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C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso General questions

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Where can I buy C4GP Rear Spring parts?
  Hi,I am not sure if I have posted before, so hi!I own a 57 C4 GP Exclusive, today Citroen diagnosed [more ...] By Xile  On Wed Apr 10 2013, 03:01PM
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54 9454 Admin Dave
Fri Nov 21 2014, 01:03PM
Closed Sticky Thread
C4 Grand Picasso Headlight Replacement with Xenon?
  Hi there guys,Need some help!! I've recently brought a C4GP (2011) and want to install xenon headlig[more ...] By Rafdan15  On Thu Sep 04 2014, 03:11AM
1 592 Admin Dave
Thu Sep 04 2014, 03:26AM
Sticky Thread
C4GP and C4P Tyre Pressures
  Many thanks to fabio_sd for finding the information. This covers most if not all of the tyre sizes o[more ...] By diesel_dog  On Wed Oct 14 2009, 04:48PM
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36 15350 TheMingster
Wed May 07 2014, 03:01PM
Sticky Thread
Making a left-hand drive C4 Picasso UK Road Legal
  Hi,I have driven my German C4 Picasso (2007) back to the UK and am about to arrange for it to be MOT[more ...] By Rock  On Fri Feb 28 2014, 02:40PM
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45 3323 Dominik1978
Wed May 07 2014, 08:46AM
Sticky Thread
Solved - feed for rear parking sensors
  Having read other threads on fitting aftermarket rear parking sensors and seeing people have fed a w[more ...] By byngo  On Sun Apr 06 2014, 03:23PM
4 779 byngo
Mon Apr 07 2014, 05:09AM
Sticky Thread
Slight hesitant (hiccup) on gentle acceleration. (Resolved)
  Hi to all.C4GP 1.6HDi. 160,000.Purchased this car recently.Yesterday had all filters replaced (oil, [more ...] By Crouchy  On Wed Feb 19 2014, 11:40AM
11 1820 Crouchy
Thu Feb 27 2014, 12:50PM
Sticky Thread
Grand Picasso C4 Recalls
  Just received a letter from my dealer regarding a recall for myC4 Grand Picasso 2.0HDi Egs Exclusive[more ...] By C4 GP Exclusive  On Mon Apr 30 2007, 04:45AM
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21 16549 johnd
Sun Dec 23 2012, 03:02AM
Sticky Thread
C4GP Temperature gauge
  One of the things that has bugged me since buying the GP is for all that money Citroen couldn't run [more ...] By trev h  On Mon Oct 11 2010, 11:17AM
14 11366 niks
Thu Aug 23 2012, 10:09PM
Closed Sticky Thread
C4 Picasso Bulb Types
  A list of bulb fittings for the C4 Picasso and C4 Grand Picasso:EXTERIOR LIGHTINGFrontC4 Picasso [more ...] By C4GP VTR+  On Tue Jun 12 2007, 08:23AM
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26 17168 pebo
Sun Aug 12 2012, 10:50AM
Closed Sticky Thread
Space Saver or Spare Wheel storage C4GP
  I have a C4GP 07 2 ltr diesel VTR+ EGS, which, as we all know has no spare wheel. Not fancying being[more ...] By rob h  On Tue Jul 14 2009, 04:57AM
8 9049 Admin Dave
Thu Apr 19 2012, 09:56AM
Sticky Thread
C4GP Luggage retention net/dog guard
  I've just fitted the net & i don't know if I'm missing a trick here but trying to extend it I th[more ...] By trev h  On Wed Mar 24 2010, 10:05AM
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17 9487 iscom
Tue Apr 17 2012, 01:20PM
Closed Sticky Thread
C4 Picasso Winter Grille Part Numbers
  There are TWO different fittings:If you have the honeycomb grille you need 7429.F5If you have the gr[more ...] By neilos  On Sat Jan 08 2011, 06:12PM
1 3768 Admin Dave
Sun Jan 09 2011, 03:05AM
 Forum Threads
Uh oh - Petrol into Diesel  Hi ForumWhat an idiot! I've just put £30 of petrol in my diesel.I didn't start the engine but I did [more ...] By hastings-c4grand  On Sat Jan 24 2015, 02:50PM
