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Problems and issues

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New C4 service interval
  Can anyone advise the details for the first service interval for a new C4 diesel? My has 10400 miles[more ...] By mutleyc4  On Mon Jan 16 2012, 02:03am
13 14373 Dave_Retired.
Sat May 17 2014, 04:34am
Sticky Thread
ECU Anti-tune protection
  I've investigated a re-map on my 2011 92hp 1.6HDi C4.However, the latest cars are fitted with anti-t[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Fri May 27 2011, 02:21am
9 16130 Stuey
Wed Jun 01 2011, 10:30am
 Forum Threads
Window runner had a clunk/crunch sound half way up  Has anyone had issues with window runners?Mine has started making a clunk/crunch type sound half way[more ...] By vexorg  On Mon Oct 17 2022, 05:40am
4 233 vexorg
Mon Oct 31 2022, 08:28am
DS4 turbo error  hi. Turbo solenoid valve location ??? DS4 2012. 160 hdi 120 kw. By RaivisLV  On Sat Oct 29 2022, 02:57pm
None 104 -
C4 2012 engine fault codes - car goes into "limp" mode.  Hello everyone ,I'm a new owner of a 2012 C4 (B71) for a week now and a new member of this amazing f[more ...] By nathanielD  On Mon Mar 16 2020, 01:44pm
1 4714 calking97
Wed Sep 28 2022, 10:53am
Air box screws across the range  I've got a DS4 and the air box screw heads have gone quite badly rusty. Citroen will kindly sell me [more ...] By vexorg  On Wed Aug 31 2022, 03:55am
None 413 -
Mutliple error messages: Anti-roll-back, ESP/ASR, ABS system fault  2012 C4 1.6 HDiHelloFirst time posting, had the car for a year. Driving along today and these two me[more ...] By stevetolmie  On Mon Feb 24 2020, 10:54am
7 10491 ojtee
Tue Aug 09 2022, 08:37am
Citroen Grand C4 Spacetourer Keyfob Issues  Hi, I have a Grand C4 Spacetourer 2019 and over the last few months I have had some issues after unl[more ...] By mightygers01  On Sat Jul 30 2022, 02:12pm
1 626 dmpzsn
Sun Jul 31 2022, 11:41am
Part number for missing clip - centre console  Hello, I've been trying to find the part number for a missing clip. The only thing I've found is thi[more ...] By JustinTekkit  On Tue Jul 19 2022, 07:04pm
1 772 BigJohnD
Sat Jul 23 2022, 05:57am
Location of Pressure converter for the turbocharger  Hi allDoes anyone know where the Pressure converter for the turbocharger is locate in a Citroen C4 2007 1,6 HDi EGS with engine code HZ. I have looked on both right and left side of the engine but so far no luck. I really don't want to remove things randomly in order to find it so I hope to get some advice from the forum members on where to start looking for it.All help is greatly appreciatedTobbe By Tobbe  On Fri Jul 22 2022, 02:43pm
None 625 -
Heater Blower  I have searched for this problem, nothing posted really helping..C4 1.6dci 2014. Heater blower inope[more ...] By mckcol  On Mon Jun 27 2022, 09:43am
None 811 -
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Heater blower fan problems  Hi guys. My heater fan has stopped working on my Citroen C4 hdi 2014. Past week been working on and [more ...] By Zee1234  On Wed Mar 16 2022, 02:43pm
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29 4055 mazzymon
Sat Jun 25 2022, 01:46pm
C4 MK2 Opening side mirror  Hello, does anyone know how to open the side mirror's bottom part (where the lamp is) on this model?[more ...] By jns2k  On Sat Jun 18 2022, 11:50am
None 834 -
