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Maintenance and Repair Tips and Procedures.

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Announcement Thread
General Repair Costs Guide
  PentlandC4 wrote ...I've been wondering whether a thread devoted to repair costs might be useful- i.[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Thu Feb 09 2012, 01:14am
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39 11128 TriumphGuy
Fri Aug 18 2017, 12:47pm
Announcement Thread
Chinese 'Clone' Lexia Doesnt Work for You - an Alternative
  Posted over at C6owners, but related to the C4 range.gmerry wrote ...Hi all, for some Lexia is a poo[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Thu Dec 04 2014, 07:21am
None 2339 -
Announcement Thread
Citroën Fixed Price Repair Offers (Revised)
  We are all aware of the fixed price offer on Brake pads and discs, timing belts etc. but there is a [more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Thu Mar 08 2012, 08:49am
8 6683 wilcovh
Thu Jul 17 2014, 05:17pm
Announcement Thread
DPF Removal and EGR Valve Blanking
  There has been lots of posts on the merits or otherwise of removing the DPF and/or Blanking the EGR [more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Sat Jun 14 2014, 11:51am
None 2571 -
Announcement Thread
Tyre Size - the differences they make
  Added a Tyre Size Differential Calculator back on site: - Click Here - so you can play around with[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Mon Mar 31 2014, 07:20am
None 2090 -
Announcement Thread
Citroen Peugeot recommend oils and the alternatives
  Whilst PSA recommend Total Oil, there are others available from, Shell, BP Castrol, Esso, Mobil, Yac[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Wed Mar 26 2014, 02:32pm
None 4359 -
Announcement Thread
Customer Recall Website
  Citroën are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new and free service for customers, which[more ...] By Phil  On Thu May 10 2012, 04:31am
1 4475 Web Admin Only
Thu May 10 2012, 05:18am
Sticky Thread
DPF (EOLYS) Fluid Pouch Replacement
  Been advised by my on board dash .....Fluid level critical.Out of curiosity I had a look it's a pouc[more ...] By Crouchy  On Fri Mar 14 2014, 03:42pm
8 9134 trev h
Fri Jul 21 2017, 03:40am
Sticky Thread
C4GP DPF System Failure - Solved.
  I own a 07 plate C4GP with around 120,000 miles on it, and apart from an airbag failure around a yea[more ...] By apollojones  On Sun Aug 02 2015, 04:09am
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16 3478 Johnboi79
Tue Jun 06 2017, 01:15pm
Sticky Thread
Tutorial: 1.6HDi - How to remove and replace auxiliary drivebelt Peugeot Citroen
  Hello!I am glad to present you another tutorial: How to remove and replace auxiliary drivebelt Peuge[more ...] By adioperator  On Wed Oct 22 2014, 05:33am
3 2262 richardthestag
Mon Apr 17 2017, 10:36am
Sticky Thread
Oil advice and recommendations from oilman
  C4owners has invited us to start an "oil recommendations" thread here... so if you would like any oi[more ...] By oilman  On Wed May 12 2010, 09:26am
4 4659 stevjull2017
Thu Jan 05 2017, 06:14pm
Sticky Thread
The old - my passenger side electric window won't move problem - a fix!
  I have a C4 2007 5 door hatch 1.6hdi SX EGS. Recently the passenger window would only wind down from[more ...] By DeuxChevaux  On Wed Mar 05 2014, 09:55am
3 3184 geirars
Sun Nov 20 2016, 02:11pm
Sticky Thread
Find the correct oil for your Citroën
  This website will tell you the correct oil for your car's engine. - Click Here - Enter either your[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Wed Sep 25 2013, 06:46am
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26 9146 routemaster1
Fri Mar 11 2016, 10:36am
Sticky Thread
C4 with EGS - Fixed the juddering when taking off
  This weekend was spent calibrating the EGS gearbox. I recently talked to the garage about the judder[more ...] By Lars of Sweden  On Mon Jul 19 2010, 04:10am
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36 27961 crapday
Tue Sep 29 2015, 12:39am
Sticky Thread
How to prevent injector seal failure and turbo failure on 1.6HDi engines.
