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Maintenance and Repair Tips and Procedures.

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Announcement Thread
General Repair Costs Guide
  PentlandC4 wrote ...I've been wondering whether a thread devoted to repair costs might be useful- i.[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Thu Feb 09 2012, 01:14am
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48 27033 iscom
Fri Oct 18 2019, 07:39am
Announcement Thread
Chinese 'Clone' Lexia Doesnt Work for You - an Alternative
  Posted over at C6owners, but related to the C4 range.gmerry wrote ...Hi all, for some Lexia is a poo[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Thu Dec 04 2014, 07:21am
None 5683 -
Announcement Thread
Citroën Fixed Price Repair Offers (Revised)
  We are all aware of the fixed price offer on Brake pads and discs, timing belts etc. but there is a [more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Thu Mar 08 2012, 08:49am
8 10600 wilcovh
Thu Jul 17 2014, 05:17pm
Announcement Thread
DPF Removal and EGR Valve Blanking
  There has been lots of posts on the merits or otherwise of removing the DPF and/or Blanking the EGR [more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Sat Jun 14 2014, 11:51am
None 5838 -
Announcement Thread
Tyre Size - the differences they make
  Added a Tyre Size Differential Calculator back on site: - Click Here - so you can play around with[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Mon Mar 31 2014, 07:20am
None 5119 -
Announcement Thread
Citroen Peugeot recommend oils and the alternatives
  Whilst PSA recommend Total Oil, there are others available from, Shell, BP Castrol, Esso, Mobil, Yac[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Wed Mar 26 2014, 02:32pm
None 8220 -
Announcement Thread
Customer Recall Website
  Citroën are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new and free service for customers, which[more ...] By Phil  On Thu May 10 2012, 04:31am
1 7865 Dave_Retired.
Thu May 10 2012, 05:18am
Sticky Thread
Oil advice and recommendations from oilman
  C4owners has invited us to start an "oil recommendations" thread here... so if you would like any oi[more ...] By oilman  On Wed May 12 2010, 09:26am
5 8363 TriumphGuy
Mon Sep 04 2017, 07:00am
Sticky Thread
DPF (EOLYS) Fluid Pouch Replacement
  Been advised by my on board dash .....Fluid level critical.Out of curiosity I had a look it's a pouc[more ...] By Crouchy  On Fri Mar 14 2014, 03:42pm
8 18946 trev h
Fri Jul 21 2017, 03:40am
Sticky Thread
C4GP DPF System Failure - Solved.
  I own a 07 plate C4GP with around 120,000 miles on it, and apart from an airbag failure around a yea[more ...] By apollojones  On Sun Aug 02 2015, 04:09am
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16 13913 Johnboi79
Tue Jun 06 2017, 01:15pm
Sticky Thread
Tutorial: 1.6HDi - How to remove and replace auxiliary drivebelt Peugeot Citroen
  Hello!I am glad to present you another tutorial: How to remove and replace auxiliary drivebelt Peuge[more ...] By adioperator  On Wed Oct 22 2014, 05:33am
3 5930 richardthestag
Mon Apr 17 2017, 10:36am
Sticky Thread
The old - my passenger side electric window won't move problem - a fix!
  I have a C4 2007 5 door hatch 1.6hdi SX EGS. Recently the passenger window would only wind down from[more ...] By DeuxChevaux  On Wed Mar 05 2014, 09:55am
3 7519 geirars
Sun Nov 20 2016, 02:11pm
Sticky Thread
Find the correct oil for your Citroën
  This website will tell you the correct oil for your car's engine. - Click Here - Enter either your[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Wed Sep 25 2013, 06:46am
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26 18686 routemaster1
Fri Mar 11 2016, 10:36am
Sticky Thread
C4 with EGS - Fixed the juddering when taking off
  This weekend was spent calibrating the EGS gearbox. I recently talked to the garage about the judder[more ...] By Lars of Sweden  On Mon Jul 19 2010, 04:10am
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36 44800 crapday
Tue Sep 29 2015, 12:39am
Sticky Thread
How to prevent injector seal failure and turbo failure on 1.6HDi engines.
