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Mods and Styling, Chassis, lowering, wheels etc.

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Sticky Thread
C4 Coupe and Hatch Bonnet Dampers + fitting guide
  Just got round to fitting mine about 10 minutes ago, battery was dead so while I was taking it out t[more ...] By wozza  On Wed Aug 08 2012, 03:33am
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30 42688 Dave_Retired.
Tue May 12 2015, 06:39am
Sticky Thread
What a lowered C4 looks like and what have users fitted
  I was asked to create this thread so users could look and see what various cars looked like lowered.[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Mon Aug 30 2010, 09:28am
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100 106271 Ric-A
Sun Apr 27 2014, 04:08am
Sticky Thread
LED Bulbs and a Citroën C4 - The Definitive Guide
  This post is in response to my original post about LED Side lights. It will hopefully give some help[more ...] By Bin-The-L-Plates  On Mon Nov 17 2008, 05:24pm
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19 39528 C4Darren
Sun Feb 26 2012, 11:07am
Sticky Thread
C4 Race and Track Day Specialist Parts Upgrades
   Custom Track and Racing ProductsOptimum Balance Products who are based in Ramsey Heights, Nr Peterb[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Sat Jul 03 2010, 02:03am
2 11555 obp.ltd
Sat Jul 03 2010, 07:37am
Closed Sticky Thread
Important, Please read if looking at modifying your car in anyway
  Please Note: ANY mods on a car under warranty are liable to completely invalidate it.Citroen are get[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Wed Dec 31 2008, 05:19am
None 11137 -
Closed Sticky Thread
Tyre Dimension Change Calculator
  Rather than bog the other thread down with the tyre calc spreadsheet I made earlier - I'll create a [more ...] By j-c  On Fri Mar 30 2007, 09:09am
None 11218 -
 Forum Threads
2009 C4GP mods  Hi guys, recently purchased an 09 C4GP 1.6HDi VTR+ EG which I want to modify over time. A few questi[more ...] By Jezzasin1  On Tue Feb 16 2021, 02:36am
None 3822 -
Trick chunky C4GP spotted with Irish numberplates  Hi,Went to Stranraer today and spotted a trick C4GP in Kermit Green possible wrap with some sort of [more ...] By GALLOWAY2019  On Thu Jan 23 2020, 04:00pm
7 5719 GALLOWAY2019
Fri May 08 2020, 12:04pm
Grand Picasso coilover kit or shocks to suit lowered springs??  I've been looking for a coilover kit to suit my 2012 Berlingo B9 van, and recently realised that the[more ...] By ScottyP  On Sun Apr 05 2020, 10:39am
2 5522 ScottyP
Tue Apr 28 2020, 07:56am
Automatic to Manual conversion  Hello guys I have been thinking of buying a c4 2008 with the 1.6 thp engine , having it remapped and[more ...] By GrandmasterLT  On Wed Mar 11 2020, 05:01pm
1 4830 rusky
Fri Mar 13 2020, 11:07am
About time I started to mod :)  So I've had my loeb for about a year now and have kept her completely standard! Until now, I've just[more ...] By fezziemk4  On Mon Apr 28 2014, 03:59pm
8 11188 GALLOWAY2019
Thu Jan 23 2020, 04:36pm
Citroen C4 Space Saver Spare Wheel. 205/55 R16 (2004 - 2017)  Here is a brand new unused full size steel spare wheel, with tyre, for a Citroen C4 Hatchback 1.6 Hd[more ...] By Szeliga  On Sat Sep 21 2019, 08:28am
1 5370 BigJohnD
Sun Sep 22 2019, 03:37pm
Horn not working for MOT?  Hi guys, took car for MOT today. Failed on horn not working hmmm was working other day. Guy at gara[more ...] By m8tty  On Tue Jan 10 2012, 01:15pm
5 7480 phspieluhr
Tue Jul 09 2019, 09:13am
