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C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso (B78) Problems and Issues

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Potential security issue!
  I've had a few odd things happen to our C4GP today. The car was parked on the drive right next to ou[more ...] By routemaster1  On Thu Nov 19 2015, 08:05am
6 10326 Brixmis7
Sat Jan 29 2022, 07:19am
Sticky Thread
Touchscreen rebooting etc
  Has anyone had problems with the touch screen rebooting when it wants for no apparent reason? It has[more ...] By emilyanne1  On Sat Feb 14 2015, 05:11pm
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29 47403 proinnsias
Mon Jan 25 2021, 07:48am
Sticky Thread
Not impressed with my new car - Display screen blank
  Took delivery of my new Exclusive + yesterday and today I have no top display so the car cannot be d[more ...] By zoobs  On Sat Jan 31 2015, 09:01am
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51 62704 UnKn0WnS
Thu Oct 08 2020, 06:14am
Sticky Thread
Eco won't stay on
  I have a C4 Grand Picasso 7 seater, which is only 9 days old. When I first got it the ECO system wor[more ...] By Granny-Go-Go  On Sun Jul 05 2015, 12:55pm
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31 30382 pavlebo
Fri Sep 27 2019, 10:44am
Sticky Thread
Service Schedule
  Hi. Could owners of 1.6egs 2013/14 Picasso's please post what their service intervals are, please. M[more ...] By jbhtjhmjh  On Sat May 10 2014, 06:53am
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38 36772 chrispatch
Tue Apr 19 2016, 01:11pm
 Forum Threads
Can/should I replace a motorised tailgate with non-motorised parts?  Hi allI have a 7 seat GP exclusive (2014) with a motorised tailgate.It was working until yesterday, [more ...] By davee  On Sat Jun 25 2022, 12:52pm
None 2 -
Battery control module failure  Hi all. I’ve had the dreaded electrical circuit failure, have car repaired fault. Where can I get a [more ...] By CXDave  On Sat Jun 25 2022, 04:06am
None 19 -
Replace serpentine/auxiliary belt  Hi all,On my motor, there is pretty much no way I'm accessing the belt beyond the tensioner from the[more ...] By eurofjr  On Thu Jun 16 2022, 01:58pm
2 180 DeuxChevaux
Sat Jun 18 2022, 02:23am
2013 C4 Picasso stuck in neutral  Hello, I have a very early B78 C4 Picasso (13-plate) with the 6-speed semi automatic gearbox.Out of [more ...] By heliosfa  On Thu Jun 16 2022, 03:45am
5 215 Ap0qalypto
Fri Jun 17 2022, 09:40am
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Oil filter leak  Hi all,I recently replaced the filter and am now noticing a clear leak coming from beneath the filte[more ...] By eurofjr  On Sat Jun 11 2022, 04:26pm
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28 714 eurofjr
Tue Jun 14 2022, 04:27pm
White hue over top screen  Hello everybody, last year in March I bought a used C4 Picasso 2013 with a faulty top screen. It had[more ...] By Arkis  On Sun May 15 2022, 09:20am
1 401 Arkis
Mon Jun 13 2022, 10:46am
U1113 Fault Code on C4 Grand Picasso 1.6HDi  Today I got in the car and switched it on and various messages appeared on the multifunction display[more ...] By acland  On Fri Apr 13 2018, 03:57am
9 4340 leofezollari
Sat Jun 04 2022, 03:29pm
ECU supply pump problem and battery issue  My 2016 Picasso grande started intermittently showing an electrical fault warning and within a few d[more ...] By Nilo  On Sat Jun 04 2022, 04:26am
None 179 -
Anyone ever replaced the rocker panel before?  Hi all,The first time I jacked the car (over a year ago), I also jacked up the bottom of the rocker [more ...] By eurofjr  On Wed Jun 01 2022, 03:04pm
4 295 eurofjr
Thu Jun 02 2022, 02:02pm
