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C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso General questions

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Where can I buy C4GP Rear Spring parts?
  Hi,I am not sure if I have posted before, so hi!I own a 57 C4 GP Exclusive, today Citroen diagnosed [more ...] By Xile  On Wed Apr 10 2013, 03:01PM
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55 17363 pagautas
Thu May 19 2016, 03:09PM
Sticky Thread
C4GP Luggage retention net/dog guard
  I've just fitted the net & i don't know if I'm missing a trick here but trying to extend it I th[more ...] By trev h  On Wed Mar 24 2010, 10:05AM
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18 13032 GingerBear
Fri Jan 29 2016, 01:34AM
Sticky Thread
Grand Picasso C4 Recalls
  Just received a letter from my dealer regarding a recall for myC4 Grand Picasso 2.0HDi Egs Exclusive[more ...] By C4 GP Exclusive  On Mon Apr 30 2007, 04:45AM
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23 20959 Web Admin Only
Wed Jul 08 2015, 12:32PM
Closed Sticky Thread
C4 Grand Picasso Headlight Replacement with Xenon?
  Hi there guys,Need some help!! I've recently brought a C4GP (2011) and want to install xenon headlig[more ...] By Rafdan15  On Thu Sep 04 2014, 03:11AM
1 2423 Web Admin Only
Thu Sep 04 2014, 03:26AM
Sticky Thread
C4GP and C4P Tyre Pressures
  Many thanks to fabio_sd for finding the information. This covers most if not all of the tyre sizes o[more ...] By diesel_dog  On Wed Oct 14 2009, 04:48PM
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36 21161 TheMingster
Wed May 07 2014, 03:01PM
Sticky Thread
Making a left-hand drive C4 Picasso UK Road Legal
  Hi,I have driven my German C4 Picasso (2007) back to the UK and am about to arrange for it to be MOT[more ...] By Rock  On Fri Feb 28 2014, 02:40PM
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45 8135 Dominik1978
Wed May 07 2014, 08:46AM
Sticky Thread
Solved - feed for rear parking sensors
  Having read other threads on fitting aftermarket rear parking sensors and seeing people have fed a w[more ...] By byngo  On Sun Apr 06 2014, 03:23PM
4 2222 byngo
Mon Apr 07 2014, 05:09AM
Sticky Thread
Slight hesitant (hiccup) on gentle acceleration. (Resolved)
  Hi to all.C4GP 1.6HDi. 160,000.Purchased this car recently.Yesterday had all filters replaced (oil, [more ...] By Crouchy  On Wed Feb 19 2014, 11:40AM
11 4256 Crouchy
Thu Feb 27 2014, 12:50PM
Sticky Thread
C4GP Temperature gauge
  One of the things that has bugged me since buying the GP is for all that money Citroen couldn't run [more ...] By trev h  On Mon Oct 11 2010, 11:17AM
14 14712 niks
Thu Aug 23 2012, 10:09PM
Closed Sticky Thread
C4 Picasso Bulb Types
  A list of bulb fittings for the C4 Picasso and C4 Grand Picasso:EXTERIOR LIGHTINGFrontC4 Picasso [more ...] By C4GP VTR+  On Tue Jun 12 2007, 08:23AM
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26 22008 pebo
Sun Aug 12 2012, 10:50AM
Closed Sticky Thread
Space Saver or Spare Wheel storage C4GP
  I have a C4GP 07 2 ltr diesel VTR+ EGS, which, as we all know has no spare wheel. Not fancying being[more ...] By rob h  On Tue Jul 14 2009, 04:57AM
8 11636 Web Admin Only
Thu Apr 19 2012, 09:56AM
Closed Sticky Thread
C4 Picasso Winter Grille Part Numbers
  There are TWO different fittings:If you have the honeycomb grille you need 7429.F5If you have the gr[more ...] By neilos  On Sat Jan 08 2011, 06:12PM
1 4907 Web Admin Only
Sun Jan 09 2011, 03:05AM
 Forum Threads