1 90 Admin Dave
Sun Jan 25 2015, 02:31AM
Winter grille  Hello ,I am sorry if this has been asked before , I have had a look and can't find a definite answer[more ...] By miyagi  On Fri Jan 23 2015, 02:03PM
1 68 rusky
Fri Jan 23 2015, 02:16PM
Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2010 Sidelights and Dipped Beam Not Working  Hi,My sidelights and dipped beam have stopped working. The fog lights and full beam are fine though.[more ...] By TerryC  On Thu Jan 22 2015, 04:48PM
3 102 TerryC
Fri Jan 23 2015, 06:35AM
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Eibach Pro Kit for Grand Picasso  Hi there, I'm thinking of lowering my Grand Picasso. The local distributor here is Singapore says th[more ...] By wildfaye29  On Fri Dec 23 2011, 11:31PM
14 1959 wildfaye29
Fri Jan 23 2015, 06:17AM
Brembo GT 4 pot for Grand Picasso?  Hi there guys.I found a Brembo GT 4 pot front Big Brake Kit for the C4.As the Grand shares the same [more ...] By wildfaye29  On Wed Jan 21 2015, 11:42PM
7 110 wozza
Thu Jan 22 2015, 07:30PM
Unidentified electrical connector  Hi allI suffered a minor bump just before Christmas in my 12 plate C4 GP 1600 eHDi ESG Exclusive whi[more ...] By JemBrookes  On Wed Jan 21 2015, 10:01AM
2 84 JemBrookes
Thu Jan 22 2015, 07:00AM
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Thinking of changing from a 2 litre to a 1600 any advice please  I am thinking of changing my 2 litre GP Exclusive for a 2010 1600. Will I regret it? I do quite a lo[more ...] By irmscher  On Sun Jan 18 2015, 05:08PM
10 305 FrankBullitt
Tue Jan 20 2015, 12:05AM
What needs to be done?  My GP is coming up on its 35,000 mile service.Can anyone tell what all this involves please?I'm taki[more ...] By cooter  On Fri Jan 09 2015, 03:14PM
6 222 Admin Dave
Sat Jan 17 2015, 02:30AM
Ignition feed  I am thinking of using my cigarette lighter for an ignition feed. Does anyone know which colour is t[more ...] By Joms  On Wed Jan 14 2015, 09:05AM
2 106 Joms
Thu Jan 15 2015, 05:05AM
EGR cleaning without removing  HelloAfter searching the forum I found plenty of info how to remove EGR but none to use one cleaning[more ...] By bogusmr  On Wed Jan 14 2015, 11:29AM
2 115 bogusmr
Wed Jan 14 2015, 01:24PM
Auto Express buying guide plea - C4 Picasso / Grand Picasso MkI  Hi Folks,I help research the buying guides for Auto Express magazine and one of the next ones I’ve b[more ...] By VickyD  On Wed Jan 14 2015, 05:52AM
None 64 -
Under floor damage - help / advice needed  Hi all. Happy New Year. Unfortunately my New Year found me in a snow filled ditch in the middle of[more ...] By JemBrookes  On Tue Jan 06 2015, 03:55AM
4 222 JemBrookes
Wed Jan 14 2015, 04:18AM
C4 GP front washer jets  My washer jets have all of a sudden started firing over my roof and was wondering if anyone knew how[more ...] By Joms  On Mon Jan 12 2015, 12:11PM
None 69 -
Repair dilemma  A couple of years ago, I bought an 08 plate 1.6 Diesel Grand Picasso from a local Citroen dealer. La[more ...] By LoopCorp  On Thu Jan 08 2015, 07:58AM
7 216 rusky
Fri Jan 09 2015, 01:45AM
Headlight Washers  Hi there, not sure if this has been asked before but my headlight washers are not working and the fu[more ...] By Jay_C4_Picasso  On Mon Dec 08 2014, 04:11PM
6 300 Jay_C4_Picasso
Wed Jan 07 2015, 05:52PM
Windscreen frost protector  We have a C4 Grand Picasso and would like a windscreen frost protector. Due to the very large size o[more ...] By Ann  On Wed Jan 07 2015, 05:11AM
3 141 leaphtc