17 C4GP CV joint driver's side  Hi,I have mk2 2017 C4GP 150hp manual.There is knocking from my front driver's side CV joint, boot wa[more ...] By robcollins  On Thu May 26 2022, 05:31am
6 312 robcollins
Fri May 27 2022, 02:15pm
citroen c4 pk front suspension  Hi Does anyone know what size of Allen key is required to open the upper nut fo the front suspension[more ...] By Yuval  On Tue May 24 2022, 12:05pm
3 296 danlat1415
Tue May 24 2022, 05:49pm
Front NS Knock  Hi GuysWell this is getting frustrating. I have a 2016 2.0 Grand Picasso with just under 43k Miles. [more ...] By sauntson  On Thu May 19 2022, 12:11pm
6 393 danlat1415
Sun May 22 2022, 11:48am
2014 GP EPB wiring fault  Does anyone happen to have a wiring diagram for the b78 model handbrake?its been faulty for a few we[more ...] By Knotty  On Sat May 21 2022, 06:29am
2 324 Knotty
Sun May 22 2022, 07:21am
C4 Picasso 1.6 hdi blu condensor replacement  Has anyone changed the condensor themselves, is it easy and would you recommend doing it. Garage is [more ...] By Mrgentry  On Wed May 11 2022, 06:41am
4 438 vexorg
Tue May 17 2022, 03:43am
2014 Gc4p exclusive + parking sensors faulty  Hi all, recently purchased the above car but has parking sensors disabled, hence no park assist or c[more ...] By Westy2005  On Mon May 16 2022, 04:28am
1 327 Farmerguy
Mon May 16 2022, 01:14pm
C4 Grand Picasso 2014 Motorised Tailgate fuse missing?  Hi, I've got a 2014 C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive with faulty motorised taillift - namely the motorised[more ...] By ilemon  On Sat May 14 2022, 02:01pm
None 399 -
Sat Nav re-booting & stereo cut off & cant connect my Mobile via bluetooth  I have seven seater C4 Grand Picasso Feel Blue HDI 1560cc CO2 (B) on a 66 plate. Recently started to[more ...] By mrrfn29  On Tue Apr 19 2022, 03:53pm
3 496 mrrfn29
Mon May 09 2022, 08:09am
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Fix panoramic sunroof blind  Hi,The blind mechanism is not working because one of the pins on one side of the rail broke, so the [more ...] By talmoshe  On Wed Jul 11 2018, 05:58am
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19 11984 OlofW
Sat May 07 2022, 02:39pm
C4 Picasso seems to slip when accelerating and engine fault light comes on.  Hi there !I have a 65 plate C4 Picasso Exclusive and twice in the last year this problem has occurre[more ...] By Razor1967  On Fri Apr 15 2022, 10:45am
6 576 Farmerguy
Thu May 05 2022, 04:21pm
Emissions Control Fault (2015 Exclusive+)  I currently have an "Emissions control fault" on my GC4 Picasso.Context (although may not be relevan[more ...] By thelibertine  On Tue May 03 2022, 08:22am
8 531 thelibertine
Thu May 05 2022, 10:09am
Missing White clip on Fuel filter BlueHDI  I went to change the filter in my car and noticed the white clip is missing on mine and can't undo t[more ...] By funmonkey100  On Mon Jul 12 2021, 07:44am
1 1309 maverick54
Mon May 02 2022, 10:28pm
Alarm issue  Had a C4GP for 2.5 years. No real issues. A week or so ago the alarm started to go off in the night [more ...] By ChipUK  On Thu Apr 21 2022, 01:47am
6 550 Richard_C
Wed Apr 27 2022, 06:50am
Replacement steering wheel butons  I have a 2018 C4 GP and all it running well with it, but there is a very minor cosmetic issue with t[more ...] By Scapegoat  On Mon Apr 25 2022, 03:09am
1 440 wunny
Mon Apr 25 2022, 11:26am
Door handle keyless entry sensor not working  I've got a C4 Picasso 2014 Exclusive that has keyless entry, so the door handles have a sensor on th[more ...] By danlat1415  On Sat Apr 23 2022, 09:35am
None 402 -
Auto light and auto wiper on all the time  Hello folksI have bought a 2017 c4 picasso flair which has developed an issue recently, the light co[more ...] By khsofiane  On Sun Mar 06 2022, 07:17pm
