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 FAQ #86
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I want to disconnect the battery - will it affect the radio?
No as it's coded to the vin of the car so doesn't need recoding if it's used in the same car

However these operations may need to be performed after a reconnection of the battery


It is necessary to reprogramme the radio stations and user preferences

Antiscanning function

You have to wait 1 minute after reconnecting the battery before you can restart the vehicle .


Tailgate opening is deactivated on reconnection of the battery . perform locking / unlocking to reactivate it .

Over-speed control

The overspeed values have to be reinitialised .

Electric windows

It is necessary to reinitialise the anti-pinch:
Lower the window fully
Action the electric windows closing switch
If window closing is interrupted, release the switch
Action the electric windows closing switch again
The actioning and releasing of the electric windows switch should be repeated again and again until the window is fully closed

Multifunction screen

It is necessary to adjust date and time .

Adjustment of the language is not necessary if it is in "French", as this is the default language .

For a different language, reinitialise for the one required .

The trip computer data is deleted .

Aid to navigation

Geographic positioning is only effective after around ten minutes .

The customer parameters must be reprogrammed .

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FAQ Posted by Road Runner
Info Created: 23 June 2008
Last Updated: 23 June 2008