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Road Tests and Reports

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C4 and DS4 Facelift in 2015
  Yesterday the French car magazine published their information on new Citroën models for 2015.In Marc[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Sat Nov 22 2014, 01:45am
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17 30332 FrankBullitt
Fri Nov 20 2015, 02:50pm
Sticky Thread
Head light beam deflector New C4 Standard lighting
  Hi All, After searching this forum I only found information on beam deflection for the turning headl[more ...] By sloppysod  On Wed Aug 24 2011, 02:16pm
2 12183 petenjr
Thu Apr 05 2012, 05:35pm
Sticky Thread
New C4 NCAP crash test
  Found this on YouTube Shame to waste a new carBarrie  By barrie  On Mon Apr 11 2011, 04:20pm
7 12247 CamM
Fri Feb 10 2012, 09:11pm
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2012 C4 Hatch 1.6 HDi Clutch Pedal Stopped Coming Back Up  I was pulling away from some lights and the clutch pedal stayed on the floor after engaging first ge[more ...] By stevetolmie  On Thu Jul 02 2020, 09:20am
3 5288 vexorg
Fri Jul 03 2020, 03:57am
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BJD's (now not so) New (B7) 2010 C4 1.6 HDi  I'm not exactly a newbie, but next Wednesday, we should have a newbie C4 on the drive.It's a black 60 plate Berline VTR+ 90HDi manual with 4K on the clock. Hartwell's in Chester have not only accepted 2 cars as trade-ins, but have given us top prices. The salesman was very complimentary about my C4, saying he expected to see 30+K miles on the the clock, not 80K! Of the optional extras, we're looking at an advance purchase of a warranty including MOT cover for years 4, 5 and 6 for £695 (about £232/per year).I've got to get a new windscreen fitted on Monday, and then on Wednesday drive to Chester to pick up the new model.Some good news - there's a keyhole on the driver's door (Hooray!) and there's a USB socket which accepts iPods. I struggled with the cruise control switches on the test drive - they kept moving with the steering wheel!Expect some photos on Wednesday! By BigJohnD  On Sat Apr 09 2011, 09:45am
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133 98609 BigJohnD
Wed Jan 16 2019, 09:38am
C4GP 1.6hdi diesel won't start!  Hi All, my c4gp was becoming noisy due to fuel injector seal worn off. So I replaced the seal and pu[more ...] By nathan251145  On Fri Jul 20 2018, 05:59pm
6 7048 riven1962
Mon Jul 23 2018, 09:28am
Engine running but not movement with Drive or reverse?  I am a new 2013 C4 C4 1.6hdi owner. I recently had a scenario where my engine was running and I was[more ...] By Clearlyn  On Wed Jun 07 2017, 07:46am
2 7836 yovavb
Tue Jun 19 2018, 10:16am
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Automatic - sport mode  I've had my C4 hatch 1.6hdi EGS for 10 years now and think it may be time for a change soon. One of [more ...] By DeuxChevaux  On Wed Mar 08 2017, 02:05am
11 11196 DeuxChevaux
Fri Jun 15 2018, 08:36am
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DSport 2.0HDi 'Blue' DSport - Final Report  So, the caravan is on order and my mind turns to more power.Buying a new car can be painful when you[more ...] By FrankBullitt  On Sun Aug 28 2016, 04:10pm
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21 24731 Keith
Fri Nov 17 2017, 02:40am
DS4 1.6 THP 210 Prestige  I've decided to go mad and purchase one of these. Pick the car up on Friday after the long service o[more ...] By neilp  On Tue Feb 28 2017, 09:06am
6 8519 neilp
Sun Mar 05 2017, 06:43am
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Daves 2012 C4 B7 1.6i THP 155 EGT6 Exclusive  Well I was thinking about another C6 but my head just knew it didn't make financial sense so....Toda[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Thu Aug 27 2015, 09:52am
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19 25790 stevjull2017
Sun Jan 01 2017, 07:25pm
Facelifted C4: Old dog, new tricks?  First of all, a hi to all once again.Been somewhat of a lurker on this forum since I bought my C4 ab[more ...] By Ciaran1602  On Sat Aug 27 2016, 04:05am
4 8859 stevjull2017
Sun Jan 01 2017, 12:37am
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FB's DS4 1.6HDi 115 DStyle  I've mentioned quite a few times that the mind has been wandering towards Pablo's replacement. Mrs [more ...] By FrankBullitt  On Sun Mar 30 2014, 03:20pm