  I have been researching this as it seemed to be a common issue and injector seals are not a part tha[more ...] By JohnC4GP  On Wed Feb 05 2014, 07:50am
11 14671 andyste1
Tue Mar 17 2015, 02:57pm
Sticky Thread
How To start your Car using a booster battery from another car
  Hello,Here we are with another video tutorial: Jump Strarting a car using a booster battery from ano[more ...] By adioperator  On Mon Jan 19 2015, 09:44am
None 4317 -
Sticky Thread
How To Clean / Maintain Battery, terminals and connector clamps
  Hello,Here we present a totorial about "How To Clean / Maintain Battery, terminals and connector cla[more ...] By adioperator  On Mon Jan 19 2015, 03:46am
None 4435 -
Sticky Thread
Weekly checks on a Citroen C4
  Hello Citroen C4 Owners,Here I present a project about weekly checks on a car. There are some very s[more ...] By adioperator  On Mon Jan 19 2015, 03:34am
None 4989 -
Sticky Thread
A new glove box repair procedure.
  Good day FolksI have recently just broken my glove box latch for the second time. This can get expen[more ...] By Zedd  On Wed Aug 07 2013, 05:58am
4 8316 DeuxChevaux
Thu Oct 16 2014, 02:30am
Sticky Thread
The Reason Why CV Boot Clamp Failure is Common
  I own a 1.6 HDi Loeb but this information will apply to all models sharing the same driveshafts and [more ...] By thetwistedsock  On Thu May 15 2014, 03:58pm
1 6166 Grumpy GrandPa
Sat Jun 07 2014, 08:01am
Closed Sticky Thread
Turbo Replacement - parts used
  Well just had my 1.6hdi returned today after having new turbo installed at a cost of €1630. List of [more ...] By Philm9394  On Thu Feb 27 2014, 01:10pm
10 20363 Dave_Retired.
Wed Mar 12 2014, 04:51am
Sticky Thread
How to remove and install a clutch
  Right i assume you have the drive shafts out and oil drained1. Take all the bell housing bolts of f[more ...] By C4paulC4  On Sun Dec 08 2013, 06:06am
4 6801 Dave_Retired.
Tue Dec 10 2013, 01:14pm
Sticky Thread
Radio, sat nav, speedo, parking sensor repairs
  I recently had all these faults on my C4 Grand Picasso, Citroen quoted £2000 for the repair, so I ca[more ...] By akascotty  On Fri Mar 01 2013, 01:05pm
None 5657 -
Sticky Thread
Solid flywheel conversion kits
  hi could anyone point me in the right direction as to where i cant buy a solid flywheel conversion k[more ...] By jonny1979  On Thu Feb 28 2013, 04:55am
3 8073 Commodore
Thu Feb 28 2013, 07:15am
Closed Sticky Thread
Looking for a 'Sensor' of any kind for your Citroen?
  For a full range of replacement senors from ABS, Air Con Blower through to Lambada Temperature or Th[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Fri Feb 01 2013, 09:49am
None 5402 -
Sticky Thread
Tailgate Wiring Loom Repair Teardown, Repair and Rebuild
  I've just put together some notes that may be helpful for anyone with the dreaded tailgate cable fat[more ...] By dilbert  On Fri Jan 11 2013, 04:55am
4 6836 DeuxChevaux
Sat Jan 26 2013, 04:55am
Sticky Thread
C4 HDi's and Dual Mass Flywheels - when should you replace one?
  OK if you read the FAQ: HERE it explains how the DMF works.Please Note: Petrol C4's of all variants[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Thu Jan 24 2013, 11:24am
6 8914 Bin-The-L-Plates
Sat Jan 26 2013, 03:30am
Sticky Thread
Plastic Trim Clips and where to buy them?
  We often get asked 'where can I get **** trim clip' and the answer is usually 'a dealer'However ther[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Wed May 16 2012, 02:01am
None 6160 -
Sticky Thread
Repair plastic 100% success
  Hello my friends I have just come across a product that's amazing when it comes to repairing broken [more ...] By niks  On Tue Mar 13 2012, 02:52am
None 6099 -
Sticky Thread
Faulty Engine ECU - Repair Options
  Hi all. ECU Doctor - Click Here - may be worth considering for repair rather than replacement of[more ...] By gmerry  On Wed Jan 25 2012, 04:24am
1 6680 Dave_Retired.
