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Announcement Thread
Buying a Used Car - Your Consumer Rights in the UK:
  Under the new Consumer Rights Act 2015 which came into force October 2015, motorists are now guarant[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Sun Dec 27 2015, 06:58am
1 1070 Honest
Sun Dec 27 2015, 12:16pm
Sticky Thread
What's Everyone Up To 2016?
  Well today I'm in the process of handing over running of C4owners.org to wozzaI'm stepping back for [more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Fri Jan 01 2016, 06:53am
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119 8871 routemaster1
Fri Feb 03 2017, 02:49am
Sticky Thread
Don't leave car keys by the front door
  Hi,Please don't leave your car keys by the front door because yesterday I was in my kitchen and I he[more ...] By huskydog123  On Sun Aug 31 2014, 05:49am
None 1384 -
Closed Sticky Thread
My C4 is in the Garage can I hire a replacement?
   here is an opportunity to have a replacement for your C4 or GP if your car is unavailable for any r[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Mon Aug 24 2009, 09:29am
3 2578 lagman
Mon Aug 24 2009, 12:44pm
Closed Sticky Thread
Forum Guidelines - Read BEFORE Posting
  Any funny or embarrasing things you have been told buy a Citroen Dealer or Salesman?THis is the plac[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Wed May 09 2007, 01:46pm
None 2626 -
 Forum Threads
Leaving but will still visit  Wasn't sure where to post this one, so please do move to elsewhere!I have today ordered a new Peugeo[more ...] By bluehdi  On Sun Jun 18 2017, 10:23am
3 139 FrankBullitt
Wed Jun 21 2017, 07:43am
National Motor Museum visit?  Flying to Southampton on Sunday due to working at Esso Fawley next week. Going to try to get in a vi[more ...] By riven1962  On Wed Jun 07 2017, 02:49pm
1 114 wozza
Wed Jun 14 2017, 03:08pm
Not a lot happens  Here....I've just paid to a premier member but to be honest wished I saved my 12 quid as the lack of[more ...] By Sniff  On Wed May 31 2017, 03:42am
6 195 riven1962
Thu Jun 01 2017, 11:26am
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Was the C4 made as a Saloon?  Just seen a French Plate C4 on the M11, clear saloon shape with boot. Never seen one before, anyone [more ...] By moleman  On Sun May 21 2017, 01:08pm
11 289 moleman
Mon May 29 2017, 04:30pm
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BMW issues  We had to have a new windscreen fitted to our older C3 yesterday. During fitting, the fitter was qui[more ...] By routemaster1  On Sat May 13 2017, 07:08am
10 310 BigJohnD
Mon May 15 2017, 12:16pm
No New Posts on Popular Thread
What's Everyone Up To 2017?  New thread for this year's posts. By routemaster1  On Fri Feb 03 2017, 02:50am
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25 1082 BigJohnD
Fri Apr 28 2017, 03:48pm
Evening All  Hello All,I've just joined and wanted to introduce myself; my name's Ben and I'm based in Bridgwater[more ...] By Ben40d  On Tue Mar 14 2017, 02:53pm
2 195 vasia
Wed Apr 19 2017, 10:35am
Citroen Mehari.  We've just come back from Biarritz. We saw one of these in a Citroen agent, and one in a car park. I[more ...] By routemaster1  On Sat Apr 15 2017, 03:05am
None 162 -
Citroen Relay H van body kit   - Click Here - I wonder if they would make one for the C4GP! By rusky  On Fri Apr 07 2017, 02:33pm
1 169 BigJohnD
Fri Apr 07 2017, 03:07pm
C3 1.6HDi woe!  Although we do not cover C3s on this site, I have posted this because the 1.6 HDi engine is very sim[more ...] By routemaster1  On Sat Mar 25 2017, 10:09am
8 327 routemaster1
Fri Mar 31 2017, 01:51pm
New VED bands and second hand vehicles  The new more expensive VED bands will apply to cars first registered on or after 1 April 2017, in a [more ...] By Richard_C  On Fri Mar 24 2017, 10:34am
3 214 Richard_C
Fri Mar 24 2017, 12:08pm
Paint codes  Looking in the paint codes it says there should be 4 letters.I can only find the following on my C4 [more ...] By riven1962  On Tue Mar 14 2017, 12:13pm
2 184 riven1962
Tue Mar 14 2017, 01:59pm
Crit'air Vignettes  For quite a few years we have been required to obtain Umweltzone stickers for our cars if we wish to[more ...] By routemaster1  On Mon Mar 13 2017, 03:46am
