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C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso (B78) Problems and Issues

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Eco won't stay on
  I have a C4 Grand Picasso 7 seater, which is only 9 days old. When I first got it the ECO system wor[more ...] By Granny-Go-Go  On Sun Jul 05 2015, 12:55pm
12 5247 routemaster1
Mon Jul 09 2018, 01:17pm
Sticky Thread
Not impressed with my new car - Display screen blank
  Took delivery of my new Exclusive + yesterday and today I have no top display so the car cannot be d[more ...] By zoobs  On Sat Jan 31 2015, 09:01am
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33 15214 DF58
Sun Oct 01 2017, 05:43am
Sticky Thread
Touchscreen rebooting etc
  Has anyone had problems with the touch screen rebooting when it wants for no apparent reason? It has[more ...] By emilyanne1  On Sat Feb 14 2015, 05:11pm
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25 20116 gittos
Mon Dec 26 2016, 02:29pm
Sticky Thread
Service Schedule
  Hi. Could owners of 1.6egs 2013/14 Picasso's please post what their service intervals are, please. M[more ...] By jbhtjhmjh  On Sat May 10 2014, 06:53am
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38 13757 chrispatch
Tue Apr 19 2016, 01:11pm
Sticky Thread
Potential security issue!
  I've had a few odd things happen to our C4GP today. The car was parked on the drive right next to ou[more ...] By routemaster1  On Thu Nov 19 2015, 08:05am
3 3626 vimto2000
Mon Nov 23 2015, 07:18am
 Forum Threads
New front coil spring failed after 3 months - no impact  Hi - had a front coil spring replaced around 3 months ago.Car drove fine until on a flat country roa[more ...] By badfelafel  On Thu Aug 16 2018, 04:12am
2 60 routemaster1
Thu Aug 16 2018, 04:23am
18" Pythons corroding  The 18" Python Alloys on my 2014 GP have started corroding pretty badly. Well it mostly started arou[more ...] By beemanga  On Wed Aug 15 2018, 09:09am
2 69 beemanga
Thu Aug 16 2018, 04:02am
Fix panoramic sunroof blind  Hi,The blind mechanism is not working because one of the pins on one side of the rail broke, so the [more ...] By talmoshe  On Wed Jul 11 2018, 05:58am
5 237 talmoshe
Tue Aug 14 2018, 07:24am
Indirect or Valve TPMS  Good Morning , new to the site so bear with me.I have a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso Airdream Exclusive [more ...] By triggleberry1981  On Sat Aug 11 2018, 05:22am
3 88 routemaster1
Sun Aug 12 2018, 10:59am
Engine Management Light on - Diagnostic Tool says o2 sensor  Evening all!New to this so bare with me We picked up our 2014 Grand Picasso 2 weeks ago. It is the [more ...] By simplydan  On Wed Aug 08 2018, 03:13pm
1 79 jsg1163
Thu Aug 09 2018, 11:21am
Engine management light on...  Hello everyone, we've driven from the UK to Italy in our diesel automatic C4 Grand Picasso (2015 pla[more ...] By mikejohnson  On Tue Jul 31 2018, 03:19am
1 120 routemaster1
Wed Aug 08 2018, 02:34am
Aircon  Hello all,I am the proud owner of a 2014 Picasso. THe only issue I have noticed is that the Air con [more ...] By Joe90c4  On Sat Aug 04 2018, 08:49am
4 168 jsg1163
Tue Aug 07 2018, 05:42am
Intermittent juddering/engine cutouts from cold  Hi there,I wonder if anyone can help us, we’ve been experiencing intermittent problems with the semi[more ...] By grahambeale  On Fri Aug 03 2018, 04:05pm
1 118 johnnybee
Sun Aug 05 2018, 10:28am
Poor fuel economy  Hi Just bought 17 plate flair 1.6diesel EAT.Cruise down motorway with the lightest of acclerator, gr[more ...] By passat07  On Wed Jul 18 2018, 06:33am
8 299 moleman
Sat Aug 04 2018, 11:56am
2009 C4GP diesel Cutting out whilst driving (no codes)  Hi everyone, sorry another newbie to the group and probably another similar subject (sorry couldn't [more ...] By Mrslondon85  On Fri Aug 03 2018, 01:26pm