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44 42228 FrankBullitt
Sun Aug 28 2016, 03:18am
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Two years on…  It's a repeat of last year's non-event:I've had my nouvelle C4 92hp 1.6HDi VTR+ for two years now. T[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Wed Oct 24 2012, 02:30pm
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21 28581 gmerry
Sat Feb 13 2016, 03:36pm
New C4 owner REVIEW  Hi all. After doing so much research and using this site to gather lots of thoughts and opinions I t[more ...] By member59  On Tue Nov 24 2015, 08:10pm
6 9651 FrankBullitt
Wed Nov 25 2015, 03:23pm
Service update  Oh I do love a simple service!I can't believe the way things are going... Just had a 53,000 mile se[more ...] By Scoops  On Sat Nov 07 2015, 03:28am
3 8667 paully
Sat Nov 07 2015, 02:21pm
MY C4GP  OH WOW i feel like the cat who got the cream, like the dog with 2 *****. picked my c 4 up today trav[more ...] By pickledmagpie  On Tue Sep 15 2015, 01:47pm
None 8044 -
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C4 2011 Fuel Consumption  This subject seems to generate a lot of interest so thought that I would ask the question, the photo[more ...] By DLJ  On Mon Nov 21 2011, 07:07am
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42 45288 grinfactor
Sun Jul 12 2015, 06:47am
C4 owner no more.......... got a DS4  After 6½ years of trouble free motoring, it's time to say goodbye to my old friend.And hello to my n[more ...] By Irritant  On Sun Jan 18 2015, 02:44pm
6 10620 Irritant
Mon Jan 26 2015, 09:48am
Interesting loan car.  I have just had the seat replaced in my C4GP under warranty. Took it in on Monday morning to find th[more ...] By routemaster1  On Wed Jun 25 2014, 07:40am
1 9295 FrankBullitt
Wed Jun 25 2014, 08:50am
New C4 VTi 120 VTR+  Having spent many hours trawling through the internet comparing hatchbacks, I felt the Citroen C4 lo[more ...] By MickAnic  On Sat Feb 01 2014, 10:31am
7 11247 Dave_Retired.
Mon Feb 03 2014, 01:49am
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Returning to the fold, with a new shape C4  Hi all,its been a while ( formerly known as StevieB) and have to confess, I made the biggest mistake[more ...] By StevieB2  On Mon Jul 29 2013, 02:35pm
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33 41352 BigJohnD
Sat Nov 09 2013, 07:18am
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New C4 (B7) Information and Musings  I notice there isn't a sticky on specification and product details like there is for the C4 Picasso [more ...] By FrankBullitt  On Wed Apr 03 2013, 09:03am
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16 28139 FrankBullitt
Wed Oct 23 2013, 09:48am
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C4 Selection  I am close to part ex my current C4 VTR+ HDi with a Selection model. Main differences appear to be-g[more ...] By mutleyc4  On Sat Sep 14 2013, 01:02pm
10 16901 mutleyc4
Sat Oct 12 2013, 10:14am
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My DS4 DStyle 1.6 e-HDi Airdream  So after 3 years of happy company car motoring in my C4 1.6 HDI EGS6 it will be time to give her bac[more ...] By TomF  On Fri Feb 10 2012, 12:28pm
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45 56763 TomF
Mon Jun 10 2013, 06:42am
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C4 1.6 e-HDi Airdream Exclusive  I finally picked up my shiny new car in 'Shark Gray' the other day. It actually turned out to be che[more ...] By cynic12  On Mon May 16 2011, 03:05pm
11 14188 CE08LDB
Mon Apr 08 2013, 07:35pm
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My New C4 VTR+ EGS Polar White  Hi allI took delivery of my new C4 on Jan 3rd and so far I have been very, very pleased. Having tra[more ...] By Scoops  On Mon Jan 21 2013, 06:20am
11 12923 CE08LDB
Sat Mar 30 2013, 05:00pm
Citroën DS4 - Now on Citroen Configurator  Finally it's available to configure, see - Click Here - Just over £23k for a Top Spec DS4, I don't [more ...] By Darren  On Mon Jun 20 2011, 12:27am
8 12948 connormoose
Mon Mar 04 2013, 03:29pm
2011 New C4 long term road test  I am canvassing interest on the level of demand for a long term road test of the 2011 C4.Also, what [more ...] By basil-furface  On Sun Sep 11 2011, 06:43am
