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C4 Picasso (B78) General Questions

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Announcement Thread
New Grand Picasso UK Specifications
  New C4 Picasso and GRAND Picasso UK Specifications are now available to download: - Click Here -  By Dave_Retired.  On Fri Nov 08 2013, 03:43am
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26 13526 bluehdi
Tue Jan 03 2017, 06:30am
Sticky Thread
New C4 Picasso Exclusive+ THP155 Spare Wheel Issue
  Took delivery of my new C4 Picasso on Monday and it's an absolutely terrific car but have a question[more ...] By DaveG  On Wed May 21 2014, 05:07pm
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24 15190 AndrewM
Mon Sep 24 2018, 11:19am
Sticky Thread
Spare wheel Carrier C4 Picasso B78
  Hi folks,I'm about to purchase a new 2014 Grand Picasso Exclusive. I drive a good amount of miles pe[more ...] By EFW  On Thu Nov 06 2014, 05:58am
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20 14069 A380
Mon Jan 22 2018, 04:40pm
Sticky Thread
Spare wheel fitment on Blue HDi C4GP, definitive answer???
  There has been discussion on whether you can fit a spare wheel under these cars. I was in the local [more ...] By routemaster1  On Fri Aug 14 2015, 05:45am
1 3732 stainlesssink
Wed Aug 19 2015, 05:47am
 Forum Threads
2 months a owner Update  Well after reading so much negativity about people's cars, thought I'd attempt to balance to books. [more ...] By Blackstar  On Sun Apr 21 2019, 02:32pm
5 374 iscom
Mon Jun 24 2019, 02:48pm
2017 C4 Grand Picasso 1.6 BlueHDi 120 Diesel  HiI have just purchased the above vehicle, so far pretty impressed with it. One thing that does conf[more ...] By Essex_Red  On Mon Jun 24 2019, 08:35am
3 59 routemaster1
Mon Jun 24 2019, 01:52pm
oil change 2016 GP  Any one removed the engine under tray? Lots of 10mm bolts round the outside 2 at the rear which I re[more ...] By grahn  On Tue Jun 04 2019, 07:54am
3 193 gmerry
Fri Jun 14 2019, 11:11am
What brake pads and discs do i need?  Hello all,I want to change my pads and discs on my 2014 C4 Grand Picasso its the 1.6 THP 150 EGS Exc[more ...] By smudger483  On Mon Jun 10 2019, 01:59pm
1 110 jsg1163
Mon Jun 10 2019, 06:14pm
Rear brakes on a Picasso Exclusive 1.6 diesel 115  Hi just phoned up a local garage and they reckon the rear brakes on my 2013 mk2 have an integrated b[more ...] By Davie1888  On Sun Jun 02 2019, 05:40pm
1 152 BigJohnD
Sat Jun 08 2019, 04:50am
Aircon internal inlet location - for A/C cleaning  Dear all,I am wondering where the internal A/C inlet is located in C4 Grand Picasso. The one which s[more ...] By svic  On Thu Jun 06 2019, 02:56pm
None 92 -
Shock absorbers with hydraulic cushions from new C4 Cactus  Hello guys, I've just bought C4 Picasso 2014 and wondering is it possible to install shock absorbers[more ...] By manantonio  On Tue Feb 26 2019, 09:58pm
2 396 sgt_C5
Wed Jun 05 2019, 07:26am
Grand C4 rear caliper rewind  Hi folks. New member here. It's been a while since I've been on a car forum. I come from a history o[more ...] By david_taurus83  On Fri May 17 2019, 02:50pm
2 187 iscom
Tue May 28 2019, 04:07pm
Removing Drivers Seat with electric connections  I am arranging for my driving seat(leather) to be repacked as it’s starting to “Sag” a bit. The car[more ...] By iscom  On Tue May 28 2019, 11:10am
1 106 gittos
Tue May 28 2019, 02:09pm
Gaiter removal on 2016 C4 Picasso Grand VTR+  Apologies if this has been posted before but I have searched and can't a thread for 2013 onwards.I w[more ...] By honey4d  On Thu May 23 2019, 03:15am
5 184 iscom
Sun May 26 2019, 03:18am
