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C4 Picasso (B78) General Questions

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Announcement Thread
New Grand Picasso UK Specifications
  New C4 Picasso and GRAND Picasso UK Specifications are now available to download: - Click Here -  By Web Admin Only  On Fri Nov 08 2013, 03:43am
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26 7074 bluehdi
Tue Jan 03 2017, 06:30am
Sticky Thread
Spare wheel Carrier C4 Picasso B78
  Hi folks,I'm about to purchase a new 2014 Grand Picasso Exclusive. I drive a good amount of miles pe[more ...] By EFW  On Thu Nov 06 2014, 05:58am
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18 7298 BigJohnD
Sat Feb 20 2016, 12:34pm
Sticky Thread
Spare wheel fitment on Blue HDi C4GP, definitive answer???
  There has been discussion on whether you can fit a spare wheel under these cars. I was in the local [more ...] By routemaster1  On Fri Aug 14 2015, 05:45am
1 1766 stainlesssink
Wed Aug 19 2015, 05:47am
Sticky Thread
New C4 Picasso Exclusive+ THP155 Spare Wheel Issue
  Took delivery of my new C4 Picasso on Monday and it's an absolutely terrific car but have a question[more ...] By DaveG  On Wed May 21 2014, 05:07pm
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16 8335 Web Admin Only
Sat May 24 2014, 12:00pm
 Forum Threads
Anyone got a Citroen Service Plan?  I have got the official Citroen Service Plan for my C4GP.I have my 2nd year service due next month. [more ...] By northspoon  On Wed Sep 13 2017, 08:23am
9 261 MetroMan
Fri Sep 15 2017, 07:53am
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What's your brake discs replace interval ? (C4GP BlueHDI 2.0)  I had my annual service this week (car has now 45000 KM= 28000 miles).Front disc + pads were replace[more ...] By tait  On Fri Sep 08 2017, 10:55pm
11 275 tait
Tue Sep 12 2017, 07:17pm
34000 miles, too early to change the fuel filter on diesel C4 Grand picasso 2014?  Hi,I am deciding to go for a full or major service - car runs smoothly, just got back from a 4000 mi[more ...] By bradmca  On Fri Sep 08 2017, 04:37am
5 182 tait
Sat Sep 09 2017, 05:45pm
Boot light upgrade to LED  Is it possible to convert the dull boot lights to much brighter LEDs without bringing up a warning?. By Nagaman  On Thu Aug 17 2017, 07:45am
7 302 Stuart Sauntson
Tue Sep 05 2017, 03:18pm
Removing Tray Table / Seat Rear on C4 Picasso  Hopefully someone has experience which might help me remove the plastic fitting (including tray tabl[more ...] By wiimixer  On Tue Sep 05 2017, 02:08am
None 90 -
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OBD port location?  Anyone help knows the location of the OBD port?Its not in the glove compartment like the old GP. By wildfaye29  On Sun Mar 16 2014, 08:46am
11 8012 Frederick_99
Mon Sep 04 2017, 02:36pm
Advice on upgrading from 2008 C4 Picasso  We currently have a 58 plate C4 Picasso VTR+ 1.8 petrol and owned a Xsara Picasso before that.We wou[more ...] By byngo  On Tue Aug 29 2017, 03:42pm
9 248 routemaster1
Thu Aug 31 2017, 08:21am
Disabling the blip when unlocking - 2016 C4 Picasso Feel Hdi 120 EAT6  Hi all, just picked up a nearly new Feel model today ( traded VTR+ ETG6). Happy so far but would lik[more ...] By dieselgolfer  On Fri Jan 20 2017, 02:20pm
2 450 dieselgolfer
Tue Aug 29 2017, 11:11am
2014 C4 Picasso Airdream screen  Hi all, I've bought a March 2014 C4 Picasso 1.6 e-HDi Airdream and was wondering, is there anyway I [more ...] By bigkev2001  On Mon Aug 28 2017, 02:17pm
1 142 proinnsias
Tue Aug 29 2017, 06:35am
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How can I move (roll) my C4P without starting the engine?.  Is it possible?. By Nagaman  On Tue Aug 22 2017, 06:31pm