8 12602 BigJohnD
Fri Feb 08 2013, 06:12am
18" Alloys ?  HiI've just got a new C4 e-HDI EGS6 Exclusive and it has come with the 18" Newort alloys.Are these n[more ...] By scarbro  On Mon Oct 15 2012, 12:16pm
8 11239 Rich_Eason
Sat Feb 02 2013, 11:10am
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My new C4 1.6 HDi VTR+ 110  Well I took delivery of my C4 last week and have only done less than 200 miles so far, I am really i[more ...] By tebsters_c4  On Tue Jul 12 2011, 12:40pm
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15 30837 Scoops
Sat Jan 12 2013, 03:28am
30,000 service and hood replacement  I went today to the dealer to service my car. 30,000 km have gone under the tiers. the small bubbles[more ...] By yovavb  On Mon Jan 07 2013, 12:03pm
2 9823 dino77saurus
Tue Jan 08 2013, 07:36am
C4 2.0 150hp Fuel Economy  Hi all, I'm currently looking at an Exclusive diesel 2.0 car with 11,000 miles on the clock which ap[more ...] By Scoops  On Thu Dec 13 2012, 10:11am
6 10710 Scoops
Sat Dec 15 2012, 11:44am
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DS4 Racing  DS4 Racing in Red Yum!!Like alot!! By JonM  On Thu Nov 15 2012, 04:21am
14 12770 littlegaz
Sat Nov 24 2012, 08:38am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
5 day report! - Now 2 months  Just incase anyone is interested or if anyone is looking to buy a new C4 I thought I say a bit.Car i[more ...] By suttonsteve  On Sun Sep 09 2012, 04:00pm
14 13089 Commodore
Thu Nov 08 2012, 07:34am
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Conflicting reviews of the DS4  I've been checking out a few video reviews of the DS4 this evening and I'm beginning to think that C[more ...] By CamM  On Wed Aug 31 2011, 07:31am
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26 33708 patch
Sun Sep 09 2012, 04:06pm
Recall on my nouvelle C4  Hartwell's in Chester phoned me to tell there was a recall on two counts for my 60 plate C4.The firs[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Wed Aug 01 2012, 11:14am
3 11945 BigJohnD
Tue Aug 07 2012, 06:27am
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New C4 - after 2 weeks and 700miles- my opinion  Feedback so far after being a an owner for 2 week and over 700 miles covered in a new C4 110BHP 6spe[more ...] By mutleyc4  On Fri Nov 18 2011, 03:40pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
17 29468 petenjr
Fri Apr 06 2012, 10:56am
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Some photos of my "Nouvelle C4"  Some photos of my "Nouvelle C4" VTR+.Bonnet cannot be opened manually unless the door is open.12V so[more ...] By BigJohnD  On Wed May 11 2011, 07:30am
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33 48019 BigJohnD
Thu Apr 05 2012, 04:00pm
Closed Thread
DS4 Racing Concept   - Click Here - Now that's perhaps how low the DS4 should have sat from the off! By TomF  On Sun Feb 26 2012, 01:58pm
1 9653 Dave_Retired.
Sun Feb 26 2012, 01:59pm
C4 1.6 VTi 120 Exclusive 2011  Hi all, Thought I would introduce myself as I have just joined the forum after getting my 2011 C4 1.[more ...] By CitC4  On Sat Feb 25 2012, 06:04pm
4 10914 H11LGX
Sun Feb 26 2012, 08:01am
C4 2.0 HDi Exclusive 2011  Just joined and thought I would add a few lines about my new car - which I love.This is my first Cit[more ...] By wilkinsonm  On Thu Feb 23 2012, 02:53pm
None 9456 -
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Citroën Australia launches for 2012  Just read this on one of the local motoring news sites -:"Citroën has a busy year lined up as it con[more ...] By CamM  On Wed Jan 04 2012, 05:04am
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15 29442 CamM
Thu Jan 26 2012, 05:00am
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Citroën DS4 my very personal opinion  Finally had the chance to look over a new DS4 at the weekend and have some personal viewpoints on th[more ...] By Dave_Retired.  On Mon Jul 25 2011, 02:55pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
20 32388 kipper
Fri Jan 20 2012, 10:03am
Black C4 VTR+ EGS - one week on  I have had the car from new for one week now.My initial thoughts are very comfortable, good economy [more ...] By danielb2103  On Tue Jan 10 2012, 12:18pm
1 9845 BigJohnD
Thu Jan 12 2012, 02:38pm