Coilovers or springs for C4 (B7) 2011->  HelloDoes the Coilovers or springs of the pre 2011 C4 fit on the new c4? Any suggestion for coilover[more ...] By freextr  On Tue Feb 14 2017, 06:12am
2 8206 freextr
Fri Mar 22 2019, 04:40pm
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Fakemobile VTS  Thought I'd better put some pics of my VTS with Wozza's Wheels on!I know many will say I should lowe[more ...] By FakeConcern  On Fri Jun 21 2013, 02:55pm
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92 74711 FakeConcern
Mon Jan 21 2019, 02:37pm
Citroen C4 mk2. 2017. Software mods?  Hi guys.I'm wondering if there is an alternative to vcds / vagcom as found on vag cars, I have found[more ...] By Durhamlandy  On Tue Dec 25 2018, 07:01am
1 6170 rusky
Tue Dec 25 2018, 03:23pm
MIJ Cat-back exhaust  I went to MIJ in Walsall yesterday and had a Cat-back fitted.Great service and the fitter wanted to [more ...] By ChevySoul  On Sun Nov 18 2018, 12:20pm
2 6205 ChevySoul
Thu Nov 22 2018, 07:04pm
C4 Coupe 1.6vti 2009 VTR  Hello, been a owner of the coupe for almost a year now. Besides a little headache when changing the [more ...] By Uroszun  On Tue Sep 25 2018, 02:35pm
2 6403 FakeConcern
Wed Sep 26 2018, 01:30pm
My 2014 C4GP Mods  Hi, this is my first post and after 3 years of drive i decide to make some changes to car.First mod [more ...] By kkulishev  On Tue Mar 21 2017, 01:20am
7 9685 symonhr
Thu Sep 20 2018, 05:16am
C4GP mods  Hi guys, I have a petrol VTR+. Now it's practical but a little boring, are there any mods I can do f[more ...] By meandkidsbus  On Mon Oct 23 2017, 02:02pm
None 7132 -
Modified DS4 DS4-R  There's little modified DS4I've had a c2 VTR and C4 Cachet in at last 4 years as a second car and th[more ...] By Rob555  On Sun Sep 17 2017, 02:36am
1 7404 wozza
Sun Sep 17 2017, 11:27am
lowering c4 coupe springs  Hi would anyone have a second hand set of front lowering springs or standard ones as iv brought a se[more ...] By Cossie76  On Wed Jul 05 2017, 04:56pm
None 7187 -
Today's Mod ....Powerfold mirrors  Well, had a bit of a lucky eBay find, a C4 being broken ... a coupe same as mine and the same colour[more ...] By jpbroad1970  On Wed Feb 01 2017, 10:26am
None 7557 -
Coilover problems. Help please  Hi guys. New here. I'm currently running coilovers on my coupe. Driver's side front is knackered so [more ...] By rbryan69007  On Thu Dec 15 2016, 03:59pm
2 7966 rbryan69007
Fri Dec 16 2016, 01:42am
Ultraleggera's on 2005 VTS  Hi guys, new here, my name is Rick and I'm from Holland.In June 2015 I traded in my 1996 ZX Aura E2 [more ...] By Cpt.Iglo  On Mon Oct 24 2016, 05:41am
5 10468 Cpt.Iglo
Mon Nov 07 2016, 09:50am
C4 with C4 Cactus alloys  Hello Guys!I have a C4 (2005, 1.6 petrol, 5doors) in Hungary since January.I like the car, and now I[more ...] By neodd  On Mon Nov 23 2015, 10:37am
8 10708 wozza
Thu Nov 03 2016, 11:25am
Improving ride/handling.  Hi folks,For any of you who have fitted lowered springs and dampers how would you say the ride compa[more ...] By bobbyla  On Fri Sep 30 2016, 02:21am
2 8263 bobbyla
Thu Oct 13 2016, 04:18am
C4 "Exclusive" emblem  Hi guys.I'm looking for the C4 Exclusive Emblem to buy from an European site, like this one from a B[more ...] By edson83  On Sun Aug 21 2016, 08:48pm
None 7691 -
Will these fit my C4 coupe ?  Hi all, I am looking at a set of wheels on ebay 18" x 8" front 9" rear they come in either ET35 or 40 - Click Here - Can anyone tell me if these will fit without spacers and if I would still be able to lower it about 40mm? Thanks Jan By janthevtsman  On Tue Jul 12 2016, 03:47pm
None 7690 -
