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Problems and issues

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New C4 service interval
  Can anyone advise the details for the first service interval for a new C4 diesel? My has 10400 miles[more ...] By mutleyc4  On Mon Jan 16 2012, 02:03am
13 6396 Dave_Retired.
Sat May 17 2014, 04:34am
Sticky Thread
ECU Anti-tune protection
  I've investigated a re-map on my 2011 92hp 1.6HDi C4.However, the latest cars are fitted with anti-t[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Fri May 27 2011, 02:21am
9 8034 Stuey
Wed Jun 01 2011, 10:30am
 Forum Threads
Urgent help needed!  My wife has a C4 VTR+ 12 plate. Yesterday I jumped in the car and turned the fan blower on. Nothing [more ...] By davids456  On Sun Dec 10 2017, 07:14am
8 554 davids456
Wed Feb 21 2018, 03:13pm
Getting an accurate oil level reading on the dipstick  Hello Forum,having a C4 1.2 130HP Petrol aut. from 2015 with 50.000 km on meter. I am having trouble[more ...] By e mail icon  On Sat Jan 13 2018, 07:16am
1 247 Cutac
Fri Feb 16 2018, 03:31pm
2012 DS4 THP 200 - Variable valve lift gear corrosion and wear.  Hello C4 OwnersJust before Christmas I had the engine management light on with the "Engine Fault: Re[more ...] By Zingiber  On Sun Jan 21 2018, 10:39am
1 190 yovavb
Sun Feb 11 2018, 11:10am
Jittery rear suspension.  I’ve had my C4 selection 4 years now and the rear has always felt wrong. Going over bumps it feels l[more ...] By grinfactor  On Sat Feb 10 2018, 11:03am
None 82 -
Citreon C4 2012 - Leak in Drivers Footwell  HiI hope someone can help, after replacing the window regulator on the drivers door my C4 has develo[more ...] By coach1992  On Mon Jan 15 2018, 07:29am
4 216 coach1992
Tue Jan 16 2018, 07:58am
C4 2011 and up Fuse Box  Hi,I need a diagram for the engine and glove compartment fuse boxes. By WBenesia  On Fri Jan 12 2018, 02:40pm
1 213 rusky
Sat Jan 13 2018, 03:21am
DVLA Urgent Essential Recall - NUH  Just had a letter re an urgent essential recall for my 2011 C4.It's the striker panel inside the lid[more ...] By Grumpy GrandPa  On Sat Mar 11 2017, 07:13am
9 1415 BigJohnD
Sun Dec 10 2017, 04:02pm
C4 2011 VTR+ engine fault light help  Hi Guys. My first post and hope you can point me in the right direction.I just came back from holida[more ...] By Bugle  On Sat Dec 09 2017, 06:44am
1 262 rusky
Sat Dec 09 2017, 08:00am
Rear washer and front driver side tapping sound  Hi there. Just joined the site. I'm hoping I can get some help. Just recently bought a Citroen C4 1.[more ...] By Rizwan  On Fri Dec 01 2017, 07:46pm
1 290 yovavb
Tue Dec 05 2017, 11:36am
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Brand new C4 has arrived :)  Got the car few days ago... it's a diesel 1.6 112 ps (all my previous cars were petrol)....smooth, e[more ...] By arsenije  On Tue Jun 05 2012, 04:22pm
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31 12667 arsenije
Tue Nov 28 2017, 07:18am
engine fault - need repair  I get a "engine fault - need repair" and check engine light is on.OBDii scanner finds no fault codes[more ...] By yovavb  On Fri Nov 03 2017, 04:51am
3 561 yovavb
Sun Nov 12 2017, 09:50am
C4 (2016) Tyre Pressure sensor reset?  Looking for help, had my 2016 C4 flair BlueHDI 120 for 9 months and have just had a tyre under infla[more ...] By PTS-0180  On Tue Oct 31 2017, 09:34am
9 661 peten
Tue Nov 07 2017, 03:19pm
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Climate control issue  I have 2011 120 VTi automatic pack.Lately the climate control takes a long time to start heating, to[more ...] By yovavb  On Sun Dec 06 2015, 05:17am
11 2477 dimch
Tue Oct 31 2017, 04:00am