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DS4R  Citroen DS4 RacingAccording to German car magazine Auto Bild, French automaker Citroën is planning a[more ...] By JonM  On Sun Sep 11 2011, 03:27pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
16 29459 Stuey
Fri Sep 23 2011, 11:38am
C4 THP 155 EGS Gearbox  Hello,I am very interested on the new C4 and i went for a test drive the previous week. I drove the [more ...] By panayichr  On Wed May 25 2011, 01:38pm
4 13276 sloppysod
Tue Sep 20 2011, 02:47pm
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My C4 2.0 HDi Exclusive  OK. A bit of blowing my own trumpet here! It's a new C4, Exclusive, 2 litre HDi, with vision pack, e[more ...] By JamieAllmond  On Fri Mar 11 2011, 03:01pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
18 32365 sloppysod
Sun Aug 21 2011, 03:15pm
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Citroën DS4 and DS4-R  To prevent further duplicated threads on both the future releases of the DS4 and DS4-R models please[more ...] By Rich_Eason  On Tue Sep 14 2010, 10:44am
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61 74172 Darren
Sat Jul 16 2011, 11:31am
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DS4 in the flesh!  I've just returned from Citroen Birmingham where I brought an Oil filter for my C4. Outside the part[more ...] By SP36  On Wed Jun 22 2011, 05:29am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
16 29328 Darren
Sat Jun 25 2011, 05:30pm
Saw a DS4 in the dealers (Germany)  Can't see another thread on this, other than the standard press releases so here goes:The car does l[more ...] By dr_gummi  On Mon Jun 20 2011, 05:53am
5 11032 Darren
Tue Jun 21 2011, 07:57am
C4 2011 Carpets  I collected my carpets from [ Dealer 1 ] earlier today at a cost of £26.65. They look good and fit [more ...] By BigJohnD  On Fri May 27 2011, 12:55pm
7 12831 BigJohnD
Sun May 29 2011, 05:30am
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Report on my C4 Hatchback 1.6 HDi 90 VTR+ 5dr  My new C4 is now over a month old. As every day goes by my happiness increases with the car. Just co[more ...] By TonyJonesC4VTR+  On Mon May 16 2011, 03:06pm
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
20 31062 BigJohnD
Wed May 25 2011, 12:44pm
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The New C4  I have (three weeks ago) bought a new C4 VTR+ airdream with the egs box having traded in a VTR+ with[more ...] By DLJ  On Fri Apr 15 2011, 11:06am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
15 29761 DLJ
Tue May 24 2011, 12:13pm
C4 VTR+ Road Test  Hello.Have just joined C4 Owners, and wanted to give my views.I have r/tested a new VTR+ HDi last we[more ...] By gus_vegneris  On Sun May 15 2011, 08:21am
4 10841 H11LGX
Wed May 18 2011, 09:37am
Belgium - 2011 C4 Road Test  A little introduction to my self and the need of my car. I am 30 year old, living in the south of Be[more ...] By Lukey_luke  On Wed Mar 30 2011, 07:20am
4 11411 Lukey_luke
Wed Apr 27 2011, 12:20pm
e-HDi 110 Airdream VTR+ Test drive  I arranged to test drive the new C4 last weekend and was presented with a black EGS VTR+ on Friday a[more ...] By Daftpunk  On Mon Apr 18 2011, 05:27am
3 11366 BigJohnD
Mon Apr 18 2011, 04:34pm
Picked up my new C4 2.0 HDi Exclusive this weekend!  Having previously owned an 08 C4 VTR+ HDi EGS this is a markable improvement in quality over the old[more ...] By Taity  On Mon Mar 14 2011, 09:01am
1 9932 Dave_Retired.
Mon Mar 14 2011, 10:54am
Had a look round new c4  I had a look round the new C4 today at my local garage, looked very nice. It looked bigger. I didn[more ...] By jaysc4vts  On Sun Dec 05 2010, 02:31pm
9 11749 connormoose
Wed Dec 08 2010, 04:05pm
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Honest John's review of the new C4  I found this if anyone's interested - Click Here -  By Ham  On Thu Nov 25 2010, 09:20am
12 13695 Dave_Retired.
Thu Dec 02 2010, 03:27am
Closed Thread
[moved] DS4 Racing vs. A3  According to the industry rumours, the newly released Citroen DS4 is a direct competitor for the Aud[more ...] By moliare  On Mon Nov 01 2010, 11:52am
2 10010 Darren
Thu Nov 04 2010, 02:40pm
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Some pics of the new DS4   By jaysc4vts  On Mon Aug 30 2010, 07:59am
Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
24 31319 Phil
Sat Sep 04 2010, 06:34pm

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