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C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso (B78) Problems and Issues

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Touchscreen rebooting etc
  Has anyone had problems with the touch screen rebooting when it wants for no apparent reason? It has[more ...] By emilyanne1  On Sat Feb 14 2015, 05:11pm
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29 44290 proinnsias
Mon Jan 25 2021, 07:48am
Sticky Thread
Not impressed with my new car - Display screen blank
  Took delivery of my new Exclusive + yesterday and today I have no top display so the car cannot be d[more ...] By zoobs  On Sat Jan 31 2015, 09:01am
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51 56708 UnKn0WnS
Thu Oct 08 2020, 06:14am
Sticky Thread
Eco won't stay on
  I have a C4 Grand Picasso 7 seater, which is only 9 days old. When I first got it the ECO system wor[more ...] By Granny-Go-Go  On Sun Jul 05 2015, 12:55pm
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31 26816 pavlebo
Fri Sep 27 2019, 10:44am
Sticky Thread
Potential security issue!
  I've had a few odd things happen to our C4GP today. The car was parked on the drive right next to ou[more ...] By routemaster1  On Thu Nov 19 2015, 08:05am
5 9355 routemaster1
Sat Feb 23 2019, 10:01am
Sticky Thread
Service Schedule
  Hi. Could owners of 1.6egs 2013/14 Picasso's please post what their service intervals are, please. M[more ...] By jbhtjhmjh  On Sat May 10 2014, 06:53am
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38 33473 chrispatch
Tue Apr 19 2016, 01:11pm
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Touchscreen display blank  Hi everyone. I bought a secondhand 2013 Citroen C4 Picasso back in November and last week I had a “U[more ...] By Craig01  On Thu Jan 20 2022, 12:53pm
3 104 Craig01
Fri Jan 21 2022, 09:04am
Heater blower fan fuse?  Hi all, went for a drive today and wanted a little cool air from the vents and noticed the blower fa[more ...] By Rusky68  On Sat Jun 20 2020, 03:29pm
9 4203 Sam117
Fri Jan 21 2022, 05:43am
2014 - Multiple intermittent faults / electrical?  Hi folks,I posted a while back about a number of intermittent faults I get and I believe I've narrow[more ...] By Knotty  On Tue Jan 18 2022, 02:18am
5 140 Knotty
Wed Jan 19 2022, 02:51pm
Sub frame bolt  I have found out what the creaking under my C4P was the rear nearside subframe bolt has been snapped[more ...] By delboydell  On Sun Jan 16 2022, 01:26pm
1 105 vexorg
Mon Jan 17 2022, 06:39am
360 vision camera not working?  Hi all,Bought a 2014 C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive+ two weeks ago, overall running great. One issue tho[more ...] By M7irl  On Tue Dec 12 2017, 10:32am
1 2032 talmoshe
Sat Jan 08 2022, 03:39pm
Heater Matrix removal and replacement guide  I have been having the common problem of no heat on the drivers side vents and a little bit of heat [more ...] By JimB78  On Wed Jan 05 2022, 07:50am
2 226 JimB78
Fri Jan 07 2022, 10:33am
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Question about fitting a new battery  The battery on my C4 Grand Picasso Blue HDi (2015) is completely shot. I went to start the car, the[more ...] By Hengist  On Sun Oct 17 2021, 11:09am
10 1040 py6rac
Sun Jan 02 2022, 11:29am
C4 Picasso 2016 (B78) gearbox oil capacity  Hi all, first post here but I've owned a 2016 B78 Picasso for a few years now. My car developed a fa[more ...] By JetskiB78  On Sat Dec 25 2021, 05:27pm
6 354 vexorg
Fri Dec 31 2021, 07:51am
2014 C4 Picasso ETG6 Clutch Slip  Hi, In 2019 we paid around £900 for a clutch replacement on our 2014 C4 Picasso 1.6 Diesel, it has t[more ...] By John36uk  On Wed Dec 29 2021, 03:54am
