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C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso (B78) Problems and Issues

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Not impressed with my new car - Display screen blank
  Took delivery of my new Exclusive + yesterday and today I have no top display so the car cannot be d[more ...] By zoobs  On Sat Jan 31 2015, 09:01AM
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28 5762 bluehdi
Sun Oct 30 2016, 08:38AM
Sticky Thread
Eco won't stay on
  I have a C4 Grand Picasso 7 seater, which is only 9 days old. When I first got it the ECO system wor[more ...] By Granny-Go-Go  On Sun Jul 05 2015, 12:55PM
6 1826 routemaster1
Wed Aug 10 2016, 06:35AM
Sticky Thread
Touchscreen rebooting etc
  Has anyone had problems with the touch screen rebooting when it wants for no apparent reason? It has[more ...] By emilyanne1  On Sat Feb 14 2015, 05:11PM
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21 10745 Eeeps
Thu Jun 02 2016, 12:58AM
Sticky Thread
Service Schedule
  Hi. Could owners of 1.6egs 2013/14 Picasso's please post what their service intervals are, please. M[more ...] By jbhtjhmjh  On Sat May 10 2014, 06:53AM
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38 7335 chrispatch
Tue Apr 19 2016, 01:11PM
Sticky Thread
Potential security issue!
  I've had a few odd things happen to our C4GP today. The car was parked on the drive right next to ou[more ...] By routemaster1  On Thu Nov 19 2015, 08:05AM
3 1336 vimto2000
Mon Nov 23 2015, 07:18AM
 Forum Threads
Yet another recall  I have just received a letter from Citroen telling me about a new recall NUG. This relates to the ca[more ...] By northspoon  On Sat Dec 10 2016, 08:06AM
3 68 FrankBullitt
Sat Dec 10 2016, 10:25AM
Rear Brake Pad life?  HelloI have a GP 2013 the car has just been for its annual service and the notes from the garage (Ci[more ...] By johntech  On Tue Dec 06 2016, 04:38PM
6 140 vimto2000
Thu Dec 08 2016, 03:32PM
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C4 Picasso 2013 pre purchase car checks  Hi All. New to Citroen forum as about tk purchase C4 Picasso. I would appreciate any suggestion what[more ...] By scigulinsky  On Sat Dec 03 2016, 06:00AM
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23 295 scigulinsky
Wed Dec 07 2016, 09:25AM
Turning off parking sensors - possible fault  When I hooked up my caravan to move it yesterday the parking sensors refused to turn off. Usually I[more ...] By howdenbiker  On Sun Dec 04 2016, 08:41AM
4 122 howdenbiker
Mon Dec 05 2016, 01:57PM
Citroen 96742552ZD 3 Button keyless remote C4 Picasso 13-16  Having misplaced, lost or otherwise unable to find one of my keys, I found the following replacement[more ...] By MickO  On Mon Nov 21 2016, 07:24AM
1 142 FullCircle
Mon Nov 21 2016, 02:47PM
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2014 C4 Grand Picasso Exc+ rear spoiler cracking  I have a 2014 Grand Picasso Exclusive+ and the spoiler at the top of the tailgate has cracked along [more ...] By Sicksid  On Mon Jul 27 2015, 02:32PM
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44 3686 niggly56
Sun Nov 20 2016, 12:01PM
Handbrake problem  I had a strange problem with my C4 GP Exclusive+ yesterday. The car is an EAT6 Auto HDi. I went to s[more ...] By northspoon  On Sat Aug 27 2016, 03:10AM
9 407 northspoon
Tue Nov 15 2016, 11:12AM
New Recall NPQ  Not sure if this is the correct place to mention a recall, but I have just found out my C4 GP is sub[more ...] By northspoon  On Fri Sep 30 2016, 09:30AM
3 459 wunny
Thu Nov 10 2016, 04:29PM