Factory window tints  Hi everyone, was looking at tinting my 4 door 2009 hatchback C4 and was after the factory window tin[more ...] By NugetGotMerked  On Tue Jun 21 2016, 08:10am
1 8076 wozza
Tue Jun 21 2016, 09:22am
16' to replace 17's  Hi everyone, I've got a 5 door c4 with standard 17x6.5 26et with 205/50/17 tyres and I'm looking to [more ...] By NugetGotMerked  On Sat May 21 2016, 11:03am
5 8702 DeuxChevaux
Wed Jun 01 2016, 04:07am
Coilover axle weights  Wondering if anyone knows the axle weights for a 2009 1.6 5 door VTR+ auto, getting AP coilovers and[more ...] By NugetGotMerked  On Sat Apr 30 2016, 08:57am
5 8526 wozza
Tue May 03 2016, 07:36pm
How low can you go?  Hi everyone just registered and was looking to pick up a set of coilovers asap, I've got a 2009 1.6 [more ...] By NugetGotMerked  On Thu Apr 28 2016, 11:59am
7 8922 NugetGotMerked
Sun May 01 2016, 06:02am
Fakemobile fix now underway  My damaged VTS was taken off yesterday to be repaired and the job is now underway! By FakeConcern  On Sat Mar 19 2016, 01:15pm
8 9793 FakeConcern
Sun May 01 2016, 02:19am
Lowered on coilovers, now one side has camber.  Hello forum.I recently fitted some VMAXX (yes, I know..) coilovers to my car. At the same time I had[more ...] By LewisR  On Sun Apr 17 2016, 08:01am
None 7614 -
[moved] Wheel Spacers Question  I want to put some wheel spacers on my car. I was looking on the internet and found these: - Click [more ...] By petermk  On Tue Dec 29 2015, 05:58am
3 9027 wozza
Wed Mar 02 2016, 08:02pm
Sub Installation  HI All, In my previous C4 my Bonnet Catch went through the bulkhead in the footwell of the passanger[more ...] By ATKCreative  On Sat Jan 16 2016, 08:03am
3 8616 ATKCreative
Wed Jan 27 2016, 09:49am
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A few mods inc wheel spacers  Hi,Just purchased my 2nd C4 but is now a VTS (yey) loving the car and has the really cool panoramic [more ...] By ATKCreative  On Mon Nov 16 2015, 08:08am
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20 25699 ATKCreative
Wed Jan 27 2016, 09:43am
C4 coupe air ride  Hi everyone, I bought a C4 coupe 1.6 VTR back in June as a second car and tbh love driving it as it'[more ...] By adamhcoupe  On Mon Nov 23 2015, 07:54am
2 8400 adamhcoupe
Mon Nov 23 2015, 10:14am
`Performance Exhaust`  Hi,I have a damaged bumper up front and back Never bothered repairing it, but beginning next year [more ...] By thinush  On Tue Nov 03 2015, 06:37am
4 9207 thinush
Sat Nov 07 2015, 02:15am
Michelin Cross Climate Tyres  I have done a lot of research into these tyres and am happy to accept they are a `game changer`as fa[more ...] By paully  On Fri Sep 25 2015, 10:29am
4 9330 paully
Fri Sep 25 2015, 04:24pm
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Red on black colour scheme (picture heavy)  Hello there fellow C4 lovers just wanted to show you guys what mods i have made to my C4 and would[more ...] By zugzwang  On Sun Aug 30 2015, 11:18am
14 11202 crapday
Tue Sep 01 2015, 12:30am
Henstrosity's VTRAWRRRRRR!  Hello all! I'm new to the C4 scene so i've got plenty of trawling through your threads to see what [more ...] By henstrosity  On Fri Aug 28 2015, 01:54pm
5 9440 Grumpy GrandPa
Sat Aug 29 2015, 01:28pm
C4 Coupe VTR pre-2011 debadging?  Hey all!I just want to double check whether the badges on the back of my C4 Coupe VTR pre-2011 have [more ...] By MGPRX  On Mon Aug 24 2015, 01:49pm
2 9128 MGPRX
Mon Aug 24 2015, 03:38pm
17x8,25 will these fit KW lowered VTS  I found some nice looking alloy wheels 17x8,25 ET 25. I wonder if these wheels will fit my car. I cu[more ...] By TyGo  On Tue Jun 23 2015, 10:18am
9 10449 TyGo
