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C4 Picasso (B78) General Questions

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Announcement Thread
New Grand Picasso UK Specifications
  New C4 Picasso and GRAND Picasso UK Specifications are now available to download: - Click Here -  By Dave_Retired.  On Fri Nov 08 2013, 03:43am
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26 18798 bluehdi
Tue Jan 03 2017, 06:30am
Sticky Thread
New C4 Picasso Exclusive+ THP155 Spare Wheel Issue
  Took delivery of my new C4 Picasso on Monday and it's an absolutely terrific car but have a question[more ...] By DaveG  On Wed May 21 2014, 05:07pm
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24 20758 AndrewM
Mon Sep 24 2018, 11:19am
Sticky Thread
Spare wheel Carrier C4 Picasso B78
  Hi folks,I'm about to purchase a new 2014 Grand Picasso Exclusive. I drive a good amount of miles pe[more ...] By EFW  On Thu Nov 06 2014, 05:58am
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20 20310 A380
Mon Jan 22 2018, 04:40pm
Sticky Thread
Spare wheel fitment on Blue HDi C4GP, definitive answer???
  There has been discussion on whether you can fit a spare wheel under these cars. I was in the local [more ...] By routemaster1  On Fri Aug 14 2015, 05:45am
1 5465 stainlesssink
Wed Aug 19 2015, 05:47am
 Forum Threads
Can I fit a spare wheel and carrier to a C4 Grand Spacetourer 2020  I have the updated to a 1.5 Flair Plus and wondered if anyone has fitted a carrier for the space sav[more ...] By Sphelps  On Thu Oct 22 2020, 04:14pm
1 56 gittos
Fri Oct 23 2020, 01:38am
Upgrading 2013 exclusive+ C4P  I have the 115 1.6 diesel and there's a few mods I'm contemplating doing to it over time, wondered i[more ...] By D-J97  On Tue Oct 20 2020, 10:52am
1 76 Richard_C
Wed Oct 21 2020, 07:05am
Parts Diagrams  Hi,Does anyone have access to parts diagrams? Im trying to sort an air filter but keep getting 2 dif[more ...] By kristof46  On Thu Oct 08 2020, 02:03pm
3 140 jsg1163
Thu Oct 15 2020, 05:36am
Door locking  I left the car open last night. No drama as nothing happened. I forgot to lock it (again) and locked[more ...] By Mrgentry  On Sun Oct 04 2020, 05:04am
1 135 routemaster1
Sun Oct 04 2020, 05:33am
Service at 75,000 miles  Hi there,My 63-plate Pic is due a service. It's a 1.6 diesel and done 75,000 miles.We drive about 1[more ...] By matjam  On Thu Oct 01 2020, 05:45am
8 212 vexorg
Sat Oct 03 2020, 04:10am
Looking for smeg update  HiI have 2014 grand picasso 2.0 blue hdi with smeg multimedia systemmy ver. is smeg5.2.b.r1now I'm l[more ...] By davidab7  On Sat Sep 26 2020, 07:01pm
3 213 vexorg
Thu Oct 01 2020, 03:17pm
C4 Picasso Exclusive Internal Sensors  Full apologies for this ultra newbie question!I have just purchased a 2015 C4 Picasso Exclusive. It[more ...] By Geeemann  On Sun Sep 27 2020, 03:44pm
1 168 routemaster1
Sun Sep 27 2020, 03:50pm
C4 Picasso Exclusive+ 2015 2lt parcel shelf  Hi, just bought this car and as no parcel shelf in the back, I am trying to buy one second hand but [more ...] By Garycanfix  On Fri Sep 25 2020, 03:22am
6 247 gittos
Sun Sep 27 2020, 07:32am
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Front and Rear Brake Pads and Discs  Hello,New to site and tried to use the search field with no joy...I have a C4P 2015 2.0HDi exclusive[more ...] By White_Thunder  On Tue Sep 03 2019, 07:44am
12 1460 BigJohnD
Tue Sep 22 2020, 10:47am
Help with dad's bike rack and towbar reversing sensors  My dad has a 2016 C4 Picasso 5-seater. He used to carry his bike on a rear-door mounted cycle carrie[more ...] By KAR  On Thu Sep 17 2020, 03:59am
2 232 FrankBullitt