Wed Jan 07 2015, 03:41PM
I have ESP on my C4GP apparently but the front tyres still spin.  Does ESP not stop tyres spinning when pulling out at a corner?Thanks. By c4gpguy  On Tue Jan 06 2015, 03:31PM
1 260 FrankBullitt
Tue Jan 06 2015, 03:47PM
Sidelight h6w bulb and CANBus not telling me it blew?  Is there CANBus bulbs blown notifications on a C4GP VTR+? Because I did not get any notification tha[more ...] By c4gpguy  On Mon Jan 05 2015, 04:44PM
4 160 c4gpguy
Tue Jan 06 2015, 03:45PM
[moved] Changing Gearstick Gaiter  Hi, don't know if this is the right forum, tried it in the Grand Picasso one but got no response. Th[more ...] By stoobydale  On Mon Aug 23 2010, 04:42AM
5 4164 c4gpguy
Sun Jan 04 2015, 09:14AM
C4GP Heater blowers not working in the front Help!??  HiWas wondering if anyone can help meI had been getting water in the drivers footwell for a few week[more ...] By gsau12  On Wed Dec 31 2014, 05:23AM
1 126 rusky
Wed Dec 31 2014, 05:44AM
key fob case  Hi Guys sorry if this has been asked about before but I need to replace my key fob case as the butto[more ...] By pebo  On Tue Dec 30 2014, 02:10AM
5 182 rusky
Tue Dec 30 2014, 10:39AM
Replacement C4GP Wiper Blades  HiI'm not sure where this thread fits, so sorry in advance.I've just ordered a complete set of front[more ...] By catnamedog  On Mon Dec 29 2014, 04:18PM
1 132 wilcovh
Tue Dec 30 2014, 04:48AM
Knocking under my feet when turning my steering wheel  Hi, just noticed that when I turn my steering wheel I can feel somethng under my feet. Now I know it[more ...] By mozc4  On Sat Dec 27 2014, 11:18AM
Mon Dec 29 2014, 10:17AM
Oil level indicator  Hi all,Got a Grand Picasso 1.6HDi EGS 2012 year model this year, and happy with it so far.I noticed [more ...] By MAKKOTTI  On Sun Dec 14 2014, 09:33PM
3 217 FakeConcern
Sat Dec 27 2014, 03:33AM
2011 C4 Picasso dipped beam bulb replacement help  HiI am trying to replace the drivers side dipped bulb on a 2011 C4 Picasso but am not having much lu[more ...] By Pic101  On Wed Dec 24 2014, 11:50AM
1 146 FrankBullitt
Wed Dec 24 2014, 02:19PM
C4GP aircon "mono" function  Hi everybody,This is my first post and apologize if this is answered earlier, but I couldn't find it[more ...] By golftrojka  On Fri Dec 19 2014, 10:25PM
2 162 FakeConcern
Sat Dec 20 2014, 03:52AM
Intermittent fault with folding mirrors  HiAnyone experienced an issue where the mirrors will not unfold on an exclusive when you unlock the [more ...] By Markbebb  On Fri Dec 19 2014, 11:01AM
2 143 FakeConcern
Fri Dec 19 2014, 12:32PM
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Blower motor resistor  I have a heater fan motor that was going on and off, and now has stopped working altogether. The mot[more ...] By glax  On Wed Dec 18 2013, 12:38PM
12 1578 glax
Wed Dec 17 2014, 04:10AM
C4 Grand Picasso - arm rest  Hello, newbie here. I have a 2012 C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive. I have just accidentally broken off [more ...] By nodelay  On Tue Dec 16 2014, 12:45PM
1 148 Admin Dave
Tue Dec 16 2014, 01:08PM
Hi new to the forums and new to the Grand Picasso  I've just purchased a new 2014 Grand Picasso HDi 115 auto.I've got a simple question - what are the [more ...] By Stu82  On Wed Dec 10 2014, 10:06AM
5 286 Stu82
Tue Dec 16 2014, 02:05AM
