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C4 Picasso (B78) General Questions

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New Grand Picasso UK Specifications
  New C4 Picasso and GRAND Picasso UK Specifications are now available to download: - Click Here -  By Web Admin Only  On Fri Nov 08 2013, 03:43am
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26 6227 bluehdi
Tue Jan 03 2017, 06:30am
Sticky Thread
Spare wheel Carrier C4 Picasso B78
  Hi folks,I'm about to purchase a new 2014 Grand Picasso Exclusive. I drive a good amount of miles pe[more ...] By EFW  On Thu Nov 06 2014, 05:58am
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18 6483 BigJohnD
Sat Feb 20 2016, 12:34pm
Sticky Thread
Spare wheel fitment on Blue HDi C4GP, definitive answer???
  There has been discussion on whether you can fit a spare wheel under these cars. I was in the local [more ...] By routemaster1  On Fri Aug 14 2015, 05:45am
1 1524 stainlesssink
Wed Aug 19 2015, 05:47am
Sticky Thread
New C4 Picasso Exclusive+ THP155 Spare Wheel Issue
  Took delivery of my new C4 Picasso on Monday and it's an absolutely terrific car but have a question[more ...] By DaveG  On Wed May 21 2014, 05:07pm
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16 7491 Web Admin Only
Sat May 24 2014, 12:00pm
 Forum Threads
12” HD Display Colour Schemes  I have a 2016 Picasso with the 12” HD display and I was wondering if there is any way to get new col[more ...] By berwicks  On Wed Jun 28 2017, 05:10pm
None 36 -
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grand C4 exclusive + 2015 model - General on road maintenance  Hello,During the hot summer time we will drive through different countries for a month covering 5000[more ...] By arkiboys  On Fri Jun 23 2017, 05:50am
12 202 arkiboys
Wed Jun 28 2017, 02:15am
Grand c4 picasso ex + - europe stirring wheel lock  Hello,I have been thinking whether or not I should get a stirring wheel lock while we are abroad in [more ...] By arkiboys  On Sun Jun 25 2017, 04:42am
2 95 FrankBullitt
Mon Jun 26 2017, 05:42am
Windscreen Wiper replacement advice  I have the C4 Picasso 2015 year and want to replace the front wiper blades, can anyone advise best p[more ...] By Mss1641  On Wed Jun 21 2017, 09:47am
3 124 Mss1641
Thu Jun 22 2017, 05:06am
Permanant and switched live  Got a decent dashcam setup to wire in (like them in all my cars.) can anyone give any pointers on a [more ...] By Wutang  On Mon Jun 19 2017, 10:53am
None 77 -
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C4 Grand Picasso 1.2 PureTech engine noise  Hi all, Have recently (a week ago) bought a used 2016 C4 Grand Picasso, with a 1.2 Puretech 130 engi[more ...] By _r1ck  On Sun Apr 16 2017, 05:02pm
10 588 _r1ck
Fri Jun 16 2017, 02:27pm
Warranty  Hello,In Aug 2015, I purchased a new C4 Grand Picasso.The car went for service today. I asked Citro[more ...] By arkiboys  On Fri Jun 02 2017, 12:29pm
1 226 citquery
Sat Jun 10 2017, 03:08am
power plug  Hello,In the grand c4 Picasso there are three power plugs. It shows 12V on each one of them. Does th[more ...] By arkiboys  On Tue Jun 06 2017, 02:27pm
7 263 routemaster1
Thu Jun 08 2017, 10:30am
How to use climate control in a facelifted 2017 C4 Picasso  Hi,Sorry if this seems a silly question and apologise in advance if this is obvious! When using clim[more ...] By Halfmoonbay  On Mon Jun 05 2017, 10:53am
1 162 routemaster1
Mon Jun 05 2017, 10:56am