Thu Sep 17 2020, 01:47pm
Indicator on wing mirror  Hi, has anyone experienced their indicator on the wing mirror failing? The car is a 2014 Grand Picas[more ...] By David1972  On Sun Sep 13 2020, 02:07pm
1 236 proinnsias
Mon Sep 14 2020, 03:43am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Recommended Brakes  My Grand C4 has horrible squealing from the brakes with only 28k km. Based on what I read here, it s[more ...] By DanM  On Mon Aug 24 2020, 07:09am
10 486 DanM
Tue Sep 08 2020, 04:18am
Changed the dashboard on my C4 GP  Car was cat N and passenger side airbag was deployed By sarchnary  On Sat Sep 05 2020, 09:58am
1 304 sarchnary
Sat Sep 05 2020, 10:03am
Oil change automatic gearbox necessary?  Is an oil change for the automatic gearbox necessary? In the user manual it says no, not necessary. [more ...] By Samber79  On Thu May 02 2019, 03:29am
7 1124 vexorg
Sat Sep 05 2020, 07:13am
C4GP Post 2016 Facelift - Fog light replacement  Hi all,I have just purchased a C4 GP 2017 with the Flair trim. Does anyone know how to replace the f[more ...] By tomyee28  On Sun Aug 02 2020, 12:57pm
2 445 sarchnary
Fri Sep 04 2020, 06:05am
Roof bars C4GP 2016  It's goodbye to our 2016 C4GP swapping it for a lower mileage Renault Kadjar.I have a pair of Alumin[more ...] By grahn  On Thu Aug 20 2020, 03:01am
2 359 grahn
Tue Sep 01 2020, 10:04am
problems with my "new" Grand C4 - am I covered?  Hi,we bought a 04/2016 Grand C4 at the end of July, with 65k km on the clock.Having just returned fr[more ...] By benu74  On Sun Aug 30 2020, 12:10pm
None 283 -
2020 C4 - Button on end of left hand "lighting control stalk"  There is a button right on the very end of this stalk the presses down (in to the stalk). Is it mean[more ...] By c4-2020-pmd  On Fri Aug 28 2020, 07:04am
3 343 c4-2020-pmd
Sat Aug 29 2020, 03:55am
Stop/start 2.0HDi and 1.6HDi  I am trying to find out whether there is a significant difference in stop/start systems as fitted t[more ...] By routemaster1  On Thu Aug 27 2020, 10:10am
2 326 Richard_C
Thu Aug 27 2020, 12:25pm
2013 C4 Picasso - Undertray and clutch change advice please  Hi all, firstly thanks in advance for any and all advice you can give. Now, posting in the right thr[more ...] By edkboost  On Wed Aug 26 2020, 02:52pm
None 279 -
Help topping up AdBlue  Does the B78 officially have the most inaccessible AdBlue Filler in the World?It's under the right r[more ...] By WillyRose  On Fri Aug 21 2020, 12:24pm
7 380 WillyRose
Sun Aug 23 2020, 09:44am
2013 on tailgate opening dimensions C4P & C4GP  Does anybody know what the height of the tailgate opening is on the C4 Picasso (2013-18) and/or C4 G[more ...] By simonhickie  On Mon Aug 17 2020, 02:16pm
5 357 iscom
Wed Aug 19 2020, 06:01am
Where does my Sat Nav go?  For those of us without built in sat nav who own a Tom Tom, Garmin etc. where do you place yours?The[more ...] By maverick54  On Sat Aug 15 2020, 08:38am
3 363 maverick54
Sun Aug 16 2020, 02:11am
Oil sump plug washer  Hi all, have a Citroen c4 Picasso, 2018, 1.2 petrol.Can anyone tell me the size of oil sump plug "wa[more ...] By ChrisDailly  On Mon Aug 10 2020, 02:10pm
None 329 -
Door unlocking issues  Hi all, My c4gp used to unlock all doors with one press of the unlock button. Now you get drivers do[more ...] By Scottishiain  On Mon Aug 10 2020, 02:45am
2 362 Richard_C
Mon Aug 10 2020, 04:22am
Where do i get service manual  Purchased a late 2015 C4 Exclusive but did not have a service history book. How do go about getting [more ...] By Westentertainer  On Mon Jul 27 2020, 08:12am
2 478 sarchnary
Thu Jul 30 2020, 03:26pm
