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C4 Coupe and Hatch (pre 2011) Problems?

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Announcement Thread
C4 Engine Common Ignition Problems, Erratic Idling etc. - Read before posting
  Typical faults that may occur can include: (Petrol Versions)Poor idling - Some causes of poor idling[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Wed Nov 16 2011, 11:25AM
None 19892 -
Sticky Thread
C4 HDi Anti Pollution (or Depollution) Error - Problem Solved
  Car: 1.6Hdi, 110.Symptoms: Get anywhere near 2500-3000rpm when cold (i.e. within 4 miles from a cold[more ...] By UncleZen  On Wed Jun 23 2010, 01:54PM
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55 71226 Web Admin Only
Mon Dec 14 2015, 08:45AM
Sticky Thread
Height adjustable seat mechanism SORTED
  Youngest's 2007 VTR+ 1.6 petrol driver's seat height adjuster not working. Really hard finding a di[more ...] By scimitargtc  On Sun May 10 2015, 08:00AM
None 3319 -
Sticky Thread
1.6HDi EGS Shudder (Solved)
  Bit of background - I bought my C4 1.6HDi EGS VTR+ 110hp '57 almost a year ago. I like fiddling with[more ...] By nitropixie  On Wed Dec 03 2014, 04:53PM
8 6535 nitropixie
Sun Mar 29 2015, 08:43AM
Sticky Thread
C4 Coupe (or Hatch) Rear Wiper not working or rear brake light or tailgate lock faulty.
  Hi Guys,Noticed a few days ago that my rear wiper arm on my C4 Coupe is not working. Its stuck in th[more ...] By smurf  On Tue Aug 12 2008, 07:26AM
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93 100046 DeuxChevaux
Fri Jan 23 2015, 03:50AM
Sticky Thread
C4 1.6HDi Turbo / Exhaust Heat Shield 'fatigue'
   It's a well known minor problem on early 1.6 HDi engines whereby the locating 'lugs' on the engine [more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Wed Feb 18 2009, 10:26AM
14 20964 HDIrollin
Sun Oct 06 2013, 01:34AM
Sticky Thread
Erratic C4 Cruise Control/Speedo
  I had an MOT done the other day, checked a few things over.Since I got it back the cruise control is[more ...] By nigpay1  On Thu Nov 10 2011, 06:19AM
5 12481 Web Admin Only
Fri Aug 09 2013, 07:52AM
Sticky Thread
C4 Xenon Directional headlamp faulty - how to access
  I have a weird fault on my car, the left hand xenon headlamp is pointing fully right i.e. not centre[more ...] By terry  On Sat Mar 20 2010, 09:15AM
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18 27862 CaptainSlower
Wed Mar 27 2013, 03:58PM
Closed Sticky Thread
Engine Runaway and Massively Excessive Exhaust Smoke Emission!
  HiMy 2005 2.0 HDI (85k) VTR has been having a couple of problems lately.A few weeks ago the engine m[more ...] By Nismoair  On Fri Feb 08 2013, 01:43PM
9 9052 Web Admin Only
Thu Mar 07 2013, 01:37AM
Sticky Thread
2.0 HDi VTS Turbo/Stuttering when cold
  Morning,I'm new here. I bought a 2.0 HDi VTS Coupe yesterday. I have tried searching and i've not co[more ...] By bengildea  On Sun Mar 04 2012, 03:47AM
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20 25927 CamM
Fri Mar 09 2012, 10:09PM
Sticky Thread
2006 C4 - 1.4 Petrol Cylinder Head Gasket
  I checked the coolant level two days ago and noticed that it was above the MAX level. So I took the [more ...] By xinam  On Sat Mar 03 2012, 04:59AM
1 10371 Web Admin Only
Sat Mar 03 2012, 05:04AM
Sticky Thread
C4 Tyre Valve snapped off!