1 197 routemaster1
Tue Mar 14 2017, 03:52am
New wiper blades  Just in case anyone else is looking for blades for a 2005 + C4. I had these delivered today from Ama[more ...] By neilp  On Mon Jan 09 2017, 01:11pm
4 472 riven1962
Wed Mar 08 2017, 09:14am
LHD to RHD?  We will be moving back to the U.K. later this year, after living here in France for 12 years. We hav[more ...] By Jonzjob  On Sat Feb 11 2017, 08:11am
4 325 Jonzjob
Sat Feb 11 2017, 03:59pm
Problem converting CDs to MP3  One of the radio programmes from my youth is The Navy Lark. My wife gave me a set of about 8CDs for [more ...] By routemaster1  On Thu Jan 19 2017, 02:47am
8 415 rusky
Thu Jan 19 2017, 12:22pm
Happy Christmas!  Joyeux Noel! Nadolig Llawen! Happy Christmas! to all members of C4Owners.org! By BigJohnD  On Sun Dec 25 2016, 08:15am
None 268 -
New C3 now in showrooms  Forthose of you who are interested in Citroens other than c4s, Picssos and DS4s, the new C3 is appea[more ...] By routemaster1  On Wed Dec 14 2016, 10:17am
None 290 -
Planete-Citroen Translate  There are many links on here to Planete-Citroen, which are useful, but to those of us that are not b[more ...] By wunny  On Sat Oct 22 2016, 03:56am
3 515 wunny
Sat Oct 22 2016, 03:39pm
One for the Citroënistes  Reims-Champagne Automobile MuseumSome four years ago (2012) I visited the Reims-Champagne Automobile[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Thu Oct 13 2016, 06:55am
1 388 rusky
Thu Oct 13 2016, 03:28pm
Autonomous ride C4GP  I've just seen this - Click Here - Not quite as refined as the Tesla MPV though. By rusky  On Thu Oct 06 2016, 04:00am
None 370 -
Interesting drive logging app  I work for an IoT company & like IoT, home automation etc. When looking at if this then that, I [more ...] By rusky  On Wed Sep 21 2016, 01:19pm
6 530 rusky
Sat Sep 24 2016, 02:19am
Dealership Closure.  For those of you in Hampshire, it has just been announced that City Motor Holdings has gone into liq[more ...] By routemaster1  On Thu Sep 22 2016, 12:09pm
None 403 -
Small independent garage  I was unlucky enough to need a new clutch after some days in Devon. Clutch got very noisy and a guy [more ...] By neilp  On Thu Sep 08 2016, 10:19am
None 387 -
Portugal Electronic Autoroute Tolls  Can anyone throw any light on the Portuguse Electronic Autoroute Toll system for non-Portuguese cars[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Mon Aug 15 2016, 05:29am
2 490 BigJohnD
Thu Sep 08 2016, 08:30am
Windows 10 Anniversary Update  Last Fri evening I turned on my laptop, which instantly went into an update which it said may take s[more ...] By gittos  On Sun Aug 28 2016, 09:20am
4 517 neilp
Wed Sep 07 2016, 05:32pm
Fake headlight bulbs  If you are considering buying headlight bulbs from the internet, you may want to watch Fake Britain [more ...] By routemaster1  On Wed Sep 07 2016, 06:28am
None 321 -
Service at Franchised dealers  I wanted to have a moan about the quality of service from 'some' franchised dealers. Is it any wond[more ...] By bluehdi  On Fri Aug 26 2016, 05:56am
3 430 Ciaran1602
Sat Aug 27 2016, 02:08pm
Citroen Origins  Anyone seen this website: - Click Here - Very interesting indeed By bluehdi  On Tue Jul 19 2016, 02:08pm
3 611 FrankBullitt
Tue Jul 19 2016, 03:53pm
Bye everyone!  I would simply like to say thanks to everyone here. People have been really friendly and helpful ove[more ...] By TheVarix  On Sat Jul 09 2016, 11:28am
None 518 -
Citroën Advanced Comfort  Sounds superb, the recently rumoured and now announced replacement for Hydropneumatics with reduced [more ...] By FrankBullitt  On Fri Jun 03 2016, 01:27pm
2 756 FrankBullitt
Sat Jun 11 2016, 02:55am
Un-expected feature  I've found that the flat bottom to the steering wheel makes an excellent plate holder.plate By wunny  On Sat May 28 2016, 03:29pm
2 803 Honest
Tue May 31 2016, 12:21pm
Citroen Concept cars  It's miserable outside so I'm browsing aimlessly & found their concept cars page.Have a look at [more ...] By rusky  On Sat May 21 2016, 11:09am
5 693 riven1962
Sun May 22 2016, 07:16am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