2015 C4 150HDi Exclusive+ Rear tailgate brake light question?  What is the little dimple that sticks out of the rear tailgate brake light for? It's on the right of[more ...] By GazzaBloom  On Sun Jun 04 2017, 08:08am
2 166 GazzaBloom
Mon Jun 05 2017, 04:15am
18" Wheels  Hello,Now I am on 17" AQUILLON rim (7J ET50) with 205/55 R17, and want to go 18" but not OEM. It is [more ...] By kkulishev  On Mon May 29 2017, 07:05am
2 215 routemaster1
Sat Jun 03 2017, 02:21pm
MOT and servicing in London area?  Hi All,I'm new to owning a Grand Picasso. My old car was a small car and was quite cheap to run and [more ...] By Duck999  On Thu May 25 2017, 11:16am
6 207 FrankBullitt
Fri May 26 2017, 02:45pm
Deleting contacts list  I recently purchased a 2013 C4P exclusive+, the telephone contacts list is full of the previous owne[more ...] By Pottypeg  On Tue May 23 2017, 04:39am
5 195 Richard_C
Wed May 24 2017, 12:47pm
Space saver wheel retaining bolt in boot  Does anyone know what thread is the bolt that holds down the space saver wheel. In the base of the b[more ...] By Ian47  On Mon May 08 2017, 03:13pm
4 244 cobwebs
Sat May 20 2017, 06:04am
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Useful centre box light  Very pleased with the new LED lighting inside the new C4 Picasso.However the centre storage box is v[more ...] By bluehdi  On Sat Dec 20 2014, 04:59am
11 2511 vimto2000
Thu May 18 2017, 09:06am
Bollingmores Sunbury  I have only just found out that my Citroen dealer, Bollingmores, in Sunbury Middlesex has closed dow[more ...] By northspoon  On Sun Mar 19 2017, 05:12am
2 493 elhkwt
Wed May 17 2017, 04:42am
SatNav history  Is there a way to delete previous destinations from the screen? By Ian47  On Sun May 14 2017, 06:29am
3 242 Richard_C
Mon May 15 2017, 12:23pm
Correct Tyre Pressures  Having not had my Grand Picasso for very long so far, I decided to check my tyre pressures today. L[more ...] By beemanga  On Thu May 11 2017, 08:20am
5 269 routemaster1
Mon May 15 2017, 12:07pm
Can row 3 seats be removed?  Was wondering if the 3rd row seats can be removed from the boot as going on holiday to south of fran[more ...] By Wutang  On Thu May 11 2017, 08:44am
7 274 Wutang
Sun May 14 2017, 07:03am
Low Mileage Diesel Survival Strategy  Hi everyone - first post but long term lurker!I have a 3 month old Grand Picasso 1.6HDi EAT6 which I[more ...] By BlueIan  On Wed May 10 2017, 05:23am
9 430 BlueIan
Sun May 14 2017, 02:17am
Chinese copy of Grand C4 Picasso   - Click Here - Check it out! By beemanga  On Fri May 12 2017, 06:05pm
1 244 KenC
Sat May 13 2017, 01:50am
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Annual Service  Hello,I purchased a new c4 grand Picasso exclusive plus in Aug 2015 (Blue HDI)Now one year has passe[more ...] By arkiboys  On Mon Aug 01 2016, 05:08am
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23 2176 routemaster1
Fri May 12 2017, 11:54pm
Changing light bulbs in B78 C4GP (2015-2016 model)  Anyone knows how to do this? The H7s and fog lights seem to be explained quite well in the manual. [more ...] By deesto  On Mon Jun 06 2016, 12:55pm
2 665 deesto
Fri May 12 2017, 06:22pm
Diagbox/Lexia Help  Anyone who can help me with this?I want to know if you can "code" out the detection on the lights EC[more ...] By deesto  On Sun Jun 19 2016, 07:18am
3 726 deesto
Fri May 12 2017, 06:19pm
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What have you done to your New Citroen Grand C4 Picasso?  Hey,Fee free to post your mods, shiny clean car wash pictures, rim blades attachments, addition of a[more ...] By deesto  On Fri Jun 17 2016, 04:33am