2 85 Mrslondon85
Fri Aug 03 2018, 01:40pm
DPF problem and odd battery issue  Hi, new to the forum and the frustrated owner of a C4 Grand Picasso 2017 7 seater.It started judderi[more ...] By Baptist  On Wed Aug 01 2018, 03:12pm
2 108 BigJohnD
Wed Aug 01 2018, 03:51pm
[moved] 2014 C4 Picasso ECO OFF and Service light on all the time  My C4 Picasso has developed a fault the ECO stop start system has stopped working and Service light [more ...] By Nigel7  On Wed May 16 2018, 02:17pm
6 390 Nigel7
Wed Aug 01 2018, 07:39am
Trip 2- Odometer not working  Hello everyone,Please see image link below for more info. - Click Here - Everything is working fine [more ...] By jsg1163  On Mon Jul 30 2018, 08:53am
2 111 jsg1163
Mon Jul 30 2018, 09:19am
Engine fault (start/stop not working) + more....  Hi All,My name is Radek and I will be grateful for any help.Just 3 weeks ago I Got c4 grand picasso [more ...] By Radek996  On Fri Jul 20 2018, 07:42am
2 193 jsg1163
Tue Jul 24 2018, 09:55am
Water dripping from underneath car where driver position is. Air con condensation ?  HiOnly had my car a week and noticed when I have the air con on and stop there is clear liquid, look[more ...] By varkanoid  On Sun Jul 22 2018, 10:51am
2 151 varkanoid
Sun Jul 22 2018, 03:05pm
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Cracks appearing on rear tailgate  I checked my C4GP when I went to pick it up new to make sure I wasn't affected, but it is worth know[more ...] By bluehdi  On Sun Jan 18 2015, 11:36am
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18 3214 Richard_C
Sun Jul 22 2018, 02:32pm
Air con not blowing cold  Good evening allLast week the air con in my 2015 grand c4 Picasso stopped working. The problem didn'[more ...] By 200sx  On Tue Jun 19 2018, 03:22pm
7 449 200sx
Thu Jul 19 2018, 01:47pm
Wiper hitting A pillar  The driver's side windscreen wiper is hitting the top of the A pillar.The dealership tried to 'fix' [more ...] By 200sx  On Wed May 02 2018, 10:00am
7 496 200sx
Thu Jul 19 2018, 01:45pm
Clunking noise  Hi, I have a 2016 grand Picasso which seems to have developed a clunking noise whenever I go over bu[more ...] By justinwp1970  On Tue Jul 17 2018, 05:35am
3 177 Saxman
Tue Jul 17 2018, 06:04pm
Speed limiter kicking in unexpectedly on motorways  I was wondering if you could help with a problem I have now for the second time with my 2014 C4 Gran[more ...] By bradmca  On Tue Jul 05 2016, 03:24am
6 1258 byngo
Tue Jul 17 2018, 02:01pm
Anti-roll bar bushes fixing bolt.  Hi all, I recently took my 2014 C4 pic for a service and was advised that a fixing bolt was broken o[more ...] By picmammalian  On Tue Jul 17 2018, 07:47am
None 110 -
Premature Auxilliary belt breakage - Alternator Clutch?  Hi,We have a 2014 C4 Pic E-HDI Exclusive plus with stop start feature and air-con. Its on 21k miles.[more ...] By byngo  On Mon Jul 16 2018, 11:29am
2 139 byngo
Tue Jul 17 2018, 07:11am
2014 C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive + Tow Bar advice  Hi I am looking to install a tow bar to my 2014 C4 GP Exclusive + car but i am unsure what the best [more ...] By Noworries2004  On Mon May 28 2018, 08:28am
6 377 byngo
Tue Jul 17 2018, 01:09am
Going back in to have rear axle done again.  Hi. How many of you have had the rear axle work done under warranty or otherwise? I had mine done th[more ...] By Dragutter  On Wed Mar 14 2018, 11:24pm
9 927 don33
Tue Jul 17 2018, 12:27am
2015 C4P 150 BluHDi exclusive+ clutch pedal travel?  Hi,The clutch on my 2015 C4P has 2 or 3 inches travel before I feel anything engaging when I press t[more ...] By GazzaBloom  On Fri Jul 06 2018, 04:11am
3 211 proinnsias
Mon Jul 16 2018, 05:38am