Replacing the LED light in driver side mirror?  Hello from snowy Finland!I recently purchased a C4GP 2014. Everything fine so far except the surroun[more ...] By stilande  On Wed Nov 09 2016, 12:36PM
None 112 -
Coolant pipework could split and cause overheating issue  Reading this post over on Planete-Citroen (see link below), I took a look under the bonnet at my own[more ...] By bluehdi  On Sun Oct 16 2016, 12:25PM
6 315 wunny
Wed Nov 09 2016, 08:09AM
2015 Grand Picasso 2.0 HDi  Had an 'engine fault message - needs to be repaired' on Monday when on holiday in France - took it t[more ...] By history1  On Fri Oct 28 2016, 03:15PM
5 242 routemaster1
Tue Nov 01 2016, 11:40AM
C4GP 2015 soft suspension?  Is it just me or is the suspension on the new C4GP really soft? I find it really wallows around ben[more ...] By Spyder  On Fri Oct 21 2016, 01:48PM
4 227 Spyder
Mon Oct 31 2016, 02:50PM
Recalll? on 2015 C4GP wiring loom Ad Blue tank  I just booked my car in for its annual service and they've marked it down for a wiring loom change f[more ...] By wunny  On Sat Oct 29 2016, 09:36AM
2 195 wunny
Sat Oct 29 2016, 03:38PM
Citroen C4 Grand picasso 2015 1.6 blue hdi  My car has been into a local main dealer for new tft display screens because they kept going blank.H[more ...] By RileyElf  On Mon Oct 24 2016, 03:40PM
4 190 bluehdi
Sat Oct 29 2016, 01:00PM
Lights on, doors unlocked - all by themselves  I parked up, double locked the doors, watched the mirrors fold in and went off for about half an hou[more ...] By wunny  On Tue May 03 2016, 03:10AM
9 850 wunny
Sat Oct 29 2016, 09:27AM
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Creaking / Squeaky rear suspension. Damper Mountings?  HelloMy 18month old GP 30000 Miles started making strange creaking noises from the rear my dealer sa[more ...] By johntech  On Fri Jun 26 2015, 09:39AM
10 2085 connectum
Sat Oct 29 2016, 04:14AM
C4 Picasso screen washers  I have tried to adjust the front screen washers to spray higher up on the screenbut to no avail. Any[more ...] By prus  On Thu Oct 20 2016, 03:03AM
2 184 bluehdi
Thu Oct 20 2016, 11:13AM
Foot rest  Has anyone experienced a faulty electrical footrest?On the one occasion that my wife decided to use [more ...] By jonf  On Mon Jan 25 2016, 11:54AM
4 1247 dazeck
Mon Oct 17 2016, 09:09AM
Rear seat belt stuck how do I unlock the auto reel  How do I access the auto reel mechanism as my rear passenger seat belt is stuck in? By alexellio  On Sat Oct 15 2016, 05:44AM
None 113 -
Very High cost of re gas for Air Con  Hi all,I have had a C4 Picasso for just over 2 years and generally speaking I am happy with it. A fe[more ...] By davecarb  On Wed Sep 07 2016, 10:23AM
8 523 routemaster1
Thu Oct 13 2016, 03:54AM
Fuse box issue  HiI did add this comment to an existing thread but I fear its not being seen. According to the handb[more ...] By SpeedChimp  On Wed Aug 31 2016, 12:00PM
4 323 bobkoytc
Tue Oct 11 2016, 04:01AM
Where's the rear 12V socket fuse?  I've blown a couple of fuses plugging in a dodgy appliance. Silly me.The vehicle has the Type 2 fuse[more ...] By bobkoytc  On Mon Oct 10 2016, 02:29PM
None 120 -
C4 Picasso (2013) Exclusive+ leak through windscreen/sunroof  Hi, just posting here in the hope someone can help.We bought our C4 Picasso in March with 6 months l[more ...] By ellybelly  On Wed Sep 28 2016, 08:36AM
3 242 ellybelly
Mon Oct 10 2016, 09:59AM
Where has the Adblue filler cap gone?  Hi, I have the 2016 Grand C4 and the Adblue filler isn't under the offside third row seat anymore, t[more ...] By Robbiejormerod  On Thu Oct 06 2016, 08:17AM
1 200 bluehdi
Sat Oct 08 2016, 03:11AM
Sticks in gear after hardish acceleration  I purchased a new March 2016 Grand Picasso 1.6 Blue HDi120 with the new EAT6 gearbox with the unders[more ...] By Picco  On Fri Sep 16 2016, 12:26PM