4 755 sauntson
Sat Apr 23 2022, 05:06am
Replace wing mirror indicator cover new Grand C4 Picasso  Hi, I have a new shape Grand C4 Picasso.On the way to work a complete fool ignored a give way and cr[more ...] By chapi  On Wed Jul 29 2015, 02:03pm
9 14113 sauntson
Sat Apr 23 2022, 04:57am
Rear washer pipe fractured  Hi allAnyone know of a Citroen repair kit for the washer pipe between the body and the tailgate. Min[more ...] By connectum  On Mon Dec 23 2019, 04:16pm
5 2101 mark227
Fri Apr 22 2022, 11:58am
Touchscreen re-booting constantly  Hi, I've looked on here to see if it has been covered before but it doesn't appear to of so I need y[more ...] By anpabe  On Fri Mar 30 2018, 04:32pm
6 2160 anpabe
Wed Apr 20 2022, 02:34am
Cannot central lock when boot full  Hi,I have a 2017 Grand C4 Picasso and when the boot is very full the car refuses to central lock, it[more ...] By richardg  On Tue Apr 12 2022, 11:56am
1 520 proinnsias
Tue Apr 19 2022, 04:15am
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Stripped oil sump plug  2015 GPII 1.6 Blue HDI 115.After only dealer oil changes and car out of warranty, I decided to chang[more ...] By eurofjr  On Tue Mar 29 2022, 12:42pm
14 956 vexorg
Sun Apr 17 2022, 07:37am
Injector Seals  Need to replace a couple of injector seals on my 1.6 Bluehdi GPBeen looking on the auction sites and[more ...] By maverick54  On Sun Apr 10 2022, 10:27pm
None 431 -
C4 Grand Picasso MK2 Front Strut Mounts Manufacturer or OE recommendations  I have a 2016 2.0 150 BHP Grand Picasso which is suffering what I have been informed a failed or fai[more ...] By sauntson  On Sat Apr 09 2022, 11:18am
None 476 -
Citroen C4 GP Ex+ 2016 exterior keyless driver door handle removal  Hello,I hope someone can help me with this. My driver side door handle has stopped lock/unlocking us[more ...] By Tahir  On Mon Aug 02 2021, 03:40pm
4 1670 danlat1415
Sat Apr 09 2022, 05:11am
C4 Picasso intermittent Power Steering fault  I have a C4P 2014 HDi1.6 diesel Exclusive+ with 86k on the clock, it has started intermittently thro[more ...] By Fududd  On Thu Dec 02 2021, 08:01am
4 1477 Fududd
Wed Mar 30 2022, 06:34am
C4 Grand Picasso 2014 steering wheel control connector  Hello!I have a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso year 2014 and now all of my steering wheel control buttons h[more ...] By Sotamiessami  On Sun Mar 27 2022, 12:04pm
None 584 -
Grand Picasso 2015 - Configuration Fault on BSI Module  Hi,My GC4 has been showing an "electrical circuit fault" on startup intermittently, with the service[more ...] By thelibertine  On Mon Mar 14 2022, 05:02am
5 803 BigJohnD
Tue Mar 15 2022, 07:55am
2015 c4 grand picasso, engine fault with service light on  Hi, I'm new here so apologies if this has been asked before, but I'm at my wits end.I have a 2015 Ci[more ...] By Hynes  On Sun Mar 13 2022, 05:04pm
None 665 -
Engine Oil Leak  My 2016 1.6 Blue Hdi has recently developed an oil leak. It is dripping down onto the top centre of [more ...] By maverick54  On Sun Mar 13 2022, 02:22pm
None 636 -
360 vision camera not working?  Hi all,Bought a 2014 C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive+ two weeks ago, overall running great. One issue tho[more ...] By M7irl  On Tue Dec 12 2017, 10:32am
2 3043 talmoshe
Sat Mar 12 2022, 03:21am
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C4 GP 2014 faults  Now to add to my woes with a rebooting touchscreen, we've had the drivers armrest which won't lock i[more ...] By emilyanne1  On Tue Apr 07 2015, 03:51pm
14 9868 moizjazz
Wed Mar 09 2022, 06:26am