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17 462 Nagaman
Sat Aug 26 2017, 04:23pm
Grand C4 Picasso Exclusive plus 2015 - date on the display screen  Hello,I am unable to find the option to place the date on the front screen.At present there is only [more ...] By arkiboys  On Thu Jul 06 2017, 04:29am
3 310 dolyschaf
Thu Aug 24 2017, 11:32pm
Answers from Citroen  Hello,I look at the forum quite often for tips and answers to my problems. I'm wondering if the foru[more ...] By cluettp  On Thu Aug 24 2017, 08:24am
5 207 cluettp
Thu Aug 24 2017, 03:19pm
Blind spot indicator disabled  If you are pulling a trailer, caravan or have a bike rack with the 12v socket attached, although the[more ...] By cluettp  On Thu Aug 24 2017, 08:29am
1 143 FrankBullitt
Thu Aug 24 2017, 02:09pm
Steering wheel offset  The wheel in the straight ahead position is offset approximately 10* to the right.The new car dealer[more ...] By Nagaman  On Thu Aug 03 2017, 01:30am
9 300 Nagaman
Wed Aug 23 2017, 07:57am
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Am I making a mistake?  Hi all,I briefly owned a C4 back in 2011 and sold the car in 2012. It was a 2004 car with 75,000 on [more ...] By tucka20  On Mon Aug 07 2017, 05:51am
10 388 BigJohnD
Wed Aug 23 2017, 06:30am
Drive through Europe  Hello,Driving through Europe from UK.1- The car is 2015 model and on the number plate it shows the l[more ...] By arkiboys  On Wed Jul 19 2017, 09:18am
8 392 routemaster1
Wed Aug 23 2017, 04:44am
Uncomfortable driver's seat  Has anyone else found the driver seat a bit uncomfortable.I find the roll at the rear of the squab i[more ...] By Nagaman  On Fri Aug 18 2017, 06:11am
7 293 Nagaman
Tue Aug 22 2017, 04:17pm
Using cameras on Picasso C4 Exclusive+ in 96" wide garage  I am proposing purchase of the above (2013 model). Does anyone know if this will fit OK in my garage[more ...] By charlesalmond  On Wed Aug 02 2017, 01:30am
6 270 Richard_C
Mon Aug 21 2017, 04:39pm
360* camera confusion  When I reversed up my driveway today I got the 360 vision.....a few minutes later, I moved it forwar[more ...] By Nagaman  On Thu Aug 03 2017, 02:09am
1 211 proinnsias
Mon Aug 21 2017, 06:26am
I have a wish  I want the digital speed display in the centre of a tachometer display instead of the useless wispy [more ...] By Nagaman  On Sat Aug 12 2017, 06:29pm
4 271 Nagaman
Sun Aug 20 2017, 02:53am
Extended warranty question  Hi allI have a 64 plate C4 Picasso Exclusive+ which is out of warranty next month and plan to take o[more ...] By naughtiusmaximus  On Sun Aug 06 2017, 03:56pm
4 265 johnnybee
Sat Aug 19 2017, 09:16am
How do you replace carbon look interior handle covers in 2017 Grand C4 Picasso?  Hi all,I've stupidly badly damaged the carbon fibre look door handle cover in the near side rear doo[more ...] By stemster  On Sun Aug 13 2017, 03:22pm
2 166 Richard_C
Sat Aug 19 2017, 09:01am
Replacement 2015 C4P boot tray?  The new C4Ps boot tray that sits above the polystyrene tray that holds the spare wheel (even through[more ...] By GazzaBloom  On Wed Aug 16 2017, 01:49pm
2 167 danlat1415
Fri Aug 18 2017, 08:57am
Box in glovebox  Hi,Inside the glovebox is a large plastic box taking up half of the glovebox, what is for? By wood73  On Sun Aug 13 2017, 01:33am
4 245 beemanga
Mon Aug 14 2017, 02:01pm
MyCitroen App, connect to car via bluetooth?  I downloaded the MyCitroen App, all good, signed in and got it working but it suggests I can connect[more ...] By GazzaBloom  On Mon Mar 27 2017, 02:28pm
5 608 huffy
Mon Aug 14 2017, 05:26am
