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Ice and Sat Nav Questions

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Emyway and 7 Digit UK Post Codes are Working
  Ok i have just update the Emyway in the DS4 with the latest SOFTWARE VERSION 2.85 and then installed[more ...] By craig573  On Sun May 31 2015, 12:22pm
3 11584 kzngmy
Mon Oct 30 2017, 06:28am
Sticky Thread
C4 / DS4 Radio Head unit removal
  Does anyone know how the top display front fascia comes away so the headunit can be removed. Any exp[more ...] By kitjunky  On Sat Aug 17 2013, 05:31am
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17 50592 Hayden78
Fri May 18 2018, 01:09pm
Sticky Thread
Citroën Ezi-DAB / AutoDAB Offer
  Does an one know more about this offer from Citroën? - Click Here - It looks like an Alpine Ezi-DA[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Tue Mar 19 2013, 08:06am
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25 47977 FrankBullitt
Sat May 03 2014, 02:03am
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RD5 L5 - poor music quality via bluetooth  Hey there,hello from newbie. I've been already visiting here for a while and been learning about my [more ...] By z_DS  On Tue Jan 30 2024, 02:31am
None 264 -
c4 b7 Amplifier  does anyone know where the amp is? Or does a car without a hifi system have an amplifier installatio[more ...] By filipovic24  On Thu Dec 14 2023, 11:14am
None 272 -
GPSQuickFix C4 Grand Picasso 2017 lost connection  Hi, I have a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2017 and it has the standard TomTom Navigation. I recently hav[more ...] By mastercare  On Tue Jun 22 2021, 08:26am
1 3644 talih
Wed Mar 29 2023, 05:12am
c4 2016 radio on a c4 2013  Hello guys,I have a 2013 C4. I think this has a RT6 eMYWAY unit. I would like a touch screen radio, [more ...] By casulo  On Fri Jan 27 2023, 01:07pm
5 1010 BigJohnD
Mon Feb 06 2023, 05:13pm
Radio Change  Car is C4 Grand Picasso VTR+ HDI S-A. YA61FLR VIN VF7UA9HR8BJ720123.Original radio started to play u[more ...] By AAman  On Fri Jan 25 2019, 06:12am
1 6310 Null07
Thu Jan 05 2023, 02:38pm
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Very low quality on Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP)  I know that others have posted regarding this before, but so far most threads have ended without a s[more ...] By ukpm  On Fri Feb 10 2012, 03:03pm
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23 39831 pitchan
Thu Oct 27 2022, 07:18am
2011 Citroen C4 Hatchback - Seeking RD5 Firmware update  My RD5 radio unit with Bluetooth and USB (no satnav) is currently running firmware V03.600. I know h[more ...] By DaveMend  On Thu Oct 06 2022, 05:55am
7 935 Ap0qalypto
Mon Oct 10 2022, 01:46pm
Citroen C4 2011 VTR+ Bluetooth - Phone diconnecting problem  I bought this car about 5 years ago and always had problems with the phone's Bluetooth disconnecting[more ...] By DaveMend  On Mon Dec 17 2018, 09:01am
7 8513 DaveMend
Mon Sep 26 2022, 05:39pm
12.1" Android system in C4 (B7) 2013  HiHas anyone tried this 12.1" Android system? - Click Here - Can I still use the original setup, log[more ...] By Jensen-dk  On Sat Aug 13 2022, 07:02pm
None 902 -
Bluetooth media  Hi all, Ive been trying to figure out if there is a way to change this since I bought the car (2013 [more ...] By daireob12  On Tue Aug 09 2022, 10:55am
1 961 vexorg
Sat Aug 13 2022, 03:59am
2016 Flair 1.2 Puretech 130 Sat Nav System  Hello there,I bought recently a used 2016 Flair model. We are wondering if sat nav comes as standard[more ...] By rudimentaryred  On Sun Feb 13 2022, 06:43am
None 1828 -
2014 DS4 Upgrading stereo.  Hi all!First post here, just got my 2014 DS4 after selling my scirocco as I needed a more practical [more ...] By Rabidweasel  On Mon Oct 11 2021, 04:21am