4 330 Picco
Fri Sep 30 2016, 05:50AM
Creaking noise from rear at low speeds  Hi all,We've recently purchased a 2014 Grand Picasso from a Citoen dealer. We took it away on our ho[more ...] By grahambeale  On Thu Jun 30 2016, 03:42PM
8 730 vimto2000
Tue Sep 20 2016, 07:12AM
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Gearbox stuck and hot smell  This issue may be a "one off", but hope someone could let me know if this is something I need to get[more ...] By northspoon  On Mon Jun 20 2016, 03:28AM
11 1944 Picco
Sat Sep 17 2016, 02:56PM
Keyless entry not working on driver's side  HiI have a 2014 C4GP 1.6 hdi exclusive+ and the keyless entry unlock and lock has suddenly stopped w[more ...] By CitroenNoticer  On Mon Jun 13 2016, 03:27PM
7 650 CitroenNoticer
Fri Sep 16 2016, 08:26AM
C4 II GP rims  After I've purchased my new GP tried to put my 17" rims from the old one..but they will not fit its [more ...] By beatnik  On Fri Sep 09 2016, 01:06AM
2 260 beatnik
Tue Sep 13 2016, 01:30AM
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Hill Start Assist problem on C4 Picasso Excl+ 2014 ETG6  Recently purchased as Used from a local Citroen dealer. I drive this car the same way as I have driv[more ...] By PIC110  On Thu Jun 23 2016, 09:37AM
13 816 PIC110
Wed Sep 07 2016, 07:06AM
C4GP - Steering Column Visible  Hi All - First Post here.I have a 2014 C4 GP and while cleaning the other day, noticed that I could [more ...] By RichFoz  On Tue Aug 23 2016, 10:13AM
1 258 bluehdi
Tue Aug 23 2016, 11:14AM
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C4P/C4GP Exterior Mirror Indexing  As others have spotted and I have increasingly noticed, the exterior mirror dipping feature that cer[more ...] By bluehdi  On Fri May 29 2015, 11:24AM
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30 3589 bluehdi
Sun Aug 21 2016, 02:42AM
Nearside wheel arch liner  Evening all.Have an issue with the nearside wheel arch liner. The mounting tab on the trailing side [more ...] By 200sx  On Wed Aug 10 2016, 12:51PM
None 239 -
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2014 C4GP - Cruise Control issue  Recently been on a couple of 2 hour expressway drives and cruise working perfectly - it does sit 1km[more ...] By rogan  On Sat Jun 25 2016, 01:09AM
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
16 2673 CrazyTurks
Tue Jul 26 2016, 07:19AM
Indicator Fault?  Sat at a junction today in my 2015 C4P Exc +, with radio on, I realised that despite the arrow flash[more ...] By niggly56  On Fri Jul 15 2016, 10:47AM
1 390 niggly56
Sat Jul 23 2016, 02:25AM
Aircon not working  I have only had this 2013 C4 Picasso for a couple of months having bought from a non Citroen dealer.[more ...] By BazandPam  On Thu Jul 21 2016, 01:43AM
4 422 BazandPam
Fri Jul 22 2016, 01:34AM
Top screen replacement  Hi just had my top screen replaced under warranty, usual faults of no rear cam and intermittent line[more ...] By jonf  On Wed Jul 20 2016, 11:50AM
2 308 jonf
Wed Jul 20 2016, 01:34PM
Accident damage - Advice please  Hi all, I haven't been around much recently so apologies for that.Unfortunately yesterday evening I [more ...] By BusterDan  On Sun Jul 17 2016, 09:54AM
8 425 BusterDan
Mon Jul 18 2016, 08:15AM
Headrest  Hi All,On my C4P VTR+, I cannot get the driver's headrest to a decent position - I'm 6"2' and other [more ...] By boombuia  On Fri Jul 15 2016, 08:23AM
None 228 -
Diesel Fuel filter for C4 GP 2014 HDi2.0  Has anyone replaced the fuel filter for a 2014 C4 GP HDi2.0 Intensive Auto?Just got it back from the[more ...] By seoras  On Wed Jul 13 2016, 04:51AM
5 385 seoras
Thu Jul 14 2016, 06:49PM
