300  On Tue Jun 12 2018, 12:13pm
None 484 -
Oil sump thread  Right, took the car to garage to day for a few new parts and oil change found out that the threads o[more ...] By johnjd  On Tue May 29 2018, 03:00pm
2 580 BigJohnD
Thu May 31 2018, 05:36pm
Checking oil on a C4 Grand Pic. 66 plate  The dipstick is the usual plastic ended stick flared at max and min. When you insert the stick it te[more ...] By grahn  On Sun May 27 2018, 11:49am
1 639 AndrewM
Sun May 27 2018, 12:33pm
Software updated  Hi I've got a 2012 C4GP 1.6hdi and have not been to a main dealer for about 3 years. How do I find o[more ...] By Scally1  On Sun Apr 15 2018, 02:04am
7 829 Scally1
Thu May 24 2018, 03:16pm
C4 ESP/ASR system faulty-ABS system faulty  Hi only had my citroen C4 2.0hdi vts for a week and esp/asr and abs system faulty warning has come o[more ...] By stemc33  On Wed May 19 2010, 11:08am
5 8685 OwenCGrandy42007
Wed May 23 2018, 06:11am
Rear disc bearing  Any one know what size the bearing is on rear disc for C4 2006 model? Is it 25mm or 30mm? Thanks. By johnjd  On Fri May 11 2018, 03:40pm
3 704 BigJohnD
Sun May 20 2018, 06:34am
whining noise  i have had a whining noise at the front end for some time so i did what i was thinking the problem w[more ...] By johnjd  On Thu May 10 2018, 03:36pm
3 648 johnjd
Fri May 11 2018, 04:01am
Rear light issue  Hi I've lost power to the passenger side rear light both indicator and stop and tail and the manual[more ...] By Moggyboy  On Fri May 04 2018, 03:39pm
1 631 rusky
Sat May 05 2018, 04:11am
Washer on c4  Hello inhave just purchased a c4 hatch 2.0hdi exckusive all is good so far I but i have noticed that[more ...] By Paulie1963  On Tue May 01 2018, 04:32pm
2 685 DeuxChevaux
Wed May 02 2018, 02:25am
Abs /esp lights  Hello to all just noticed abs/ esp light comes on sometimes andmbeeps at me nothing happens as.i can[more ...] By Paulie1963  On Tue May 01 2018, 04:35pm
None 544 -
child rear doors safty locks  right ok need help in removing of the child safety locks on back doors as i am at a loss with them ,[more ...] By johndow  On Mon Apr 23 2018, 11:04am
None 610 -
2005 C4 TAILGATE  Does anyone have the wiring diagram for a mk1 5 door tailgate? The connector is in the rear nearside[more ...] By damgood2k  On Sun Apr 15 2018, 11:43am
None 570 -
Castrol magnetic stop start C2. Or the total quartz?  Which oil should I use the castrol magnetic stop start C2 as per Castrol site recommended for my 201[more ...] By Rizwan  On Sun Apr 08 2018, 09:41pm
4 881 Rizwan
Sun Apr 15 2018, 11:40am
Adblue cap stuck  Hi guys. C4 2015. First time we have had to fill adblue and the cap won't come off. I've turned it c[more ...] By Eastyorksc4  On Sat Apr 07 2018, 02:26am
2 783 Eastyorksc4
Sat Apr 07 2018, 02:42am
Mouse trouble!  Hi - 2006 C4 Hatchback.The wipers suddenly started playing silly so and so's and I suspected the dio[more ...] By chesterfester  On Thu Mar 15 2018, 07:53am
None 771 -
RD4 Radio Problem  Hi, I've picked up a RD4 radio from breakers yard. It had the cable that plugs into the head phone s[more ...] By Cossie76  On Tue Mar 13 2018, 02:21pm
4 921 FakeConcern
Tue Mar 13 2018, 04:29pm
Citroen C4 1.6HDi 2012 "Engine Fault Repair Needed" and service light on  Hi, I've just joined as I've had this problem occur on my car.It's a 2012 1.6HDi with 65,000 miles o[more ...] By jimmytanko  On Sat Dec 31 2016, 05:43am
3 2487 MickB
Mon Mar 05 2018, 12:52pm
Tailgate wiring loom  I had the issue with broken cables on the wiring loom. I removed the rubber sleeve and reconnected [more ...] By rover200  On Sat Nov 30 2013, 01:51pm
7 3016 BigJohnD
Sat Mar 03 2018, 04:04pm
Fault codes after EGR cleaning  DV6TED4 1.6HDi 2004Hello, recently I have cleaned my EGR (elektric) on refitting I can't mount the c[more ...] By steve233  On Wed Sep 14 2016, 08:15pm
4 1887 Markta
Sun Feb 11 2018, 04:42am
C4 1.6 HDi rough sounding on start up  I bought my c4 1.6 hdi 6 months ago . Its my first diesel.just recently its started sounding rough i[more ...] By chris  On Sun Aug 29 2010, 06:21pm
4 2979 Markta
Sat Feb 10 2018, 05:35pm
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Removing a C4 Wing Mirror  Hello All, Apologies if this has been covered on other threads, I have been searching for ages but c[more ...] By GrahamB  On Thu Apr 30 2009, 07:40am
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16 30497 FakeConcern
Wed Feb 07 2018, 02:16pm
Best product to removes scrapes/scratches  Hi everyone ! Have had my C4 Picasso 65 reg in Red for almost a year now and managed to scratch the [more ...] By Razor1967  On Sat Jan 27 2018, 04:57pm