Cooling fan does not work  Hi,I have a C4 mk2 2011 VTI 120. Problem is that the cooling fan does not work at all. I have done t[more ...] By Mikko79  On Sun Jun 21 2020, 03:30am
1 4278 Rizwan
Sun May 22 2022, 05:10pm
Economy mode. Car won't start  Hi ppl tried changing fan motor. So no luck hecne checked all fuses and relates all was fine then ca[more ...] By Rizwan  On Fri May 20 2022, 03:23am
3 1131 Rizwan
Fri May 20 2022, 12:12pm
C4 MK2 1.6 diesel manual. Heater blower not working at all  Hi ppl. Our Citroen C4 MK2 1.6diesel manual. Randomly the heater blower stopped workingTried disconn[more ...] By Rizwan  On Mon May 16 2022, 06:47am
None 989 -
Car staying in neutral Please help.  Hi everyone. Quick question a Citroen C4 MK2 1.6 exclusive auto.....a weird thing occurred . Car tur[more ...] By Rizwan  On Fri Apr 08 2022, 09:50am
8 1427 Rizwan
Mon May 16 2022, 06:38am
Gearbox Fault: Repair Needed - C4 Grand Picasso  Hi Everyone,hoping i can get some help.I have C4 Grand Picasso 2012 1.6 Auto.This morning my dash di[more ...] By picassojay  On Wed May 11 2022, 04:21am
2 1135 Ap0qalypto
Wed May 11 2022, 12:31pm
Turbo actuator leaking oil  Hi Guys. Having issues with my C4 1.6 HDI 90 bhp. There's an oil leak just under the turbo actuator.[more ...] By Zee1234  On Mon May 02 2022, 11:30am
None 1072 -
P0006 error code  I have a c4 hdi 1.6 2012 plate and I've had electrical issues for a while and I've solved most of th[more ...] By Wbonich  On Mon Feb 28 2022, 08:44am
None 1485 -
DS4 - Headlamp adjuster level sensor - doesn't work  Hey gang,Recently purchased a new second hand car, Citroen DS4 2011, and last week I went to a garag[more ...] By cyph3r16  On Tue Jan 25 2022, 09:43am
1 1741 vexorg
Wed Jan 26 2022, 04:58am
Folding Wing Mirror Query - 2017 C4  Hi. I recently (and foolishly) snapped off my drivers side wing mirror by hitting a wheelie bin whis[more ...] By rautospoon  On Mon Dec 06 2021, 10:11am
2 2132 rautospoon
Fri Dec 10 2021, 03:25am
Tyre/Paint Label  Hi. I have a 2017 C4 (bought new) which unfortunately and for unknown reason has the label sticker m[more ...] By rautospoon  On Thu Nov 25 2021, 08:41am
6 2199 rautospoon
Sat Nov 27 2021, 12:47am
2005 C4 - FREE???  Not FREE! BUT, whats a 5 door hatchback, 1.6 Hdi with 207,000 miles and an MOT til Sept 2022 worth?T[more ...] By Grumpy GrandPa  On Thu Nov 25 2021, 01:40pm
2 2044 Grumpy GrandPa
Fri Nov 26 2021, 08:43am
1.6HDi 115 jerking / surging at low speed  HiAll the search results that I've read around surging issues seem to be for the 2.0HDi and/or at hi[more ...] By 401kill  On Sun Mar 13 2016, 03:54pm
9 9409 Rymjunk
Thu Oct 28 2021, 05:17am
Rear light fuse ????  Ok so I realise the glovebox fuse panel is a flipping nightmare. But can anyone tell me where the fu[more ...] By Patrickhl  On Wed Oct 27 2021, 11:18am
None 2074 -
2011 VTR+ VTi 1.6 Heater matrix  I'm wondering if anyone is able to help me identify the correct heater matrix without me having to g[more ...] By Limbo1985  On Tue Apr 06 2021, 12:24pm
1 3207 Furqan
Mon Oct 25 2021, 05:31am
2012 C4 (B7) VTR+ VTI - In Cabin Heating Issue  Hi all,I have 2012 C4 (B7) VTR+ VTi with manual termperature control.My observations for the heating[more ...] By Furqan  On Wed Oct 13 2021, 08:07am
None 2156 -
C4 1.6hdi auto  HelloI have a c4 b7 2011 1.6 hdi, and get up engine fail repair needed. And also check engine light.[more ...] By Karl72  On Sun Oct 10 2021, 01:53pm
2 2307 Karl72
Tue Oct 12 2021, 09:17am