N/S dipped headlamp bulb - my hand is too big!  The N/S dipped bulb has failed - with many dash warnings.If it had been any of the other three, no p[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Fri Sep 22 2017, 10:39am
9 688 riven1962
Wed Oct 18 2017, 12:33pm
2014 C4 B7 diesel - rough engine and idle  We're struggling to find the cause of rough engine. There have been 2 incidents.The first, car went [more ...] By Getrude123  On Sun Oct 01 2017, 08:45pm
None 451 -
2.0HDi blue 150 Issue  A quick question, I promise I'll provide more information shortly, but does anyone have a copy of th[more ...] By FrankBullitt  On Wed Sep 27 2017, 04:08pm
2 477 FrankBullitt
Thu Sep 28 2017, 03:25pm
Change engine mount C4 B7 1.6HDI 115  I noticed a broken rubber on the right side lower engine mount. I'm not certain about the removal of[more ...] By hermannsson  On Fri Aug 25 2017, 10:05am
None 526 -
C4 1.6 e-HDi 16v: 1560 cc, 110 PS (81 kW) with Start&Stop; 2011  Problem #1 Contribution balance error on cylinders 2,1,and 4runs like a dog - It was serviced and fl[more ...] By gerardf  On Wed Aug 23 2017, 02:58am
1 538 rusky
Wed Aug 23 2017, 04:35am
C4 B7 1.6 e-HDi 16v: 1560 cc, 110 PS (81 kW) with Start&Stop  Problem #3Start Stop not working.Thanks everyone/anyone for any help.G By gerardf  On Wed Aug 23 2017, 03:03am
None 469 -
C4 B7 1.6 e-HDi 16v: 1560 cc, 110 PS (81 kW) with Start&Stop  Problem #2Heater and A/C lights on but nobody home - no fan, no response to controls. Have to relay [more ...] By gerardf  On Wed Aug 23 2017, 03:02am
None 430 -
C4 B7 - replacement of right engine suspension  I'm going to replace the right engine suspension on my 1.6 HDI. As far as I can see there's kind of [more ...] By hermannsson  On Mon Aug 21 2017, 12:57am
1 501 gmerry
Mon Aug 21 2017, 04:22pm
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55000 kilometres at two years - short list of what were broken :)  Hello,just for the statistics - short list of the parts/modules/equipment replaced during two years [more ...] By dimch  On Mon Jan 14 2013, 04:05am
13 4330 dimch
Sun Aug 13 2017, 04:32pm
EGS clutch slip on gear change.  Hello,I have a 2013 C4 1,6 eHDi with an EGS gearbox. The car is remapped to about 135bhp and has an [more ...] By onix45  On Tue Jul 04 2017, 01:05am
1 766 rusky
Tue Jul 04 2017, 03:41pm
2012 EGS multiple fault codes  Sold our 2012 1.6HDi EGS to our son with 28k - now at 31k and has just had the injector seals replac[more ...] By scimitargtc  On Fri Feb 24 2017, 08:03am
6 1203 scimitargtc
Wed Jun 21 2017, 04:43am
C4 (B7) ABS/ESP issues  Hello, I am writing you more with a solution, than a question to a long running issue that has been [more ...] By lcsongor  On Tue Jan 03 2017, 01:14pm
2 1168 gmerry
Tue Jun 20 2017, 01:06pm
C4 VTR+ 2012 Manual Gearbox Issue  Hi all,First post here, apologies if it's in the wrong place.I've had my C4 now for coming up to 2 y[more ...] By helloimgeoff  On Wed Jun 14 2017, 01:10pm
5 829 helloimgeoff
Thu Jun 15 2017, 07:19pm
Effect of EGR delete on DPF  Hello,I have a 2013 C4 with a 1.6 eHdi DV6C engine.I will take it to get remapped, and i am thinking[more ...] By frazz  On Thu Jun 15 2017, 03:35am
None 720 -
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Citroen C4 Comfort Pack DS4 2011 - U0055 + Engine Fault + Parking Assistance  Hello everyone, I have Citroen C4 Comfort Pack 2011 DS4 - NC5FS9/1 - Click Here - Before month I rep[more ...] By Liorc4  On Fri Apr 28 2017, 09:28am
11 1232 yovavb
Wed Jun 14 2017, 11:40am
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Radio on/off  Is there a way to keep the radio on when sat stationery in the car. Quite often I need to briefly pu[more ...] By eddierodden  On Sun May 28 2017, 07:17am