Extended warranty question  From experience does anyone know if the annual renewal price for the Citroen Extended Warranty is li[more ...] By naughtiusmaximus  On Wed Mar 20 2019, 09:52am
5 401 iscom
Mon May 20 2019, 12:40pm
Cruise Control  I have previously had 4 manual Citroens. On all of these the cruise control work in the same way. Yo[more ...] By routemaster1  On Mon May 13 2019, 06:03am
None 163 -
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C4 Grand Picasso / Picasso after market tailgate from manual to electric tailgate with foot trigger  Hi Everyone,I used old ETG6 gearbox grand picasso and new EAT6 gearbox Citroen C4 Grand Picasso. My [more ...] By estebanfree  On Fri Dec 08 2017, 03:00am
10 1168 iscom
Fri May 10 2019, 12:25pm
Part Details: The Definition of "Except Mid-Life" and "Mid-Life"  When looking for part details via the Citroen service parts it often describes the part as "Mid-Life[more ...] By iscom  On Mon May 06 2019, 04:10am
None 171 -
Oil change automatic gearbox necessary?  Is an oil change for the automatic gearbox necessary? In the user manual it says no, not necessary. [more ...] By Samber79  On Thu May 02 2019, 03:29am
4 265 Onefut
Sat May 04 2019, 06:49am
Remove the central air vents  Hello all, I damaged my central air vents (scratched) and I want to fit in the new part. Can someone[more ...] By Motorbreath  On Wed May 01 2019, 01:27pm
1 257 Motorbreath
Fri May 03 2019, 01:43am
Electric Wing mirror stopped working  Hi all, new here. I have a C4 Picasso 2015 exclusive+ 5 door, great car by the way my problem is tha[more ...] By fable666  On Tue Apr 30 2019, 08:02am
4 240 iscom
Wed May 01 2019, 01:59pm
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New SMEG Firmware  I see there is a newish SMEG update 5.42.C.R2.I have a 2015 C4 GP with SMEG+ hardware. Has anyone up[more ...] By northspoon  On Thu Oct 19 2017, 06:45am
12 4448 ScottH
Wed May 01 2019, 07:48am
Broken seat belt buckle  The red topped middle 2nd row belt buckle is stuck down. No amount of wiggling will get it to pop ba[more ...] By JonnyO  On Fri Apr 26 2019, 08:47am
None 162 -
C4 Picasso questions  Two years after selling my Xsara Picasso, I am again thinking of buying a Citroen, this time a C4 Pi[more ...] By albapa  On Sat Mar 02 2019, 05:14am
1 376 Nagaman
Wed Apr 24 2019, 09:25pm
Retro fit packs  I thought my car had the active radar cruise control. I'm convinced it hasn't as I cant find it. Is[more ...] By Blackstar  On Tue Apr 23 2019, 04:03am
4 287 routemaster1
Wed Apr 24 2019, 10:24am
Suitable or Best Coolant/Antifreezer for my car?  Hello allThe title says it all... How do I find out and where can we get that from?What's the differ[more ...] By jsg1163  On Fri Apr 19 2019, 01:35pm
4 236 jsg1163
Tue Apr 23 2019, 05:24am
Remove all emblems  Hi guys. I'm looking to remove all emblems on my C4 grand picasso 2016. Do any of you know if any of[more ...] By marcelonezz  On Thu Apr 18 2019, 02:42am
1 236 proinnsias
Thu Apr 18 2019, 08:20am
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Higher rated Xenon 35w D5S  Has anyone upgraded the 25w Xenon's to the higher 35w rated Xenon ? By iscom  On Tue Nov 27 2018, 11:31am
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20 1894 Losty
Fri Apr 12 2019, 03:42pm
Active Radar Cruise location  Its taken a while, but I've discovered where the active radar cruise sensor is located on the C4P/GP[more ...] By bluehdi  On Sun Mar 20 2016, 09:44am
3 2492 rusky
Wed Apr 10 2019, 04:40pm
Airbag light  Hi I have a werning airbag light, Citroen b87 how to clear? By andy71  On Sun Apr 07 2019, 06:45am
None 208 -
