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C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso (B78) Problems and Issues

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Touchscreen rebooting etc
  Has anyone had problems with the touch screen rebooting when it wants for no apparent reason? It has[more ...] By emilyanne1  On Sat Feb 14 2015, 05:11pm
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30 50747 DTK82
Sat Apr 15 2023, 06:03am
Sticky Thread
Eco won't stay on
  I have a C4 Grand Picasso 7 seater, which is only 9 days old. When I first got it the ECO system wor[more ...] By Granny-Go-Go  On Sun Jul 05 2015, 12:55pm
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36 34904 Salonen32
Sat Jan 14 2023, 05:14am
Sticky Thread
Not impressed with my new car - Display screen blank
  Took delivery of my new Exclusive + yesterday and today I have no top display so the car cannot be d[more ...] By zoobs  On Sat Jan 31 2015, 09:01am
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52 70566 ignaciogerez1983
Mon Aug 01 2022, 09:33pm
Sticky Thread
Potential security issue!
  I've had a few odd things happen to our C4GP today. The car was parked on the drive right next to ou[more ...] By routemaster1  On Thu Nov 19 2015, 08:05am
6 11355 Brixmis7
Sat Jan 29 2022, 07:19am
Sticky Thread
Service Schedule
  Hi. Could owners of 1.6egs 2013/14 Picasso's please post what their service intervals are, please. M[more ...] By jbhtjhmjh  On Sat May 10 2014, 06:53am
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38 40306 chrispatch
Tue Apr 19 2016, 01:11pm
 Forum Threads
C4GP Windscreen washer tank replacement  Hi all, I need some heads up if someone would be kind to help me. My tank for windshield fluid is le[more ...] By ercegs  On Tue May 23 2023, 11:27am
1 53 vexorg
Wed May 24 2023, 03:49am
2015 C4P trouble starting  Hi all, I have a 2015 C4 Picasso 1.6e-HDi that's having a bit of trouble starting. I looked into the[more ...] By 23deano  On Thu Feb 23 2023, 07:19am
2 226 23deano
Sat May 20 2023, 01:27am
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C4 Grand Picasso 2016 Engine Start problems  Hi everybody,I have a c4 Grand Picasso 2016 Petrol (THP 165). Recently it started to act erratically[more ...] By Yagilhenkin  On Wed Feb 16 2022, 02:05pm
10 1682 Farmerguy
Fri May 19 2023, 06:08am
Replacing Volumetric Sensors C4 Picasso 2014  Hi all,I have the common problem with the alarm sounding but my fault lies with the volumetric senso[more ...] By adcover  On Thu May 18 2023, 10:14am
None 27 -
Help! garage or dealer can't find problem  Hi,I have a 67 plate C4 Grand Picasso (BlueHDI 1.6 Diesel).Intermittently over the years it has judd[more ...] By bluenose82  On Sun Apr 30 2023, 10:25am
1 126 HonzaC2
Wed May 17 2023, 07:30am
coolant loss 1.6 thp  hi to alli bought the car before 3-4 months ago whit 150K+ kilometers.i was drive like 2K kilometers[more ...] By Netanel1014  On Tue May 16 2023, 12:30am
3 76 Netanel1014
Tue May 16 2023, 05:39am
AC Problems in C4 Grand Picasso 2016  We recently started having issue with our ac which are weird. When the car is unlocked the AC turns [more ...] By rraduzky  On Sun May 14 2023, 01:57pm
None 61 -
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Starting problems with 2016 Citroen C4 Picasso - Need quick resolution.  Hi All, I have a 2016 1.6 diesel bluehdi Citroen C4 Picasso Exclusive+, and have recently been havin[more ...] By pueky  On Fri Oct 16 2020, 09:40am
12 5535 pc88uk
Sun May 14 2023, 09:37am