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16 1706 deesto
Fri May 12 2017, 06:12pm
Space saver wheel bolts  When fitting the space saver wheel can you use the same bolts from the alloy wheel being taken off? By Ian47  On Thu May 11 2017, 11:31am
2 186 BigJohnD
Thu May 11 2017, 03:23pm
Dimensions of 2017 C4 Picasso Trunk / Boot  I am coming to Europe later in the year and have leased a C4 Picasso. I would be grateful if anyone [more ...] By ibwurzel  On Sun May 07 2017, 01:50pm
2 196 Richard_C
Tue May 09 2017, 08:08am
Replace foglight trim  Hi,My drivers side foglight trim is cracked and because it's not fitting as it should it vibrates un[more ...] By matjam  On Mon Apr 24 2017, 09:16am
4 274 matjam
Fri May 05 2017, 05:11am
Space Saver Spare Sizes / Specs  Hi,Can someone supply specs on the space saver that would be used with a 2.0 blue HDI on 18" wheels [more ...] By Wutang  On Tue May 02 2017, 06:25am
2 173 routemaster1
Tue May 02 2017, 10:34am
Remote smart key  I lost one of the two remote keys of my C4 Picasso 2014 car. The key costs 6,000 Egyptian pound at C[more ...] By mrfe  On Mon May 01 2017, 07:46am
1 196 mrfe
Tue May 02 2017, 06:06am
Replacing Rear Light Assy (B78)  Hi All,I have a 2014 C4 Grand Picasso and have a cracked LH rear light assy so need to replace. what[more ...] By bunggle  On Tue Apr 18 2017, 04:30am
3 215 bunggle
Mon May 01 2017, 06:28am
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My Citroen webpage not working  I have tried over several days to use the My Citroen webpage but after logging in, there is a messag[more ...] By northspoon  On Thu Mar 30 2017, 08:03am
11 457 northspoon
Wed Apr 26 2017, 05:44am
An Auto C4 Without EGS Gearbox?  I am very sorry if this is covered already.Basically I had a C4 Grand Picasso with EGS gearbox that [more ...] By lizzibee  On Mon Apr 24 2017, 05:58am
3 234 BigJohnD
Mon Apr 24 2017, 10:03am
Grand C4 Picasso Exclusive plus 2015  Hello,The car has a small glove box in-front of the passenger seat under the dashboard.The earlier m[more ...] By arkiboys  On Sun Apr 23 2017, 04:50pm
None 183 -
C4P 64 Plate Rear Discs & Pads replacement  Hi All,I'm due to pick up replacement discs and pads for my wifes 64 plate C4 Picasso and I wanted t[more ...] By hotbaws  On Mon Mar 13 2017, 09:05am
3 297 AndrewM
Sun Apr 23 2017, 06:28am
USB memory stick not working  I have recently bought a 2015 C4 Picasso and cannot get my 16Gb memory stick to work. I have forma[more ...] By bloolamp  On Wed Mar 01 2017, 10:31am
2 319 Spyder
Thu Apr 20 2017, 03:23pm
2015 C4 grand picasso Wiring diagrams for seats?  Hello,This is a long shot but here goes..... I have just purchased a set of C4 seats to fit in my ca[more ...] By thewootts  On Wed Apr 19 2017, 12:40pm
None 142 -
Grand C4 Picasso Exclusive plus 2015 Aerial  Hello,I would like to place a long roofbox on the roof which means it will have to go over the aeria[more ...] By arkiboys  On Tue Apr 18 2017, 02:39pm
6 234 arkiboys
Wed Apr 19 2017, 07:28am
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Joining the dark side?  Well, after many years of owning Citroens with all their idiosyncrasies- I have decided to join the [more ...] By niggly56  On Fri Apr 14 2017, 02:37pm
11 480 johntech
Mon Apr 17 2017, 03:59pm
How do I remove the n/s front door trim on a 2015 C4P?  I have a 2015 C4P and the near side mirror has been damaged. I have obtained a complete second hand [more ...] By Loftyone  On Mon Apr 17 2017, 01:53pm
