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C4 Picasso (B78) General Questions

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Announcement Thread
New Grand Picasso UK Specifications
  New C4 Picasso and GRAND Picasso UK Specifications are now available to download: - Click Here -  By Dave_Retired.  On Fri Nov 08 2013, 03:43am
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26 30913 bluehdi
Tue Jan 03 2017, 06:30am
Sticky Thread
Spare wheel Carrier C4 Picasso B78
  Hi folks,I'm about to purchase a new 2014 Grand Picasso Exclusive. I drive a good amount of miles pe[more ...] By EFW  On Thu Nov 06 2014, 05:58am
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22 32998 routemaster1
Sat Oct 23 2021, 12:47pm
Sticky Thread
New C4 Picasso Exclusive+ THP155 Spare Wheel Issue
  Took delivery of my new C4 Picasso on Monday and it's an absolutely terrific car but have a question[more ...] By DaveG  On Wed May 21 2014, 05:07pm
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25 33083 danlat1415
Tue Aug 03 2021, 01:40pm
Sticky Thread
Spare wheel fitment on Blue HDi C4GP, definitive answer???
  There has been discussion on whether you can fit a spare wheel under these cars. I was in the local [more ...] By routemaster1  On Fri Aug 14 2015, 05:45am
1 9661 stainlesssink
Wed Aug 19 2015, 05:47am
 Forum Threads
Door window plasticy rubbery sealy trimmy thingy surrounds  Hello everyone! Sorry about the title, I have no idea what to call them anymore - every search term [more ...] By matthewpjgrant  On Fri Dec 02 2022, 05:15am
2 97 danlat1415
Fri Dec 02 2022, 04:29pm
Parcel shelf/ Load cover compatible?  I've just bought a 2016 pre-facelift C4 Grand Picasso mk2, but it came without the parcel shelf/ loa[more ...] By UsedUserName  On Tue Nov 29 2022, 10:15am
None 55 -
Long stay/Battery Disconnection/Possible issue and suggestions pls  Hello,I am going away so my C4 GP 2014 Diesel won't be in use for about 1-2 months. Since winter is [more ...] By jsg1163  On Thu Nov 24 2022, 04:57pm
4 172 Richard_C
Tue Nov 29 2022, 03:04am
Adblue level sensor fail 2015 C4 Grand Picasso  My very first post. Hope I'm in the right area. My car has done 81K KMs. Got the Urea refill message[more ...] By Robbie2015  On Fri Nov 18 2022, 07:33pm
2 197 Richard_C
Tue Nov 22 2022, 08:42am
Citroen extended warranty/breakdown cover - price rise  I know there are some people here who, like me, saw this as good value. When I first took it out it[more ...] By Richard_C  On Thu Nov 17 2022, 05:31am
2 188 wunny
Fri Nov 18 2022, 01:38pm
Fitting a strap inside C4 Picasso tailgate  Hi, My mother-in-law's 2016 C4 Picasso needs a strap adding inside the tailgate, so she can reach to[more ...] By MarkR  On Tue Nov 15 2022, 11:26am
None 76 -
Auxiliary belt tensioner  Hello all, my auxiliary belt tensioner started making a noise this week. It was suggested I changed [more ...] By Joe90c4  On Tue Nov 08 2022, 01:49pm
None 90 -
Key Fob Not Working  I have a 2017 C4 Grand Picasso with keyless entry/start, the car battery needing replacing (start st[more ...] By Nick-B  On Sun Oct 09 2022, 08:12am
1 260 Nick-B
Sun Oct 16 2022, 07:56am
Used C4 GP, a question about radar and collision detection  Hi all,I am very happy to have acquired a pretty C4GP. It is on the older side, in fact about as old[more ...] By SECA_Alan  On Tue Sep 27 2022, 07:20am
6 478 SECA_Alan
Fri Oct 14 2022, 12:15pm
C4 Grand Picasso 2014  Hi all, I have a quick question regarding the radio in the Citroen C4 I have a until that requires t[more ...] By Derfelcadarn  On Thu Sep 22 2022, 07:07pm
1 351 BigJohnD
Sun Sep 25 2022, 02:04pm