C4 Picasso 1.6 Diesel no electric power 67 plate  Hi I am new here and hoping for some help. I tried searching but did not see anything for my situati[more ...] By zaqwsxcde  On Thu May 11 2023, 01:33pm
2 76 zaqwsxcde
Sat May 13 2023, 01:54pm
electrical fault tailgate and mirrors  Hi All, I've had my 2015 Grand Picasso exclusive + (1.6 blue hdi) for a few weeks now and it's got a[more ...] By pc88uk  On Sat May 13 2023, 12:04pm
1 49 pc88uk
Sat May 13 2023, 01:51pm
C4 Grand Picasso 2014 needing to slam clutch to start  Hello there everyoneI’ve recently got the issue of my car having to slam down the clutch pedal in or[more ...] By DestinedRager  On Mon May 08 2023, 09:28am
6 154 DestinedRager
Thu May 11 2023, 11:32pm
2014 C4GP Piloted gearbox issue  Hi All,My C4 GP has recently developed an issue with, what I think is the clutch. I thought I would [more ...] By Maverik1901  On Thu May 11 2023, 11:52am
None 59 -
Egr part number  I have had fault p0409 pop up on a scan but no engine warning. I have looked at all the information [more ...] By Carpsack  On Mon May 08 2023, 08:29am
None 58 -
Noise when engaging or disengaging the clutch  I had the clutch replaced on out 2014 1.6 airdream C4 grand Picasso February 2022 at our local garag[more ...] By texaspetey  On Sun May 07 2023, 07:38am
None 75 -
Emission Fault  My 2016,C4 Picasso 1.6 diesel 7 seater is coming up with emission fault even after refilling AdBlue.[more ...] By nm2210  On Tue Mar 14 2023, 10:04am
5 184 CAndyBil
Fri Apr 28 2023, 02:35am
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Timing belt recall and subsequent failure  Hi all,My 2017 C4GP 1.2 Petrol Auto was recalled a couple of years ago for the timing belt issue - C[more ...] By dec1anm  On Tue Mar 28 2023, 10:16am
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17 533 Farmerguy
Sun Apr 16 2023, 07:18am
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ESP/ASR system, ABS braking system, parking brake, tyre under inflation faults  Hi all. Driven my 2013 C4 GS for over 2 years now with no bother, it has over 90K on her. Last week [more ...] By Tronic  On Tue Aug 06 2019, 12:27pm
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23 8901 routemaster1
Fri Apr 14 2023, 12:34pm
Possible rocker cover gasket leaking  Hi everyone, I am the owner of a Grand C4 Spacetourer 2018 1.5Hdi 120cv, 60000milesFew days ago, dur[more ...] By rscotti  On Thu Apr 13 2023, 01:51am
None 85 -
EGR valve possible issue?  Picasso 2018 1.6hdi 88kw. I have some vibrations inside cabin that no mechanic could figure out. The[more ...] By daxsm  On Sat Apr 08 2023, 02:42am
2 164 daxsm
Sat Apr 08 2023, 03:24pm
Citroen Grand C4 Picasso Hydralic Boot Strut Failure  Hi,I have a Citroen Grand C4 Picasso Exclusive+ 2015.It has an auto boot that broke this week, and o[more ...] By thelibertine  On Tue Mar 28 2023, 07:37am
None 111 -
Assisted boot broken  Hello. I have a C4 Gr Picasso Flair Bluehdi. It has an automatic/assisted boot (so you press a butto[more ...] By hannah2409  On Tue Mar 07 2023, 09:19am
1 167 thelibertine
Tue Mar 28 2023, 07:34am
C4 Grand Picasso (2015) headlight mount replacement  Good afternoon all, hope all is well. My wife bumped a friends C4 the other day, and now it needs a [more ...] By Bigpuns  On Mon Mar 27 2023, 11:29am
3 177 danlat1415
Tue Mar 28 2023, 05:50am
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C4GP With Egs Gearbox problems  well, I have a C3GP 2014, 40000 on the clock. ?been running fine for the last 2 years then suddenly[more ...] By D3RV  On Sun Mar 19 2023, 02:37pm
11 458 Ap0qalypto
Mon Mar 27 2023, 12:42am
