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C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso General questions

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Sticky Thread
C4GP Luggage retention net/dog guard
  I've just fitted the net & i don't know if I'm missing a trick here but trying to extend it I th[more ...] By trev h  On Wed Mar 24 2010, 10:05am
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21 53338 Locteau@gmail.com
Thu Mar 02 2023, 10:45am
Sticky Thread
Where can I buy C4GP Rear Spring parts?
  Hi,I am not sure if I have posted before, so hi!I own a 57 C4 GP Exclusive, today Citroen diagnosed [more ...] By Xile  On Wed Apr 10 2013, 03:01pm
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70 111200 MIM
Tue Apr 30 2019, 08:57am
Sticky Thread
Grand Picasso C4 Recalls
  Just received a letter from my dealer regarding a recall for myC4 Grand Picasso 2.0HDi Egs Exclusive[more ...] By C4 GP Exclusive  On Mon Apr 30 2007, 04:45am
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23 60005 Dave_Retired.
Wed Jul 08 2015, 12:32pm
Closed Sticky Thread
C4 Grand Picasso Headlight Replacement with Xenon?
  Hi there guys,Need some help!! I've recently brought a C4GP (2011) and want to install xenon headlig[more ...] By Rafdan15  On Thu Sep 04 2014, 03:11am
1 18011 Dave_Retired.
Thu Sep 04 2014, 03:26am
Sticky Thread
C4GP and C4P Tyre Pressures
  Many thanks to fabio_sd for finding the information. This covers most if not all of the tyre sizes o[more ...] By diesel_dog  On Wed Oct 14 2009, 04:48pm
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36 73249 TheMingster
Wed May 07 2014, 03:01pm
Sticky Thread
Making a left-hand drive C4 Picasso UK Road Legal
  Hi,I have driven my German C4 Picasso (2007) back to the UK and am about to arrange for it to be MOT[more ...] By Rock  On Fri Feb 28 2014, 02:40pm
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45 69545 Dominik1978
Wed May 07 2014, 08:46am
Sticky Thread
Solved - feed for rear parking sensors
  Having read other threads on fitting aftermarket rear parking sensors and seeing people have fed a w[more ...] By byngo  On Sun Apr 06 2014, 03:23pm
4 17963 byngo
Mon Apr 07 2014, 05:09am
Sticky Thread
Slight hesitant (hiccup) on gentle acceleration. (Resolved)
  Hi to all.C4GP 1.6HDi. 160,000.Purchased this car recently.Yesterday had all filters replaced (oil, [more ...] By Crouchy  On Wed Feb 19 2014, 11:40am
11 25457 Crouchy
Thu Feb 27 2014, 12:50pm
Sticky Thread
C4GP Temperature gauge
  One of the things that has bugged me since buying the GP is for all that money Citroen couldn't run [more ...] By trev h  On Mon Oct 11 2010, 11:17am
14 39534 niks
Thu Aug 23 2012, 10:09pm
Closed Sticky Thread
C4 Picasso Bulb Types
  A list of bulb fittings for the C4 Picasso and C4 Grand Picasso:EXTERIOR LIGHTINGFrontC4 Picasso [more ...] By C4GP VTR+  On Tue Jun 12 2007, 08:23am
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26 62604 pebo
Sun Aug 12 2012, 10:50am
Closed Sticky Thread
Space Saver or Spare Wheel storage C4GP
  I have a C4GP 07 2 ltr diesel VTR+ EGS, which, as we all know has no spare wheel. Not fancying being[more ...] By rob h  On Tue Jul 14 2009, 04:57am
8 29844 Dave_Retired.
Thu Apr 19 2012, 09:56am
Closed Sticky Thread
C4 Picasso Winter Grille Part Numbers
  There are TWO different fittings:If you have the honeycomb grille you need 7429.F5If you have the gr[more ...] By neilos  On Sat Jan 08 2011, 06:12pm
1 19985 Dave_Retired.
