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C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso (B78) Ice and Satnav questions

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SMEG updates?
  I have a September 2015 build of a Citroen C4 GP Exclusive+. The software, when I press the "cog" bu[more ...] By northspoon  On Sat Feb 27 2016, 10:16am
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16 22169 Westfire85
Thu Aug 19 2021, 07:01am
Sticky Thread
Map update Touch Screen fitted cars - No manual
  I have just had my maps up dated, not the full Europe coverage but UK and Ireland only (half the pri[more ...] By jdm  On Sat Dec 13 2014, 05:16am
5 11923 skydog
Mon Aug 19 2019, 08:05am
Sticky Thread
Sat Nav - deleting addresses no longer required
  I have had a C4 exclusive since May 2014. Now got use to the satnav and once I have managed to put a[more ...] By DaveC  On Tue Oct 28 2014, 08:25am
5 11406 bluehdi
Sun Jan 08 2017, 07:17am
Sticky Thread
Installed Sat Nav not compatible with 7 digit UK Post Code .
  Model: Citroën C4 Picasso HDi115ETG6EXCLSVE - New model delivered Nov. 2013Installed Sat Nav not com[more ...] By oldbragg  On Wed Aug 27 2014, 06:08am
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18 27510 MetroMan
Sun Nov 15 2015, 02:48pm
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Updating Maps - How long?  Hi Guys, Got a 2017 C4 Picasso. I've recently installed the Citroen app and downloaded updated maps [more ...] By CAndyBil  On Sun Nov 14 2021, 10:44am
10 276 vexorg
Thu Nov 18 2021, 03:25am
Carplay and Android Auto on Pre-Facelift SMEG+ Units  Good Afternoon everyone.I have recently purchased a EBILAEN Wireless Carplay Module Box For Citroen [more ...] By PSA77  On Thu Oct 28 2021, 09:21am
2 315 Ankan
Sat Nov 06 2021, 08:59am
How do I delete satnav memory.  This is for a 2015 car, preTom#Tom system. My C4GP is going on Friday. I wish to delete the saved de[more ...] By routemaster1  On Wed Oct 27 2021, 09:38am
5 319 Datadogie
Fri Oct 29 2021, 01:10am
SMEG+ to NAC with head unit from peugeot?  The fitting head unit for my car is 9821909080 and can be found in peugeot 3008 and 5008.Can a unit [more ...] By Ankan  On Tue Oct 19 2021, 04:52pm
1 320 BigJohnD
Wed Oct 20 2021, 01:56pm
NAC Software Update - Firmware Update Error -  I have tried to update the software for the latest update using the Citroen update:[more ...] By findmak  On Fri Oct 15 2021, 04:42am
8 470 Richard_C
Mon Oct 18 2021, 09:00am
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Rough guide to upgrading Instrument cluster from SMEG to NAC compatible (PRE 2016 to POST 2016)  Hello all, I have decided to make this basic tutorial because a number of people have sent me a PM a[more ...] By EJCitroen  On Wed Feb 24 2021, 03:02am
13 2478 cgreengrass
Tue Sep 28 2021, 01:55pm
what kind of firmware need for GP 1.6 exlusive 2015-16 ?  Hello, I would like to upgrade the firmware of my car GP exlusive 2015, how to know which i need and[more ...] By Menylt  On Tue Sep 28 2021, 11:05am
None 392 -
Newbie - How to reset the trip at the bottom of the upper screen  Hi,Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, or I'm missing some instructions from the manual, but [more ...] By MarkM-UK  On Mon Aug 22 2016, 09:16am
4 3910 Richard_C
Mon Aug 23 2021, 08:24am
Area not mapped/calculating  morning allthe last two journeys I've been using my tom-tom satnav as per usual when after about 2hr[more ...] By Mrgentry  On Wed Aug 18 2021, 04:12am
None 611 -
No Sat Nav on my C4 Selection - Can I?  Hi, Just purchased a C4 Grand Picasso selection (16 plate) which doesn't come with sat nav as standa[more ...] By maverick54  On Wed Dec 18 2019, 10:25pm
9 3573 iscom
Thu Jun 24 2021, 05:46am