10 1222 BigJohnD
Mon May 29 2017, 02:30pm
Oil leaking in turbo area - help  Hi all,Has anyone experienced any oil leak around the turbo area?I tried looking but can't seem to f[more ...] By ojtee  On Thu Apr 14 2016, 05:49pm
4 1913 georgeng
Wed May 10 2017, 10:41pm
1.6 THP turbo coolant pump  Does anyone know the location of this pump?Any pointers how to get to it and replace?I got a P2600 c[more ...] By ojtee  On Wed May 10 2017, 12:25am
None 705 -
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C4 EGS gearbox 'Creep'?  Just bought 2011 C4 EGS and getting quite positive creep on selecting 'Automatic'.I assume there sho[more ...] By howesip  On Tue Feb 12 2013, 05:04pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
19 8250 stevjull2017
Mon Apr 24 2017, 11:10pm
OEM numbers for front discs and pads  hiquick oneo need the oems for front brakes and pads for:2012, C4 1,6 VTR HDI 90any help would be gr[more ...] By pearson27  On Thu Apr 20 2017, 12:27pm
4 891 BigJohnD
Fri Apr 21 2017, 04:35am
Engine oil level, what is "safe"? 2011 C4 2.0HDi  Yet another problem. I'm only one day into ownership!! Oil level warning late came on. I've checked,[more ...] By hiohaa  On Sat Apr 08 2017, 03:30pm
6 941 hiohaa
Sun Apr 09 2017, 06:16pm
Steering wheel vibration at motorway speeds, 70+mph  hi - i've got vibration through the steering at motorway speeds. It's a gentle, 'throbbing' sensatio[more ...] By hiohaa  On Fri Apr 07 2017, 03:35pm
2 897 moleman
Sat Apr 08 2017, 02:46am
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2.0HDi - buzzing electrical noise in engine bay?  so, went to see a simply perfect 2011 C4 2.0HDi at a local garage, 50k on the clock.on startup, afte[more ...] By hiohaa  On Mon Apr 03 2017, 07:55am
10 1147 hiohaa
Wed Apr 05 2017, 08:59am
EP6 Coolant Pump Drive Friction Wheel - Noise?  Hello All,I have been noticing at cold starts that there is a loose/rattling noise coming from aroun[more ...] By Daniel  On Wed Feb 08 2017, 02:34am
2 989 yovavb
Wed Mar 29 2017, 11:47am
C4 Intermittent Unstable Driving At High Speeds  Hi all, sorry for the long post - at my wits end. I've had my 2013 C4 (1.6 HDi (115bhp) VTR+ 5d) sin[more ...] By bungalowbill2  On Fri Mar 24 2017, 06:55pm
2 801 Jimux
Sat Mar 25 2017, 05:15am
Steering Wheel Rotary Switches  Hi AllI have a 12 plate C4 where the rotary controls for the limiter / cruise control are worn. Are [more ...] By MPH  On Sat Feb 25 2017, 06:17pm
7 1300 MPH
Mon Mar 13 2017, 12:32pm
BPGA Unit  I had an issue the other day with my Citroen C4 1.6 e-HDI and the garage replaced the BPGA unit, can[more ...] By imriecm  On Thu Oct 24 2013, 04:10am
9 4190 yovavb
Mon Mar 13 2017, 11:24am
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Battery Charging Fault. Car will not start - Electric Fault Message on 2012 Citroen C4 1.6HDi VTR+  Hi,I'm experiencing a battery charge fault on the car when trying to start it I get the STOP message[more ...] By ferrarionur@msn.com  On Thu Apr 16 2015, 03:45pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
15 11287 andresis
Sun Mar 12 2017, 05:32am
Starting issue  Hi my 05 C4 is having starting issues.When it starts first thing engine eventually starts but no res[more ...] By Barry  On Tue Jan 24 2017, 12:46pm
6 1205 Barry
Fri Jan 27 2017, 02:26am
Ignition  I have a Citroen C4 1.6 e-HDi Airdream VTR+ (63 plate) and as trivial as it sounds I do find it diff[more ...] By scott2121210  On Mon Jan 23 2017, 12:49pm
1 898 BigJohnD
Mon Jan 23 2017, 03:34pm
