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Sticky Thread
308 boot storage tray (or where to store your jack)
  As most of you know, C4s and DS4s are very similar to Peugeot 308s. Many of the parts and accessorie[more ...] By Irritant  On Sat Feb 28 2015, 12:51pm
3 7395 crapday
Sun Mar 01 2015, 02:05am
Sticky Thread
DS4 19 inch Cairns spare wheel
  Spare wheels are an option for DS4s. If you don't pay for it, you get a can of sealant and a compres[more ...] By Irritant  On Sat Feb 07 2015, 10:05am
1 9065 FrankBullitt
Sat Feb 07 2015, 01:47pm
Sticky Thread
Information Sticker in different location
  Don't know if this applies to all new C4'sThe information sticker with tyre pressures, paint code an[more ...] By MikeRotherham  On Sun Aug 10 2014, 06:54am
2 5909 Irritant
Sat Feb 07 2015, 12:36pm
Sticky Thread
Confused...Which bulbs do I need for the Daytime Running and Sidelights on the New C4?
  Its really weird as the bulb used on the New C4 for the sidelights are not the w5w bulbs as expected[more ...] By ferrarionur@msn.com  On Tue Dec 17 2013, 06:29pm
5 7407 mangkokayon
Fri Mar 21 2014, 06:19pm
Sticky Thread
NEW C4 and DS4 Accessory Guides
  Currently the Citroen UK site is lacking information, but you can get a list in France: The 'popular[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Mon May 16 2011, 07:57am
2 9288 Dave_Retired.
Thu Dec 01 2011, 03:24am
 Forum Threads
New wiper motor price  My wiper motor was playing up, and local factors don't list them. So phoned Citroen as sometimes par[more ...] By vexorg  On Thu Apr 22 2021, 04:59am
None 46 -
C4 GP 2007  Hi Guys, im changing the headlight units on my car, ive got them out that was no problem at all, but[more ...] By Aaron6154  On Wed Mar 24 2021, 08:51am
None 202 -
Somebody at citroen needs a good slap!  Who in their right mind thought of the coolant filling process.Bleed valve that need the caps right [more ...] By vexorg  On Sat Mar 13 2021, 04:37am
2 305 vexorg
Sun Mar 14 2021, 07:07am
2.0HDi / DW10 engine timing belt locking kit question  I'm planning to do my timing belt soon on the DW10 engine.Part of the procedure locks the flywheel, [more ...] By vexorg  On Sat Oct 24 2020, 06:17am
4 877 vexorg
Wed Mar 10 2021, 08:09am
MOT failure on emissions  Hi guys I have a C4 VTR plus registered on the 11/11/2011 .Last year it passed and the test limit a[more ...] By Leafy  On Mon Nov 09 2020, 05:49pm
1 771 FrankBullitt
Tue Nov 10 2020, 12:55am
C4 1.6 HDI B7 2012 Gearbox oil type?  Hi all, Quick question. What type of gear oil should I be putting in my 2012 B7 1.6HDI 90? I know th[more ...] By osmo42  On Fri Sep 18 2020, 10:21am
None 888 -
2.0HDI timing belt kit brand  Similar to another thread, I'm looking to find out the OEM brands for the timing belt and kit for th[more ...] By vexorg  On Sun Aug 16 2020, 03:57am
4 1118 vexorg
Thu Aug 27 2020, 04:25am
Which brand for timing belt and water pump  Hi people anyone know which is best brand of timing belt and water pump for 2011 1.6 MK2 C4Eurocarpa[more ...] By Rizwan  On Mon Apr 13 2020, 10:53am
2 1589 Rizwan
Wed Jul 15 2020, 06:11pm
C4 Sunvisor removal  Hi all,this is my first post here:) I would like to know what is the procedure to reinstall sunvisor[more ...] By pulstar  On Fri Sep 16 2016, 01:55am
2 4460 DaveMcMahon
Fri Jul 10 2020, 11:22am