Sun Jan 09 2011, 03:05am
 Forum Threads
2013 (old style) Picasso dpf fluid  I'm very confused as to what Picasso I have. Build date of Mar 28, 2013. But is it a 2013 or 2012?[more ...] By mikeschwed@gmail.com  On Fri Nov 24 2023, 12:33pm
2 87 BigJohnD
Tue Nov 28 2023, 09:50am
Engine Particulate filter fluid low  Hi, just came back from a 300 mile trip and this warning light came on telling my DPF fluid was low.[more ...] By healeddoughnut  On Mon Oct 30 2023, 10:35am
2 291 vexorg
Fri Nov 03 2023, 02:37am
C4 Grand Picasso 2016 Electric boot strut.  I own a C4 Grand Picasso 2016.In October I could not open my boot and could see something jammed in [more ...] By Rick75  On Sat Jan 28 2023, 12:48pm
1 2115 TwilightZone
Tue Oct 10 2023, 02:49am
2013 C4 Picasso Platinum Edition front side lights  Handbook calls them 'Front side lights'They are small bulbs above headlights.When do they illuminate[more ...] By davebc4  On Sun Oct 08 2023, 02:55pm
2 475 routemaster1
Mon Oct 09 2023, 02:22am
C4 grand picasso 2015 1.6 hdi  Hi all, I am going to replace the timing bet and water pump does anyone know the answer to a few que[more ...] By Mark1981  On Mon Oct 02 2023, 07:45am
None 440 -
C4 Picasso 2012 with BMP6 box intermittent problem selecting Forward or Reverse after starting.  Hi,My Picasso has started a gear selection problem with the automatic BMP6 box.I start the engine th[more ...] By Squeezy  On Thu Aug 31 2023, 08:54am
3 734 Ap0qalypto
Tue Sep 26 2023, 01:49pm
Installing car Radio Android 1 din question  Hello everyone,sorry for my english i use a translatorHere I have a c4 Picasso from 2009 110hdi with[more ...] By frenchguy  On Wed Sep 13 2023, 06:45am
None 600 -
UK Road Tax Question  What are others paying to tax their UK Citroen Picasso? My 1.6 120bhp VTR was £290, I'm surprised be[more ...] By spacebiscuit  On Tue Sep 12 2023, 09:48am
3 661 vexorg
Tue Sep 12 2023, 02:16pm
Oil For....  Is 5w30 fully synthetic the correct oil for a 2010 1.6 VTI Picasso (120).Is there anything else I sh[more ...] By spacebiscuit  On Wed Sep 06 2023, 03:10am
None 644 -
Picasso and Coupe Seats / Insurance  I'm currently the owner of a C4 Coupe Hdi which I can no longer drive in the ULEZ zone. I am conside[more ...] By spacebiscuit  On Tue Aug 29 2023, 11:29am
1 712 skorpion
Tue Aug 29 2023, 02:57pm
TPMS sensor repair  TPMS light flashes up every now and again.The left rear tyre pressure monitor sensor has a flat batt[more ...] By bimmer49  On Tue Aug 01 2023, 06:37am
3 1038 138cvjohn
Wed Aug 02 2023, 09:05pm
Heater blower inop  Front blower been intermittent and now inop.Book doesnt list a fuse for it (it does the rear blower)[more ...] By bimmer49  On Fri Jul 28 2023, 09:45am
1 953 bimmer49
Tue Aug 01 2023, 05:46am
Diesel Particulate filter  Would somebody be kind enough to send me an image of the diesel particulate filter and manufacturers[more ...] By Picasso_Fan  On Thu Jul 13 2023, 08:07am
None 991 -
C4 Picasso 2007 Flexi advice needed  Hello, does anyone know the best way to replace the exhaust flexi on a 2007 c4 Picasso 1.8i. do I ha[more ...] By Trebor205  On Mon Jun 26 2023, 09:08am
1 1161 Trebor205
Sun Jul 09 2023, 04:32pm
Oil type for Grand C4 Picasso HDi 138  Hi all, hope you are well. I've had a search on the forum and checked the Sticky messages but I can'[more ...] By Dan_Sykes  On Sun Jul 02 2023, 03:45pm
1 1082 Ap0qalypto
Sun Jul 02 2023, 11:36pm
Please Help - Grand C4 Picasso C4 Panoramic Sunroof Wont Open  please can someone help, we have a Picasso Grand C4 2013 - it has a panoramic sunroof that slides op[more ...] By Kam088  On Sun Jan 20 2019, 03:42pm
3 7116 Jonathan47
Sun Jul 02 2023, 07:07am