1 231 routemaster1
Wed Dec 29 2021, 03:14pm
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ESP/ASR system, ABS braking system, parking brake, tyre under inflation faults  Hi all. Driven my 2013 C4 GS for over 2 years now with no bother, it has over 90K on her. Last week [more ...] By Tronic  On Tue Aug 06 2019, 12:27pm
14 4356 Kyser143
Wed Dec 29 2021, 10:56am
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Please help!!!! No Start No Ignition Economy Mode Active  Hi GuysFirst post hope someone can help, have a 2015 C4GP 1.6 Hdi (DV6FC) which is not starting at a[more ...] By steve112  On Mon May 17 2021, 05:33am
13 1750 NigelD
Wed Dec 29 2021, 06:20am
Retro fit reverse camera  I have an early 2016 c4p blue hdi 1.6 eat6 auto exclusive.As I now know citroen alter car specs afte[more ...] By Dave675  On Tue Dec 28 2021, 02:49pm
None 201 -
C4 Picasso 1.6HDI ETG6 2014 drops to tickover after driving about 30 yds, with no throttle.  C4 Picasso 1.6HDI ETG6 2014 drops to tickover after pulling away. When starting from cold, car start[more ...] By rick  On Mon Dec 27 2021, 05:53am
1 233 northspoon
Tue Dec 28 2021, 06:01am
Rubber trim under bonnet torn  Strange problem. I opened the bonnet of my 2015 C4 Grand Picasso, to find the rubber seal / trim by [more ...] By northspoon  On Thu Dec 09 2021, 12:15pm
6 474 vexorg
Wed Dec 22 2021, 03:49am
Tyres  I had an email from my main dealer to say they are giving a discount on approved tyres, I was expect[more ...] By 3cyl  On Sat Dec 18 2021, 08:17am
9 440 vexorg
Wed Dec 22 2021, 03:44am
How to replace the battery?  Sorry guys, I've had a search but can't find anything for the b78 Picasso. My battery has died (curr[more ...] By Itchigo27  On Mon Dec 20 2021, 07:23am
4 331 Richard_C
Tue Dec 21 2021, 06:02am
The dreaded abs fault/ hill start/ handbrake/ service light fault etc  Had this which pointed towards driver side abs wheel sensor.Had it changed by my mechanic but he can[more ...] By Lawty999  On Thu Nov 25 2021, 03:58am
4 567 3cyl
Sat Dec 18 2021, 08:10am
C4 Grand Picasso - While Driving Cut-out - P2291  Car: 2015 C4 Grand PicassoWhile coming back from a long journey, just as I got back in to my city, I[more ...] By findmak  On Sat Dec 11 2021, 03:46pm
None 334 -
Replace wing mirror indicator cover new Grand C4 Picasso  Hi, I have a new shape Grand C4 Picasso.On the way to work a complete fool ignored a give way and cr[more ...] By chapi  On Wed Jul 29 2015, 02:03pm
6 12159 madmanandy27
Fri Dec 10 2021, 08:12am
KeyFob Not detected Meltdown - 2015 C4 Grand Picasso - Diesal  Hi all,I can't start my car, it's a nightmare. I made a quick vid of the issue we're having with the[more ...] By philiet2003  On Sat Nov 27 2021, 08:10am
9 694 Ap0qalypto
Thu Dec 09 2021, 10:20am
'Under Tray' part no. for Grand C4 Picasso 2.0 BlueHDi (150PS)(2014)  Hi allIn the bad weather last weekend I went through a puddle and the big plastic sheet underneath t[more ...] By Gainster  On Sun Dec 05 2021, 08:09am
4 440 Gainster
Tue Dec 07 2021, 05:58am
C4 Picasso (B78) 2014 water in spare wheel compartment??  Over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that water is pooling in the spare wheel section under[more ...] By danlat1415  On Sat Nov 27 2021, 09:25am
7 605 danlat1415
Mon Dec 06 2021, 10:59am
C4 Pic 2014 Exclusive (B87) - Wing Mirror Indicator Not Working  Evening all,Just a quick one (Hopefully)My passenger side indicator light stopped working some time [more ...] By zane2g  On Thu Oct 14 2021, 03:43pm
5 749 simonP49
Sun Dec 05 2021, 03:11pm