Drivers door mood lighting failure and door mirror wiring  I've recently had two separate issues which have been related to fractured wiring. The first was a f[more ...] By CitroenNoticer  On Sat Mar 25 2023, 02:41am
None 92 -
Passenger Electric Mirror stutters when moving.  Recently on my 2013 mk2 I have noticed a couple of peculiar things regarding the passenger electric [more ...] By scaryxpuppy  On Mon Feb 20 2023, 02:57pm
1 161 CitroenNoticer
Sat Mar 25 2023, 01:31am
Grand C4 picasso diesel auto clutch replacement.  Hi all.My 2014 grand c4 picasso diesel is giving me nightmares.On the M1 southbound I left services [more ...] By CrazeUK  On Thu Mar 23 2023, 05:23am
3 182 CrazeUK
Thu Mar 23 2023, 06:55am
Electric tail lift issues  Hi all.I have a 2014 grand C4 Picasso I think its the face-lift model.It came from auction and I did[more ...] By CrazeUK  On Thu Mar 16 2023, 06:14pm
1 157 danlat1415
Fri Mar 17 2023, 09:11am
Non functioning tailgate lift  Hi all,I have a 2015 Grand Picasso, and the electric tailgate lift has stopped working. The lock wor[more ...] By Xpm  On Tue Jul 28 2020, 09:35am
2 1082 danlat1415
Thu Mar 16 2023, 04:27pm
Citroen Grand C4 Picasso 2014 auto gear change not smooth  Hi all.Purchased a used Citroen Grabd C4 Picasso 1.6 e-hdi auto (ETG6) yesterday.I feel like there i[more ...] By CrazeUK  On Sun Feb 26 2023, 03:33am
9 329 danlat1415
Thu Mar 16 2023, 03:58pm
Gear indicator doesn't appear in the display type 2 of 2014 picasso intensive  I am a new owner of citroen c4 picasso intensive 2014 and i can't find the way to appear the gear in[more ...] By piliad  On Sat Mar 04 2023, 10:46am
4 321 piliad
Sun Mar 05 2023, 02:54pm
Squeaky, loose drivers seat  My 2013 C4 has recently started to develop a “squeak” on the front drivers seat. It’s noticeable whe[more ...] By scaryxpuppy  On Sat Mar 04 2023, 02:26pm
None 162 -
Where's the ABS fuse 2014 Picasso 1.6 hdi exclusive+  I'm sure I've read in the past that the ABS fuse is in the engine bay but I can't find it. How do u [more ...] By byngo  On Mon Feb 20 2023, 09:02am
3 197 Ap0qalypto
Mon Feb 20 2023, 01:43pm
Dreaded Airbag/pre-tensioner warning  Hi all,(63 plate C4 Picasso)I've had the dreaded airbag pretensioner warning/fault come up for a whi[more ...] By matjam  On Mon Feb 13 2023, 05:59am
1 183 tomandjo2
Mon Feb 20 2023, 01:35pm
Few fault after scan with Diagbox  Hello guysI had the engine fault come up again the day before yesterday whilst driving back home on [more ...] By khsofiane  On Sat Nov 26 2022, 03:07pm
3 383 BurnleyMik
Fri Feb 17 2023, 08:11am
C4 Picasso 2017 firmware problem.  Hi. Just used the Citroën software to download and write to USB pen using my VIN number. It's the ne[more ...] By Waj1234  On Thu Feb 16 2023, 11:56am
3 215 Waj1234
Fri Feb 17 2023, 04:12am
C4GP 2014 onwards rear screen wash not working - fix  Hope that this might help others if anyone else has the same problem. Apologies if its been covered[more ...] By CitroenNoticer  On Tue Feb 14 2023, 01:12pm
None 172 -
Internal water collection and runoff - C4 grand Picasso 2915 (65) plate.  Hi allTrying to find someone with the same car as me to see if the issue I have following an insuran[more ...] By StressedEric  On Thu Feb 09 2023, 05:11am
2 183 wunny
Fri Feb 10 2023, 06:52am
ESP/ASR warning, caused by a P0490 EGR issue?  Help please.I have a 2014 C4P 1.6 HDi (115hp) which is running without issue, but have a recurring E[more ...] By Scoop24  On Wed Feb 08 2023, 10:33am
1 183 Ap0qalypto
Wed Feb 08 2023, 11:22am
C4 Picasso 2017 Blue HDI Wipers stopped workling all day now working again  Weird. Wipers frozen onto windscreen. Stupidly hit wiper switch but nothing happened. Penny didn't d[more ...] By pastyman  On Sun Feb 05 2023, 05:03pm