Dashboard Image  Apparently you can put a custom picture on the dashboard display. My wife would like to put a pictur[more ...] By NewCitroenOwner  On Mon Dec 28 2015, 01:25pm
6 10138 Ghandi113
Tue Jun 01 2021, 02:25pm
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Radio defaulting to 87.5MHz instead of the station I was listening to last  This has only started happening a few days ago. I've got a 2017 (facelifted) Flair.It's not immedia[more ...] By markslavin  On Thu Apr 01 2021, 04:39am
13 1710 BigJohnD
Fri May 21 2021, 08:01am
Android auto and any other advice please  Hi all,I've put a refundable deposit down on a 67 plate gc4 in feel trim (1.2) which I will test dri[more ...] By Jamie_w  On Fri May 21 2021, 12:17am
2 1283 vexorg
Fri May 21 2021, 04:38am
Head Unit side buttons not working  Hi all, today my trustworthy Citroen C4 Picasso (2014) has start playing up. Basically the side butt[more ...] By Flege70  On Mon May 17 2021, 11:47am
1 1132 routemaster1
Mon May 17 2021, 01:24pm
2018 C4 Picasso Connected Apps shows "Connection not possible"  The Connected Apps on my 2018 C4 Picasso does not seem to work. When opening, it displays "Connectio[more ...] By c4duffer  On Mon May 10 2021, 03:28pm
None 1174 -
UREA count down reset? Topped up from empty but still orange "UREA" lamp and count down.  Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2014 2.0 HDiIn the past I've always topped up AdBlue from 10L containers th[more ...] By seoras  On Tue May 04 2021, 02:34am
1 1266 routemaster1
Tue May 04 2021, 03:47am
Camera alerts and Reversing camera  I have just bought a 2018 C4 Picasso Feel and have successfully updated the firmware and maps. I wou[more ...] By bampah  On Sat May 01 2021, 10:01am
3 1358 bampah
Sun May 02 2021, 02:04pm
New ConnectNav Firmware  Firmware version 21-08-87-32_NAC-r1 is avaliable to download using the "Citroen Update" Windows 10 a[more ...] By stoic  On Tue Apr 20 2021, 01:23pm
1 1551 gittos
Tue Apr 20 2021, 04:16pm
SMEG update  Hi,I recently bough a 2014 (64 plate) C4 Grand picasso and the sat nav wouldn't load. If you pressed[more ...] By Raigar  On Sun Oct 18 2020, 11:48am
5 2449 Raigar
Fri Apr 09 2021, 03:08am
Smeg+ Micro SD card Change  Hi All,Has anyone attempted to change the internal Micro SD card in the Smeg+ unit? as I understand [more ...] By Wutang  On Wed Apr 07 2021, 06:58am
None 1352 -
2017 GC4P Screen Queries  Hi,I've just got myself a 2017 GC4P and I am just getting to grips with what the screens can do.I us[more ...] By squeakybadger  On Mon Mar 29 2021, 04:36pm
2 1485 rozkucy
Tue Mar 30 2021, 06:35am
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Successful SMEG to NAC Upgrade  Any issues around the speedometer, or top screen can be solved please see - Click Here - for a rou[more ...] By EJCitroen  On Sun Jul 12 2020, 12:13pm
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26 9206 EJCitroen
Mon Mar 22 2021, 02:05pm
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C4 Grande 2015 Exclusive/+ spec?  I just went to pick up my car from a dealer ... was shocked to find it didn't have sat nav? I read r[more ...] By raymondo  On Thu Mar 18 2021, 06:01pm
10 1780 routemaster1
Sun Mar 21 2021, 02:22am
Issues with TMC - Does TMC traffic still work without TomTom connected services subscription.  Hello, I was wondering if someone may be able to help me? My TomTom traffic subscription has recentl[more ...] By EJCitroen  On Fri Feb 26 2021, 09:10am
6 1725 EJCitroen
Sun Mar 07 2021, 02:46pm
RCC A1 to RCC A2 convertion  Hey guys, need some advice regarding my C4 Grand Picasso 2017[Facelifted]I have the base model Picas[more ...] By zetlaw  On Thu Nov 26 2020, 01:14am
1 1988 EJCitroen
Thu Mar 04 2021, 03:30am