Updating Citroen C4 Grand Picasso Pre 2013 Map Database  Hi,TL;DR = To Long ; Didn't ReadTL;DR "Maps Updates Tutorial"This is how to update your Citroen C4 M[more ...] By Null07  On Fri Sep 02 2022, 05:18pm
1 3701 Null07
Sat Jun 10 2023, 10:09am
Heating not working 2012 c4 grand Picasso 1.6 diesel  Hi was wondering if someone could advise, I have only the smallest amount of of hot air blowing, fee[more ...] By bbfn2001  On Mon May 15 2023, 09:45am
2 1423 Farmerguy
Mon May 15 2023, 03:12pm
Radio and Auxiliary  Hi I was wondering if you could help me I have a radio in a Citroen C4 grand picasso executive 2.0 [more ...] By Madmax439  On Sun Apr 30 2023, 06:19am
3 1566 Ap0qalypto
Mon May 01 2023, 12:16am
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Help with code p2128 C4 GP 1.6 diesel 2012  Was wondering if someone could help, a few days ago my rocker cover gasket was replaced, I drove the[more ...] By bbfn2001  On Sat Apr 22 2023, 01:19pm
14 2029 Farmerguy
Thu Apr 27 2023, 02:50pm
Heater matrix replacement 2012 grand Picasso 1.6 diesel  Hi, could someone tell me if the entire dash has to come out to replace the heater matrix on a 2012 [more ...] By bbfn2001  On Wed Apr 26 2023, 07:26am
None 1555 -
No New Posts on Popular Thread
C4GP row 3 seat removal?  Hi allFirst post so be nice :o)A little while ago we got ourselves a C4GP, mainly for the incredible[more ...] By idalreadyinuse  On Thu Aug 11 2011, 03:51am
10 18194 depdh_10
Mon Mar 27 2023, 06:44am
Buying and Fitting a replacement stereo  Hi ForumThe CD player in my VTR+ ESTATE 1.6 HDI MANUAL 5dr has stopped working (which I can live wit[more ...] By hastings-c4grand  On Sun Mar 26 2023, 08:42am
2 1794 hastings-c4grand
Mon Mar 27 2023, 04:37am
2011 C4 GP A-post trim replacement  Hi all, newbie member here, but long time Citroen owner - even learnt to drive in my dad's BX16 many[more ...] By wedgepilot  On Sun May 15 2022, 10:34am
2 5078 wedgepilot
Sat Mar 18 2023, 04:28am
C4 GP now sold after owning for almost 12yrs  Sold our C4 GP today, which we've owned for almost 12yrsBeen a fantastic family car in all that time[more ...] By tomandjo2  On Sun Mar 12 2023, 02:11pm
None 1812 -
max tyre size_  Hello, I have a c4GP 2012 1.6HDI, present tyres 225 x 45 R17. Will I be able to change them for 215[more ...] By 2000HF  On Mon Feb 27 2023, 11:41am
7 2115 wozza
Mon Mar 06 2023, 04:53am
I can't see the gear indicator in type 2, 12 inch screen  I am a new owner of citroen c4 picasso intensive 2014 and i can't find the way to appear the gear in[more ...] By piliad  On Tue Feb 28 2023, 02:07pm
1 1869 BurnleyMik
Fri Mar 03 2023, 03:18pm
Drivers electric window switch  Hi guys.Just got a new to me 2013 grand picasso.My drivers electric window switch is t working prope[more ...] By Irishwizard  On Wed Mar 01 2023, 03:16am
None 1796 -
Mystery switch?  Hi,While putting my satnav in my 2010 Grand Picasso Exclusive+ i found this rocker switch under the [more ...] By GALLOWAY2019  On Thu Feb 23 2023, 03:18pm
3 2019 tomandjo2
Fri Feb 24 2023, 01:52pm
Airbox electrical connector  Hi everyoneIn my search for the elusive rear coolant bleed valve I am trying to seperate the electri[more ...] By LemonTete  On Tue Feb 14 2023, 03:36am
None 1976 -
Front Wheel Sensor Bolt  Hi allLong shot here but does anyone know they correct bolt needed for front wheel speed sensor on c[more ...] By dooves11  On Wed Feb 08 2023, 08:52am
2 2053 vexorg
Sun Feb 12 2023, 03:02pm
TPMS sensors  I'm due for some new front tyres before test in March.I have the "tyre pressures not monitored" warn[more ...] By bimmer49  On Tue Jan 31 2023, 11:35am
2 2176 bimmer49