DS4 RH Side Inner Wheel Arch - Splash cover removal.  Hi all. I need to remove the offside inner wheel arch splash guard/cover to hopefully gain access to[more ...] By P.P.Power  On Mon Jun 15 2020, 10:59am
2 1319 P.P.Power
Tue Jun 16 2020, 05:21am
Diagnostic software for C4 HDi?  Hi all,Contemplating buying a 2015 C4 1.6 HDi FlairOn my previous cars (Ford, VAG, Vauxhall) I have [more ...] By Welshgasman  On Tue Apr 14 2020, 03:19am
1 1544 rusky
Tue Apr 14 2020, 01:46pm
Exclusive+ C4 dual climate control failure  Our 66 plate ventilation has failed it works intermittently but usually not at all. the touchscreen [more ...] By grahn  On Sat Jan 18 2020, 07:55am
1 1767 ojtee
Sat Feb 29 2020, 05:05am
Can we install rain/dusk sensor?  Hello there,just got a C4 63 plate and this one doesn't has dusk sensor.Already saw tutorials where [more ...] By contapapo  On Fri Feb 21 2020, 01:35am
None 1560 -
Late model 1.6 blue 116BHP air filter change  any one swapped the air filter on a late model C4 blue diesel? Clearly the large air hose from the M[more ...] By grahn  On Tue Feb 18 2020, 06:06am
None 1562 -
C4 BlueHDI 120 Knocking Noise  Hello everyone, Im new to this forum so go easy on me October 2018 i purchased a 65 plate C4 Bluehd[more ...] By JFOXON88  On Wed Jan 15 2020, 10:17am
8 2024 Pauldmackay
Fri Feb 07 2020, 11:38am
B1223 fault  Snap diagnosis said b1223 b1224 b1227 b1228 errors stating short circuit to positive any ideas ppl a[more ...] By Rizwan  On Sat Jan 18 2020, 07:19am
4 1901 Rizwan
Thu Jan 23 2020, 09:41pm
Rear rear parking sensors eco control box location  Hi, apologies again but anyone know where the rear sensor ECU control box is located on the MK2 C4 t[more ...] By Rizwan  On Fri Jan 03 2020, 11:59pm
1 1796 Rizwan
Fri Jan 10 2020, 10:19pm
Parking assistance error  Hi just got parking aisstance error. Too rear bumper off and no luck all wires intact. Took sensor o[more ...] By Rizwan  On Fri Jan 03 2020, 10:37am
3 1856 Rizwan
Fri Jan 10 2020, 10:19pm
C3 Picasso / c3 cloverleaf alloys of c4  Hi quick question would 17 inch c3 Picasso /c3 cloverleaf alloys be ok on MK2 C4. And on that note a[more ...] By Rizwan  On Thu Dec 26 2019, 08:08pm
None 1707 -
Engine remap  Our C4 is 1.6 mk 2 b7 90bhp. It we did a remap think it's 110bhp, is there may negatives. We're tryi[more ...] By Rizwan  On Wed Dec 25 2019, 09:24am
7 1973 Rizwan
Thu Dec 26 2019, 07:44pm
Diagnosing rattle  Whenever drive-in slight uneven surfaces a sound corms from underneath. Removed undertray from front[more ...] By Rizwan  On Wed Dec 25 2019, 09:20am
6 1907 Rizwan
Thu Dec 26 2019, 07:43pm
Where to conenct jump leads, mainly the negative  I recently had to go give another car a jump start . And in the dark, it's a nightmare to find an ea[more ...] By vexorg  On Sat Nov 09 2019, 05:10am
2 2030 vexorg
Sun Nov 10 2019, 04:21pm
DS4 - Locking car doors/hatch with disconnected battery ?  Is it possible to lock the car doors and hatch with the battery disconnected ?As my car isn't being [more ...] By P.P.Power  On Wed Oct 30 2019, 04:37am
None 1854 -
Timing belt change, is there a tensioner kit too?  I've got a 2011 2.0HDi. The timing belt will be needing done in the near future. Is there a kit supp[more ...] By vexorg  On Mon Sep 16 2019, 09:00am
1 2095 routemaster1
Mon Sep 16 2019, 09:39am
Dash cam for C4 Grand  I intend purchasing a Grand C4 in coming weeks so want to be prepared. I have a top quality front mi[more ...] By Westentertainer  On Sun Sep 08 2019, 05:03am