None 140 -
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ECU remapping  Hi there, long time lurker first time poster from Sydney here.I'm sure this topic has been covered o[more ...] By huit  On Thu Mar 23 2017, 07:51pm
13 627 routemaster1
Thu Apr 13 2017, 03:47am
AdBlue questions  I am about to order a new 1.6 BlueHDi GP and have no experience of this blue fluid.I understand the [more ...] By northspoon  On Sat Jul 18 2015, 11:02am
9 3455 vimto2000
Thu Apr 06 2017, 05:53am
OEM Wiper blades?  Does anyone know what manufacturer wiper blades are factory fitted by Citroen on the C4Ps? By GazzaBloom  On Tue Mar 14 2017, 03:54pm
7 389 BigJohnD
Thu Apr 06 2017, 03:21am
MyCitroen App, connect to car via bluetooth?  I downloaded the MyCitroen App, all good, signed in and got it working but it suggests I can connect[more ...] By GazzaBloom  On Mon Mar 27 2017, 02:28pm
3 334 GazzaBloom
Tue Apr 04 2017, 12:34am
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NCD (new car day) 2015 2.0 150 BlueHDi C4P Exclusive+  Picked up our new 2015 2.0 150 BlueHdi C4 Picasso Exclusive+ in Shark Grey yesterday and drove home [more ...] By GazzaBloom  On Sat Mar 04 2017, 11:56pm
10 455 cygnet
Mon Apr 03 2017, 04:18pm
Grand C4 Exclusive plus 2015  Hello,Can you please let me know the maximum length of a roofbox I can place on this car?Please note[more ...] By arkiboys  On Wed Mar 29 2017, 03:29pm
None 181 -
Nextbase DUO dashcam - best mount  I have a 2016 C4GP which has the moulding in the top-center of the windshield running about 10" from[more ...] By JimmyPage  On Mon Mar 13 2017, 09:14am
None 223 -
Roof box  Hello,I have the 2015 C4 exclusive plusNote that there is an aerial on the roof towards the back of [more ...] By arkiboys  On Fri Mar 10 2017, 06:28am
None 195 -
2014 C4 Picasso Sat Nav  Hi just picked up my new C4 could anybody advise should i have a separate hand book for the Sat Nav [more ...] By JIMMYMACNOO  On Wed Mar 08 2017, 09:19am
2 266 Richard_C
Wed Mar 08 2017, 11:17am
2015 C4P Exclusive+ 2.0 BlueHDi: wheel bolt cover removal tool?  My C4P with the 18" Python wheels has the air compressor under the boot cover in a polystyrene tray,[more ...] By GazzaBloom  On Mon Mar 06 2017, 11:20pm
3 263 paully
Tue Mar 07 2017, 03:48am
Grand C4 Picasso  Hi, I'm just about to order a 2014 Grand C4 Picasso VTR+ and was wondering what the speedo / instrum[more ...] By budgie01  On Mon Mar 06 2017, 05:43pm
2 245 FrankBullitt
Tue Mar 07 2017, 12:10am
Car Mats - do optimats exist anymore?  Hi All,I'm looking for car mats for my C4P.I've read lots of posts where people recommend Citroen's [more ...] By matjam  On Mon Mar 06 2017, 11:17am
1 252 bluehdi
Mon Mar 06 2017, 12:17pm
N/Side Diff Oil Seal Leak  N/SIDE DIFF LEAKINGI recently had my 2013 C4 Picasso serviced and was informed the n/side diff seal [more ...] By ajaxer  On Sat Mar 04 2017, 07:40am
1 206 BigJohnD
Sat Mar 04 2017, 10:06am
How to have my tail lights on, even when the lights are in auto mode?  I would like to have my tail lights on always, so that I don't need to have set the lights controlle[more ...] By agtig  On Thu Feb 23 2017, 06:28am
5 409 lodzman
Fri Mar 03 2017, 01:47am
2015 C4 Picasso Drive Belt Replacement  Hi All, Our Picasso alternator drive belt failed last night and I called into fyfes this morning and[more ...] By alindsay81  On Wed Mar 01 2017, 06:45am
2 243 alindsay81
Wed Mar 01 2017, 10:17am