Thu Feb 02 2023, 11:07am
Citroen Technical Service Bulletin  Hi,Does anyone know a way to get hold of Citroen TSBs?Specifically, I have a Grand C4 Picasso (65) w[more ...] By seefourpio  On Tue Aug 30 2022, 09:04am
9 4136 seefourpio
Mon Jan 30 2023, 06:18pm
3 fault codes that i am not sure about, please help.  2010 Grand Picasso 1.6HDI 74000 MILES.It just conked out going up a hill, restarted and it went 100y[more ...] By Blader1611  On Thu Jan 19 2023, 03:33am
6 2366 Farmerguy
Fri Jan 27 2023, 05:28pm
Automatic Gearbox Faulty  I recently noticed on a C4 1.6THP with automatic ESG transmission that when I start from a standstil[more ...] By krle59  On Fri Jan 27 2023, 11:40am
1 2147 Ap0qalypto
Fri Jan 27 2023, 12:15pm
C4 GP 2011 7 seater - front cigar lighter replacement  Hi All,I wonder if someone could give me some information/pointers on how to remove the front cigar [more ...] By PNABSKI  On Sun Jan 22 2023, 07:25am
1 2163 Ap0qalypto
Sun Jan 22 2023, 08:29am
Fault codes  Hi Just bought a C4 Grand Picasso 1.6 Diesel and it has 4 fault codespre heating relay circuit relay[more ...] By nickdavies89  On Wed Jan 18 2023, 10:58am
6 2395 Farmerguy
Sun Jan 22 2023, 03:34am
Oil standard  Hi to all I have citroen c4 spaceturer 165hp 1.6thpThis oil is fit? There is no psa standard on it.I[more ...] By Netanel1014  On Sat Jan 14 2023, 11:40pm
3 2254 Ap0qalypto
Tue Jan 17 2023, 11:44pm
How do i get to Eolys tank  Grand picasso 1.6HDiI am pretty sure my Eloys bag is leaking as i have found a puddle of sticky red/[more ...] By Blader1611  On Thu Jan 12 2023, 01:03pm
3 2371 Farmerguy
Fri Jan 13 2023, 12:16pm
Grand picasso on 2010..... Engine mounts. How many? Engine shakes in neutral  Hi does anyone know how many engine mounts they use. I have had it plugged in. No issues with igniti[more ...] By Benb1978  On Sat Jan 07 2023, 05:40am
1 2309 Ap0qalypto
Sat Jan 07 2023, 06:43am
Chassis to subframe strut, part number  Hi, I noticed today that on driver's side of my Citroen I have a chassis to subframe strut but not o[more ...] By robcollins  On Tue Jan 03 2023, 08:41am
1 2298 robcollins
Tue Jan 03 2023, 08:42am
Replace interior rear view mirror (GC4P) 2012  Hi, I want to replace the windshield rear view mirror. I have removed the plastic cover, but can't f[more ...] By kaninompc4  On Mon Jan 02 2023, 12:11pm
None 2242 -
ESP / ASR Faulty warning - Grand C4 Picasso 2010  HelloLooking for some help with our Grand C4 Picasso vtr+ (2010), hopefully!! Video here: - Click H[more ...] By woolhouse  On Thu Dec 22 2022, 04:52am
3 2485 Ap0qalypto
Thu Dec 22 2022, 08:15pm
How to find the code for engine fault light that has come on?  I have a 2010 Citroen Grand Picasso 1.6HDI. The engine fault light has come on but shows no further [more ...] By Blader1611  On Wed Dec 14 2022, 08:21am
9 2789 tomandjo2
Tue Dec 20 2022, 03:15pm
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How can I remove door handle?  HiI have a Picasso C4 but a would bet the other C4s are the same.I am trying to remove the front doo[more ...] By lordpercy  On Sat Dec 22 2007, 09:05pm
14 23036 c4infrance
Mon Nov 28 2022, 08:16am
Citroen C4 Picasso 2017 Android Auto / Apple Carplay problem  Hi everyone.I bought a Citroen C4 Picasso 2017 3 days ago and I'm loving it. However, I can not for [more ...] By GummiSnorri  On Wed Nov 23 2022, 02:54pm
None 2598 -
Urgent help needed for wifes car  Hi, sorry in advance, in a massive picle, the wifes aux belt on c4 grand picasso 2.0 bluehdi 150 sn[more ...] By Ellazak  On Tue Nov 22 2022, 09:22am
1 2643 vexorg
Wed Nov 23 2022, 04:22am