C4GP 2016 Type 2 engine fuse box  According to the user manaual our Exlusive + has a type 2 fuse box infront of the battery in the eng[more ...] By grahn  On Sat Jul 14 2018, 03:53am
2 150 Duck999
Mon Jul 16 2018, 03:24am
Clutch noise  Hi all, so i raised this with the dealer and they said they have had 2 technicians look at this and [more ...] By Tobiaswill  On Sat Jul 14 2018, 03:55am
None 129 -
2016 C4 5door flair advice  I have a 2016 C4 flair 1.6 blue hdi should I have had a recall for the ad blue tank cap? Also my sto[more ...] By alka12  On Thu Jul 12 2018, 01:32pm
2 150 dmpzsn
Fri Jul 13 2018, 12:37pm
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Engine diagnostic light + Urea + service light  Hi All, I was about to the collect my C4GP BlueHDI yesterday. I gave the car a final test drive befo[more ...] By Duck999  On Sun May 28 2017, 04:35am
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17 3091 routemaster1
Thu Jul 12 2018, 08:57am
C4 Picasso power steering fluid reservoir  Hi all,New poster, so I apologise if I'm not following protocol. I have searched everywhere for an a[more ...] By Tregowan  On Mon Jul 09 2018, 03:54pm
7 194 pely
Wed Jul 11 2018, 01:41am
Identification of electrical connector in wing mirror with blind spot monitoring  Hello forum,both of my wing mirror glasses were stolen a few weeks ago and the most disappointing th[more ...] By Aleksandrs  On Sat Jul 07 2018, 01:37pm
6 208 routemaster1
Tue Jul 10 2018, 12:35pm
Alternator/Air-con serpentine belt disintegrated on me today. Wrecked one of the two tension wheels  2014 C4 GP 2.0 e-HDI. I'm in New Zealand but the car is effectively a UK model (as am I!).Car has 70[more ...] By seoras  On Thu Jul 05 2018, 02:39am
2 221 Duck999
Mon Jul 09 2018, 09:41am
Battery voltage low, alternator voltage high  The day after a 160 mile drive, the battery voltage reads 12.2 Volts.With the engine running it's 15[more ...] By wunny  On Mon Jun 04 2018, 03:30pm
3 301 wunny
Sun Jul 08 2018, 04:06pm
C4 Picasso Exclusive - Various Fault messages over 2 days  Hi All,I've reviewed a few threads already with similar faults but just wanted to ask the question a[more ...] By hotbaws  On Thu Jun 28 2018, 12:43pm
4 267 hotbaws
Wed Jul 04 2018, 04:08am
*FIXED*- some MP3 files are not playing  Hello,I have copied some MP3 files/folders to a USB which is formatted using FAT32.The system plays [more ...] By jsg1163  On Tue Jun 19 2018, 04:24am
3 278 jsg1163
Mon Jul 02 2018, 05:41am
“squeaking“ sound whilst driving at slow speeds  I am getting a “squeaking“ sound whilst driving at slow speeds (15 -30) and stops when doing over 40[more ...] By iscom  On Sun May 27 2018, 11:01am
3 394 Duck999
Mon Jun 18 2018, 05:02pm
Problems with jukebox and navigation  Dear all,I'm sorry if I might be repeating this subject (problably someone already complained about [more ...] By Wasp1975  On Thu Jun 14 2018, 04:51am
2 231 Richard_C
Thu Jun 14 2018, 08:51am
Check directional lights message but indicators are fine  After ignition I get the above message on the screen. The service light is also on all the time. C[more ...] By pippinontheroof  On Fri Jun 08 2018, 10:18am
1 204 bluehdi
Fri Jun 08 2018, 10:38am
C4 Picasso Air Deflector Replacement  Hi,new to this group, through necessity unfortunately.I ripped off and snapped one of my underbody a[more ...] By niall86  On Tue Jun 05 2018, 02:12am
1 222 Magistrate
Tue Jun 05 2018, 02:51am
Warning lights...EPS TPMS Hill assist EPB AND and service light coming on  Got 2014 C4 GrandPicasso and all warning lights have come on only fault found was osr abs sensor whi[more ...] By Stevenmc75  On Fri Jun 01 2018, 03:02pm
None 217 -
Issue after service.  I took my C4GP in for MOT and service yesterday, so today I went on line and took out a Citroen exte[more ...] By routemaster1  On Tue May 15 2018, 11:14am