2016 Exclusive + Radar Cruise Control Query  I have what appears to be one of the last C4 Picasso Exclusive + 1.6 BlueHDi manual models, registe[more ...] By qml1968  On Thu Oct 25 2018, 02:08pm
1 749 marcelonezz
Sat Apr 06 2019, 02:05pm
actuator removal  Ok May been asked but I need to replace the actuator resevoir due to split is there a how to or any [more ...] By Sparky1985  On Wed Apr 03 2019, 01:05pm
None 210 -
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Potential new owner  *the post got cut off should have read: I'm looking at a 2014ish picasso or Grand and have been rese[more ...] By Itchigo27  On Sat Dec 29 2018, 08:23am
12 842 chrislufc1977
Sun Mar 31 2019, 04:56pm
2016 Grand C4 Exclusive- How many fobs?  Hi everyone!I'm just back from the dealership where I bought a 2016 Grand C4 Exclusive. It came with[more ...] By tiagoespinha  On Mon Mar 25 2019, 03:39pm
8 407 iscom
Wed Mar 27 2019, 01:58pm
Remove Instrument Cluster?  Hi, can anybody tell me how you remove the instrument cluster (12 inch panoramic display) on the B78[more ...] By RTDM  On Fri Mar 22 2019, 09:17am
5 361 rusky
Sat Mar 23 2019, 04:41am
Installing parking camera  Hello guys,I am a new proud owner of beautiful C4 Picasso (2014). I found that rear visibility i[more ...] By Elektro  On Thu Mar 21 2019, 03:26pm
3 332 Elektro
Fri Mar 22 2019, 02:14pm
Jacking a C4GP?  The image in the owners manual SEEMS to suggest jacking under the lip (!) on the underside of the do[more ...] By WillyRose  On Mon Mar 18 2019, 11:17am
6 445 Richard_C
Thu Mar 21 2019, 11:34am
Recharging the battery with stop/start technology  The stop/start had not been cutting in recently, so I thought I'd check the battery charge level wit[more ...] By Jimux  On Thu Mar 21 2019, 01:36am
3 349 iscom
Thu Mar 21 2019, 07:57am
Best place to access battery via bulkhead  What is the best place to access battery via bulkhead? I want to add an always on power point. By iscom  On Sat Mar 16 2019, 12:56pm
1 340 iscom
Tue Mar 19 2019, 03:26pm
Can anyone recommend a phone holder for the new C4 Picasso?  Hi,What phone holders are recommended for this car?I moved my vent mount phone holder from our older[more ...] By rd-starbug  On Sat Mar 09 2019, 03:01pm
6 479 BigJohnD
Fri Mar 15 2019, 10:55am
C4 Picasso Main beam bulb replacement  Hi guys I have changed my dipped headlight bulbs to brighter ones but I am struggling to change the [more ...] By Beeches54  On Wed Feb 27 2019, 10:37am
2 411 Richard_C
Fri Mar 15 2019, 08:12am
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What are the Perfect setting for Climate control?  HelloI am just wondering what are the optimal climate control settings where:1. The inside temp stay[more ...] By jsg1163  On Thu Jan 17 2019, 07:39am
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20 1471 FrankBullitt
Tue Mar 12 2019, 05:15pm
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Halfords Fitting DashCam  I have a 67 plate C4GP Flair. I am thinking of getting a dashcam fitted by Halfords. Has anyone had [more ...] By stoic  On Wed Aug 08 2018, 10:06am
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25 3691 gittos
Tue Mar 05 2019, 02:13pm
OBD2 tool for use with Grand C4 Picasso Airdream Exclusive+  Hey guys, I just bought a Grand C4 Picasso Airdream Exclusive+ 7 seater and I do all car repairs mys[more ...] By madmanandy27  On Wed Feb 27 2019, 03:53am
2 411 Blackstar
Mon Mar 04 2019, 02:50am
Takata Airbag Recall  Has anybody heard something about Takata Airbag Recall? Some C4 Picasso may be fitted with these air[more ...] By manantonio  On Tue Feb 26 2019, 10:15pm
2 339 manantonio