Is this car any good...  See link to car here: - Click Here - Comparing with prices of others, seems OK.Anything I should wa[more ...] By matrixstar  On Sat Jul 25 2020, 07:06pm
8 556 Richard_C
Mon Jul 27 2020, 08:28am
What does Citroën select warranty give? + Some other warranty questions  Just wondering, is it comprehensive?Is there anything that it doesn't cover? One Citroën dealer says[more ...] By matrixstar  On Sun Jul 26 2020, 11:05am
5 464 vexorg
Mon Jul 27 2020, 03:37am
Exterior alarm doesn't seem to work.  Hello.I have just got myself a 2017 Grand Picasso and I don't think the alarm is setting itself.Afte[more ...] By ktwyford  On Wed Jul 22 2020, 09:53am
3 449 ktwyford
Thu Jul 23 2020, 03:51pm
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Steering Wheel Cover?  Has anyone tried or got a steering wheel cover on their C4 Picasso/Grand Picasso?My steering wheel h[more ...] By danlat1415  On Wed Jul 22 2020, 01:21pm
10 519 iscom
Thu Jul 23 2020, 06:54am
Replacement struts  Hi,During the lockdown, the tailgate gas struts on the boot of my Citroen C4 Picasso (16 plate and n[more ...] By linuxxo  On Thu Jul 23 2020, 01:26am
2 428 linuxxo
Thu Jul 23 2020, 05:32am
Buy older C4 Grand Picasso from Citroen dealer + have Citroen warranty?  I asked a few questions on this forum and the general advice I got was buy EAT6 (that was when I was[more ...] By matrixstar  On Sun Jul 19 2020, 08:01pm
5 539 Wutang
Wed Jul 22 2020, 11:31am
Interior rear passenger mirror  Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible/easy to buy and fit one of the interior rear passenger mirror[more ...] By BigBear1980  On Tue Jul 21 2020, 06:33pm
None 407 -
Front brake shims  Hi, does anyone know if I can purchase front brake pad anti rattle shims or do I need to buy brake p[more ...] By robmills1973  On Tue Jul 21 2020, 06:43am
None 404 -
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Dual mass Flywheel problem HELP  My story is a bit long hope you don’t mind and if it’s at wrong section please correct me.I have 201[more ...] By sarchnary  On Fri Sep 06 2019, 09:41am
11 1810 sarchnary
Sat Jul 18 2020, 09:19am
Re-gassed my Air Con  Car's just over 3 years and I've had it for 6 months now.The air con has been pitiful and I decided [more ...] By maverick54  On Fri Jul 17 2020, 12:31pm
6 531 routemaster1
Sat Jul 18 2020, 03:33am
USB outlet only in lower main dashboard behind door?  Just got a new 2020 C4 Grand Spacetourer. Using the USB port hidden behind the door under the main d[more ...] By c4-2020-pmd  On Mon Jul 06 2020, 01:52pm
6 596 Richard_C
Fri Jul 17 2020, 08:11am
The French Air Quality certificate  Where on the windscreen do you place The French air quality certificate, left or right top or bottom[more ...] By iscom  On Mon Jul 13 2020, 12:23pm
1 485 BigJohnD
Tue Jul 14 2020, 05:01am
My Citroen app doesn't show any driving data?  I bought a new ex-demo 2020 C4 Grand Spacetourer Flair Plus this weekend.Downloaded the MyCitroen ap[more ...] By c4-2020-pmd  On Mon Jul 06 2020, 06:52am
8 631 c4-2020-pmd
Tue Jul 14 2020, 02:50am
Grand C4 Picasso or Space Tourer?  I need some advice.I've seen a Grand C4 Picasso, low mileage 2016 plate. Not the cheapest in the mar[more ...] By matrixstar  On Sun Jul 12 2020, 07:34pm
4 567 sarchnary
Mon Jul 13 2020, 06:54pm
Auto VTR+ any good?  I'm looking at a Grand C4 Picasso 2016.It's auto VTR+. In other threads I was told EAT6 was solidly [more ...] By matrixstar  On Wed Jul 08 2020, 07:49am
9 595 Richard_C
Thu Jul 09 2020, 12:12pm
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Pollen Filter  Just bought a replacement Bosch pollen filter for my 2015 C4P.I have done them before on C4Ps but th[more ...] By niggly56  On Sun May 08 2016, 04:13am