7 495 Saxman
Fri Jun 01 2018, 12:08pm
Multimedia system temporarily unavailable  Hello all,Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. For the last 2 weeks my touch screen is non resp[more ...] By LothianDon  On Mon May 28 2018, 08:57am
2 325 jsg1163
Wed May 30 2018, 06:45am
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2014 C4 Grand Picasso Touch Screen faulty - Multi Media System currently unavailable  HiMy touch screen on my C4 GP started responding slowly last week. It was very hard to select anythi[more ...] By Noworries2004  On Tue Apr 03 2018, 08:33am
10 727 Noworries2004
Tue May 29 2018, 03:39am
C4GP (B78) water temperature  I have 2014 C4 Picasso with 1.6HDi engine. What is the normal water temperature, because my car only[more ...] By drmuc  On Thu Jul 02 2015, 04:01pm
6 2112 jsg1163
Mon May 21 2018, 10:56am
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New (2nd hand GP) creaking sound.  Hello all, been lurking here for the past few weeks and finally purchased a used 2016 GP exclusive f[more ...] By Saxman  On Wed May 02 2018, 04:24pm
11 614 DomF
Mon May 21 2018, 01:49am
Citroen C4 Picasso 1.6 HDI EAT : Vibration different rev noises  Hi wondering if anyone has had a similar problem to me, I have automatic 1.6 diesel recently the car[more ...] By Mss1641  On Wed Apr 18 2018, 06:36am
1 424 rennug
Sat May 19 2018, 09:37pm
Strange electrical issues  Took my car into the local dealership to have the rear axle filled with foam, heater blower issue an[more ...] By Saxman  On Sat May 19 2018, 02:15am
1 273 routemaster1
Sat May 19 2018, 02:31am
2014 C4 Picasso ECO and Service light on  My 2014 C4 Picasso has developed a fault the ECO stop start system has stopped working and Service l[more ...] By Nigel7  On Fri May 18 2018, 04:30am
2 315 Nigel7
Fri May 18 2018, 10:49am
Intermittent fault, say "engine fault, take for repair"  Hi, I have a 1.6 2014 GP Exclusive + and over the last few days it has developed a fault. The warnin[more ...] By gazax  On Wed May 09 2018, 04:05am
7 462 colinallan
Thu May 17 2018, 03:17pm
How do I remove the battery in my C4 Picasso  Hi,I have a C4 Picasso 2014 Airdream that has been sitting on my drive for the past 9 months - prior[more ...] By bebnbenb  On Thu May 17 2018, 04:19am
4 352 danlat1415
Thu May 17 2018, 09:25am
Wheel rotation with TPMS  Sorry posted in the wrong section  By Keith  On Wed May 16 2018, 05:01am
None 255 -
2014 C4 Picasso with over £1000 of work needed, not covered by Evans Halshaw warranty.  So against my better judgement and advise from my friends, I went ahead and purchased a used car fro[more ...] By Thrower  On Tue May 15 2018, 07:28am
4 424 Thrower
Wed May 16 2018, 03:16am
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Electronic parking brake not working + fault lights on dashboard  2014 Citroen C4 Picasso Electronic parking brake not working. Warning lights on dashboard and annoyi[more ...] By Ashcroftmj  On Sun Mar 04 2018, 06:35am
10 911 Richard_C
Tue May 15 2018, 10:04am
C4 gp bleed the brakes without lexia caused handbrake stuck on and abs lights on  want to replace brake fluid it tested more than 4% water in so started at rear then fronts all great[more ...] By crispinchurch  On Mon May 14 2018, 02:04pm
1 339 Magistrate
Tue May 15 2018, 12:16am
2.0 manual - very heavy clutch?  Hi All,Had our GC4P 2.0 Exclusive+ (2015) for about a month now. Within a few days we noticed the cl[more ...] By MarkyMark46  On Fri May 11 2018, 04:08am
2 321 Richard_C
Sun May 13 2018, 02:12pm
Top Screen BLANK when putting car in REVERSE gear...  Hello,The title says it all. Please see link below for image. - Click Here - Basically, when Putting[more ...] By jsg1163  On Fri May 11 2018, 04:51am