Will Clear indicator headlamps fit earlier models  Hi, new here so all help is appreciated,I am in the process of buying a 2010(10) plate C4CP 1.6hdi E[more ...] By vinalspin  On Thu May 26 2016, 09:57AM
2 35 vinalspin
Thu May 26 2016, 04:48PM
Nav upgrade?  HiAnyone any experience of acquiring and retrofitting an in-dash Sat Nav option? I currently have a[more ...] By DadAndDog  On Sun Apr 17 2016, 04:57AM
3 283 Harald
Thu May 26 2016, 05:25AM
Spare wheel  Hi folks I've got a 2007 c4gp and has no spare wheel but want to get one, but what other car wheels [more ...] By Theocs  On Wed May 25 2016, 02:33PM
None 40 -
Genuine Citroen Grand C4 Picasso 2009 Roof Bars  Long shot but looking for a pair of roof bars for my C4 GP ExclusiveWould like the original Citroen [more ...] By knighthawk71  On Tue May 24 2016, 02:40PM
None 39 -
Spring Converted C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive Spare Wheel Holder Carrier  I am in the process of getting my C4 changed to springs and have bought a spare wheel carrier and sp[more ...] By bufftom74  On Mon May 23 2016, 03:35PM
3 73 KenC
Tue May 24 2016, 09:30AM
Front indicator bulb - where to buy?  Hi guys,I have a 2011 C4GP with LED DRLs. One of my front indicator bulbs blew last night so as I wa[more ...] By DaveJFT  On Tue May 17 2016, 03:06AM
5 147 KenC
Tue May 24 2016, 09:18AM
Tank meter grand picasso 1,6hdi -11  When i first refueled the car after i bought it i drove 180 km before the first dot on the tank mete[more ...] By bobie81  On Sun May 22 2016, 09:02AM
None 51 -
Hi from newbie and potential new C4 grand Picasso buyer  Hi I previously owned a Xsara picasso which I used to taxi. It was the longest I ever owned car and[more ...] By Col73  On Sat May 21 2016, 04:13PM
1 73 rusky
Sun May 22 2016, 04:19AM
Depolluton System Faulty  So on my way home from our holidays and 15 miles from home and on pops the MIL light followed by a b[more ...] By B1unders  On Thu May 19 2016, 07:35AM
3 127 rusky
Fri May 20 2016, 03:37PM
*** Picasso eMyWay maps and UK postcodes  HiWe have the eMyWay Nav system installed and have recently upgraded to the latest firmware and maps[more ...] By bheart  On Tue May 17 2016, 08:02AM
None 67 -
Genuine front parking sensors, can be fitted?  Hi everyone.I was wondering if it's possible to fit genuine front parking sensors on a C4 Gp 1.6 eHD[more ...] By jtrianta  On Sun May 15 2016, 06:27PM
2 136 jtrianta
Mon May 16 2016, 08:48PM
Upgrade my old Citroen Grand Picasso C4  I'm waiting for my new Citroen Grand Picasso C4 (already ordered), but yesterday I was informed that[more ...] By opti  On Mon May 16 2016, 09:00AM
1 107 Magistrate
Mon May 16 2016, 12:09PM
Eolys bag  I have taken this out and it's still quite full but has a small hole it. Can this be repaired at all[more ...] By sheddy2001  On Tue Feb 09 2016, 10:00AM
8 605 DaveJFT
Mon May 16 2016, 09:47AM
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Piston with the piston ring for air suspension compressor  Dear all,Our C4 GP had a problem with the pump. Mechanic has found, that the piston with the piston [more ...] By VIRI  On Tue Apr 12 2016, 01:42AM
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16 699 VIRI
Sun May 15 2016, 03:13PM
Power for reverse camera  Hi I have got a C4 1.6 Hdi vtr egs 08 reg. I am fitting a reversing camera all is going well until I[more ...] By Paulf  On Fri May 13 2016, 01:47PM
3 136 BigJohnD
Sat May 14 2016, 12:21PM
Where is the positive connection to auto gearbox in reverse?  Hi allWhere is the positive connection to auto gearbox in reverse? I'm fitting a camera and LCD mirr[more ...] By ejmbon  On Sat May 14 2016, 08:10AM