6 2166 vexorg
Mon Sep 16 2019, 05:18am
Torque amount C4 Mk2 rear shaft bolt torque  Hi, can anyone advise on the torque amount for the centre big middle shaft bolt? One which when remo[more ...] By Rizwan  On Thu Aug 22 2019, 06:21am
2 2124 BigJohnD
Sat Sep 07 2019, 04:40am
Some info on what C4 Grand Picasso to buy  Hi I’m ready to purchase a Grand C4, but unsure what model to go for as never owned a Citroen before[more ...] By Westentertainer  On Wed Sep 04 2019, 11:27am
1 2074 FrankBullitt
Wed Sep 04 2019, 01:03pm
DS4 Longevity/Lifespan  Hi Folks,I'm a new member though read the forums on and off. I've owned a 2013 DS4 from new and one [more ...] By FergusHP  On Thu Aug 15 2019, 02:05am
6 2359 DeuxChevaux
Sat Aug 17 2019, 03:35pm
Are there any guides or photos of the 2.0HDI EGR valve in situ?  The mileage is getting high on my DS4, and I'm doubtful the EGR has ever been cleaned. Are there any[more ...] By vexorg  On Tue Aug 13 2019, 07:43am
None 2011 -
2013 C4 brake upgrade.  Hi, abit new to this site, but would like to ask a question, as couldnt find answer anywhere.So abou[more ...] By emad  On Fri Aug 02 2019, 04:13am
None 2090 -
Could this be the most expensive Oil ?  I was looking for some oil for my printer to find it cost £5.99 for 3ml (Three ml)Guess my Car engin[more ...] By iscom  On Thu Jul 25 2019, 04:29pm
1 2166 TriumphGuy
Fri Jul 26 2019, 12:35am
Protective Shields for Rear Disc Brakes C4 2012 1.6HDI 112 HP  Hi all, as per title, I need to procure and replace the OEM inner protective dust shields (disc guar[more ...] By gmerry  On Sun Jan 13 2019, 08:46am
5 3087 gmerry
Thu May 16 2019, 02:28am
Door Mirror Cover removal ?  Hi guys my 1st post here please be gentle I have a 2016 C4 5 door hatch, the door/wing mirror ba[more ...] By Hattster  On Sun May 05 2019, 02:43pm
None 2315 -
service light on and message on media display  service light on and message on media display to say engine fault have vehicle repaired. I have conn[more ...] By milidh  On Wed Apr 17 2019, 12:53pm
5 3161 milidh
Fri Apr 26 2019, 02:49pm
Rear Passenger Window Jammed  I have a 2014 C4 coupe with manually operated rear windows. The offside rear passenger window is jam[more ...] By hughierob  On Mon Feb 25 2019, 01:54pm
None 2543 -
Service notification warning  Does anyone know how to recall the Service notification warning? It pops up when you start up the e[more ...] By iscom  On Thu Feb 21 2019, 03:21pm
2 2607 iscom
Sat Feb 23 2019, 04:52am
Windscreen Washers  Daft question. Now the cold weather is here I'm struggling with the windscreen washers on my 2017 C4[more ...] By Durhamlandy  On Tue Feb 05 2019, 09:18am
1 2705 gmerry
Wed Feb 13 2019, 06:52am
Heed help: C4 dragging front wheels inwards while driving forward  Just done 2 x wishbones also d/s coil spring now when driving forwards it seems to be dragging front[more ...] By ZZcitroenZZ  On Wed Jan 30 2019, 02:56pm
3 2785 FrankBullitt
Thu Jan 31 2019, 03:17am
Reversing Sensors  I have recently bought a 2014 C4 Coupe 1.6 hdi and 1 am very pleased with it. The only draw back is [more ...] By hughierob  On Fri Jan 25 2019, 03:52am
4 2746 hughierob
Mon Jan 28 2019, 01:35pm