Wed Jan 25 2012, 08:07am
Sticky Thread
Servicing and Overhaul Parts for Garrett Turbocharger - 1.6HDi
  Hi this might help somebody.The Garrett GT1544V Turbocharger is fitted to the 1.6HDi engines used in[more ...] By gmerry  On Tue Nov 15 2011, 07:05am
4 7770 PPP7
Tue Nov 15 2011, 03:56pm
Sticky Thread
Parts Diagram showing wheel arch and underbody covers
  Is there a parts list available which shows the inner wheel arch covers and protection covers undern[more ...] By AndyL  On Tue Nov 08 2011, 02:57pm
1 14236 Dave_Retired.
Wed Nov 09 2011, 01:19am
Sticky Thread
Electrical parts for C4
  I was looking for some C-Crosser information and found this, which might be of interest to some memb[more ...] By PentlandC4  On Mon Aug 22 2011, 02:53pm
1 6851 Dave_Retired.
Tue Aug 23 2011, 01:20am
 Forum Threads
C4 Picasso servicing tips  Hi AllI have 63 plate petrol Picasso. Never serviced a car before so a little nervous! I would just [more ...] By phil69  On Mon Jun 22 2020, 03:41pm
2 115 gittos
Tue Jun 23 2020, 08:45am
Can the iCarsoft FR v2 OBD tool configure the Stereo?  Does anybody know if this OBD tool can configure the Stereo/CD unit? This one and iCarsoft CP 2 seem[more ...] By R.Jonsson  On Mon Jun 15 2020, 02:29pm
1 129 rusky
Mon Jun 15 2020, 04:42pm
Fluid level critical what pouch?  Hi everyoneOn my dash I have Fluid level critical.It seems I need a fuel additive pouch that goes un[more ...] By c4lover  On Fri Jun 05 2020, 04:23am
9 249 verycleverman
Mon Jun 08 2020, 08:22am
Brake Caliper  I was trying to do a routine brake pad change on my C4 Grand Picasso but when I tried to remove the [more ...] By Zeus  On Thu May 28 2020, 12:11pm
3 209 BigJohnD
Fri May 29 2020, 03:46am
Alarm sounds after battery change Grand Picasso 2015  Alarm sounds when locking Citroen 2015 Grand Picasso after battery change. Seen some info but no def[more ...] By Brihey8  On Wed May 06 2020, 01:01pm
1 292 Brihey8
Fri May 22 2020, 01:27pm
No New Posts on Popular Thread
2006 C4 1.6 16v rounded caliper carrier bolts help to remove and size bolt to replace.  Hi Folks,I was doing my discs and pad on my C4 and done the front no problem but went to do the back[more ...] By Dtsc419  On Thu May 07 2020, 05:34am
12 380 routemaster1
Thu May 21 2020, 12:51pm
2004 1.6 C4 GP Fan/Auxiliary belt replacement  Hi All,My fan/auxiliary belt has snapped and I am trying to fit the replacement. I've figured out h[more ...] By NevilleT  On Sun May 10 2020, 03:36pm
5 272 routemaster1
Mon May 11 2020, 08:16am
Citroen C4 Picasso 2007 automatic transmission  When Citroen changes transmission from A1 to A2 I can hear loudly I don't know why and when is in ci[more ...] By cenii  On Thu Aug 24 2017, 04:25pm
1 1303 starmover
Sat May 09 2020, 05:09am
Battery  My car has been laid up for coming up for 3 weeks due to the lockdown. I am worried that that batter[more ...] By Keith  On Thu Apr 16 2020, 08:31am
7 433 iscom
Wed Apr 29 2020, 05:56am
2014 C4 Picasso  HiNewbie on here !Had a rattle at the front of the car and my mechanic has found a bar/strut that he[more ...] By garrydeakin  On Tue Apr 28 2020, 10:13am
3 293 vexorg
Tue Apr 28 2020, 02:35pm
C4 coupe VTR 1.6HDi Air Con regas.  Just thought I would share my experience of doing my own air con regas.I bought my coupe a couple of[more ...] By Mandk  On Mon Mar 23 2020, 07:44am
None 403 -