Faulty gearbox warning + car lunges going into 2nd & 3rd gears  Hi folks. I have a 2012 C4 GP with 6 gear EGS. Last 2 or 3 weeks when starting up and driving off, t[more ...] By Danny52006  On Sun Nov 20 2022, 06:24am
2 2695 Ap0qalypto
Mon Nov 21 2022, 11:17am
How do I look-up my correct engine code?  How do I look-up my correct engine code?I have a diesel C4 Picasso on a '59 plate. From reading thi[more ...] By rocknrollmouse  On Sun Nov 20 2022, 07:25am
2 2733 routemaster1
Mon Nov 21 2022, 02:21am
Exterior mirror courtesy lamp renewal  How do you get this lamp out to replace it?Prize it out or remove the mirror glass? By bimmer49  On Tue Nov 15 2022, 12:30pm
None 2610 -
C4 error P1A9C  Hi,I have this error P1A9C in my 2013 Citroen C4 Seduction ehdi i have changed the Stop start capaci[more ...] By Mel4  On Tue Nov 08 2022, 06:10am
5 3406 Mel4
Tue Nov 15 2022, 02:59am
2014 C4 Picasso Steering Wheel Controls  Hi, I've got a 2014 C4 Picasso 1.6 Diesel and in the last few days all the controls on the steering [more ...] By FattMarrow  On Mon Sep 12 2022, 02:33pm
2 3463 tomandjo2
Fri Oct 28 2022, 12:43pm
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Help identifying part/item  Hello, looking for help identifying item/part. I have a C4GP 1.6 petrol on a 09 plate. Around 2/3 mi[more ...] By fifethebay  On Wed Mar 27 2013, 10:28am
14 5960 Keith
Tue Oct 25 2022, 01:49pm
All warning light come on when ignition starts  My 2013 C4 Picasso has suddenly developed a problem where ALL the warning messages seem to come one [more ...] By scaryxpuppy  On Sat Oct 01 2022, 03:53pm
2 3116 scaryxpuppy
Sun Oct 02 2022, 04:29am
Steering wheel removal C4P  Hello!Good to be here, I think I'm getting google fatigue from searching for this issue, so I'm hopi[more ...] By kronosone  On Fri Sep 30 2022, 08:26am
None 3018 -
ECU testing  Can anyone recommend a company that can test and repairs ecus for the c4 grand Picasso? I have a fla[more ...] By Bakedbybake  On Fri Sep 16 2022, 04:28pm
1 3313 rusky
Sat Sep 17 2022, 03:06am
HAND BRAKE FAIL.... Help please???  So I swapped my 07 diesel C4GP for a petrol 07 model to comply with UlezIt's completely died on me t[more ...] By Nickyc53  On Sat Jul 23 2022, 05:50am
5 4252 vexorg
Fri Sep 16 2022, 06:14am
Citroen grand C4 Picasso MK2 2013 front parking sensors  Hi there, I'm looking for front parking sensors for C4 grand picasso 2013.Anyone knows where I can b[more ...] By curioso  On Thu Sep 15 2022, 05:41am
None 3272 -
No heaters blowing. C4 Grand Picasso 2010. Resistor pack changed. still fault ???  Hi all. My wife's car!Dash switches for fans work light up. 1 to 4.Had the motor out from under stee[more ...] By Benb1978  On Fri Aug 12 2022, 11:21am
6 4301 Benb1978
Wed Aug 24 2022, 02:05pm
Anyone know the exact loacation of the HEATER FAN RELAY ??? please  Fan heater motor still problem. Its not the resistor. Motor spins wired directly to battery. Getting[more ...] By Benb1978  On Wed Aug 24 2022, 10:02am
None 3515 -
What size torx for changing rear brakes on 58 plate?  As above, cant seem to find an answer to this and all the videos I've watched seem to say different[more ...] By brakeq  On Fri Aug 19 2022, 06:07am
8 3822 Farmerguy
Sat Aug 20 2022, 04:18pm
Limp mode gear change tip  Recently had an occasional issue with car going into limp mode (manual gears only 1 to 3)No error me[more ...] By tomandjo2  On Mon Jul 18 2022, 03:11am
1 4211 bimmer49
Sat Aug 20 2022, 09:59am
Error code P0272 after alternator replaced by Citroën  Three weeks ago multiple warning lights came on my dash ("don't drive", "service car"). I took it to[more ...] By leoc  On Wed Aug 03 2022, 02:58am
None 4000 -
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