12v Fuse location and amps?  Hi, I've just come back from a camp trip. I used the 12v socket for an high pressure electric pump r[more ...] By jgrand  On Mon Jun 20 2016, 05:41am
8 1903 Lpka
Tue Feb 28 2017, 06:16am
Headlight adjuster switch  Hi guys, just a small question, the headlight adjuster switch on my 2014 C4 Picasso Exclusive+ doesn[more ...] By Ken  On Thu Feb 23 2017, 01:14pm
4 327 routemaster1
Mon Feb 27 2017, 11:22am
System restarts suddenly?!?!  After 1 week of buying the car I was coming of the Motorway and stopped at traffic light and then th[more ...] By nijutzu82  On Sun Feb 19 2017, 04:46pm
3 382 nijutzu82
Sat Feb 25 2017, 02:09pm
Finally!!! Rear Parcel Shelf Storage Location.....:)  OK I Discovered this after my 17 old daughter asked if I could as the taxi for the night drop off he[more ...] By jimmymacc  On Wed Feb 22 2017, 06:45am
3 417 Wdm12
Wed Feb 22 2017, 03:27pm
Speedometer position on the 12 inch screen  I just bought a C4 Picasso exclusive plus model late 2013 model. So far so good, but I really don't [more ...] By telc1999  On Wed Feb 22 2017, 10:03am
3 308 Richard_C
Wed Feb 22 2017, 10:26am
De-beeping the tailgate?  Pre facelift Exclusive+, un-grand Picasso, pre-owned so it's the spec it is. (I wouldn't have paid e[more ...] By Richard_C  On Thu Feb 16 2017, 11:00am
5 424 Richard_C
Fri Feb 17 2017, 11:20am
C4P folding door mirrors  Possibly an odd question..Thinking of buying a 2016 C4P (Flair) but the width is a bit close to what[more ...] By paulbid  On Wed Feb 15 2017, 10:57am
1 290 routemaster1
Wed Feb 15 2017, 11:01am
C4P roof bar  Looking at possibly purchase of 2016 C4P but need confirmation regarding roof bars. Its important th[more ...] By paulbid  On Tue Feb 14 2017, 12:39pm
8 411 matjam
Wed Feb 15 2017, 10:49am
How to get pictures to contacts?  I have C4 Grand Picasso 2016 pre facelift and iphone 6S with pictures in contacts. I have now the co[more ...] By fyndi  On Sun Feb 12 2017, 12:21pm
None 265 -
66 plate grand Picasso inboard WiFi problem  I have recently bought this car and am struggling to work the WiFi out. The dealership has no clue, [more ...] By Claire1985  On Fri Feb 10 2017, 10:16am
5 530 indieblue
Sun Feb 12 2017, 03:08am
Mirror link  Hi I have just bought a 66 plate C4 Picasso Touch. Can anyone advise which nav apps work with Mirror[more ...] By Vnort  On Wed Feb 08 2017, 01:41pm
5 601 indieblue
Sun Feb 12 2017, 02:46am
Few questions on a C4 Picasso HDi115 Exclusive 65 plate  I have just bought the above named car which was registered September 2015.According to the info fro[more ...] By Razor1967  On Thu Feb 09 2017, 11:00am
5 369 Razor1967
Thu Feb 09 2017, 03:17pm
Date on 12" screen  Sorry if is already a thread about this but can you help me with this info.I wanna know how ( or if [more ...] By nijutzu82  On Wed Feb 08 2017, 01:20pm
4 394 Richard_C
Wed Feb 08 2017, 05:30pm
C4GP Screens too bright at night  I've had my C4GP (66 plate) for a couple of weeks now and last night I drove it in the dark the the [more ...] By indieblue  On Sun Feb 05 2017, 01:55pm
2 400 indieblue
Mon Feb 06 2017, 03:19pm
Reattaching wing mirror  Hi, allMy driver's side wing mirror got knocked off. It seems to just be the screws as I could just [more ...] By martyn_g  On Mon Feb 06 2017, 12:00pm
None 251 -
USB ports  Hi have just bought a 66 plate c4 Picasso Touch edition....can't find a USB port? Is there one ? See[more ...] By Vnort  On Sun Feb 05 2017, 07:49am
3 369 bluehdi
Sun Feb 05 2017, 12:20pm
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