Citroen C4 B7 2014 second hand TPMS sensors for winter set of tyres  Hello, I am owner of Citroen C4 B7 2014 1.6hdi 114hp. I bought the car with 4 already installed TPMS[more ...] By mostcho  On Mon Oct 11 2021, 12:51am
None 2199 -
2012 diesel c4 vtr  hello all , whilst driving my car its knocking at the front coming through the steering , put the ca[more ...] By capri3litre  On Tue Sep 14 2021, 11:13pm
4 2499 tomandjo2
Thu Sep 16 2021, 03:20pm
rear susp spring "cup"  Gotta creaking noise coming from the rear of our 10 year old C4 hatchback.Have taken the wheels off [more ...] By Grumpy GrandPa  On Thu Sep 16 2021, 10:03am
2 2373 tomandjo2
Thu Sep 16 2021, 03:13pm
NOX sensor location  Hi ive was under the car last night looking for the nox sensor (although just laid on floor so not b[more ...] By ScottH  On Thu Sep 16 2021, 05:32am
None 2403 -
Engine countdown to 'engine won't start'  So does this actually mean you can't start the vehicle or it goes into limp mode, not a very safe fe[more ...] By ScottH  On Thu Sep 09 2021, 05:29am
7 2710 ScottH
Fri Sep 10 2021, 04:17am
UREA warning / not clearing / countdown / engine fault  I had my adblue tank / pump replaced in dec 2019 at a cost of £1300 from a citroen dealership, durin[more ...] By ScottH  On Thu Sep 09 2021, 03:08am
1 2730 routemaster1
Thu Sep 09 2021, 03:27am
Engine fault repair needed!  Hi all, I have a 2011 Citroen C4 1.6 THP 155 Exclusive semi-automatic gearbox. Its engine warning on[more ...] By wrathgor  On Thu Sep 02 2021, 03:14pm
4 2873 wrathgor
Sat Sep 04 2021, 05:24am
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Ruddy Rattle  Ruddy rattle is rather annoying. Only happens when my 2011 diesel C4 is moving.Garage thought it was[more ...] By Grumpy GrandPa  On Sat Jun 20 2015, 05:02pm
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17 19870 tomandjo2
Wed Aug 25 2021, 02:13pm
2012 C4 VTR+ 1.6 Petrol - knocking/clunking sensation through steering and pedals  I've been having an issue with a strange knocking/clunking sensation for the last few weeks, which I[more ...] By Bortron  On Mon Aug 23 2021, 07:05am
1 2529 tomandjo2
Mon Aug 23 2021, 09:41am
upgraded head and 4 out of 6 speakers stopped working  I have removed this post and put it in the correct forum C4 pre 2011, sorry... By iowchris  On Mon Aug 16 2021, 04:09pm
None 2502 -
C4 2015 USB Socket  The USB socket in my 2015 C4 has stopped working properly. I use it to play music from a USB stick.[more ...] By HH66  On Thu Jul 22 2021, 05:52am
1 2721 vexorg
Thu Jul 22 2021, 06:23am
B7 1.6 hdi clutch  Hi All.I have a juddery clutch pedal, along with a mechanical squeaking/graunching noise from inside[more ...] By osmo42  On Sun Jul 04 2021, 05:55am
3 2920 vincentfishing
Thu Jul 08 2021, 01:55pm
AC voltage - not alternator  So I'm having a problem I can't explain, I was having some alternator issues which have since been r[more ...] By CBizzle  On Tue Jun 29 2021, 12:41pm
5 2874 CBizzle
Wed Jun 30 2021, 04:41am
Trim Removal Tools  Hi guys... I need to replace my faulty/broken parking brake switch in the centre console (Ref 2011 D[more ...] By P.P.Power  On Tue Apr 13 2021, 03:27am
4 3425 terraluna
Mon Jun 28 2021, 08:00am
Engine fault on and off...  Hi there,I have a info on the dashboard “ engine fault, repair needed” the car is running fine and a[more ...] By Radek996  On Fri Jun 18 2021, 05:00am
None 2740 -