None 93 -
europarts discount code for premier members  Hi Guys.trying to but spring conversion kit from Eurocarcare using the discount codes but tried both[more ...] By Daddygez  On Thu May 12 2016, 06:19AM
3 157 Web Admin Only
Sat May 14 2016, 06:47AM
grand picasso rear door glass removal  Hi has anyone any knowledge or help on how to replace the glass in the rear door of a grand picasso [more ...] By paultintin  On Fri May 13 2016, 11:25AM
None 70 -
Severe hesitation when changing gear  I have a 2007 GP 2000HDI It drives very smoothly when accelerating through the gears in the Auto set[more ...] By eoin  On Thu May 12 2016, 07:21AM
2 127 eoin
Thu May 12 2016, 08:31AM
i have bought a after market 7 LED IR Reversing Wireless Camera Car Rear View Kit + 4.3" LCD Mirror  hello please someone help me.i have connected the camera to the reversing lights , but now i have to[more ...] By ejmbon  On Wed May 11 2016, 11:09AM
3 172 ejmbon
Wed May 11 2016, 01:45PM
ECO stop start battery  I have a c4 Picasso 2012 with the ECO stop start system which has stopped working. The garage say th[more ...] By SpanishDon  On Fri Apr 29 2016, 04:12AM
9 310 Web Admin Only
Tue May 10 2016, 09:50AM
Air Suspension Stuck in Up position  Yesterday found the rear of my C4P was riding high, tried lowering the suspension with the Raise/Low[more ...] By stubtoe  On Thu May 05 2016, 11:51PM
5 203 Web Admin Only
Tue May 10 2016, 09:39AM
C4 Grand Parts Backwards Compatability  Hi apologies, I am new to the forum and Looking for help straight away?I have a 13 plate c4 grand MK[more ...] By c4granduber  On Tue May 10 2016, 09:19AM
None 96 -
2013 Picasso eMyWay number field issue  HiI would like to hear from late Citroen owners who have eMyWay navigation and the latest software, [more ...] By bheart  On Thu May 05 2016, 09:03AM
None 202 -
DPF fluid resetting ECU counters  Hi all,My 2007 C4GP 2.0HDi has just reached 80k. The warning diesel additive low kept coming on the [more ...] By wilkinsonbaz  On Wed Apr 06 2016, 03:50PM
3 350 wilkinsonbaz
Mon May 02 2016, 04:53PM
Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 1.6HDi  Hi guys I am after buying a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 1.6HDi VTR+, I would like a manual 6 speed box.[more ...] By Chuckles53  On Sun May 01 2016, 09:47AM
9 260 FrankBullitt
Mon May 02 2016, 02:31PM
Fitting a new radio  Hi, can anyone advise on how best to fit a Pioneer MVH 180UI to my C4 Grand Picasso. Are there any t[more ...] By healeddoughnut  On Fri Apr 29 2016, 10:28AM
1 183 wozza
Sun May 01 2016, 04:30AM
Loss of cruise, auto and paddle control in 1.6HDi 110 EGS  Hi All, My 2 week old (to me) 2008 C4 has demonstrated a fault as decribed above, I have found this [more ...] By judge  On Fri Apr 29 2016, 10:14AM
None 133 -
C4 Picasso 08 1.6hdi EGS 80k Clutch Actuator where is it?  Having gear selection problems so thought it would be egs actuator but that looks fine and full of o[more ...] By rickblake  On Thu Apr 28 2016, 08:02AM
9 240 rickblake
Fri Apr 29 2016, 05:29AM
Break fluid leak  Hi where i put my break fluid has started to leak every time i use the car. It drips on the engine a[more ...] By mozc4  On Thu Apr 28 2016, 08:35AM
1 148 gmerry
Thu Apr 28 2016, 01:40PM
Wheel lock nuts  Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and just wondered if anyone could help? I have a 13 plate C4 7 se[more ...] By LesleyFitz  On Tue Apr 26 2016, 09:12AM
3 438 trev h
Wed Apr 27 2016, 03:48AM
Tailgate interior trim panel  I've a 2009 c4 grand picasso. My tailgate trim panel keeps coming adrift when I shut the tailgate. N[more ...] By Redc4grand  On Tue Apr 26 2016, 03:01PM