VW Recall  Found this interesting story. I wonder if similar happens in Europe. - Click Here -  By routemaster1  On Sat Sep 19 2015, 03:53am
Goto page: [ 1 2 3 ]
40 5165 routemaster1
Mon May 16 2016, 10:58am
Nokia sells Here to BMW / Audi / Daimler Group  I read that Nokia have sold the Sat-Nav subsidiary Here to the BMW Group a few weeks ago.Am I correc[more ...] By northspoon  On Mon Dec 28 2015, 02:48pm
3 1010 YOG
Tue May 10 2016, 02:28pm
Man flu !  hi all, I haven't been on for about a week cos I got absolutely levelled by 'man flu' . Been off wor[more ...] By GPGeorge  On Fri Apr 29 2016, 04:06am
1 629 lizzibee
Mon May 09 2016, 03:18am
08 C4 Picasso EGS clutch or gearbox issue - which Lexia do I buy?  I have slight juddering when starting in first sometimes and now gear selection is strange eg after [more ...] By rickblake  On Tue Apr 26 2016, 07:20am
1 606 rusky
Tue Apr 26 2016, 12:18pm
An Open Invitation CCC National Rally  Hello all, my name is Leo and I'm a bit of a Citroen nut, I'm here on behalf of the Citroen Car Club[more ...] By Leobx16v  On Fri Apr 15 2016, 04:23pm
None 657 -
Nextbase Dashcam  After I had a minor accident and awkward insurance claim on my 2011 C4GP, I decided to buy a Nextbas[more ...] By routemaster1  On Mon Jul 13 2015, 09:01am
8 5216 DeuxChevaux
Sun Mar 13 2016, 04:14am
Excellent service.  First of all not sure if I have posted this in right section. Secondly I not sure it the moderators [more ...] By polestar  On Wed Feb 24 2016, 04:23am
None 800 -
4 year MOT  In the Budget last year it was announced that cars would not be required to be MOT tested (or whatev[more ...] By routemaster1  On Fri Feb 19 2016, 01:56pm
1 1002 neilp
Sat Feb 20 2016, 06:01am
Crown paint at B & Q.  Went to our local B & Q yesterday to be confronted by a pile of Crown paint in all sorts of colo[more ...] By riven1962  On Tue Feb 16 2016, 07:03am
3 992 BigJohnD
Tue Feb 16 2016, 09:47am
Home Finance software.  As the title says, does anyone use any home finance software?I used to use Microsoft money on a desk[more ...] By riven1962  On Sun Feb 07 2016, 02:01pm
7 1130 gennyop
Tue Feb 09 2016, 11:57am
Cars and Coffee in Pendle  Can't find an events section.......... hope it's OK to post it here, I pulled this off an email I wa[more ...] By Trainman  On Thu Jan 28 2016, 10:43am
None 734 -
Brake problem on our C3  I've posted here as the issue obviously doesn't concern a C4 variant. A few months ago I took our C3[more ...] By routemaster1  On Wed Jan 27 2016, 05:58am
None 733 -
Strange brake light problem  Hi, trying to sort out this problem for someone else. It's on a 2005 C4 Picasso.All brake lights had[more ...] By Dec11  On Thu Dec 31 2015, 12:59pm
6 1142 Dec11
Fri Jan 01 2016, 11:05am
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Bought a 'new' Citroën!  It's been a while since I posted on C4OC, and I hope that all is good with everyone. There still isn[more ...] By PentlandC4  On Tue Jun 23 2015, 04:07pm
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24 4615 PentlandC4
Tue Dec 29 2015, 03:09am
Closed Thread
What's everyone up to 2015  Sitting here watching the wind and rain and debating whether it's worth getting wet going to the pub[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Thu Jan 01 2015, 06:51am
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206 18689 Biohead
Mon Dec 28 2015, 06:24am
New DS site  Hi there, just stumbled on the new/a new DS specific site with configurator etc. Shows new DS4 and [more ...] By Scoops  On Wed Nov 25 2015, 12:37pm
2 914 Scoops
Wed Nov 25 2015, 02:07pm
Just bought a 12 plate C5  Well since my C4's gearbox went, I decided to get a new car. I was looking at the new shape C4, but [more ...] By crapday  On Mon Nov 23 2015, 02:58am
7 1006 crapday
Mon Nov 23 2015, 08:16am
Winter diesel  Winter diesel should be on sale from next Monday, 16th November. No doubt the first deliveries will[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Wed Nov 11 2015, 09:28am
2 902 BigJohnD
Wed Nov 11 2015, 01:24pm
Hiring a car in France (and a few other thoughts)  We have just returned from a trip to the French Riviera, travelling to Marseille from St Pancras by [more ...] By routemaster1  On Tue Nov 03 2015, 10:07am