High pitch noise after basic maintenance (C4 2016 1.2)  A couple of weeks ago I went for basic maintenance to the dealer. After picking up my car it made a [more ...] By Benjemmin  On Wed May 26 2021, 05:25am
6 3203 vexorg
Thu Jun 10 2021, 03:40am
Greetings from Dublin  Hi , I've just bought a 2014 Grand Picasso Exclusive Vin# VF73A9HCBDJ844860 as a private purchaseI d[more ...] By Sorcerer  On Sat Jun 05 2021, 01:03pm
2 2970 Sorcerer
Wed Jun 09 2021, 10:58am
Fan working crazy after short rides  Hi All,Before 2 weeks I bought Citroen C4 (B7) 1.4 VTi from 2012. I have problem with fan. Fan worki[more ...] By Onopko  On Thu May 27 2021, 01:27pm
3 3141 BigJohnD
Mon May 31 2021, 05:44am
speedometer not working  hi all, I have a Citroen C4 2012 VTR plus, i have several issues with the car , The speedo /miles cl[more ...] By Jwcash123  On Sun May 16 2021, 03:29pm
1 3062 vexorg
Sun May 16 2021, 03:35pm
Vibrations After Engine Mount Replacement  C4 B7 hDi MY2012 with 162.000km and after the upper engine mount replacement , the whole car was vib[more ...] By madmak  On Tue May 04 2021, 10:36am
4 3221 routemaster1
Sun May 09 2021, 03:39am
Can DS4 THP200 gearbox be replaced with DS3 THP gearbox - is there a ratio difference?  Due to a lack of support/parts in Namibia/South Africa for DS4 recently out of sheer frustration bou[more ...] By Bijoux  On Sat May 08 2021, 12:39pm
None 2925 -
C4 VTR+ windows dropping overnight  Hi,I've searched the forum so sorry if this issue is covered somewhere else?Yesterday morning I went[more ...] By Banger  On Mon May 03 2021, 03:24am
None 2948 -
DS4 THP200 Grinding Noise 1st and 2nd gear  PS:I did post this question on 18/4/21 - however I can't find it...thus sincere apologies if this is[more ...] By Bijoux  On Mon Apr 19 2021, 04:12am
5 3315 Bijoux
Sun Apr 25 2021, 12:31pm
2011 C4 battery - NOT an 027 BUT an 096  Well, after 9.5 years the battery on our C4 died. The day after a clean MOT!After inputting the car [more ...] By Grumpy GrandPa  On Thu Apr 15 2021, 06:49am
1 3185 routemaster1
Thu Apr 15 2021, 07:36am
DS4 THP 160 SPORT - Engine Stutters - low power  Good morning, my name is Rodrigo, I live in Windhoek, Namibia. My wife bought her DS4 THP 160 SPORT [more ...] By RAP69NAM  On Fri Apr 09 2021, 02:36am
1 3214 vexorg
Fri Apr 09 2021, 05:58am
Tow bar connection issue. C4 2011 1.6THP  Hi all,I've got an issue I just cannot seem to solve. I've got a C4 mk2 Limousine 2011 1.6THP with a[more ...] By hylkeniek  On Wed Mar 24 2021, 01:40pm
None 3328 -
DPF CLEAN/REPLACE/RESET  Hello Community.Make Citroen C4 1.6 Hdi DV6C B7 mileage 140,000 miles aveVIN: VF7NC9HR8CY621988I ran[more ...] By cxclub  On Sat Mar 13 2021, 05:31am
None 3562 -
Citroën C4 2012 (B7) folding mirror issues  I've got a Citroën C4 (B7) from 2012 with Electric folding mirror. My right mirror started to vibrat[more ...] By Jonathan.n.a  On Wed Mar 03 2021, 09:16am
1 3387 vexorg
Thu Mar 04 2021, 03:34am
Citroen C4 No Crank No Start  Some advice please community.Citroen C4 diesel 1.6 no crank no start I have attached the scan result[more ...] By cxclub  On Fri Feb 26 2021, 06:59am
2 3428 cxclub
Sat Feb 27 2021, 09:51am
2012 diesel C4 VTR  My car lost power going up a hill today almost like it dropped a cylinder after getting to top of hi[more ...] By capri3litre  On Wed Jan 27 2021, 11:36am
2 3584 vexorg
Thu Jan 28 2021, 06:00am
Wipers and headlights go on after 1 min car turned off  On my C4 II B7 Vti 120 (2011) after turning off in about 1 min headlights and front wipers turn on a[more ...] By freextr  On Mon Jan 04 2021, 03:45am