Please Delete  Admin Please Delete By sauntson  On Sun Sep 25 2022, 10:45am
None 266 -
Any regrets after a remap?  Hi all,Got a C4 Picasso 1.6 Blue HDi (118 hp) automatic. Was thinking of treating myself a little an[more ...] By CAndyBil  On Mon Sep 19 2022, 04:08am
3 419 CAndyBil
Mon Sep 19 2022, 02:27pm
Lexia 3 Diagbox V9.125 Full Chip 921815C Golden Edge Diagnostic Tool  i am thinking of investing in this bit of kit can any one recomend it and is it pretty simple to ins[more ...] By radicaldoc  On Sun Jul 17 2022, 04:31am
1 773 CAndyBil
Mon Sep 19 2022, 03:52am
2014 C4GP battery  Hello all, Noticed that Start/Stop is not working. Also car goes into eco mode very quickly. Battery[more ...] By tomaskriv  On Sat Apr 23 2022, 11:39am
5 1552 CAndyBil
Mon Sep 19 2022, 03:49am
2014 C4 picasso 1.6 HDI timing belt frequency and guide?  Hi, as per title I'm trying to find out at what mileage my timing belt should be changed please and [more ...] By byngo  On Sat Sep 10 2022, 07:50am
3 508 BigJohnD
Sat Sep 17 2022, 07:31am
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Remove Instrument Cluster?  Hi, can anybody tell me how you remove the instrument cluster (12 inch panoramic display) on the B78[more ...] By RTDM  On Fri Mar 22 2019, 09:17am
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16 7130 dzeezz
Tue Sep 13 2022, 01:08am
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New tyres?  My C4 Grand Picasso 2015 HDI 1.6 Exclusive has only done about 18000 miles, but I notice that the si[more ...] By northspoon  On Thu Aug 25 2022, 04:48am
10 792 northspoon
Tue Sep 06 2022, 12:26pm
fuel gauge problem  Does anyone know if the fuel gauge problem can be reset with something like delphi or Lexia 3 Diagbo[more ...] By radicaldoc  On Mon Aug 01 2022, 12:22am
6 826 Wutang
Tue Aug 23 2022, 02:35am
Valve cleaner on Puretech 1.2 engine on the C4 Grand Picasso - Is it needed?  Hi,I recently bought a C4 Grand Picasso, model year 2016 with the puretech 1.2 turbo engine. The car[more ...] By Rembz  On Tue Aug 16 2022, 09:21am
None 509 -
Eolys replacement costs  Hi all,My 63 plate C4 Picasso just greeted me with the Particle Filter Additive Level Too Low warnin[more ...] By matjam  On Thu Aug 11 2022, 11:03am
5 1088 vexorg
Sat Aug 13 2022, 04:01am
C4 Grand Picasso windscreen sun shade  Hi. I collected my 2017 C4 GP Flair yesterday, and so far I'm loving it. I'm trying to find an int[more ...] By KahunaNui  On Wed Jun 22 2022, 03:11am
2 936 radicaldoc
Tue Aug 02 2022, 04:43am
Grand Picasso MK2 2.0 Suspension Lower bolts Torque Setting  HiCan anyone supply or point me to the correct torque setting for the front suspension lower bolts ([more ...] By sauntson  On Wed Jul 27 2022, 08:11pm
2 690 sauntson
Thu Jul 28 2022, 07:55am
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C4 2014 GRAND PICASSO OBD2 Help please..  hi guy i have a 2014 GRAND PICASSO 2.0 bluehdi....i am having problems with my fuel gauge while i wa[more ...] By radicaldoc  On Tue Jul 12 2022, 09:51am
12 1138 radicaldoc
Sat Jul 23 2022, 07:05am
Can't find option for analogue dials on C4 Grand Picasso 2017  Hi, as I said, I'm trying to change the duals on the panoramic display to the one I see in most imag[more ...] By KahunaNui  On Sat Jun 25 2022, 06:31am
7 1090 Wutang
Tue Jul 12 2022, 09:44am
Engine bay shock absorbers  HiWe get a horrible creaking noise when driving, and it looks as though we need to replace the engin[more ...] By garrydeakin  On Mon Jul 04 2022, 08:10am
None 792 -
Certificate of Conformity  Hi allI'm moving to France in the summer, and will be taking my (UK registered, 64 plate) C4 Grand P[more ...] By digi-ghost  On Wed Jun 15 2022, 04:20am