3 232 Ap0qalypto
Wed Feb 08 2023, 03:56am
Parking Brake Failure  The car shouted at me as I opened the door yesterday to let me know there was an error.Red Service i[more ...] By WillyRose  On Tue Feb 07 2023, 10:12am
3 221 WillyRose
Wed Feb 08 2023, 02:24am
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Squeaky steering C4GP  Hi, I have a 64 plate C4GP and "mostly" everything is OK. In the last few days I've noticed that at [more ...] By chapi  On Sun Jan 10 2016, 05:01am
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20 15372 Ap0qalypto
Sat Feb 04 2023, 01:01pm
2014 wiring diagrams  hi, does anyone have a copy of the wiring diagrams for c4 picasso b78 2014 1.6hdi please.ive got a [more ...] By mootig  On Mon Jan 30 2023, 11:36am
1 300 BigJohnD
Tue Jan 31 2023, 10:24am
Engie noise  Hi.I have 2018 c4 165thp 1.6When i on neutral I hear noise from the engie. what could be the reason?[more ...] By Netanel1014  On Thu Jan 26 2023, 02:04pm
3 250 Ap0qalypto
Sat Jan 28 2023, 02:20pm
Keyless entry not working on driver's side  HiI have a 2014 C4GP 1.6 hdi exclusive+ and the keyless entry unlock and lock has suddenly stopped w[more ...] By CitroenNoticer  On Mon Jun 13 2016, 03:27pm
8 10671 matthewpjgrant
Wed Jan 25 2023, 07:55am
2014 C4GP steering wheel alert speaker problem  Weird issue but wondering if anyone else has encountered and could shed some light on it. It's a 201[more ...] By Justinparker  On Wed Jan 18 2023, 03:47pm
1 272 Wutang
Tue Jan 24 2023, 09:27am
C4 Grand Picasso - P0262 Error - New Injector 1 needed @ 64000 Miles ?  Hi guys,I was driving on the motorway with my 2014 C4 Grand Picasso HDI when all of a sudden the eng[more ...] By findmak  On Sat Dec 10 2022, 11:35am
5 418 findmak
Sat Jan 21 2023, 06:55pm
Diagnostics not working  Car has had a few issues (most are identified and the parts are ready to go in).My ex was checking m[more ...] By AmandaWinters  On Sun Jan 15 2023, 06:57am
1 196 Farmerguy
Sun Jan 15 2023, 02:22pm
Possible Brake Failure? Or something else  Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, 67 PlateWas dropping the kids off this morning, reversing in to a bay, sam[more ...] By BobaBrett  On Tue Jan 10 2023, 07:31am
None 133 -
Active braking radar  Hi thereSomeone recently reversed into my front bumper & now I get a "monitor radar fault" warni[more ...] By Dadie  On Sun Jan 08 2023, 12:00pm
None 151 -
Drivers side wing mirror smashed  Someone smashed my driver side wing mirror damaging the plastic (funny enough the mirror wasnt smash[more ...] By varkanoid  On Thu Dec 29 2022, 11:23am
1 238 varkanoid
Fri Dec 30 2022, 10:15am
clutch issues need help plz !  Hi, new to the forum. I have tried to search but failing to find what I'm looking for. I have a c4 g[more ...] By KerriS  On Sat Dec 10 2022, 11:01am
1 311 danlat1415
Sat Dec 10 2022, 01:33pm
66 Plate Grand Picaso - Faults galore  Moved By portsmouth  On Mon Dec 05 2022, 04:43am
6 401 bimmer49
Wed Dec 07 2022, 12:42pm
2017 C4 GP (EAT6) - Gearbox Fault - Electrical System Communication Fault. Help!  Hi All - my 2017 GP (EAT6 auto 1.6 HDi) recently came up with a message about a 'gearbox fault - see[more ...] By PicassoPete  On Mon Dec 05 2022, 07:12am
3 286 PicassoPete
Mon Dec 05 2022, 10:01am
Citroen GP Flair 2016 2.0 Suspension Pin or Bush replacement  Hi guysI have just had an MOT advisory about my Citroen 2016 C4 GP Mk2 2.0 regarding the front suspe[more ...] By sauntson  On Thu Nov 03 2022, 05:45pm
6 559 sauntson
Fri Nov 18 2022, 03:50pm