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Upgrade Top Display from early to late 2016  All issues are now resolved please - Click Here - for more information.Hello! Following a successf[more ...] By EJCitroen  On Mon Jul 20 2020, 08:24am
10 3239 EJCitroen
Thu Feb 25 2021, 02:54am
Contact pics on phone screen  Hi I have a GP Exclusive+, and have a Note 10 Plus 5G mobile. Does anyone know how to get contact pi[more ...] By Westentertainer  On Thu Nov 14 2019, 10:41am
5 3431 jsg1163
Wed Feb 24 2021, 02:55pm
Can no longer find the map update page  I have been using a bookmarked Citroen webpage for updates to the SatNav on my 2015 C4 GP. I usually[more ...] By northspoon  On Fri Feb 05 2021, 10:40am
2 1840 northspoon
Sun Feb 21 2021, 04:24am
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Updating TomTom Connect Nav maps in UK (How to)  Hi-----** Update: 04 Feb 2021 **This post was originally wrote when there was no clear update path f[more ...] By waynieoaks  On Thu Sep 28 2017, 11:06am
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49 37134 Wiggy
Sat Feb 13 2021, 02:03pm
C4 Picasso facelift (2017) ConnectNav v17 Map update  My map version was recently updated to 16.0.0-r0 dated 14/10/2019 using Citroen Update app on Window[more ...] By feled01  On Sat Nov 14 2020, 09:42am
2 2276 feled01
Sun Jan 31 2021, 10:23am
C4 Grand Spacetourer 2019 Model - Sat Nav and Entertainment Queres  Hi guysTOTAL newbie to the Citroen world, we have had to upgrade to expanding the family!Anyway, Ive[more ...] By stline  On Sat Jan 23 2021, 08:23am
4 1872 EJCitroen
Mon Jan 25 2021, 06:53am
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AUX greyed out  I am trying to plug a jack into the aux input on my 2015 C4 Grand Exclusive but it is greyed out ...[more ...] By Westentertainer  On Tue Dec 29 2020, 03:05pm
10 2096 Mobydog
Mon Jan 18 2021, 05:31am
Can't load updates  Have downloaded new nav updates when unzip them, put them on a usb {fat32} but the system just says [more ...] By pennant77  On Sat Nov 28 2020, 01:22pm
5 2141 stoic
Wed Dec 02 2020, 11:03am
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New ConnectNav Firmware V21_08_25_12_r0  The new ConnectNav firmare V21_08_25_12_r0 has been available for download from MyCitroen for the la[more ...] By stoic  On Wed Jan 22 2020, 07:00am
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23 9554 stoic
Mon Nov 09 2020, 07:20am
Update Firmware  I've just recently purchased a 65 plate C4GP Exclusive+ BlueHDI 120 and have already updated the Map[more ...] By ScoobzGP  On Fri Sep 25 2020, 09:17am
5 3366 Spookyville
Thu Oct 08 2020, 02:41pm
Silent media stream from bluetooth connected phone  Hi, we have a 64 plate C4 pic and have previously connected IPhone and Android to the car and used m[more ...] By byngo  On Sun Nov 25 2018, 06:23am
2 4194 kyojitsu
Thu Oct 01 2020, 06:26am
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Speed camera alerts  Hi Just bought a Citroen C4 Picasso, and upon first use noticed it alerted us to speed cameras but I[more ...] By Trady  On Sat Aug 29 2020, 03:34pm
10 2802 Tahir
Wed Sep 30 2020, 04:21am
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Changing the touch screen on a 2014 C4 Picasso VTR+  Hi first post here so bare with me I have got a 2014 (63 plate) C4 Picasso VTR+ and my dad has a 20[more ...] By Jammie123321  On Sat Mar 09 2019, 09:30pm
10 4542 rozkucy
Mon Sep 28 2020, 03:52pm
Disabling energy saver for Drive in movies ?  I see there are a few drive in events running that use the cars FM radio for sound. Is it possible t[more ...] By JimmyPage  On Wed Jun 24 2020, 09:42am
9 2888 Richard_C
Sat Sep 12 2020, 03:47am
System temperature too high, volume reduced warning.  I own a 2014 Exclusive+ and over the last few days the satnav display has come up with the message “[more ...] By A380  On Sun Dec 10 2017, 05:32pm