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C4 Grand Picasso 2015  I have had our grand Picasso for 2 weeks now, diesel 1.6VTR+ with 12K on the clock. I am really disa[more ...] By Andy84370  On Fri Feb 26 2016, 01:06PM
12 1363 routemaster1
Thu Jul 14 2016, 04:42PM
Speed limiter kicking in unexpectedly on motorways  I was wondering if you could help with a problem I have now for the second time with my 2014 C4 Gran[more ...] By bradmca  On Tue Jul 05 2016, 03:24AM
2 352 bradmca
Wed Jul 13 2016, 03:21AM
Temp sensor location please!  Hi,The car has gone a bit mad today... the temp is reading between 50 and 80 centigrade outside.... [more ...] By s60r  On Fri Jul 01 2016, 12:34PM
2 371 s60r
Fri Jul 01 2016, 01:25PM
fuzzy vision  Sorry put this in wrong forum before [pre 2013]Had a C4 for 5 years and loved it so July 2015 purcha[more ...] By JANEVANS02  On Mon Jun 27 2016, 10:21AM
None 303 -
Front brake pads replaced under warranty  2014 Grand Picasso with 4000miles on the clock. It's been a dealer's demo car. When I got it, found [more ...] By rogan  On Tue Jun 07 2016, 08:15PM
2 484 rogan
Mon Jun 27 2016, 03:38AM
Knocking sounds from suspension  Sent my late 2015 GC4P with only 5,000km mileage back to the dealer twice already but still can't id[more ...] By rennug  On Thu Jun 16 2016, 09:19AM
None 353 -
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Auto headlights not switching off quickly?  I have my 2015 C4 GP Exclusive+ set for auto headlights, but on several occasions they have not swit[more ...] By northspoon  On Fri May 20 2016, 07:38AM
10 729 rennug
Thu Jun 16 2016, 09:05AM
I wish there was a software update to delay S&S kick off  is it me or this start&stop mechanism is kicking too soon ? really annoying.I wish (if Citroen r[more ...] By tait  On Wed Jun 08 2016, 05:20PM
8 713 rennug
Thu Jun 16 2016, 09:00AM
B78 Grand Picasso Rear Door Trim Removal  Can anyone help me removing a rear door trim? I can't find online advice on how to do this - presum[more ...] By sdg  On Tue Jun 14 2016, 05:04AM
None 377 -
Rear wiper resting position  Hi, quick question, in my 2015 C4P the rear wiper doesn't return to a completely horizontal position[more ...] By boombuia  On Mon Jun 13 2016, 06:57AM
2 376 10coupe
Tue Jun 14 2016, 02:36AM
Clutch pedal failing to fully come up / Clutch master cylinder  I recently experienced the clutch pedal failing to return fully up with it sticking at about the 2/3[more ...] By CitroenNoticer  On Mon Jun 13 2016, 03:14PM
None 337 -
Noisy climate control / fan  Noisy Interior fan. Fans seem to be my thing at the moment - the internal fan seems to have got a lo[more ...] By ggsumo  On Fri Jun 10 2016, 07:35PM
2 359 bluehdi
Sat Jun 11 2016, 09:24AM
2015 C4GP - Noise creaking from under the floor on pulling away and braking  Hi - I have a C$GP Excl+ 1.6hdi picked up saturday with 200 miles on clock. I have a noise like crea[more ...] By ggsumo  On Mon Mar 28 2016, 12:38PM
3 698 KenC
Sat Jun 11 2016, 03:02AM
Service light and hot smell - Aircon?  Hi All - not really having much luck. had to reject first car long story and now the replacement has[more ...] By ggsumo  On Thu May 05 2016, 04:34PM
2 463 ggsumo
Fri Jun 10 2016, 07:20PM
List of things to check before warranty expires  Is there a checklist of known faults / problems for us owners to look at immediately before warranty[more ...] By rogan  On Mon Jun 06 2016, 06:04PM
1 538 FrankBullitt
Fri Jun 10 2016, 05:43AM
Top screen  Looks like I've just encountered the dreaded top screen issue Late 64 plate C4 Picasso exclusive [more ...] By jonf  On Sun Jun 05 2016, 12:33PM
5 549 bluehdi
Mon Jun 06 2016, 02:51PM