5 352 bluehdi
Fri May 11 2018, 11:24am
Service and Eco Off light on constantly.  I have a C4 Grand Picasso 2014 2.0 blueHdi engine Exclusive+, which I have just had serviced by Evan[more ...] By colinallan  On Tue May 08 2018, 08:43am
4 384 colinallan
Wed May 09 2018, 04:35am
ESP/ASR system fault: Have the vehicle repaired | OBD2 error code: P0268  Hello - Click Here - I am getting the "ESP/ASR system fault: Have the vehicle repaired" message (pls[more ...] By jsg1163  On Thu May 03 2018, 04:25am
2 445 jsg1163
Wed May 09 2018, 04:13am
Citroen extended warranty or 3rd party?  Anyone done a recent comparison of costs & exclusions? My 3 years is about to expire & just [more ...] By gdevere  On Tue Dec 20 2016, 05:38pm
7 1583 zivsteevs
Thu May 03 2018, 05:49am
2014 C4P - horn sometimes doesn't work  I've an intermittent fault with the horn on my C4P, first noticed one day about 6 weeks ago when it [more ...] By naughtiusmaximus  On Thu Apr 26 2018, 05:44am
1 365 Duck999
Tue May 01 2018, 09:02am
Help Aberdeenshire  HiAnyone up here in Aberdeenshire fitted a tuning box to there c4? I am looking for someone to fit m[more ...] By Derek5  On Mon Apr 30 2018, 08:35am
None 364 -
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Recall NYB  Just received a recall notification, Recall NYB. It doesn't appear on the database. It says 'the anc[more ...] By routemaster1  On Fri Apr 28 2017, 04:04am
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40 8816 dmpzsn
Thu Apr 26 2018, 12:41pm
2015 C4P Exclusive + sliding visors problem  The drivers side sliding sun visors on my 2015 C4P exclusive+ have started riding back during my dai[more ...] By GazzaBloom  On Sat Apr 21 2018, 03:36pm
4 465 Richard_C
Thu Apr 26 2018, 08:26am
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Keyless / remote door opening - passenger side issue  Hi all... happy Xmas to you all....My C4GP is now nearly 3 years old.... how time flies.... for the [more ...] By BusterDan  On Wed Dec 20 2017, 04:54pm
11 1366 wunny
Tue Apr 24 2018, 04:00pm
C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive Plus- Heating issue, No heat, No hot air, Heater not working- UPDATED  Hello,I have C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive Plus, 2014 model. The car has only done 12000 mileage and th[more ...] By jsg1163  On Fri Mar 09 2018, 05:38am
4 727 routemaster1
Mon Apr 23 2018, 04:22am
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Read this it may be important one day  I had a flat tyre. I took out the wheel wrench and immediately had doubts as to it's strength call i[more ...] By Rosanbo  On Sat Apr 14 2018, 10:39am
11 818 Richard_C
Fri Apr 20 2018, 12:03pm
The Faulty Keyfob Issue - A most simple fix?  So I've had a broken keyfob, the spare worked fine and I could place the broken one in the car dash [more ...] By BusterDan  On Tue Mar 20 2018, 04:05pm
2 607 BusterDan
Wed Apr 18 2018, 01:52pm
Puddle light bulb replacement  My nearside Puddle light was not working along with the problem with the mirror motor (only goes up [more ...] By iscom  On Fri Mar 23 2018, 09:04am
5 749 iscom
Mon Apr 16 2018, 06:50am
Touch screen - Plug and play?  Had an auto electrician come and look at my car today and it appears there is power to my touchscree[more ...] By anpabe  On Wed Apr 04 2018, 11:09am
6 631 anpabe
Sat Apr 14 2018, 12:55pm
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C4 GP Exclusive+ park assist nearly destroyed the car behind!  Hi guys Just upgraded to the 2014 exclusive +, still testing the waters at the moment, I have few is[more ...] By khsofiane  On Fri Feb 16 2018, 03:31pm
13 1030 Rosanbo
Sat Apr 14 2018, 12:33pm
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