C4GP alarm going off when locking with remote key  Yesterday I needed to jump our 2nd car with jump leads using my 16 plate C4 GP. When accessing the p[more ...] By Majlaerp  On Sat Dec 31 2016, 11:10am
8 13211 nishariff
Sun Mar 06 2022, 02:01am
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Touchscreen keeps restarting  Hi The touchscreen keeps restarting every few minutes on our 2016 citroen C4 Grand picasso. It firs[more ...] By dtb0  On Mon Sep 28 2020, 03:04pm
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118 33271 moizjazz
Sat Mar 05 2022, 02:22pm
2014 - Multiple intermittent faults / electrical?  Hi folks,I posted a while back about a number of intermittent faults I get and I believe I've narrow[more ...] By Knotty  On Tue Jan 18 2022, 02:18am
7 1177 Knotty
Fri Mar 04 2022, 04:39am
GC4 Picasso 2015 - Electrical Circuit Warning  Hi,I've owned this car since October last year and it has been fairly faultless so far, but now gett[more ...] By thelibertine  On Mon Feb 21 2022, 11:27am
2 831 thelibertine
Thu Mar 03 2022, 07:05am
New Battery fitted now I have faults on my 2015/16 GP  Had a new battery fitted and now the Service lamp is permanently on and won't reset. Audible warnin[more ...] By wunny  On Tue Feb 15 2022, 11:18am
6 993 Ap0qalypto
Wed Feb 23 2022, 04:21pm
C4 Grand Picasso 2016 Engine Start problems  Hi everybody,I have a c4 Grand Picasso 2016 Petrol (THP 165). Recently it started to act erratically[more ...] By Yagilhenkin  On Wed Feb 16 2022, 02:05pm
8 979 Monteverdi
Mon Feb 21 2022, 05:32pm
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C4GP 2014 wont start unless battery is disconnected and reconnected  I have a posessed C4GP, it does not start unless I remove the positive cable on the battery and reco[more ...] By Kromo  On Sun Feb 13 2022, 07:16am
10 1033 Richard_C
Wed Feb 16 2022, 06:34am
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Question about fitting a new battery  The battery on my C4 Grand Picasso Blue HDi (2015) is completely shot. I went to start the car, the[more ...] By Hengist  On Sun Oct 17 2021, 11:09am
14 2283 Richard_C
Sun Feb 13 2022, 05:41pm
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Please help!!!! No Start No Ignition Economy Mode Active  Hi GuysFirst post hope someone can help, have a 2015 C4GP 1.6 Hdi (DV6FC) which is not starting at a[more ...] By steve112  On Mon May 17 2021, 05:33am
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17 4268 Ap0qalypto
Sun Feb 13 2022, 06:56am
Heater Fan Noise  My 2015 C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive has developed a noisy heater fan. It makes a deep "thrum" sound. [more ...] By northspoon  On Mon Jan 31 2022, 10:09am
2 934 northspoon
Fri Feb 04 2022, 09:37am
Dual zone issue  Hi, I am facing an issue with the dual zone heating. Left side works perfect but on drivers side (ri[more ...] By Dimitris  On Sat Jan 29 2022, 06:08am
2 976 Wutang
Mon Jan 31 2022, 12:17pm
Passenger Dipped Headlight Not Working  Hoping some of you kind people can help. I noticed my passenger side dipped headlight was not workin[more ...] By steelmen1886  On Thu Jan 27 2022, 01:44pm
2 925 danlat1415
Fri Jan 28 2022, 09:23am
B78 Picasso issue “Emissions control additive range greater than 1500 miles”  Hi guys,First post, so please be genital with me. I have a 56 plate Picasso Exclusive Plus, 1.6 blue[more ...] By Brixmis7  On Fri Jan 28 2022, 02:46am
7 1222 Wutang
Fri Jan 28 2022, 08:52am
Hill assist fault  Good morning, I was wondering if anyone could help me maybe shed some light on a problem I have ,The[more ...] By pipski1976  On Thu Jan 27 2022, 04:58am
3 952 routemaster1
Thu Jan 27 2022, 12:56pm
Touchscreen display blank  Hi everyone. I bought a secondhand 2013 Citroen C4 Picasso back in November and last week I had a “U[more ...] By Craig01  On Thu Jan 20 2022, 12:53pm