Auto lights  Here is the problem. When I have auto lights on I assume the system switches to night lights automat[more ...] By Serge  On Sat Nov 12 2022, 05:39pm
4 472 Richard_C
Mon Nov 14 2022, 08:47am
C4 Grand Picasso Front n rear Brake disc sizes  Here is my VIN as I was told this is needed to find out the correct brake disc size. I have a 2016 C[more ...] By sauntson  On Tue Nov 08 2022, 10:47am
7 354 sauntson
Sat Nov 12 2022, 08:43am
Seat belt not returning - Solved  The car got an MOT fail on the seat belt not winding back in, upon release.Fully pulled out, that's [more ...] By wunny  On Tue Oct 25 2022, 02:25pm
3 451 wunny
Thu Nov 10 2022, 12:44am
Picasso C4 Exclusive + Speed Recognition from windscreen camera  HiI have a 2014 Picasso C4 Exclusive +, 1.6 HDi, ETG6 transmission.I have no other issues with the c[more ...] By las16  On Wed Nov 09 2022, 11:18am
2 317 las16
Wed Nov 09 2022, 12:11pm
Rubber trim under bonnet torn  Strange problem. I opened the bonnet of my 2015 C4 Grand Picasso, to find the rubber seal / trim by [more ...] By northspoon  On Thu Dec 09 2021, 12:15pm
8 2271 sauntson
Tue Nov 08 2022, 10:59am
Picasso Headlight aim adjustment  Hi,2014 B78 Picasso just failed it's MOT on driver side headlight aiming too high and too far right.[more ...] By Fududd  On Mon Nov 07 2022, 04:02am
2 278 Fududd
Mon Nov 07 2022, 04:54pm
Rough Idle - Engine Codes - Fuel Canister - £2k Garage Bill!!  Car: 2017 Plate , Grand C4 Picasso, 1.2l Puretech Engine (130bhp), Auto Gearbox43K miles, had a new [more ...] By matchbook  On Thu Oct 27 2022, 03:51am
5 449 matchbook
Thu Nov 03 2022, 03:57am
2015 grand Picasso door wiring loom  Hi all, thanks to the admin for the addI've changed the driver's door on my 2015 2.0hdi blu (had an [more ...] By DavidBeck  On Fri Oct 28 2022, 04:55pm
None 241 -
Over heating issues  It started a week or so ago, Warning sound and notices to stop, temperature gauge shoots up to red z[more ...] By wunny  On Sun Sep 04 2022, 02:06am
7 816 wunny
Thu Oct 20 2022, 10:38am
Reversing sensor fail, lights ok  2016 Grand Picasso - the reversing sensors, and the alert beep when engaging reverse, have gone sile[more ...] By TonyRick  On Mon Oct 17 2022, 02:31pm
4 291 Magistrate
Thu Oct 20 2022, 07:17am
Bluetooth issues, cannot hear me speak  Hi,I have a C4 Grand Picasso 2014 model and when someone calls us or we try ringing out nobody can h[more ...] By TyRees79  On Wed Oct 19 2022, 09:25am
None 166 -
Vehicle accelerates on its own at low speeds  Hi everyone, Hoping someone can advise please. I'm new here having purchased a five seater picasso t[more ...] By Ivam11  On Mon Oct 17 2022, 06:58pm
9 450 Ap0qalypto
Tue Oct 18 2022, 11:26pm
Finding headlight fuse for 2018 diesel  I have an 18 plate 1.6 Hdi, the front right dipped headlight has stopped working and a replacement b[more ...] By Scapegoat  On Sat Sep 17 2022, 06:24am
3 558 TonyRick
Mon Oct 17 2022, 02:24pm
Can/should I replace a motorised tailgate with non-motorised parts?  Hi allI have a 7 seat GP exclusive (2014) with a motorised tailgate.It was working until yesterday, [more ...] By davee  On Sat Jun 25 2022, 12:52pm
2 1109 davee
Tue Oct 11 2022, 11:39pm
2014 GP EPB wiring fault  Does anyone happen to have a wiring diagram for the b78 model handbrake?its been faulty for a few we[more ...] By Knotty  On Sat May 21 2022, 06:29am
3 1264 sgthirkell
Tue Oct 11 2022, 01:58pm
GC4P Motorised Boot Not Opening  GC4P Exclusive+ 2015Hi,Currently travelling in Europe with a full boot so this is something of a pre[more ...] By thelibertine  On Mon Aug 22 2022, 05:37pm
3 731 sgthirkell
Tue Oct 11 2022, 01:53pm
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