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Auto dip lights  Hi all, new here and new to owning a C4P.I have the Exclusive+ e-hdi on 63 plate, in the setting men[more ...] By wood73  On Sun Jul 30 2017, 06:14pm
12 478 wood73
Sun Aug 13 2017, 01:06am
C4P Cabin filter?  Can anyone verify that dealers definitely change the cabin filter at service? I'm probably paranoid [more ...] By GazzaBloom  On Mon Aug 07 2017, 04:43am
6 246 Wutang
Wed Aug 09 2017, 02:48am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
What have you done to your New Citroen Grand C4 Picasso?  Hey,Fee free to post your mods, shiny clean car wash pictures, rim blades attachments, addition of a[more ...] By deesto  On Fri Jun 17 2016, 04:33am
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30 2869 danlat1415
Tue Aug 08 2017, 03:52am
Keyless system: what does the slot/holder give you?.  Is the slot/holder redundant with the proximity system, or does it enable something extra?.Is it for[more ...] By Nagaman  On Mon Aug 07 2017, 03:43am
4 247 rusky
Mon Aug 07 2017, 06:43am
Headlights adjusting from under the bonnet  The thumb wheel won't give me enough 'up' adjustment, so I have to tackle it from under the bonnet I[more ...] By Nagaman  On Thu Aug 03 2017, 01:35am
1 181 Richard_C
Thu Aug 03 2017, 03:17am
Plastic pellets in drivers footwell!  Recently I have had to remove quite a lot of clear plastic pellets from the footwell of my 2014 C4 p[more ...] By Olivia  On Tue Aug 01 2017, 06:36am
1 205 rusky
Tue Aug 01 2017, 03:12pm
MP3 Play Order (C4 Grand Picasso)  Hi,My apologies if this has been discussed already, I've searched but can't find anything.I have jus[more ...] By Nick-B  On Tue Aug 01 2017, 08:03am
None 158 -
Changing 12v power socket from Ign control to permanent power  One (of many IMHO!) daft things that Citroen have imposed upon us is that ALL 3 12v power sockets ar[more ...] By Ch4s  On Mon Jul 31 2017, 11:19am
1 196 BigJohnD
Tue Aug 01 2017, 07:22am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Adblue, where are the cheapest places to buy 10L containers.  Hi allJust wondering what the current state of affairs is with the availability and pricing of Adblu[more ...] By No hair  On Thu Feb 18 2016, 05:56am
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23 3351 Wutang
Tue Aug 01 2017, 03:27am
Blue HDI, so what's changed?  Hi all,This is my 1st post in many years having coming back to a C4 2016 1.6.I know the issues with [more ...] By Silvio  On Fri Jul 28 2017, 04:16pm
6 337 FrankBullitt
Sun Jul 30 2017, 06:47am
SatNav history  Is there a way to delete previous destinations from the screen? By Ian47  On Sun May 14 2017, 06:29am
5 502 bluehdi
Sat Jul 29 2017, 01:31am
2015 C4P 2.0 150 Exclusive+ recalls?  Picked up my 2015 C4P in March and went into local dealer today to book in for some minor work and t[more ...] By GazzaBloom  On Fri Jul 28 2017, 09:29am
3 214 GazzaBloom
Sat Jul 29 2017, 12:42am
HID kit for C4 Picasso  Has anyone fitted a HID kit to their C4P or Grand?The headlights are reflectors so would need H7R bu[more ...] By danlat1415  On Fri Jul 28 2017, 04:09pm
1 191 BigJohnD
Fri Jul 28 2017, 04:52pm
Adjusting the maximum height of tailgate C4GP 2014  Its such a pain but yesterday my garage door swiped off the chevrons and Citroen logo on the tailgat[more ...] By Bluedisk  On Wed Jul 26 2017, 10:27pm
2 243 Bluedisk
Thu Jul 27 2017, 07:38pm
Diesel Particle Filter - additive cleaner?  I'm new to these fairly modern diesel cars with particle filters.I know you have to occasionally dri[more ...] By danlat1415  On Wed Jul 26 2017, 08:13am
2 251 BigJohnD
Thu Jul 27 2017, 01:14pm