C4 Picasso intermittent Power Steering fault  I have a C4P 2014 HDi1.6 diesel Exclusive+ with 86k on the clock, it has started intermittently thro[more ...] By Fududd  On Thu Dec 02 2021, 08:01am
2 428 vexorg
Fri Dec 03 2021, 04:05am
C4 Picasso B78 mirrors stay folded  Hi,both mirrors stay folded on unlocking. As far as I know, there is no "manual" way to try to fold/[more ...] By cmaet  On Wed Dec 01 2021, 12:59am
5 522 cmaet
Wed Dec 01 2021, 10:14am
Internal fan blower on all the time  Hi AllI have a 2015 C4 Grand Picasso (Auto), never had issues until the other day when I unlocked th[more ...] By zedheadgp4  On Tue Nov 30 2021, 01:06pm
1 416 proinnsias
Wed Dec 01 2021, 04:06am
Citroen electrical experts?  Hi thereI’ve had the SERVICE light on for over a year now. Citroen dealer replaced battery, ECU, BSI[more ...] By philiet2003  On Sun Nov 28 2021, 06:33am
None 443 -
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Roof Blind Broken  I have a 2015 C4 GP Exclusive with the electric roof blind. I hardly use this and leave it in the cl[more ...] By northspoon  On Thu Aug 05 2021, 11:32am
10 1409 Munioo
Sat Nov 27 2021, 02:09pm
Rear Light Removal on B78 Grand Picasso  Got a brake light out on my Grand Picasso. When I opened the tail gate I couldn't see how to get the[more ...] By maverick54  On Thu Nov 25 2021, 02:09pm
1 453 Richard_C
Fri Nov 26 2021, 05:42am
Blindspot error  Managed to eventually find a picasso without a heater issue. This one has a brand new heater matrix [more ...] By Joe427  On Wed Nov 24 2021, 08:50am
4 491 routemaster1
Thu Nov 25 2021, 10:46am
Citroen C4 Picasso 2016 - Indicators flashing/blinking super rapidly/quickly  Hi All, I have a Citroen C4 Picasso 2016 Exclusive+ and have recently developed a fault. when I star[more ...] By pueky  On Thu Nov 18 2021, 04:03pm
None 462 -
Day one of this year's warranty and a new claim!  Well, the GP went in for its service on its 6th birthday. Its been groaning a bit, when reversing o[more ...] By wunny  On Tue Nov 16 2021, 04:56pm
None 439 -
Engine noise and smoke  I've just noticed this problem with my wife's 2007 1.6 VTI C4 Grand Picasso. (Cant get the videos em[more ...] By sandfish  On Sat Nov 13 2021, 07:50am
1 517 wunny
Sun Nov 14 2021, 03:35am
Cannot Complete EGS/ETG Calibration  Hi thereI have a 2014 E-HDI Picasso with the ETG6.When running through the Lexia programming, I get [more ...] By PSA77  On Fri Oct 29 2021, 04:32am
1 603 Ap0qalypto
Sun Nov 07 2021, 01:03am
Heater Issues - Hot on one side  Hi,Recently brought a C4GP which is a 2015 Exclusive+ 1.6 BlueHDI. The car has the issue where the p[more ...] By Joe427  On Wed Nov 03 2021, 07:19am
5 746 JimB78
Fri Nov 05 2021, 11:43am
Poor ride  I have 65 plate c4 grand exclusive plus. The last mot I had an advisory that both bottom front bushe[more ...] By Westentertainer  On Wed Oct 27 2021, 02:55pm
1 717 Richard_C
Fri Oct 29 2021, 04:57am
Engine Mount aka Anti Torque Link?  Hi,Can someone shed light as to whether the engine mount is called 'Anti torque link' in Citroen spe[more ...] By vkykam  On Wed Oct 27 2021, 06:55am
1 630 vexorg
Wed Oct 27 2021, 07:54am
2015 c4 gp 1.6hdi coolant levels  I dont know if im looking for a problem thats not there or what but my coolant level seems off to me[more ...] By Dnic87  On Mon Oct 25 2021, 03:11pm
2 635 vexorg
Tue Oct 26 2021, 11:34am
Snapped gear shift lever - has this happened to anyone before?  Was putting it in to "Park" when it snapped about 1.5cm from the base. I can still awkwardly change [more ...] By walldan  On Thu Oct 21 2021, 07:42pm
None 612 -
"twanging" sound when turning  Hi Guys, I have a 2018 GP. I have googled this one, and strange noises when you're turning steering [more ...] By enola79  On Mon Oct 18 2021, 02:08pm