Wed Feb 27 2019, 02:55pm
Alloy Wheels  Just took delivery of a 2013 Picasso 1.6 Airdream Exclusive +in Ruby Red. LOVE IT !!!. Anybody got a[more ...] By Beeches54  On Fri Feb 22 2019, 05:20pm
3 402 Beeches54
Sat Feb 23 2019, 06:34pm
2015 C4 grand picasso Wiring diagrams for seats?  Hello,This is a long shot but here goes..... I have just purchased a set of C4 seats to fit in my ca[more ...] By thewootts  On Wed Apr 19 2017, 12:40pm
1 975 Trullock
Tue Feb 19 2019, 01:45pm
Front brake pads - are they soft?  Having just driven my first 500 miles in my 2015 C4P exclusive I am surprised at just how much brake[more ...] By Jimux  On Tue Jul 07 2015, 04:46am
3 1811 Jimux
Mon Feb 11 2019, 09:39am
C4 Picasso 1.6 e-HDi Airdream VTR+ ETG6 5door gearbox fault  The central screen is showing "gearbox fault" and I cannot get out of neutral (no park position). T[more ...] By philjonescrosby  On Thu Feb 07 2019, 06:25pm
2 390 jsg1163
Fri Feb 08 2019, 05:27am
C4 Picasso Excl Airdream Exhaust Heat Shield  Afternoon everyone, just wondering can anyone tell me if the 2014 c4 picasso has a lower and back he[more ...] By AlanM  On Mon Feb 04 2019, 09:49am
1 371 jsg1163
Tue Feb 05 2019, 08:38am
2016 C4 Grand Picasso - Removal of rear bumper  I have a 2016 C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive with a Blue HDI 120 diesel. I need to remove the rear bump[more ...] By buzztec  On Tue Dec 26 2017, 10:08am
2 1273 jsg1163
Wed Jan 30 2019, 03:26am
Front Brake Pads replacement - What pads - two different sizes  Hi All,My 2014 C4 Picasso (C4 PICASSO II 1.6 HDI 115 (114HP)) needs the front brake pads replaced an[more ...] By hotbaws  On Thu Nov 23 2017, 04:22am
8 2037 jamescastle
Mon Jan 28 2019, 10:10am
Floor mats on 2017 C4 Grand Picasso?  Hi - just trying to find floor mats for a 2017 C4 Grand Picasso but not as easy as I#d thought. Does[more ...] By mjhogan2000  On Sun Jan 27 2019, 05:22pm
2 464 gittos
Mon Jan 28 2019, 08:53am
See Android phone as a USB stick  Hi,I'm trying to get the C4GP's MP3 player to recognise my Android (Oreo) phone as a USB stick so it[more ...] By Duck999  On Sat Jan 26 2019, 03:12pm
1 418 jsg1163
Mon Jan 28 2019, 03:36am
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Journey ICON missing from the app  HelloThe Citroen app got updated a few days ago and yesterday I noticed that the journey icon is mis[more ...] By jsg1163  On Wed Dec 05 2018, 03:42am
10 723 jsg1163
Wed Jan 23 2019, 10:51am
Climate ECU Change  Can the climate ecu be changed without the need for putting the car on the dealer comp, mine is faul[more ...] By Wutang  On Fri Jan 18 2019, 07:36am
1 425 jsg1163
Mon Jan 21 2019, 03:53am
2014 C4 Picasso  HiJust started the car up today and got the tyre inflation light come up with tyre inflation sytem[more ...] By jjb1333  On Fri Jan 18 2019, 10:44am
5 508 jjb1333
Sat Jan 19 2019, 10:43am
2014 C4 Picasso Front Interior Light  HiI would like to change the front interior light bulbs for LED’s has anyone done this, and if so ho[more ...] By Nigel7  On Tue Jan 15 2019, 05:34am
2 478 Nigel7
Tue Jan 15 2019, 06:05am
C4 Picasso 2014 shock absorber  Hi,I am looking for my 2014 C4 Picasso shock absorber. I have tried to find in many of the online ca[more ...] By pinocchio  On Sun Jul 23 2017, 09:49am
1 1069 Ashwinher
Tue Jan 15 2019, 05:49am
Headlights adjusting from under the bonnet  The thumb wheel won't give me enough 'up' adjustment, so I have to tackle it from under the bonnet I[more ...] By Nagaman  On Thu Aug 03 2017, 01:35am
8 1345 cluettp
Sun Jan 13 2019, 10:40am