6 1117 BigJohnD
Tue Jun 28 2022, 09:06am
C4 Grand Picasso internal measurements  Hi, I am currently awaiting delivery of a 2017 Grand Picasso Flair, and am having difficulty finding[more ...] By KahunaNui  On Wed Jun 15 2022, 11:12am
None 875 -
Replacing red triangle holder part that sits in underside of tailgate  Hi, I'm trying to track down a replacement part for rear boot triangle holder for C4 GP 2015 2.0 exc[more ...] By W689qta2  On Sat Jun 04 2022, 05:27am
2 1081 W689qta2
Sat Jun 04 2022, 01:18pm
Steering wheel replacement buttons  Hi,I am looking to replace the steering wheel buttons for audio and cruise control as some of the bu[more ...] By linuxxo  On Sun May 29 2022, 02:13pm
1 1040 danlat1415
Mon May 30 2022, 11:27am
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Start-stop function permanently off  Dear all,Being a proud owner of a C4GP 2016 (2.0 Blue HDI, 150 Hp) I've been struggling for a while [more ...] By delyan.dilkov  On Wed May 25 2022, 11:47pm
11 1266 routemaster1
Sun May 29 2022, 05:59am
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Citroen Warranty Renewal  I've just renewed, £51 increase, but still less than £1 a day @ £349. The car stays in my possessio[more ...] By wunny  On Tue Sep 28 2021, 08:50am
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17 4811 neilp
Mon May 16 2022, 03:23am
Timing chain & water pump replacement cost? C4 picasso 1.6 bluehdi eat6  I'm just wondering if anyone on here has had their replaced? What sort of price should I be paying? [more ...] By walldan  On Thu Apr 28 2022, 03:34am
None 1136 -
AdBlue Range  Hello. I'm in the process of buying a 2016 GC4P 1.6L, manual from an independent dealer. Never owned[more ...] By briddy  On Sun Mar 20 2022, 05:23pm
6 1658 routemaster1
Thu Mar 24 2022, 02:48am
"Hill Start" time limit increase?  HelloI would like to ask if the 2 secs time limit of the hill start function can be increased? e.g. [more ...] By jsg1163  On Wed May 02 2018, 06:39am
8 3790 vexorg
Sun Mar 06 2022, 11:39am
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2016 C4 Picasso 1.6 BlueHDi Exclusive+ EAT6 HD Screen Dial arrangement + few other observations  Hi,This is my first post and my first French vehicle; leaving behind the Japanese vehicle world! I h[more ...] By AtomAnt  On Fri Apr 02 2021, 02:04pm
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16 7422 AtomAnt
Sat Mar 05 2022, 02:51pm
Washer bottle lid  Does anyone know the part number for the washer bottle lid for a 2017+ C4GP. The "hinge" broke a wh[more ...] By markslavin  On Wed Mar 02 2022, 05:05am
4 1542 danlat1415
Fri Mar 04 2022, 12:17pm
Removal of inner door panel on 2018 Citreon Grand Picasso  Hi, Some idiot drove into my Picasso a couple of weeks ago whilst I was in the supermarket and drove[more ...] By Kenwb  On Fri Mar 04 2022, 04:26am
1 1439 vexorg
Fri Mar 04 2022, 05:15am
Removal of inner door panel on 2018 Citreon Grand Picasso  Hi, Some idiot drove into my Picasso a couple of weeks ago whilst I was in the supermarket and drove[more ...] By Kenwb  On Fri Mar 04 2022, 04:31am
None 1342 -
Service light on after changing the battery: check the direction indicator lights  Hi all.After changing the battery, I started the car, the service light is on "steady" with message:[more ...] By redmou  On Tue Mar 03 2020, 04:37am
4 3042 wunny
Sat Feb 26 2022, 03:27pm
Torque settings for wishbones  Hi, does anyone know what the recommended torques are for the front lower arm bolts (wishbones) ? By py6rac  On Wed Jan 26 2022, 12:32pm
2 1680 py6rac