1 158 KenC
Wed Apr 27 2016, 02:49AM
Anyone got Lexia in south east?  Hi, anyone got Lexia or Diagbox reader in the south east/Sussex they would check my car with?Does Di[more ...] By faulty-c4gp  On Fri Mar 25 2016, 04:01PM
7 438 rickblake
Mon Apr 25 2016, 01:53AM
Can you change 2007 Picasso headlights to the 2010 onwards ones with LED?  Hi was wondering if anyone had upgraded their older headlights from the 2007 era model to the newer [more ...] By paultintin  On Sat Apr 23 2016, 10:13AM
5 580 paultintin
Sun Apr 24 2016, 11:06AM
How to remove rear door on 2007 Picasso  Hi again, does anyone know how easy (or not) it is to remove the rear passenger door and replace wit[more ...] By paultintin  On Sat Apr 23 2016, 10:33AM
2 327 paultintin
Sun Apr 24 2016, 11:02AM
Depollution system faulty  Hi, new to this. I have a Citroen C4 Picasso seven seater 08 plate. My management light keeps coming[more ...] By debbie9  On Sat Apr 23 2016, 04:00AM
3 218 BigJohnD
Sat Apr 23 2016, 06:52AM
Lexia/DiagBox install ehhhh!  Anyone got any words of wisdom on getting this to work, nightmare!Keeps telling me the VCI is not co[more ...] By SPC  On Tue Apr 19 2016, 09:38PM
6 285 Biohead
Sat Apr 23 2016, 06:05AM
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EGS gear change  First of all Hi! to everyone. I keep reading this forum and I find it amazing with tons of infos a[more ...] By cosmy  On Fri Feb 12 2016, 04:42AM
12 927 rusky
Fri Apr 22 2016, 10:46AM
Myway sat nav instructions  Anyone know where I can get a manual for the myway sat nav. I have the C4 Picasso manual (2012) whic[more ...] By SpanishDon  On Fri Apr 22 2016, 04:07AM
1 159 BigJohnD
Fri Apr 22 2016, 04:17AM
Brake pedal still travelling too far  Hi All,Changed brake pads on rear of C4GP. 2010 VTR+ EGS.Front done months ago, perfect.Pads in 48 h[more ...] By joej  On Mon Apr 18 2016, 05:46AM
1 197 BigJohnD
Thu Apr 21 2016, 09:50AM
Air Compressor Photos for Rear Suspension Compressor  Hi all, I'm trying to progress aftermarket repair options for the Wabco compressor units fitted to m[more ...] By gmerry  On Wed Apr 20 2016, 03:03AM
None 163 -
Anyone got Lexia in south east?  Hi, I need my suspension turned off as I removed the airbags and can only be done by Lexia ..... wou[more ...] By faulty-c4gp  On Mon Apr 18 2016, 02:36PM
4 236 GPGeorge
Tue Apr 19 2016, 11:49AM
C4 Picasso paint blistering on windscreen post  Hi all, newbie here, Bazz. C4 Picasso HDi VTR+ diesel 2010. I have noticed the paint on the windscre[more ...] By baz26zab@aol.com  On Thu Apr 14 2016, 07:54AM
6 333 faulty-c4gp
Mon Apr 18 2016, 02:33PM
C4P Platinum daylight running lights  HiI have a C4P Platinum with daylight running lights.Could anybody tell me if the side lights in the[more ...] By PAUL1215  On Sun Apr 17 2016, 02:29PM
2 209 PAUL1215
Sun Apr 17 2016, 04:21PM
59 GPC4 Exclusive Climate Control  This one is bugging me, please help ( that sounds pathetic, )When I bought the car from a Citroen [more ...] By knighthawk71  On Sun Apr 17 2016, 02:38PM
1 179 FrankBullitt
Sun Apr 17 2016, 03:19PM
CANBUS/other warning messages  Hi Folks,I have a 2011 C4GP 2.0HDi Exclusive (no TPMS) having come from a 2003 Seat Alhambra SE. Rec[more ...] By DaveJFT  On Wed Apr 06 2016, 09:59AM
4 290 routemaster1
Thu Apr 14 2016, 04:00PM
Steering wheel vibration C4 GP 1.6HDI  Morning allI've just returned from a lovely trip to Paris with my family. Unfortunately the driving [more ...] By 200sx  On Tue Jun 07 2011, 05:51AM
6 4090 faca_martin