  I have been researching this as it seemed to be a common issue and injector seals are not a part tha[more ...] By JohnC4GP  On Wed Feb 05 2014, 07:50am
11 6410 andyste1
Tue Mar 17 2015, 02:57pm
Sticky Thread
How To start your Car using a booster battery from another car
  Hello,Here we are with another video tutorial: Jump Strarting a car using a booster battery from ano[more ...] By adioperator  On Mon Jan 19 2015, 09:44am
None 1540 -
Sticky Thread
How To Clean / Maintain Battery, terminals and connector clamps
  Hello,Here we present a totorial about "How To Clean / Maintain Battery, terminals and connector cla[more ...] By adioperator  On Mon Jan 19 2015, 03:46am
None 1671 -
Sticky Thread
Weekly checks on a Citroen C4
  Hello Citroen C4 Owners,Here I present a project about weekly checks on a car. There are some very s[more ...] By adioperator  On Mon Jan 19 2015, 03:34am
None 1827 -
Sticky Thread
A new glove box repair procedure.
  Good day FolksI have recently just broken my glove box latch for the second time. This can get expen[more ...] By Zedd  On Wed Aug 07 2013, 05:58am
4 4435 DeuxChevaux
Thu Oct 16 2014, 02:30am
Sticky Thread
The Reason Why CV Boot Clamp Failure is Common
  I own a 1.6 HDi Loeb but this information will apply to all models sharing the same driveshafts and [more ...] By thetwistedsock  On Thu May 15 2014, 03:58pm
1 2662 Grumpy GrandPa
Sat Jun 07 2014, 08:01am
Closed Sticky Thread
Turbo Replacement - parts used
  Well just had my 1.6hdi returned today after having new turbo installed at a cost of €1630. List of [more ...] By Philm9394  On Thu Feb 27 2014, 01:10pm
10 10883 Web Admin Only
Wed Mar 12 2014, 04:51am
Sticky Thread
How to remove and install a clutch
  Right i assume you have the drive shafts out and oil drained1. Take all the bell housing bolts of f[more ...] By C4paulC4  On Sun Dec 08 2013, 06:06am
4 3167 Web Admin Only
Tue Dec 10 2013, 01:14pm
Sticky Thread
Radio, sat nav, speedo, parking sensor repairs
  I recently had all these faults on my C4 Grand Picasso, Citroen quoted £2000 for the repair, so I ca[more ...] By akascotty  On Fri Mar 01 2013, 01:05pm
None 2759 -
Sticky Thread
Solid flywheel conversion kits
  hi could anyone point me in the right direction as to where i cant buy a solid flywheel conversion k[more ...] By jonny1979  On Thu Feb 28 2013, 04:55am
3 4425 Commodore
Thu Feb 28 2013, 07:15am
Closed Sticky Thread
Looking for a 'Sensor' of any kind for your Citroen?
  For a full range of replacement senors from ABS, Air Con Blower through to Lambada Temperature or Th[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Fri Feb 01 2013, 09:49am
None 2507 -
Sticky Thread
Tailgate Wiring Loom Repair Teardown, Repair and Rebuild
  I've just put together some notes that may be helpful for anyone with the dreaded tailgate cable fat[more ...] By dilbert  On Fri Jan 11 2013, 04:55am
4 3560 DeuxChevaux
Sat Jan 26 2013, 04:55am
Sticky Thread
C4 HDi's and Dual Mass Flywheels - when should you replace one?
  OK if you read the FAQ: HERE it explains how the DMF works.Please Note: Petrol C4's of all variants[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Thu Jan 24 2013, 11:24am
6 4792 Bin-The-L-Plates
Sat Jan 26 2013, 03:30am
Sticky Thread
Plastic Trim Clips and where to buy them?