13 5055 maverick54
Wed Jul 08 2020, 01:39pm
Lexia 3 Engine running or not?  Did my first scan of the car yesterday using Diagbox/Lexia.I performed the scan with the engine runn[more ...] By maverick54  On Sun Jun 28 2020, 05:00pm
3 575 sarchnary
Thu Jul 02 2020, 02:47pm
Service Box website- Not free to check parts anymore  Just checked on servicebox website that Citroen no longer let you access your car's part details for[more ...] By jsg1163  On Sun Jun 28 2020, 07:27pm
7 672 BigJohnD
Wed Jul 01 2020, 10:04am
Charging battery question  I want to charge the battery on my 2015 C4GP Hdi Exclusive. I can see the + terminal, but can't get [more ...] By northspoon  On Wed Jul 03 2019, 10:35am
5 1750 vexorg
Tue Jun 30 2020, 03:55am
Getting both Front & Rear Disc and Pads change- Do I need any software?  Hello.Getting both front and rear disc and pads changed next week from an independent garage. I don'[more ...] By jsg1163  On Mon Jun 29 2020, 06:40pm
1 527 vexorg
Tue Jun 30 2020, 03:53am
Service parts- BEST | AVERAGE | WORST  Hello.I have C4 Grand Picasso 2014, 1.6 e-HDI, Diesel, Exclusive Plus, Air Dream.Getting full servic[more ...] By jsg1163  On Fri Jun 26 2020, 06:35pm
6 624 DeuxChevaux
Mon Jun 29 2020, 02:50am
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Confused over different 12 inch screens  Hi, I am thinking of buying a C4 Grand Picasso 2015 or newer in the Exclusive or Exclusive+ trim.I h[more ...] By AceGrace  On Thu Jun 25 2020, 06:45am
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18 1561 routemaster1
Sat Jun 27 2020, 09:38am
Citroen C4 Grand Spacetourer  Does this forum also cover the Citroen C4 Grand Spacetourer?I have a 2019 Flair. By mandybid  On Thu Jun 25 2020, 03:36am
4 587 rusky
Fri Jun 26 2020, 11:52am
Intermittent Start Up Issue  2016 Grand C4 Picasso, since new.I have had an intermittent Start Up problem that has happened aroun[more ...] By mjmuk  On Thu Jun 25 2020, 11:17am
3 550 wunny
Fri Jun 26 2020, 03:28am
Goodbye and thank you  Hi All,I'll be trading in my B78 C4 Picasso next week and would like to thank you all for your help [more ...] By MetroMan  On Fri Jun 19 2020, 04:16am
6 690 MetroMan
Tue Jun 23 2020, 09:45am
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Are wheel bolts covered by extended warranties? Is 4 wheel bolts safe to drive on?  Had the ball joints replaced as an MOT advisory. The mechanic who did it claims the bolt sheared off[more ...] By walldan  On Wed Jun 17 2020, 03:34pm
10 708 proinnsias
Mon Jun 22 2020, 05:28am
Colour of cable for reversing light  Hi, can any of you knowledgeable people out there tell me the colour cable to connect a reversing ca[more ...] By Westentertainer  On Tue Jun 16 2020, 11:48am
3 587 sarchnary
Thu Jun 18 2020, 07:27am
Upgrading interior mirror  Recently bought a 2016 C4GP Exclusive, it has the standard manual interior mirror, and doesn't have [more ...] By cj7wilson  On Sun Jun 14 2020, 08:50am
2 633 cj7wilson
Sun Jun 14 2020, 03:04pm
Indirect Tyre Pressure monitoring System (iTPMS)  Anybody know the tolerance of the iTPMS fitted the C4GP?The reason I ask, is would the fitting of a [more ...] By wunny  On Mon Jan 13 2020, 01:27am
2 1164 cj7wilson
Sun Jun 14 2020, 08:39am
2016 C4 Picasso 1.2 Puretech (5 seater)  Hi forumSo it seems there's to types of boots avaliable on the car. THe in my country extremely rare[more ...] By tobiashjorth  On Fri Jun 29 2018, 03:35pm
6 1570 sarchnary
Sat Jun 13 2020, 04:02pm
Does anyone know what's required for 64k service on C4 Picasso 1.6 bluehdi?  I've previously been to the dealers for services but not willing to pay their prices anymore. Curren[more ...] By walldan  On Wed Jun 10 2020, 02:27pm