Sometimes the clutch pedal does not return fully  My Grand Picasso sounds fine, has been recently serviced and a warranty repair done to replace a bro[more ...] By bradmca  On Thu Jul 27 2017, 05:37am
3 194 bradmca
Thu Jul 27 2017, 09:29am
Armrests - can you remove?  Has anyone removed the front seat centre armrests - if so how?. Nothing in handbook, pre facelift [more ...] By Richard_C  On Thu Jun 29 2017, 08:01am
3 336 Wutang
Thu Jul 27 2017, 05:34am
C4 Picasso/Grand Picasso - what bulbs?  It would be a really good idea to have a sticky thread about what bulbs the C4 B78 takes and where.([more ...] By danlat1415  On Wed Jul 26 2017, 02:31pm
None 180 -
Any way to check AdBlue?  I've just bought a C4P and been reading the forums about what to expect etc.I've only just read up a[more ...] By danlat1415  On Tue Jul 25 2017, 10:03am
5 251 Richard_C
Tue Jul 25 2017, 02:02pm
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Headlight beam deflectors for France  Hi All,It's holiday season and I'll be driving to France soon.As my sig says I've got a 63 plate Pic[more ...] By matjam  On Fri Jul 21 2017, 10:09am
10 424 matjam
Tue Jul 25 2017, 11:31am
Permanant and switched live  Got a decent dashcam setup to wire in (like them in all my cars). Can anyone give any pointers on a [more ...] By Wutang  On Mon Jun 19 2017, 10:53am
1 355 danlat1415
Mon Jul 24 2017, 05:33am
C4 Picasso 2014 shock absorber  Hi,I am looking for my 2014 C4 Picasso shock absorber. I have tried to find in many of the online ca[more ...] By pinocchio  On Sun Jul 23 2017, 09:49am
None 178 -
few pools of oil  mods delete thread By leeozza88  On Sun Jul 23 2017, 01:46am
None 187 -
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C4 Grand Picasso 1.2 PureTech engine noise  Hi all, Have recently (a week ago) bought a used 2016 C4 Grand Picasso, with a 1.2 Puretech 130 engi[more ...] By _r1ck  On Sun Apr 16 2017, 05:02pm
11 922 Ch4s
Wed Jul 19 2017, 09:31am
Mirror link retro fit  Hi all just purchased a new Picasso 2017 5 seater here in Spain, I was assured by the company that t[more ...] By billygray  On Tue Jul 18 2017, 11:01am
None 255 -
Next car?  I'm curious to know whether you'll be replacing your car next time with another C4 Picasso? Since w[more ...] By kyojitsu  On Sun Jul 16 2017, 03:02am
5 335 kyojitsu
Mon Jul 17 2017, 03:34pm
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Grand C4 Exclusive+ 2015 model - General on road maintenance  Hello,During the hot summer time we will drive through different countries for a month covering 5,000 miles with luggage, a full roof box and constant running of the Air Con system...Whilst on road, are there any particular checks/maintenance I should carry out to keep the car in good condition, etc.?Thank you By arkiboys  On Fri Jun 23 2017, 05:50am
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15 886 Richard_C
Sun Jul 16 2017, 03:23pm
[moved] Help - 2017 roof bars? C4 grand Picasso with 4 door holes but no rails  Weve been looking for the last few days for roof bars that would fit, but our only option seems to b[more ...] By davensarah21  On Thu Jun 29 2017, 09:47am
3 359 kyojitsu
Sun Jul 16 2017, 03:13am
ETG6 vs EAT6 - what's the difference? How many miles have you got from your box?  I've had a browse on the web and read conflicting information on the EAT6 - is it semi-auto or a tru[more ...] By walldan  On Thu Jul 06 2017, 09:40am
7 525 routemaster1
Tue Jul 11 2017, 03:19am
Tyre change - spare wheel - repair kit - Grand c4 Picasso Exclusive plus 2015  Hello everyone,Hope all is well...Preparing for a long drive through Europe...Got the AA Europe brea[more ...] By arkiboys  On Sun Jul 09 2017, 12:55pm
1 277 proinnsias
Mon Jul 10 2017, 09:57am