3 1018 Craig01
Fri Jan 21 2022, 09:04am
Heater blower fan fuse?  Hi all, went for a drive today and wanted a little cool air from the vents and noticed the blower fa[more ...] By Rusky68  On Sat Jun 20 2020, 03:29pm
9 5514 Sam117
Fri Jan 21 2022, 05:43am
Sub frame bolt  I have found out what the creaking under my C4P was the rear nearside subframe bolt has been snapped[more ...] By delboydell  On Sun Jan 16 2022, 01:26pm
1 982 vexorg
Mon Jan 17 2022, 06:39am
Heater Matrix removal and replacement guide  I have been having the common problem of no heat on the drivers side vents and a little bit of heat [more ...] By JimB78  On Wed Jan 05 2022, 07:50am
2 1119 JimB78
Fri Jan 07 2022, 10:33am
C4 Picasso 2016 (B78) gearbox oil capacity  Hi all, first post here but I've owned a 2016 B78 Picasso for a few years now. My car developed a fa[more ...] By JetskiB78  On Sat Dec 25 2021, 05:27pm
6 1293 vexorg
Fri Dec 31 2021, 07:51am
2014 C4 Picasso ETG6 Clutch Slip  Hi, In 2019 we paid around £900 for a clutch replacement on our 2014 C4 Picasso 1.6 Diesel, it has t[more ...] By John36uk  On Wed Dec 29 2021, 03:54am
1 1223 routemaster1
Wed Dec 29 2021, 03:14pm
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ESP/ASR system, ABS braking system, parking brake, tyre under inflation faults  Hi all. Driven my 2013 C4 GS for over 2 years now with no bother, it has over 90K on her. Last week [more ...] By Tronic  On Tue Aug 06 2019, 12:27pm
14 5930 Kyser143
Wed Dec 29 2021, 10:56am
Retro fit reverse camera  I have an early 2016 c4p blue hdi 1.6 eat6 auto exclusive.As I now know citroen alter car specs afte[more ...] By Dave675  On Tue Dec 28 2021, 02:49pm
None 1030 -
C4 Picasso 1.6HDI ETG6 2014 drops to tickover after driving about 30 yds, with no throttle.  C4 Picasso 1.6HDI ETG6 2014 drops to tickover after pulling away. When starting from cold, car start[more ...] By rick  On Mon Dec 27 2021, 05:53am
1 1072 northspoon
Tue Dec 28 2021, 06:01am
Rubber trim under bonnet torn  Strange problem. I opened the bonnet of my 2015 C4 Grand Picasso, to find the rubber seal / trim by [more ...] By northspoon  On Thu Dec 09 2021, 12:15pm
6 1500 vexorg
Wed Dec 22 2021, 03:49am
Tyres  I had an email from my main dealer to say they are giving a discount on approved tyres, I was expect[more ...] By 3cyl  On Sat Dec 18 2021, 08:17am
9 1392 vexorg
Wed Dec 22 2021, 03:44am
How to replace the battery?  Sorry guys, I've had a search but can't find anything for the b78 Picasso. My battery has died (curr[more ...] By Itchigo27  On Mon Dec 20 2021, 07:23am
4 1241 Richard_C
Tue Dec 21 2021, 06:02am
The dreaded abs fault/ hill start/ handbrake/ service light fault etc  Had this which pointed towards driver side abs wheel sensor.Had it changed by my mechanic but he can[more ...] By Lawty999  On Thu Nov 25 2021, 03:58am
4 1486 3cyl
Sat Dec 18 2021, 08:10am
C4 Grand Picasso - While Driving Cut-out - P2291  Car: 2015 C4 Grand PicassoWhile coming back from a long journey, just as I got back in to my city, I[more ...] By findmak  On Sat Dec 11 2021, 03:46pm
None 1178 -
KeyFob Not detected Meltdown - 2015 C4 Grand Picasso - Diesal  Hi all,I can't start my car, it's a nightmare. I made a quick vid of the issue we're having with the[more ...] By philiet2003  On Sat Nov 27 2021, 08:10am
9 1636 Ap0qalypto
Thu Dec 09 2021, 10:20am
'Under Tray' part no. for Grand C4 Picasso 2.0 BlueHDi (150PS)(2014)  Hi allIn the bad weather last weekend I went through a puddle and the big plastic sheet underneath t[more ...] By Gainster  On Sun Dec 05 2021, 08:09am
4 1438 Gainster
Tue Dec 07 2021, 05:58am
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