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Dual Mass Flywheel  Hi all,Firstly, my apologies if this goes on a bit but hopefully you may find it useful…In October 2010 I bought a 5dr Picasso 1.6 diesel VTR+ from Benfield Renault on a 57 plate with 22k on the clock, full service history and a Benfield 12 month warranty and the car currently has 30k on the clock.At the beginning of April 2011 I noticed the clutch pedal was feeling different to normal. Instead of a smooth upwards movement, it felt like it was sticking slightly, moving upwards in small increments. This would become problematic if I was holding the car on the clutch and moving away slowly as the clutch would stick at the release point leading to a slightly jerky movement.So, I booked the car into Benfield for them to look at it. I received a phone call later that day to tell me that the Dual Mass Flywheel had collapsed and the warranty company required the clutch to be stripped down so they can confirm if the part had failed due to wear and tear or a manufacturing fault. Benfield needed my authorisation to this because if it was confirmed as wear and tear, the warranty company would not cover the £300 cost of stripping the clutch and I would be liable.So I had to tell them to go ahead. Next day with the clutch stripped down, a chap from the warranty company visited Benfield and stated that the Dual Mass Flywheel collapsed due to wear and tear and as a result would not be covered under the warranty.Benfield phoned me to give me the [%*^#@!] news and I hadn’t even replied when the service desk told me they would be speaking to the service manager the following day to ask his opinion and see what could be done, as their feeling was wear and tear was harsh considering the mileage and I had only had the car for just over 6 month.I received numerous phone calls from Benfield including the manager, telling me they will be fighting my cause with the warranty company and letting me know how the 'fight' was progressing.Yesterday Benfield called me again to let me know that the warranty company had again refused to admit the failure was not due to wear and tear. However the general manager was going to speak to the warranty company again today. (6 days after taking it in)The final phone call from Benfield was today. The service manager had good news and bad news. The bad news was the total cost of sorting the car out stood at £1200 !!! and for the final time the warranty company would not change from their wear and tear view.The good news however, was the warranty company were willing to pay just over 70% of the total cost of fixing the car.So, to me the cost of repairing the car is £279.To be honest, £279 is approximately £279 more than I want to pay, however I could have been left with a bill of £1200!Obviously I took them up on the offer and as I type, the parts are on order and the car should be ready in a couple of days.I cannot praise Benfield enough, they instigated the fight for justice !! , kept me informed throughout the week and let me keep the courtesy car (on another note, never buy a petrol Clio, terrible performance and drinks the petrol)I bought the Picasso as a replacement to a Scenic which packed in after 161,000 miles and apart from a handful of coils, it never let me down (apart from the timing belt jumping off after 161,000 miles!) I was hoping for trouble free motoring with the Picasso but it hasn't started off too well!Mick By Stringy  On Tue May 10 2011, 02:58PM
12 2420 Kiwicake
Mon Dec 15 2014, 09:58AM
Grand Picasso 2.0L heater blower not working  Hi all I'm sorry if this has been covered before but we have a major problem with our 2008 grand Pic[more ...] By Socks12  On Sun Dec 14 2014, 12:18PM
1 141 Admin Dave
Sun Dec 14 2014, 12:57PM