Earthing points locations?  Hi All, newbie here, first post. Got an electrical problem so wanting to check all earthing points a[more ...] By mooms5  On Wed Mar 11 2020, 08:18am
None 438 -
Starting 2015 C4 Picasso Diesel after 18 months inactivity  My Father-in-law stopped driving his 2015 C4 Picasso Diesel 18 months ago, and he has now been moved[more ...] By GSouthall  On Sun Feb 09 2020, 07:36am
5 605 GSouthall
Sun Feb 09 2020, 10:39am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
How to refill the Eolys in to plastic bag (C4 GP 2.0Hdi)  Hi everybody!I need to refill the Eolys but my C4 GP have not container like on old modelsbut this p[more ...] By westvland  On Sun Apr 08 2012, 11:35am
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25 41908 rusky
Sat Feb 01 2020, 09:29am
GPS ANTENNA 2012 C4 Grand Picasso  Is there 2 gps antennas in this car? In the backside of the radio there is 3 farce connectors(blue, [more ...] By PTL  On Thu Jan 23 2020, 09:10am
None 600 -
C4 Picasso (Irish model) boot or tailgate not opening.  So I've had this problem for a while. I researched the issue especially on this forum and I thought [more ...] By pilatesinavan  On Sun Jan 12 2020, 04:03pm
None 614 -
DPF additive  Hi,I've finally got the message re DPF additive. I've seen the info about which fluid to use dependi[more ...] By aurumdeus  On Tue Dec 31 2019, 09:34am
3 712 aurumdeus
Thu Jan 02 2020, 12:23pm
Side lights  Hi guys,I have read a few threads on this topic however none that answer my questions. My 2013 grand[more ...] By Sam.l.kelly  On Fri Dec 27 2019, 09:44am
1 667 routemaster1
Fri Dec 27 2019, 09:59am
Driver's side wing mirror indicator failed  Hi, has anyone experienced their indicator on the wing mirror failing? The car is a 2014 Grand Pica[more ...] By Daz6618  On Fri Dec 20 2019, 06:10am
None 697 -
Fuse Box Diagram C4GP 2016 (accurate)  Does anyone know where I can get a copy of an accurate diagram of the fusebox 2 (glove box RHD), in [more ...] By RWorgan  On Sun Dec 15 2019, 08:27am
8 796 rusky
Mon Dec 16 2019, 04:22pm
Grand C4 1.6 VTR coolant bleed valves  Hi everyone,I stupidly topped up my coolant with the wrong type, so decided to drain my coolant syst[more ...] By solus  On Sat Nov 23 2019, 11:53am
1 755 gittos
Sat Nov 23 2019, 01:36pm
Heater blower c4 cactus  hi guys has anyone removed a heater blower on a 2015 c4 Cactus I can't seem to get it out By taxiguy  On Mon Oct 21 2019, 02:40pm
1 827 routemaster1
Tue Oct 22 2019, 04:06am
2016 C4 Grand Picasso Exclusive.  Turning the heater on full the other night, the passenger side was nice and toasty but the driver's [more ...] By pennant77  On Fri Oct 18 2019, 09:32am
1 857 Richard_C
Fri Oct 18 2019, 10:58am
Fuse Box  Hello, this is my first post so apologies if I’m not up to scratch on some bits!I have a CITROEN C4 [more ...] By Johnbear91  On Sat Oct 05 2019, 10:23am
1 938 Chris22
Sun Oct 06 2019, 10:28am
Can you name this part I need?  Hi all. I have a C4 VTS HDi. What is the part called under the boost solenoid at the front of the en[more ...] By Brucey  On Fri Oct 04 2019, 07:22am
None 844 -
Dash Light and Cent auto Locking Ad blue?  As I start my C4 Diesel 2014 Picasso for the first time each day I notice the drivers airbag light [more ...] By paul_skinbach  On Sun Aug 11 2019, 04:41am
2 1067 paul_skinbach
Wed Aug 21 2019, 01:30am
P1733 - EGS gearbox seems to be dead 3008 2010  Hi all, yes it's not a C4 but a close cousin which I've just replaced the C4GP with and was hoping t[more ...] By OzMoSiS  On Tue Aug 13 2019, 03:20pm