  We often get asked 'where can I get **** trim clip' and the answer is usually 'a dealer'However ther[more ...] By Web Admin Only  On Wed May 16 2012, 02:01am
None 3314 -
Sticky Thread
Repair plastic 100% success
  Hello my friends I have just come across a product that's amazing when it comes to repairing broken [more ...] By niks  On Tue Mar 13 2012, 02:52am
None 3209 -
Sticky Thread
Faulty Engine ECU - Repair Options
  Hi all. ECU Doctor - Click Here - may be worth considering for repair rather than replacement of[more ...] By gmerry  On Wed Jan 25 2012, 04:24am
1 3724 Web Admin Only
Wed Jan 25 2012, 08:07am
Sticky Thread
Servicing and Overhaul Parts for Garrett Turbocharger - 1.6HDi
  Hi this might help somebody.The Garrett GT1544V Turbocharger is fitted to the 1.6HDi engines used in[more ...] By gmerry  On Tue Nov 15 2011, 07:05am
4 4419 PPP7
Tue Nov 15 2011, 03:56pm
Sticky Thread
Parts Diagram showing wheel arch and underbody covers
  Is there a parts list available which shows the inner wheel arch covers and protection covers undern[more ...] By AndyL  On Tue Nov 08 2011, 02:57pm
1 7725 Web Admin Only
Wed Nov 09 2011, 01:19am
Sticky Thread
Electrical parts for C4
  I was looking for some C-Crosser information and found this, which might be of interest to some memb[more ...] By PentlandC4  On Mon Aug 22 2011, 02:53pm
1 3788 Web Admin Only
Tue Aug 23 2011, 01:20am
 Forum Threads
Lexia Access Code  Hi i am currently running diagbox version 7.57 I am wanting to recalibrate the clutch, but dont seem[more ...] By gt160  On Mon Jul 31 2017, 11:16am
6 178 gt160
Wed Aug 16 2017, 06:20am
Depollution system faulty Citroen C4 Picasso  I have a Citroen C4 Picasso 2007 and I get depollution system faulty and sometimes in city engine st[more ...] By cenii  On Fri Aug 11 2017, 04:39am
1 89 wozza
Fri Aug 11 2017, 01:38pm
C4 Picasso 2007 tyre puncture detected  I bought a C4 Picasso 2007 and I'm getting on screen tyre puncture detected and stop warning, and de[more ...] By cenii  On Thu Aug 10 2017, 11:53am
4 92 BigJohnD
Fri Aug 11 2017, 06:04am
What is this part called?  There is a vertical bar that holds the plastic wheel arch in place. It is a vertical bar about a foo[more ...] By Gregshutie  On Sat Jul 29 2017, 09:08am
3 141 Gregshutie
Sat Jul 29 2017, 01:04pm
Grand Picasso - various issues. Urgent!  Hi allI'll start the story from the beginning....I have C4 Grand Picasso diesel. We went out for a f[more ...] By mike79  On Sat Jul 15 2017, 11:31am
3 178 mike79
Sat Jul 15 2017, 12:21pm
Limp Home Mode  Familiar story. Approaching home when car went into limp home mode - in outside lane in busy traffic[more ...] By malkyriley  On Thu Jul 13 2017, 10:35am
None 130 -
Starter problems  Hi everybody. I have a high mileage 2005 C4 1.6 HDi. A week or so ago it refused to start with no li[more ...] By wightmanp  On Wed Jul 12 2017, 02:48pm
2 141 HansZarkov
Thu Jul 13 2017, 01:32am
C4 vtr+ heater stuck on full please help going bald  Hi everybody. I have just purchased a 2005 C4 VTR+ 4 door with dual climate control. love the car bu[more ...] By Observer666  On Sat Jul 08 2017, 07:36am
None 127 -
C4 1.6HDi Alternator Replacement  Hi all,I am about to change the alternator on my C4 coupe 1.6HDi VTR. Has anyone else done one and i[more ...] By hosemaster  On Tue Aug 09 2016, 12:43pm
1 447 Neffa
Wed Jul 05 2017, 11:36pm
Activate Aux Input 08 C4GP Glasgow  Stuck the C4GP in for a service and asked if they could sort out the aux input whilst they had it, T[more ...] By Bouncer  On Sun Jul 02 2017, 03:10am