3 669 FrankBullitt
Thu Jun 11 2020, 02:59pm
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Rear doors won't open on 2014 C4GP  Hi all,i have the C4 7 seater Grand Picasso Mk2 2014.when I open the car with the fob it only opens [more ...] By NorthernStar  On Mon Jun 01 2020, 11:32am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
22 1956 sarchnary
Wed Jun 10 2020, 01:19pm
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2014 C4GP Fuse box layout  HiAm I able to upload photos on here to show what my fuse box looks like and the two fuses I think m[more ...] By NorthernStar  On Mon Jun 01 2020, 01:41pm
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19 1839 sarchnary
Sun Jun 07 2020, 10:19am
Slot in front doors of 2014 C4GP  Anyone know what these two pegs and turning slot are for? - Click Here -  By NorthernStar  On Fri Jun 05 2020, 11:43am
1 647 sarchnary
Sun Jun 07 2020, 07:49am
Diagnostic Code Readers  Well after looking for a DIY level scanner for my C4GP B78 I opted for the icarsoft FR V.2.0Unfortun[more ...] By maverick54  On Mon May 18 2020, 11:51pm
1 720 sarchnary
Sat Jun 06 2020, 01:29pm
C4 Grand Picasso 2015 key fob  Hi i have a 2015 Grand Picasso. Is there a way of programming the key close the automatic boot as w[more ...] By tosh1984  On Tue Jun 02 2020, 03:29pm
2 663 verycleverman
Thu Jun 04 2020, 08:49am
Is this a tow bar? Can I use it for a bike rack?  As the pictures, looking around the underside of the car and noticed this. Never had a tow bar befor[more ...] By Itchigo27  On Tue Jun 02 2020, 04:15am
4 708 FrankBullitt
Tue Jun 02 2020, 04:02pm
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Exclusive Plus Diesel Auto.2013 Onwards Features  Are predictive cruise control and xenon headlights an included feature on these cars ?If not can xen[more ...] By charlesalmond  On Sat May 30 2020, 11:38am
13 872 routemaster1
Tue Jun 02 2020, 03:26am
The mystery of 'Driver Plip Action'  Being a Citroen it's a 'quirky' car. By quirky I mean there are some beautiful styling ideas and th[more ...] By kyojitsu  On Wed Apr 29 2015, 06:26am
4 13061 NorthernStar
Mon Jun 01 2020, 01:37pm
Immobiliser  I have a 2014 C4 1.6HDi which has just died on me, I put the transponder into the dash, car read tha[more ...] By carm8  On Sat May 23 2020, 08:17am
2 715 iscom
Sat May 23 2020, 09:05am
Citroen C4 Picasso 2018. 1.2 petrol  Hi just got this car and doing some service things. If anyone can help, where is the location of oil[more ...] By ChrisDailly  On Wed May 20 2020, 05:53am
2 1016 gittos
Wed May 20 2020, 01:46pm
CITROEN C4 PICASSO FLAIR BLUEHDI 2017  Hi allHad a C4 a few years ago so decided to get another. thank in advance for any help. i want to k[more ...] By Mrgentry  On Sun May 10 2020, 10:36am
2 761 Mrgentry
Mon May 11 2020, 07:41am
Maintenance of Electric opening tailgate  Anyone know how to maintain the power opening tailgate, I noted slight creaking noise when closing By iscom  On Mon May 04 2020, 07:19am
None 707 -
2016 C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive Drop Links  Hi all..Changed my drop links the other month on both sides and it seems like the driver side has go[more ...] By pennant77  On Fri May 01 2020, 07:38am
1 735 gittos
Fri May 01 2020, 09:02am
12" screen problem  Hi Not long had my 2016 C4 Grand and last night when I turned it on, my 12" screen wasn't displaying[more ...] By Blakeyboy  On Fri May 01 2020, 02:02am
2 781 Blakeyboy
Fri May 01 2020, 08:37am
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