Where is Turbo / Manifold Pressure Sensor and Turbo Vacuum Boost Solenoid Valve in C4 1.6HDi 2005  Hi Guys,I have been searching everywhere to find Turbo/Manifold Pressure Sensor and Turbo Vacuum Boo[more ...] By love2drive  On Fri Jun 03 2016, 04:56pm
3 5117 dmatravers
Mon Nov 12 2018, 02:39pm
EGS software question  As some of you will be aware I have been a promoter of the EGS gearbox which I had on my old 2007 1.[more ...] By DeuxChevaux  On Sun Apr 01 2018, 05:46am
4 3956 crapday
Mon Oct 29 2018, 01:19am
EGS changing too late (high mph)  Hi all this is my first post in 3 years as I bought a C5 when my C4 went to carpark in the sky. I am[more ...] By crapday  On Sun Oct 28 2018, 01:00am
3 2916 FrankBullitt
Sun Oct 28 2018, 08:27am
Key Fob Acting Weird  Hi,Hope I have posted in the correct forum, I have a C4 Picasso vts egs 2011, I picked the car up fr[more ...] By shrimpercy  On Fri Oct 05 2018, 05:08pm
2 2961 shrimpercy
Sat Oct 06 2018, 03:56pm
Engine mounting  My DS4 clinks on gear change, but only when moving. Think it's something to do with engine mounts. I[more ...] By TangerineTractor  On Fri Sep 28 2018, 03:19am
None 2814 -
C4 LED DRL  2015 Citroen C4 flair bluehdi 1.6 Yesterday I was informed that my offside LED daytime running light[more ...] By 7JTB7  On Mon Sep 10 2018, 03:35am
2 3156 iscom
Thu Sep 13 2018, 04:44am
Pollen filter location?  Hi folks could anyone tell me the location of the pollen filter on a 2014 C4 1.6eHDi Exclusive.Thank[more ...] By O.C.D  On Wed Jun 22 2016, 08:56am
5 7732 BigJohnD
Sun Sep 02 2018, 05:33pm
Reversing Sensors & Towing  I have just bought a 2014 C4 Hatch to replace my Zxsaa Picasso so that I can tow a small caravan. I [more ...] By hughierob  On Wed Aug 29 2018, 10:47am
2 3371 hughierob
Thu Aug 30 2018, 03:52am
goodbye to my C4  after over 7 years and 150,000 km I am saying goodbye to my trusty C4 120vti auto pack 2011. for the[more ...] By yovavb  On Sun Aug 05 2018, 08:42am
None 2993 -
Price Of A Windscreen ? Anyone Know?  Any idea what the cost of a replacement Windscreen (2014 exclusive plus) By iscom  On Fri Jul 13 2018, 03:17pm
7 3703 TriumphGuy
Sat Jul 28 2018, 08:43am
Cold air Induction kit  Hi allI need some advice, im looking at fitting a cold air induction kit to my 1.6 thp 200 engine, i[more ...] By Garry8374  On Thu Jul 12 2018, 02:52am
None 2908 -
Wheel rotation with TPMS  Is it possible to rotate your wheels front to back on a DS4 with TPMS, how are the wheels monitored?[more ...] By Keith  On Wed May 16 2018, 05:36am
4 3537 routemaster1
Mon May 21 2018, 08:06am
DIY installation of Towbar Electrics  Hi, I'd like to install towbar electrics to a 2012 C4 Hatch.Looking at the online instructions for t[more ...] By gmerry  On Sun Feb 18 2018, 08:50am
4 4294 gmerry
Tue May 08 2018, 07:09am
Ham Radio Wiring 65 plate C4BlueHDi 120  Hi All .Not posted for a good while so here goes .I am a Radio Ham i need to get a decent feed dir[more ...] By peten  On Thu Apr 19 2018, 04:25pm
1 3324 peten
Sun May 06 2018, 01:25pm
Programming total close to work with the key in the lock  Hello I have just upgraded from my old piccaso to a C4 1.6e-HDi Airdream 98g DPF ss 110 EURO5 Diesel[more ...] By delboydell  On Thu May 03 2018, 01:36pm
None 3041 -
how to remove the front plastic panel?  my wife dropped a card between the front window and the plastic panel where the small speakers locat[more ...] By yovavb  On Wed Apr 25 2018, 06:23am
None 3143 -