1 1069 FrankBullitt
Tue Nov 03 2015, 03:19pm
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Who remembers these?   - Click Here - When it says popular cars, I suppose that's open to interpretation! By rusky  On Tue Sep 29 2015, 01:52pm
13 1658 Jimux
Sun Oct 04 2015, 02:36am
Problem with V5 and DVLA  Unfortunately, my father-in-law passed away at the end of July. As we were away on holiday at the ti[more ...] By routemaster1  On Thu Oct 01 2015, 10:42am
8 1440 routemaster1
Fri Oct 02 2015, 09:45am
Here's one to restore.   - Click Here -  By riven1962  On Fri Sep 25 2015, 01:36pm
1 1020 Web Admin Only
Fri Sep 25 2015, 01:57pm
New DS5 - the technology is getting worse.  Watched 3 different technicians trying to start a new DS5 HDi in a showroom today as the battery had[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Sat Sep 19 2015, 11:54am
2 1048 FakeConcern
Sat Sep 19 2015, 02:24pm
Light leveling switch. Do you know what it's for?  I was having this debate with co workers and can't believe how many of them don't know the proper us[more ...] By crapday  On Sat Sep 05 2015, 03:12pm
5 1494 YOG
Sun Sep 06 2015, 05:34am
Code Reader  I have a C4 Pic 1.6 VTI Petrol, will this code reader work on this car? - Click Here -  By gittos  On Fri Aug 28 2015, 06:54am
3 1303 Biohead
Sat Aug 29 2015, 09:10am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
C6 10th Anniversary bash at RAF Cosford  15th and 16th August 2015 is the date guys. Unlike other CCC events ANY Citroen owner will be welcom[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Tue Jul 14 2015, 04:33am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
21 3992 riven1962
Sun Aug 16 2015, 01:01am
The Vulcan  Just enjoyrd a great display by the Vulcan at Combined Ops at Headcorn. Awesome!  By Keith  On Sat Aug 15 2015, 12:47pm
2 1066 Web Admin Only
Sat Aug 15 2015, 02:17pm
Citroen Scale Models   - Click Here - I've just bought the above 1:43rd scale model from - Click Here - who ship via DHL[more ...] By bluehdi  On Sat Aug 08 2015, 05:01am
2 1155 leaphtc
Sat Aug 08 2015, 08:27am
This needs a bit of work.  Here's one for somebody with a bit of time on there hands. - Click Here -  By riven1962  On Sun Jul 19 2015, 02:10am
2 1132 Web Admin Only
Sun Jul 19 2015, 12:49pm
Thanks and Goodbye  Not sure if I've posted this in the right area, but just wanted to say thanks to all who've helped m[more ...] By steve_gooding  On Wed Jul 15 2015, 06:52am
3 1230 riven1962
Wed Jul 15 2015, 09:44am
C4 Air Crosser  Hi there, I've been to France 3 times this year already and every time I do, I'm green with envy bec[more ...] By Scoops  On Sun Jul 12 2015, 03:50am
1 1163 Web Admin Only
Sun Jul 12 2015, 10:56am
New 'Corporate' Branding for the DS Range  OK the 1st of the current DS range to get a makeover is the DS 5 with a new front end etc. without a[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Fri Jun 19 2015, 01:32pm
4 1548 Web Admin Only
Tue Jun 23 2015, 08:26am
DS60 - Little Horwood  It seemed rude not to pop over to the Citroen Car Club's 60th anniversary bash for the DS, especiall[more ...] By FrankBullitt  On Fri Jun 19 2015, 02:53pm
7 1650 FrankBullitt
Fri Jun 19 2015, 03:18pm
Friends with taste  Got to love friends who arrive in nice cars! By BigJohnD  On Wed Jun 10 2015, 06:27am
1 1139 FrankBullitt
Wed Jun 10 2015, 04:21pm
Garmin Citroen Vehicle Icons   - Click Here - for Citroen Vehicle Icons suitable for Garmin SatNavs. There's currently 13 to cho[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Tue Jun 09 2015, 06:12am
None 1181 -
Three Queens in the Mersey   - Click Here - for webcam view.We're off for a bit of fun by the river today, and tomorrow we'll b[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Sun May 24 2015, 04:13am
9 2191 BigJohnD
Tue Jun 09 2015, 05:40am
need some advice please  Hi all bought a car last week from eBay. Car has got a issue with the clutch been looked at today. A[more ...] By andy2514  On Thu May 21 2015, 12:31pm
4 1220 andy2514
Thu May 21 2015, 01:44pm
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