6 1233 dmpzsn
Wed Feb 07 2018, 01:04pm
Wiring Diagram  Hello Guys, Im an auto electrician by trade and iv been doing alot of work for a customer who has a [more ...] By N1CKY  On Tue Jan 30 2018, 08:15am
1 1123 rusky
Tue Jan 30 2018, 12:10pm
C4 Flat battery or something more serious?  When the ignition key is inserted and turned the only thing that happens is some of the lights on th[more ...] By andersonec  On Sun Jan 14 2018, 03:35am
7 1452 routemaster1
Sun Jan 14 2018, 02:32pm
Rev counter  Hello My wife C4 Picasso 2008 2.0 hdi EGS..with 75k..has dropped a few revs.. on idle and when drivi[more ...] By Olly  On Thu Dec 28 2017, 09:07am
2 1160 TriumphGuy
Wed Jan 10 2018, 05:24pm
service parts  morning guys finally going to get my Citroen vts 2.0 back on the road this month. so looking at givi[more ...] By andy2514  On Sun Jan 07 2018, 04:23am
None 943 -
brake disc and pads  morning all i need some help purchasing new parts for my car. i don't know what brake disc and pads[more ...] By andy2514  On Sat Dec 30 2017, 04:17am
3 1182 Ham
Sun Dec 31 2017, 10:15am
Electrical circuit fault  Hi all,A couple of weeks ago, my car started to display the following message:"Electrical circuit fa[more ...] By john.smith  On Wed Sep 27 2017, 03:47pm
4 2516 njcity
Thu Dec 21 2017, 07:32pm
Spare wheel  Hi,Because I'm lazy and can't be bothered to remove a wheel and try...Does anyone know if a 16" allo[more ...] By HansZarkov  On Wed Apr 19 2017, 04:09am
4 1838 Citro-N
Mon Nov 20 2017, 10:39pm
Ta-Technix Coilover - any thoughts?  Hi, Recently I've found a coilover kit from Ta-Technix, made for Citroen C4 and they seem dirt cheap[more ...] By MisterClaude  On Thu Nov 09 2017, 04:16am
1 1276 wozza
Thu Nov 09 2017, 07:31pm
C4 1.6 HDi - rear suspension is harsh  I've searched for this subject but couldn't find anything that sounded similar so thought I'd post f[more ...] By thedarkprince  On Sun Feb 26 2012, 04:31pm
3 2380 Kangiev
Sat Nov 04 2017, 02:36am
gearbox bolts  Can someone tell me what size bolts does are needed to hold the gearbox to the motor as i have remov[more ...] By Herman  On Thu Nov 02 2017, 07:11am
None 1067 -
Air con condenser  Hi, air con condenser is leaking on my c4, does anybody know how hard it is to change? it doesn't lo[more ...] By Dj  On Sun Jul 26 2009, 02:12pm
8 4005 TriumphGuy
Thu Oct 19 2017, 01:42am
Cleaning Intake manifold and changing MTF oil  Good evening all,2007 C4 Picasso 2.0HDI 6 speed AutoCan be a bit lumpy for the first five minutes so[more ...] By Rob1976  On Tue Oct 17 2017, 03:50pm
None 1093 -
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Changing the ashtray bulb on a C4  Hi guys, I have the c4 for more than 1 year and I recently realized that there should be bulb lighti[more ...] By MisterClaude  On Mon Oct 09 2017, 04:03am
10 2023 MisterClaude
Mon Oct 16 2017, 04:37pm
2.0 HDi Cam Belt Change (2007)  I will be shortly changing the cam belt on my recently acquired 2007 C4.1 What make is the OEM tim[more ...] By jaizan  On Fri Aug 11 2017, 03:50pm
1 1612 jaizan
Mon Oct 16 2017, 02:17pm
Clutch pedal heavy, but clutch not high or slipping  Hello!We have a 1.6hdi 2006 C4 hatchback with a heavy clutch now for years. We got so used to it tha[more ...] By pablocullen  On Thu Feb 23 2017, 01:26pm
4 1935 Cpt.Iglo
Wed Oct 11 2017, 09:12am
Wire colours, Auto dimming rear view mirror  Hi, i'm attempting to fit an auto dimming rear view mirror to my car using this tutorial. The proble[more ...] By bingbonguk  On Fri Mar 09 2012, 11:40am
3 3095 Lucus17
Tue Sep 26 2017, 07:32am
Nightmare Fuse Box, Locking, & engine won't run  I identified that the cause of my washers not working was RL4 in the fuse box faulty (stuck in the '[more ...] By Languid  On Sun Sep 10 2017, 01:41am
1 1421 neilp
Sun Sep 10 2017, 06:22am
Tailgate unlocking problem on 2011 GP Exclusive  I want to change the electric contact but tried inside the unlocking trick but won't do anything. An[more ...] By irmscher  On Sun Sep 03 2017, 05:22pm
None 1202 -
How to change battery  Hi need a little help got a Citroen C4 VTS 2006 but can't figure out how to remove the battery. By Thea2322  On Sat Aug 26 2017, 07:54am
1 2168 BigJohnD
Sat Aug 26 2017, 10:51am
C4 Hatchback replace bumper  Hi guys/gals, I'm considering/would like to change the front bumper of my 2007 C4 cool 1.6 hatch, it[more ...] By GBXPETE  On Thu Aug 03 2017, 11:59am
1 1542 GBXPETE
Tue Aug 22 2017, 05:50am
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