None 2573 -
C4 - 2007 - Grand Picasso - EGS 1.6  Hi Guys,quick question please.I have been diagnosed with needed a new clutch (and probably the flywh[more ...] By Jo10000_6  On Fri Sep 03 2021, 06:03am
4 3142 Jo10000_6
Sun Sep 05 2021, 08:54am
Android Auto & Car Play for Everyone  Hi Guys,Found a company that supplies everything needed for Android Auto or Car Play to work on 2015[more ...] By White_Thunder  On Wed Jul 14 2021, 08:10am
1 3403 routemaster1
Wed Jul 14 2021, 08:19am
2013 C4 Picasso Airdream Exclusive- usb photo display problems  Hey peoples,Help!! When I try to display photos from a USB on the touch screen it just comes up as l[more ...] By Ghandi113  On Tue Jun 01 2021, 12:42pm
1 3391 vexorg
Wed Jun 02 2021, 03:51am
Factory ICE slow to boot up  Hello, I have a 2015 (Grand) Picasso 7 seater. It has the factory basic ICE unit--no satnav, no CD [more ...] By rdn  On Sat Apr 03 2021, 02:13am
None 3398 -
Mic calibration after satnav firmware upgrade  I'm looking for info on the mic calibration, aparently there is some calibration file applied after [more ...] By vexorg  On Sat Jun 27 2020, 08:23am
2 4843 DeuxChevaux
Mon Jul 06 2020, 02:14am
Sat nav 7" none touch screen for C4 MK2 b7 2014 help to find one  Hi everyone I am new to forum and this is first postI have a C4 MK2 2014 vtr+ b7 it has a sat nav sy[more ...] By garypaul37  On Sun Jan 19 2020, 08:10am
3 5648 garypaul37
Fri Feb 21 2020, 04:09pm
Citroen connect Nav - heeeeelp  Hi folks. We have just upgraded our old CD Grand Picasso for a newer (4 year old) model. The car ca[more ...] By Timthetangent  On Wed Feb 19 2020, 04:38pm
6 6535 vexorg
Thu Feb 20 2020, 07:17am
DS4 audio issue - any help would be appreciated  Hi,So I have a DS4 2013 with the factory fitted satnav / Denon upgrade. Issue is Citroen have diagno[more ...] By rtuzuk2  On Sun Jan 12 2020, 06:27am
None 5999 -
C4 1.6 vti misfire  Hello everyone I've bought a c4 1.6vti 2011. It had a misfire in cylinder one. I've changed all 4 pl[more ...] By Alex4002  On Fri Jan 10 2020, 11:13am
1 5438 rusky
Fri Jan 10 2020, 12:26pm
Satnav upgrade to later version  HAs anyone ever upgraded the satnav from a prefacelift car to a later touch screen one with car play[more ...] By vexorg  On Sun Nov 17 2019, 06:05am
None 5346 -
Map speed limits  Are the speed limit warnings built into the maps? or a separate update?I've got a few motorway secti[more ...] By vexorg  On Sun Oct 13 2019, 06:42am
1 5389 neilp
Sun Oct 13 2019, 08:08am
2013 Satnav / denon intermittent audio  Hi,I recently purchased a 2013 DS4 with the factory fitted NAV and denon upgrade.The problem i get i[more ...] By rtuzuk2  On Thu Jul 11 2019, 10:30am
3 5837 moleman
Fri Jul 12 2019, 01:28pm
Sat Nav updates Picasso 2017 plate.  I have just updated both the touchscreen and TomTom software on my 2017 plate Picasso.Having sat wit[more ...] By EssexBoi  On Sat Jun 15 2019, 12:33pm
2 5993 EssexBoi
Sat Jun 15 2019, 01:50pm
Aftermarket / Original nav systems  Hi,Has anyone fitted an aftermarker android base nav/entertainment system to their C4?Something like[more ...] By Tdk_  On Sat Jul 07 2018, 02:34pm
8 8562 delboydell
Wed May 22 2019, 12:33pm
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My RT6 keeps rebooting  Hi All,I'm a new member here, just joined today, as a new owner of a Citroen C4 B7. I love the car s[more ...] By Timon2210  On Mon Aug 17 2015, 03:26pm
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17 31706 Timon2210
Wed May 15 2019, 09:39am
2011 C4 - eMyWay - understanding all the version numbers - do I need to update? Bluetooth problem  EDIT:L after a lot of digging around on the internet, i'm currently trying to install the firmware u[more ...] By hiohaa  On Mon Apr 10 2017, 07:20am