Grand C4 Picasso Ex+ - Europe steering wheel lock  Hello,I have been thinking whether or not I should get a steering wheel lock while we are abroad in [more ...] By arkiboys  On Sun Jun 25 2017, 04:42am
3 344 BigJohnD
Mon Jul 10 2017, 06:57am
12” HD Display Colour Schemes  I have a 2016 Picasso with the 12” HD display and I was wondering if there is any way to get new col[more ...] By berwicks  On Wed Jun 28 2017, 05:10pm
None 334 -
Windscreen Wiper replacement advice  I have the C4 Picasso 2015 year and want to replace the front wiper blades, can anyone advise best p[more ...] By Mss1641  On Wed Jun 21 2017, 09:47am
3 377 Mss1641
Thu Jun 22 2017, 05:06am
Warranty  Hello,In Aug 2015, I purchased a new C4 Grand Picasso.The car went for service today. I asked Citro[more ...] By arkiboys  On Fri Jun 02 2017, 12:29pm
1 480 citquery
Sat Jun 10 2017, 03:08am
power plug  Hello,In the grand c4 Picasso there are three power plugs. It shows 12V on each one of them. Does th[more ...] By arkiboys  On Tue Jun 06 2017, 02:27pm
7 531 routemaster1
Thu Jun 08 2017, 10:30am
How to use climate control in a facelifted 2017 C4 Picasso  Hi,Sorry if this seems a silly question and apologise in advance if this is obvious! When using clim[more ...] By Halfmoonbay  On Mon Jun 05 2017, 10:53am
1 408 routemaster1
Mon Jun 05 2017, 10:56am
2015 C4 150HDi Exclusive+ Rear tailgate brake light question?  What is the little dimple that sticks out of the rear tailgate brake light for? It's on the right of[more ...] By GazzaBloom  On Sun Jun 04 2017, 08:08am
2 391 GazzaBloom
Mon Jun 05 2017, 04:15am
18" Wheels  Hello,Now I am on 17" AQUILLON rim (7J ET50) with 205/55 R17, and want to go 18" but not OEM. It is [more ...] By kkulishev  On Mon May 29 2017, 07:05am
2 447 routemaster1
Sat Jun 03 2017, 02:21pm
MOT and servicing in London area?  Hi All,I'm new to owning a Grand Picasso. My old car was a small car and was quite cheap to run and [more ...] By Duck999  On Thu May 25 2017, 11:16am
6 423 FrankBullitt
Fri May 26 2017, 02:45pm
Deleting contacts list  I recently purchased a 2013 C4P exclusive+, the telephone contacts list is full of the previous owne[more ...] By Pottypeg  On Tue May 23 2017, 04:39am
5 435 Richard_C
Wed May 24 2017, 12:47pm
Space saver wheel retaining bolt in boot  Does anyone know what thread is the bolt that holds down the space saver wheel. In the base of the b[more ...] By Ian47  On Mon May 08 2017, 03:13pm
4 455 cobwebs
Sat May 20 2017, 06:04am
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Useful centre box light  Very pleased with the new LED lighting inside the new C4 Picasso.However the centre storage box is v[more ...] By bluehdi  On Sat Dec 20 2014, 04:59am
11 2961 vimto2000
Thu May 18 2017, 09:06am
Bollingmores Sunbury  I have only just found out that my Citroen dealer, Bollingmores, in Sunbury Middlesex has closed dow[more ...] By northspoon  On Sun Mar 19 2017, 05:12am
2 854 elhkwt
Wed May 17 2017, 04:42am
Correct Tyre Pressures  Having not had my Grand Picasso for very long so far, I decided to check my tyre pressures today. L[more ...] By beemanga  On Thu May 11 2017, 08:20am
5 537 routemaster1
Mon May 15 2017, 12:07pm
Can row 3 seats be removed?  Was wondering if the 3rd row seats can be removed from the boot as going on holiday to south of fran[more ...] By Wutang  On Thu May 11 2017, 08:44am
7 535 Wutang
Sun May 14 2017, 07:03am
Low Mileage Diesel Survival Strategy  Hi everyone - first post but long term lurker!I have a 3 month old Grand Picasso 1.6HDi EAT6 which I[more ...] By BlueIan  On Wed May 10 2017, 05:23am
9 738 BlueIan
Sun May 14 2017, 02:17am
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