Plastic burning smell  My wife called me saying there was a really strong plastic/electrical burning smell coming from the [more ...] By neston  On Thu Jun 02 2016, 02:29AM
2 470 wunny
Fri Jun 03 2016, 10:14AM
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Climate Control - Strange problem  Just wondering if anyone else has seen this.C4GP Exclusive+ Blue 150 - 2 weeks old 500 miles.Mrs cam[more ...] By Eeeps  On Sat Mar 19 2016, 12:01PM
11 1158 bluehdi
Fri Jun 03 2016, 07:32AM
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C4 GP 2014 faults  Now to add to my woes with a rebooting touchscreen, we've had the drivers armrest which won't lock i[more ...] By emilyanne1  On Tue Apr 07 2015, 03:51PM
11 2244 bluehdi
Fri Jun 03 2016, 07:29AM
Rattling/clicking when turning wheel  Has anyone experienced and issue with a rattle or clicking when turning the wheel.Just back from exp[more ...] By connectum  On Sun May 15 2016, 03:53AM
5 653 s60r
Tue May 24 2016, 12:03AM
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New C4 Picasso - Wiper blade hits car screen frame  Hello, my new C4 non-grand has a wiper blade issue. When the blades are wiping in a relaxed slow wip[more ...] By zimbo  On Fri Aug 15 2014, 10:00AM
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
19 3041 niggly56
Wed May 18 2016, 01:33AM
Climate Control Fault?  Having read of others having problems with the climate control, and never really been convinced of m[more ...] By niggly56  On Sun May 15 2016, 11:35AM
6 598 s60r
Wed May 18 2016, 01:17AM
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C4 Picasso Exclusive 1.6 BlueHDi EAT6 Gearbox Problem  Hi allThis may have been asked but I have search and not found anything in relation to this problem.[more ...] By Digger4510  On Fri Mar 25 2016, 02:41PM
12 1516 Eeeps
Sun May 15 2016, 01:55PM
ETG6 transmission "features"  This might be discussed here before but couldn´t find with search.I have 2014 Grand Picasso with ETG[more ...] By Andre  On Wed May 11 2016, 07:06AM
2 591 Andre
Sun May 15 2016, 02:12AM
Double locking not working  Hi C4owners,I just became a happy owner of C4GP Intensive that was dealers test vehicle.My model has[more ...] By DryAxE  On Fri May 06 2016, 06:06PM
2 510 DryAxE
Sun May 08 2016, 01:52PM
Top screen problem  So with 9,000 miles on the clock, I have my first issue. My top screen has developed a black line th[more ...] By routemaster1  On Wed Mar 02 2016, 10:36AM
8 1134 routemaster1
Mon May 02 2016, 02:42AM
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Is your climate control a bit half-hearted?  Over weekend the car managed to get properly hot inside from the sunshine so got to see whether clim[more ...] By kyojitsu  On Mon Jun 08 2015, 05:32AM
13 2219 tait
Fri Apr 29 2016, 03:30PM
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Exclusive+ Passenger footrest  Probably a stupid question- but should the footrest fold right down? Mine stays pointing out at the [more ...] By niggly56  On Sun Aug 16 2015, 04:22AM
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
17 2572 GeoffK
Thu Apr 28 2016, 04:15AM
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C4P/GP rear door lock problem  It appears that a problem is emerging with the rear door locks on recently produced C4P/GP (B78) mod[more ...] By bluehdi  On Sat Jan 09 2016, 10:02AM
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
25 2773 northspoon
Wed Apr 27 2016, 07:52AM
Engine braking  I'm one of those who take my foot off the accelerator to slow the vehicle down before braking to sto[more ...] By rennug  On Sun Apr 03 2016, 12:31PM
2 938 rennug
Fri Apr 22 2016, 12:18PM
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