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C4 Picasso Road Tests and User reports

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Another family holiday for the C4GP  Well, at nearly 10 years old, the bus has managed another family holiday, just shy of 2k miles. Over[more ...] By rusky  On Sun Sep 02 2018, 02:23pm
1 7187 riven1962
Fri Oct 05 2018, 07:34am
Buying a Grand C4  Hi, I am looking at buying a Grand C4 Picasso and am therefore new to the forum. I am in NI but prob[more ...] By AB77  On Fri Jan 20 2017, 09:05am
5 9422 TriumphGuy
Mon Jan 23 2017, 07:02am
Windscreen cover.  Hi All,I have a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 1.6HDI which I've owned for almost 5 years. Hubby and I hav[more ...] By K9zz  On Fri Jan 20 2017, 02:37am
2 8040 Richard_C
Fri Jan 20 2017, 05:16am
My MPG Results  Purchased the car (2007 1.6 HDI) with a blown turbo. Mileage 67350. I installed a new replacement ca[more ...] By maniacs_id_vaunted  On Sat Nov 14 2015, 03:58pm
3 9513 wilcovh
Tue Nov 17 2015, 06:22am
Another goodbye - 2008 Grand Picasso 2.0D Exclusive EGB  Well the time has come. I took delivery of the Beige (GOLD!) Exclusive 4 years ago almost to the da[more ...] By Blueinternet  On Sun Jul 26 2015, 09:43am
2 9023 Blueinternet
Sun Jul 26 2015, 11:44am
Saying goodbye to an old friend  It's more than eight years since we met on the dealer forecourt. April 2007 to be precise, although[more ...] By Jimux  On Tue Jun 09 2015, 02:08am
3 9359 Jimux
Fri Jun 19 2015, 05:04am
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C4GP EGP (BMP) pulling caravan  Hi all!This topic seems to be missing in this forum. What kind of "a bull is C4GP in front of cargo"[more ...] By Jami Julius  On Tue Jan 11 2011, 03:08am
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19 33813 Dave_Retired.
Fri Apr 10 2015, 06:56am
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C4GP 1.6 e-HDi Airdream  14 June 2011Got it, it took 2 months from order, looks great in Kyanos Blue but no time so far to go[more ...] By sjamais  On Fri Jun 17 2011, 09:15am
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39 44981 BigJohnD
Thu Nov 06 2014, 05:55am
Finally getting rid of this nightmare  After almost 2 years of ownership and nearly 130k this month has finally taken it's toll.After ownin[more ...] By 0ldGit  On Thu Sep 11 2014, 12:13pm
5 10913 BigJohnD
Wed Oct 08 2014, 05:34pm
Changed my Grand Exclusive  Hi all, just changed my C4 Grand Exclusive 2.0 EGS which I've owned from new (March 2007) for [more ...] By C4 GP ESG EXCLUSIVE  On Sun Dec 30 2012, 05:03am
4 10645 irmscher
Sun Jul 20 2014, 04:06am
Two days in... C4GP Exclusive 1.6 EGS  Hi folks,Just to say we picked up the new car on Saturday am and then headed down to Alton Towers fo[more ...] By MandyH  On Mon Jul 02 2012, 03:21am
4 11174 routemaster1
Tue Jul 08 2014, 09:29am
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Living with FB's 1.6HDi VTR+ Manual  Three months in to C4 Picasso Ownership and I thought it was worth writing a User Report.Some backgr[more ...] By FrankBullitt  On Tue Sep 20 2011, 07:58am
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40 44825 FrankBullitt
Sat Jun 07 2014, 03:12am
12 months ownership  Coming up to 12 months with my C4Pa 1.6vti VTR+, and still liking the car. Just recently I have noti[more ...] By gittos  On Tue Mar 25 2014, 04:17pm
4 10112 gittos
Sat Mar 29 2014, 06:50am
Long Service Award!  After 11 years of owning the original 1.8 sx Picasso I have just picked up a 09 plate C4 vtr +. The [more ...] By beachy  On Sat Oct 19 2013, 05:09pm
1 9166 Dave_Retired.
Sun Oct 20 2013, 02:13am
C4GP wins WhatCar 'Used Car Of The Year 2013' under £6k  Plenty of MPVs can be had for less than £6000. None, though, offers such an impressive blend of spac[more ...] By Ballistic  On Wed Oct 02 2013, 10:53am
None 8924 -
1.6 VTi Fuel Consumption  Well. had the 1.6 petrol VTi for a month now.Just done my first long journey, Bolton to Crediton, De[more ...] By gittos  On Thu May 09 2013, 06:08am
3 9973 Citroening
Thu May 09 2013, 12:05pm
Second Time round...  Last November I traded-in my 08 reg GC4P HDi 110 EGS6, with an almost faultless, 110,000 miles on th[more ...] By Matisse  On Fri Mar 15 2013, 03:57pm
4 10517 FrankBullitt
Sat Mar 16 2013, 03:04pm
Not a problem just some information sharing!  Hi,Had my 2007 GP for a few weeks now, covered about 3000 miles and messed about with it to a limite[more ...] By Bigkevster  On Sun Dec 09 2012, 07:12am
1 9742 Dave_Retired.
Sun Dec 09 2012, 08:31am
C4P 2.0HDi Exclusive 6-speed  First impressions on delivery, I think I made the right decision on the colour (wicked red with the [more ...] By MotoGrandad  On Mon Apr 30 2012, 12:09am
3 11684 Dave_Retired.