2012 Citroen C4 1.6HDi "engine fault repair needed" and service light problem  Hi, I've just joined as I've had this problem occur on my car.It's a 2012 1.6HDi with 65,000 miles o[more ...] By jimmytanko  On Sat Dec 31 2016, 05:51am
1 1322 KenC
Sun Jan 01 2017, 05:04am
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Folding door mirror fault  Well have got a problem with my new 2011 Citroen C4, the drivers side door mirror has stopped foldin[more ...] By tebsters_c4  On Sun Sep 18 2011, 11:22am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
16 13939 stevjull2017
Fri Dec 30 2016, 08:49pm
Icing up on the inside  I have a 2015 C4 hatch, so far been faultless. Sudenly its developed a tendency to mist up inside, a[more ...] By paully  On Wed Dec 28 2016, 01:22pm
1 1058 gittos
Thu Dec 29 2016, 04:55pm
Aux Belt Tensioner  Hello all, newbie here with zero mechanical knowledge.Looking for some help/guidance from you guys. [more ...] By CockneyBoy1968  On Mon Dec 05 2016, 01:42pm
None 982 -
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Fuse box! What Fuse Box?  The cigarette lighter and the power socket in the boot have both failed. So, check the fuses.I get o[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Mon Jun 10 2013, 11:18am
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15 17793 ajaxer
Sun Dec 04 2016, 07:20am
Digital speedo working but red needle not moving?  Hi sorry if this is in the wrong area, newbie be nice...I've just got a C4 1.6HDi hatchback and I'[more ...] By ScottH  On Mon Nov 21 2016, 04:12am
3 1210 ScottH
Thu Nov 24 2016, 04:02am
C4 2011 - Driver Side Bulb Not Working As DRL - Fine As Sidelight  Hello.I am hoping someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction with regards to a [more ...] By nickalmond  On Wed Dec 16 2015, 02:04pm
2 1967 nickalmond
Sun Oct 30 2016, 01:41pm
C3 filler pipe blocked at the petrol station  I went to put diesel in my C3 yesterday but initially could not do it as a silver cap blocked the pi[more ...] By angelpeterd  On Fri Oct 28 2016, 09:22pm
2 1123 angelpeterd
Sat Oct 29 2016, 02:46am
Engine Fault - Repair needed / UREA / Service --- All came up within seconds.  Background story - just bought this C4 12/2015 model 10K miles only. From what i can tell car had be[more ...] By Alfarob  On Tue Oct 25 2016, 11:19am
1 1564 Alfarob
Wed Oct 26 2016, 03:09pm
C4 1.6 e-HDi injector fault and ESP/ASR system fault  I've had my C4 1.6 e-HDi Airdream VTR+ EGS6 5dr (I think that's how they describe it!) for 10 days.I[more ...] By bungalowbill  On Wed Jul 20 2016, 10:33am
9 3510 sabuki
Wed Sep 28 2016, 03:42am
At a speed of 55 km / h the engine once twitches as in misfire  This problem occur only if engine's RPM is below 1800 and 4th gear is on, but not every time. All fo[more ...] By dimch  On Mon Sep 19 2016, 01:10pm
None 1046 -
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What are my options now ??  Hi folks my wife's 2013 1.7 hdi C4 has had a problem from January this year, when the engine is cold[more ...] By O.C.D  On Sun Jul 31 2016, 10:02am
10 1939 O.C.D
Tue Sep 06 2016, 02:29pm
1.6HDi 115 jerking / surging at low speed  HiAll the search results that I've read around surging issues seem to be for the 2.0HDi and/or at hi[more ...] By 401kill  On Sun Mar 13 2016, 03:54pm
7 2595 FrankBullitt
Sun Aug 28 2016, 04:38pm
DS4 Rear Hatch Handle Mechanism Problem  I have an issue with the rear hatch not opening on pressing in the handle after unlocking with the k[more ...] By P.P.Power  On Fri Aug 19 2016, 01:22am
3 1295 P.P.Power
Sat Aug 20 2016, 06:12am
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Disobedient cruise control !!!!!!!  Hi folks, is it all C4s that do this? My wife's 2013 C4 1.7HDi and my 2014 1.6eHDI C4 both sit at 59[more ...] By O.C.D  On Thu Jul 21 2016, 01:02pm