5 3833 freextr
Fri Jan 15 2021, 06:55am
Ds4 battery charging fault  HiI have a Citroën DS4 61 plate.Last year my air con went and I had it fixed under warranty. The ca[more ...] By Minxy27  On Tue Nov 17 2020, 05:41am
None 3879 -
Oooh Ahhhh ESP and other fun things . . .  morning all , long time lurker first time posteri own a 2012 C4 VTR+ and have done quite a few thing[more ...] By sammycity  On Wed Oct 28 2020, 06:05am
3 4085 sammycity
Wed Nov 04 2020, 05:15am
Limp mode RPM  Hello, does anyone know if there is a set RPM limit during limp mode or does it vary. By eddierodden  On Tue Oct 20 2020, 11:25am
1 3861 Ap0qalypto
Tue Oct 20 2020, 03:04pm
Lights on and switch un responsive  Hi everyone. We purchased our first Citroen, a B7 C4 Exclusive 1.6 VTi. Already had to change the au[more ...] By AP60  On Mon Oct 19 2020, 12:56pm
None 3731 -
Massive delays on multimedia  Hello, I own the c4 hatchback 2014 model with the ds4 multimedia.A few months ago, I started having [more ...] By Barvazoni  On Wed Sep 23 2020, 07:22am
None 3865 -
DS4 (2015) Ceiling Squeak !  I recently inherited a DS4 with low mileage. It is a wonderful vehicle but has a squeak which I even[more ...] By charlesvds  On Fri Jul 31 2020, 03:27pm
1 4216 vexorg
Sat Aug 01 2020, 03:31am
Heated mirrors fuse  Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out where is the fuse for heated mirrors, I've checked the book but is[more ...] By frozen_bar  On Thu Jul 16 2020, 12:23am
1 4223 BigJohnD
Thu Jul 16 2020, 05:55am
ABS alarm with Fuel Low alarm  Hi allMy 2011 C4 hatch has started bringing up an ABS alarm simultaneously when the low fuel alarm i[more ...] By bezuidfw  On Mon Jul 13 2020, 05:31pm
None 4046 -
Check Main Beam  Hi AllWe have just bought a second hand 12 plate c4 and the main beams don't work and there is an er[more ...] By gb85  On Mon Jun 29 2020, 04:53pm
None 4112 -
2013 c4 air conditioner sound  Greetings, I am new here from turkiye, when I open the digital air conditioner of my 2013 model c4 o[more ...] By Emek  On Fri May 29 2020, 09:28am
1 4470 Emek
Fri May 29 2020, 04:55pm
Citroen C4 1.6 VTi 120 2013- fans stays on after switching off engine  Hi there,I love my C4 (B7) 2013 model, but the fan stays on after engine switch off. When I'm drivin[more ...] By AJP  On Wed Nov 21 2018, 01:42pm
3 6789 cenk
Thu May 28 2020, 04:02am
Service Light On B1818, B132A, U1f4C  Hi guys, needing some help on my 2.0HDi 2012 DS4. The service light is on and has come up with 3 fau[more ...] By Paeltd  On Sun May 24 2020, 07:46am
3 5497 Paeltd
Sun May 24 2020, 03:43pm
Engine Fault Repair needed P119F Regeneration not achieved : Oil dilution fault detected  Getting this code in a 2.0HDI Bluehdi 150bhp 2016 model. It cleared itself in approx a week of usa[more ...] By tonerei  On Sat May 16 2020, 06:23am
9 8915 tonerei
Fri May 22 2020, 04:36pm
Juddering and gasket issue - C4 II Hatchback 1.6 VTi 120  Hi all,I was wondering if anyone can help me. Over the past couple of weeks my car has started judde[more ...] By DanCD  On Sun Dec 15 2019, 08:11am
2 5371 DaveMcMahon
Mon May 04 2020, 07:27am
C4 problem with front door sensor  I have an C4, 2012, 1.6 VTI 120HPI have a problem while driving, car says front left door opened, an[more ...] By Matija83  On Wed Apr 08 2020, 09:50am
2 4645 BigJohnD
Thu Apr 09 2020, 06:42am
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