  Hi allI needed to put some air in my front tyre yesterday, the tyre is only a few months old but loo[more ...] By rich210uk  On Sun Apr 18 2010, 11:30AM
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66 76432 Web Admin Only
Sun Nov 06 2011, 08:52AM
Sticky Thread
C4 Leaking Radiator
  25th September 2008 The 'Low Coolant Level' warning came on again in my car (it first happened Novem[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Tue Sep 30 2008, 02:35AM
12 22440 gmerry
Tue Aug 09 2011, 05:36PM
Closed Sticky Thread
C4 Coupe and Hatch Starting Problems - Help Guides
  We are starting to see more requests for help on starting problems on various cars, mainly due to th[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Thu May 26 2011, 08:09AM
None 13112 -
Closed Sticky Thread
Turbo Wailing
  GreetingsWe are a Diesel Turbo Specialist workshop in South Africa.The Citroen C4 1.6 HDi turbo has [more ...] By Turboformance  On Tue Aug 31 2010, 03:15AM
7 13441 Web Admin Only
Sat May 21 2011, 01:13AM
Sticky Thread
Anti-Pollution problems (6 months old C4 Picasso 1.6HDi) [Resolved as failed Particulate filter]
  Just thought i would post this to see if anyone else with one of the new Citroen C4 Piccasso diesels[more ...] By globetrotter  On Mon Mar 08 2010, 11:40AM
3 21073 Web Admin Only
Tue Mar 23 2010, 02:23AM
Sticky Thread
C4 Service Indicator Spanner Logo reset
  Hi, I know there is a guide as to how the service indicator is reset, but I can't find it in either [more ...] By Northern Bloke  On Sun Jul 05 2009, 01:18PM
1 20849 Web Admin Only
Sun Jul 05 2009, 01:22PM
 Forum Threads
Engine Light came on and car started shuttering when idle  Hello, I have a C4 Coupe 1.6i 109hp on Petrol, the car runs really well, but a few hours ago I've st[more ...] By Thade2k  On Fri Oct 21 2016, 07:28PM
None 23 -
washer jets limp  help needed, are there any known faults with the front washer jets? they used to work fine but now I[more ...] By joehfax  On Fri Oct 21 2016, 06:37AM
None 41 -
Rear parking sensors  I have a C4 VTS 180. The sensors do not work. They do not beep to say they're on when I select rever[more ...] By dandext88  On Wed Oct 19 2016, 08:08AM
3 92 dandext88
Thu Oct 20 2016, 04:53PM
Does my radiator look like it needs to be replaced?  Citroen C4 1st gen, 1.4 petrol hereThere has been some rust on the bottom of my radiator (please ref[more ...] By schweppes  On Thu Oct 20 2016, 04:15PM
None 50 -
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Fuel sender problem - showing empty  Hi all ive been reading for a while now and the brake light switch has cured my previous problems. T[more ...] By ryancitroen  On Sat Oct 08 2016, 02:33AM
11 232 ryancitroen
Mon Oct 17 2016, 05:05AM
55 plate C4 5 door rear door not opening  Hi guys. As per subject line I am having issues with the rear driver's door on my 55 plate C4. I hav[more ...] By Veiledhorizon  On Sun Oct 16 2016, 09:18AM
None 68 -
Problem with locks/cannot open door  Hey all, I have done my searching and can't find anything exactly like what I'm experiencing but if [more ...] By theSWAN  On Sat Oct 15 2016, 06:55AM
1 91 Grumpy GrandPa
Sat Oct 15 2016, 03:11PM
Right window lifter , right mirror mover and outside temperature sensor not working  Hello friends,I have strange issue with my car. Occasionally right window, mirror and outside sensor[more ...] By LaserDevice  On Tue Oct 11 2016, 06:16PM
None 89 -
Run out of fuel, filled up at Tesco, now have Antipollution fault and cutting engine.  After reading THIS topic, I am a little nervous about what to expect with my car.06 plate, C4 1.6HDi[more ...] By Mortimer  On Mon Oct 10 2016, 07:49AM
3 140 wilcovh
Mon Oct 10 2016, 01:36PM
Starter Motor Noises  After the problems i had this weekend, i know have a scretching noise from the starter motor once th[more ...] By Sonny  On Mon Dec 14 2009, 02:27PM
3 1552 Etranger
Mon Oct 10 2016, 10:00AM