Wed Jan 26 2022, 02:10pm
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Lost locking wheel nut - what next? [C4 Picasso 2014]  Hi all,I am writing this post to ask for advice. I've recently got my new car last year from a famil[more ...] By ssbomb  On Fri Nov 05 2021, 06:36am
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18 6690 vexorg
Sat Jan 22 2022, 05:56am
Heater Matrix Replace  Afternoon all,Can anyone please tell me how hard it is to replace the heater matrix on 2016 C4 GP (B[more ...] By pennant77  On Fri Dec 04 2020, 07:10am
4 3922 vexorg
Tue Jan 04 2022, 10:29am
Headlights not very bright  Hi,Recently brought a 2015 Grand Picasso 1.6 Blue HDI and took it out for a drive last night and not[more ...] By Joe427  On Fri Oct 22 2021, 05:44am
5 2731 Ap0qalypto
Thu Dec 09 2021, 10:16am
Grand C4 2015 - Where are the locking nuts kept?  Hi,Stupid question probably! I recently bought a GC4. It's in great condition and has been looked af[more ...] By thelibertine  On Mon Nov 29 2021, 06:38am
7 2274 thelibertine
Tue Nov 30 2021, 03:51am
Electric Tailgate Problem  I have an intermittent issue with the electric tailgate on my ‘13 C4 Picasso. Using the key fob, occ[more ...] By scaryxpuppy  On Sat Nov 27 2021, 04:00pm
3 2096 Richard_C
Sun Nov 28 2021, 08:03am
From halogen to xenon  Hello guys, I have a c4 spacetourer '18 and I would to upgrade my halogen with a pair of original xe[more ...] By Ducati87  On Tue Nov 23 2021, 04:18am
9 2439 Wutang
Fri Nov 26 2021, 09:07am
Grand Picasso emissions and urea fault warning  Hi everyone, I do hope I'm posting this in the right place. As a new Forum member and Citroen owner [more ...] By grandpic  On Tue May 25 2021, 05:18pm
9 8258 Ale
Thu Nov 25 2021, 11:29am
No longer a C4 Picasso owner.  The C4 Picasso has now gone. I may post further about the sale in due course as I have had some issu[more ...] By routemaster1  On Fri Oct 29 2021, 10:31am
9 2649 Richard_C
Fri Nov 19 2021, 02:37pm
Cruise control issues  When I set my cruise control it seems fine as long as I am travelling relatively flat or going uphil[more ...] By Kenwb  On Mon Nov 08 2021, 01:17pm
8 2575 Richard_C
Thu Nov 11 2021, 04:49am
C4 GP indicator repeater fail  Hi everybody, I'm a newbie so hope this is posting in the correct place.I have a 65 plate (December [more ...] By smokingblue  On Tue Jan 21 2020, 10:14am
5 3662 smokingblue
Wed Nov 10 2021, 10:06am
2014 C4 Picasso Exclusive+ Replacement NS / Passenger Wing Mirror  Hi, would anyone be able to help provide a Citroen part number please. Unfortunately none of the Cit[more ...] By John36uk  On Tue Nov 09 2021, 04:44am
4 2259 John36uk
Tue Nov 09 2021, 10:21am
MPG monitor not working  The MPG on My 2018 (Only bought about 3 months ago)Citroen Picasso Grand is all over the place, it g[more ...] By Kenwb  On Mon Nov 08 2021, 01:21pm
2 2136 vexorg
Tue Nov 09 2021, 03:35am
Rear brake pads/discs replacing - electronic handbrake  I've has the electronic handbrake warning light flash up with an audio notification a few times late[more ...] By danlat1415  On Wed Nov 03 2021, 06:35am
7 2386 danlat1415
Fri Nov 05 2021, 06:14am
Cheap Brake brands from Autodoc  Anyone with experience of the cheaper brake disc and pad brands? Like, Delphi, Ridex, ABS, Febi Blis[more ...] By CAndyBil  On Sat Oct 30 2021, 10:03am
3 2250 DeuxChevaux
Mon Nov 01 2021, 03:54am
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C4 Picasso Brake disc size  Hi all,Has anyone noticed how small the discs are on the front brakes on the C4 picasso? Mine are ti[more ...] By CAndyBil  On Wed Oct 13 2021, 08:43am
13 2668 CAndyBil