6 6033 JohnKirsty
Mon Sep 07 2020, 10:40am
Wireless Android Auto  I keep seeing conflicting information about the 2017 facelift versions of the GC4P, some sites say i[more ...] By markslavin  On Mon Aug 24 2020, 03:12pm
1 2506 routemaster1
Mon Aug 24 2020, 04:24pm
Sub Install into Grand Picasso - found the perfect spot!  Hey guys one of the gripes I had with my Picasso is the audio quality, I already swapped out the doo[more ...] By danep82  On Sat Jan 04 2020, 02:40pm
5 3408 NGuedes
Sun Jul 12 2020, 02:06am
New Smeg+ Map Update March 20th 2020 released  Surprised today when I went for a quick drive to get the "cobwebs out the engine" when I put the car[more ...] By varkanoid  On Fri Apr 03 2020, 09:45am
4 3642 gittos
Thu Jul 09 2020, 08:00am
Own photo as a screen picture  Hi, I have a 2015 C4 GP Exclusive plus. I tried to install a picture for top screen off USB stick. T[more ...] By Westentertainer  On Mon Oct 28 2019, 08:48am
5 3679 Peter420
Mon Jun 29 2020, 10:50am
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Auto vs manual?  I want to buy a C4 Grand Picasso.The inside is the just right space for the family. Outside, it's no[more ...] By matrixstar  On Mon Jun 22 2020, 06:00am
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15 7317 gittos
Sat Jun 27 2020, 10:22am
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New Free ConnectNav App for Windows 10, 8 & 7  PSATrip Manager[Updated 12/07/2018] NEW VERSION AVAILABLE!I have written a new application for Windo[more ...] By stoic  On Fri May 04 2018, 10:23am
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31 20528 EJCitroen
Mon Jun 22 2020, 11:46am
CITROEN C4 PICASSO FLAIR BLUEHDI 2017 Sat Nav  Dear alla few questions about the SAT Nav, its a new car to me so still learning the ropes. had a C4[more ...] By Mrgentry  On Sun May 10 2020, 10:47am
1 2916 Mrgentry
Tue May 12 2020, 02:56pm
Map update with Mac?  I just noticed there's a new map update for my C4 Grand Picasso. Can I use an IMAC .. if so how do I[more ...] By Westentertainer  On Mon Apr 13 2020, 04:01pm
2 2755 vexorg
Tue Apr 14 2020, 03:01am
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Updating maps on 2017 C4 Pic using a Mac?  I am trying to update the maps on my late 2017 C4P and the only things I can find are for Microsoft [more ...] By Jonzjob  On Sun Feb 23 2020, 11:31am
11 3150 gittos
Mon Feb 24 2020, 02:54pm
No storage for map update  Hi, I’m quite new here but I was wondering if you would be able to share some knowledge on updating [more ...] By EJCitroen  On Fri Feb 07 2020, 11:12am
5 3092 EJCitroen
Sat Feb 08 2020, 07:04am
66 C4GP sat nav on top screen  Hello, Just got a 66 reg C4GP. When I test drove the car the sat nav was dominant on the top screen,[more ...] By 2smijnf  On Tue Jan 14 2020, 09:40am
4 3153 routemaster1
Mon Feb 03 2020, 02:22am
Lost my Citroen app connectivity  Sorry if in wrong section. My app has been working great, but over last few weeks there has been no [more ...] By Westentertainer  On Wed Jan 08 2020, 09:26am
5 3256 Wutang
Wed Jan 15 2020, 06:03am
How to view Sat Bag details in top Panoramic Screen  Hi,I have recently purchased a 2016 Exclusive Grand Picasso and have been trying to adjust the displ[more ...] By Coops  On Tue Jan 14 2020, 04:44am
2 3053 iscom
Tue Jan 14 2020, 06:31am
2018 C4GP mute sat nav  Hi, I have just bought a 2018 C4GP Flair with the connect nav. However, I can't for the life of me w[more ...] By hatchm  On Sat Nov 30 2019, 11:25am
5 3424 hatchm
Mon Dec 02 2019, 01:47pm
Replacing panoramic LCD on 15 plate Grand Picasso  Hi,I'm new to the forum, so I hope this is the place for this question.Our Grand Picasso has some bl[more ...] By Julianjpayne  On Wed Nov 13 2019, 08:03am