Can anyone give their experience of the C4GP 1.8i 16V VTR Plus 5dr  I am thinking of buying one, 2008 reg with 50k on the clock.Wondering what experiences owners have h[more ...] By jeanl  On Sun Dec 14 2014, 10:49AM
1 122 rusky
Sun Dec 14 2014, 11:59AM
Is this a faulty compressor or fault air bags  HiI'm 1day into owning a 2008 grand c4 and got the suspension failure warning on the dash today and [more ...] By Markbebb  On Sat Dec 13 2014, 10:28AM
4 122 Admin Dave
Sat Dec 13 2014, 12:58PM
Cleaning the interior of our diesel engines.  At a recent car show I saw a product called Terraclean which apparently cleans all the processes of [more ...] By johnd44  On Tue Dec 09 2014, 03:18AM
2 214 grinfactor
Tue Dec 09 2014, 09:17AM
Unsure what this part is, hoping for advice?  Hi, I have just been cleaning my c4 picasso 58 reg and noticed that on the drivers side behind the f[more ...] By Phil86  On Sun Nov 30 2014, 07:09AM
1 206 Admin Dave
Sun Nov 30 2014, 09:16AM
2.0HDi EGS gearbox rebuild  Hi guys, does anyone know anywhere that rebuilds the EGS gearboxes in the South Wales area at reason[more ...] By dannyboy0001  On Sat Nov 29 2014, 03:12PM
None 165 -
Windscreen washer  Hi guys,My driver side windscreen washer is spraying straight over the car.I've searched on here [more ...] By cooter  On Fri Nov 21 2014, 06:50AM
4 278 cooter
Thu Nov 27 2014, 12:57PM
Key fob double press to open  Hi guys, The unlocking process has changed on my car somehow. It used to be that I pressed t[more ...] By enola79  On Thu Nov 27 2014, 05:33AM
2 185 enola79
Thu Nov 27 2014, 08:32AM
C4 GP 2011 LED DLR - BSI software fault, is there known update or fix?  HiShort description of the problem:2011 C4GP 2.0HDi Exlusive, bought used from dealer.Found the DLR [more ...] By Harald  On Mon Nov 24 2014, 04:41PM
3 201 Harald
Tue Nov 25 2014, 09:28AM
Looking for a part number  hi folks can anyone tell me what is missing here and if they know a part number By adrian1988  On Sun Nov 23 2014, 07:33AM
3 174 BigJohnD
Sun Nov 23 2014, 01:32PM
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C4 Grand Bonnet  Hi,I have just bought a 2007 C4G 1.6HDi and I am very please with it. However yesterday i pulled the[more ...] By siwilliams  On Tue Feb 22 2011, 07:36AM
13 6178 Mobilemule
Sun Nov 23 2014, 07:49AM
Problems with rear driver side brakes on C4GP.  I have had a problem with the calliper on my C4GP (Bosch type) and due to an oil leak from the brake[more ...] By K8DTG  On Mon Nov 17 2014, 03:48AM
2 238 K8DTG
Mon Nov 17 2014, 06:47AM
Citroen C4 Grand Picasso Pre 2011 models - Bulb failures  HiI have been having this issue of frequent bulb failures with my car - a 2.0 ltr EGS Exclusive mode[more ...] By srinivasan@gmx.net  On Tue Nov 11 2014, 05:51AM
4 352 FrankBullitt
Wed Nov 12 2014, 06:41AM
Grand Picasso Fog light trim  Hi guysim after someone who can tell me if the black fog light surround is the same part for both th[more ...] By viperuk1983  On Tue Nov 11 2014, 11:15AM
2 164 viperuk1983
Tue Nov 11 2014, 02:52PM
Fuel filter  Hi, need to change diesel filter on 2010 1.6HDi GP. Filter on driver side near air filter at the top[more ...] By cam1970  On Tue Nov 11 2014, 04:30AM
None 147 -
C4 Grand Clutch problems  Hi, I have C4 Grand Picasso 1.6 HDi manual gearbox on a 2010 plate and have done 26k miles. Over the[more ...] By Deacon  On Mon Nov 10 2014, 07:18AM
1 210 Admin Dave
Mon Nov 10 2014, 08:01AM
Suspect gearbox whine noise  First of all hi to everybody.I'm a new C4 Grand Picasso owner, have been a ford galaxy owner for 7 y[more ...] By tdipower1  On Thu Nov 06 2014, 02:54PM
6 294 polestarboy
Fri Nov 07 2014, 03:57PM