None 975 -
Error code - P2562 - 2013 C4 Picasso MK2 1.6 HDI VTR  Hi. I wondered if anyone could shed any light on an error code we currently have. It has been interm[more ...] By sticks81  On Fri Aug 02 2019, 05:01am
1 1056 rusky
Fri Aug 02 2019, 10:10am
Citroen C4 steering angle sensor comms unit reset  Hello, I have a 2010 Citroen C4 1.6 HDI EGS VTR+ and had a second hand steering rack put in 6 months[more ...] By dstyles  On Mon Oct 03 2016, 04:08pm
1 2467 Mythical
Wed Jul 31 2019, 05:15pm
C4 Exclusive  Hi hope I have posted in correct forum, I currently own a Citroen C4 2012 exclusive, where ca I get [more ...] By KjBuff  On Sat Jul 27 2019, 09:00am
1 1075 neilp
Sun Jul 28 2019, 08:31am
Fault codes for my C4 grand picasso 2014  can someone tell me whet this fault code is please thanksE8 P16DF  By radicaldoc  On Mon Jul 08 2019, 03:31pm
4 1200 radicaldoc
Fri Jul 12 2019, 09:17am
C4 (B7) software update  Hello Everyone!Do you know how can I update the car software?I mean, not the GPS or the head unit fi[more ...] By klambi  On Wed Jul 10 2019, 01:09am
2 1181 iscom
Wed Jul 10 2019, 05:17am
How to access the electric hand brake lever  Hi,The electric hand brake lever simply broke off during use on my automatic 2012 C4 hatch the other[more ...] By gw4efa  On Tue Jul 09 2019, 03:56pm
None 1067 -
Cam Belt Replacement.  Our C3 (110bhp HDi) is due a cambelt change. So I went to the local agent for a price and was quoted[more ...] By routemaster1  On Mon Jul 08 2019, 07:34am
7 1232 iscom
Tue Jul 09 2019, 08:05am
Citroen Independent Near Barrow in Furness  I live in Norfolk and for many years have had excellent service from my local independent Citroen/Pe[more ...] By DeuxChevaux  On Thu Apr 25 2019, 04:37pm
2 1270 iscom
Sun Jul 07 2019, 02:18am
C4 grand picasso 2014 Air con recharge  Hi all,Over the past few weeks with the hot weather here in the UK I have noticed the air con could [more ...] By smudger483  On Fri Jul 05 2019, 02:37pm
3 1127 routemaster1
Fri Jul 05 2019, 03:39pm
C4 1.6HDi Alternator Replacement  Hi all,I am about to change the alternator on my C4 coupe 1.6HDi VTR. Has anyone else done one and i[more ...] By hosemaster  On Tue Aug 09 2016, 12:43pm
2 2717 Yucker
Sat Jun 22 2019, 08:00am
EM Light  I have a C4 Grand Picasso Semi Auto, sometimes when I use the kickdown, as the car eccelerates the E[more ...] By Davwilesa  On Wed Jun 19 2019, 05:53am
3 1120 Davwilesa
Wed Jun 19 2019, 04:34pm
2010 1.6hdi C4 Grand Picasso wipers not working.  Hi, I've a 2010 C4 Grand Picasso, neither front wipers are working. Have replace both motors with wo[more ...] By ambro74  On Wed Jun 19 2019, 08:22am
None 1078 -
Crankshaft position sensor  Hi guys i need to replace the Crankshaft position sensor on my 2007 C4 can any one tell me where thi[more ...] By Bigboybeaton  On Sun Feb 03 2019, 11:40am
1 1421 Cameroncreate
Sat Jun 08 2019, 05:54am
Washer jet problem  Hello all...Passenger side washer jet not working...driver side is very weak. Back window jet works [more ...] By mikehobbs2012  On Sun May 19 2019, 02:34am
None 1162 -
Grand C4 Picasso Exclusive battery replacement.  Got the tyre pressure monitoring fault message plus outside temp reading going haywire. Tried going [more ...] By althesandie  On Tue May 14 2019, 08:53am
None 1198 -
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