3 11387 brandonwhite
Mon Apr 29 2019, 05:36pm
DS4 2010 Aftermarket Head Unit  I have a 2010 DStyle with the standard rectangular mono screen. Is it possible to fit a double din h[more ...] By adzyp  On Sat Dec 29 2018, 09:01am
None 6418 -
Motorway Routes  I have 2014 GPC4. Does the Satnav allow for NON motorway Routes and if so, What is the setting.Tia. By wigelywoo  On Wed Sep 26 2018, 06:29am
1 7163 routemaster1
Wed Sep 26 2018, 07:04am
No sound right rear speaker, plus other issues.  Recent purchase DS4 2012 - no sound right rear speaker. I've had the panel off to check connections,[more ...] By TangerineTractor  On Thu Aug 09 2018, 05:46am
None 6787 -
Radio quality better than Bluetooth? B7 hatchback, 2012  Hello fellow C4owners.I've only recently bought this car and the stereo is adequate for me. However [more ...] By Disty  On Fri Jun 08 2018, 04:40am
1 7501 BigJohnD
Fri Jun 15 2018, 04:17am
Stereo upgrade help!  Firstly I'm not very technical when it comes to cars. I would like to upgrade my boring stereo to a [more ...] By Zcrisis2  On Wed Jun 06 2018, 03:14pm
None 6991 -
blooming fuses in glovebox  C4 VTR+ 2011 blooming fuses.The internal ones, in glove box, are neigh on impossible to get at. It's[more ...] By Grumpy GrandPa  On Mon Jun 04 2018, 01:33pm
1 7382 Grumpy GrandPa
Tue Jun 05 2018, 02:44pm
Phone when connected via usb now longer working correctly  I have a 17 plate C4, from new with my old iPhone 7 I was able to connect via usb, select playlists [more ...] By furq2  On Fri Apr 20 2018, 10:49am
None 7292 -
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Aftermarket Head Unit  Has anyone successfully fitted an aftermarket head unit to replace the C4 eMyway RT6 unit? If so whi[more ...] By Naz_kid  On Wed Apr 19 2017, 02:39pm
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16 25514 Bugle
Sat Mar 10 2018, 01:54pm
2015 C4 7" Touch Screen - no sat nav  Hi allJust purchased a 2015 C4. It has the 7" touch panel in it but whoever specced out the car from[more ...] By DCMan  On Mon Dec 04 2017, 11:27am
1 8607 FrankBullitt
Mon Dec 04 2017, 01:45pm
C4 / DS4 door panel removal for speaker upgrade  Does anyone have any experience removing the door panels. looking to replace the speakers as the fac[more ...] By kitjunky  On Wed Jul 03 2013, 02:17pm
8 30307 yovavb
Sat Nov 25 2017, 12:55pm
2016 C4 Hatch Head unit firmware update to enable mirrorlink  HiI'm new to this forum. I'm looking into buying a used C4 BlueHDI 120 S&S EAT6 Hatch, from 2016[more ...] By OtherlandDK  On Sun Oct 08 2017, 04:38pm
None 8321 -
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Extra features in RT6 eMyWay?  Hi folks,First of all I'm sorry if it sounds like I posted in the wrong section, I know this is dest[more ...] By f411  On Thu Jan 26 2012, 01:00pm
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37 83891 nilvio5
Sat Sep 09 2017, 06:30pm
No sound through speakers :/  2013 C4 Exclusive, eMyWay satnav headunit with Denon upgraded factory speakers/amp fitted.Just start[more ...] By Naz_kid  On Thu Mar 30 2017, 04:11pm
1 10035 Naz_kid
Wed Apr 19 2017, 02:34pm
Brodit - as fitted 2010 (B7) C4 1.6HDi VTR+  I fitted the full Brodit kit earlier today - the bracket which clips onto the air vent and the LG G3[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Tue Aug 18 2015, 08:02am
2 10966 Peter.Beeston
Wed Mar 01 2017, 04:13pm
USB problems  Hi everyone.Just got a 2013 1.6HDi C4 VTR+ which has a USB slot.I have copied my albums to a 64 gb m[more ...] By Adekeys  On Sun Feb 19 2017, 12:52am
7 10063 BigJohnD
Sun Feb 19 2017, 09:53am