1 169 Bouncer
Wed Jul 05 2017, 04:22am
P0405 Electric EGR valve repeat signal fault : Signal voltage too low  please can someone adviseP0405 Electric EGR valve repeat signal fault : Signal voltage too low By Johnboi79  On Thu Jun 08 2017, 08:09am
4 299 KenC
Thu Jun 08 2017, 02:37pm
Timing belt kit options  Hi guys, I have a 2007 c4 coupe, 1.6hdi. I am looking to replace the timing belt, water pump etc. My[more ...] By Andyd12  On Wed Jun 07 2017, 02:58pm
1 231 jpbroad1970
Thu Jun 08 2017, 02:31pm
Searching for a part name  HiSome kind fellow decided to steal a part from my C4 coupe 07 and I don't know what it is called to[more ...] By Matt22365  On Thu Jun 01 2017, 04:51pm
1 246 rusky
Fri Jun 02 2017, 02:25am
Converting from rear air suspension to coil springs - how to config the computer for no air?  Hi,I have a 2009 C4 Picasso I have just converted from rear air as was having problems with it to sp[more ...] By mdl350  On Wed May 31 2017, 05:06pm
2 246 mdl350
Thu Jun 01 2017, 04:06pm
Maybe a silly question  Just wondering if the interior of c4 3 door would fit into a 4 door? I have unfortunately won on eba[more ...] By manc20  On Wed May 24 2017, 04:04am
3 302 gmerry
Wed May 24 2017, 06:05am
Trim removal  Hi, Just bought a C4 Picasso 2013 MK11 and I need to remove the centre console and the plastic trim [more ...] By Redtardis  On Wed May 10 2017, 02:47pm
None 318 -
Recovery warning  I've just been recovered and the agent winched the car onto the truck bed, using a strop around the [more ...] By wunny  On Tue May 09 2017, 10:01am
None 283 -
Grand C4 Picasso Exclusive plus 2015  Hello, I purchased the car new in 2015 and it has done 9,000 miles now. I will travel around 6,000 m[more ...] By arkiboys  On Sun Apr 23 2017, 04:46pm
3 284 FrankBullitt
Mon Apr 24 2017, 03:56am
C4 1.6HDi 110 FAP with a "non standard" thermostat  Hello,First message on this forum My plan for today was to change the thermostat due to the engine [more ...] By NusNus  On Sat Apr 08 2017, 04:56pm
1 307 NusNus
Tue Apr 11 2017, 10:54am
How to reset "weight of additive in the particulate filter"  Hi, Did any of you managed to reset the counter in subject after the replacement/cleaning of the par[more ...] By gabr  On Mon Apr 03 2017, 10:29am
None 289 -
No New Posts on Popular Thread
AdBlue Top Up - Warning Light Still Shows  Got a 65 plate C4 Picasso 1.6 and the warning light for the adblue came on last night on the road ho[more ...] By DCB  On Wed Mar 22 2017, 09:47am
10 419 routemaster1
Thu Mar 23 2017, 04:59am
C4 2011 rear brakes  Hi new to the forum.I have C4 2011 I a wanting to change rear brake pads which I have no problem in [more ...] By Allan  On Sun Mar 12 2017, 03:42am
1 295 rusky
Sun Mar 12 2017, 03:59am
Hot or Cold?  After I finish work today at 2pm I will drive home and do some routine maintenance on the car. I am [more ...] By riven1962  On Tue Jan 17 2017, 06:22am
3 538 brentdon
Thu Mar 09 2017, 03:59am
Is this the correct tool?  Hi, been looking around but just need confirmation that this tool will reset the DPF fluid ECU. Than[more ...] By chumbaone  On Sun Mar 05 2017, 09:53am
1 321 Biohead
Sun Mar 05 2017, 01:43pm
Rear bumper bracket replace  Hi, does anyone know how to replace the rear bumper brackets? How can I remove them? By Voliotis84  On Fri Dec 30 2016, 12:37pm
1 390 MIB
Sat Mar 04 2017, 05:26am
Steering colomn indicators/lamps  On my Grand Picasso the lamps have stopped working! You can hear indicator clicking, and all feature[more ...] By rowtrak098  On Sun Feb 05 2017, 01:07pm