3 3467 Julianjpayne
Thu Nov 21 2019, 02:45am
Trouble updating to the latest firmware  Hello allSo my car is currently on - and my maps on V10. I haven't updated for a [more ...] By waynieoaks  On Wed Oct 09 2019, 08:02am
6 3824 stoic
Mon Oct 28 2019, 10:33am
ConnectNav Firmware Update  V21.08.22.32_NAC-r1 is available to download from the MyCitroen.co.uk web site.I can't see anything [more ...] By stoic  On Thu Oct 24 2019, 04:40am
1 3438 stoic
Mon Oct 28 2019, 07:21am
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Sat Nav Map Update 2019-2  According to the Citroen website the European map update is 42028.zip which I think is 2019-1. The l[more ...] By northspoon  On Tue Oct 08 2019, 09:07am
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27 10313 neilp
Thu Oct 24 2019, 04:56am
Firmware Update  I have just been notified of a touch screen update (via MyCitroen) for my 2018 C4P,[more ...] By gittos  On Tue Oct 22 2019, 03:57pm
1 3425 ConkersM9
Tue Oct 22 2019, 04:33pm
C4GP door speaker wiring  Hello all, I've decided to install a subwoofer from previous car into current 2014 Grand Picasso. Wh[more ...] By tomaskriv  On Sun Oct 20 2019, 12:08pm
3 3308 BigJohnD
Tue Oct 22 2019, 03:48am
smeg version is this old?  hi just had my c4 15 plate exclusive plus checked smeg version its 4.A.R3 CID 26362 DATE 25/08/15[more ...] By Westentertainer  On Mon Oct 21 2019, 09:59am
1 3262 Richard_C
Mon Oct 21 2019, 01:59pm
SMEG Physical Upgrade  Hello guys, I am new to this forum and also new to owning a Citroen. I hope I can find some answers [more ...] By MichaelMD1978  On Mon Nov 20 2017, 08:43am
5 5368 iscom
Fri Oct 18 2019, 10:41am
iPhone or Android in USB?  I have been using my iPhone plugged into USB and using my Alexa app to play music, what I want to kn[more ...] By Westentertainer  On Mon Oct 14 2019, 12:53pm
1 3303 jsg1163
Tue Oct 15 2019, 05:33pm
Smeg/Map update  Hi all picked up my new to me late 2013 Gp yesterday and the mapping and smeg looks to be the origin[more ...] By Gavin0478  On Sun Oct 13 2019, 04:22am
1 3374 babos
Sun Oct 13 2019, 01:23pm
Removing and Refitting SatNav Radio  I have located an updated radio (3D Sat Nav Carplay Android) for my 2014 C4GP but can't find out ho[more ...] By iscom  On Wed Sep 25 2019, 12:15pm
2 3461 BigJohnD
Thu Sep 26 2019, 09:05am
C4 GP 2.0 Hdi Exclusive Updates  I am new to this Forum, but I require some help please. I have a 2014 GP and would like to know how[more ...] By andrewmagor  On Tue Sep 10 2019, 06:22am
3 3541 routemaster1
Fri Sep 13 2019, 12:24pm
SMEG latest update link please  Hi, I have a 2014 C4GP 2.0 Exclusive. Could someone get me a link to the lastest firmware update sui[more ...] By Harsh187  On Wed Sep 11 2019, 06:20am
5 3942 Harsh187
Thu Sep 12 2019, 06:56am
How can i find which version of software Please  Hi the My Citroen App has stopped showing the addresses of my journeys, and I emailed Citroen to ask[more ...] By Blackstar  On Wed Mar 13 2019, 04:31pm
1 3858 Harsh187
Wed Sep 11 2019, 06:41am
Rear speaker wiring  Hi all, I've decided to install a simple subwoofer to my 2014 C4GP. Just want to know where I can fi[more ...] By tomaskriv  On Sat Sep 07 2019, 09:52am
None 3170 -
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2015 C4 Grand Picasso Screen  Good evening,Thank you for your time and help, I am a newbie and 2 weeks ago bought an exclusive+ fr[more ...] By Mrmagoo1979  On Mon Jul 22 2019, 04:54pm
12 4274 Mrmagoo1979
Wed Sep 04 2019, 07:02am
New ConnectNav Maps V15 Released  V15.0.0.r0http://download.tomtom.com/OEM/PSA/MAP/PSA_map-eur_15.0.0-r0-NAC_EUR_WAVE2.tarhttps://medi[more ...] By stoic  On Thu Aug 22 2019, 09:04am
4 4915 stoic
Mon Aug 26 2019, 07:26am
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