Replacing with New OEM DAB Head Unit + Factory Reset Help Needed  Hi, I have searched the forum but cant find the answer I require. I have a 1.6 VTR + 2012 C4 Hatchba[more ...] By Leyton180774  On Wed Feb 15 2017, 01:29pm
1 9448 BigJohnD
Wed Feb 15 2017, 03:39pm
C4GP terrible sound quality  HelloMy new C4GP stereo sounds pretty horrible even at low volumes, is the head unit to blame with [more ...] By Kaimoo82  On Wed May 21 2014, 05:41am
3 11345 routemaster1
Wed Feb 01 2017, 11:51am
VTR+ Speaker Upgrade  I currently have a 2013 C4 VTR+ and so far I am extremely pleased with it. I am looking to upgrade t[more ...] By NARadium  On Sun Jan 29 2017, 07:30am
None 8520 -
Problems with the DAB/FM Auto-Tracking  Hi, just recently took delivery of a 2013 C4 Exclusive, and am, so far, pleased with it.However I ha[more ...] By Peter.Beeston  On Thu Jan 19 2017, 02:44pm
None 8631 -
2015 C4 Hatch Flair Satnav upgrade?  Hi, I've got a 2015 C4 Flair hatchback which has the 7" colour touchscreen, a great feature! It also[more ...] By citroenc4BHDi  On Sat Jan 30 2016, 11:47am
3 10899 Thedjjenks
Fri Jan 13 2017, 02:01pm
C4 2012 Radio / speaker questions.  Hi all,I recently purchased a C4 B7 from 2012.I'm quit fond of it, but the audio is shockingly dread[more ...] By Speeder  On Tue May 10 2016, 02:04pm
9 11586 wozza
Sat Sep 10 2016, 10:48am
Rear camera, speed limits cams  Hello, my car is a Citroen C4 2012. is equipped with color display and navigation features. I would [more ...] By djdaniel  On Sat Jul 23 2016, 01:56am
1 9742 Frankmich
Fri Aug 26 2016, 12:22am
RD5 with an aftermarket operating system  Hi all,I have the C4 HDI comp PK ST, 2012 model.my car is equipped with rear sensors and rear camera[more ...] By mosheva  On Wed Jun 29 2016, 01:27am
3 10404 mosheva
Sun Aug 07 2016, 02:57pm
Replacing OEM small screen with LCD Nav OEM  Hi all,New here from Israel,I've made some sort of closer lately by buying a 2012 Citroen C4 Exculsi[more ...] By Stassmirnof  On Sat Nov 28 2015, 07:21am
4 11370 BigJohnD
Fri Jul 15 2016, 05:59am
Help Upgrade My Citroen C4 Sat Nav  Hi guys, I am new to this site!!I need some help or advise upgrading my basic radio screen to a larg[more ...] By slbenfica1  On Wed Jul 13 2016, 03:51pm
None 9156 -
1 and 2 on phone display ???  Hi folks just curious to know what the numbers (1 or 2) are that is displayed beside the phone batte[more ...] By O.C.D  On Tue Jun 21 2016, 05:33pm
4 10075 yovavb
Mon Jul 04 2016, 09:40am
Pioneer GM-D1004 connections to the RT6 / eMyWay  Hi, I'm the proud new owner of a second hand 2011 sport/Chique DS4, 2.0HDI and the eMyWay/RT6 satnav[more ...] By mluijben  On Thu Jun 30 2016, 12:46pm
2 10350 mluijben
Fri Jul 01 2016, 06:15am
Request for assistance on the navi  Hi, here I am new to this forum but I have a problem, namely in terms of navigation to my DS4 of 201[more ...] By marek_ruta86  On Wed Mar 02 2016, 09:30am
1 10311 m3mpower
Sun Apr 17 2016, 10:56am
Dash Camera  Just purchased a car camera which is part of the rear view mirror - Click Here - Was wondering, inst[more ...] By milpol1  On Mon Mar 23 2015, 03:15pm
4 11390 barrie
Thu Feb 11 2016, 11:20am
Bluetooth problem and fix  If anyone has had problems with their bluetooth please can you describe issue and fix. As the gf's c[more ...] By J306td  On Fri Feb 05 2016, 04:34pm
2 10284 FrankBullitt
Sat Feb 06 2016, 05:45am
Reversing camera and 7" touch screen  I have a 2015 C4 HDi Feel with the 7" touch screen. I want to fit a reversing camera. Can I use the [more ...] By hydroman28  On Sat Jan 16 2016, 02:40pm
2 10451 Jimux
Mon Jan 18 2016, 03:52am
C4 RD5 - adding a USB port?  Hi there to you all. I am new to the forum. I have a C4 2012 120VTi without USB port only Aux. So I [more ...] By Matija83  On Sat Jan 02 2016, 05:02pm
2 10524 Dave_Retired.