Thu Apr 14 2016, 03:03PM
Dashboard fault  Hi,I took my 2011 Grand Picasso in to have the driver's side electric window switch checked at a mai[more ...] By justinwp1970  On Thu Apr 14 2016, 10:16AM
2 225 justinwp1970
Thu Apr 14 2016, 12:45PM
Headlamp fuses?  I've searched the forum and found the question but not the answer.My car is a 2009 C4GP Exclusive. C[more ...] By asahartz  On Mon Apr 11 2016, 04:22PM
4 364 tmd63
Thu Apr 14 2016, 09:35AM
'08 C4GP 2.0HDi - Improving handling, reducing body roll?  Are there any cheap suspension modifications that can be done to improve handling, in particular red[more ...] By SPC  On Wed Apr 13 2016, 04:02AM
5 295 gmerry
Wed Apr 13 2016, 05:30PM
Flush or not?  Hi all,I am doing my first service on my 2008 C4 Picasso 1.6HDi VTR+ since I brought the car in Febr[more ...] By B1unders  On Mon Apr 11 2016, 05:27PM
3 286 B1unders
Tue Apr 12 2016, 05:09PM
A/C recharge  Posted: Tue Apr 12 2016, 08:37PMJust bought a 2012 C4 Picasso and found out that the A/C didn't work[more ...] By SpanishDon  On Tue Apr 12 2016, 07:11AM
1 250 YOG
Tue Apr 12 2016, 11:22AM
Newbie mike from Coventry 2009 c4 grand vtr1.6hdi  Hi I'm going to fit a towbar to my 58 plate motor I have read loads about dedicated wiring etc but m[more ...] By Redc4grand  On Sun Apr 10 2016, 03:16PM
1 223 asahartz
Mon Apr 11 2016, 04:12PM
Where is the VVT solenoid please?  Hi,I have a c4gp 2008 1.6 petrol with p0011 code showing. Rough idle, lack of power are the symptom[more ...] By cheeseslice  On Sun Apr 10 2016, 08:41AM
2 218 Honest
Sun Apr 10 2016, 12:46PM
C4 Bluetooth music options  Hi,Got my C4 Picasso yesterday (2012) and have a couple of questions that hopefully someone can help[more ...] By SpanishDon  On Sat Apr 09 2016, 02:25AM
3 293 GPGeorge
Sun Apr 10 2016, 03:23AM
ECO help  I have a c4 pic (2012) with an e-hdi 1.6 diesel engine and an electronic 6 speed gearbox. My questio[more ...] By SpanishDon  On Sun Apr 10 2016, 01:31AM
None 203 -
Automatic?  Hiya, is the C4GP auto a real auto or semi auto? What is EGS and VTR?Thanks By ReggieO  On Tue Jan 26 2016, 04:24PM
5 670 chea
Sat Apr 09 2016, 03:28PM
C4GP DPF filter  My handbook states that at 75 000 mile the Eolys fluid needs topped up but I am unable to locate the[more ...] By Joms  On Thu Mar 24 2016, 12:04PM
5 388 GPGeorge
Wed Apr 06 2016, 03:13PM
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Faults and fuel flap not opening  Hi all, I've not had my C4GP 2.0 EGS model very long...great car but getting loads of faults flash u[more ...] By faulty-c4gp  On Thu Mar 24 2016, 03:32PM
10 428 faulty-c4gp
Tue Apr 05 2016, 12:42PM
C4 GP headlight removal  I have looked through the post trying to find info on how to remove the driver's side headlight. I h[more ...] By pickledmagpie  On Tue Mar 22 2016, 03:37AM
1 289 tmd63
Tue Apr 05 2016, 09:45AM
Dipped headlight bulb change C4 Picasso 5 seater  I have a 2008 C4 Picasso and need to change the dipped headlight bulb, doing both at the same time a[more ...] By preggy  On Fri Sep 04 2015, 03:53AM
5 1322 tmd63
Tue Apr 05 2016, 09:42AM
Rear Window Opening?  2008 C4 Picasso LoungeThe window in the boot lid has those gas struts. Does this mean the window can[more ...] By Chris1200  On Mon Mar 14 2016, 05:29PM
6 467 tmd63
Tue Apr 05 2016, 09:38AM
Clunking noise from 1st to 2nd gear automatic gear box  I have a 08 plate C4 Grand Picasso semi automatic, the car occasionally clunks between 1st and 2nd g[more ...] By c4inWawne  On Mon Feb 29 2016, 11:34AM
2 505 jsbhoy
Mon Apr 04 2016, 10:42AM
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