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Oil leak on C4 [pics]  Hi all,Yesterday i discovered an oil leak (quite common on c4's i guess). Any ideas what can be done[more ...] By ciaffez  On Sun Jul 11 2010, 10:42AM
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15 5009 silmarx
Sun Oct 09 2016, 04:38AM
No New Posts on Popular Thread
C4 cold start  Helloo everybody I have a problem with cold start and white smoke - Click Here - It's the same a[more ...] By jankec  On Sun Oct 11 2015, 03:09PM
11 1796 Svezapet
Tue Oct 04 2016, 08:20AM
2005 Citroen C4 under bonnet fuse box help.  Hello everyone. I have posted about my C4 not starting before, my friend bypassed the relay in the u[more ...] By marmitemania  On Fri Sep 30 2016, 02:38PM
1 198 marmitemania
Mon Oct 03 2016, 03:46PM
2005 1.6 HDI Hatch 90ps - Heater blower not wokring at all, end of my tether  After reading lots of post relating to the heater blower i am stumped at mine,Over the course of a f[more ...] By modjo30  On Mon Oct 03 2016, 01:06PM
None 142 -
C4 2.0HDi VTS starting issue  Hi all.As per my previous threads I still get the depolution fault, only when I hit 3k revs in 3rd g[more ...] By Nicholas221078  On Sun Oct 02 2016, 03:54AM
2 201 Nicholas221078
Mon Oct 03 2016, 05:37AM
Electric Window problem - driver's side  Hi All,have just joined the site after a bit of browsing in connection with the above. There have be[more ...] By mikew62  On Sat Feb 12 2011, 02:05PM
9 9866 Hilarygee@me.com
Mon Oct 03 2016, 04:44AM
Anti pollution fault but car drives fine.. P0100 and P0234 errors  Good evening, wondering if anyone can help with this problem. I have C4 1.6 hdi '07 that I purchase[more ...] By Sylvester88  On Wed Sep 21 2016, 02:06PM
1 223 rusky
Wed Sep 21 2016, 03:41PM
Low oil pressure warning light  Hi all. Not sure if I've done this right, sorry if it's wrong. I have a Citroen C4 1.4 petrol 2006 a[more ...] By Tinymartin  On Tue Sep 06 2016, 12:02PM
2 293 rusky
Wed Sep 21 2016, 12:28PM
C4 1.6 petrol non starter  HelloGot a Citroen C4 1.6 5 door hatchback petrol 56 reg (2007).The car doesn't start, turns over bu[more ...] By Shakeeb1  On Mon May 30 2016, 07:52PM
3 776 utzelu
Wed Sep 21 2016, 06:38AM
Knock, knock  HiI'm getting a distinct knocking sound from the rear suspension on my 57 plate C4 SX 1.6 hatch. It'[more ...] By Etranger  On Fri Sep 09 2016, 06:26AM
5 376 Honest
Mon Sep 19 2016, 01:21PM
Car cranks but won't start up  Hello,My first post in this forum. I tried on many other places but can't get good answer on my prob[more ...] By Eng.Hristov  On Wed Aug 31 2016, 02:00AM
2 334 Eng.Hristov
Mon Sep 19 2016, 03:31AM
Not starting, Economy mode active  My VTS 180 (2005) is turning over, but but refuses to start. The screen message is Economy mode acti[more ...] By FakeConcern  On Thu Jun 09 2016, 02:17PM
8 961 BigJohnD
Thu Sep 15 2016, 04:26PM
C4 Picasso 1.6Hdi - Intermittent issues with Error Codes 098F, U1108 and U1308  HelloI have a 5 seat Citroen C4 Picasso, 1.6HDi, Manual, on a 58 plate with 47K miles. I bought it 4[more ...] By blaxor  On Thu Sep 15 2016, 02:38PM
None 205 -
Is this an engine leak or?  I own an '05 C4 1.4 petrol SX. When I bought it, it had an "oil leak" on the MOT advisories but was [more ...] By Borklazer  On Wed Sep 14 2016, 07:56PM
2 255 Borklazer
Thu Sep 15 2016, 06:50AM
C4 Coupe 1.6 2005 Tailgate rubber buffer ??  Hi and thank you for a great forum !!I try to located some small parts that are missing on my newly [more ...] By laslarse  On Sun Sep 11 2016, 09:36AM
2 253 laslarse
Sun Sep 11 2016, 01:42PM
Accelerator Pedal not working - 2006 VTS HDi  I did try searching for this but didn't come up with anything...This has happened twice now, both ti[more ...] By gbolton2008  On Tue Sep 06 2016, 01:07PM
2 280 gbolton2008
Tue Sep 06 2016, 03:03PM
C4 2,0 2005 cranks but won´t start  Hello I just got a C4 from my brother in law, because it just won´t start.It cranks but does not fir[more ...] By mickemelin  On Sat Sep 03 2016, 11:41AM
None 256 -