Tue Aug 04 2015, 09:05am
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My Citroen C4 :D  Hello from Norway Will show you my c4. 1.6i SX Pack has made ​​some changes Black lights Xenon Xenon[more ...] By ciamekker  On Mon May 28 2012, 05:06pm
13 14837 wozza
Mon Jul 27 2015, 08:07pm
My C4 1.6 HDi 110  Hi my C4 fitted with K&N panel filter, Eibach Sportlines, Resolfens, Heko wind deflectors, LED sidel[more ...] By merny  On Tue Aug 05 2014, 11:07am
2 4267 JacobPL
Sun Jul 26 2015, 12:58pm
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C4 Quickshift Feedback...  Hi all,As some of you may be aware, I work for a company called Optimum Balance Products. We design,[more ...] By obp.ltd  On Fri Jul 09 2010, 06:14am
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41 45471 wozza
Wed Jul 15 2015, 07:07am
First little mod, lowered  So, last weekend I got round to doing the first mod to the C4. After finding that I had the usual sn[more ...] By tony_82  On Fri Jul 03 2015, 05:41am
2 8990 tony_82
Fri Jul 03 2015, 01:38pm
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Shiney C4 with touch screen (picture heavy)  Think its about time i popped a few pictures of my C4 on the site. Haven't done it in a while due to[more ...] By chadd151  On Sun Apr 17 2011, 02:17pm
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48 50094 FakeConcern
Mon Jun 08 2015, 03:53pm
Footwell mood lighting  Anyone fitted after market mood lighting for their C4. My wife's DS3 has it and I think it look real[more ...] By crapday  On Sat Feb 14 2015, 03:55pm
1 9258 Jay_C4_Picasso
Fri May 29 2015, 06:06pm
1.6 induction kit pipe sizes?  sorry if this has been asked and answered before but id like to know what size hosing i need to inst[more ...] By johnsav  On Sun May 24 2015, 03:24am
1 8465 Dave_Retired.
Sun May 24 2015, 11:35am
18x8 with et20?  Will they fit a C4 coupe with a tyre such as 225/40/R18?Cheers,Andy By Greavesy  On Thu May 07 2015, 07:56am
2 8651 Greavesy
Fri May 08 2015, 03:49am
Paint code for Genuine Citroen 16" Alloy Wheel in a "Dawin" Design - C5402CV  First of folks hi to all im a new boy on the site so once again hello.The wife has got herself a lov[more ...] By O.C.D  On Tue May 05 2015, 04:52am
None 7901 -
What shall I do as first mods black VTR+ coupe!  Hey guys!I'd love some ideas! I would love to have the wheels powder coated in gun metal grey! What'[more ...] By Kinger8938  On Thu Jul 14 2011, 08:25am
9 11859 wozza
Mon May 04 2015, 08:35pm
Lowering springs advice - C4 HDi hatchback  We're considering having lowering springs fitted to our C4 1.6HDi hatchback. It's a 2010 model, and [more ...] By welshvtr  On Sun Apr 26 2015, 07:45am
2 8988 welshvtr
Thu Apr 30 2015, 05:26pm
Comfort suspension upgrade  Hi everyone,I realize most of the C4 owners go for lowering the suspension and aiming for a sportier[more ...] By utzelu  On Tue Mar 17 2015, 05:47am
2 8975 utzelu
Wed Mar 18 2015, 02:46am
Alright! what about a remap?  Just a quick hello! Just joined the group after buying my first Citroen.......a 2L C4 VTS. Will be m[more ...] By Scouse  On Sun Mar 08 2015, 10:57am
8 10498 Dave_Retired.
Tue Mar 10 2015, 08:34am
C4 uprated engine mounts  Hi does someone out there sell uprated engine mounts looked all over the net but not having much joy[more ...] By mikebrickles  On Fri Feb 06 2015, 09:33am
4 9318 mikebrickles
Mon Feb 16 2015, 09:52am
Good deal on these wheel spacers.  Hi guys, was searching through eBay and come across these from demon tweak (2 X HUB CENTRIC (HUBCENT[more ...] By JayR  On Sat Feb 07 2015, 05:48am
1 8368 Dave_Retired.