12 2127 yovavb
Sun Aug 14 2016, 09:46am
2012 Citroen C4 1.6 e-HDi CMP6 - Handbrake switch broken  Hi there!This last weekend i noticed that when using the handbrake switch, it was a little "hard" an[more ...] By GeoForce  On Mon May 02 2016, 04:49am
4 1746 GeoForce
Fri Aug 05 2016, 03:11pm
Climate control turned to Fahrenheit  Suddenly, the climate display turned from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Did not change anything, the config[more ...] By yovavb  On Fri Jul 08 2016, 04:21am
3 1304 yovavb
Mon Jul 18 2016, 11:19am
DS4 2.0 HDi - Dipstick End Missing !  Come to routinely check the old girls engine oil level & on pulling out the dipstick it appears [more ...] By P.P.Power  On Mon Jul 11 2016, 06:22am
6 1619 FrankBullitt
Mon Jul 18 2016, 04:49am
Overhead "ambience" light function, 2015 C4 Flair 100  Can someone with a similar vehicle check the function of the ambience lights please?According to the[more ...] By dpmiller  On Sun Jul 17 2016, 06:52am
None 1114 -
2011 DS4 2.0 HDI 163 High pressure on injection rail  Hello,I have had a intermittent issue where the car suddenly lost power while driving. Every time th[more ...] By IonSpin  On Mon Jun 27 2016, 05:03am
None 1257 -
New alternator needed after two weeks of ownership. !!!  Well folks have had my car (2014 1.6 eHDI exclusive) for two weeks now and since i got it the stop/s[more ...] By O.C.D  On Wed Jun 22 2016, 11:46am
None 1219 -
"Oil OK " dash light ....been told my C4 hasn't got one?  Hi folks picked up a 2014 C4 1.6 eHDi Airdream Exclusive about a week ago, the wife has a 2013 C4 1.[more ...] By O.C.D  On Thu Jun 16 2016, 12:27pm
3 1700 O.C.D
Tue Jun 21 2016, 01:48pm
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Steering issue  Hi all,What a way to start my ownership with my C4!I recently bought a brand new C4 BlueHDi 100 Feel[more ...] By Ciaran1602  On Sat Jun 04 2016, 12:10pm
10 1872 Ciaran1602
Fri Jun 10 2016, 05:02pm
HELP £11,500 REPAIR BILL  Hi I am in desperate need of some advise. A few weeks ago my 2011 1.6 DS4 developed a eltronic handb[more ...] By wigywiggywiggy  On Fri May 20 2016, 08:20am
9 2330 Honest
Mon May 23 2016, 01:42pm
eHDI EGS Clutch Slipping  I'm sure this has been done before, but I can't see any reference to the B7 C4 model.So, a few month[more ...] By Scoops  On Sat May 21 2016, 12:11pm
1 1417 Scoops
Sun May 22 2016, 12:24pm
Weak Massage Seats  Hi all, I rarely use the massage seats but do remember that when I have tried them in the past they [more ...] By adzyp  On Wed May 11 2016, 10:23am
1 1977 Dave_Retired.
Sat May 14 2016, 06:43am
All electric windows failed at the same time  Hi Everyone, first post on this site.My sister has a 2012 C4 hatch and recently all the elec windows[more ...] By stu666  On Sun Feb 21 2016, 01:13pm
6 2127 stu666
Sun May 01 2016, 01:07pm
B7 front seat belt pretensioners  Hi to all. First time newbie here. I bought a 2012 1.6 ehdi exclusive very lightly damaged when it w[more ...] By Kc1952  On Thu Apr 28 2016, 12:29pm
None 1158 -
C4 1.6 THP ESG (11) Engine light on with unknown fault codes  Hello,My engine light came on this week with the message 'engine fault-repair needed'. I took it to [more ...] By Jonbie  On Fri Apr 01 2016, 02:59am
4 1971 Dave_Retired.
Sat Apr 02 2016, 06:32am
EML light comes on on my C4 1.6 E-hdi  Hi all,My c4 E-hdi has some 157000 Km on it.recently had the DPF additive refilled, from then I have[more ...] By yehudaeldan  On Fri Mar 25 2016, 03:19am
6 2164 yehudaeldan
Sat Mar 26 2016, 12:47pm
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