Fri Aug 17 2012, 02:53am
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Nearly a week old already!!  We took our 3 year old (C4Gp 1.6HDi EGS) Motability car in and collected our new C4 Grand Picasso in[more ...] By spizlot3  On Mon Aug 06 2012, 07:44pm
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20 30139 joeann90
Wed Aug 15 2012, 03:40pm
It's on the way...  Hi,I have received an email from Citroen UK telling me that my new C4GP Exclusive has arrived in the[more ...] By engineer77  On Mon May 21 2012, 10:13am
1 9608 riven1962
Mon May 21 2012, 12:30pm
Time to Say Goodbye  Dear all,After two and a half years of relatively trouble free motoring, the arrival of my fourth ch[more ...] By dr_gummi  On Sun Apr 22 2012, 02:42pm
1 9718 Dave_Retired.
Mon Apr 23 2012, 01:03am
C4GP rattles and squeeks  Hi, I have taken delivery of a brand new C4GP exclusive 2.0 diesel manual. So far so good. Very impr[more ...] By ve22ing  On Sat Apr 14 2012, 04:36am
1 9703 VTRPLUS27
Sat Apr 14 2012, 04:48am
C4 Grand Picasso VTR+ 1.6 Manual. 2012  Just took delivery of the above one week ago. Changed from a Volvo V70 as we needed the height in th[more ...] By mrsunseeker  On Sun Mar 18 2012, 05:30pm
4 11992 FrankBullitt
Mon Mar 19 2012, 04:49pm
Swiss Trip  Well unsurprisingly the trip went perfectly and the new GP performed brilliantly despite not really [more ...] By ezza23  On Mon Feb 28 2011, 06:12am
7 12389 ezza23
Wed Mar 02 2011, 02:51am
10,000 miles and counting  Well we have had our C4 Grand Picasso 2.0HDi Exclusive for 8 months now and it has ticked over the 10,000 mile mark. Therefore thought i would do a little review on my experiences so far.On collecting the car like any new parent all excited a couple of little things some bits of the plastic protection not removed , but nothing serious just always makes me wonder if they miss bits like that what else have they missed.After a couple of weeks vehicle was back just for a courtesy check and fluid top ups as had noticed both the brake and coolant levels where on the minimum all been ok since then.One problem i did have was lumbar seat adjustment on drivers seat broke once but replaced no problem by my dealer.Apart from that it has been trouble free motoring, the EGS box 99% of the time is perfect just throws the odd change in just to confiuse . It is just remembering it is not an auto so dont expect it too behave like one all the time.Oil level is just above half way so getting dealer to top up before i go to France as vehicle is only half way to its first proper service. Fuel consumption and i am heavy footed not excessively fast but i will get to the limits quickly and i have managed an average over this first 10,000 miles of 46 mpg.On the whole I am more than happy with the car especially as i got it when all it had lost was the light in refrigerated glove box so i got all the other extras which are no longer available.Next month will be its big trial lugging the tin box for a 1000 miles around France ., so fingers crossed and bon voyage, Have just finished giving it its first polish with the Autoglymn HD wax and i am very happy with that polish. By HoneyMonster  On Sun Jun 27 2010, 02:58am
4 12082 HoneyMonster
Tue Jan 11 2011, 08:30am
What Car? Continuity and bad links  Just been having a look at the What Car reviews for the C4 GP and Pug 5008During the review video th[more ...] By hertsnminds  On Thu Sep 09 2010, 03:52am
2 11387 Inchbeag
Sun Oct 31 2010, 05:34pm
C4GP first 1000 miles.  Hi Folks, now the owner of my First C4GP 2.0 HDi Exclusive, done 1500 miles so far... NO real proble[more ...] By Bart  On Mon Oct 04 2010, 05:05am
2 10592 routemaster1
Mon Oct 04 2010, 12:29pm
Looking to be a new owner but..  Hi All,Nice to read through other peoples reviews on here.We currently run two cars in my household,[more ...] By bolo  On Mon Jul 05 2010, 08:28am
5 12006 bolo
Tue Jul 06 2010, 04:35am
Hello NOW officially a new owner from York !!  Further to my thread from the 5th March, I finally picked my C4 Picasso VTR+ up on Thursday (2 weeks[more ...] By Razor1967  On Sat Mar 20 2010, 06:55am
5 11093 diesel_dog
Sat Mar 20 2010, 03:46pm
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Myway on C4GP Exclusive  Right, I've got the car, now a couple of questions. On the satnav, when putting in a destination by [more ...] By trev h  On Sat Mar 06 2010, 02:44pm
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25 35339 granduk
Thu Mar 11 2010, 02:53pm
First test drive yesterday (C4GP 2.0HDi) - have to say I'm impressed!  Yesterday I test-drove a C4GP (2.0 HDi EGS), for about 35 miles (mix of urban, A road, and Motorway)[more ...] By vantage  On Fri Jan 15 2010, 06:58am
3 10977 CE08LDB
Thu Mar 04 2010, 06:29pm
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C4 Picasso 5 seats : my suspensions ????  i have done 50.000 km , 30.300 miles in 14 monthsnot happy of suspensions .seems to be too soft , no[more ...] By eliflap  On Tue Feb 03 2009, 03:53pm
13 16771 Jimux
Sun Feb 28 2010, 04:56am
First Long trip in the GP  Well I have just completed the 2500km return to the UK Christmas trip and I am pleased with how comf[more ...] By dr_gummi  On Mon Jan 04 2010, 06:07am
1 9984 BigJohnD
Mon Jan 04 2010, 06:11am

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