CANBUS / harness questions before buying an aftermarket multimedia system C4 B7 (2013)  Hello all,I'm considering an aftermarket multimedia system for my C4 1.6 THP (B7 model, 2013).I like[more ...] By george2  On Sat Apr 14 2018, 03:58pm
None 3284 -
New battery  My original 7+ years old battery has been slowly failing over the winter and yesterday, whilst out, [more ...] By BigJohnD  On Fri Feb 23 2018, 05:20am
None 3521 -
Installation of an genuine Citroen alarm on a Citroen C4  Hi there, I am new member and own a Citroen C4 (B7) and wanted to know whether it would be possible [more ...] By AJP  On Tue Feb 20 2018, 07:44am
1 3507 BigJohnD
Fri Feb 23 2018, 05:07am
How do you disengage the electronic hand brake to enable you to turn the rear wheels? If I put it i  HiIs it possible to disengage the electronic hand brake to enable you to turn the rear wheels? If I [more ...] By Keith  On Wed Jan 17 2018, 08:15am
4 4054 Frederick_99
Wed Jan 17 2018, 05:14pm
Intake variable timing solenoid valve  Hi guys, Has anyone changed the intake variable timing solenoid valve fault code reader also says co[more ...] By Gary8374  On Wed Nov 01 2017, 11:00am
2 4157 yovavb
Sun Nov 12 2017, 09:42am
C4 B7 interior blower fan location  HiHaving problems with my 2012 C4 B7 interior blower fan, intermittent running but when working oper[more ...] By pep  On Mon Oct 30 2017, 12:58pm
None 3636 -
Recommend Service/MOT in Midlands?  Hi, im based in stoke on trent and was wondering if anyone can rexommend a nearby garage to carry ou[more ...] By adzyp  On Tue Sep 27 2016, 01:42pm
3 4719 neilp
Mon Oct 16 2017, 11:11am
65 plate C4 Flair BlueHDi 1.6 Headlamp bulbs  Hi all long time no post had 3 cars since the last post .Right down to the problem , As any of you [more ...] By peten  On Sun Oct 15 2017, 03:55pm
None 3653 -
Cooling fan operating temperature  Hello Does anyone know when should the cooling fan start with the first speed and the second speed ([more ...] By freextr  On Tue Oct 10 2017, 02:46am
None 3745 -
Cold Air Induction Kits  Can anybody recommend a cold air induction kit for the 1.6 e-hdi (2013)? I found a K&N kit for t[more ...] By NARadium  On Thu Sep 21 2017, 06:11pm
None 3846 -
Where is the fuel filter  I've got a 2.0 HDI DS4, I serviced it recently but cant see the diesel filter anywhere obvious. Any [more ...] By vexorg  On Thu Jul 06 2017, 03:03pm
1 4327 calderscot
Sun Aug 27 2017, 01:12pm
DS4 interior grounding point  Hi all,I'm currently installing a hardwire kit in my DS4 for my dashcam but stuck looking for a suit[more ...] By Zingiber  On Sun Aug 27 2017, 06:58am
None 3684 -
halogen lamps >> original xenon lamps swap  Hey guys,Unfortunately I cannot find the answer if anyone has tried to replace the C4/DS4 (2011 B7) [more ...] By tomco.27  On Fri Aug 25 2017, 03:33pm
1 3842 BigJohnD
Fri Aug 25 2017, 04:30pm
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Heavy Duty Rear Springs - Grounding  Hi all, recently when carrying 4 adults and a small amount of luggage, the rear of the C4 B7 5 door [more ...] By gmerry  On Fri Dec 14 2012, 12:40pm
10 8877 gmerry
Sun Aug 06 2017, 10:46am
OBD socket Ambiance light  Hello,I see in the schematics of my C4 (2012 HDI) that it is possible to fit an ambiance light in th[more ...] By mosheva  On Wed Jul 12 2017, 04:49am
1 4209 mosheva
Mon Jul 24 2017, 11:57am
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