3 425 TriumphGuy
Wed Mar 01 2017, 01:50am
C4 Foglamp bulbs  Hi AllCould somebody tell me how to replace the front foglight bulbs on my 2013 C4?Thanks By paulinderjia  On Fri Feb 24 2017, 03:45pm
6 402 BigJohnD
Sat Feb 25 2017, 04:26pm
No Front or Side Indicators  Hi all I am a new poster to the forum. I have a 2006 1.6 petrol C4. I have just bought the car and h[more ...] By clachman  On Fri Feb 24 2017, 01:23pm
None 276 -
C4GP 2010 suspension  Long story guys. Replaced air bags air line and now pump suspension still not working I've been info[more ...] By Powster  On Tue Feb 14 2017, 07:34am
8 590 BigJohnD
Wed Feb 15 2017, 03:48pm
C4 Grand Picasso Driver Armrest 2006  HI allNew here. Recently got a C4G Picasso 2006 and drivers armrest has popped out. Seen a few thr[more ...] By c4gjonkent  On Tue Feb 07 2017, 05:47am
1 415 rusky
Tue Feb 07 2017, 03:22pm
EGR removal  Hi guys, this is my first post.I have just bought a C4 Grand Picasso diesel 1.6 and I have to renew [more ...] By johnmccall2007  On Sat Jan 28 2017, 09:25am
1 414 rusky
Sat Jan 28 2017, 10:27am
Broken heat shield.  I have had a look around and I have found the instructions on how to replace the heat shield but I a[more ...] By riven1962  On Mon Jan 16 2017, 01:27pm
None 376 -
C4 Picasso Exclusive EGS 2008 Pollen Filter Replace  Just replaced my pollen filters this morning.Info for anyone going to do this job.They are located o[more ...] By calderscot  On Fri Jun 20 2014, 06:52am
4 2103 TriumphGuy
Sat Jan 14 2017, 04:06pm
No Menu or Radio buttons working  Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section. I have a 2006 C4. My radio can turn on but I can'[more ...] By RookieMistakes  On Fri Jan 13 2017, 08:39am
4 453 RookieMistakes
Fri Jan 13 2017, 10:30am
Turbo Surge on acceleration on my DV6C, 2012 C4 e-HDi, EGS turbo diesel  I continually get a 'turbo surge' on acceleration with my vehicle, this entails a sudden and sporadi[more ...] By stevjull2017  On Wed Jan 11 2017, 12:06am
None 396 -
Which workshop manual?  Hi, I have just bought a C4 Piccaso 1.6HDi VTR+ 2008my. Can anyone please recommend a workshop manua[more ...] By B1unders  On Sun Jan 24 2016, 04:02pm
4 1301 stevjull2017
Fri Jan 06 2017, 12:21am
Tip for replacement of mounting for air box when changing air filter  Hi folks Thought I would pass this tip on for when you do your own air filter change , I fix [more ...] By WizardofChaos  On Tue Aug 26 2014, 05:41am
4 2134 stevjull2017
Thu Jan 05 2017, 10:13pm
Citroen C4 1.6HDi 2011 rear end whine  Hi,Recently purchased a C4 2011 1.6 diesel. I have noticed between 56-63 mph a rear end whining nois[more ...] By rhambri  On Fri Sep 30 2016, 10:55am
1 568 stevjull2017
Thu Jan 05 2017, 08:46pm
No indicator noise!  Hiya! I recently bought a 2006 C4, the car makes no indicator noise (the tick) or any noise when doo[more ...] By Vonsaur  On Mon Dec 26 2016, 03:49pm
None 383 -
Drinks like a fish  My C4 wash wipe seems to consume more liquid than a fish in the Amazon.Well, I have to refill it fre[more ...] By Grumpy GrandPa  On Mon Dec 12 2016, 02:28pm
None 460 -
Adverse adjust the height of the light from the cabin  The other day I try a little drive down stack height from the cab on the controller and does not wor[more ...] By tomica0308  On Tue Dec 06 2016, 02:01pm
1 466 tomica0308
Sun Dec 11 2016, 03:49am
Car Theft...Key jammers  This makes interesting reading - Click Here -  By gittos  On Thu Dec 08 2016, 10:28am
6 602 rusky
Fri Dec 09 2016, 11:52am
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