Sun Jan 03 2016, 02:17am
RADIO  Is there a way I can have the radio on withouy switching the ign on, I used to be able to that on my[more ...] By milpol1  On Mon Nov 09 2015, 12:38pm
1 10164 Dave_Retired.
Mon Nov 09 2015, 01:10pm
Bluetooth phone/music problem after iPhone IOS9 update  Hi all, noob here. I have had my C4 HDi Airdream for 2 months and have been very happy until today.I[more ...] By yermaw  On Mon Sep 21 2015, 08:50am
None 9886 -
2012 C4 B7 (non Sat Nav) USB music?  OK I have a USB stick with MP3 tracks on it but it's listing them in alphabetical order so how do I [more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Tue Sep 01 2015, 01:38pm
3 10747 Dave_Retired.
Wed Sep 02 2015, 02:29am
Where is the microphone in C4 Picasso (64 plate)?  Hi AllThis is my first post so I am sorry if I miss any vital information.When connecting my iPhone [more ...] By gingerdemon  On Tue Jul 14 2015, 04:11am
2 12951 rusky
Tue Jul 14 2015, 12:45pm
7" Touch Screen Import POIs  It says that you can import POIs to the Sat Nav, but I can't find anywhere in the manual of what for[more ...] By Sphelps  On Tue Jun 02 2015, 03:20pm
7 13330 routemaster1
Sat Jun 06 2015, 01:07pm
How to remove this bit !  Can someone tell me how I can remove the little tray above the radio please ? By maf  On Sat May 30 2015, 09:13am
4 11601 BigJohnD
Mon Jun 01 2015, 07:30am
Decrease Incoming Call Ring via Bluetooth  I have a DS4 without Sat Nav and unfortunately the manual only seems to offer help on this situation[more ...] By adzyp  On Wed May 20 2015, 06:08am
1 10471 yovavb
Sat May 23 2015, 05:15pm
eMyWay - Road Speed Limits not always displayed.  It would appear that the actual road speed limits are not always displayed on the screen (upper righ[more ...] By P.P.Power  On Sat Oct 22 2011, 02:08pm
5 14343 BigJohnD
Wed May 13 2015, 01:44pm
Changing the minutes on the dash clock  I've got into the system to try and change the minutes as the one showing at the moment is about 9 m[more ...] By milpol1  On Fri Mar 27 2015, 04:54pm
1 10591 BigJohnD
Fri Mar 27 2015, 05:14pm
eMyWay LCD Surround  Hey all,I have cracked the surround on my sat nav that goes around the display car is a 2011 C4 hatc[more ...] By sp8ced21  On Thu Mar 19 2015, 06:02pm
2 10895 sp8ced21
Fri Mar 20 2015, 04:05am
Phone pairing  I have my phone paired to my 2013 C4 and it works fine (except that callers sometimes say the sound [more ...] By owdmon  On Thu Mar 05 2015, 02:02pm
2 10789 BigJohnD
Thu Mar 05 2015, 04:48pm
CD player - replays track  When playing CDs, the track runs ok but when it ends it repeats the track again. It's set in normal [more ...] By diakowski66  On Mon Mar 02 2015, 11:42am
3 10813 BigJohnD
Mon Mar 02 2015, 05:41pm
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