Coolant Level Sensor  The coolant level sensor is allowing coolant to leak out of the tank because the rubber seal has ero[more ...] By laffs83  On Thu Sep 01 2016, 02:13PM
3 318 laffs83
Sat Sep 03 2016, 10:18AM
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Whining/Humming noise still present after bearing change. Help please!!  Hi guys, I had my front wheel bearings changed this weekend (backs were done a few months back) as t[more ...] By mike_b  On Tue Mar 27 2012, 04:24AM
14 3211 Etranger
Fri Sep 02 2016, 06:01AM
Issues with C4 Coupe - reboot of car helps  2006 C4 Coupe 1.4 Petrol ~16000 kmOh boy. Bought the car while living in CZ (not speaking any CZ) an[more ...] By czjtc4  On Tue Jul 12 2016, 10:23AM
7 787 czjtc4
Tue Aug 30 2016, 02:53AM
Problems after service.  I recently did the 12k service on my C4 1.6 HDI. However, I did not re-fill the fuel filter with die[more ...] By BradFor13  On Sat Aug 27 2016, 03:48PM
5 386 BradFor13
Sun Aug 28 2016, 09:51AM
C4 Hatch 2010 VTR+ - driver's seat frame broken - differences?  Hi,I have after face-lift model of C4 hatchback in VTR+ trim and the seat is rocking backwards and f[more ...] By jakub  On Wed Aug 24 2016, 03:22PM
None 307 -
Cambelt issue, (maybe)  I'm getting a rattling like bearings from the left hand side of the engine. On the side towards the [more ...] By Chibs  On Tue Aug 23 2016, 08:15AM
None 314 -
Steering wheel control/button set replacement (pictures!)  Hi, I had an issue with the "mode" and "ok" buttons on the steering controls randomly swapping funct[more ...] By fulabeer  On Sat Aug 20 2016, 08:51AM
6 445 BigJohnD
Sat Aug 20 2016, 05:23PM
Rear lights problem  Hi all, just joined this forum from Australia, so please forgive any newbie mistakes…I’ve owned my 2006 Citroen C4, 5-speed manual hatch for about 3 years. All the bells and whistles and the 2-litre motor. Beautiful car except for the windscreen seal, the plastic engine bits and the endless minor electrical issues. I’ve solved most of these, some with the help of the public posts on this site (thanks!), but I’m now stumped: The right-hand combined brake light / tail light globe is constantly dim (no flicker) (about 50%). Both filaments. My digital VM gives 12.2 volts, unloaded and 12.1 loaded. All other rear lamps are bright. Bright light voltage 12.3, battery voltage 12.4. The earth return shows no resistance and other lamps using it work fine. A globe inserted back down the cable at the final plug remains dim. I’m assuming the problem is somewhere in the loom or junctions? I couldn’t find a thread on this problem, but then I didn’t look at every one… By Polygon  On Tue Aug 16 2016, 11:03PM
None 343 -
Droning On  Hi.Go easy, I'm new around these parts. But these forums have been really helpful for me as a new C4[more ...] By Etranger  On Sat Aug 13 2016, 04:19PM
1 390 neilp
Sat Aug 13 2016, 05:05PM
1.6hdi 92bhp Knocking/Clanking only on revs.  Hey Guys, I have a 2006 1.6hdi 92bhp which has always made a clanking/knocking noise under accelerat[more ...] By woodgatemarcus  On Fri Aug 12 2016, 12:37PM
None 391 -
Is the headlight level adjuster button supposed to light up?  In my previous cars fitted with a headlight adjuster wheel/button, it illuminated (back lit) at nigh[more ...] By fulabeer  On Tue Aug 09 2016, 06:48PM
4 446 fulabeer
Thu Aug 11 2016, 01:01PM
55 plate C4 Standard Radio Backlight always on?  Just bought a 55 plate C4, really happy, just had a question. The radio backlight seems to be const[more ...] By RobjD  On Tue Aug 09 2016, 07:46AM
5 412 Dimuha1989
Wed Aug 10 2016, 11:12AM
Location of the Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensor  Today I was about to replace my Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensor on my C4 1.6 Hdi from 2007 (DV6TED4), bu[more ...] By spacemoose  On Mon Sep 03 2012, 11:56AM
8 3250 ourbabyboo
Wed Aug 10 2016, 05:22AM
Air Filter (2005 1.6 HDI)  Has anyone tried moving the air filter on an HDI engine to the front right behind the headlight wher[more ...] By Mazdak  On Wed Aug 10 2016, 05:11AM
None 347 -