7 827 vexorg
Thu Oct 21 2021, 04:00am
Strange intermittent service fault / eco mode issue  I have the 2014 GP 1.6 TDI've had an issue for the last few months or so that I can't for the life o[more ...] By Knotty  On Mon Oct 11 2021, 06:48am
3 792 Knotty
Fri Oct 15 2021, 04:49pm
Small Fuel Top Up Affects Gauge?  Due to the current panic buying draining the pumps dry and my trip to Somerset from Norfolk tomorrow[more ...] By RichieW  On Mon Oct 04 2021, 02:37pm
8 951 RichieW
Tue Oct 12 2021, 02:27pm
C4 Picasso fob/keyless entry not working  I can't open my doors with the fob or tuching the door handles on my C4 Picasso (2015). I have repla[more ...] By Annie  On Thu Oct 07 2021, 06:43am
5 880 routemaster1
Thu Oct 07 2021, 09:14am
DPF warning, immediately followed by Engine Repair Needed  We have a GC4P 2016 (using the original software), that today decided to alarm "Risk of Particle fil[more ...] By RWorgan  On Sat Oct 02 2021, 05:35pm
9 991 skorpion
Tue Oct 05 2021, 02:18pm
Service light on and engine needs repair message  Hi folks, I’ve had service light and engine repair warning come on my screen 10 seconds after I star[more ...] By Harsh187  On Fri Oct 01 2021, 07:30am
3 836 Harsh187
Fri Oct 01 2021, 05:20pm
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Citroen C4 Picasso 2016 1.2 Petrol - Error P1034, P1033, P1032  Hi everyone!I am having Citroen C4 Picasso 2016 1.2 with Petrol engine. Now it has around 80.000km. [more ...] By usantl  On Wed Mar 17 2021, 02:46am
11 3218 ABSSS
Fri Oct 01 2021, 09:22am
Grand picasso air con leak  Hi all im in need of some help. I have a grand Picasso c4 2015 and it keeps losing aircon gas I have[more ...] By j1senter  On Mon Jun 14 2021, 01:47pm
6 1536 Harsh187
Fri Oct 01 2021, 07:56am
C4 Grand Picasso MK2 (2013) - Fan Blower not working  Hi guys,I'm wondering if I can get some help in here on this issue.The Fan / blower has stopped work[more ...] By DJ6400  On Wed Sep 29 2021, 03:26pm
1 741 proinnsias
Thu Sep 30 2021, 05:46am
Error logging details  Hi all,Just wondering if anybody knows whether it's possible to see a log of any errors displayed AN[more ...] By russ_g_uk  On Tue Sep 28 2021, 06:19am
None 730 -
front suspension arm bush  i have had an advisory on my 65 plate grand picaso exclusive that i need front suspension pin or bus[more ...] By Westentertainer  On Mon Sep 13 2021, 11:21am
6 990 py6rac
Sun Sep 19 2021, 03:49pm
Smoke in cabin, heater control / thermistor failure?  Hi all, Hope you're keeping well and safe.Hopefully a quick one, the old man was driving the c4 pic [more ...] By Upex  On Tue Sep 14 2021, 01:22am
2 868 Upex
Sun Sep 19 2021, 11:32am
Ecu no power  I have a 2014 grand picasso 1.6 hdi, it had a code and after checking I removed and checked fuses in[more ...] By Ergomouse  On Sat Sep 18 2021, 10:08am
2 838 Ergomouse
Sun Sep 19 2021, 09:42am
Engine Management Light - unrecognised code  So, less than two weeks after a dealer service, and a mere month or so after the 5-year warranty exp[more ...] By proinnsias  On Wed Sep 01 2021, 05:01am
4 1093 proinnsias
Fri Sep 17 2021, 03:38pm
C4 Grand Picasso electrical issue, any ideas please?  Hello,I have been having issues with my Citroen Grand C4 Picasso 2008 plate. Until recently it worke[more ...] By RattyMcRat  On Mon Sep 13 2021, 01:50pm
None 813 -
C4 Picasso - suspension knock/click  Hi,I've got a Citroen C4 Picasso (2014) and my front suspension has a very slight rattle/knocking wh[more ...] By danlat1415  On Sat May 08 2021, 07:26am
3 1808 Westentertainer
Mon Sep 13 2021, 11:24am