Sat Oct 30 2021, 07:14am
Start stop button replacement  Hello all, I bought a new start stop button and would like to replace it on my 2014 C4 Picasso 2...a[more ...] By Motorbreath  On Sun Jul 18 2021, 06:41am
7 3620 PSA77
Fri Oct 29 2021, 04:26am
ETG6 Calibration Issue  Good Morning,I recently got my wife a 2014 Citroen C4 Picasso (B78) 1.6e-hdi with the ETG6 Gearbox.I[more ...] By PSA77  On Thu Oct 28 2021, 05:44am
None 2181 -
Warning sound while reversing  New to owning a C4, and new to this forum. Does anyone know if it's possible to turn off the warning[more ...] By bike  On Sun Oct 24 2021, 08:19am
5 2869 Richard_C
Wed Oct 27 2021, 05:25am
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What are the OEM brake pads?  When it comes to changing the pads I'd rather put on the OEM version. Does anyone know what pads wer[more ...] By walldan  On Fri Jul 13 2018, 05:55pm
14 4846 vexorg
Wed Oct 27 2021, 03:44am
Tyre pressure?  The sticker on my car is gone. What is the recommended tyre pressure on a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso B[more ...] By Ankan  On Sun Oct 17 2021, 02:09pm
5 2478 DeuxChevaux
Tue Oct 19 2021, 08:09am
Illuminated switches at night  Hi driving my C4 Grand Picasso exclusive plus 2016 at night, only had 3 months, I noticed my driver'[more ...] By py6rac  On Mon Oct 11 2021, 03:05pm
1 2405 Richard_C
Wed Oct 13 2021, 02:49pm
Particle filter additive....  Hello all.We have 2014 GP 1.6 diesel. Week ago gor message on screen "Particle filter level low". Ok[more ...] By tomaskriv  On Fri Oct 08 2021, 07:13am
8 2534 tomaskriv
Sun Oct 10 2021, 02:28pm
2007 c4 Picasso exclusive. Egs gearbox  Afternoon everyone, new here and this will be my first post. I've a major problem with the egs gearb[more ...] By Markyboy1075  On Thu Sep 30 2021, 08:43am
2 2473 Markyboy1075
Fri Oct 01 2021, 08:13am
Should I do Chip tuning my GP 2015 1.6 88kw?  Hello, I am thinking about Chip Tuning...Should i Chip tuning my GP 2015 1.6 88kw?Is it bad to the e[more ...] By Menylt  On Tue Sep 28 2021, 12:50pm
None 2281 -
Changing tyre size on original C4 picasso  Hi guys.I've noticed that 225/45/17 tyres are way cheaper than 205/55/17 (which is currently fitted [more ...] By CAndyBil  On Sat Aug 21 2021, 12:04pm
4 2887 CAndyBil
Tue Sep 28 2021, 02:15am
C4 washer jets  Hi All, a good few years ago someone on the forum recommended some twin washer jets to replace the r[more ...] By dmpzsn  On Sun Aug 29 2021, 12:15pm
4 2680 CAndyBil
Mon Sep 27 2021, 11:59am
Spped dial of Home and Home address in GPS - how?  Hello, I am trying to make speed dials instead of searching each time...same with some addresses. Is[more ...] By Menylt  On Sat Sep 25 2021, 12:16pm
None 2216 -
Adding mirror link to Grand C-4 2016  Hi, is it possible to add mirror link function by moudule or software? By Menylt  On Sat Sep 25 2021, 12:10pm
None 2260 -
Bulk head sound proofing replacement  I am looking to replace the sound proofing on the Bulk Head of my 2013 C4 Picasso. I took the old on[more ...] By Pigzy  On Sun Sep 05 2021, 09:50am
2 2613 Motorbreath
Tue Sep 21 2021, 01:56am
Can Anyone Clarify Correct Isofix Setup On GC4?  Looking to get a GC4 as child No.3 is on the way.I'd previously read that Citroen had advised Isofix[more ...] By thelibertine  On Sat Sep 18 2021, 04:37pm
1 2473 Wutang
Mon Sep 20 2021, 07:10am
Plastic undertray Fasteners  My undertray came loose on the motorway and started making a loud clattering noise scraping on the f[more ...] By Foxy0-0  On Sat Sep 18 2021, 04:09pm
1 2388 vexorg
Sun Sep 19 2021, 06:33am
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