C4 Coupe Rear parking sensor fault.  I have a 56 plate C4 Coupe VTR+ 1.6 HDi. OEM paking system.When selecting reverse, the car picture d[more ...] By fulabeer  On Mon Aug 01 2016, 05:18PM
3 479 fulabeer
Wed Aug 10 2016, 03:40AM
Anti theft  HI, I have a 55 plate c4, the cruise control button on the steering wheel was intermittent, so when[more ...] By Tomhughes30383  On Fri Aug 05 2016, 09:02AM
3 444 KenC
Mon Aug 08 2016, 11:31AM
1.6HDi Rough Idle When Cold  My 1.6HDi has been running really rough on idle when cold, once warmed up there's no problem but I'm[more ...] By bencordy  On Wed Jul 20 2016, 06:07AM
2 570 DevonR22
Mon Aug 08 2016, 04:18AM
57 Plate C4 VTR+ 1.6 HDi EGS - Total loss of drive  Using the car at the weekend and I experienced hesitancy under power almost as if I was moving my fo[more ...] By judge  On Thu Jul 28 2016, 02:56AM
3 536 BigJohnD
Mon Aug 01 2016, 02:59PM
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P0409 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Sensor "A" Circuit fault C4 VTR+ 1.6HDi  Greetings, I have just brought my 1.6HDi VTR+ (110hp), with no faults until I got home, Depollution [more ...] By londoner23  On Sat Aug 10 2013, 10:58AM
10 3254 KenC
Mon Aug 01 2016, 07:23AM
Low speed fan - C4 1.6HDi 2007  Hi there,I'm seeking some help with my Citroen C4 1.6HDiSince I aquired the car in January of this y[more ...] By RageRiot  On Sun Jul 24 2016, 08:21AM
6 598 RageRiot
Sat Jul 30 2016, 12:37PM
2006 Citroen C4 VTS  Good afternoon everyone, new memeber here!Just picked up my first ever car, a Citroen C4 VTS, got it[more ...] By lukeknight1996  On Thu Jul 28 2016, 06:36AM
1 483 wozza
Thu Jul 28 2016, 03:16PM
Squealing noise and four very hot brake disks.  Hello,Initially, when driving off, my 56 plate 1.6 VTR+, 50k miles C4, drives fine. But after 1-2 mi[more ...] By Edihans  On Sun Jul 10 2016, 06:13AM
5 650 BigJohnD
Wed Jul 27 2016, 02:12PM
C4 1.6 automatic - Lack of engine power at low rev - idle  HiI have a C4 1.6 ( 110 bhp ) with AL4 automatic gearbox . It looks like in idle there is a lack of [more ...] By CitroenZX  On Mon Jul 25 2016, 11:15PM
None 437 -
C4, 1.4l, 65kw high vibration when start cold engine  Hello,I have C4, 1,4l petrol, 65kw. Starting a cold engine, it is strongly vibrates, moves. I upload[more ...] By D4L1U5  On Mon May 30 2016, 11:42AM
9 995 D4L1U5
Sun Jul 24 2016, 04:39AM
C4 Coupe HiD & Ballast  Remarkably simple to fit a HiD bulb or ballast on the Coupe, 10 mins at most. No need to remove bump[more ...] By Redfive05  On Sat Jul 23 2016, 11:58AM
1 463 rusky
Sat Jul 23 2016, 12:41PM
Citroen C4 petrol non start.  Hello everyone. I have introduced myself in the newbie thread. I now want to pick your brains. I hav[more ...] By marmitemania  On Sat Jul 16 2016, 04:20PM
7 630 rusky
Sun Jul 17 2016, 04:30PM
Turbo Not Whistling  Please bare with me. I have very little mechanical knowledge/experience.I've recently purchased a 1.[more ...] By Chibs  On Fri Jul 15 2016, 12:01PM
6 605 Chibs
Sat Jul 16 2016, 01:23PM
C4 Hatch 2005 1.4 Petrol would not start!  Hi,I bought a Citroen C4 Hatch 2005 1.4 Petrol 49k Miles last week. The car started fine and I drove[more ...] By AdrianC  On Tue Jun 21 2016, 01:06PM
3 722 NikolaH
Sat Jul 16 2016, 01:35AM
Connection info and engine question  2 quick questions - found 3 connectors dangling on the right side of engine bay, right behind the he[more ...] By czjtc4  On Thu Jul 14 2016, 07:39AM
None 489 -
Citroen C4 coupe 1.6 petrol won't start - injector fault?  Hi all. I was just wondering if any one could help as I'm at a loss. I have a Citreon C4 Coupe 1.6[more ...] By fleebog123  On Sun Jul 03 2016, 07:08AM
4 754 fleebog123
Wed Jul 13 2016, 06:09AM
ABS warning light lights up for no appearant reason  Hi all,After driving at 70mph into a truly massive puddle at a flooded motorway, pretty much immedia[more ...] By Edihans  On Mon Dec 07 2015, 03:24AM
3 1893 Edihans
Sun Jul 10 2016, 05:51AM
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