Heater problem 2007 C4 Grand Picasso  Just driven back from Scotland with heater on full, fan on half BUT heater only appeared to work pro[more ...] By grandad99  On Wed Nov 05 2014, 01:27PM
4 328 Admin Dave
Thu Nov 06 2014, 06:04AM
C4 Grand Picasso Platinum Petrol 1.6L 13 plate - 12v sockets not working  We have a fault with both of our 12v sockets (cigar lighter on console and rear 12v supply port) whi[more ...] By Barney2801  On Mon Sep 29 2014, 04:10AM
2 551 Barney2801
Thu Nov 06 2014, 05:14AM
C4 GP Wiring Colours to Rear Light Cluster for Bypass Relay?  HiI'm just trying to install a canbus bypass for my towbar wiring on a 2007 C4 GP 1.6HDi.The guide I[more ...] By CaptainLeisure  On Mon Nov 03 2014, 09:51AM
None 159 -
C4 Grand Picasso Headlight clip  In trying to change the dipped headlight bulb, I've stupidly managed to drop some sort of holder int[more ...] By kingcarp69  On Sun Nov 02 2014, 03:21PM
1 250 Admin Dave
Mon Nov 03 2014, 02:35AM
C4 Grand Picasso 1.6 Petrol - Engine fault  Hi I am new to the forum and was after some advice on my C4 Grand Picasso. The engine light came on [more ...] By c4mattr  On Wed Oct 29 2014, 10:40AM
2 369 c4mattr
Wed Oct 29 2014, 02:23PM
One front shocker is at an angle?  Hi GuysRecently had a pair a new shocker mounts fitted and was pleased with the annoying rattle/knoc[more ...] By polestarboy  On Sun Oct 26 2014, 09:31AM
4 266 polestarboy
Mon Oct 27 2014, 02:40PM
Running Cable To The Front Of Dash Near Screen in C4 Grand  Hi, I would like to run a USB cable to the area on dash near to front wind screen. I was trying to[more ...] By srinivasan@gmx.net  On Mon Oct 27 2014, 10:20AM
None 177 -
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C4GP brake pad change on 59 plate with auto handbrake  Hi all, my dad's car needs the brake pads changing on his car with auto handbrake. Do I need any sp[more ...] By Tweedbean  On Tue Nov 26 2013, 12:45PM
10 1226 rafiki
Sun Oct 26 2014, 03:29PM
Locking wheel bolts for a C4GP 2008  1 of the pips have fallen out of the locking wheel nuts and now I need to replace, I have looked on [more ...] By K8DTG  On Wed Oct 22 2014, 11:37AM
4 331 YOG
Wed Oct 22 2014, 04:31PM
A simple change the brake pad turns in to a nightmare.  I have noticed the pads were worn out on my C4 GP 2008 1.6 VTR, once the wheels were removed it was [more ...] By K8DTG  On Sun Oct 19 2014, 05:47AM
9 469 BigJohnD
Mon Oct 20 2014, 11:29AM
Interior LED lights  Hi guys Ok I have a 57 plate 1.6 VTR+ GP. I'm thinking about swapping the interior bulbs for LED on[more ...] By tizdaz  On Fri Oct 10 2014, 10:47AM
3 422 tizdaz
Fri Oct 17 2014, 02:21PM
C4 Picasso HDi 2009 - clear plastic pipe near gearbox  Sorry to be a bit vague on this post, but I'll try my best to explain.Had the car serviced yesterday[more ...] By raybush  On Fri Oct 17 2014, 02:07PM
1 200 liquidgold
Fri Oct 17 2014, 02:18PM
Picasso C4 undertray 2009 HDi  I've recently bought a 2009 Picasso HDi and have just had it serviced.I thought the car had an under[more ...] By raybush  On Thu Oct 16 2014, 04:15PM
2 266 Admin Dave
Fri Oct 17 2014, 01:53AM
front wiper blades for 57 plate grand picasso?  Hi guys, as per topic can anyone point me to the correct ones? Im after the bosch ones but not sure [more ...] By tizdaz  On Wed Oct 15 2014, 11:33AM
4 246 BigJohnD
Wed Oct 15 2014, 03:14PM
1.6 hdi 110 turbo actuator.  Hi GuysI've noticed recently that my actuator on the turbo doesn't appear to be in the closed positi[more ...] By polestarboy  On Tue Oct 14 2014, 08:42AM
None 190 -
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