Sat Feb 07 2015, 08:35am
DS4 Coilovers  Can you put C4 coilovers on a DS4? will they fit or is it a no go? if not is there any others that w[more ...] By monk3yshambl3s  On Thu Feb 05 2015, 08:55am
1 8464 Dave_Retired.
Thu Feb 05 2015, 12:54pm
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Citroen C4 coupe 1.6 110ps VTR  Hi I am from Macedonia I drive also citroen C4 and have 215000 i is great car .. I bought from Polan[more ...] By ivo  On Tue Feb 03 2015, 08:17am
14 11743 ivo
Tue Feb 03 2015, 10:05am
Brake upgrade  Hi peeps,The brakes on my VTS are pants. I'm looking to fit upgraded discs and pads.I've seen a pair[more ...] By Retailgenius  On Mon Jan 26 2015, 02:02pm
2 8855 Retailgenius
Tue Jan 27 2015, 01:30pm
C4 Grand Picasso B78 PCD  HiLooking at getting a Grand Picasso as my company car but would like to sort out the options for a [more ...] By srance  On Mon Jan 19 2015, 10:46am
2 9306 routemaster1
Mon Jan 19 2015, 11:46am
FAP or not.  Morning,Apologies if this is a silly question - how do I know if my C4 110bhp HDi is FAP or not as I[more ...] By SRichardson  On Fri Jan 16 2015, 04:18am
5 9543 wozza
Fri Jan 16 2015, 12:27pm
Compatible Peugeot Calipers?  Hello All,Not had to post any queries for the 2nd C4 as all is going well!I do have a certain questi[more ...] By B13.CEE  On Wed Dec 10 2014, 01:28am
1 8561 Dave_Retired.
Wed Dec 10 2014, 03:12am
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Styling help  Hi all, got myself a Loeb 2007 and L want to add some wind deflectors to my windows. Anyone know whi[more ...] By welshandy  On Sat Aug 23 2014, 10:10am
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15 26037 wozza
Fri Sep 05 2014, 01:00am
Exhaust Help  Hi GuysI need to get a sports Cat for my 2008 C4 VTR but i am struggling to find one. Any ideas?Chee[more ...] By RossiDK  On Sun Aug 24 2014, 02:23pm
2 8952 RossiDK
Fri Aug 29 2014, 02:09pm
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My progress blog.  I have no pictures of the car standard, but this is what I've done so far:- Custom induction kit- Su[more ...] By ashley1  On Wed Mar 02 2011, 02:35pm
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63 62277 wozza
Tue Aug 26 2014, 06:35pm
Internal Fuel Tank Opening (C4 Pre 2011)  Has anyone here ever managed to make a system for opening the fuel tank door from inside the car (C4[more ...] By f411  On Thu Sep 29 2011, 06:57pm
6 10765 Dave_Retired.
Mon Aug 18 2014, 01:59am
New to the scene!! want some ideas on what to do!  Hi all, I'm rob and I'm new to the scene with my citroen c4 vtr+ coupe, at the minute it is green bu[more ...] By robfoxton  On Fri Jul 18 2014, 10:11am
6 10353 FakeConcern
Sun Jul 20 2014, 06:38am
Smaegl's hatchback  Hey guys (and girls),my name is Andy, I come from germany and I drive a 2008 C4 1.6 16V VTR+ hatchba[more ...] By Smaegl  On Sun Jun 29 2014, 04:25am
3 9440 wozza
Mon Jun 30 2014, 05:26pm
C4 GP, 15" wheels?  Hi, I usually run winter wheels/tyres on my cars, so just looking into them nice and early, from sea[more ...] By Bill.  On Sun May 25 2014, 02:36am
7 10567 BigJohnD
Sat Jun 07 2014, 03:01am
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CamM's VTS180  Well, after almost 6 years of ownership and reading all about what others on this forum have done wi[more ...] By CamM  On Tue Jan 10 2012, 07:11pm
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178 105631 CamM
Thu May 29 2014, 07:49am
Going low profile?  So guys, I'm going to be lowering my loeb soon and also want some new tyres, but I'm not sure what t[more ...] By fezziemk4  On Mon May 05 2014, 02:15pm
6 9906 CamM
Thu May 29 2014, 01:45am
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