LED headlights?  Reading a few threads and looking through the MOT manual ---click here---, I can't see any issues if[more ...] By cluettp  On Thu Jan 10 2019, 10:55am
2 519 cluettp
Sat Jan 12 2019, 11:43am
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ULEZ - London Emissions Controls from 2019 and Diesel C4's  I'm angry that my 1.6HDi C4 Grand Picasso registered in January 2015, appears to only meet the Euro[more ...] By BusterDan  On Mon Oct 08 2018, 03:59am
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26 2618 BusterDan
Sun Jan 06 2019, 03:43pm
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C4 GP: Exclusive Plus v/s/ Flair- Shocking quality decrease  Hi all,First of all, anyone who has FLAIR model, please do not be offended and anyone who has EXCLUS[more ...] By jsg1163  On Mon Sep 17 2018, 09:24am
11 1199 rusky
Sun Jan 06 2019, 07:53am
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What are the OEM brake pads?  When it comes to changing the pads I'd rather put on the OEM version. Does anyone know what pads wer[more ...] By walldan  On Fri Jul 13 2018, 05:55pm
11 1333 iscom
Sun Jan 06 2019, 06:21am
Any help welcome, my screen(bottom) on my GP 2014 2.0 is slow to load up  I have been having a problem for some time now with my car, the screen takes ages to load(bottom scr[more ...] By Harsh187  On Mon Dec 17 2018, 09:58am
2 527 Harsh187
Tue Dec 18 2018, 03:36pm
Future of Euro 6 diesel in the UK?   - Click Here - Some European cities are already banning Euro 6 Diesels because the "older Euro 6" s[more ...] By Duck999  On Fri Dec 14 2018, 09:19am
8 733 Duck999
Mon Dec 17 2018, 11:56am
Diesel Tuning Box/Chip  Just thought I would share the following.After much research and taking into account value for money[more ...] By lefouili  On Tue Nov 27 2018, 01:17pm
3 700 FrankBullitt
Mon Dec 10 2018, 01:23pm
Reversing Light Bulbs (LED)  Does anyone know if you can upgrade the reversing light bulbs on the LED rear light cluster. Lookin[more ...] By iscom  On Sat Nov 24 2018, 03:05pm
5 776 iscom
Wed Dec 05 2018, 12:57pm
Dog Guard / Warning Triangle  Hi AllI picked up a 2017 Flair Grand C4 Picasso a couple of weeks ago. 1.6D auto.I really like the [more ...] By wardy  On Sat Sep 29 2018, 11:51am
4 788 proinnsias
Thu Nov 29 2018, 04:13am
Heated Side mirrors in Exclusive Plus  Hello all,Just wanted to share that after owning the lovely C4 GP Excl. Plus for nearly 9 months, to[more ...] By jsg1163  On Thu Nov 22 2018, 03:42am
6 677 Richard_C
Thu Nov 22 2018, 06:07pm
C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive BlueHDi 1.6i 2015 Winter Wheels and Tyres  I have 17" alloys with summer tyres on, but expect to spend most of the winter in the Alps.I've look[more ...] By RoryB  On Wed Nov 07 2018, 06:36am
4 644 RoryB
Thu Nov 22 2018, 03:19pm
Which diagnostic tool?  What kind of diagnostic tool do you recommend for the new C4 platform?I've tried to figure out which[more ...] By Diapertractor  On Tue Nov 20 2018, 05:01am
4 732 iscom
Tue Nov 20 2018, 02:02pm
Wrong Oil?  My Picasso 2.0 blue hdi has been refilled with 5/30 instead of 0/30What, if any, problems could resu[more ...] By wigelywoo  On Fri Nov 09 2018, 05:39am
3 710 DeuxChevaux
Fri Nov 09 2018, 03:33pm
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New Battery  Does 2014 2.0 Blue hdi need car reprogramming after fitting new battery? By wigelywoo  On Wed Oct 31 2018, 10:52am
12 979 YOG
Thu Nov 01 2018, 06:16pm
Plug under front seats  Do I need to disconnect the battery, before unplugging plugs under front seats?Tia By wigelywoo  On Sun Oct 28 2018, 07:59am
4 730 FakeConcern
Thu Nov 01 2018, 04:04am
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