My C4 has become a hard drive  I have noticed that my 65 plate Grand Exclusive has become a hard drive. I also noticed that the tor[more ...] By Westentertainer  On Sun Sep 12 2021, 06:11am
1 866 vexorg
Mon Sep 13 2021, 03:24am
Metallic tap from underneath  My 2015 C4 Grand Exclusive has developed an annoying metallic clunk. It's like someone tapping the e[more ...] By Westentertainer  On Thu Apr 01 2021, 11:17am
6 1932 vexorg
Mon Sep 13 2021, 03:23am
C4 Grand Picasso 2015 1.6 70,000 miles  Hi there, I have a problem with my car, it has been running fine since we brought it 2 years ago. A[more ...] By Freeespirit  On Mon Sep 06 2021, 02:32pm
2 974 vexorg
Fri Sep 10 2021, 02:50am
Driver Armrest removal - 2016  Hi everyone, I've recently purchased a 2016 Picasso which had a worn drivers armrest fabric on the t[more ...] By py6rac  On Wed Jul 14 2021, 07:24am
4 1386 py6rac
Thu Sep 09 2021, 06:40am
Eat6 grinding/rubbing noise only at 17-20mph  First post-I'm hoping some of you folks might shed some light on this.I've recently got a 2017 grand[more ...] By Herculepoirot  On Mon May 24 2021, 01:44pm
6 1687 Herculepoirot
Wed Sep 08 2021, 05:17pm
Automatic tailgate balljoint failure  Hoping someone on here could help me. I'm trying to find a part number or supplier of the balljoint [more ...] By Lucent  On Wed May 22 2019, 12:04pm
8 3151 danholloway
Sat Sep 04 2021, 10:30am
Major Battery Drain  Hi all, I went away for a week and one morning my 2014 C4GP wouldn’t start… ticked over a few times[more ...] By MATNER  On Sun Aug 29 2021, 03:21pm
9 1212 vexorg
Sat Sep 04 2021, 01:50am
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2014 C4 GP - Tyre pressure monitor, outside temp & wing mirrors  Hi all,Just wondered if there is a link between the tyre pressure monitor, outside temp & wing m[more ...] By chrislufc1977  On Sun Apr 21 2019, 03:47am
11 3217 Connell999
Tue Aug 31 2021, 01:04pm
2016 2.0 Diesel 10mpg!  Hi, bought a diesel 2.0 c4 grand picasso on Saturday. Drove it home 2 junctions after filling it up.[more ...] By sparkers82  On Mon Aug 23 2021, 01:03pm
6 1153 tomandjo2
Wed Aug 25 2021, 02:09pm
Electronic Handbrake MOT failure - C4 Picasso (2013)  Hi,I recently put my car through it's MOT and it has failed on (parking brake efficiency below requi[more ...] By justcarissues  On Thu Aug 12 2021, 03:03am
3 1119 vbru2039
Mon Aug 23 2021, 08:24am
C4 GRAND PICASSO MK2 2014 - C0701 , P0420 ERROR CODES  Hello ,i connect OBD ELM327 to my car and got the error codes : C0701 , P0420 .i have to say that ov[more ...] By o_mar  On Mon Aug 23 2021, 08:17am
None 905 -
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Suck oil out  My 2015 grand picaso needs an oil change, I took it to local garage on last oil change and they snap[more ...] By Westentertainer  On Wed Jul 28 2021, 04:29pm
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27 3829 DeuxChevaux
Sat Aug 21 2021, 04:07pm
Serious System Failure. Car Immobile !  Hello FolksMy 2016 GP Eat6 Has broken down. Symptoms when driving various warnings flashing on dash[more ...] By johntech  On Sun Jul 18 2021, 07:54am
1 1204 CAndyBil
Fri Aug 20 2021, 03:47pm
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Key fob failing  Hi all, I am having problems with my key fobs not working on a random basis. If car is locked at [more ...] By ajaxer  On Tue Nov 28 2017, 07:59am
14 10071 avionista
Thu Aug 19 2021, 10:56am
2021 C4 Grand Spacetourer EAT8 Active Safety Brake Fault?  Hi everyone, I've had my brand new C4 Grand Spacetourer 'Shine' EAT8 auto since 1st April and need a[more ...] By johntee  On Sun Apr 18 2021, 03:44am
4 1946 Rob72
Wed Aug 11 2021, 11:57am
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